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Market Penetration(Produk Lama + Pasar Lama)

Berusaha untuk meningkatkan penjualan dari produk perusahaan saat ini ,dipasar lamanya.


-Starbucks has opened new stores at a breakneck pace. A dozen yearzago,starbucks had just
1,015 stores, total-thats about 1,550 fewer than opened last year alone. Starbuckss strategy
has been to put stores everywhere. One three-block stretch in chicago contains six ofvthe
trendy coffee bars. In new york city, there are two starbucks in one macys store. In
fact,cramming ao many stores close together causes one satirical publication to run this
headline: A new starbuks opens in the restroom of existing starbuksas a warm and intimate
coffeehouse,the starbucks chain has evolved into more of a fikking station . Its now battling
fast-food outlets for some of the same xustomers in real dollars. The average income and
education lwvels of starbucks customers have gone down(more store grow)
-Schultz quickly promised to cool down the pace of U.S store growth,close underperfoming
locations,and initiate store enchancements in all areas that touch the costumer and advance
the customer exoerience . In spring 2008, starbucks dramatically closed all of it U.S locations
for three hours to conduct nationwide employee training in the interest of producing more
satisfied consumer.(international growth)

Market Development (Produk Lama +Pasar Baru)

Berusaha untuk meningkatkan penjualan dari produk perusahaan saat ini,dipasar yang baru


-Starbucks has installed coffe shops in bookstores and retail stores as well as coffee stands in
many supermarkets .(New retail channels)
-Finally, starbucks has taken its american brewed concept global . In 1996 , the company
had only 11 coffehouses outside nort america . By last years, the number had grown to mire
than 5,000 stores in 42 international markets, from paris to osaka, to oman and
beijing(international growth)

Product Development(Produk Baru+Pasar lama)

Menawarkan produk yang baru di pasar yang lama


-Beyond opening new shops,starbucks has added in-store products and features that get
customer to stop in more often ,stay longer, and buy more . Over the years, the retailer has
beefed up its menu to include hot breakfast sandwich plus lunch and dinner items ,increasing
the average customer purchase . To get customer to hang around longer ,starbucks offers
wireless internet access in most of its stores . The chain also offers in-store music downloads,
letting customers burn their own CDs while sipping their lattes . Out of cash? No problemjust swipe your prepaid starbucks card , a starbucks store in your wallet , which now
accounts for 15 percent of starbuckss transactions(Enhanced Starbucks Experience)
-It also sells gourmet coffe,tea,gifts,and related good through bussiness and consumer
catalogs . And its web site,, has become a kind of lifestyle portal
on which it may ] have led to the watering down of the starbucks experience -that starbucks
may be losing its soul. something needed to be done ,he noted, to shift starbuckss focus
away from its big- bussiness bureaucracy and back to customers to reignite the
emotional attachment with customers.(new retail channels)

-Starbuck has partnered over the years with several firms to extend its brand into new
categories . For exampl , it joined with PepsiCo to stamp the starbucks brand on bottled
frappuccini and its doubleshot espresso drink . Starbuck ice cream ,marketed in a joint
venture with dreyers , is now the leading brand of coffee ice cream; snd starbucks recently
teamed with hershey to develop a line of coffee flavored chocolates(new product and store
-Additions such as drive-throught windows and brekafast sandwiches may spur growth,
critics contend, but they have comoditized the brand and diluted the customer experience.

Diversivikasi(Produk Baru+Pasar Baru)

Berpindah kepada lini bisnis yang benar-benar berbeda dengan bisnis sebelumnya


-Starbucks has also diversified into the entertainment businees . Starbucks entertainment
offers customers the best in music,books, and film as a part of their daily coffee experience.
The entertainment initiative includes hear music, which produces and sells music CDs under
its own label and slso runs its own Xm satellite radio station(new products and store concept)