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Hampstead is home to more millionaire than any other area of Britain. TRUTH
2. Sigmund Freud moved to Hampstead and lived there until his death. His house has
now been converted into a museum. TRUTH
3. The Beatles auditioned at West Hampstead in 1962 and were rejected under the
words: The Beatles have no future in show business. TRUTH
4. The viaduct in Hampstead Heath was built nearly two thousand years ago by the
Romans as they slowly settled Britain. RUBBISH. It was built in the late 1800s by the
Lord of the Manor of Hampstead.
5. Sixty years ago, cattle were reared in Hampstead Heath to be sold in Londons meat
markets. TRUTH.
6. Hampstead Heath is the only public space in the United Kingdom where peacocks
roam free and can be seen by visitors. RUBBISH. There are no peacocks in
Hampstead. However, there is a zoo in Hampstead Heath where you can see owls,
lemurs, and donkeys as well as other animals.
7. Parliament Hill was a key defense site for during the English Civil War for troops
loyal to Parliament. TRUTH.
8. Hampstead Heath forms the backdrop for the only romance novel ever written by
Stephen King. RUBBISH. It actually forms the setting for the novel It, one of the
scariest books ever written by King.