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Jandrew G.


General Psychology
MW 1:00-2:30 pm

51st Dates
(A Movie Analysis)

1. The story talks about a man named Henry Roth, He is a veterinarian at Sea park in
Oahu in Hawaii. One day Henry decided to sail around the island but unfortunately his
boat breaks down. He went to Hukilau Caf to wait for the coast guard, then he saw a
beautiful women named Lucy Whitmore. Lucy like to build architectural art with her
waffles. Then Henry decided to approach Lucy by fixing the door of her architectural
waffles. Both of them decided to meet each other next day, but on the following day
Lucy doesnt remember meeting Henry. Henry was in a surge of panic but the restaurant
owner named Sue explains to him that one year ago Lucy met an accident that cause
her to have an anterograde amnesia and she wakes up every day thinking it is October
13th of last year. Marlin Lucys father and her steroid addicted brother named Doug are
reliving Marlins Birthday by doing numerous tasks, putting out an October 13 newspaper
refilling her shampoo bottles. Despite of Sues warning, henry didnt stop pursuing Lucy.
He make his ways to get the attention of Lucy. Then Lucy became the girlfriend of Henry,
Everyday Henry makes a way to surprise his girlfriend over and over again. Until one
day Lucy realizes that she needs to break up with Henry after learning of his decision not
to take a sailing trip to Bristol bay to study walruses. Henry set sailed to get away from
Lucy but his guilt was too strong, He cannot leave Lucy alone. So he went back to tell
Lucy if she remembers him but she also said that she dreamt of him many times. She
brought him to the studio where the paintings of Lucy was stored. Then he realizes that
his face was the content of the paintings. Lucy, wakes up one morning, watched a video
tape entitled Good Morning Lucy she relives her accident while seeing the whole tape
and it got scenes from their wedding too. She cried upon seeing it and went out of the
deck finding out that they are on the Arctic, Henry greeted her and she also saw her
young daughter sailing on the ship.
2. Henry.. why? Because of his efforts to Lucy, everyday he patiently tells everything about
him, telling that he is Lucys girlfriend. Those are the efforts of a man truly in love with a
girl. Thats what love is, if youre in love you will be able to understand the situation of
your Girlfriend/Wife.
3. When Henry found all the paintings that Lucy painted. Because Henry didnt expect that
she can remember him but the content of those painting was Henry himself. Even
though Lucy cant remember the next day. Her heart was making a way to remember
4. No, because even though the mind fails to remember the heart will make way for you to
remember what or who is your True love. And by the help of your love one. He/she will
remind how your love started, will remind you how he/she loves you, will help you to
remind who you are and No matter what event happen he/she will be at your side
because he/she loved you. And will never leave you alone. Love is not measured by the
brain. It is measured by the heart
5. This move left me a challenge. What was it? Well the challenge was if you l someone I
must make efforts to make my girl happy. Even though that my girl has no brain trauma. I
must love her more than yourself. Even Henry did that. I must understand the situation
before I react. And also I must not forget my family because my family was my first long
term relationship. Whatever happens to me, they are still my family, and when my world
falls, they will help me to make a new one. Love is arcane and powerful. It can
manipulate the brain of the person.

Jandrew G. Dimapasoc

General Psychology
MW 1:00-2:30 pm