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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management for the United States: Payroll Legislative

December 23, 2015
Payroll Year-End 2015
This note highlights the new and upcoming features for payroll year-end processing 2015. See Oracle Support
Document 1944400.1 (Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (US): End-of-Year Processing) for further details on
these features.
Note: Payroll customers are required to be on Release 10 for year-end 2015.
The following features are available as of Release 10 Patch Bundle 10:

W-2 form changes. Notice to Employee and Instructions for Employee have been updated for 2015.
Note: W-2c form has no changes for 2015.

New report Employee Active Payroll Balance Report is available. Run this report from the Payroll Checklists
work area to generate a pipe-delimited text file of selected live payroll balances for the selected employees,
filtered by various levels (Federal, State, City, County, and School District) and time frames. Use this report to
assist in:

Reconciling periodic payrolls and quarterly or year-end balances

Identifying payroll balances over the legislative limits

The following features will be available in upcoming Release 10 bundles:

For Indiana, W-2 Box 20 will display the county code instead of the locality name. The W-2 register will show
both the county code and locality name for easier reconciliation. Available in Patch Bundle 11.
For Forms W-2 and W-2c, the employers name and address will be retrieved from the United States Federal
Tax registration data. Available in Patch Bundle 11.
For the W-2 Register, the Tax Reporting Unit Name and FEIN Registered Name will both be shown on the
register, exception, and totals reports. Available in Patch Bundle 11.
For third-party quarterly tax filing, the Corporate Officer field on the Employee Reporting Card will be enhanced
to allow additional values to be recorded for Washington DC. These additional values will be passed on the
third-party quarterly tax filing. Available in Patch Bundle 12.
For third-party periodic tax filing, for localities subject to PA Act 32, taxes will be passed with the proper tax
code for the worked location of the employee. Available in Pay2 Mini Bundle.
Legislative updates to calculation value definitions for the following:
o Wage limits
o 401k limits (no changes for 2016)
o Minimum wages
o Form 1494 Federal Tax Levy Exemption Amounts
o State FUTA Credit Reduction Rates
Available in Pay2 Mini Bundle.

Following new white paper is available:

Oracle Support Document 2086251.1 (Oracle Fusion HRMS (US): Payroll Reconciliation). Use this white paper
to aid in determining the accuracy of your payroll cycle. This document describes the available reports and the
totals you should reconcile between the various reports.