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and her riveting inner and spiritual journeys. the book’s raw honesty and innocence give it an unusual. Yet in the tradition of great spiritual autobiographies. The stories in each chapter. it says. In the author’s case. An exemplary 21st century spiritual work. author of 50 Self-Help Classics. deeply personal insights in one can trigger insights and realizations in the many. inspire the reader to find the good in oneself. the courage to love. Through her relentless commitment to well-being. this only became fully apparent in the process of writing. Ph. and recognize the endless opportunities life has to offer. From Pebbles to Pathways reveals universal truths about the human condition. and the profound insights that follow.” ~ Tom Butler-Bowdon.Advance Praise For FROM PEBBLES TO PATHWAYS “Though a memoir of an individual journey.D. losing herself along the way. we watch her courageously create a life of fulfillment. 50 Spiritual Classics “An intimate and powerful memoir that catapults the reader through an insightful journey. From Pebbles to Pathways is a compelling glimpse into the journey of a formidable woman whose early life was spent struggling to find security and safety.” ~ Margaret Paul. but trust in the strange but wondrous ways of the universe will reveal a perfect pattern to our lives.. regardless of circumstance. emotional responses and life experiences. The depth and honesty of this book surprises as it exemplifies one woman’s real process of coming to terms with herself and healing the heart. In relentlessly questioning the meaning of relationships. author and co-creator of Inner Bonding® and SelfQuest® . Not only does the past not make us. page-turning power.

learning.’ but the candid. Fascinating and compelling. From Pebbles to Pathways. former correspondent for The New York Times and The Washington Post “From Pebbles to Pathways reads like a fascinating and spellbinding novel.k. Writer/Producer . Somewhat to her own surprise. Donna Thomas tells us in her sometimes harrowing memoir.a. What is striking about the book is not just the clarity the author brings to her own healing. a healer of uncommon grace and intuition.” ~ Heather Vale Goss. and loving. The Unwrapper™. The trick. it’s an exhilarating ride to growth and awareness—an educational and evocative journey to greater enlightenment.“All teachers must first be pupils. personal stories are so profound that anyone can experience similar breakthroughs and paradigm shifts from them. From Pebbles to Pathways is a must-read. ultimately.” ~ John Donley. Thomas evolved into one of life's teachers. impart—the wisdom that ensues. but her talent in discerning the lessons all of us should be learning. and to absorb— and. It may be ‘one woman’s journey of healing the heart. Author and Interviewer “At a time when fewer and fewer people have time to read. As they grow. the blank slate with which they began life becomes colored in hues often dark—the ragged scars of growing. the light from the sorrow. emotionally removed parents and the litany of abuses and calamities to which Thomas was subjected. her path to that point was never assured. is to divine the lessons from the damage. a. but with the added benefit of life lessons. As readers will discover. given her troubled.” ~ Nick Madigan.

The Espresso Café Newspaper .” ~ John Rippo. Likewise. From Pebbles to Pathways will inspire and encourage those who are on a journey of personal enlightenment to find the good in all of the steps on their path. What you read is what you get—a level of insight to mind. Ph.” ~ Ron Scolastico. smart men would read Pebbles with a view toward learning what better women want from better men. and courage—the result of practicing what she preaches and the determination to learn the lessons life teaches her. thought. “The fathers of daughters would do well to read this book as it may add dimension to how young girls come to grips with their dads.D. drawing the reader into her transformational experiences.“Donna Thomas tells her story with honesty and sincerity. Author of Doorway to the Soul and The Mystery of the Christ Force “Author Donna Thomas has created a biography of her life in a new work intended to offer guidance to those on a quest for spiritual awakening. It is jaw-droppingly honest and straightforward…eye-opening and a testimony to her simplicity. honesty. Reading From Pebbles to Pathways is like reading a woman’s diary.. Perhaps that’s as good as finding oneself gets. One seeking pathways through their own life would be blessed to find Thomas’ Pebbles—if only to discover what a contemporary woman has done for herself on her own with her own resources. and essence that exposes her fully as she constructs herself into an integral whole from the elements life gave her. It is an engrossing and intimate read of her journey through 38 years of life in a search for Grace.

.n honor of my mother and father. May the insights that took place in this story and in the telling of it bring healing to the seven generations before and behind me.

Doing Time 5. Franny Was Right 22. A Father’s Hold 14. The Miracle of Authenticity 20. Piano Man 16. Helping Hands 15. Hitting Bottom 8. Life on Planet SCA 11. Wake of Pain 25. The Miracle of Love 10. Deeper Than Skin 9. Coming Home 18. Shift Happens 17. Downward Spiral 7. Grace Takes Her Hand xv 3 5 9 11 16 21 23 31 37 44 49 52 55 58 60 66 71 75 82 84 89 96 98 101 104 109 111 . A Whole New World 6. Life Hits the Fan 3. Tahoe. Daddy Doesn’t Know 4. The Truth about My Mother 26. Speaking of Orgasms 19. The Houseguest 27. Rewriting the Past 23. Innate Knowing 2. Inspiration and Confidence 24.CONTENTS Introduction 1. The Proverbial Rebound 12. Intention to Fruition 21. My Five Lives 13.

Love Lives Again 46. Need vs. Without Consent 51. Making Contact 53. I Am Love 56.28. To Be or Not to Be…An Actress 34. Feeling the Power 123 125 129 132 141 145 151 163 170 181 183 186 189 191 194 198 204 215 217 219 222 226 228 235 242 245 251 261 266 275 281 283 . Presents from The Presence 54. Lightning Strikes 52. Grace Takes Another Hand 44. Tires to the Road 30. Fear Revealed 39. Time to Move On 41. Mount Shasta 58. Standing Up 43. Foibles and All 47. Making Amends 49. Wobbly Legs 37. Desire 38. Releasing Grief 29. When the Student Is Ready 32. Giving Back 31. Another Brush with Providence 50. Flying Free 42. Answers to Life’s Riddles 45. An Unlikely Spiritual Practice 48. A Dream Fulfilled 33. Sedona Calls 57. The Tower 36. Wind of Change 35. Doll House 40. Healers Healing 59. Native American Ritual 55.

60. Tales of Two Healers 64. Rocky Road and Agate Beach 61. Another Opens Epilogue 285 297 299 310 313 320 327 330 334 341 353 . Permission Granted 62. A Door Closes. Calling Anger to the Mat 66. A Multifaceted Relationship 63. Boundless Love 68. Unconventional Support 67. Waverly Speaks 65. A Change in Course 69.

At the end of each chapter you will find sections called “Pebbles.INTRODUCTION efore delving into this book. Both spiritual evolution and emotional development are vitally important to a deeply fulfilling life. to clarify my meaning of Grace. and depth and growth are inspired. revealing itself as supreme love by which one can find guidance. Grace is “God” in action. it is important. during periods of awareness and willingness as well as times of being oblivious and thickheaded. Grace is the power of the omnipresent.” These sections contain the insights and/or revelations that I gained from my experiences. support. For the earlier pebbles. because I was young and not yet practiced in self-reflection. but more often challenging—profound insights are realized. exquisite Divine (the governing force that lives in and through all things). This is an intimate account of how I was guided by Grace through the first thirty-eight years of my life. This story is ultimately about the spiraling path of spiritual and emotional growth. I think. Simply put. Just as there are no short cuts to spiritual evolution. and how from these experiences—at times pleasurable. emotional (also known as personal) development requires dedication and consciousness. It is these insights that pave the pathway of our lives. and inspiration as well as healing and regeneration. a strong contender for the subtitle of this book was How Grace Guides the Thickheaded. and what happens when one brings awareness to one’s life experiences. they are my . In fact.

that is the path I took. given your perspective. “See the path to your right? Because of a. some in mythic proportions. the intent of the pebbles is to exemplify four things: 1) the progress of bringing awareness. Consider taking it. if one is not satisfied with the life they now lead. makes a change in direction. This is a heroine’s journey. It is not to say that my journey was more challenging than another’s. which with a low amount of pressure. Nor is this a whiny story of how life is just plain hard.current insights into how each experience was important to the evolution of my life. if the pebbles don’t resonate with you. no matter its size. skip them and simply read the stories. the reader. and 4) how. 2) how one can find deep meaning. It is meant to encourage our trust in the guidance that is always waiting in the wings for our permission . for they. Rather. this body becomes what theorist Buckminster Fuller referred to as a Trim Tab1 for our lives—the tiny. honesty. It could be easier for you. The later pebbles give current insights in addition to awareness gained from the experiences as they occurred. Alongside my stories.” Still. They could also be thought of as me standing on top of a hill saying. b and c. For one person’s challenge could just as easily be another person’s defining moment. and healing by this process. the ship. 3) how the meaning we attach to our experiences creates the life we are currently leading. of your own insights. The pebbles are not intended to rob you. “See me up here? The view is great!” as well as. in and of themselves. exemplify evolution. Once the rudder turns. they are to augment what you take from the stories. This book honors the journey of life itself and all that it offers. growth. trailing part of the ship’s rudder. It attempts to embrace all experiences as offerings from the Divine and opportunities for growth. by making a different body of choices. changes the direction of the ship (one’s life). as I am certain that each of our journeys is truly heroic. and intimacy to one’s life experiences.

When one splays herself open so that all can be seen. With the fear. I had to do rush forward on our behalf. With my desire to inspire and guide others to achieve more peaceful and fulfilling lives. the first fifty or so pages of this book can be somewhat reactivating to read. . even though it may not always be easy. Everything turns out well in the end. It is a confirmation that fulfillment is often only a choice away. as I write in detail about personal experiences that were less than desirable. offer something. and unrest in the world. suffering. I encourage you to just keep reading. I offer this book as an exemplification of this powerful and sometimes harrowing process. You will see! The reason for writing this book is simple. Most of the names in this book have been altered to respect the privacy of the people portrayed. deep and lasting healing can then occur. If you find this is the case for you. I have found that one of the most potent actions to take in healing oneself of emotional pain is to tell the truth…the authentic truth. I have heard that for some.

“Let your teacher be love itself.” Rumi .