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200 Watts stereo amplifer w/AM/FM,
Bluetooth ,REMOTE,
Blue LCD screen, USB/SD

718.535.1800 718.236.2400(fax)
1600 63rd Street, Brooklyn NY 11204

Avoid water dust and moisture Don't put the unit on high moisture or a dusty plane.Please put this unit in the windy place 1.Don't clean with alcohol. Radio & Bluetooth 3. THD LESS THAN 0. Please take a few minutes to read this instruction manual.Avoid opening the cover or back put above the unit Don't open the cover. g asoline.RMS@4OHM.Avoid cleaning with volatile solution Don't use volatile liquor. Master Volume Adjust "MASTER VOL" turn right to UP volume and left DOWN volume .Avoid put in very low temperature place It should not work if the temperature is very low. Flower vase and other w asher container should not be 8. USB/SD Songs title. USB. 2.Be sure to the line voltage AC110V/220V If you aren't sure of the type of power supply to Avoid direct sunshine and nearing heater Don your home.No user-serviceable parts inside. Input Select Amplifier has four switchable input sources: CD/DVD. Echo 9. the well temperature is 5℃ . Power Press "POWER" button to turn on or off main power or touch the inner parts.hairpin, coin. Otherwise the unit w ill get short and out of work FUNCTION OF AMPLIFIER 1. It explains clearly how to operate your new amplifier.Thank you very much for purchasing our product. two 1/4" mic inputs ◆ Blue LCD screen show Bluetooth. play time.Avoid covering vents Block up the vents will make the temperature in the unit become higher and will damage the unit ◆ 110/220V power switch 7. 4. Avoid metals dropping in the unit Avoid metals dropping in.painting .refer serv icing to qualified service personnel. Caution: Be sure the master volume is turned low and input device is turned on prior to powering on amplifier.etc. Adjust "ECHO" to desired echo effect 5. 60 Radio stations storage OPERATION WARNINGS: ◆ USB Port can Play Mp3 Files and Also be Used to Charge Your 6. AMPLIFIER FEATURES ◆ 200 W Peak. Please keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. Mobile Device ◆ BLUETOOTH Function has a Range of 65 feet ◆ 1/8" AUX INPUT with Cable. Trebble/Bass Turn "TREBLE" / "BASS" knob to adjust desired tone 6.Protect voltage line Avoid high pressure and stamp on. 100 W.consult your appliance dealer or local operate in a sealed box and be sure to have enou room for heat exchange. power company. It will insure a trouble free instillation and it will also explain all the features and operation of your new amplifier.don't pull push excessively. AM/FM Radio frequency ◆ PRE/NEXT/PLAY/PAUSE for USB/SD ◆ ALL keys and knobs with Blue LEDs or Blue ring 3. needle.1% ◆ USB/SD Card Reader Function ◆ AM/FM PLL Tuner with Antennae. Microphone Volume Adjust "MIC VOL" to change karaoke voice volume level 5.

Remote contol Front Panel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Back Panel 1 2 3 4 5 3 6 7 8 4 .

8"x2.1% Bluetooth Function with Operation Range 65 Feet MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER 100 10.5"x8.200 Watts Peak Power @4ohm THD LESS THAN 0.8"inch WEIGHT 5.5lbs CAUTION ! 5 6 .