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National AIDS control council was established under section 3 of the state co -oporations acts
cap 446 through the national AIDS control order. Its a non commercial organization whose
mission is to:
Provide policy and strategic framework for mobilizing and coordinating resources for the
prevention of HIV transmission and provide care as well as support to the infected and affected
people in Kenya
The overrate mandate of NACC is to coordinate stakeholders in the multi-sectoral response to
HIV and AIDS In Kenya.
The parastatal, is under the ministry of health. It has the NACC board, in ten acc board it has the
NACC director and the NACC chair. The following are undert the office of the director:
Coordination beyoud zero
Deputy director finance and administration, deputy director coordination and support, deputy
director monitoring &research and deputy director HIV investments.
The following departments are part of the NACC organogram

Techinical services
Stakeholder coordination

County support
Performance management
Internal audit & risk management
Policy strategy


The computers
Writing materials

Today was my first working day (11/2016). 05/I was introduced to all the working members I
will be working with. They were very friendly to me. Working under the county support division
involved lot of field activities. Caro Kinoti was to be my field operation manger and Hannington
Onyango was to be my deputy manager in the field operations too. There were other operational
assistant mangers who basically worked under the county level, the 47 of them. They call the
regional HIV co-ordinators.
Well other than field activities which was yet to know about, there were some office activities
that I was to perform as well. This included taking minutes for all the meetings that we will be
attended that pertained our field, doing program budget for all the activities, writing memos that
were basically involved out department , working with the procurement department on the
material that we needed for the field activities and working with drivers on the transport

facilities. Well I wasnt to do all this by myself got a lot of assistance and guidance from my
supportive supervisors
The same day I was very lucky to attend a meeting for a launch, Maisha launch meeting. This is
a meeting had been arranged by NACC & USAID official for county support.
The meeting entailed the discussion of the venue of the activity which was to be held in
kakamega, the budget for all the activities was as well discussed, the number of people to expect,
a football match preparation for both girls and boys, special lunch for the VIP member present,
speeches for the governors and directors for all the stake holders involved and transport and
accommodation for all the individuals present, well just the important guests.
After the meeting for the launch, we were to attend some lunch meeting with some of the
Kenyan artists, the media people and other stake holder preventatives in the house. The meeting
was held in Hilton Hotel from 2 am. The meeting started with prayers from the MC Ayika
Onyiko. Everyone had lunch and immediately started the meeting. The meeting was all about
saving our youth from the alarming condition that had so much highly invested in our children. It
was all about the right ways of getting to the youth and passing the information and the real facts
about HIV & AIDS.
We thought that, involving the musicians, the Djs, the music producers and executive was a great
idea because its like youth these days worship the music they listen to. This great people did
really have a great impact these youth lives. This can really be proved by the huge turnout they
usually have during any occasion that they hold. One of the musician said that he didnt really
know the kind of power he had to voluntary control and influence masses.

Our main aim was to ask for their support in working with us in the eradication of HIV &AIDS
in our youth society through their music. If they personally promoted HIV and AIDS awareness,
through their music we believe that the rate of HIV prevalence would definitely go down. We as
well requested them to be our partners in this journey that really means a lot to the society. One
of the speakers said that the youth we have now are the present not the future. This is because
what can be done today should definitely be done today, tomorrow is usually late for everyone.
Jua kali one of the artists said that if things have been done right and they have not been
working then why dont we try left. They proposed that the youth be told the truth that HIV &
AIDS is real and that they should get tested and learn ways of protecting themselves. They
should be shown how life transforms, eg go to the wards:

See the full blown patients,

See the ARV tablets that the patients take
Told the side effects of the medication
The stigma they will go through because these are real life situation among ourselves

Which I think would work so well.

One of the youth in the house said that the free condom that NACC provides were of very low
class and quality according to the youth. He requested the organization to improve the quality of
their products, if they what the products to be utilized. They informed the organization that there
were lots of fake stories concerning the product. They requested the organization to give more
clarity. This could really boost the utilization of the product.
We also ensured that they understood if they were on the fro front of all the campaigns the youth
would take it more serious because they can see that their mentors are as well involved in things
that are real in life.

For the media people, it is all about the information that they pass to the whole world. The words
that they speak on the media and the program they host can really help promote HIV & AIDS
awareness to lots of people in a very short period of time. They can as well write facts and really
important information in the nation papers, magazines and all other reading material that the
youth can get the right information from.
Through them we are able to pass very important information on the real facts of the research
that we conduct. The information obtained from the health facilities etc for instance day I arrived
and had we had the meeting, the daily news paper had printed a full page that indicated that HIV
and AIDS was the number one killer disease in among the youth in the Kenyan society. It was so
embarrassing to know that Kenya was position 4 in the whole world with the highest HIV and
AIDS infections.
Over the years we have had young people taking their lives after discovering that they are HIV &
AIDS infected. This may seem something so small to some of us, but to them its so huge. They
think they cant handle it which is so wrong. If the media could have more stories of people living
with HIV & AIDS, tell stories about everything this could make it so possible for people to take
matters lightly and positively.
From the crowd we had one person who was positively living with HIV and AIDS from sauti
skika. He came on board and told his story. Personally from his story, I learnt that never trust
anybody. This is because, he personally looked so healthy. This is why protection is very
important especially if ones HIV status is not known. He as well told of his personal life what he
went through to finally accept himself. The story he gave, was a real reflection of a life made
possible from self will.

At the end of the day there were decision made from the parties involved, on how best to reach
the youth in order to reduce, prevent, control and manage better the HIV & AIDS in the country

Today I worked in the office with Sir Hannington. He helped me go through the strategic plan
and intervention document on the prevention, reduction and management of HIV &AIDS in the
country. I went through this one document, Kenya HIV Prevention Revolution Road Map Count
Down to 2030.
The overview of the HIV epidemic in 2013, the Kenyans affected with HIV were 101,560. From
the number the children were; 12,940, women 50,530 and for men were 38,090.
21% of new adult infection of HIV were among women aged 15-24 every year. Women were at a
higher risk because of facts such as;

Gender inequalities
Genital mutilations
Polygamy among some tribes
High risk of rape
Low educational back ground
Low income among many
Brutal cultural practices that affect the girl child

The strategies didnt basically aim the girl child now that it was proved that the rate at their side
is high, it aimed at all. They included:
1. Increase the level of HIV testing and counseling and the procedure should be so free so
that every person of any standards is able to benefit from the activity

2. Promote condom use and distribution. This can be through provision of free condoms and
ensuring that they stay free, education on the importance and how to use the condoms etc
3. Encourage voluntary free male circumcision among all communities. This can be made
so possible by ensuring that there are adequate facilities that provide those activities
4. Elimination and reduction of mother child transmission. This is made so easy by
providing knowledge on the prevention of mother child transmission to the mother,
medical practitioners among other individual involved in the activity.
5. Increase ART coverage. This is made possible by encouraging the affected individual on
the importance of consumption of the drugs. Still making them so free and so available
for everyone who needs then increases the coverage.
6. STI treatment and not only treatment but early treatment of the infection. This can be
done encouraging early detection of the infection and educating the community on the
effects of the infections to the health.
7. Increase of health facilities at all level In order to increase the testing, prevention and
management of HIV
8. Increase the number of girls enrollment to school, this by a huge scope decrease the rate
of HIV among the girl child. Its as well increases the knowledge which is the best tool on
9. Increase of behavior change programmes, this helps improve everyone desire to improve
their own behavior to better themselves
10. Building of resilience of women and girls. This will some reduce the rate of HIV among
the female group which actually leads
Its main object was to:

Provides guidance for geographical and population prioritization of HIV

prevention and intervention to optimize reduction of new HIV infection

combination(bio-medical,behaivoural and structural) HIV prevention intervention
Provide guidance for monitoring and tracking progress in HIV prevention

Later in the day did some activity reports and send some memo for some office changes that had
been made

Today I did a couple of activities that involved the preparation of the Maisha launch that was to
take place in Kericho. The activities main aimed at mobilizing the youth in the awareness of HIV
prevention and management.
Today was the final preparation for the activities to be held. So basically I worked with the
procurement department on the clearance of the IEC materials that were t be used in the field.
The material involved: brochures, diaries, stickers, booklets, magazines, banners, football, play
kits, newsletters, sunvisors etc. ones all these material were ready I ensured that they went
straight to the transport department
I as well ensured
That the driver to transport all those material was in and that everything was all set for his trip.
After that I wrote a memo to all the members on the ground that I had ensure that the driver had
all the material that were needed in the field. I prepared a report and send it to the head of field
operations on the materials that I have already handed over for the activities.
Worked with a collogue on the preparation of the next MCA meeting and the material that were
needed to facilitate the activity. Prepared an activity schedule on the activities that are to take
place in the venue for the two days
Scanned and send memos to all the members on the next week meetings

The day was very much intense, lots of activities from on person to another, really improved my
ability to work as a team in order to achieve good results. I as well learnt lots of office activities
as well co-ordination of activities in order to ensure things do run best for the prepared day
This day started with lots of training and seminars. From a study that had been done, most people
really did not see the need of using ARVs. This was very alarming to the society because the
treatment may not really cure but it will so much maintain and contain the situation which at the
end of the day it will boost ones functional life
We attended this seminar with other people from all concerned sectors to prove that HIV & AIDS
to prove that HIV and AIDs was not a one persons concern but everyones concern. We had all
types of individuals there, infected or affected directly and indirectly
The speakers said that aids treatment without prevention and management is like mopping the
floor while the tap is still running. If a situation is in a point of prevention then management can
still work as prevention because through management one is able to prevent the extension of the
condition. The speaker asked if the resources are there the whats then core reason not to utilize
the material provided
If in a situation where the resources are limited then the minds get to work and get sharper. A
part of the group we had said that most people thought that the ARVs had more side effects when
used as compared too when they are not used. This was a plain lie, not taking the medication
made things so bad than any good. The speaker asked them, why would the government go to the
ends of the earth to ensure that the medication is made available if it all it brought was negative

He said that, the treatment doesnt cure but it maintains a situation. It boosts the immune system
which is the fighting army for the body. Intake of the treatment reduces the viral load in the body.
Decreased viral load reduces the chances of transmitted the infection to somebody else.
If ones viral load is low then one can conceive a healthy baby, can enjoy unprotected sex without
transmission, is as well able to enjoy good health for a very long time.
The treatment can start any time, it all depends with the situation and the viral load as well. A
CD4 count is test is taken, which shows how low the CD4 cells. From the test that is done then
the most appropriate action is taken and put into action.
He briefly discussed the functions of the T-cells in order to show how boosting and keeping the tcells on point was so important. The T-cells fights the infection and germs inorder to keep the
body healthy. If the functions of the t cell were co-promised was like having treasure that was not
guarded at all and was Is in demand.
Finally it was concluded that this issue of concern was that just individual but an everybody
matter to handle. Encouraging and supporting each other is best way to handle the alarming
situation. And we can do it together.
Was a very good learning experience, I personally never expected all the myths to be taken real.
At the end from the response we had from the crowd we had, it was just the best of all. Showed
that our efforts and time was well taken as important.


HIV & AIDS is a world wide tragedy that needs all support from all stakeholder that can make it
easy to handle and to out all actions that are planned to action. Today we met with the faith based
technical working group in order to discuss the progress in the, control prevention and
management of HIV infection. The reason for the meeting to see how best or what best strategies
to use in order to reach the youth best at all level. One of the news papers had information on
HIV been the number killer among our youth. We involved the religious sector to see how they
are reach the youth in way that can increase the awareness of the real facts on HIV and AIDS .
The faith based leaders come from all faith based centers and from all Christian based schools,
colleges and universities. We hoped that the faith based leaders would implement all the
strategies that had been planned to help our lost youth.
Other than the function we had objectives that guided us work towards the goal that we had
They were to play the following functions:

Developing religious and public health literacy

Coordinating religious and health system
Lancing with ministry of education and curriculum in the introduction of HIV and Aids


Working with NACC for support and the implementation of all the activities that can

promote HIV awareness among everyone

Help reduce the stigma among all people by educating them and helping them understand

that stigma makes things worse for the infected and affected
Help mobilize all citizen at their level and power in the participation of activities

involving HIV and AIDS prevention and management

They can offer counseling and testing and support for the infected and the affected as

well as the orphans and the vulnerable in the community

Provision of holistic services including spiritual, emotional, social, psychosocial and

spiritual and value related data for the infected and affected in the society
Faith communities can use school and universities to intergraded and mainstream HIV

Faith communities conduct various forums which can used to leveraged for dissemination
of information and HIV advocacy programmes

They discussed the challenges that they faced:

Difficulties in disclosure of HIV status due to the elevated stigma

Social ,cultural religious economic and political environments making safer practices for

HIV prevention difficult to adopt, unpopular and rare

Misconception of the interface between faith and science lead to non- adherence to

Deceptive alternative treatment and therapies
Women and girls bears the greatest burden of HIV due to gender imbalances arising from

social-cultural, economic and political factors as well as issues of gender based violence
High prevalence of stigma shame and denial, discrimination, inaction and mis-action

among the faith communities

Silence and inaction on gender based violence issues among faith communities
Inadequate capacity among religious leaders to engage in HIV advocacy
Inadequate innovative and relevant programme targeting youth


We also discussed in the strategies of implementation of the actions for effective results. This

Hold the health talks in every two weeks

Take the students for training on the awareness of the HIV and Aids
Work with the school on matters that involve HIV and Aids awareness to help increase

the understanding of the real facts of HIV and Aids

Educate the parents on ways of talking to the children on matters that involve HIV and

Aids awareness among other things

Inititiate HIV testing and counselling at cogregational level
Train 600 HTNfaith based providers per region to provide quality hiv testing and

counselling services
Conduct targeted social moblisation campaign to increase HTC uptake among faith based

Participate in national level TWG coordinate meeting at national and county level to

improve implementation of HTC activities

Hold religious leaders couple testing and counseling meeting
Train and retrain 2250 faith based leaders to provide quality intergrated services that

congregation level
Develpo key messages and implement comprehensive evidenced informed behaivour

information messages targetting people in union in the congregation

Review prevention messages,both current and previous, to make them comprehesive and

stigma free.
Address attitude, faith and cultural practices that hinder uptake of hiv and AIDS

prevention services
Promote nutritional eduction at the congregational level
Eductate PLHIV at congregational level on ART adherence and access
Promote incorporation of HIV and AIDS information in the theological training

Bulid a capacity of congregation to become HIV and AIDS competent


Accordinng to some reserches that had been done over the ages, most people felt that once one is
affect with hiv and aids they should not have children they have always desired to have. This
research was done on both the infected and the affected. This was a wrong idea of hiw things
should be. We conducted a seminor that would help educate people and show them that thats not
the case. Anybody has the right have children he or she can very well accommodate.
Anyone can so well have children and be a good parents to the children. The seminor involved
the county official the medical practitioners, the clegry and some local in the house.
Anyone that a preoductive age is able to have a health child. This all depends in your health
status. We explain that some body with hiv doesnt mean that they have AIDS and that the two
were so different to begin with. We explain that on was the infection or rather the virus while
AIDS is the diesase itself. One is very much able of getting a healthy children as along as mother
is healthy, that is the viral load is well controlled and monitired.
The mothers viral load should be well monitored that is before and during pregnancy, before
pregancy the viral load should be very low to prevent transmission of the virus to the child.
The following should be done:
1. The mother if newly dignosed should that the treatment accordingly or if already on the
medication shoukd continue to the medication appropriately
2. Regular check up should be done before and during the pregnancy. Thus ensure that any
opportunistic dieases are early detected inorder to be well handled early enough.


3. After the babys delivery then he or she should get liquid retritriv for 6 weeks of their new
4. If the drugs that the mother is taking are not effective then best action be taken after a
discussion by the medical practitioners
5. Women with a viral load of >1000 then iv retrotriv should be given ti the mother
6. <1000 viral load the mother should continue with the normal regimens
7. Women on their labour and not on ARVs, the child should be put on retrotriv and
viramune that is 3 doses
8. For the pregnant mother the viral load shoukd be checked in every 12 weeks before and
after labour
9. During the pregnancy the typeof birth methid should be discussed inorder to choose the
best fir both the child and the mother. Women with >1000 or of very much unknown viral
load the c section way of birth is the most effective
If the c-section way of birth is the best then it shoukd be done before thewater
breaks and the labour period. This totally prevents any kimd of transmission of the
infection between the child and the mother
10 . during the first 6 months of the childs life, he or she should be exclussively
breastfed. Its very unadvisable to mix feed the baby. This prevents any kind of baby
exposure to the infection through the un fully developed baby stomach walls.
The Use of HIV Medicines During Pregnancy

Pregnant women with HIV take HIV medicines to reduce the risk of mother child
transmission of the infection and to protect their own health.

Women who are already taking HIV medicines, when they become pregnant should
continue taking the medicines during pregnancy. Women with HIV who are not taking


HIV medicines when they become pregnant should consider starting HIV medicines as
soon as possible.

Pregnant women with HIV can safely use many HIV medicines during pregnancy.
Pregnant women and their health care providers carefully consider the benefits and the
risks of specific HIV medicines when choosing am HIV regimen to use during pregnancy.

Because pregnancy affects how the body processes medicine, the dose of an HIV
medicine may change during pregnancy. But women should always talk to their health
care providers before making any changes.

The goal of HIV care during pregnancy is to protect the health of HIV-infected women and their
babies. All pregnant women with HIV should take HIV medicines to reduce the risk of motherto-child transmission of HIV. The HIV medicines will also protect the health of the pregnant
women. And the most important other than mother child transmission is the aggression of HIV to
What is mother-to-child transmission of HIV?
Understanding what mother to child transmission was very important. This helps the mother
understand what she has to do to prevent the occurrence of the process
We explained that Mother-to-child transmission of HIV was the spread of HIV from a woman to
her child during pregnancy or childbirth (also called labor and delivery) or in breast milk.
Mother-to-child transmission is the most common way that children become infected with HIV.


HIV medicines work in several ways to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIVboth

during pregnancy and after birth.
During pregnancy
The explanation of how the medicine worked was very important, especially to the mother who
was to consume the medicine for the child and her as well. This was a way of making sure that
they were aware if what really happens and as well encourage them in the taking of the
medication in order to protect their unborn child.
The goal of HIV medicines was explained that it was to reduce the amount of HIV in the body to
an undetectable level (viral load throughout a womans pregnancy. By reducing the amount of
HIV in the body, HIV medicines reduce the chances that an HIV-infected woman will pass HIV
to her baby during pregnancy and childbirth.
HIV medicine also passes from a pregnant woman to her baby through the placenta (also called
the afterbirth). This transfer of HIV medicine prevents mother-to-child transmission of HIV,
especially near delivery when a baby is most exposed to any HIV in the mother's blood and other
After birth
After birth, babies born to HIV-infected women receive HIV medicines to protect against
infection from any HIV that passed from mother to child during childbirth.
Are HIV medicines safe to use during pregnancy?


This was a message that was so much in many peoples mind, remember that everything that the
mother consumed went straight to the child. So it was veey important that the issues was
addressed accordingly. This helps to reduced unsurity of consuming the drugs.. Discussing the
effects of hiv treatment during pregnancy was very important to set ideas they had very straight
We also explained that Pregnant women with HIV can safely use many HIV medicines during
pregnancy. Pregnant women and their health care providers carefully consider the benefits and
the risks of specific HIV medicines when choosing the best medical action to use during
When recommending HIV medicines for use in pregnancy, health care providers should consider
the potential short- and long-term effects of HIV medicines on babies born to women with HIV.
So far we explained that no HIV medicines have been clearly linked to birth defects, but which
was very important they know was that, some HIV medicines have raised concerns. Women who
take HIV medicines during pregnancy are encouraged to enroll the antiretroviral theraphy
registry, which basically monitors prenatal (before birth) exposures to HIV medicines to detect
any potential increase in the risk of drug-related birth defects. Pregnant women exposed to HIV
medicines voluntarily enroll in the Registry through their health care providers.
Health care providers also consider the following factors when recommending HIV medicines to
use during pregnancy:

Pregnancy-related changes in the body that can affect how the body processes HIV
medicines. Because of these changes, the dose of an HIV medicine may change during


The risk of certain side effects from HIV medicines during pregnancy.

A womans medical history, including any past use of HIV medicines.

Possible drug interactions between HIV medicines and other medicines a woman may be

Drug-resistance test results. Drug-resistance testing identifies which, if any, HIV

medicines wont be effective against a persons HIV.

A womans ability to take HIV medicines as instructed.


The best time of ARV treatment should be the one that easily can transfuse through the mothers
placenta to the child. This ensure that the child is well protected as well as the mother. Such
medication includes the following:

Zidovuline ( brand name retrotriv)

Abacavir ( brand name zigen)
Lamivudine(brand name epivir)
Emtricitabine(brand name emtriva)
Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate(brand name viread)

And again after birth the child should be put on drugs for the first 6 weeks. This prevents any
kind mother to child transmission of the infection to the child.
After the session, the approach they had, the keenness the concern they had you could tell that a
shoulder was free from the burden that was. We had a woman who had lived with HIV and AIDS

for 15 years and she had 3 and they were all so negative and healthy. Thi proved to the mothers
that it was safe and very possible.


Today we had a presentation on the control and prevention of HIV and AIDS. All I did for the
day was to prepare for the presentation of the day. We through the act print out of the act
Basically the act aims at the following:
1. Promote public awareness about the causes, mode of transmission, means of prevention
and the control of HIV and AIDS
2. Extend to every persons suspected or known to be infected with HIV and AIDS full
protection of his human rights and civil liberty by:

Prohibiting compulsory HIV testing to all individuals of concern

Guaranteeing the rights to privacy of the individual
Outlawing discrimination in all forms and subtleties against person with no person

perceived or suspected to having HIV and AIDS

Ensuring to the provision of basic health care and social services for persons

affected with HIV and AIDS

3. Promote ulter most safety and universal precaution in the practices and procedure that
carrying the risk of hiv transmission
4. Positively address and seek to eradicate condition that aggravate the spread of HIV
infection through lots of awareness and education.

Also under the act HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Bill(2004)
The hiv and aids prevention and control( HAPC) bill was gazette in august 2004 and should be
considered by the implementers of the policy pending the passing of the bill by the parliament.
The bill makers specific reference to hiv and aids in relation to discrimination, privacy,
confidentially an personal rights. Specifically the bill provides:

Under section 13, no persons shall compel another to undergo and hiv test save
where the person is charged with an offence of a sexual nature under chapter xv of

the penal code;

Section 22 prohibits the disclosure of hiv test results of another person without his

written consent
In part 8, the bill makes it an offence fir any person to be discriminated against if
the grounds of actual, perceived or suspected HIV status in relation to employment.
Access to education, credit, insurance, healthcare, travel, habitation or seeking
public office

All this discussed, we were sure that everybody in the buliding understood their rights fully and
that they appreciated everyone very equally. And that they never took life for any grant.


In the world kenya was portion 4 in the high level of hiv prevalence so was the stigma level.
Stigma was one of the major challlenges that we had as a country. Most people according to
researches done felt that this people were different and to some point should be treated
differently. According to most reaserches that were done still, this people as they were addressed
did not appreciate the pity they got as well the unequality they experienced from the other group
of people.
I happened to habe time to talk to one of the participants who were there. He explained how he
felt the first time he had realised that he was hiv infected. He said that it was the worst
experience he had ever had in the longest that he had ever lived.
He explained that, he had friends whom he had grown together with, all changed when he was
diagnosied to be hiv infected. His wifes family members gave him no peace at all, they actually
took their daughter with them. He had to raise his own children all by himself. He lost his job
that was to asstain him and his family. He worked in a church as the manager, the church felt that
he was bad influence and picture to the congregation. Some church members actualy felt that he
should stop coming to church and that christians should never get some diseases
This so much broke his heart, he had no motivation to do his work even have his life as
normal.later his wife felt that he wasnt fit to parent their children. So to her she felt much if a
better parent to the children. Her own parents come over and took the children and for some
reason, they felt that he had no say at all because any way he was going to die.


This completely changed his life, he felt so useless, so disorientated, out if place, just nobody at
all. He felt a life but so dead. But he said that he felt he had to fight for the sake of his
children,they kept him so moving.
One day he listened to the radio and there was a speaker and he talked ,you how he had lived
with hiv for 15 years and that he felt so much like anybody else. He explained how that wasnt
anything much all one had to do was to keep it positive. The speaker had gone through a lot that
he felt very much challenged. He vowed to himself that he will never let himself feel that way
about himself.
He decided to live positive which he had made all the other people treate him treat as see the
positive him. He said something that really touched me, he loved himself because God truly
loved him. God through the speaker saved him from other old him. That made me think, what
people go through but to some of us we never see their pain.
From the speaker I am telling you the crowd was in deep silence, they got into thoughts. He was
onces saved and from the story he gave that actually got him so emotional, changed somebodys
We have lots of strategies that we had planned to eradicate stigma in the society and honestly I
felt that we did not need the papers any more, real life stories like those really did drive the point
straight home.
We as well had session from the youth and the young chidren, we explained to the power of l;ove
regardless pf the situation. The leaders too and parents had their own session, this was so


magnificent. I could tell that it may not end today but in the future everybody will be anybody
and somebody in the future.
That made me so humble and respectful of all people, because that speaker that day wasnt a
victim but a victor that.
Same day we had a section that involved passing of facts to the audience, were we explained data
that had been collected on the whole year.
In the same group we had researchers who had come with their personal interest. I happened to
meet a immunologist in the group. He was doing a very important research on the effects of
nutriton theraphy on the immune system of the hiv infected patients. I remember he said that
nutrition was the key thing that help the hiv patients. Drugs with no good nutrition, was toxic to
the body.absorption of the drugs actually depend on the presence of food in the body. Good
nutrition increased the body weight, boosts the immune system, level up the CD4 count in the
patients, provision of nutrient stores and total energy provision.
We as well gave real facts information on the hiv status in the country. This helped the people see
the urgency of the situation to be put in action.
CD4 count in the body reflects the tomorrow to every HIV patient. Those were the words of the
speaker Dr. chesire. CD4 counts really reflects the individual immune performance


Keeping the CD4 count on point in the most important to an hiv infected patient. The CD4 count
varies to different patients, this all depends to the nutritional practices and mantainance

Change of CD4 cells in the body can be affected by the following:

The individual nutritional demand- nutritional demands of individuals depends on several

factors. If these factors are not put into consideration at every point of planning then that
particular person will have lots of high demands and propably less provision. This will at

the end brong lots of health complications that will affect the persons CD4 count
Infection and disease- for patients who are hiv infected they tend to have lot a high
exposure to opportunistic diseases. This infections lead to a high response from the
immune system. If the situation is not well handled then this can affect an individuals

CD4 cell count.

Inadequate intake of nutrients may lead to insufficient provision of important nutrients in
the body. This can as well lead to lots of defficiences that can as well lead to a
compromised immune system. A compromised immune system for the hiv infected
patients means lots of infections and diseases. This diseases affect the CD4 count of the

patient which is very risky.

Individual personal and food hygiene- we may consume the right types of foods, and the
right amounts of food but if the foods are not up to stardard it may lead to infections that

may as well affect the CD4 count of a person.

Late screening and management of opportunistic infection- most people not only patients
usually do not go for health screening. This of high disadvantage especially to any hiv
infected patients. Early screening of any infection helps in early intervention and
management of the infection.

Disfunction of the hiv infection- sometimes the medication doesnt really work to
satisfaction. At this point it causes lots of harm to the body. When they occurs then the

CD4 count is affected. This can lead to long term harm to the body
Medication- most of the hiv infected patients are usually on different medication. These
types of medication can lead can really affect the CD4 count. Can as well bring other
health effects. Which them as well can as well affect the CD4 count of a person.

Anything that can affect the CD4 should be well managed and prevent if thats the most
appropriate measure to take.
One has to go the medical department in order to have their medical cover checked. The times
and numbers that one goes through the process of CD4 check up depends with their health status.
If one is the sickly kind of a person, then they will have to go through the process more often.
This can be can be done everytime one goes to the hospital, sometimes it can be done on
emergency basis. In situations when the health is been stable for a while then the need for a CD4
count is very minimal.
Better nutrition is the best in keeping the CD4 count in the best conditions. Better nutrition
practices involve the following:

Consumption of balanced diets, and this should be consumed adequately.

Consumption of fruits and not only fruits but a variety of fruits is very much advised
Consumption of lots of water that is clean for consumption, that is treated water
Practice better methods of cooking foods especially healthy methods such as boiling
Use of moderate spices and addictives, some addictives can affect the drugs that are

Management of opportunistic infects that are very common to the hiv individuals
Frequent medical check up of ones general health at twice in year



Hiv can affect an individual nutritional status differently. How it may affect one person is very
much different from how it affect another person. Its very important to have better understanding
of the condition one has and their personal nutritional status. Ones nutritional status before
during and after affects the condition in so many ways. The power of good nutrition has worked
on so many people. Use of medication alone will not help much. Actually research has shown
that poor nutrition and on medication can be toxic to the person

This involves the following: good food
intake,maintainance of weight and muscles
tissue and as well good micronutrient status.



Nutrition and just not nutrition but good nutrition is very important to all people. Good nutrition
ensures one to live a very comfortable life. The demand for better or rather more nutritional
demands depends with ones nutritional status. People living with HIV and AIDS are more
compromised when it come to nutritional provision. Nutritional needs of PLWHA depends on the
stage of the disease progression.
The following are the nutritional requirements:

Energy requirements.

The energy requirement should be increased according to the energy need or demand. Most
people at this period are usually on medication they need lots of energy to even process in
medication in their systems. For drugs to even work best in the body they need to have lots of
energy to handle the process best. Energy provision is done according to the body wasting and
with any kind of symptoms.
In situations of no AIDS symptoms increment of energy should be 10% above the recommended.
In situation of no symptoms with body wasting increase by 20-30% above the RDA. When there
is AIDS symptoms and body wasting as well then the energy is much more. The increment
should be above 50% of the recommended amounts.
Proteins provision and increment depends if the person have any kind opportunistic infections.
Studies have showed that increased of protein has no any kind of benefits unless one has any


kind of infection. Adequate provision of protein to prevent PEM maintenance of the nitrogen
For fat provision increased had shown no evidence of benefits for individual living with HIV and
AIDS situation such as diarrhea need.
Unless there are any kind of malnutrition( that means deficiencies) the normal RDA is just every
important to any other person other that the HIV infected person.
HIV as several stages. Proper maintance of this determines if the consition changes from
infection to now a disease.
Without treatment, HIV infection advances in stages, getting worse over time. HIV gradually
destroys the immune system and eventually causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

There is no cure for HIV infection, but HIV medicines (called antiretroviral medicines) can
prevent HIV from advancing to AIDS. HIV medicines help people with HIV live longer,
healthier lives. HIV medicines also reduce the risk of HIV transmission (the spread of HIV to
1. Acute HIV Infection

Acute HIV infection is the earliest stage of HIV. Acute HIV infection generally
develops within 2 to 4 weeks after a person is infected with HIV. During acute HIV infection,
many people have flu-like symptoms, such as fever, headache, and rash. In this acute stage of
infection, HIV multiplies rapidly and spreads throughout the body. The virus attacks and
destroys the infection-fighting CD4 cells of the immune system. HIV can be transmitted
during any stage of infection, but the risk is greatest during acute HIV infection.
Chronic HIV Infection
The second stage of HIV infection is chronic HIV infection (also called asymptomatic HIV
infection or clinical latency). During this stage of the disease, HIV continues to multiply in the
body but at very low levels. People with chronic HIV infection may not have any HIV-related
symptoms, but they can still spread HIV to others. Without treatment with HIV medicines,
chronic HIV infection usually advances to AIDS in 10 to 12 years.
AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. Because HIV has destroyed the immune system, the
body cant fight off opportunistic infections and cancer. (Examples of opportunistic infections
include pneumonia and tuberculosis.) AIDS is diagnosed when a person with HIV has a CD4
count of less than 200 cells/mm3 and/or one or more opportunistic infections. Without treatment,
people with AIDS typically survive about 3 years.



Water is very essential to all human beings not only sick or unhealthy people but to all
people. Every living thing need water to survive. As much water is health unhealthy
water can bring lots of disadvantages to the health of a person
The following are the importances of water in the body:
Helps clean tge body system
For hiv patients they take lots of drugs that need to be transported to the body and both in
and out. These drugs are made of chemical that after they function in the body need to be
got rid of the body. Accumulation of the chemicals from the drugs cal lead to lot of health
Water sustains life
Water is a natural theraphy some disease and infections. Most hiv infected patients have
lots of infection and disease. Research has shown that if you having headache then
youncan take lots of water and can be seriously relieved. Condition such fatigue ,joint
pains which are very common among hiv patients can
Body composition
Water is a huge composition of the body. 80% of the blood in our system is all made up
from water as well as other components. Its very important for one to take enough water.
Well is very important to understand that too much intake of water is as well not healthy.
Hydration of the body
Hiv patients tend loose lots of water through sweet,vomiting and diarrhea which are side
effects of the medication they take. Its very important to understand that the replacement
of the fluids through other fluids is very vital.
Way of detoxification in the body
From the medication the hiv patients take they accumulate lots of chemicals in the body.
All these drugs are made up of chemicals, preservatives,colour and addictivities to make

them taste alitte better. All these goes to the body and needs to be flashed out of the
system. Water helps detoxify and transport the excess chemicals out of the body.
Circulation of oxygen
Water helps in the circulation of oxygen through blood. The oxygen is used in the
metabolism of the of many things in the body eg food drugs etc. the levels of oxygen is a
lot when the body is well hydrated. The more oxygen is in the body the more fat is
broken down, which is very much important
Taking care of oneself especially when hiv infected
taking care of oneself is very important to all people not only hiv patients but all people.
Been HIV infected means that one is more care to a person because some of the major
systems in the body have been compromised at all eg the immune system. Preoper care of
oneself reflects a lot in the ones life.
Living with HIV and AIDS has been made so much possible these days. Lots of
appreciation of to NACC, NASCOP and LVCT.
Today we went for a one day training on what kind of care one should have when living
with HIV and AIDS. Includes the following:
1. Taking of the ARVs religiously
The ARV theraphy is not really treatment or rather cure its very important in the
patients life. It keep the person very much moving, keeps the viral load very much
low actually undetectable. Boosts the immune systems and keeps the opportunistic
infection away. This improve ones well being.
2. Eating healthy and correct amounts of food
What goes through your mouth really reflect how you look , how you feel and even
how you will tomorrow. Proper intake of the medication as the doctor prescribes
helps one live meaningfully
3. Been physically fit is as well very important

Been physically fit is very is very important not all for hiv infected patients but for all
persons. Keeping a healthy keeps people from lot of health complication. From the
medication they take, one of the side effects among others is the excessive deposition
of fat In the body. Keeping physically active helps burn all the excess fat

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