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All About l't & 2d Grode

Welcome bock to school! We are going to hove a great yeor togetherl To hove a great yeor, we
oll need to work os o teom,theteacher,parents, ond students. This yeor, our theme is "Wolking
in the Light." Let's wolk in God's light together!
Book Clubs -About once o month o book club order sheet will come home in toke home folders.
Please check out the sheets os these are great opportunities to purchose books for reosonqble
prices ond help support your child's clossroom librory! Orders con be ploces online using the
clossroom code or you con send the order form ond money bock to school.
Bloomz - This school yea?, f om super excited to try using the new communicotion tool colled
Bloomz. Seetheottached letter about this ond wotch for on e-mail invitotion to begin using it.

Chopel - Chopel will be held every Wednesdoy ot 8:30 A.M. Students o?e expected to show
respect for our Lord, by dressing nicely. No jeons, othletic ponts, othletic shorts, or T-shirts
with screen printing. Students ore encou?aged to bring in an offering f or eoch Chapel, which will
be donoted to speciol mission projects.
Church Attendonce & Cherub Choir - l't & Znd grade is port of the Cherub Choir. T encourage
you to bring your child for these wonderful opportunities to sing proises to our Lord. Attending
church is on importont port of your child's educotion os our Lord desires everyonetobe regulor
ond foithful in worship. Eoch Mondoy, students will be osked whether or not they ottended
church. ft does not matter whether you ottended St. Poul's or onother church. Enjoy
worshipping our great Lord ond Soviorl
Clossroom Rules - We will creote these os o closs on the f irst doy. f will send home o list of
these rules ond q controct to sign in student's toke home folders on the first Fridoy of school.
Pleose read over it corefully ond discuss it with your child, sign it ond send bock to school.
Communicotion (Toke Home) Folder - Every night, your child should bring home ogreentoke
home folder. fnside their toke home folder, you will see thot the two pockets hovebeen
lobeled "return to school" ond "keep of home." Any homework should be in the "return to
school" side. Pleose check nightly to ensure thot oll of your child's homework hos been
completed. On Fridoys, this folder will hove oll their graded work for the week olong with o
poper copy of the Sporton Weekly (if reguested) ond our clossroom newsletler.

Fruit Breok

- Every morning at 9t45 A.M., there will hove o 10 minute breok with the

opportunity to eot o smoll snock to help them keep leorning. Pleose send o heolthy snock of
fresh fruit, crackers, or o gronola bor to school. Pleose remember that the snock needs to be
oble to be eaten guickly ond should not be messy.
Homework & Lote Homework- Homework is o voluoble oid in helping students moke the most of
the experiences in school. I give homework becouse it reinforces whot hos been leorned in
closs, teoches responsibility, ond helps students develop positive study hobits.

osk thot you, os porents, moke sure homework is completed every night ond thot homework is
completed so f con reod it. expecl students to do the work on their own ond osk for help only
ofter they hove given it their best effort. f f eel that porents ore the key to moking homework
o positive experience f or their children. Theref ore, f osk thot you moke homework o top
priority. Provide necessory supplies, ond o guiet homework environment. Set o doily homework
time ond provide proise ond support. Do not let your child ovoid homework ond contoct me if you
notice o problem.
is very importont for oll homework to be turned in on time.
your child
does not turn in homework,they will hqve to poy school bucks ond miss recess until it is




- Every week, we will go to the librory to check out books. Pleose return books

promptly otherwise students will not be ollowed to check out more books.

f,temory -A memory work assignment is given each week Their memory ossignments wil! include
memorizing scriptureverses ond the Ten Commondments. The memory ossignment is listed on
the closs newsletter eoch week. As the school year p?ogresses, students will be expected to
complete two memory ossignments o week.
Reoding Log - Reoding is on extremely importont port of every child's education. ft not only
helps them do better ot school, but olso helps them with their vocobulory and reading fluency.

l't grode witl be expectedto reod 6O minutes per weekond 2nd grade isTlminutes per week,
either on their own (if you f eel comfortoble with them doing thot) or reoding with someone. To
record their reoding time, pleose complete the reoding log form on our closs website
htlp://mrswintert? This form will automaticolly be e-moiled to me so f con
keep track for your child's reoding grade.

test will be given for eoch spelling unit on the last doy of the school week.
Pleose help your child review these words eachweek ond check the newsletter for more
informotion obout spelling words ond tests. A great resou?ce to proctice spelling is f will send home log-ins ond posswords, so you con use this ot



Stor Student of the Week

- Eoch student will hqve o chonce to be the Star Student of the

Weekond be entitled to o voriety of speciol privileges. A weekbef ore your child's turn f will
send home on informotion sheet thot your child will need to complete so we con create o small
informotion boord obout them. Pleose help your child complete this sheet , if needed. This will
be a great woy f or lhe closs to get to know eoch other better.


- Ou r c loss noom webs

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ade.w eeblv .com

Questions or Concerns - ff you ever hoveo guestion or concern, pleose coll me of school (4526882) or ot home (783-O?t9). You con also e-moil me ot
God's blessings on our school yearl - Mrs. Winter @