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Architecture & Geom

Carolina Jardim Go

There are many different definitions for architecture, but in my opinion the

one that defines it better is that architecture is the procedure of planning,

designing and constructing something.iiLearning about geometric solids in
perspective assists in the drawing of buildings, because actually buildings are
made out of many different geometric solids. For example: tall buildings are
simply very tall cubes with small rectangles inside. Other than perspective,
architects should also consider the floor plan, site plan and the elevation. The
floor plan is basically a drawing seen from above of a room or building .The site
plan is a specific type of diagram which shows the whole background and the
elevation is a diagram of a building from a side.


Dynamic Tower:
The Dynamic Tower also known as the Dynamic Architecture Building or the Da Vinci
Tower is a moving skyscraper used as a hotel. It is located in Dubai (United Arab
Emirates) and it cost was 330 million UCD .It was designed and constructed by the
Architect David Fisher in 2008,the same year it started being built and was finally
finished in 2011.The roof height is 420 meters (1,378 ft.), and the floor count is 80.


Each floor of the Dynamic Tower rotates independently creating a regular change of shape
in the tower. Per minute, each floor rotates maximum of 6 meters (20 ft.). In the image
below you can see the five different shapes created by the movement of the tower, when
it rotates.v

The Dynamic Tower was the worlds first prefabricated skyscraper. It has over 40
factory-built sections for each floor. Over 89% of the tower was built in a factory and
was then shipped to where it was going to be constructed (Dubai, United Arab

Emirates).The only part of the tower that was s built where it was going to be constructed
was the center part.
Due to safe conditions, most workers working in the construction of the tower, worked in
the factories rather than outside (place were tower was going to be constructed). Each
module was preinstalled with a kitchen and a bathroom and the center of the tower will
allow the connection to clean water, by using the similar technology used on airplanes to
refuel in mid-flight.



This image shows the center

of the Dynamic Tower being

The whole tower is powered by wind turbines and solar panels. Each turbine is located
between each rotating floor and the solar panels are located at the top of the roof and at
the top of each floor.


The weaknesses of the Dynamic tower are the following:

It wastes a lot of energy. Annually 190 million KWH of energy are wasted.
It cost 10 times more to maintain than a normal building, therefore it is very

It makes people dizzy one meter of sway made occupants of the skyscraper


The strengths of the Dynamic tower are the following:

Inspirational "Buildings are now able to change their shape and be part of

It is environmental friendly, because it is has the ability of generate electricity

for itself as well as other buildings nearby.

Something never seen before "worlds first building in motion"

The Dynamic tower has a geometric shape at the beginning but when it starts moving it
slowing becomes amorphous. The skyscraper is very free-form and seems very light,
because of the glass windows surrounding it, which also let a lot of light in during the day
time. It is also a closed tower, containing only 3 windows per floor. The texture of the
tower is flat, but very shinny because of the glass. It is also soft and bumpy at the sides.
The Dynamic has very simple colors actually it doesnt really have any specific color since it
is made basically out of glass .If I was to indentify the colors I would say they were
bright, clear, warm and pale. The whole tower is made out of natural and recyclable
materials such as: stone, marble, glass and wood. The outside part of the tower is made
out of insulated glass and insulating panels.


In my opinion I would consider architecture to be art, because of its
variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Architecture can be stunning,
as we can confirm by the Taj Mahal in India, which was considered one
of the 10 wonders of the world in 2008. Art catches peoples
attention architecture does too, for example: if you see a magnificent
building you cant help yourself from staring and appreciating it for a
few seconds. I think that architecture is like a large piece of art.

By doing this research I learned a lot of new information about the Dynamic tower. Some
of the interesting facts I learn about it were that it is environmental friendly and that it
is the first building in motion. By doing this essay I also learned how to describe a building
by using art vocabulary such as: flat, hard organic, biomorphic and many others. I also
learned about geometric solids in perspective and about what architects should consider
other than perspective. I am going to incorporate some of the design elements of this
tower in my own work by adding movement, which will then create a variety of different
geometric solids in the building I am going to create.


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