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5M collective Fans on Facebook pages 4 .PasionFutbol has built a with + PaixaoFutebol. premium digital publishing brand within the Americas. 1 BILLION+ Pageviews in 2015 Audience reaches a regional. connecting with a regional audience of over 440 Million Annual Total Visitors (2015) who rely on our Latin perspective to consume the most interesting & engaging content from the world of soccer. target demographic of male soccer fans almost entirely between the ages of 18 & 34 2 Content Verticals: PasionFutbol.

7 Million Total Fans > Page Verified > Instant Article Program inclusion 441.736.913.831  1 of 10 regional publishers included in initial release > 100% Organic social growth 177.006.867 • Source: Google Analytics MULTI-PLATFORM > MOBILE: 65% > DESKTOP: 33% > TABLET: 2% PAGEVIEWS TOTAL VISITS UNIQUE VISITS 5 . & REACH • 2015 YOY ORGANIC GROWTH UV: 70% TV: 26% PV: 38% • • • • 2015 TOTALS: CORE STATISTICS 2015 ANNUAL TRAFFIC: CORE STATISTICS 1.2015 TRAFFIC.756. GROWTH.183 FACEBOOK REACH > 8.

CHI. By the end of the year. & MEX. 2015 AUDIENCE BY PAGEVIEWS 2015 HIGHLIGHTS: • 86% of all VISITORS between the ages of 18-34. • Brazil jumped to just under 7% of our audience in Q4 of 2015. creating a unique. LATAM’s largest market is expected to account for close to 10% of our total audience. Source: Google Source: Google Analytics Analytics 6 . • 22% of traffic from valuable North American markets. BRA. • 71% of traffic in Q4 of 2015 from the 5 most important South American markets: ARG. truly regional platform with a concentrated audience of young male soccer fanatics. COL.AUDIENCE: 2015 SUMMARY & HIGHLIGHTS PasionFutbol’s audience has significant traffic within every major market in South & North America.


By leveraging our expertise.PASIONFUTBOL: BRAND PUBLISHING At PasionFutbol we help brands create engaging. maximizing advertiser ROI & driving quantitative digital business objectives. TALENTED CONTENT CREATORS ENORMOUS REGIONAL AUDIENCE & REACH TURNKEY PLATFORM FOR ADVERTISERS TO CREATE & DISTRIBUTE BRANDED CONTENT MORE EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY WE OFFER: • Custom content creation by talented storytellers: > Custom Video Production > Custom Editorial Series Production > Custom Brand Interactive Units • Internal distribution at scale to a regional audience • Industry leading social media distribution SEE ANNEX FOR ALL CUSTOM CONTENT OFFERINGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (FEB 2016) 9 . PROVEN. powerful stories that resonate with our audience. advertisers have the ability to create audience relevant. socially native custom content at scale.

and superior reach for our advertising partners. without interruption to the user experience. proprietary tech developments that provide our advertisers the most effective ways to access our audience. creates the optimal environment for branded content to seamlessly engage & influence our users.713.280 10 .822.000 FACEBOOK FANS via PaixaoFutebol Page (Portuguese) > 140k TWITTER followers • EXTERNAL SOCIAL MEDIA DISTRIBUTION ABILITY UNIQUE ORGANIC USERS Our social media reach allows us to distribute all branded content programs to an industry leading extended audience.850. • PASIONFUTBOL SOCIAL REACH: FACEBOOK INTERNAL DISTRIBUTION CAPABILITIES Our specific site design & user experience.  The resulting natural ad delivery to our audience. 15 MM UV’S (2015 AVG. allows us to internally distribute custom content at scale & cross device in a purely native ad format within PasionFutbol. guaranteeing scale.) Our ability to insert sponsored brand specific content into specific positions within the story stream is one of the many unique. specifically our five story stream “Listado de Notas” unit. high user interaction rates.953 VS. GLOBO ESPORTE FB FANS = 7. * 1 BILLION+ MONTHLY IMPRESSIONS * OUR AGGREGATE FACEBOOK SIZE RECENTLY SURPASSED GLOBO ESPORTE: PASIONFUTBOL FB FANS = 8.000 FACEBOOK FANS via PasionFutbol Page (Spanish) > 850.DISTRIBUTION & AMPLIFICATION CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIA REACH 135 MM+ > 7.

leagues. & trends. From our unrivaled ability to publish the most unique. PASIONFUTBOL UNIQUE EDITORIAL HIGHLIGHTS: > Extremely high user engagement & social reach > Cross platform (Desktop + Mobile) content optimization > Very High levels of increased YOY direct traffic & consumption rates  RESULTS: An array of large scale opportunities for advertisers to sponsor & align their brands with content relevant to their interests. socially native stories to our extensive coverage of all major events. countries.PASIONFUTBOL: SCALABLE SPONSORSORSHIPS & ALIGNMENT PasionFutbol is at the forefront of creating high-value. multi-platform content. players. SEE ANNEX FOR ALL CURRENT SPECIFIC SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITES & CONTENT ALIGNMENTS FOR 2016 11 . • CONCEPT KEYWORD TARGETING Beyond traditional tent-pole sponsorships. etc. markets & subject preferences from throughout the futbol world. we now have the ability to provide a deeper level of concept alignment via our specific content keywords targeting program. fan centric. our editorial range sets us apart from the traditional sports pages found in the region. brands can surround specific concepts & own 100% SOV of all associated ad space in a variety of unique ways beyond traditional display ads. This proprietary technology allows brands to surround all articles published about a topic whether segmented by individual teams. tournaments.

and our new native ad offering’s that communicate brand messages in a natural.PASIONFUTBOL: POWERFUL DISPLAY & NATIVE BRAND ADVERTISING At PasionFutbol our goal is to create the most powerful. engaged. male futbol fans in one online destination. an available regional inventory. PRICING & RATE CARD (REGIONAL & COUNTRY BY COUNTRY) AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST 12 .000 votes p/month) ● Branded Twitter Unit ownership including custom branded hashtag ● 300 x 250 Mobile units w/ multiple in-story placement options ● Cross Platform Reach for all High Impact Ad Units ● All Standard IAB Units  DIRECT SALE DISPLAY AVAILABILITY. targeted display ad packages in the market. seamless manner. 2016 AVAILABLE AD UNIT INVENTORY @ SCALE ● Re-Skin Units ● Super Leaderboards w/ Video ● PasionFutbol Custom Ad Unit Opportunities ● Content integrated custom Advertorials w/ 100% SOV ● Sponsored Poll availability (over 250. This combination of variety with our regional size & reach set us apart from the traditional LATAM sports publisher and provide advertisers with the ability to reach two continents of young. We seek to accommodate our advertisers preferences & specific campaign needs with a variety of supportive display unit combinations.


6 Million total views across platforms ● > “Ping Pong” Performance Metrics ● Weekly 2016 recurring Video Series ● 15 total videos produced (as of 1. 2016 AVAILABLE CUSTOM CONTENT OFFERINGS: Video PASION TV CUSTOM VIDEO SERIES 2016 1. “PING PONG” Player Interviews * SEE “PING-PONG” VIDEO WITH BRANDED SANTANDER ASSETS IN EMAIL ATTACHMENT • Weekly. sponsorship details & custom campaign questions please contact us via email or phone • • Duration ranges from one month to annual ownership Pricing starts at $25. serialized interviews of famous LATAM futbol figures • Customized for cross-platform consumption • Millennial targeted & socially native • Multiple videos produced & customized per distribution outlet • Internally & externally distributed to all PasionFutbol outlets See all PING PONG videos on our YouTube channel below: www.000 (actual prices per specific campaign) 14 .16) ● 1.ANNEX I.000 average complete views p/ video* ● 52% average completion rate* * All statistics reflect full consumption of 30 second version of video on Facebook  SERIES SPONSORSHIP: AVAILABLE BRAND ASSETS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Pre-roll & Post-roll across all platforms & distribution outlets Full In-Video Logo Integration Sponsored Title Bar & 100% SOV Display ownership Ability to integrate brand messages into content series Ability to use content on all media outlets  SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES & PRICING For Additional Video

current topics from the world of futbol • Customized for cross-platform consumption • Multiple videos produced & customized by distribution outlet • 100% produced in house & distributed internally + externally > “TOP-5” Performance Metrics ● Weekly 2016 recurring Video Series* ● 15 total videos produced (as of 1.000 (actual prices per specific campaign) 15 .5” Futbol Topic Lists • Serialized Top-5 lists surrounding the most interesting. 2016 CURRENT CUSTOM CONTENT OFFERINGS: Video PASION TV CUSTOM VIDEO SERIES 2016 cont’d 2. “WEEKLY average complete views p/ video* ● 46% average completion rate* * All statistics reflect full consumption of 30 second version of video * For Additional Video examples.1 Million total cross platform views ●  SERIES SPONSORSHIP: BRAND ASSETS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Pre-roll & Post-roll Against All On-Platform Videos Sponsored Title Bar Full In-Video Logo Integration 100% SOV Display Media Ability to integrate brand messages into content series Ability to use content on all media outlets  SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES & PRICING • • Duration ranges from one month to annual ownership Pricing starts at $20.ANNEX I cont. sponsorship details & custom campaign questions please contact us via email or phone See all Top 5 videos on our YouTube channel below: www.16) ● 1.26.

“Mundial VIDEOJUEGOS” • Weekly serialized content 100% produced in house • Covers the most interesting news surrounding soccer video games • Internal + External (social media) distribution of all articles • 25 articles produced in 2015 • 126K Pageviews p/ article series average  SERIES SPONSORSHIP: BRAND ASSETS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 100% SOV Display Media around all articles Sponsored Title Bar Social Media Logo Integration & series amplification Ability to integrate brand messages into content series Ability to use content on all brand media outlets  SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES & PRICING * For Additional custom editorial examples (currently six running). current topics in soccer • 24 articles produced in 2015 • 65K Pageviews p/ article series average • Facebook Post Reach Averages: > Unique Users Served = 421. 2016 CURRENT CUSTOM CONTENT : Editorial PASIONFUTBOL CUSTOM EDITORIAL SERIES 1. “El Tema de la Semana” • Weekly serialized content series (100% produced in house) • Covers the most hotly debated.500 2.ANNEX I cont.900/ Post Clicks = 57. brand specific ideas. sponsorship details & custom campaign questions please contact us via email or phone • • Duration ranges from one month to annual ownership Pricing starts at $10.000K (actual prices per specific campaign) 16 .680/ Post Impressions = 643.

La Liga. distributed by our editorial staff before being sent to our ad ops team to ensure delivery. 3. 2. > Targeted Keyword Examples: ● Messi.ANNEX II. 2018 Eliminatorias * For additional content sponsorship & alignment questions & details please contact us via email or phone SPONSORSHIPS & ALIGNMENT STANDARD CAMPAIGN COMPONENTS 1. 5. > Every targeted article is written. edited. 4. AFA. 100% SOV Content Ownership of all related articles Custom article ad units including header logo insert Tournament Hub Sponsorship & branded landing page Internal & external social media distribution from PasionFutbol Brand distribution of owned content on all owned outlets  SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES & PRICING • • Duration ranges from one month to annual ownership Pricing starts at $10. Ronaldo. > Each “Keyword Tag” Alignment would receive all benefits listed within standard campaign components & can be customized by flight. EPL.000 (actual prices per specific campaign) 17 . 2016 SPONSORABLE TENT-POLE EVENTS & CONTENT ALIGNMENT OPPORTUNITIES • • 2016 AVAILABLE TENT-POLE EVENTS SPONSORSHIPS 1) 2016 Copa Libertadores: Group and/or Knockout Phases 2) 2018 World Cup Qualifying: Regional or Country Specific 3) All domestic Latin American & European Leagues 4) 2016 Copa America Centenario 5) 2016 European Cup 6) 2016 & 2017 Champions League TARGETED KEYWORD CONCEPT ALIGNMENTS > Targeted content ownership by “Keyword Article Tags” at brand request. Neymar. James Rodriguez ● Brasileiro.


The package combined a statistics based custom unit. their third year straight year running the program. a unit homepage/content hub within PasionFutbol.877 User Actions & 120.722 Total # FB Post Impressions = 14.CASE STUDY 1: TOYOTA INDICE DE RENDIMIENTO (IRT) CAMPAIGN In January of 2015. PasionFutbol created a custom package for TOYOTA surrounding the 2015 Copa Libertadores to increase their digital association with the tournament and improve their brand equity in the region.890.877 Total # of posts on FB= 39 Total # of FB Post Clicks = 951.866. TOYOTA has already renewed the program for 2016. an internal display advertising program.000+ Poll Votes > TOTAL IMPRESSIONS [Custom units + Display + Editorial & FB program] = 36.439 2015 Custom Editorial Series SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS       Total Article In-Story User Actions = 5. & a six month bi-weekly custom editorial series with social amplification.257154 > Program Effective ROI  148% 19 . 2015 IRT RESULTS:  Custom Unit & Internal Display Impressions = 15.741 Total Article Impressions (internal) = 5.000+  2015 Custom Editorial Series Campaign Totals  Total #Articles Published = 39 (each article published on mobile + desktop)     Total Article In-Story Poll Votes = 120.500.715 Total # of Twitter posts = 39 Total # of Branded Content Retweets = 755 Brand distribution of owned content on all owned outlets 2015 IRT PERFORMANCE SUMMARY > Extremely high user engagement= 5. Due to the continued outstanding performance & effective ROI.

49% TICKETBIS COPA AMERICA CAMPAIGN DELIVERY • Impressions Contracted = 10.000 • Impressions Delivered = 12.38% • Display Targeted Avg.000 • Delivery Rate: = 127% • Targeted Mobile Avg. Combining our standard display reach with our concept targeting capacity their campaign was attached to each piece of content we created around the tournament helping them drive sales in key markets more efficiently.000.16% 20 . 300 x 250 MOBILE STORY POSITION 1 TARGETED AD PLACEMENT > CTR Delivered = .CASE STUDY 2: TICKETBIS COPA AMERICA DISPLAY AD CAMPAIGN TICKETBIS came to PasionFutbol and wanted to run a targeted display campaign to drive ticket sales around the 2015 Copa America. CTR = .754. Desktop CTR = .

CTR = .21% • Advertorial Impressions Delivered w/in PF (4 stories) = 1. ADIDAS TARGETED DISPLAY & ADVERTORIAL CAMPAIGN DELIVERY • Display Impressions Contracted = 8. reaching only the markets within the region most important to ADIDAS in Q1 of 2016.CASE STUDY 3: TARGETED DISPLAY AD CAMPAIGN We just completed our first official campaign with Adidas. combining multiple advertorial placements with a targeted display campaign across four different countries.000 • Display Impressions Delivered = 11. through their LATAM regional office.’s on FACEBOOK (4 posts) = 4.500.000+ • Advertorial Total Post Imp.000+ 20 .345.000 • Display Delivery Rate: = 130% • Display Targeted Mobile Avg.000. CTR = .28% • Display Targeted Desktop Avg.300.

J. 07304 USA Phone:1-201-309-0800 Fax: 1-201-309-9910 theodore.GRACIAS! THEODORE JACOBSON 430 Communipaw Avenue 4th Floor Jersey . N.jacobson@pasionfutbol.