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Republic of the Philippines

Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Unit 210 C.K. Sy Bldg., Libertad St., Pasay City, Philippines

The goal of this institution is to recognize and promote the efforts of different martial artists,
particularly in the field of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). The focus of awarding is geared primarily
towards full-blooded Filipinos who have contributed to the community through continually
practicing FMA or other martial arts. It also recognizes foreigners who are continuously practicing
and have supported FMA and the martial arts community. Others are also given credit for their
contribution in the martial arts community though they are not primarily practicing martial artists.
This is true to institutions who have given their effort into making development and progress for
martial artists and their community.
Induction into the Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame (PMAHoF) is an honour as it is
comprised mainly of martial artists for martial artists who have made a difference in the lives of
others. Each person or organization is recognized to have contributed for the overall development of
martial arts, the community, and themselves.
Candidates for induction must be nominated or recommended by someone other than the
candidate. All applications will be submitted to and reviewed by the PMAHoF Screening Committee.
CANDIDATE MUST BE approved by the PMAHoF Board of Evaluation Committee to be entered for
This process assures that qualified candidates meet the standards of the Philippine Martial
Arts Hall of Fame. Candidates who would be accepted would be considered as the best of the best
in their chosen field.
A. A Letter of Recommendation must be made and sent by the nominating individual.
C. The nominee must express his/her full consent to be included in the nominations by
providing his/her detailed information as required by the PMAHoF Committee.
D. The nominee must have an authorization letter from his/her instructor and/or school to have
their trademarks, images, and other needed properties to be featured in the Philippine
Martial Arts Hall of Fame website and in the PMAHoF advertising and promotional materials.
E. Nominations are open to all. However, individuals submitting nominations should be at least
18 years of age and above.

F. At any time, under PMAHoF discretion, a nominee may be deemed ineligible for nomination
or participation in the program.
G. Once requirements are received, nominees are notified by the PMAHoF Officials for induction.
The Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame induction ceremony is a FORMAL EVENT and
expected to be in formal attire.
H. Nominations are open to everyone, however, only those with Filipino lineage (at least one
biological parent is Filipino) can be inducted in the Top 10 Filipino Martial Artists.
Induction may also be based on the following, especially to prominent and respected martial
artists in their field:
1. Years of study / experience
2. Ability and proficiency
3. Dedication as an instructor / martial artists
4. Character and integrity
5. Contributions to martial arts
Requirements for the nominees to be inducted:

Letter of Recommendation from the nominating individual and not the nominee
Letter of Authorization (As stated on the GUIDELINES FOR APPLICATION, Section D)
Letter of Consent from the nominee (provided by PMAHoF)
Martial Arts Profile (may be presented similar to a Resum)
Coloured Photos with Neutral Background
a. Formal Wear / Clothing Whole Body and Half Body
b. Poses (Formal Martial Arts Uniform) Whole Body and Half Body
i. Formal Pose
ii. Action Pose
6. Photocopies of Certificates / Diplomas

Nominations for the 4th Philippine Martial Arts Hall of Fame will run from September 15, 2016
up to December 15, 2016. Submit the nominations within these dates only.

All entries must sent to:
(Indicate in the SUBJECT: NOMINATION)

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