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Cyclical Review 2013 - 2017

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2013-2017 Schools Cyclical Review

CABOOLTURE, St Peter's School (Pri)

2016 - 1.4 Social Action and Justice

understanding and
demonstration of
Catholic social

Level 6 Indicators
The staff have a comprehensive
knowledge and understanding of the
major principles of Catholic social
teaching. These principles are integrated
across the curriculum and in school
policies and are consistently and
effectively demonstrated in school

Level 4 Indicators

Level 2 Indicators

In general, the staff have a

knowledge and understanding of the Catholic social teaching is only
major features of Catholic social
partially understood and/ or
teaching. These features are
appreciated by staff and it is
reflected in curriculum and in
insufficiently reflected in curriculum,
school policies and have some
school policies and school practices.
influence on school practices.

The school explicitly plans for and

The school provides a variety of
implements a wellstructured, agesocial action opportunities for staff
appropriate range of social action
and students which generally
opportunities for staff and students that includes engagement and reflection.
lead to engagement and reflection. There There is significant involvement in
is extensive engagement and reflection on social action by many students and
social action by students and staff.

The school provides social action

opportunities for staff and students but
they could be better planned and
mostly do not lead to engagement or
reflection by staff or students. There is
little evident involvement in social
action by most students and staff.

The school has well-established, authentic The school collaborates with

partnerships with Church social justice
Church social justice agencies that
School engagement agencies that assist members of the
encourage members of the school
with Church
school community to know, understand community to become more aware
and act on Catholic social teaching, in
of Catholic social teaching,
particular the preferential option for the including the preferential option for
the poor.
Learning and
The school designs and implements well- The school plans and provides a

While there is some engagement with

Church social justice agencies there is
little awareness of the connection of
the work of Catholic social agencies
with Catholic social teaching, for
example the preferential option for the
There are few opportunities planned

Opportunities for
social action






Level 6 Indicators
Level 4 Indicators
Level 2 Indicators
planned and focused opportunities for
variety of opportunities for teaching
teaching about social teaching and learning about principles of
for or provided for teaching and
and learning about social action and
action and justice. social action and justice across the
learning about social action and justice.


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