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The Nation's Highest-Ranked Colleges and Universities Name Some of Their Distinguished Black Alumni Source: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, No. 40 (Summer, 2003), pp. 106-118 Published by: The JBHE Foundation Stable URL: Accessed: 14/05/2010 03:41
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The Nation's Highest-RankedCollegesand Universities Name Some of Their DistinguishedBlack Alumni

editors the five nominees, fortheseschoolsJBHE and OME OF THE nation'smost prestigious colleges pared For list to includejust five individuals. the schools have been graduating black and universities whose submitted than names, more five alumni for students as long as 180 years.But until ^that werein athletics enteror thelate1960sandearly1970smostof thenation's accomplishments major werethemostlikelyto be eliminated. tainment enrolled highest-ranked collegesanduniversities at thecurHere we presenta selectionof distinguished few blackstudents. Nevertheless, very colof blackalumniof the nation's renttime, all of the nation'selite institutions highest-ranked The are anduniversities. alumni listedunder have an record education amassed admirable leges higher in thenamesof theeducational a of graduating diversegroupof African-American institutions, alphabetstudents.Each of these prestigiouscolleges and uniBrown Universit's

ical order.The year the black alumnusgraduated

Inman is immefromtheinstitution listedin parentheses Africanversitieshas a numberof distinguished Page after alumnus' the name. American alumni havegoneon to makea mark who diately in theworld. A Small Samplingof DistinguishedBlack Alumni of universities JBHEaskedthe nation's25 highest-ranked the Nation's Highest-RankedUniversities inforand25 highest-ranked liberal collegesto provide arts mationon up to five blackalumniwho earned degreesat BrownUniversity contributheirinstitutions wenton to makesignificant and *Spencer director Crew(1971)is theexecutive We that tionsto society. emphasized thiswasnotanattempt Railroad andCEO theNational of Underground in He but to Freedom Center Cincinnati. is theformer to rankblackalumnion relativeimportance rather Institution's National director theSmithsonian of an indication the richhistoryof African-American of give Museum American of History. Of colat graduates theseinstitutions. these50 high-ranking *GaylJones(Ph.D., of a 1975)is theauthor fournovels, colClaremont and universities, ColumbiaUniversity, leges In volumes poetry. 1998 of lection short of and stories, several to McKenna College,andVassar Collegedeclined particiThe Jonespublished Healing,a novel thatwas a finalistfor the in oursurvey. National BookAward. pate *SamuelM. Nabrit(Ph.D., at offeredfewer than five Some colleges and universities 1932)wasa professor Atlanta of and educational institutions offeredmorethan University laterwas named president TexasSouthern selections. Other m in He of University Houston. alsowasa member theAtomic both Fellowand Commission founded the Southern Energy CAUTION: acathat Bound, shipFundandUpward organizations foster of here Selections blackalumniappearing wereproAfrican Americans. demic advancement among videdby the collegesanduniversities whichthey at * InmanPage (1877)was Brown's African-American first The werenotselected JBHE. werestudents. choices by as durhouseboy graduate. escaped Page slavery a 10-year-old to And in no respectare the selectionsintended be He and ingtheCivilWar. wentnorth, ended beingelected up in or comprehensive ranked anyway. classorator Brown the 1877Commencement. beat for Page thereareprominent blackalumniat all Obviously, camea teacher a school and principal. in who are not mentioned colleges and universities * Wallace Terry (1959), a formerreporter Timeand The at thissurvey. Post, was best knownfor his eyewitnessaccounts Washington simplyto conveytherichhisListingsareintended of thecivilrights movement theVietnam He wasa and War. of toryof African-American graduates ourmostpresradio commenauthor, prize-winning journalist, andtelevision institutions. tigiouseducational and tator, (See producer, public speaker. p. 63 of thisissue.)







CaliforniaInstituteof Technology Edray H. Goins (1994) is the Taussky-Todd at of instructor mathematics CalTech. *Adrian Hightower (1995) is the CEO of z Enhanced EnergySystems,Inc., an engineerfirm focused on making "green energy" ~ ing profitable. *Jack P1 in rater(1991) is a physicistspecializing deep-space anworkson ground-based telecommu nications.He currently misa tennasyste supporting varietyof planetary :ms exploring sions. * Joseph Rhodes (1969) was a state representative from I nia. Following graduationfrom CalTech,Rhodes Pennsylvam I Nixon'sPresidential Commission to was placecon Richard unrest. pus studycam] * Perry Walker(1982), a chemicalengineer, the is Falls facility.He man; at DuPont'sNiagara plant iger has been vvithDuPontfor 20 years.

ColoredPeople. Her books include ThereIs Confusion,The Tree,and Comedy: American Chinaberry Style. * Jerome Holland (1939) was president DelawareState of University and Hampton University in Virginia. In 1970 President RichardNixon namedhim ambassador Sweden. to He was the firstAfrican American serveon the boardof the to New YorkStock Exchangeand was namedchairman the of NationalRed Crossby President JimmyCarter. *TomJones (1969) servedas topexecutiveforTIAA-CREF, the world'slargestpensionfund,from 1989 to 1997.He is currently the chair and CEO of Citigroup'sSSB Citi Asset one assetmanagement Management Group, of thelargest firms in the world. MargaretMorgan Lawrence(1936)is a pediatric psychiatristat Columbia Medical School and Harlem Hospital.She foundedthe hospital'sDevelopmental Clinic. She is the authorof The Mental Psychiatry Health Teamin the Schools and Young Inner City Families. Her daughter, Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, CarnegieMellon University has education at her professor Harvard, written mothErroll B. Davis Jr. (1965) is the preser'sbiography: Balmin Gilead:Journal a Healer of ? Samuel R. Pierce Jr. (1947) was the only black ident, chairman,and CEO of Alliant member President of Ronald cabinet secretary as Energy,a holdingcompanyof regulated Reagan's that In development. 1960hebecame College's of housingandurban utilityproviders has morethan 3 Dartmouth Ernest Just millioncustomers. Davis serveson the the firstblackpartner a majorNew YorkCity law in boardof directors severalcompanies for in finn. Later, 1964,he was the firstblackto join the I board a major of American U.S. includingBPAmoco andEdisonElectricInstitute. corporation: Industries. * Oscar L. Harris Jr. (1971) is the principal owner of and Dartmouth College Turner and Associates,an architectural interior planningfirm * Ernest E. Just (1907) was a biologistwho was thatfocuseson transportation, urban education, redevelopment, andcorrectional facilities. one of the mostimportant influential and blacksci* Larry E. Jennings Jr. (1984) is chairmanof Carnegie entistsin history. Just,a zoologist,biologist,physof Partners. Morganand seniormanagingdirector Touchstone iologist, and researchscientist,conducted experiPriorto formingCarnegieMorgan,Jenningsspentmore than ments on fertilizationand embryonicdevelopseven years as an investmentbankerat Legg Mason Wood ment.In 1997the U.S. PostalServiceissueda commemorative Inc. Just. Walker, stamphonoring *Patricia Prattis Jennings (1962),a pianist,madeherdebut * H. Carl McCall (1958) was the New YorkStatecomptrolat the age of 14 with the Pittsburgh She ler from 1993 to 2003. He also heldthe positionsof New York Symphony. has been a memberof this group since 1964, performingat the piano, Statesenator, U.S. ambassador theUnitedNations,president to and of theNew YorkCityBoardof Education, commissioner the of organ,harpsichord, celesta. * Candace Matthews (1981) is the president Soft Sheen/ of PortAuthority New YorkandNew Jersey, commissionof and er of the New YorkStateDivisionof HumanRights. Carson,one of the world'sleadingmakersof ethnichaircare *Aisha Tyler(1992) is a talk-show andbeautyproducts. Sheen/Carson a divisionof L'Oreal is Soft host andactress.She was Consumer Products. the firstfemalehost of Talk channel Soupon the cable/satellite E! and has recently had a recurring role on the TV show Cornell University Friendsas a paleontologist namedCharlie. appeared the She in * Jessie Redmond Fauset (1905) film Santa Clause 2 and has a role in the forthcoming film was a pivotalfigureof the Harlem NeverDie Alone. * Reggie Williams (1976) is a formerpro footballstar,playRenaissance.Under the editorship of W.E.B. Du Bois, from 1919 to ing 14 seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, which included 1926 Fausetwas literary editorof TheCrisis,the officialpublitwo tripsto the SuperBowl. He is now vice president Disney of cation of the NationalAssociationfor the Advancementof Attractions. Sports




Harvard College * W.E.B.Du Bois (1890), a sociologist,activist, was American andintellectual, the firstAfrican 3 ' to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard.He became W / ": involved with the NAACP shortly after its ^-foundingand edited The Crisis, the organization'smonthlynewsletter, almost24 years. for * Roger W. Ferguson Jr. (1973) is vice chairman of Boardof Governors the Federal of Reserve. rthe ~ I_^1 * Alphonse Fletcher (1987) is chairman CEO and Emory University of Fletcher AssetManagement In 1999Ernst Inc. and and namedhim an "Entrepreneur theYear." of *JamesO'Neal (1979) is cofounder Young director Legal Outreach, organizaof an *PamelaThomas-Graham(1985) is thepresident tion in Harlemthat aims to teachjunior andCEOof theCNBCtelevisionnetwork. is listShe L_^ ^ eed one of the 50 most powerfulblackexecutivesby as high school studentsaboutlegal issues to help them Fortune improvethe qualityof life in theircommunities. magazine(July2002). Harvi University's * Franklin D. Raines (1971) is chairman CEO and ard GeorgetownUniversity w.E.B.Du Bois of Fannie Mae.He was the first black CEO of a *RonaldE. Blaylock (1982) is president Fortune company. 500 Rainesis the former director of and CEO of Blaylock & Partners, investmer an the Office of Managementand Budget during the Clinton nt aadministration. bankingfirm.Since 1998 BlackEnterprise magz zine has repeatedly ranked Blaylock& Partnersas Johns Hopkins University the leadingminority-owned Streetfirm. Wall * Lloyd Campbell (1979) is a managing * Ernest A. Bates (1958), a director grou and ip headof private at Inc. is placements Rothschild He also workstto neurosurgeon, the chairman and CEO of AmericanShared in HospitalServicesandG.K. Financing San Francisco. CAUTION: * Loren R. Douglas (1986) is the president GE Global of Selections of black alumni appearinghere were proAsset Protection of Services, a subsidiary GeneralElectric's vided by the colleges and universitiesat which they Reinsurance Employers Corp. were students. The choices were not selectedby JBHE. * Awadagin Pratt (1989) is a classical musician who is And in no respect are the selections intended to be knownfor his skill and risk-taking a pianist.Prattwas the as comprehensiveor rankedin any way. firststudentin the historyof the university's PeabodyConserObviously, there are prominentblack alumni at all to in certificates pianoandviolinand vatory receiveperformer's colleges and universities who are not mentioned in a graduate performance diplomain conducting. this survey. * Michael Steele (1981) is the lieutenant governor of Listings are intendedsimply to convey the rich histhe American holdthatposition.Prior to Maryland, firstAfrican tory of African-American graduatesof our most presto his election,Steele was the chairman the Maryland of Retigious educationalinstitutions. publican Party.

Duke University * Frank Emory (1979) is a partner the Charlott in te, North Carolina,law firm Robinson,Bradshaw& Hinson. He was a studentbody presidentat Dul ke Universityand a two-time appointeeto the state boardof transportation. *Grant Hill (1994),a five-timeNBA All-Star, now playir is ng for the Orlando all Magic.At Dukehe helpedthe men'sbasketba team win back-to-back NCAA Championships 1991 ar in nd 1992. *ClarenceG. Newsome (1972) is the new president Shaw of He ty University. had servedas dean of the HowardUniversii Schoolof DivinityinWashington. was thefirstblackstude] He nt to give a Dukecommencement address. * Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke (1967) is a law professorat She SyracuseUniversity. previouslywas on the facultyof tihe Law Center,whereshe was an assoc :iGeorgetown University ate director the Georgetown of Institute PublicRepresent; for ation. *Jim Wilson (1974) was recently namedpicture editorat The New York Times.This is the top photojob at the newspaper.

bring classroom skills and confidence to New York kids he throughPrideFirst,a nonprofit corporation cofoundedin 1986.Since 1996 PrideFirsthas focusedits effortson training New YorkCity publicschool teachers. * Cheryl Cooper (1978) is the executive directorof the National Councilof NegroWomen,Inc.andtheformer chiefof staffof theAmerican Associationof Retired Persons. * Stacey Steed (1985) was recently named presidentand CEOof the FannieMae Foundation. * Michael Todman (1979) is the executivevice president of and the formerexecutivevice president for Whirlpool Europe NorthAmericaregion. Whirlpool's




*Andre Watts (1972) is a world-renowned pianistwho made his debut with LeonardBernsteinwhen he was 16. Watts withthe New York on appears PBS andthe BBC andperforms Philharmonic,Boston Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, and the ChamberMusic Mostly MozartFestival Orchestra, Societyof LincolnCenter. MassachusettsInstituteof Technology * Harvey Gantt (1970) served two terms as North Carolina.He made mayor of Charlotte, to two unsuccessful attempts unseatU.S. Senator ^ Jesse Helms.He is now a partner an architecin XBF turalfirm. * Shirley Ann Jackson (1968) is a theoretical physicistwho Institute. She of now servesas president Rensselaer Polytechnic servedas chairof theU.S. Nuclear ComRegulatory previously mission. * Ronald E. McNair (1976) was the secondAfrican American in to fly in space.He was killedin the Challenger disaster 1986.

Courtof the District trate,and associate judge of the Superior of Columbia. * Randall L. Kennedy (1977) is a professor Harvard Law at Interracial Intimacies: School.His mostrecentbook is entitled and He Sex, Marriage,Identity, Adoption. servedas law clerk Marshall. for Supreme CourtJusticeThurgood * John W. Rogers Jr. (1980) is the chairman CEO of and of ArielMutual Fundsin Chicago.He serveson theboards sevand eral corporations includingAon Corporation Bank One Corporation.

Rice University Teveia Rose Bares (1975) recentlyleft the Bar Associationof San Francisco,where she served as executive directorand general counsel for several to years. She is returning legal practiceto address issues of socialjusticeandadvocacyfor the underserved. * AlexanderByrd (1990) is an assistant of professor history He at Rice University. receivedthe OralHistoryAssociation's inaugural awardfor an outstanding history oral calledBehindthe Veil:Documenting Africanproject NorthwesternUniversity American Life in the Jim CrowSouth. * Courtney Hall (1990) was a center in the Clinton Bristow Jr. (1971) is the National Football League for the San Diego of president Alcorn StateUniversity. and He has served in that position since Chargers the DenverBroncos.He receivedhis J.D. and MBA from the Universityof Chicagothis 1995. ? Cardiss Collins (1967) servedfor 23 pastJune. * SandraJohnson (1988) is theLinuxPerformance from Illinois.She years as a congresswoman University'sArchitectof the IBM Linux Performance Team in was electedin a specialelectionin 1973 afterherhus- Princeton Kennedy Austin,Texas. crash. Randall band,who hadheld the seat,diedin an airplane * Quentin Nixon (1997) is the engineerand pro* Renetta McCann (1978) is the CEO of Starcom ducerwho foundedNpire Soundof Atlantain 2002. He proNorthAmerica,one of the world'stop five mediaagencies. * Ronald Riley (1971) is the presidingjudge of the Sixth ducesmusicfor suchartists Alicia Keys andDotfiePeoples. as Districtof the CookCountyCircuit Courtin Illinois. Municipal StanfordUniversity * Laura Washington (1978) is a columnistfor the Chicago Sun-Times was the formereditorof The ChicagoReporter and n * Stephen L. Carter (1976) is William fp__l Nelson Cromwell Professorof Law at she for Earlyin hercareer, was presssecretary ChicagoMayor kllJll~ YaleUniversityandthe authorof numerHarold Washington. ous books including ActionBaby Reflections an Affirmative of Princeton University andthe novel, TheEmperor OceanPark. of * bell hooks (1973) is a feminist,writer,and Distinguished Brent L. Henry (1969) is vice presidentand Professor Englishat City College of the City Universityof of general counsel of PartnersHealthCare.PreNew York.Among her recent publications Communion: are and ~A S viously he was seniorvice president general TheFemaleSearchforLoveandRockMySoul:BlackFolkand counsel for MedStarHealth.Henryis a member of of the boardof governorsof the NationalInstitutes Health Self-Esteem. *Mae Jemison (1977) was the firstblackfemaleastronaut in ClinicalCenter,a trusteeof PrincetonUniversity,and a past HealthLawyer'sAssociation. in of Endeavor 1992.Shefounded is presand president theAmerican spaceon the shuttle *Juanita T. James (1974) is vice president generalmanidentof two technologycompanies. and * William E. Kennard (1978) is the formerchairman the Services. of agerof PitneyBowes, Inc.Professional * Henry H. Kennedy Jr. (1970) was appointed the U.S. to FederalCommunications Commission.He is now managing districtcourtin 1997. He servedas an assistant United States director in global telecommunications and media of The for attorney the Districtof Columbia,as UnitedStatesmagisCarlyleGroup,a privateequityfirm.




* CharlesJ. OgletreeJr. (1974) is JesseClimenko Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.Ogletreeservedas legal counsel to Professor AnitaHill during Senateconfirmation the hearings of JusticeClarenceThomas.ProfessorOgletreeis now for for headinga legalteamseekingreparations slavery millions of African Americans. Universityof Californiaat Berkeley *Alien E. Broussard(1950) servedas a justiceof Courtfrom 1975to 1991. Supreme l^Jw ^ the California Broussard was known as the "practical liberal" al his during tenureon the court. * Kevin Johnson (1987), formerNBA All-Star, as for playedmostof his career a pointguard thePhoenixSuns. of an He is the foundingdirector St. Hope Foundation, organifor zationthatprovides financial assistance education redeand velopment projects. *TerryMcMillan (1977) is the best-selling author of to Waiting Exhale,How StellaGotHer GrooveBack, Mama,andseveralothertitles. *JohnathanRodgers(1967) was theformerpresidentof the DiscoveryNetworkandCBS television. and He was recentlynamedpresident CEOof Radio One, owner of 66 urbanstations,and Comcast,the nation'slargestcablecompany.

* Rafer Johnson (1959) is an Olympicdecathlon champion. In 1969Johnson helpedfoundtheCalifornia SpecialOlympics. *Jackie Joyner-Kersee(1986) is an Olympicmedalist the in is long jump and heptathlon. Joyner-Kersee also active with severalcharities, includingthe Boys andGirlsClub. * Marilyn McCoo Davis (1965) was one of the original membersof the FifthDimension,a pop groupthatscoredseveralhits such as Up, Up AndAwayandAquarius/Let Sun The ShineIn. She has won eightGrammy Awards.

Universityof Chicago * Katherine Dunham (1936) is a dancerand chorebest ographer knownas an influential pioneerof black danceand the anthropological dancemovement.She is also a recipient theAlbertSchweitzer of MusicAward. *Michelle Rachel Howard-Vital(1974) is the vice chancelstudiesandassociate lor forpublicserviceandcontinuing of provostfor academicaffairsat the University North at Carolina Wilmington. *Handy L. LindseyJr. (1975)is thepresident and treasurer The Field Foundation Illinois.The of of awards and organization grantsto institutions agenin cies operating the fields of urbanandcommunity _ affairs, culture, education, welfare, health, community andenvironment primarily that servethe peopleof the area. Chicagometropolitan UCLA's . GeorgianaSimpson (1911) is believedto be the first Universityof Californiaat Los Angeles Bunche blackwomanto receivea Ph.D. from an AmericanuniRalph Bunche (1927), a scholar Ralph and diplomat, was the first African versity.She 1921. American heada federal to of (1977) is the president Beauregard Stubblefield-Tave departmenthis the Stubblefield-Tave the Divisionof Dependent AreaAffairs.Through work in Group,a firm that consultson cultural and Its care establishingthe four armisticeagreementsthat stopped the competence diversity. clientsrangefrommanaged and healthcentersto legalandfinancial Arab-Israeli in the late 1940s,Bunchewas the firstAfrican war companies community American receivethe Nobel PeacePrize. to institutions. * Yvonne BrathwaiteBurke (1953) was the firstwomanto Universityof Michigan and be elected to the U.S. Congressfrom California the first *GwendolynCalvertBaker (1964) is a nationAmerican servein the Los AngelesCountyBoardof to African a Supervisors, positionshe stillholds. B ally known educatorand activistwho is the 1 of P ~president CalvertBaker& Associates,an s consultingfirm specializingin |HHffy ~educational CAUTION: Bakerhas heldthepositions education. _SJSS ~global Selections of black alumni appearinghere were proof directorof social justice for the American vided by the colleges and universitiesat which they EducationalResearch Association, president and CEO of The choices were not selectedby JBHE. were students. of executivedirector theYWCA of the UNICEF,andnational And in no respect are the selections intended to be USA. * Keith Black (1978) is the director neurosurgery the of at comprehensiveor rankedin any way. there are prominentblack alumni at all Institute Cedar-Sinai at Medical MaxineDunitzNeurosurgical Obviously, Dr. Centerin Los Angeles.Priorto joiningCedar-Sinai, Black colleges and universities who are not mentioned in this survey. servedon the UCLA faculty for 10 years. He pioneeredreinto searchon designingways to deliverchemotherapy Listings are intendedsimply to convey the rich hisdirectly braintumors. graduatesof our most prestory of African-American *Alexa Canady (1971) is the retired chief of neurosurgery at tigious educationalinstitutions.





of in theChildren's Universityof Pennsylvania Hospital Michigan Detroit.She was thefirst femaleAfricanAmericanto be licensed as a neurosurgeon in Sadie T.M. Alexander (1918) was a lawyerand the UnitedStates. championof civil rights. She was the first black * W. David Tarver (1975) holds severalhigh-tech,wireless law graduateof the Universityof Pennsylvania's communications He and patents. was cofounder CEOof a leadschool. After she graduated, became the first she Aftersellingthis business, ing wirelesstech support company. African-American woman to practicelaw in the Commonhe becamea full-timeadvocatefor underserved children Kin wealth of Pennsylvania, first African-American the woman 12 public educationas founderand presidentof the Red elected presidentof the Philadelphia Association,and Bar Bank Fducationand DevelopmentInitiativein New > the firstAfrican-American womanin the countryto reJersey. ceive a economics. *Roger Wilkins (1953) is ClarenceJ. Robinson/ : \X *Lorene Cary (1978) is the author severalnovof of Professor History American and Culture George at els includingPride:A Novel, The Price of a Child, ' , MasonUniversity. is also a networkradiocomHe andBlackIce. She was recentlynamedthe winner mentatorfor National Public Radio. During the _ / of this year'sPhiladelphia to Award, given annually Johnsonadministration, Wilkins served as assistant a Philadelphia residentwho has done the most to career, attorney general.In a distinguished journalism _ "advance best andlargestinterest" the commuthe of he has writtenfor both The New YorkTimesand The a of nity.She is currently seniorlecturer creativewriting Post. While on the editorial Washington page staff of Penn's in the Englishdepartment the Universityof Pennof the latter, he shared a Pulitzer Prize in 1972 for JohnE dgarWidemansylvania. Bernstein,and Watergate coverage with Woodward, * Harold E. Ford Jr. (1992) is now servinghis Herblock. Some of his books includeA Man'sLife (an autobifourthtermas a Democratic fromTennessee. He congressman and Pillow:TheFounding Fathersand the ography) Jefferson's was firstelectedin 1966 at the age of 26. Dilemmaof BlackPatriotism * Susan Taylor (1979) is a nationally recognizeddermatologist. She is the directorof The Skin of Color Centerat St. Universityof Notre Dame Luke's-Roosevelt HospitalCenterin New Yorkwhere she is * Jerome "Gary" Cooper (1958) was the first also an attending physician. African-American officer in the MarineCorps to *John Edgar Wideman(1963),an author, the only person is lead an infantry companyinto combatwhile servto win the PEN/Faulkner Awardfor Fictiontwice - once in ing in Vietnam.He later served in the Alabama 1984forhis novelSentFor You and Yesterday againin 1990for House of Representatives as the state'scomand Fire.A formerRhodesscholar, Widemanis curPhiladelphia missionerfor the Department HumanResources. is curof He of of rentlya professor EnglishattheUniversity Massachusetts, rently the chairmanand CEO of CommonwealthNational Amherst. bankin Alabama. Bank,the firstminority-owned VanderbiltUniversity * Bill Hurd (1969) is a noted eye surgeonwith an ophthal* Sheryll D. Cashin (1984) is a professor law in Memphis,Tennessee.He also spendstime _ of mology practice each year providingfree eye treatment the poor in Africa, to at GeorgetownUniversity,where she teaches and writesaboutpolitics,government, the and Mexico, andBrazil.Hurdhas also releasedfourjazz albums. * Alan Page (1967) was an All-American defensivelineman urban poor. She is currentlywriting a book with the 1966 Notre Dame nationalchampionship team who aboutraceandclass segregation America.Durin thenwent on to play for the NFL'sMinnesota andthe the Clintonadministration, Cashinwas the staffdirector for Vikings ing Bears. Page also attendedlaw school while playing the Community Boardin the Officeof the Vice Chicago Empowerment President. professionalfootball and is now an associatejustice of the Minnesota * David Maurice Chatman (1985) is a vascularsurgeonin Court. Supreme *Percy A. Pierre (1961) is a professor electrical of Murfreesboro. Tennessee.He recentlyserved as presidentof engineerat MichiganStateUniversity. 1967 he earnedhis Ph.D. In theAssociation Vanderbilt of BlackAlumni. ing in electricalengineering JohnsHopkinsUniversity, at * Charles Davis (1982) is the founderand owner of the becomin CharlesDavis Foundation, organization providesservan that ing the firstAfricanAmericanto earna doctorate the disciices suchas tutoring, assistance with schoolassignments, pline. posi* Christine Swanson (1994) is the award-winning writertive role models,resources, opportunities achievement and for directorof the featurefilm, All About You.She is also cofor Nashvilleyouth.Davis playedprofessional basketball with the ChicagoBulls, the MilwaukeeBucks,andthe Washington founder,with her husbandMichael, of Faith Filmworks,a movie production distribution and Bulletsduringhis 12-year NBA career. company.




TennesseeStateUniversity Nashville.Priorto this appointin women'sbasketball coach. ment,she was the university's * Perry Wallace Jr. (1970) is a professorat AmericanUniversity's Washington Collegeof Law.He brokethe colorbarrier when he joined the university's basketball team in the late 1960s.Wallacewas inducted the TennesseeSportsHall of into FamethispastJanuary. Wake Forest University *JocelynBurton (1980)is thedeputychiefof thecivil division Of the U.S. Attorney'sOffice in IAKE r e T wV gRE San Francisco. * Bridget Chishohnlm (1986) is a who and Memphisbusinesswoman owns a groupof restaurants is a partner the MosaicGroup.She is also the formerShelby of Countycommissioner. * Tim Duncan (1997) is a five-timeNBA All-Starfor the worldchampionSan AntonioSpurs.This past season he was namedthe league'smost valuable playerfor the secondyearin a row. * Frank Johnson (1981) is the head coach of the NBA PhoenixSuns.He has beena memberof the team'scoaching stafffor the past 10 years.


the United Statesas producer the acclaimedsix-partPBS of documentary, on the Prize:America'sCivilRightsYears, Eyes 1954-1965. *ShelbyJordan (1974) was an offensivetacklefortheNFL's New England Patriots. retired 1988andbecametheexecHe in utive directorof CommunityResourceTalentDevelopment, that Inc., a program developslow-incomehousingin conjunctionwiththeLosAngelesCommunity Redevelopment Agency. * Jonathan Weaver (1972) is presidentof The Collective whichlinksfive bankswith265 churches. The BankingGroup, has comorganization made$180 millionin loansto thechurch munity. Yale University * Ben Carson (1973) has been director the of Division of PediatricNeurosurgery Johns at Hopkins Universityin Baltimore,Maryland, since 1984. Carsoncaptured worldwidemedia in attention 1987 for the successfulseparation of conjoinedtwins who shareda portionof the


samebrain. * Henry Louis Gates Jr. (1973) is the W.E.B.Du Bois of chairof theAfro-American >, Professor the Humanities, studies department, directorof the W.E.B. Du and WashingtonUniversity Bois Institutefor Afro-American Researchat Har*Kenneth J. Cooper (1977) is the national editor of vard University.He will be spendingthe coming academicyear as visitingprofessorat the Institute The Boston Globe. He was the first ForAdvancedStudyin Princeton, African-American nationalcorrespondent New Jersey. * Sheila Jackson Lee (1972) is servingher fourth of the Knight-Ridder newspapergroup, from covering major political stories includingthe 1988 ....N~rterm as a U.S. representative Texas. * Kurt Schmoke (1971) served three terms as the of presidential campaign MichaelS. Dukakis. [TJ * Frank S. Greene Jr. (1961) is a venture from 1987 to 1999. He is curcapitalist, YaleUnive?rsity's mayorof Baltimore, businessexecuelectronics and Kur Sch,moke technologist, high-tech deanof the law schoolat Howard rently University. rt * Anthony A. Williams (1979) is servinghis sective.DuringservicewiththeAir Force,Greenehelped ond termas the mayorof Washington, for D.C. computers the NationalSecurity develophigh-performance Agency. A Small Sampling of Distinguished Black Alumni of * Henry E. Hampton Jr. (1961) came to nationalattention the Highest-Ranking Liberal Arts Colleges the when he chronicled historyof the civil rightsmovementin CAUTION: Selections of black alumni appearinghere were provided by the colleges and universities at which they were students. The choices were not selectedby JBHE. And in no respect are the selections intended to be comprehensiveor rankedin any way. Obviously, there are prominentblack alumni at all colleges and universities who are not mentioned in this survey. Listings are intendedsimply to convey the rich hisgraduatesof our most prestory of African-American educationalinstitutions. tigious Amherst College

* Charles Drew (1926) developedthe technique
for the long-termpreservation blood plasof ma.He set up thefirstbloodbanksat ColumDrewbecame bia University in England. and head of HowardUniversity's of department as well as the chief of surgeryat surgery, Freedmen's Hospital. * Charles Hamilton Houston (1915), pioneerin the school desegregationmovement who fought tirelessly against the but "separate equal"principleof the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson SupremeCourtdecision.Houstondevelopedthe strategyfor beforethe U.S. Supreme Court manycivil rightscases brought




of by the NationalAssociationfor the Advancement Colored People and guided other black lawyers, includingThurgood in who argued won Brownv.Boardof Education and Marshall, 1954. * George Johnson (1973) servedas president LeMoyneof a OwenCollegefrom 1996to 2002 andis currently principal at Academic SearchConsultation Service, a Washington, D.C., executivesearchfirm that assists colleges and universities in theirpresidents othersenioracademicofficers. and recruiting * Hugh Price (1963) was presidentof the NationalUrban Leaguefor nine years,endinghis termthis pastApril. * Jeffrey Wright (1987) won a TonyAwardfor his performancein AngelsinAmerica:Perestroika. also starred artist He as in JulianSchnabel's1996 film Basquiat. Jean-Michel Basquiat

CEO of American He ExpressCorporation. has held a variety of top management positionswith the companyfor morethan 20 years. * Paul D. Miller (1992) is a New York-based conmusician, He Artceptualartist,and writer. writesfor The VillageVoice, The forum,RapPages,PaperMagazine, Source,amongothers. His artwork been shownat the WhitneyMuseumand the has Museum.Underthe name "DJSpooky," has he AndyWarhol recorded numerous albums. * John Brown Russwurm (1826) was the thirdAfrican Americanto earn a college degree in the United States.He became a noted publisherand later served as governorof a colony in Liberia.

Bryn Mawr College Bates College * Mindy T. Fullilove(1971) is a research N psychi* Peter J. Gomes (1965) is the at atrist NewYorkStatePsychiatric Institute and .:t^* Professor Christian of Mor^J ^^y^fcl^Plummer R!F M^ a professorof clinical psychiatryand public in w^9 ~als andPuseyMinister the MemorBJ^JNH ~ WJL thealth at Columbia University. She is ial Church of HarvardUniversity. cofounder NYC RECOVERS, allianceof of an an AmericanBaptist minister,is consideredone of concernedwith the social and emoGomes, organizations America'smost distinguished tionalrecoveryof New YorkCity in the aftermath the Sepof preachers. * John A. Kenney Jr. (1942) chairedHowardUniversity's tember11, 2001 terrorist attacks. for lecturJessica B. Harris (1968) is a culinary department morethan25 years.Kenney historian, dermatology an maintained activemedicalpractice while becoming of er, andthe author eight cookbooks.She is a tenured the nation'sleading researchphysicianin Africanfull professorin the English department Queens at American dermatology. College, a division of the City Universityof New J^i, York. *BenjaminE. Mays (1920) was once described '~'"/ " the Rev.Martin Luther * Linda A. Hill (1977) is the Wallace Brett "myspiritual by King ? mentorand my intellectual a Baptist father." Professor BusinessAdministration the of at Mays, ~~ ~Donham was president MorehouseCollege from of _??i~r Harvard BusinessSchool.She is the author several of minister, 1940 to 1967. books includingBecominga Manager:Masteryof a .... * Benjamin E. Robinson II (1986) is seniorvice New Identityand Power and InfluenceCustomized rst executivefor Bankof Amhet College's CourseModule. president, strategy management irles * Lori A. Perine (1980) is the founder, America.He is an expertin consumerprivacyissues Cha Drew president, and advisesthe FederalReserveBoardon its responandCEO of Interpretech, international an firmproconsulting sibilitiesunderthe Consumer CreditProtection Act. servicesandexpertise organizations to vidingstrategic advisory * Karen Hastie Williams (1966) is a prominent economicandsocialchange.She has Washington, facinginnovation-related well knownin legalandpublicservicearenas. She been recognizedas one of the 50 Most Important African D.C.,lawyer in is a partner the law firmCrowell& Moring.She was a clerk Americansin Technology. was a formerdeputyassociate She for SupremeCourtJusticeThurgood Marshalland workedas director technologyat the White House Office of Science for chiefcounselto theU.S. BudgetCommittee underU.S. Senator andTechnology Policyduringthe Clintonadministration. Edmund Muskieof Maine. Carleton College Bowdoin College Kirbyjon Caldwell(1975) is the seniorpastor Canada (1974) is the president and of WindsorVillage UnitedMethodistChurch Geoffrey CEO of Harlem Children'sZone, Inc., an in Houston,Texas.Underhis leadership, the that runs an around-the-clock churchhas grownfrom25 members a conto organization of gregation morethan14,000today,makingit c )~.A ~] P school as a safe havenfor children.Canada was the recipientof the firstHeinzAwardin the largest United Methodist congregationin nn 1994. nl NorthAmerica.He is also an authorand a leaderin civic and Kenneth Chenault (1973) is the chairmanand businessorganizations.





*Jonathan Capehart(1989) is the deputyeditorial pageeditor of the New YorkDaily News. He won the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for editorialwritingfor his work on effortsto save the famedApollo Theaterin Harlem.He also servedas a policy adviserto MichaelBloombergin his successfulcampaignfor mayorof New YorkCity. * Arnold Donald (1976) is chairman CEO of Merisant and whose products includethe leadingglobaltable-top Company, sweetener, Equal.In July2002, Fortunemagazinenamedhim to its list of 'The 50 Most Powerful Black Executives in America." * Salimah Majeed (1968) servedas the executivedirector of African-AmericanFamily Services in Hennepin County, for Minnesota, overa decadewhereshe becamea leaderin prohealth care, counseling,and other human services to viding communities. African-American * Elizabeth McKune (1970) is a careerforeignserviceofficer with expertisein the MiddleEast and militaryaffairs.She to from 1998to 2001. She curwas the U.S. ambassador Qatar is countrydirectorfor northern Arabianaffairsin the rently Affairs. StateDepartment's Bureauof NearEastern

community and minority programsat the Association of American MedicalCollegesin Washington, D.C. Priorto that, he held various key administration positions at the Boston Schoolof Medicine. University *Beth 'lrner (1963) is a theater and professor administrator at New YorkUniversity's TischSchoolof theArts.Since 1984 she has also been publisherand editor of Black Masks, a bimonthly magazine she cofounded, featuringinformation aboutblackperforming, and literary, visual arts.She has written andproduced severalplays.

Colgate College ToddBrown (1971) is executivevice president ? of KraftFoods NorthAmerica,Inc. and presidentof the company's division. e-commerce *Mel Eubanks (1958)was thepresident the of FirstHarlemSecuritiesCorporation, cochairof W.R.Lazard, is currently and seniorvice president of M.R. Beal, one of the largestminorityownedinvestment firmsin the nation. banking *Adam ClaytonPowell Jr. (1931), a preeminent rights civil was the firstAfrican American be electedto the to leader, Colby College New York City Council. As Harlem'scongressman from 1945 until 1971, his legislative and personal Adam SimpsonGreen (1887) was of the firstAfrican-American effortsdrovethe desegregation publicschools,the graduandthe U.S. Capitolbuildings. ate of ColbyCollege.He became military, a teacher a preacher puband and * Covette Rooney (1974) was the first African American womanin Mississippihistoryto sit as and lished a poem titled'The Negro's a federaladministrative judge. She continuesto law Present& Future" the twenfor Past, of the Emancipation serveas anadministrative judgefortheOccupational law ty-fourthanniversary in Proclamation 1889. . Safety and HealthReview Commissionin Washing* Marion Thompson Osborne (1900) becamethe Colgate te onlys ton, D.C. lay * Mel Watkins (1962) was an editorof The New first African-American woman to receive a Colby YorkTimesBook Review.He is the authorof severalbooks was a talented andworkedas a teacher singer degree.Osbore andbookkeeper beforemarrying. includingOn the Real Side: Laughing,Lyingand Signifying *CharlesTerrell(1970) is a nationally andhis memoir, knownconsultant and DancingwithStrangers. studentfinancialmanagement,minorityrecruitlectureron Davidson College vice president of issues. He is currently ment,and admissions Fludd (1980) is a memberof the GeorgiaHouse of Virgil He recruiting company. Representatives. also owns a corporate CAUTION: *Dylan Glenn (1991) is a specialassistant President to Bush Selections of black alumni appearinghere were profor economicpolicy. vided by the colleges and universities at which they * Derry Harper (1976) is the chief inspector generalfor the The choices were not selectedby JBHE. were students. stateof Florida. And in no respect are the selections intended to be * Kevin Hanna (1981) is the secretaryof the Office of comprehensiveor rankedin any way. Housing and Neighborhood Preservationfor the city of Obviously, there are prominentblack alumni at all Philadelphia. * Lester Strong (1972) is the coanchorof the eveningnews colleges and universities who are not mentioned in this survey. for WHDH-TVin Boston. Listings are intendedsimply to convey the rich hisGrinnell College graduatesof our most prestory of African-American * Herbie Hancock (1960) is an eight-timeGrammyAward tigious educationalinstitutions.




He wwinner. also won an Academy Awardin 1987 for his soundtrackto the film Round Midnight. Michael J. Harris (1976) builta successful career withMcDonald's Corp.beforebranching out on his own. With his office in Albany,Georgia,he now in of franchises southern owns a number McDonald's Georgia. * Merryl S. Penson (1970) is the chief librarian the for servesas of boardof regents.She currently University Georgia the executive directorof libraryservicesat the Universityof Georgia. * Eric E. Whitaker (1987) was recentlyappointedas the A of director the IllinoisDepartment PublicHealth. Chicago of foundedan innovativemedicalclinic on physician,Whitaker the city's SouthSide. * Henry Wingate (1969) becamethe firstAfricanAmerican appointedto the federalbench in the state of Mississippiin 1985. *e

California.Previously,he was directorof engineeringfor EP of Inc., a manufacturer carSunnyvale-based Technologies diology andmedicaldeviceproducts. * Paul B. Vitta (1966) is the director UNESCO'sNairobi of he office, a positionhe has held since 1992. Previously, spent 11 years teaching physics, rising to full professor,at the of University Dares Salaamin Tanzania.

Haverford College * Ralph F. Boyd Jr. (1979)is the ? assistant attorney general for _ civil rights,where he heads the Civil RightsDivisionof theU.S. of by Department Justice.Priorto this appointment President in GeorgeW. Bush, Boyd was a partner the Boston law finm, GoodwinProcter. * Ted W. Love (1981) is the president CEO of Nuvelo, and and Inc., a companythatresearches developsbiopharmaceuticals to treatacuteandchronicdiseases.Followinghis medHamilton College Love joined the facultyof Massachusetts ical training, General the department cardiology. in of .-. Maurice C. Clifford (1941), an \ obstetrician and gynecologist, /\ Juan Williams (1976) is a seniorcorrespondent was the first black presidentof for NationalPublicRadioandwas, for two decades, Ham it the Medical College of a reporter, editorialwriter,and op-ed columnistfor first black health \ Post. He is the authorof the critiPennsylvaniaand Philadelphia's / The Washington He commissioner. made historyearly in his life by / cally acclaimed biography, Thurgood Marshall: AmericanRevolutionary the nonfictionbestseller, and becomingthe firstblackmedicalinternat Philadelphia General Eyes on the Prize: America'sCivil Rights Years,1954Hospital. * Drew S. Days 1 (1963) is the AlfredM. Rankin Middlebury College's 1965. * Sarah Willie (1986) is an assistant Ronald Brown H. Professorof Law at Yale Law School. At Yale, his in professor the at teachingand writingshave been in the fields of civil sociology and anthropology department Swarthfederal Court antidismoreCollege.An authority African-American on culture, procedure, jurisdiction, practice, Supreme policrimination constitutional of Willieis theauthor ActingBlack:College, law, comparative law, and internatics,andliterature, tional humanrights. He was solicitorgeneralof the United and Identity the Performance Race. of Statesfrom 1993 to 1996. * Joe S. Lewis (1975) was the deanof the School of Art and MiddleburyCollege * Mary Annette Anderson (1899) was the first Design at the FashionInstituteof Technologyin New York chairof thedepartment artat California of woman of color to graduatefrom Middlebury City.He was recently StateUniversityat Northridge. College. She became a professorand taughtat * Percy R. Luney Jr. (1970) is the dean of the new Florida Straight Universityin New Orleansand laterat A&M UniversityCollege of Law. He servedas professor and HowardUniversity. * Ronald H. Brown (1962) was the chairman lateras dean at North CarolinaCentralUniversitySchool of of Law for nearlytwo decades. the DemocraticNationalCommittee,playinga majorrole in * Robert Parrish Moses (1956) was a full-timeorganizer for Bill Clinton's electionbidin 1992.Brownwas then presidential the civil rightsmovementas a field secretary the Student for of Browndiedin an appointed secretary commerce Clinton. by Non-ViolentCoordinating Committee(SNCC).He developed airplaneaccident during a mission to rebuild the war-tor theconceptfortheAlgebra whichtodayis a nationwide economiesof the Balkanstates. Project, * Martin Henry Freeman (1848) was the nation's first outreach to to in program teachalgebra students poordistricts. African-American college professorand presidentwhen he Harvey Mudd College joined the faculty of the all-blackAllegheny Institute(now * Jerome Jackson (1976) is vice presidentof researchand AveryCollege) in 1850. He also becameprofessorand presidentof LiberiaCollege. developmentfor StellartechResearch Corp. in Sunnyvale,

A to



IN THEJOURNALOF BLACKS HIGHEREDUCATION Oberlin College C Johnnetta Betsch Cole (1957), formerpresiS 4* 'I~ dentof SpelmanCollege,is now the president of Bennett College, the historicallyblack deni .j college in NorthCarolina. .l-l .women's * - Fannie Jackson Coppin (1865) ran the Institutefor Colored Youth, a high school for She black studentsin Philadelphia. also foundeda home for workingandpoorwomen. * Jewel Lafontant-Mankarious (1943), a Chicagocivil leader and lawyer, was the first assistantU.S. rights She and general. was alsothe attorney deputysolicitor Holyoke Mon __ Mount Holyoke fromthe womanto graduate firstAfrican-American i^^^^ Debra Martin Chase of University ChicagoLaw School. -.*U^ --* John Mercer ,angston (1849) was an educator, (1977) is a film producer whose list of productions sociand statesman, lawyerwhoorganized antislavery includeThePrincessDiaries, eties andhelpedslavesescapeusingthe Underground to He Railroad. is widelyconsidered be the firstAfrican CourageUnder Fire, and The He Preacher'sWife. American winelectiveofficein theUnitedStates. was to s thefounding College * Glenda Hatchett (1973) is a nationally Schoolof deanof theHoward syndicated Oberlin University LangstonLawandlaterservedVirginia Congress. in television judge. She was Georgia's first African- JohnMercer *Carl T. Rowan (1947) was a syndicated chiefpresiding columnist American judgeof a statecourtandthe of headof one of the largest He in whose workappeared 100 newspapers. was the author juvenilecourtsystemsin department of the country. books, includingbiographies the Rev. MartinLuther eight * Sheryl Y. McCarthy (1969) is a columnistfor Newsday, King Jr. and SupremeCourtJusticeThurgoodMarshall.He whereshe writesa twice-weeklyopinioncolumn.A collection of also servedas deputysecretary stateunderJohnF Kennedy of her columnswas publishedin a book entitledWhyAre the of andas director the U.S. Information Agency. HeroesAlwaysWhite? Pomona College * Suzan-Lori Parks (1985) is an author,playwright,and * Myrlie Evers-Williams (1968) came to Porecipientof the 2002 PulitzerPrize for dramafor the play of monaCollegein 1963, afterthe assassination FoundaIn Topdog/Underdog. 2001 Parkswon a MacArthur her husband,civil rightsleaderMedgarEvers. tion geniusgrant. leaderandhelda variShe becamea community * Gloria Johnson Powell (1958) was the first Africanof top management positions for the womanto achievethe rankof full professorat HarAmerican ety Claremont the vardMedicalSchool. She is currently Universityof WisCollege system, the AtlanticRichfieldCompany, andthe Boardof PublicWorksin Los Angeles. of a deanforfaculty, professor consinMedicalSchoolassociate * John Payton (1973) is a Washington, D.C., attorneyand psychiatryand pediatrics,and directorof the Centerfor the of the University Michigan was the lead attorney representing Diversityin Healthcare. Studyof Cultural beforethe SupremeCourtin the lawsuitsthatchallengedthe actionadmissions affirmative policies. university's CAUTION: *George C. Wolfe (1976) is a Tony-winning direcproducer, He Selections of black alumni appearinghere were proand composer. is knownfor his plays The tor,playwright, vided by the colleges and universities at which they Colored Museum, Bringin da Noise, Bring AngelsinAmerica, The choices were not selectedby JBHE. were students. in da Funk,andHarlemSong. And in no respect are the selections intended to be Smith College comprehensiveor rankedin any way. there are prominentblack alumni at all Obviously, Evelyn Boyd-Granville(1945) was one of the womento receivea and universities who are not mentioned in colleges ,cv CO% firsttwoAfrican-American this survey. $ C 7\ doctoratein mathematics.Granville spent i )^MiS Listings are intendedsimply to convey the rich his~most of her careerworkingfor privateand and graduatesof our most presorganizations also as a protory of African-American government ojIlH[Prc/ fessorof mathematics. f/ E tigious educationalinstitutions. DVn

*James L. Sweatt mI (1958) is a thoracic and surgeon serves Medical of on the facultyof the University TexasSouthwestern Center.He was the firstAfricanAmericanto be acceptedat Schoolof Medicinein St. Louisandthe University Washington Memorial at to firstappointed the boardof directors Parkland Hospitalin Dallas. * Alexander Lucius Twilight (1823) was the firstAfricanAmericancitizen to earna degreefrom an Americancollege who becamethe He or university. was a ministerandeducator memberof the VermontGeneral firstAfrican-American Assembly.




* Carol Thompson Cole (1973) servedfor manyyearsin the * Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot(1966), is the Emily Hargroves of at and for FisherProfessor Education Harvard chairof theboard of She was responsible reorDistrict Columbia government. of the JohnD. andCatherine MacArthur T. Foundation.She is into the Office of Consumer ganizingeight city departments the author I've KnownRivers:Livesof Loss and Liberation of Affairs.She also servedas thedeputymayorfor andRegulatory An andRespect: Exploration. economicdevelopment. * Adelaide Cromwell (1940) helped to establish,and later TrinityCollege Afro-American studiesprogram. directed,BostonUniversity's * Joanne Epps (1973) is a tenured of of Professor Emerita Sociology,CromNow BostonUniversity professor law and associatedean for academicaffairsat studies of well is the authorof many historical/sociological She Americans. African TempleUniversity. was deputycity attor, *Thelma Golden (1987)is thedeputydirector exhibitions for LosAngelesandassistant U.S. attorney for ney for the eastern district Pennsylvania. of for and programs the StudioMuseumin Harlem.She is well * Karen L. Mapp (1977) is the presidentof the and 1995 exhibit known for her groundbreaking controversial a for Institute ResponsiveEducation, research, at the WhitneyMuseumtitled "Black Male: Represenpolicy,and that encouragesand supports tations of Masculinity in ContemporaryAmerican advocacy organization Art." S school,family,andcommunity partnerships. ^ * Yolanda King (1976), daughterof Dr. Martin Colleen T. Pendleton (1973) is the marketing of a director Aid to Artisans, nonprofit of Luther organization compaKingJr.,is the founder the theater to that helps bring new economic opportunities which seeks to proGround Productions, ny Higher in underdeveloped communities the mote socialchangeandjusticethrough performcraftspeople the around world. ing arts. She was a foundingmemberof Christian ? Pamela Richmond (1993) is the directorof the Artistsand servedfor 10 yearsas the codirecTheatre Office of Retentionand Diversityat Pratt& Whitney tor, with Malcolm X's daughterAttallah Shabazz, of artists trav- Swarthmore that a companyof performing NUCLEUS, College's Power Systems, a division of United Technologies F els to schools and communitiesto promote"positive Christopher Edley Corporation. *Robert B. Stepto (1966) is professor American of the arts." energythrough andEnglishat YaleUniverAfrican-American studies, studies, SwarthmoreCollege A are sity.Amonghis publications FromBehindthe Veil: Study Literature:The and is thepresident TralanceO. Addy (1969) Narrative,Afro-American of Afro-American Chantof Saints:A Gathering Reconstruction Instruction, a CEO of Plebys International, technologyof of and tarbasedenterprise Literature, and Scholarship, his latest Art, Afro-American development company He markets worldwide. book,Blue as the Lake:A PersonalGeography. getingunderserved is a formerseniorexecutiveat Johnson& Washingtonand Lee University Johnson and holds 12 U.S. patents and * Walter S. Blake (1972) is the founder,presinumerous international patents. * Sherry F. Bellamy (1974) is vice presidentand general dent, and chief executive of RockbridgeComShe previouslywas the counsel for VerizonCommunications. pany, a Dallas-basedreal estate advisory and her the and developmentfirm. He was also chairmanand making president CEO of Bell Atlantic-Maryland, of of two-term to advanceto thatrankin the woman firstAfrican-American president theboardof trustees The the managDallasCountyHistorical Foundation, company. * Mary Schmidt Campbell (1969) is the deanof New York acclaimedKennedyassassinaing body for the internationally tion museumon the sixth floor of the formerTexas School Tisch School of the Arts. She servedas the comUniversity's Book Depository,and the Dealey Plaza National Historic of Cultural Affairs of the City of New Yorkfrom missioner Landmark. to 1991 and was the executive directorof the Studio 1987 * John Chavis (1799) was the firstcollege-educated African in Harlem.She is the coauthorof HarlemRenaisMuseum in American the UnitedStates.He was a prominent andwroteMemory Metaphor: and sance:Artof BlackAmerica Presbyterian minister. TheArtof Romare Beardon,1940-1987. * William B. Hill Jr. (1974) is a partnerin the litigation * ChristopherF. Edley (1973) is a professor Harvard Law at of of The Civil Rights Projectat School. He is the codirector department Paul, Hastings,Janofsky& Walkerin Atlanta, Hill spent13 yearswiththeGeorgia Harvardand a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil general's attorney Georgia. of of office, includingsix years as director the criminaldivision Edleyis the author NotAll Black& White: Rights. Professor andtwo yearsas deputyattorney Action,Race andAmericanValues. general.He was the youngest Affirmative




divisiondirector thehistoryof the Georgia in attorney general's to the office, andthe firstAfrican-American attorney represent before the United States state of Georgiain oral arguments Court. Supreme William M. Toles (1992) is an associatewith the law firm in to at & Stradley Wright Dallas,Texas.Prior working Stradley Toles workedas a prosecutor with the Dallas City & Wright, Office. Attorney's WellesleyCollege Jane Bolin (1928)was thefirstAfrican-American " femalejudge in the UnitedStates.In 1939 New "'^, . her appointed ajudgeof j1 YorkMayorLa Guardia court.JudgeBolin served the domesticrelations .. on with distinction thatcourtfor 40 years. ^^ * Zoe A. Bush (1976) is an associatejudge on the Districtof Columbia Court.She was appointed the to Superior benchby President Clintonin 1994. * Shirlee TaylorHaizlip (1959) is an author, and journalist, in essayist.Her editorials, essays, and articleshave appeared TheNew York Times,TheLos Angeles Times,Newsweek,and two American Heritage.She has published books,TheSweeter the Juice andIn the Gardenof OurDreams. * Vivian Pinn (1962) is associatedirectorfor Researchon of Women'sHealthat the NationalInstitutes Healthand since of 1991 has been director the Officeon Women'sHealthat the NIH,thefirstpersonto holdthisfull-time position.She alsohas served as a professorand department chair at the Howard University Collegeof Medicine. *Barbara Preiskel(1945) is the former vice president the of Association America of who helpedbreakdown MotionPicture racialbarriers entertainment The secondblackwomanto in law. fromYaleLaw Schoolin 1947, she was a lawyerand graduate Association Americafrom of executivewiththeMotionPicture 1959to 1983. WesleyanCollege *TerryJ. HatterJr. (1954) was appointed the UnitedStates to CAUTION: Selections of black alumni appearinghere were provided by the colleges and universities at which they were students. The choices were not selectedby JBHE. And in no respect are the selections intended to be comprehensiveor rankedin any way. Obviously, there are prominentblack alumni at all colleges and universities who are not mentioned in this survey. Listings are intendedsimply to convey the rich hisgraduatesof our most prestory of African-American tigious educationalinstitutions.

districtcourtin California 1979. He was the in firstblackassistant for U.S. attorney the northern districtof California. also was a professor He at Schoolof Law. LoyolaUniversity Jay Hoggard (1976) is a jazz musicianand band leader who has worked with Tito Puente, the Dizzy and He GillespieBand,AnthonyBraxton, ChicoFreeman. has morethan40 albums.Hoggardis currently profesrecorded a soratWesleyan musictheoryanddirecting University, teaching thejazz orchestra. *TheodoreM. Shaw (1976) is the associate director-counsel of the LegalDefenseandEducational Fund. * Chuck Stone (1948) is the WalterSpearman Professorof at Journalism the Universityof NorthCarolina ChapelHill. at Stone is a politicalanalystfor WTVD-TVin Durham.Stone has authored threebooks on the black politicalexperiencein the United States:TellIt LikeIt Is, Black Political Power in America,andKingStrut.He was the firstblackcolumnistfor the PhiladelphiaDaily News and later its first black senior editor. * Beverly Daniel Tatum (1975) is the president Spelman of and College.She has spent22 yearsin highereducation previously served as dean of MountHolyoke College. She is the authorof WhyAre All the Black Kids SittingTogether the in And OtherConversations AboutRace andAssimCafeteria? ilationBlues:BlackFamiliesin a WhiteCommunity. Williams College Gaius Bolin (1889) was the first black of graduate Williams.He becamea lawyer and founded the Dutchess County,New of York,chapter the NAACP. Sterling A. Brown (1922) was a poet and literarycritic duringthe HarlemRenaissance. His poetry was influenced by jazz, the blues, work songs, and Negro spirituals. Brown, who was also a professor of English at HowardUniversity, was the author of Southern Road and The Last Ride of Wild Bill. Allison Davis (1924) was the firstAfricanAmerican be to white college or grantedtenureat a northern, predominantly He of university. was a memberof the University Chicagofaculty from 1942 untilhis deathin 1983. * Gordon J. Davis (1963) was cofounder the Central of Park and of Conservancy servedas commissioner ParksandRecreationin New YorkCity underMayorEd Koch. He currently law practices in New York. * RayfordW. Logan (1917) was a historian professor of and history at Howard University.He was the coeditor of the Dictionaryof AmericanNegro Biography.His best-known workis TheNegro in American The Life and Thought: Nadir, 1877-1901. IJBHE:|



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