PUBLICATION: Post Register (Idaho Falls, ID)
DATE: June 14, 2001
Page: c1
A man once accused of withholding information about the murder of Angie Dodge in 1996 will
not face criminal prosecution on an accessory-to-a-felony charge. Bonneville County Prosecutor
Kipp Manwaring said the accessory charge was not brought again against Jeremy Sargis,
formerly of Idaho Falls, because prosecuting Sargis could hinder future prosecution efforts in the
case. The last day he could have brought that charge against Sargis was Wednesday, which was
when the five-year statute of limitations ran out on the charge. It also was the five-year
anniversary of the death of Dodge, 18, who was found raped and murdered in her I Street
apartment. Sargis faced the accessory charge for a short time in 1997 after he was accused of
withholding information about Dodge' s murder from authorities. The charge was dismissed after
Manwaring said he would seek the charge again at the end of convicted murderer Christopher
Tapp' s court hearings, according to court records. Sargis testified at Tapp' s 1997 preliminary
hearing on murder and rape charges, but he pleaded the Fifth Amendment when asked questions.
Tapp, 24, is serving a minimum of 30 years in prison on rape and murder charges, but police
believe at least two other people took part in the crimes. No other arrests have ever been made.
Manwaring said there is no statute of limitations for murder so he will still be able to bring
charges against Dodge' s murderers when they are found. Dodge' s mother, Carol, is upset over
Manwaring' s decision to not seek the accessory charge against Sargis. Investigators hope DNA
from semen found at the crime scene will help them solve Dodge' s murder, but a statewide
database of DNA from violent criminals is still being developed. The sample has been compared
to DNA from Tapp and 41 other people, including Sargis. None of the samples has matched.
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