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Investment Account Form & Client Investment Profile Questionnaire

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Individualised investment advice
As one of our valued clients, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your financial situation to provide you with investment advice in the most effective
way. This may include understanding your personal (sensitive) data, such as family situation, consolidated wealth, as well as your investment horizon and
appetite for risk.
In order to assist our clients in structuring their thoughts, we have designed a user-friendly "financial check-up" questionnaire. By answering the questions,
your investment profile can be developed. This profile forms the basis for us to recommend an asset allocation, which matches with your background, risk
profile and investment horizon. At the same time, it ensures that our investment advice is in line with your expectations.
The information provided to us will be treated in strictest confidence.
Peace of mind
ABN AMRO Banking is periodically providing you with a comprehensive valuation of all your assets with the bank. This will allow you to compare your
investment strategy with your investment profile. We recommend that you monitor your investment on a regular basis, particularly in times of turbulent
financial markets. We will be pleased to assist you in the review and will also guide you if you deem, that your circumstances have changed and that it warrants
a change in your investment profile.
We now invite you to answer the 12 questions on the following two pages. We are there to assist you in the process and evaluation at the end of the
Welcome to ABN AMRO Investment Advisory Service.

reduced working hours.) My income fluctuates from year to year (e. how many transactions (buy and sell) do you initiate each year? a. On average. How would you best describe your income expectations over the next five years? I expect my income to rise well ahead of inflation (through promotion.3. career developments. d.1.) I expect my income to keep pace with inflation I expect my income to fall (as result of retirement. 2 years~5 years Options. a. etc. Between 25 and 50 times d. 2 years~5 years Mutual funds Less than 2 years b. c. through direct investments or mutual funds 6. I want to save for the "rainy days" e. I rely on my investments to supplement my cash flow c. Less than 5 times b. Not sufficient to cover my living expenses (I need to supplement my income with returns on my investments) 5. 3 to 5 years d. 5 years~10 years d.Your personal financial check-up . and for how long have you invested in such products? 6. More than 150 times e. alternative investments Less than 2 years b. What is the main reason for you investing in the financial markets? a. a.Personal Investment Risk Analysis For Joint Account application. No specific reason Your personal income 4.2. c. I want to grow my capital b. More than 10 years c. 5 to 10 years e.7) Yes. 5 years~10 years d. structured products. What is your time frame for making investment decisions (i. More than 10 years c. 6.7) Yes. Between 50 and 150 times f. 12 questions to determine your individual investment profile: (except where indicated. a.1. At least once a quarter d. More than 10 years c.g. in what time frame do you wish to achieve your investment objectives)? a. through an investment manager (discretionary portfolio management) (Proceed to No.1. I want to protect the value of my capital (wealth preservation) 2. futures. Which of the following investment vehicles do you have experience in. Sufficient to cover my living expenses (I am not able to accumulate any savings) c. Rarely or never e. Less than 1 year b. 2 years~5 years Shares (incl. 1 to 3 years c. Why did you contact ABN AMRO in the first place? a. 6. a. a. 5 years~10 years d. b. d. At least once a year c. How often would you like to review your investment portfolio in the future? a. equity-linked notes) Less than 2 years b. Wealth planning d. More than 10 years Frequency of your investment transactions 7. 6. b. How would you describe your present income? a.1.e.4. in connection with a mortgage and/or life insurance policy (Proceed to No. Have you ever invested in securities before? Never (Proceed to No. None c. 10 to 15 years f. only the Primary Applicant is required to complete the questions in Section I Please " þ " boxes as appropriate Investment objectives 1.1. please give only one answer to each question) Section I .1. I rely on my investments to supplement my future income (pension) d. Between 5 and 25 times Frequency of portfolio reviews 8. Fixed income Less than 2 years b. At least once a month . for self-employed investors) Investment experience 6. warrants. More than sufficient to cover my living expenses (I am able to save a certain amount every year) b. 5 years~10 years d. Investment c. 15 to 25 years g. It would depend and could even entail incurring a loss upon redemption 3. 2 years~5 years c. Savings b. Several times a week b. a.7) Yes. etc.

which of the following return scenarios would be most attractive to you? a. I/We confirm that account to be opened pursuant to the above application and my/our relationship with ABN AMRO shall be governed by the account terms and conditions as applicable on the date hereof (version 2005 / 01/ a). to me/us.1 a 20 pts b 18 pts c 12 pts d 10 pts 50 pts 25 pts 20 pts 0 pts 12 a 10 pts b 6 pts c 3 pts d 0 pts e 0 pts 6. Each investor has a different appetite for risk.V.1.175 176+ 1 a 40 pts b 30 pts c 10 pts d 4 pts e 2 pts 2 a 200 pts b 40 pts c 30 pts d 10 pts e 5 pts f 3 pts g 0 pts 3 a b c d 7 a 0 pts b 1 pts c 4 pts d 5 pts e 10 pts f 15 pts 8 a 5 pts b 4 pts c 3 pts d 2 pts e 1 pts 9 a 35 pts b 25 pts c 10 pts d 5 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 4 a 0 pts b 5 pts c 20 pts 10 a 15 pts b 10 pts c 5 pts d 0 pts 5 a 0 pts b 4 pts c 6 pts d 10 pts 11 a 0 pts b 50 pts 6 a b c d 6. You are willing to invest in equity and equity linked products. Place :____________________ Date : ____________________ .3 a 0 pts b 0 pts c 0 pts d 0 pts 6. You don't worry about increased volatility in your portfolio.You do recognise that investments are necessary in order to achieve your longer term investment objectives. You understand the risks associated with realising superior returns. It would personally affect me very much c. but do recognize that this is always possible b. However. Growth 25% Conservative Balance 25% 5% 5% 25% 5% 15% Asset Allocation Models 15% 35% 55% 35% 55% Section 3 : Customer Declaration “I/We hereby agree and accept that all investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks and returns and may fluctuate from time to time. I/We shall not hold the Bank liable or responsible if the investment statements or any one or more of them are not sent or sent late by the Bank or any information contained therein is found to be incorrect. I/We confirm that past performance does not guarantee future returns. I/We agree and undertake not to hold the Bank responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered/incurred by me/us due to any error in the information contained in the said investment statements or any one or more of them or due to any investment decision taken pursuant to such information. How would a sharp drop in your investments affect you? a. Between a loss of 2% and a gain of 13% c. Investments carrying a higher risk come with a bigger chance of achieving higher returns.Risk tolerance 9. Less than 25% d.1.1. 1 crore to invest. will be prepared by the Bank on the basis of information provided by the Issuer/mutual fund house/asset management company of the mutual fund.1. Balance We recommend that you invest in the Model Portfolio B ( Balance). Would you be prepared to invest in a way where you could possibly lose more than the amount you initially invested (leverage)? a. inaccurate or incomplete. I/We declare that I/we shall/will take into account all risk factors before making any investment in the mutual funds. Depends on the market situation c.You are quite familiar with the opportunities and risk associated with investing in financial instruments. I would be disappointed d. More than 75% b. Between a loss of 12% and a gain of 28% d. I would be disappointed.4 a 0 pts b 0 pts c 0 pts d 0 pts Growth We recommend that you invest in the Model Portfolio A ( Growth). you expect that higher returns over the long term will more than make up for this volatility. secure cash flow coming from reliable investments in debt capital market and inflation protection products. I/We accept and understand that the investment statements that will be sent by ABN AMRO Bank N. your risk appetite is moderate and necessitates proper diversification. Your primary objective is to receive a consistent. Between 50% and 75% Section 2 : Risk Tolerance Confirmation Results of your Risk Tolerance Test Score Growth Balanced Conservative 0 -115 116 .2 a 8 pts b 6 pts c 4 pts d 3 pts 6.” Customer Signature* : _________________________________ *Mandatory # You may not fill these fields if you are already a bank customer. Between a loss of 26% and a gain of 46% b. I/We understand that the Bank is an advisor of mutual funds and that the bank is neither responsible nor liable for any scheme or any investment plan of the mutual fund. which have been duly read and understood by me/us. and as may be amended from time to time. Between a loss of 50% and a gain of 100% 10. Suppose you had Rs. We recommend that you invest in the Model Portfolio C ( Conservative). but also a bigger chance of incurring substantial losses. Yes b. Conservative. Your goal is to grow you capital. No Asset allocation 12. However you wish to achieve this with as little risk as possible. It would not affect me 11. What proportion of your assets would you wish to invest in instruments other than risk-free deposits? a. Between 25% and 50% e.

depository forms.. instruments.... 5. Alternative Investment Products.... Debt Capital Markets_______________________________..... through the process of Client Profiling..... better and more effectually doing......... or has explicitly assigned a specific allocation to himself.. AND GENERALLY to do...V..... To correspond with and give notice to the corresponding asset management company / body corporate(s) / issuer / registrar and transfer agent of securities including giving instructions with regard to nomination/change in investment plans/any other changes that may be necessitated......... I will initiate only over netbanking all future transactions (additional purchase/redemption/switch) relating to any purchase transactions in a mutual fund that were originally executed using the netbanking facility and that no such transaction will be requested by me on paper... perform and execute all such other acts... i. regulations or directions of any government or regulatory or other authorities.. and other writings and do all such acts as may be required for all or any of the above purposes............. transfer deeds.............. Banks responsibility is limited to informing the customer from time to time about the "actual" asset mix and the "ideal" asset mix only... 6... deeds. if applicable _____________________________________________________________ CIF No... using the netbanking facility and not to hold the mutual fund liable for any transaction processed on the basis of information provided by the Bank.....: ________________________________ Joint Holder's Name Signature......... executing and performing the several matters and things aforesaid I hereby give and grant unto the bank full power and authority from time to time to appoint one or more substitute and substitutes to do. If you wish to use ABN AMRO NetBanking to invest please fill the following.............. howsoever remote.... Status of first applicant: Resident / Non Resident Primary Holder's Name and Signature __________________________________________________________________ CIF No.... matters and things in my name and on my behalf and at my risk and costs as more specifically herein detailsed : Authority to the Bank : 1.. To enable subscription to and/or redemption of units of mutual funds & subscription to shares and other securities through the Banking over the Internet or Net banking facility and to execute such transaction on my behalf basis my initiation for the same over net banking. Client Name: _________________________________________________ Relationship Manager: _________________________________________ Date & Place: _________________________________ ____________________________ _________________________ Client’s Signature Relationship Manager’s Signature Disclaimer: Bank...... consequential.. which are not aligned with my wishes (as per questionnaire) o I understand that the most suitable model portfolio is _________________________________............. balance or growth......... Money Market & Cash_______________________.... orders rules.. client has formally agreed to be classified into any of the categories. and Joint Holder . execute and perform all or any of such matters and things as aforesaid and the substitute or substitutes at pleasure to remove and to appoint another or others in his/her place AND I hereby ratify and confirm and agree and undertake to ratify and confirm whatsoever the Bank shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents... I understand that this means that the investments suggested might involve risks.................. Client shall bound by and responsible for the category in which he has approved to be classified in and Bank shall not be liable for any alignment made between the investment and customer profile based on customer's feedback.......... including lost profits arising in any way from the process of Client Profiling or any act or thing.______________________. redemption requests........: _______________________________ Please do not fill (for bank use only) RM Code RM Name : : Region : Branch/Branch Code : Customer Status : CEDP Company : Customer Group : Staff Flag : Yes Documents Enclosed : PAN No KYC Acknowledgment KYC Documents Client Code/CIF number____________________________________ Created on _________________________________________________________ Created by _______________________________________ Signature_______________________________________________________________ 15 July 08 Incase of non-banking client original ID proof is sighted and signature verified... RM Signature_____________________________________________________ ...... however...... o I understand that this means that the investments suggested might involve risks. o I agree that the model portfolio indicated by the questionnaire is appropriate model portfolio for me o I understand that the most suitable model portfolio is___________________________________________________________________.. The term 'Securities' shall include securities as defined by the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act. hereby appoint ABN Amro Bank N.. Client Profiling shall not be construed as an advice given by the Bank........... To receive statements and other documents and items pertaining to the above units/securities and to acknowledge receipt of the same. INVEST ONLINE MANDATE I/we . the answers provided by the Client against a set of questions ............ incidental.... effecting.. punitive or exemplary damages... employees nor agents shall be liable for any direct.. matters and things for on my behalf as the Bank may think fit in respect of the above matters as fully and effectually and to all intents and purposes as I myself could do if I were personally present AND for the further. related to it..... Model Portfolio My questionnaire score indicates that model portfolio ______________________________________________________ is most appropriate for me under the present circumstances........................ However I would like to follow the asset mix of Equities____________________................ deeds... Bank shall not be responsible for monitoring / approving / rejecting investments made by the Client or informing the Client about any discrepancy between the Client's profile and investments made by the Client.......... 2... 3......... (hereinafter called the “Bank" hereinafter called as “the Bank” (which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof shall be deemed to mean and include its successors and assigns) to act as my/our agent to do certain acts....... I would like to adopt model portfolio_________________________________________________________________________________________________.. 4.. To confirm having read and understood the contents of the offer documents of various schemes of mutual funds in which I may invest in. I undertake that unless otherwise communicated to the R&T Agent of the concerned Fund House (with a copy to the Bank).. and therefore................. which are not aligned with my wishes (as per questionnaire) Please Note : Your ABN AMRO Investment Services Counsellor/Relationship Manager is happy to review your investment objectives and risk profile whenever you deem that your circumstances have changed and that such a review is warranted.. Risk profiles and investment objectives may change over time and I will discuss such changes with my ABN AMRO Investment Services Counsellor/Relationship Manager in order to adjust the investor profile accordingly. as the case may be..... 1956 as amended from time to time...... is merely organising on best effort basis.. indirect.... Primary Holder. ABN AMRO states hereby that neither ABN AMRO nor its related Companies...........My personal Investment profile I would like to adopt the asset allocation mix as described below........ To sign all such application forms.. special. whereby...... To do or omit to do all such acts and things as the Bank may in its discretion consider to be necessary or desirable in order to exercise its powers hereunder or to comply with any laws... The subscription in the units of mutual funds will be in as primary applicant and the operation mandate will be singly or on either or survivor basis........ having CIF No... conservative... Client alone shall be responsible for all decisions made pertaining to investment and/or decision incidental or ancillary to it......e......