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State any 5 personal characteristics they should have and why they are necessary for each
of the personnel listed above.
Personal characteristics
Systems analyst

An ability to conceptualise and think creatively.He or she needs to understand the system
and alsocome up with ideas to improve the system for example he or she might need to
come up with shorter ways of processing a job.

Very good oral and written communications skills .He or she needs to be able to
understand clients and clients need to understand the anlyst for them to come to an
understanding of what needs to be done and how well they can satisfy a clients needs.for
example the analyst might need to explain how a system functions. U.S Department of
labour asserts that the analyst is required to explicitly describe the different components
and clarify the relationship among them.

Interpersonal skills to evoke commitment from the client.In order to attract clients an
analyst needs to be able to interact well with others and show good ,honest and
trustworthy characteristics so as for clients to trust hi or her judgement. For example a
client needs to be confident that the system designed does exactly what they require .

A high standard of ethics and integrity in all dealings .A systems analyst needs to be
honest and straight forward in their work so as not to mislead clients.they need to be
professional at all times.this is because a system will be the centre of the organization
and everything will depend on its functioning.

Effective time management and personal organization skills .A systems analyst will need
to be able to meet deadlines and effectively make sure that all client requirements are
met. He or she will need to make sure that each system suits each client on time every

Support technician

Patience.this is because he or she will be dealing with different people who are facing
different difficulties with their systems.Patience is needed to assist them and understand

Knowledge.a technician needs to know all there is to know about what you support. End
users can tell when a technician is struggling. Additionally, they are even more frustrated

if they think they know more about the issue than the technician.
Efficiency. If a company does not have a step-by-step guide on how to resolve issues,the
support technician will need to make their own.he or she needs to make notes during
every job. They need to jot down the issue the user is experiencing, and then each step he

or she took until they reach a resolution.

Passion.The technician needs to enjoy what he or she does. Nobody wants to talk to a

support technician that sounds tired and bored.

Professionalism.a technician needs to be very professional in dealing with clients and co


enjoy a highly technical role.this is because a programmers job is highly

requires him or he to create,debug and test software programs.

are able to think logically and analytically in a troubleshooting and problem-solving

environment .Wyckoff (2010) writes that a programmers ultimate success,however,will

require him or her to be able to think logically and pay close attention to detail.coming up
with programs means one has to analyse situations and come up with ways to go
around,between or over a requires the use of logical thinking to solve a
programming problem

have good oral and written communication skills and are active listeners .this is so h e or
she can understand what the client wants and what the program is supposed to achieve.

are able to quickly understand complex issues.understanding complex issues will help the
programmer quickly find solutions for problems and faster shorter ways of achieveing a
specific goal.

are willing to continuously update IT skills and is rapidly

changing.a programmer must be familiar with the latest skills and news of technology in
order to come up with programs which work with current technology.

web designer

he or she must be confident.a web designer is expcted to be confident and depent on his

or her judgement.
A web designer is supposed to be someone who is of a curious nature.curiosity is a core
trait of the web designer because the web design platform is constantly is
difficult to find examples and documentation for those changes in a short period of

time.this will help in designing efficient and easier websites.

Polite manners are also needed in a web designer.this is because they closely work with

other people.this is required when dealing with managers,users and other developers
In addition a web designer needs to be self-motivating.this is because they are the ones
that must take charge of critical architecture and design decisions to produce a successful

The mosy important trait of a web designer is attention to detail.this reduces the risks of
misinterpreting of advertising the company.putting up a website with false details will
damage the organization.

network designer

are able to think logically and analytically in a troubleshooting and problem-solving


have good oral and written communication skills and are active listeners .this will enable
the designer to communicate with clients the requirements and functionality of the

are able to quickly understand complex is essential in discovering and resolving
connection problems and also enhensing efficiency.

are willing to continuously update IT skills and knowledge

system administrator

Proven ability to assess problems and research solutions While a system administrator
has the experience and knowledge to prevent or resolve IT problems on their own, end

users are much less likely to be able to do so.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills. In the case of computer technology, it is
critical that end users and system administrators have open lines of communication by

being comfortable with talking, listening, and presenting to one another.

A system administrator must be as proactive as possible when it comes to problem
solving. It is safe to assume that when one end user has a problem, eventually other users
will encounter a similar issue. Not only does the system administrator have the

responsibility of finding the solution, but also of creating a system that can either

eliminate the problem or automate the process of finding the solution.

Greater knowledge of the business side of IT Learning how the latest technology can and
will affect your role is imperative. The growth of cloud computing has spawned more job
opportunities in the IT field and though specific job requirements vary by position, all

will require greater knowledge and awareness of the business side of IT.
Keen awareness of system vulnerability The goal of any system administrator is to make
sure the network infrastructure is secure, stable and prepared to fight off any attack,
paving the way for uninterrupted business. Stay connected to appropriate security
bulletins with updates from vendors, user groups, and other trusted sources.

database administrator

have well-developed interpersonal and communication skills .this is because he or she is

linked to every department and has to communicate accurate data with all personnel.
possess good process management and problem solving skills. this will help in solving

and correcting errors in data entry

enjoy working within a team and taking a hands-on approach
enjoy troubleshooting determining the causes of operating errors and deciding what to

do about it
are active listeners and can give full attention to what people are saying and take the time
to understand the points being made.the is important in that it allows the smooth flow of
accurate data

data capturer

Demonstrate a high level of accuracy and competency in all aspects of work.this reduces
the risk or error in the organization information.

Show a commitment to valuing diversity and equality, respecting customers and

colleagues in all relationships and service delivery. This is because he or she will be

dealing with a different people from different societies.

Use initiative and understanding to cope with a varied and variable range of duties and

responsibilities.this is important to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

Demonstrate effective communications skills
positively manage work-related pressure.

data processing manager

disk/tape librarian

Accuracy. In the Internet Age, searching the library catalog is essential. Accurate
inputting of item descriptions and access points in the record that can accurately

represent an item is necessary for effective retrieval by catalog users.

Efficiency.Most libraries are nonprofit organizations and are responsible for spending
money effectively and efficiently instead of focusing on generating revenues. costeffectiveness in cataloging should be pursued; a cataloging librarian should have a strong

sense of economy in cataloging and provide the best quality record for the least cost
Commitment.Supervisors want a librarian who seeks a challenge and tries to exceed
expectations. He or she should be willing to find a solution to a problem. A strong sense
of responsibility to perform at the highest level should be cultivated. A librarian should
periodically review the job description and technical requirements and work to improve

or enhance his or her abilities.

Research AbilityThe growth and development of the library profession depends on
extensive research. Research is an important tool for advancing knowledge. A librarian
deals with and organizes a variety of subject areas. He or she needs to systematically
research the subjects, terminologies, and languages that he or she is not familiar with.
The ability to find the information necessary to solve problems and make decisions is

Self-Discipline. Self-monitoring ones own work ethics and habits and inspecting ones
own work is the best quality control. A librarian should have ownership of his or her
work.A librarian should develop his or her own daily, weekly, and monthly plans to
increase productivity.

number 2: Describe any 5 main roles or duties carried out by each of the personnel
systems analyst
To investigate & assimilate information about the way the system is currently operating.
To analyze system performance in the light of systems objectives which are identified by
To develop & evaluate ideas about how the system can be improved
To design in detail a new system meeting the requirements which have been identified
To implement a new system once it has been fully developed
Support technician
Installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications
Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks
Talking staff or clients through a series of actions,either face to face or over the
telephone,to help set up systems or resolve issues.
Troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving hardware or
software faults
Providing support,including procedural documentation and relevant reports


Correct errorsby making appropriate changes and then rechecking the program to ensure
that the desired results are produced
Conduct trial runs of programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the
desired information and that the instructions are correct.
Compile and write documentation of program development and subsequent
revisions,inserting comments in coded instructions so others can understand the program.
Write ,update and maintain computer programs or software packages to handle specific
jobs,such as tracking inventory,storing or retrieving data, or controlling other equipment.
Perform or direct repair or expansion of existing programs to increase operating
efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
Web designer
Develop web site architecture and determine hardware and software requirements
Consult with clients and source, select and organize information for the appearance,
layout, flow and the overall design of the web site
Create graphic logos, illustrations ,photographs and content for web sites using a variety
of graphics, databases, animation and other software
Ensure the web site is working efficiently and document site requirements
leading and co-ordinating multidisciplinary teams to develop web site functionality
Network designer
Install and support LANs,WANs,network segments,Internet, and intranet systems.
Design networks , deploy networks and Ensure network connectivity throughout an
organisations infrastructure
Maintain network facilities in individual machines,such as drivers and settings of
personal computers as well as printers.
Maintain network servers such as file servers,intrusion detection systems.

Assign routing protocols and routing table configurations

System Administrator
Updating the system as soon as a new version of Operating System and application
software comes out.
Implement the policies for use of the computer system and network
Setup security policies for users eg firewalls and intrusion detection systems
Verify that peripherals are working properly and arrange for hardware repair when
Create file system, backup and recovery policies
database administrator
After the initial design, the DBA must monitor the performance of the database, and if
problems surface (such as a particular report taking an unacceptably long time to produce),
appropriate changes must be made to the database structure.
Keeping users informed of changes in the database structure that will affect them; for
example, if the size or format of a particular field is altered or additional fields added
Maintenance of the data dictionary for the database, and responsibility for establishing
conventions for naming tables, columns etc
Implementing access privileges for all users of the database; that is, specifying which items
can be accessed and / or changed by each user.
Allocating passwords to each user.
Data capturer
Store completed documents in the appropriate locations
Load machines with required input and output media such as paper,cards,disks,tape or braile

Read source documents such as canceled checks,sales reports,or bills, and enter data in
specific data fields or onto tapes or disks for subsequent entry.
Maintain logs of completed work and activities
Compile,sort and verify the accuracy of data before it is entered.
Data Processing Manager

Assign workflow for data processing staff to ensure accurate and timely completion of
Ensuring the security of data from internal and external attack.
Evaluate performance of data processing staff for productivity, capability and technical
Scheduling upgrades and security backups of hardware and software systems
Ensuring the smooth running of all ICT systems, including anti-virus software,print services
and email provision

Disk/Tape librarian

Supervises the daily operation of the librarys automated systems and work stations
Responsible for the design, implemrntation, intergration and daily operations of the librirys
automation and communication systems
Designs,plans,implements and evaluates the present and future automation needs of the
library and making recommendations for implementation to the administration
Coordinates library-wide training on use of the automated systems,creating in-house
documentation as needed
Monitiors all system functions of the library and is responsible for proper operation


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