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Certa Vic C.


1:30 Bot:

Consider taking Gromp, since Braums passive allows a very save lvl 1 camp +
Thresh, Jinx does not offer a lvl 1 kill threat
You have the stronger lvl 2 look for that push then all in or take a gid trade (but
dont over commit) or alternatively:
Gromp -> melee minions -> engage

3:20 Bot gank:

Your botlane is very low

Do not instantly engage, instead pressure the lane and enable your bot (which is
very low) to get a free back

3:30 Mid:

Accept death do not waste summoners

Support first back:
Dont buy boots, instead immediately build towards sight stone and get a pink
ward, especially if youre behind. You want to enable secure lanning.

7:00 Jungler

Timing on botgank. Communicate with botlane, see where they are, and appear
in lane together with your support.

7:40 Bot

Back off the turret. You cannot defend it against them this low. Let them have it
let them push in/ overextend set up a gank

8:00 Jungler

Patients with your abilities. Huge waste of flash. LB just used her full combo
everything was on cd. Get in range Q chase with E when her Distortion is back

10:25 Drake

Dont!!! Look mid! Youre behind, you know the enemy is coming and its a drake
that doesnt help them snowball, which means not worthy to contest.

12:30 Midlane

Good fight you took the 3v4 took tier 1 midtower and backed off -> good decision

General thought:
Youve had a very good chance to come back in this game, if you first:
Wouldve set up vision. Always buy pink wards on first back. Optimize build paths
even when behind but dont greed and always get that pink.
Support: Especially when behind rush Sight stone and immediately place wards,
to not endanger teammates due to lack of knowledge.
Everyone: Practice a defensive stance in lane. Freeze or wave clear and then
proceed to roam to adjoined lanes to get those picks as a squad.
Jungler: sacrifice farm time and look for more ganks!!!
Mid: if you have good wave clear (which was not the case in this game) shove in
and roam, or in this game just spam out abilities, clear as quick as possible and
just back while the next wave is approaching.
Top: Communicate with bot get them to place a ward behind the enemy then TP
Youre also way too greedy for cs. 15 min in you couldve flanked bot and
engaged into a 5v3. Instead you went for LB mid and then just farmed. 3
potential kill > 1 potential kill

I watched about 16 minutes of this game and this is the feedback I can give you.

Also since this format is very ineffective, and requires more time while it provides
less feedback + no instant feedback this will be the only time I will be doing this.
If you desire further advice contact me, otherwise I will assume, that you require
none and take my offer back

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