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Lets take a look at shapes, angles and form of Facial

Features that would carry attributes in Aggression,

Temper, Deceit, Cunning and Manipulative behavior,
Infidelity and other key high risk characteristics.
Face with Prominent Brow bones

What is it?
This face has a strong bridge of bone right at the top of the eyebrow area aka
Supraorbital Ridge - which looks like a bump at the bottom of their forehead.
(For men, it has to be visibly large to come into consideration, while for women the
slightest appearance of it counts)

Potential Problem:
Strong Dominating and Controlling behavior with a my way or highway
approach wherever they can impose it, alongside a Short Temper that can initiate
Sudden Angry Outbursts with No Warning Signs!

Face with Bushy Disorganized Eyebrows

What is it?
Also know as Ghostly eyebrows, they are very low-set (as if they are
sitting on the eyes) with long, fluffy and disorganized hair.

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Potential Problem:
Harsh, Cruel and Ruthless persona which may resort to Immoral ways
of achieving their goals. Would Not care about other people's feelings and
can become Brutal towards others.

Face with Protruding Lips

What is it?
Both lips are protruding.
Potential Problem:
Materialistic, Aggressive, Stubborn, Quick-Angry persona with strong
sexual appetite. May fall victim of tricks and manipulations as they are
Rash Lack Attention to details. They have a feeling of insecurity due to a
difficult childhood.

Face with Unibrows

What is it?
Interlocking eyebrows, joined together through a bridge of hair that travels
on top of the nose from one eyebrow to the other.
Potential Problem:
Though generally kind-hearted, they have Major Anger issues, which
combined with their easily-offended nature, can cause sudden Angry
and Aggressive outbursts. May become possessive in behaviour.

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Face with Deep Set Eyes

What is it?
Sunken eyes that has set deep in the face.
Potential Problem:
Despite their Romantic Nature, their Secretive and Suspicious attitude in
their Romance and Swinging Mood would burn-out their partners quickly,
creating numerous issues in having a Lasting or Meaningful Relationship at
the level that they may have already had a Failed Marriage (may be even
more than Once).

Face with High-Low Eyes

What is it?
Eyes are not sitting on a straight line (one eye is higher than the other
Potential Problem:
Character Imbalance and Emotional Swings and tendency in Twisting
the Truth, as well as the Communication issues in what they mean or

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Face with a Very Large Nose

What is it?
Nose is very large and quite prominent on the face. This is amplified if the
nose has a strong bony bridge.
Potential Problem:
Extremely Self-Centered, Very Large Ego, Too much Self-Absorption.
Putting their needs ahead of everyone and everything.

Face with Very Small Eyes

What is it?
Eyes are very small.
Potential Problem:
Selfish and Self-Attentive, and Materialistic behavior with a Super
Sense of Secrecy in Life and strong Introversion (unable or unwilling to
share Emotions or face other peoples emotions) and would not care for
development in Romantic Relationships. Refrains from getting close in a
Relationship unless feels safe and confident.

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Face with Very Small Mouth

What is it?
Mouth that is very small.
Potential Problem:
A Self-centred personality with an Inflated Sense of Self-Worth Who
Cannot easily relate to other people's perspective and point of view.
They have a constant feeling of not receiving what they deserve in life.

Face with Strongly Protruding Lower Lip

What is it?
Lower lip is extremely protruding ahead of the Upper Lip.
Potential Problem:
Non-Romantic, Arrogant, Egoistic and Self-Centered personality.
Highly demanding in receiving care and service. Their success in life is
mostly due to their pushing through without a concern about the
consequences of their acts. They have high sex drive but may also
would like adventures about it (may Have Affairs).
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Faces with Low Set Eyebrows

What is it?
The area between the upper eyelid and eyebrow is not wide.
Potential Qualities:
Helpful, Engaging, Popular and Approachable with Charm and
Friendliness. Quick thinker yet Wise and Analytical.

Faces with Longevity Eyebrows

What is it?
The Eyebrow is long, has fine and well-organized hair setting and follows a
nice long arch (not too high and not too low).
Potential Qualities:
Wise, Intellectual, Kind-hearted, Peaceful, Charming and
Charismatic with great potential for a Long, Successful and Wealthy life.
This person has talent in Writing and Speech which can Influence others.
They show interest in art and have a Gentle and Compassionate

Faces with Large Eyes

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What is it?
The Eyes are large (but not protruding).
Potential Qualities:
Warm, Generous, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Extrovert, Receptive,
Intelligent, Imaginative and Highly Adaptive person who can openly
share emotions (They may have emotional response to everything).

Faces with Wide Set Eyes

What is it?
The Eyes are wide-set (distance between eyes in wider than the 1.5 times
the width of an eye)
Potential Qualities:
Easy-Going, Open-Minded, Humanitarian, Kind-Hearted and Big
Picture person with a Strong Memory who is Not Driven by Materialistic
Desires. They show High Tolerance and Forgiveness (which would help
grow a large circle of friends over time).

Faces with Round Curvy Under-Eyes

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What is it?
The Lower section of the Eyes are curved down (have round shapes)
Potential Qualities:
Romantic, Kind-hearted and Sensitive Personality. It would be Very
Important for Them that Their Loved Ones Remember Important Occasions
or have a Memory of the Shared Good Times.

Faces with Large Cheeks

What is it?
The Cheeks are Large (full, fleshy and plump)
Potential Qualities:
High-spirited, Charismatic, Sensual and Joy Loving person with
usually a large circle of friends.

Faces with Fleshy Nose

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What is it?
Nose is fleshy (plump and meaty) regardless of its size.
Potential Qualities:
Kind-hearted and Compassionate with good prospects of making

Faces with Full Lips

What is it?
The Lips are full and fleshy (but not protruding).
Potential Qualities:
Playful, Affectionate, Emotionally and Physically

Faces with Mouth Corners Curving Up

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What is it?
The corner of the Mouth is curving up.
Potential Qualities:
Optimistic, Extrovert, Happy, Joy loving, Creative person with high
chance of Success in life. They are good friends and are loved and
surrounded by friends.

Faces with a Round Chin

What is it?
The Chin is round (the chin has a nice round shape at the middle of the
Potential Qualities:
Kind-hearted, Warm, Friendly and Emotional person who Likes
Animals and Children (having their own or working with them). They
have a Gentle and Happy disposition in life. They may use their Charm to
win over friends and influence others. They are Good Listener to other
people's problems and provide good advice.

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