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STUDY STEMS Bio 100 final

______ are the major lipids of plasma membranes.

_______ are seedless, vascular plants:
_______ is the science that studies the interactions between organisms and their
A cell producing protein for export would manufacture the protein here.
A DNA strand has the sequence ATG. The complementary mRNA strand has the sequence
A eukaryotic cell could be found in a(n)
A man is colorblind and his wife is not. She has no colorblindness in her family (i.e., she
is NOT a carrier). If the couple has sons, you would predict
A pedigree for attached and free earlobe is shown above. Free earlobe is dominant (F)
and attached earlobe recessive (f).
A single carbon atom can form a maximum of ______ covalent bond(s).
A skin cell from a normal female has
Abraham has the AB blood type. Ophelia and her daughter are type O. Abraham
_______________be the biological father.
According to the theory of endosymbiosis, which organelles evolved from small
prokaryotes that established residence within other, larger prokaryotes?
All atoms of an element have the same number of ______.
All of the following are part of a prokaryotic cell except
An example of a mutualism, or +/+ relationship, is ______.
An individual who is homozygous ______.
An onion cell has 16 chromosomes before meiosis. After meiosis, every new cell has
An organism's "trophic level" refers to __________.
Animals store carbohydrates as ______.
Because of the properties of chlorophyll, plants need adequate _____ light to grow
Cactus plants, which are native to North and South America, have succulent stems to
store water. While cacti are not found in the deserts of Africa, there are African plants
with succulent stems that are unrelated to cacti. The similarities in the plants are likely
caused by
CO2 is a(n)
Competition among individuals of the same species is ______ competition.
Convincing scientific evidence now indicates that:
Deviations from the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in populations
DNA replication occurs prior to the start of this process
Domain Eukarya includes
Evidence for evolution can be found
Features unique to mammals include______
Glycolysis occurs in
Homologous pairs line up together and crossing over occurs
Human population growth __________.
Humans are ______.
Humans are chordates. Which animal group is most closely related to chordates?
If a black ant mated with a fire ant, no live offspring would result. Biologically speaking,
these two types of ants would be defined as NOT being members of the same:

STUDY STEMS FOR F2013 Bio 100 final

If one strand of a DNA double helix has the sequence GTCCAT, what is the sequence of
the other DNA strand?
In a Hardy-Weinberg population with two alleles, A and a, that are in equilibrium, the
frequency of the allele a is 0.4. What is the percentage of the population that is
homozygous for this allele?
In an ideal, unlimited environment, what shape does a population's growth curve most
closely resemble?
In the food chain grass antelope human lion, the antelope is
Individuals within which of the following taxonomic group are most closely related?
Long, snowy winters as well as evergreen trees such as pine and fir are found in ______.
Mitosis occurs in the cells of the__________ while meiosis occurs in the cells of the
Most of the matter used to build a plant comes from (i.e., what are the reactants in
Most of the temperate grassland in North America has been converted to ______.
Natural selection changes allele frequencies in populations because some __________
survive and reproduce more successfully than others.
On the earth, __________ recycle(s), but __________ flow(s) one-way.
Over time, the movement of people on Earth has steadily increased. This has altered the
course of human evolution by increasing
Plant cells, unlike animal cells, are characterized by the presence of a ______.
Separation of the chromosomes above is an example of Mendels law of
The cell uses the energy of ATP by breaking bonds in the
The chromosome number of the daughter cells (the final cells produced) is half the
original chromosome number.
The copying of a gene into an mRNA molecule is called
The correct order from smallest to largest is
The correct sequence of stages of mitosis is ______.
The definition of a density-dependent factor is __________. As an example, consider that
as a limited food supply is divided among more and more individuals, birth rates may
The DNA sequence ATG codes for the amino acid (see last page)
The dominant greenhouse gas is _____.
The feature present in reptiles and absent in amphibians that freed reptiles from
dependence on water for reproduction is_____
The figure to the right suggests that sickle-cell anemia is a(n) ____________disorder.
The fossil record is incomplete because
The maximum number of individuals that a given environment can support is known as
The most important outcome of cellular respiration is
The most inclusive level of organization in nature is the _____.
The similarity of the embryos of fish, frogs, birds, and humans is evidence of ______.
The study of comparative anatomy __________.
The theory of natural selection is considered a theory because
There are more species of ______ than of any other type of animal
This organelle contains DNA inherited from both male and female parents.

STUDY STEMS FOR F2013 Bio 100 final

This organelle contains DNA inherited only from the mother.

What does the term tetrapod mean?
What is a hypothesis?
What name is given to the seafloor?
When a photon is absorbed by chlorophyll
When proteins are modified by cutting out amino acids or adding carbohydrate labels, it
happens here.
When the base, guanine (G), binds to cytosine (C) on opposite strands, the link is by
When two oxygen atoms form a molecule, they share two pairs of electrons. The two
oxygen atoms share these electrons equally. The shared electrons spend exactly half of
their time circling the nucleus of each oxygen atom in the molecule. We would say the
two oxygen atoms have formed a(n) __________ bond.
Where does the Calvin cycle take place?
Where in the cell does glycolysis occur?
Which of the following mechanisms is likely to be responsible for camouflage
Which of the following are the proper components of the scientific method?
Which of the following best describes the flow of information in eukaryotic cells?
Which of the following best represents the components necessary for photosynthesis to
take place?
Which of the following equations best summarizes photosynthesis?
Which of the following evolutionary mechanisms produces nonrandom (or predictable)
changes in the genetic structure of a population?
Which of the following is (are) true of natural selection?
Which of the following is a population?
Which of the following sequences represents the hierarchy of biological organization
from the least to the most complex level?
Which of the following statements about biological evolution is false?
Which of the following statements about photosynthesis is false?
Which of the following statements best distinguishes hypotheses from theories in
Which of the following statements concerning prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is not
Which of these equations describes aerobic cellular respiration?
Which of these exhibits radial symmetry?
Which part of Earth receives the greatest intensity of solar radiation?
Which statement best describes the evolution of pesticide resistance in a population of
Widows peak is dominant to non-Widows (recessive).

You are walking along in the woods and come across an organism that youve never seen
before. Its a small brown blob growing on the forest floor. You bring it back to the lab to
determine which kingdom it belongs in. Under the microscope you can see that it is made
up of many long, strand-like cells. The cells contain nuclei, mitochondria, and other
organelles. It has no mouth or stomach, so it appears to get its nutrition by absorbing the

STUDY STEMS FOR F2013 Bio 100 final

nutrients in the soil. Using the dichotomous key below, which kingdom does this
organism belong to?
o Monera
o Plantae
o Animalia
o Fungi
o Protista
o Dichotomous key:
o 1A. one-celled organism2
o 1B. multi-cellular organism3
o 2A. no organelles present..Kingdom Monera
o 2B. organelles presentKingdom Protista
o 3A. green in color..Kingdom Plantae
o 3B. color other than green..4
o 4A. eats food to get nutrition..Kingdom Animalia
o 4B. absorbs nutrients from its environment.Kingdom Fungi
Based on the dichotomous key above, organisms in the kingdom Animalia more closely
resemble organisms in the kingdom ___________ than any other kingdom.