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Hello Danone,

The reasoning for applying for Danones nutrition graduate scheme is because of the fact that it is one
of the only human nutrition graduate scheme being offered in the UK, known for its dedication to innovation,
No. 1 worldwide for fresh dairy products, No. 2 for waters, and No. 1 in Europe for medical nutrition. After
doing extensive research of the company, I found the morals and culture of the company are extremely
compatible with my own (bringing health through food to as many people as possible, I can live and breathe
my passion for science and health and brands that make a difference to peoples lives). The emphasis on
improving / developing my characteristics and the vast quantify of opportunities really struck my personal and
academic curiosity.
I am currently studying Exercise, Nutrition and Health at Nottingham Trent University (entering 3 rd
year). The course focuses on training to be a health practitioner thus opening up a wide range of mechanisms to
improve peoples life / longevity. Within the health and allied industries, there is a need for individuals who can
empower people to improve their health using nutrition and that is what this course has taught me, but I wish
to further this via Danone graduate scheme. The course brings together the sciences of exercise and nutrition
with the health promotion and communication skills, developed in collaboration with health practitioners.
Furthermore, my work at Nova Centurion has enabled improvement on my skills to:

Develop skills within performance analysis and notational analysis software.

Critical understanding of data analysis in a high performance and high stress environment.

Learning to work as part of a structured SSSM Team by working in collaboration with other sport and
exercise professionals such as coaches, physiotherapists, dietitians, strength and conditioning coaches
and sport psychologists.

Applied usage of specialist resources and equipment such as aqua pacers, portable lactate analysers and
electronic timing systems.

Development & production of reports and longitudinal studies, whilst being able to keep up to date
with ongoing research.

This relates to Danone in the respect that, as a Danone team member I would be aiding in the best
possible nutrition advice / food, and every day I would feel I am making a difference and that is all I can ask for
(as the best mediator for motivation, for me, is knowing you are doing the best you can and bettering the world
of nutrition). One of the quotes that impacted me most was corporate responsibility does not end at the
factory gate or the office door. We should lead our companies with our hearts as much as our heads, and we
should not forget that while the energy resources on earth are limited, those of man are infinite if he finds the
Some of my personal traits are:

Commitment on improving I thrive on rising challenges and situations that take me out of my
comfort zone

Open to new techniques I demonstrate ability to of being open to new ideas and views

Overtaking obstacles I can deliver clear results by taking responsibility and showing the best way to
overcome obstacles

Self-improvement I seek to further my knowledge in any area that involves my daily or future life (I
crave further knowledge in what I find interesting e.g. nutrition)

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and kind regards,

Dean Cutler