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Witness says she heard Tapp say he stabbed Dodge
Mike Barenti
Post Register
PUBLICATION: Post Register (Idaho Falls, ID)
SECTION: News Section
DATE: May 15, 1998
Page: B1
Prosecutors presented their first evidence to the jury Thursday implicating Christopher C. Tapp
in the murder of 18-year-old Angie Dodge.
Tapp is accused of holding Dodge down while two other men raped her, then one of them,
Benjamin Hobbs, allegedly slit her throat in the early morning hours of June 13, 1996. Police
arrested Tapp in connection with the murder in January 1997. During videotaped interviews with
police, Tapp admitted he was involved in Dodge's murder.
During the second day of testimony, 18-year-old Destiny R. Osborne said she was at a party a
few days after Dodge's murder and overheard a conversation in which Tapp and Hobbs talked
about killing Dodge. In that conversation, Tapp said he held Dodge while two people raped her.
Tapp also said that he stabbed Dodge, she said. Tapp said Hobbs slit Dodge's throat, she said.
The comments Osborne said she overheard at the party are similar to statements the videotapes
show Tapp making to police. The men killed Dodge because she owed them money for
methamphetamine, Osborne said. In the taped statements, Tapp said Hobbs killed Dodge after
they got in a fight over comments Dodge made to Hobbs' girlfriend.
Under cross-examination by Robert L. Booker, Tapp's attorney, Osborne said Jeremy Sargis also
talked about taking part in the murder. Sargis was arrested as an accessory in the Dodge murder
around the same time Tapp was charged with the crime. Prosecutors later dropped charges
against Sargis when tests showed his DNA did not match physical evidence found in Dodge's
apartment, according to statements made by Bonneville County Prosecutor Kipp Manwaring at
earlier court hearings.
Booker tried to discredit Osborne's testimony after she admitted she was addicted to drugs
around the time of the murder and that she was high when she overheard the conversation
between Tapp and Hobbs. When Booker asked if the jury should believe her even though she
admitted she was high, Osborne responded that she didn't care what the jury thought.
"I know what I heard," she said. "I'm here so Angie can rest in peace."
Three other people testified that they found Hobbs near the boat docks on the greenbelt crying
the day police announced the Dodge murder. It was around 10:30 or 11 in the morning,
according to Heidi Lamb, who knew Tapp, Hobbs and Dodge. During testimony at the trial
Tuesday, the two co-workers who found Dodge's body said they didn't go to her I Street
apartment until around 10:30 that morning.

Tapp identified Hobbs as the actual murderer in the taped confessions and several witnesses
Thursday talked about his involvement with the case. But Hobbs has never been charged in the
crime and none of the physical evidence found in Dodge's apartment matches Hobbs, according
to statements by prosecutors.
The third day of the two-week trial is expected to start today at 9 a.m.
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