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DATE: 01/06/2010
ER POOL: JAVIER PEREZ FROM: Stephen Williams, Head of Mission /Vincent


Title of the position: Health and nutrition assessment expert Start date: 01/07/2010

Report to:
Field: Head of Mission (Stephen Williams) Duration of the mission: 4 months
HQ: Desk Officer, Technical Department
Basic position description:
The consultant will perform an in depth analysis of the current nutrition situation and make recommendations for ACF
positioning in the Palestinian Territory (PT). This analysis will include:
1. Summarize the current nutrition situation in the PT based on existing data and studies.
2. Develop a comprehensive stakeholder map of all those involved with nutrition activities directly and indirectly
in the PT, including international and local NGOs, UN bodies, government bodies and any others deemed
relevant; this should include their mandate, activities, coverage, and policies as they relate to nutrition; a
summary of perceived weaknesses and gaps in the existing landscape of stakeholders and structures is to be
3. Provide recommendations the mission in light of the analysis detailed above, which may or may not include
recommendations for different project interventions; contribute to the mission strategy process and document.
4. Carry out half day basic training of ACF staff and partners in each base and the capital on malnutrition as it is
understood by ACF including a presentation of ACF activities in the field of nutrition and health.
5. Contribute to the ongoing ACF risk analysis and scenario building; provide input to the contingency plans
currently being developed in the face of potential disaster linked to nutrition and health and propose
interventions according to the identified scenarios by using tools and methodology developed by Emergency
6. Analyze the existing ACF projects in all the bases and make recommendations on possible opportunities for
integrating a nutrition component into any of the ongoing or future ACF activities. Analyze the possibilities
for a nutrition intervention apart from existing activities and make recommendations.
7. If an appropriate project is recommended and agreed upon by the Mission/HQ, the Technical Officer will
perform the necessary activities in order to develop a proposal in its entirety including narrative, LFA, budget,
and work plan.
Overall, the consultant will provide nutrition support to the ACF team in the PT in order to:
• Better understand the nutrition situation of children under 5 years and pregnant/lactating women.
• Map the nutrition interventions already established or in process, as well as coordination bodies in place.
• Establish links for potential partnerships.
• Make recommendations on ACF positioning with respect to nutrition in PT.
• Decide whether / how to implement a specific nutrition project or to integrate such component in the ongoing
The consultant is expected to deliver the following:
• Report on the nutrition situation in the PT
• Stakeholder mapping report including perceived weaknesses and gaps
• ACF nutrition in the PT positioning report, to include: 1) a general text on ACF position as it relates to
nutrition in the PT that is able to be disseminated externally; 2) identified opportunities for nutrition integration
into current and future FSL and WS projects; and 3) any recommendations for a nutrition project
• Written contribution to the scenario planning and contingency planning documents based in the methodology
and tools developed by the Emergency Pool.
• Complete proposal ready for submission to a donor (should it be determined to propose a nutrition project)
Project Name: Convenio de Ayuda Humanitaria
Funded by: AECI Budget line: PIJGD, line HC01
Country: Palestinian Territory (PT) Base: Jerusalem, Hebron, Nablus, Gaza
Read Spoken Written A plus


Salary/indemnity: Total amount available for the

Contract type: Consultant
assessment 30.000 euro
Remarks: The indemnity of the consultant should

- Visa and transport from/to his country to PT

(through Spain for briefing/debriefing)
- Salary and charges

To consider certain expenses that can be provided by

ACF but need to be reimbursed by the consultant at
mission level:
Monthly field per diem: No
1. Accommodation
2. Transport in-country level (driver, fuel,
3. Equipment (phone, printer, etc)

Please see Mission Field Means below for a breakdown of

what is provided by ACF.

At the end of the mission, the consultant should present

only one receipt to ACF.
1. Background of the area of the mission:
The successful candidate will be provided with the following annexes:
Annex A .Save the Children report,
Annex B. MoH information
Annex C. CFP Study 2007
Annex D: MfP. Impact study 2007
Annex E. FAO Technical Note of diet diversity 2007
Annex F. HLBS report 2006
Annex H. Nutrition UNICEF Plan 2008
Annex I. WHO Study on Health access of Palestinian 2008.
Annex J. ACH Field visit summary report 2007
Annex K. Health facilities in Gaza

• Maps
The most comprehensive and up to date collection of maps is available at the oPT OCHA map centre.
• Security Plan/ Standard Operating Procedure/ Constant Companion if available
The Coordlog will provide a security briefing upon arrival, at which time the Security Plan, SOPs, a mission contact list and constant companion will
be shared with the consultant.

2. Mission Field Means

To be provided by the field mission: To be provided by the Headquarter (Madrid):

 Vehicle for 2 months of the consultancy (To be  1 laptop
reimbursed by the consultant & available during  Specific technical material
office hours only 08h00 – 16h00) 600 EUR per
month + 700 EUR for fuel
 Driver/ Translator for 2 months of the
consultancy (To be reimbursed by the consultant
& available during office hours only 08h00 –
16h00) 1450 EUR per month
 Ben Gurion Airport pick up and drop off (if
outside of office hours to be reimbursed by
consultant) 50 EUR per trip
 Transport from and to Jerusalem and the bases
during working hours
 Accommodation (to be reimbursed by the
consultant) 22 EUR per day
 Permits for entry into Gaza
 Use of 2 phones 1 x Orange & 1 x Jawaal (top up
phone cards to be purchased by the consultant)
 Reasonable use of equipment available (printer,
photocopier, etc)
 Reasonable use of stationary materials
 Meeting/training room facilities
 Complete security briefing
 Access to the internet during office hours and in
ACF guesthouses
Choose the right frame among the followings and delete the others:

Objectives Methodology: Expected result Outcomes generated Deadline

• Aug 2010
• Target groups (defined as direct beneficiaries, “catchment”
population, number, type and status) are identified
Review of existing information
1) The nutrition situation and humanitarian related needs of the population

• Interviews with UNs, INGOs, LNGOs, authorities, partners,

2) The appropriate humanitarian response to address the identified needs

• Background data, studies, surveys, etc…

communities, etc. are recorded • A complete analysis
• Data of the current humanitarian
• Stakeholders are mapped report in English with
• Needs in the nutrition sector are identified relevant photos
• Donor strategy
• Vulnerability indicators are identified • Interview report
Visits and interviews with key stakeholders • Technical response related to identified needs is recommended, • Contact list
• International and local partners: NGOs according to the ACFIN mandate and the ACFIN Strategy 2010- • Maps
present in the field, UN agencies, and 2015 White Paper.
embassies. • Positioning of ACF regarding the nutrition situation is proposed.

• National and local government bodies

• Contingency plan is updated with a nutrition component as and • Revised scenario and • Sep 2010
To identify:

involved in providing assistance to

beneficiaries. where necessary contingency plan
• Potential areas for project implementation are identified • Problem tree
Field visits / Observation • Staff are trained in ACF nutrition framework and are aware of ACF • Concept paper(s)
• Interviews with key informants / Groups nutrition interventions globally • Training session and
discussions handouts
• Focus groups as well as semi-structured • The main elements of a nutrition intervention are defined and • Oct 2010
interviews designed, focusing on the logical links between provided inputs, • Proposition of
planned activities, expected outcomes and the goal to achieve. intervention in donor
Key informant interviews: • A proposal is written in coordination with the mission (if approved format
• The interviews have to be oriented to get by mission and HQ), discussed and validated at: • Logical framework
key information (vulnerability indicators, o HQ level • Budget of the
activities ongoing, impact, possibility of o National government level intervention
partnerships, local capacities, access to o Beneficiary level • Monitoring and
services, …) o Donor level evaluation plan
• Material, financial and human resources needed for the humanitarian developed in detail
intervention are detailed
Mission Final Report Oct 2010

 A minimum of four years experience in health and nutrition sector

 A minimum of an undergraduate degree in health and/or nutrition; a master’s degree is preferred
 Minimum two years experience working for an international agency in the field of health and nutrition
 Excellent working knowledge of health & nutrition programming usually carried out by ACF; experience in food
security and/or water, sanitation and hygiene promotion with ACF is a major plus
 Strong analytical skills and proven ability in the use of quantitative and qualitative methods
 Demonstrated knowledge and experience with project cycle management, including the development of a solid
logical framework analysis
 Demonstrated proficiency in report and proposal writing
 Excellent communication and writing skills in English; Arabic is a plus
 Computer proficiency in word processing, databases, spreadsheets and graphics presentations, and experience
with information management systems
 Previous experience in the country or the region is a major plus; ability and willingness to travel to the West Bank
and Gaza is a must

Is previous humanitarian experience needed?: Yes

Is experience with the organization is required?: No, but strongly preferred

ACF can provide the following accommodation to be reimbursed at a cost by the consultant:
 Jerusalem: Comfortable and equipped ACF flat in Jerusalem. Equipped with telephone, WiFi and satellite TV. Shared with 2-3
permanent expats
 Nablus: Comfortable ACF house in Nablus. Equipped with telephone, access to internet and satellite TV. Allows
accommodation of 3 expatriates
 Gaza: Comfortable ACF flat in Gaza City. Equipped with telephone, access to internet and satellite TV. Allows
accommodation of 3 expatriates
 Hebron: No ACF accommodation exists in Hebron. Overnight stays will either be in an office room set aside for 1 night stays
or in a hotel

Special remarks:
 Jerusalem and all of Israel are not subject to specific security limitations
 Moderate security situation and limited security restrictions in the West Bank
 Complex security situation and wide ranging security restrictions in Gaza


The request for this mission comes following discussions between:

 The field mission and the GGM

While there may be some humanitarian needs regarding the nutrition situation in the PT, the staff at mission level do not
have the technical expertise to be able to adequately gauge the nutrition situation and be able to identify if there is
humanitarian space to intervene directly or if there is an added-vale to adding nutrition components to existing activities.
To provide a comprehensive analysis, contribute to ongoing activities, and make recommendations to the mission team
are the major objectives of the technical support to the mission.

List and annex all relevant documents to support or argue the mission: find hereafter examples of relevant annexes:

 Annex A: Time schedule proposed

The following documents will be available to the consultant upon arrival in the mission
 Security guidelines
 Organizational chart of the mission
 Constant companion
 Contact list
 Annex A: Time schedule proposed

Nutrition Assessment
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 Briefing in Madrid and Jerusalem O
 Revision of methodology and
working plan including discussions O
with the mission staff
 Collection and review of existing
 Visit of stakeholders and partners O O O
 Analysis O O O
 Draft report: stakeholder mapping,
contact list, interview reports;
needs assessment and technical
response recommendations;
potential positioning of ACF with
regards to nutrition
 Staff training in nutrition O
 Draft revision of ACF PT mission
 Draft revision of scenario building
and contingency planning
 Final revision of ACF PT mission
 Final revision of scenario building
and contingency planning
 Development of a project proposal
(if approved by mission)
 Final report: stakeholder mapping,
contact list, interview reports;
needs assessment and technical
response recommendations;
potential positioning of ACF with
regards to nutrition
 Discussion with mission team;
debriefing Jerusalem and Madrid