% ------------------------start preamble---------------------\documentclass{letter} \usepackage[letterpaper,left=2.5cm, right=2.5cm, top=3.5cm, bottom=2.

5cm]{geometry}% ---control using unit of measurement that makes sense. big top margin here is for SEU's letterhead \signature{Drew M. Loewe, PhD} \usepackage[none]{hyphenat}% -----------hey, mellow out on the hyphenation, man \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}% -----------gets us out of Computer Modern land \usepackage{times}% ---------------bookman or times or something else...default if not spec'd is Computer Modern, which some love and some loathe \usepackage{ragged2e}% -----------this prevents uber-blocky justification \usepackage{verbatim} %---enables multiline comments, if wanted, with the \begin .... \end {comment} environment \frenchspacing% ------------this prevents silly spacing after Mr. or Ms. or Dr. \RaggedRight% -----------like this, with the capitals, to use updated version of raggedright \address{} \makeatletter \let\@texttop\relax % ----------hey, mellow out on the whitespace, man \makeatother %To write multiple letters in one LaTeX file, start each one with \begin{letter} {recipient} and end with \end{letter}. Use the other parts, too--opening, closin g, etc. % ------------------------end preamble----------------------

\begin{document} \begin{letter}{Lorem Ispum \\ 345 Ipsum Way \\ Dummy Text, TX 99999} \opening{Dear : } blah, blah, yaya yada %control-enter for paragraphs...wheeeee! \closing{Very truly yours,} \end{letter} \end{document}