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ART 1011

Fall 2016

The First Exam must be turned in at the beginning of class on Tuesday,

September 13th at 10:50am. As a take-home essay exam, you will also be
graded on grammar and spelling, in addition to the content of the essays.
Please note that information for the First Exam must be based only on your
class notes and it must be your own work. You are not allowed to use
outside source materials (No paraphrasing from the textbook. No internet).
The exam consists of one essay. Please make sure to type and double-space
your essays, which must not be longer than 4 pages. A power point file with
a list of images is available on Moodle.

Compare the Neo-Sumerian Ziggurat at Ur with the
Egyptian Stepped Pyramid at Saqqara and the Temple of Amen-Re at
Karnak. First, you will need to make an outline for your essay. Second,
identify and discuss the point of the comparison (remember you are
comparing three monuments). You may then move on to discuss their
individual functions and characteristics. Dont forget to identify and discuss
their components.
Afterward, you should explain the similarities and
differences of their respective civilizations in terms of their approach to
religion, art, and architecture. In other words, you will need to evaluate the
characteristics of the individual monuments, and remember to define the
characteristics that make up civilization in general. Finally, you must turn in
a copy of your outline (papers without an accompanying outline will be
marked down 15%).