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Ovaltine: The Creative Brief

How Ovaltine Came About

Started in: 1865
Country of Origin: Berne, Switzerland but first manufactured in Britain
Original Name and its meaning: Ovomaltine, which is then known as Ovaltine. Ovum In Latin it means Egg
and malt, which is part of the ingredient.
How It Started: In 1865, George Wander set up his own laboratory in Bern (Switzerland). He produced a malt
extract, which for decades was to provide a vital food supplement for children and sick people. After his death,
his son Albert, a pharmacist and chemist, worked to improve on the product by adding other natural energizing
ingredients to the malt extract. In 1904, Ovaltine was born.
It was originally known as Ovomaltine in Switzerland a fortified barley powdered egg malted-milk beverage.
The drink was then exported to Britain in 1909 and the name needed to get its trademark. However, the name
was misspelt and thus known as Ovaltine in all English-speaking markets.
Product: Sold as a nourishing bedtime Drink

The Creative Brief - Ovaltine Brand

Ovaltine is a brand of drink mix, available in malt and chocolate flavours, that contains essential
vitamins and minerals.

Attributes: Offers health benefits by providing considerable amounts of several vitamins and
minerals. Its consumable for both kids and adults.
Functional Benefits: It contains Fat-Free which encourages good heart health, B-Complex
Vitamins for energy boosting, to control appetite, mood, sleep, contraction, and

relaxation of nerves and muscles, and metabolism. Its good for Bone Health as
it includes both calcium and vitamin D, which are needed for growth and strengthening of the
bones. Good for Blood Health as the mineral iron is contained in Ovaltine that is critical for delivering
oxygen throughout the body and for haemoglobin production for better blood circulation.
Emotional Benefits: Empowers growing individuals into having positive mindset, uplifting their spirits
and confidence (feels good about themselves/self-accomplishment)
Value: To lead a wise and healthy lifestyle.

Objectives: To inform and persuade growing individuals (16 25 y/o) that Ovaltine is a wiser and
healthier choice of growth and brain stimulation.
Target audience: Primarily, Ovaltine is targeting the growing individuals. Secondarily, it will be the
parents. We are primarily targeting the growing individuals mainly from the age of 16 25 where they
are at a proactive stage of personal exploration and making decisions based on their desire and
needs. [ Lifestyle: Stay fit and healthy, Interest: To feel energise in order to do more activities on a
daily basis (do sports, shopping, working etc *feel less fatigue*), Belief: To encourage them in having
more self-confidence ]
We are secondarily targeting the parents to instil the brand objectives in them to let their children start
from young.

The Advertising Message: Stay Healthy, Stay fit, Stay Lively! (Part of our message but Adha please
help to decide on a concrete detailed message we want to convey)

Substantiation: Ovaltine has the nutritional needs for individuals desire, but are disregarded by other
beverages, which have less functional benefits for their daily consumption. (More towards
carbonated drinks or sweetness of milo (taste) as compared to Ovaltine that concentrates
more on its nutritional value as well as maintaining its savoury taste)

Requirements: Direct Mail (EDM), Print Advertisements on Billboards (Bus Stops, MRT), Mobile
Advertising (Apps).

Mandatories: The Ovaltine Logo, The Brand Colour (Orange), The Tagline/Slogan, The Website and
Singapore factory Address, The Tick Nutritional Benefits (Adha)