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Amaya Holliday

Spreadsheet Reflection
1. Write a formula to make a calculation. I am proficient at this skill. I practiced this skill
in part II. In order to make a calculation you can put the = sign in any cell then you can
enter whatever formula you want in the top bar. With this you can select specific cells
and use them. When you are done then you just press enter.

2. Use formatting tools to make sheets easy to understand. I am proficient at this skill.
I can do it but I still need some reminders. I practiced this skill in part II. Formatting skills
include adding colors to text and boxes and adding multiple sheets. To use any of these
just use the top toolbar. If you want to add a new sheet select the + button at the bottom
left of the screen.

3. Drag cells to progress patterns I am proficient at this skill. I used this skill in part V.To
do this you simply select the data you want there should be a blue box on the bottom
right corner. Click the blue box and drag it.

4. Create dropdown menus. I am proficient at this skill. We did this on part VI. To create a
dropdown menu you select a the cell you want it to be in. Then select data and click
validation. When you get the data validation pop up, under the criteria select list of items.
Then click reject input and save.

5. Writes conditional formulas I am struggling with this skill. I had to ask Dan what it even
6. Lay out adjustable parameters for repeated calculations. I struggle with this I
understand the question, but whenever I tried to execute it I failed. The only thing I can
remember is do something with a dollar sign.
7. Compute average and totals I am a master at this. I did this in part IV.To compute
averages you select the cell you want your answer in a click the equal sign. Type in
average. Finally, select all the data you want averaged and click enter.

8. Graph set of data I am a master at this skill. I practiced this in part I.To graph a set of
data to select the data you want to use. Then, you select insert and click chart. You can
custom your graph.

9. Graph equations. I struggling how to to do this. To be quite frank I forgot how to do this.
10. Search for and apply advanced functions. I am proficient at this because I know how
to find functions but I am still unaware how you apply advanced functions. To find
functions you select help at the top of the page and then click on functions. This will take
you to page full of functions. You can also search functions on this page.