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Internet technologies, through intranet and extranet applications, have proven themselves
to be efficient and effective in streamlining existing processes from supply chain
management to manufacturing logistics, from marketing to customer asset management,
and by creating new value chains and businesses.Nevertheless, these changes and
benefits signal only an evolutionary shift in the way we do business. The Internet-enabled
economy resembles the conventional physical market in many aspects. Some of the new
technologies and applications may even be unnecessary. American consumers, for
example, regard smart cards as a redundant payment mechanism when checks, credit
cards and ATM cards do an adequate job for current needs. What is the use of smart
cards? Do we really need them? Will they ever take off?
Today, the SIM cards basic functionality in wireless communications is subscriber
authentication and roaming. Although such features may be achieved via a centralized
intelligent network (IN) solution or a smarter handset, there are several key benefits that
could not be realized without the use of a SIM card, which is external to a mobile
handset. These benefitsenhanced security, improved logistics, and new marketing
opportunitiesare key factors for effectively differentiating wireless service offerings.
This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of the wireless communications industry and
will discuss the security benefits, logistical issues, marketing opportunities, and customer.