Community Sues to Oust Child Situation: The homeowners association is suing to get a three year old kicked out

of a Florida neighborhood. Residents of this particular neighborhood all signed contracts that they would not bring children into the neighborhood. The three year old has been living with her grandparents for 3 years now, pending the sale of their home. She is living with them because her mother has a drug problem. We want them to settle out of court if possible--coming up with new solutions that might not have been tried yet. If we exhaust all possible solutions, or they are not willing to try anything else as they have already waiting three years, they are within their rights to sue. They signed a legally binding document, and regardless of simpathy, this must be the final deciding factor in a court of law. We need to collect all of the data that we can possibly collect about the situation to try to see the situation from both perspectives. If the residents are willing to look unsimpathetic to the world, let it be. It is out of our control. However, we would like for people to continue moving into our neighborhoods, so looking as though we do not obey the wishes of people that do not want children around will severely hurt our image. We need to go through with our promises to the best extent possible. If the lawsuit is won by the homeowners association, we will try to keep taking care of the grandparents and their grandchild as best we can, there's no need for an innocent child to suffer in this situation. Objective: Informational: Our publics clearly need more information about the situation. More details about each side of the story are necessary for the public to decide whether or not they simpathize with the grandparents or the community. Regardless, the public needs to know that our company is going to abide by the contract and do what they can to get the situation resolved. We want the public to know that we support our contract, but were just trying to use a simpathetic solution. We are going to continue to try to find more solutions pending more information from both the residents and the grandparents. Motivational: We want the homeowners to try a few more solutions such as using the money they would have spent on a lawyer to help the couple sell their home. We would like to change the minds of the community and have this issue settled out of court. We still want people that do not like kids to feel as though their desires will be fulfilled in our neighborhood and continue to want to live here. Audience: We want to get in touch with over 30 adults that want to live in a community that doesn't allow children. We want them to know that we are still a safe place to have that need fulfilled. We also want to talk to our current residents in order to try to change their minds. Strategy: Our strategy will be to hold a meeting with the townspeople and the grandparents in order to hear both sides of the story and try to come to some plausible conclusion. We also want to submit press releases to major newspapers (that older audiences are likely to read) indicating that our simpathy goes out to the family and that we are trying to rectify the situation while still respecting the contract. Tactics: Our first step will be to hold the town meeting in a hearing-like style. First,

members of the communities will come to a podium and state their case. Then, the gradparents will come up and state their case, including details. Then there will be a question and answer session. Next, after a brief break, solutions will be proposed and a vote will be taken. If the situation can be solved without going to court or ruining the lives of anyone involved, it will be. The possible outcomes of going to court will also be discussed. If things are resolved, a news release will be sent out to major newspapers indicating so. Our second step will be to write out a news/press release to be sent to the most major newspapers in the major cities of the United States. This way, we can reach those that might be considering living in these communities. This includes, for example, the Chicago Tribune and New York Times. These news releases will detail the latest facts about the situation, what is being done to try to solve the situation, and that we do not support making exceptions but rather want to look out for the child involved who has little control over the situation. Timetable: Within a week we will set up a time to have the first meeting, which will be no later than a week and a half from now. If the situation is resolved, a press release will be sent out immediately. If not, before the trial but after the meeting, the press release about the situation will be sent to the newspapers. Evaluation: The biggest measure of our success would be the known satisfaction of both the residents and the grandparents. Neither of their satisfactions will be placed over the other, however the greatest concern will be the residents because they are legally correct in their feelings. Another measurement of success will be people continuing to live in our neighborhoods and new people continuing to move into it. Dead Body on a Plane Situation: British Airways is under attack because one of its first-class passengers, Paul Trinder, is unhapy after he awoke to find the corpse of a dead old woman being sat next to him in first-class. He was both disgusted with having to experience the grief and the visual after paying extra money, and worried about his health from the post-mordem body. Objective: Informational: We want to increase awareness to our publics that British Airways will be working to change our policies for on-flight deaths. We want them to know that we will be working on a standard procedure involving putting the body in an assigned bathroom in which ventilation can be cut off so both the smell and possibly dangerous vapors cannot escape. We want the public to know that we both respect the dead and our passengers. Motivational: We want our publics to have a positive attitude towards BA. We want our riders, and more specifically our first-class riders, to trust the airline not to disturb their flight in such a gruesome way. We want people to continue to ride our airlines with the same frequency that they are now and know that we do not support the actions of the crew on this flight. Audience: We want to talk to all of our current and potential passengers. We want to get our message to those that have flown with us before, and those that by word of mouth, we

feel would potentially want to ride with us in the future. We also want to reach opinion leaders in the various countries. Strategy: Our strategy to achieve our objectives would be to contact our current passengers using personalized mail sent to their house. We will contact our future potential passengers by giving out news releases to major television networks and newspapers around the world. We will also work towards getting policies changed for our flights and new equiptment installed. We would hope to settle things with Paul Trinder out of court. Tactics: Our first step on the first day will be to write out a news/press release to be sent to the most major newspapers in the countries that use our airlines the most frequently. This includes, for example, the Chicago Tribune and New York Times in the United States. These same stories will also be sent out to popular news channels around the world, customized for each language of course. In these stories we will detail how the onflight death procedure will be changed for the safety and comfort of all. We will also formally apologize to Paul Trinder and the rest of our publics that have been offended by this action. We will promise that this will not happen again in the future and ensure any current or future passengers that they should still ride with the British Airlines. We will immediately contact top management at British Airlines and alert them to the sorts of changes in procedures that need to happen and will be promised to the public. The following day after the release has been sent out, we will send out language differenciated letters to all of our customers whose information we can obtain, especially our first class travellers, and write our apologies and promises for the better in the future. Timetable: Starting right away the first day after the incident we will write the news releases for both the newspapers and television stations worldwide. These will be the top priority and will be implemented immediately. Following this, the process of implementing the changes, finding customer information, and sending out the letters will begin. This should all be completed within 2 weeks. The changes to the flights should be done within a month. Evaluation: The way that this program will be evaluated is by seeing if our goals for changing the airline's policies went into effect in a timely manner. We will also see if our customer base stays the same after a few months. If it does, our message to our publics was probably well-received and our motivational goal will have been attained. We can also distribute surveys and monitor the news about British Airways to see that the negative press decreases and attitudes are favorable. In the surveys, distributed to opinion leaders in several countries, can also check to see that the message was received.