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Electrical wiring system is a network of electrical conductors for transporting

electrical current to the electrical equipment involved. These plans are related to wiring
systems for buildings in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the electrical wiring system is subject to regulations set by the Energy
Commission of Malaysia as defined under the Electricity Supply Act 1990, the Electricity
Regulations 1994, Standard MS IEC 60364: 2003 'Electrical Intallations of Building', the
MS 1936: 2006 ' Electrical Intallations of Building - Guide To MS IEC 60364 and EN
1979: 2007 'Electrical intallation of Building - Code of Practice'. Wiring system used in
Malaysia is almost similar to the electrical wiring standards used by the United Kingdom
but with the standards for wiring conductor that has changed.


At the end of practical laboratory, students should be able:

1. To define the method for plug and 13 ampere power socket connections.

2. Identify colour cord for flexible core cord.

3. To finish the cable installation for two 13 Ampere power socket.


1. A plug 13 Ampere.

2. Two power socket 13 A.

3. The base of twin socket.

4. Connection cable.






1. Identify all tools and materials.

2. Strip the end of all cord cable (flexible 3 core cable) estimated about 1cm for each
3. Identify the code colour:

- red or brown


- black or blue


- green or yellow

4. Twist the end of each conductor (cable).

5. Tighten the screw using the suitable screwdriver.
6. Connect the 2nd socket using the colour code of connection cable.
7. Install the plug 13A with the flexible 3 core cord (make sure the terminal/source are
same as step 3)

8. Test the cable connection using Multimeter and the power supply 240 volt source.


Tick ( / ) for each result below:

Plug 13 A
First socket
Second socket

Right Connection( / )

Wrong Connection( / )

Diagram 1 show that the bulb light up because switch A is connected perfectly

Diagram 1 show that the bulb light up because switch B is connected perfectly


First of all, students has to prepared the electrical tools and wearing the PPE
( Personal Protective Equipment ) before doing a pratical at the lab workshop.

Students need to unscrew the faceplate of the socket, feed the cable into the
mounting box through a rubber grommet and connect its core to the faceplate terminals.
Students has to add green/yellow sleeving to the bare earth core of the cable, and make
sure the terminal screws are tight.

Next, cut the cable and do the same at the second socket. If students have metal
faceplate, cut a short length of earth core from 1.5mm cable, and run it between the
earth terminals of the faceplate and mounting the plate.

Lastly, put back the faceplates. Students have to check the two of the socket is
correctly wired by using multi tester. Then, students must be supervised by lecturers
before switching the power on to light up the bulb.


From the practical that students were exposed, students can conclude that
electricity plays an important role in our life. At the end of the practical, students came to
know about the details to understand the basic concept of electrical installation of the
twin socket 13 ampere.

Futhermore, students should keep the safety first during practical in case to avoid
injuries and students have to focused during practical to prevent from mislaid during
install the wires at the two of the socket.

Lastly, students should be able to understand the function of the twin socket.
Students will be able to indentify colour cord for flexible core cord and also twin socket
could be an extension to add more plug into it.


1. List down 5 (five) safety rules that should be done while doing this practical lab.

1) Check that the electrical equipment is suitable for the work and way in which it is
going to be used.

2) Check that the electrical equipment is in good condition.

3) Check that the equipment is suitable for the electrical supply with which it is going to
be used, and the electrical supply is safe.

4) Make sure that the user knows which personal protective equipment to wear, and
how to use it.

5) Make sure that the user keep focused while doing this wiring installation to avoid
mislaid the wires.