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Below is an exhaustive list of cementing equipments manufactured by Himech

1. Mobile bulk cementing units

MBCU is an
independent unit used to
transport dry cement from Bulk
Handling Plants and to be
directly hooked
cementing job at the drill site
with the cementing unit. It
comprises of a powerful Screw
Compressor, Coded pressure
vessel, Surge Tank ,Piping and
valves and it gives a constant
rate of discharge of cement
during cementing job.
Capacities - 10 MT/12 MT / 15 MT & 20 MT (Can be customised to suit
clients requirements)

2. Cement Carriers

Himech manufactures Cement

Carriers which are of Truck
mounted or Trailer mounted type
that can be manufactured with or
without surge tank as per
Cement Trucks are manufactured
as per ASME Sec VIII DIV I
manufactured by Himech work on Dense Phase Technology ensuring a
smooth and constant flow of cement required in the oil field.
Capacities for truck mounted type - 10 MT/12 MT / 15 MT & 20 MT
Capacities for Trailer mounted type 20 MT, 30 MT, 35 MT and 38 MT

3. Batch Mixer
The Himech Batch mixing system is
excellent in mixing technology, which
includes a batch mixing tank. This
system can be used for all cement,
flush and spacer mixing operations.
Batch Mixing tank with agitators
allows the batch mixing of cement for
plug and squeeze and allied
cementing jobs
Batch Mixers are supplied with control console, piping valves, hose
Optional equipments available with Batch Mixer are
Ground Mixing System
Slurry Mixing System with Recirculating Loop.
Surge Tank
Himech Offers Batch Mixers of mechanical and hydraulic types.
Capacities - 50 BBL, 100 BBL and 150 BBL.

4. Surge Tank
A Surge Tank is an attachment to a pressurized
system designed to accommodate pressure
changes. The purpose of a surge tank is to
neutralize rises and falls in pressure to prevent
system failures, blowouts, and other problems.

Capacities - 70 Cu.ft. and 100 Cu.ft.

5. Precision slurry mixing system

Precision Slurry Mixing System is
the backbone of any Cementing
as this system ensures
efficient mixing of Cement and
water and other chemicals and
making homogenous Cement
Himech's Design of the system
ensures a good homogenous
Cement Slurry.

6. Recirculating batch mixer

Recirculating batch mixer is
designed to reliably mix and
recirculate cement slurry
followed by high energy
shearing by agitators of the
in two
partition cement mixing tub
of 8 cu.m total capacity.
Cement Slurry of required
desired density is achieved
it is fed to external HP
cementing unit. RCBM requires minimum maintenance in rugged oil field
conditions and extremely harsh onland environment with temperature ranging
from 32 F to 132 F.
The equipments on RCBM can be either Hydraulically or Electrically
RCBM is available in Mobile or Skid mounted designs.

7. Field storage silos/Bulk Handling Plant

Storage Silos are required for the Cement / Additive storage applications for
the On - Shore Drilling and Off-Shore Drilling operations. Field Silos have
some innovative features like stable heigh to weight ratio, low ground
pressure when fully loaded, efficient aeration system, oversize discharge
piping for high speed unloading, which work on Pneumatic discharge systems
Himech can also supply all the equipments required for cement bulk handling
plant making it a one stop shop for all your cementing need.
Capacities - 50 T / 100 T / 120 T / 150 T/ 200 T
8. Loading Pod/ Silo Loaders
are of
cylindrical type, conical bottom with
knuckle and Torispherical dished
head with a working pressure of 30
Discharge type - pneumatic through
5 discharge line at the bottom of
loading pod.
Bottom Skid Heavy duty skid
confirming to ASTM A 36
Cement Loading Through inlet
hopper with a butterfly valve

Capacities 70 cu.ft/100 cu.ft/200

cu.ft/300 cu.ft
9. Twin Cutting Pod

Pressurized cutting pod each 25 to 70 cuft. mounted on the skid having pallet
platform complete with individual sack cutting table , common working
platform ,filling hopper etc. for loading of cement in the pressurized bulk silo.
Rated for Working Pressure of 40 psi.

10. Screw Conveyers

Himechs Screw conveyer is supplied with
trough and hopper with a heavy duty drive
Capacities 5MT/hr upto 16 MT/hr
Screw type Continuous flight with heavy
duty shaft

11. Cementing Manifold

High pressure cement manifolds are designed and manufactured to
customers requirements by Himech.
Himechs Cementing Manifold is a sturdy tool that is simple to operate. It can
be provided with a swivel for rotate-and-reciprocate operations and with a
ball-dropping sub for setting the Hydro-Hanger when necessary.
working pressure psi(MPa)

Cementing Manifolds

nominal size


working temperature


specification level


material class


working medium


12. Rock Catcher

C/W Integral 4" Hammer Union, opposing half unions on each end
Working Pressure 150 PSI

13. Blender/Blending Tank

The equipment used to prepare the
slurries and gels commonly used
in stimulation treatments.
blender is capable of providing a
ingredients at the desired treatment
rate. Modern blenders are computer
controlled, enabling the flow of
chemicals and ingredients to be
efficiently metered and requiring a
relatively small residence volume to
achieve good control over the blend
quality and delivery rate.

14. Hopper
A funnel-shaped device used to
transfer products. The hopper is
often at the bottom of any container
for holding or using bulk products,
especially drilling
fluid additives
and cementing material.
The device used to facilitate the
addition of drilling fluid additives to
the whole mud system. While
several types of hoppers exist, they
generally have a high velocity stream of mud going through them and a
means of mixing either dry or liquid mud additives into the whole mud stream.
The resultant mixed mud is then circulated back into the surface mud system.
A hopper is generally used to introduce relatively small quantities of additives
to the mud system.

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