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Abstract - Page:5
Tools and Method to Investigate Page:5
Introduction- Page: 5 -6
A brief sketch of conceptual evolution in science:7-10
The Prime Point where Science and Modern Religious institutes fails:11

Part -1: The Theory and Vision- Page:14

Chapter -1
The Figures that can help understand Fundamental Concepts like
Force, Gravity, Light, Matter, String and Motion - Page: 14
The Figure 1 to 3 - The Structure of String, its Quantum Dance and the
cause for Wave Particle duality The light phenomenon - Page:14
Fig 4 and 5: The Turning Point in Science - The fallacy of understanding
of force - Page:18
Fig 6 and 7 The formation of Atoms and Gravity - Page: 19

Chapter -2
Imaginations that can give platform to comprehend the
developments in science in a sensible and simple manner - Page: 22
The formation micro black holes or space - Page:22
The Living Molecule - Page:23

Making Sense of String and Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation - Page: 26
Creative Vision The formation of DNA around inert atoms - Page: 26
The four Clocks - Page: 30

Chapter - 4
The Cosmic Picture The Creation of Super Massive Black Holes Page: 31
How I see a Black Hole A simple Three Step Quantum explanation Page: 31
God Atoms and God Particle - Page: 33

Chapter -5
Living Reality of Cosmos - Page: 34

Different forms of Life and its possible information Processing Unit Page: 35
The Manifestation of Mind -Very Important points to note - Page: 35
Role of Human mind in Nature - Page: 37
The Secret of Cosmos and its Functioning- page-40

The Key difference between East and Western Knowledge Page:46
The Secret of Time and Diversity of Evolution Page:47

Chapter -7
The End Time and Two Dangers the World is facing page:48

The increasing Climate Catastrophes The cause and solution
The Design and functioning of Earth Page:50
Conclusions and Discussion - Page:53

Part -2
Glimpses of Future Technologies
Energy, information processing, water conservation, Medicine and
Health, Food and Agriculture - Page: 57

Chapter -1
Possible New Technology for energy generation and its efficient use
- Page: 59

Chapter -2
The Quantum Water Cycle - New Technology for Conservation of
Water and its Efficient Use Page: 61
How Quantum Water Cycle is getting stressed How can we counter Water Stress? References - Page: 64
About the Author -Page: 72

A possible universal Principle and Design that accounts for the cause of
basal motion in light particle, how it happens is visualized. This is extended
to answer manifestation of atom that exerts gravity force. This principle and
design is visualized as Holographic applicable to the smallest particle to
complex life and the whole cosmic system. Vital questions such as, why and
how basic motion occurs, why wave particle duality exist, how energy and
information is packed into particle is answered.
Vey importantly it explains why and how DNA and Life manifest and how life
and its inner space sustains the cosmic system from collapsing into
singularity and how life helps Cosmos to conquer time and perpetuate in
time eternally. In short, it explains the creation and sustenance of cosmos in
a sensible way, including various scientific theories, such as Big Bang,
Ekpyrotic Universe Scenario, and even the Creation and sustenance written
in spiritual scriptures. It visualizes a Cosmos as a self-creating and selfsustaining organic system. The time is understood as Information and
Knowledge unfolding and enfolding.
Modern science is search for Truth and Knowledge. In way, it is to know God
on whose name; we are divided and ruled for ages. This write up brings unity
of science and religions. It concludes that without the spiritual knowledge the
material knowledge that the west has acquired can take negative direction
towards self-destruction. The inferiority of western thinking and its
knowledge is reflecting in increasing natural catastrophes, instability of earth
and its biosphere and in the instability of social fabric. The write up notes
that the deterioration of humanity has begun with deterioration of people
existing in spiritual institutions. When people in these institutions became
ego and self- centered and use, the knowledge and power to advance
their self the knowledge begins deteriorate. In time, this leads to formation
of many culture and practices and formation of many religions, many
temples and churches.
In modern world, evil minds in religious institutions are becoming the
greatest threat of humanity. Much of war and terrorism directly or indirectly
is related with religions. Religious leaders instead of acquiring light and
knowledge and bring transformative change in people, work to protect their
religions at all cost. They divide people and cry blood when they are
questioned. God is a Reality. However, it is an unseen force sustaining the

system. Lack of clear understanding of this force and its functioning give
scope for evil mind to rule humanity.
Religious leaders have a powerful hold on human minds. They can make
people fanatic and destructive warriors. They influence nations and its
leaders. Most advanced nations spend more than 50% of wealth on hoarding
weapons of mass destruction. We are in time zone where we would destroy
earth and ourselves in the name of Life Giving God. The Earth and Cosmos is
stressing all of us to evolve back into the glorious period or Golden Age, also
called Kingdom of God, where humanity realizes the oneness and lives in
peace with nature.
The write-up brings a platform for unity of all religions and different concepts
of science, so that we can understand Truth of Nature and Truth of
God in sensible way beyond religions and make a smooth shift into Golden
Age of Knowledge and Wisdom
The article is purely conceptual and has no mathematics. However, it can
lead humanity to new level of understanding of life and nature and cosmos
that could help him live in peace with oneself, with others, with nature and
the whole cosmos.
It can open a floodgate of superior technologies and practices in all realms of
human interest, such as energy, health and medical, food and agriculture
and so on. It can sustain the modern world and create space-time for new
generations to live in peace and harmony and flourish on earth.

Tools and Methods used to investigate

The only tool used is the Mind. Method used to acquire the knowledge has
three levels.
1] Freeing oneself from all schools of thoughts and intelligence to be a
free observer in nature
2] Standing aside to observe once own chain of thought and try to
understand its influence on nature.
3] By surrendering unconditionally all thoughts and intelligence to
Higher Mind, its thoughts and its intelligence


Note This write up is meant for both common person and the intellectuals
ruling us from various temples of science and religious institutions. Thus
this introduction is little long. I felt it is a necessity for comprehending the
body of the write-up. The knowledge that guides us comes from temples of
science and religions. We put all responsibility to lead us into light and life
on these institutions. In a democratic and open informational world, we are
participants and we have voice to speak. We all have the same potential to
rise up to comprehend Truth. I believe that any education, any
research, any findings, any teachings, if it does not help individual
find peace, order and spread peace to various levels of community
it is useless and calls for a review. Our earth and its biosphere are
collapsing, our society heading into self-destruction in the name of God. It is
time we all participate to Know Truth of Nature and God. This write-up has
no mathematics and is understandable to all. Please give this a patient

History speaks of existence of civilizations that had higher and better

knowledge of Life, Earth and Cosmos. This is called Golden Age. People
exposed to this knowledge were conscious, intelligent and upheld Truth and
Justice. They lived in peace with oneself, with Nature and Cosmos. This
superior knowledge seems to have lost to humanity in time. This knowledge
was lost, when people in institutions responsible to uphold this knowledge,
became self-centered and slave to material world and its force. Knowledge is
Power. Power when used for SELF, causes the deterioration of the system.
In short, knowledge and power is corrupted, when it is used for
self and it is not used to uphold Truth and Justice. At some point in
time, the original knowledge is so corrupted that it became incomprehensible
to humanity. This possibly started the phase of darkness and slavery to evil
minds. We are peaking in the darkness and destruction. We live in an
illusionary world of inferior knowledge. No wonder Famous physicist Dr.
Micho Kaku said, we are type zero civilization, living on energy from dead
plants and we are yet to evolve [Ref -73 ]
Modern science emerged as new messenger of hope to bring us back into
Glory of Light. It emerged at a time, when religious institutions had split
humanity in the name of Unseen God and were ruling humanity with iron
hands and amassing wealth. It emerged in west when evil, self and material
centered minds managed to make Jesus and His Calvary Sacrifice into
corporate religion, misleading humanity from the very Purpose for which He
manifested and became a sacrifice. Science liberated human mind to think

and explore Truth of Nature independently of religious institutions and

emerge from darkness to Light.
Human quest, both modern scientific and the core of religions schools is to
seek Truth or God and return to His Glory. It is a quest to know the force that
creates and sustains life and cosmos eternally in TIME. It is driven by desire
to gain knowledge and wisdom that can help humanity live in peace with
oneself, with family, community, nature and the whole cosmos. It is the
quest to return to Glory of Light and Life.
The failure of science could be traced to its failure to unfold the UNIFIED
THEORY. Science began when people began to think and oppose religions
that were splitting humanity with self and material centered intent. People in
religious institution speak one thing and practice the opposite of it. They
speak for Spirit/Soul, LIFE FORCE and Truth and Justice and against Material
Force. However, deep within they are material centered, they align with
material world and work against Spirit/Soul, Life force and Truth and Justice.
They speak of Kingdom of God, but work to build their Kingdom. In short,
they sell God to make a living and build their empire. The mad
material world we witness is unconscious reflection of the reality of minds of
religious leaders governing our minds.
Religious institutions are the most powerful institutions of our society.
Nobody could revolt and survive them. Therefore, the great thinkers who
gave rise to modern science possibly had to take cautious step and lay
distinctive boundaries. They separated spirit/soul and its realm from
material world, left it to religious people and began to explore the material
world. They avoided using terms like soul, consciousness, mind, life, God and
so on. This suited the Church and its inherent desire to exploit material
world. However, they turned against it, when their doctrines and teaching
were questioned [Ref -48].
Science is based on the assumption that universe is material. It worked on
conceptualizing motion and make it predictable. They chose universal
language beyond religion [mathematics] to express their thoughts. Religious
world had to take back seat, when science began to predict accurately the
motion of planets and conceptualized motion and began to use forces in
material world at will. Before science, the religious schools advocated an
Unseen God Force driving the planets and keeping it in the orbit.

The central key to science is the concept of Gravity, which

binds all matter of the cosmos into one center. Gravity is a
centripetal force directed to center point. Newton who
conceptualized Gravity, failed to answer what property gives
Gravity to matter. Science began break down, when light,
energy and origin of Cosmos was investigated.

A brief sketch of Conceptual Evolution in Science

The foundation of science is built on a quest to predict motion.
1. Science assumes that everything moves in uniformly accelerated
manner in straight line. However, did not explain why and how.
The motion of an object from A to B is accelerated when
external force is applied. The scales for measurement of motion
are Time and Distance and were assumed independent in early
science. The natural motion of planets in circular orbits is built on a
concept called Gravity. Gravity is understood as an attractive
property that relates to mass. Mass, for all-purpose is considered
weight of the body, but technically it is not. Gravity assumes
existence of non-equilibrium between the objects involved. The
smaller object tends to bend and move around the bigger objects
at a distance. Gravity in early science presented an instantaneous
communication between objects. Which means any change in one
is communicated instantaneously to other. Important point here
is that, the cause for basal motion and what property gives
gravity to matter is not explained or understood. Newton
avoided this question by saying I frame no hypothesis
2. A great blow to the concept of Gravity and the Newtonian World
View came
When scientist were exposed to second force called
electromagnetic force in experiments with electric charges
and current carrying wire [see page -15]
When they studied light
Light failed to fit Newtonian world view. We all know that in the first
part of last century, Einstein came with second picture of gravity
that is based on Light and time bound communication. He built his
vision on light and presenting a New Scale [space-time]. His
concept spoke of objects moving from A and B in a predictable
curved line. Unlike in Newtonian world, the two objects in

Einsteins Gravity Theory are connected in time. Einsteins

vision is built on maximum speed in nature.
3 A great blow to science came when Uncertainty Theory was
discovered, which essentially stated motion is not predictable.
4 Discovery of wave particle duality and quantum nature of energy
and information transfer, added further confusion.
This meant that path of motion of object from A to B, is not
predictable and that we can predict certain possibility of the object being
found in place. This meant both straight line and curved line motion and
the language used to describe it [Euclidean and Riemanns geometry]
became a limiting factor. A new language called statistical mechanics
thus became necessary to explain subatomic levels. The fact that
smaller the wavelength higher is the energy content, led to another
paradox called Ultra-Violet Catastrophe. Physical Science at this point
split into two incompatible sciences; the science of macro world and
micro world.
Paradoxes of wave particle duality [Ref-34], paradox of Schrdinger cat
experiment [Ref- 17], still remains unanswered. The developments in
Quantum Mechanics, brought inseparable role of human mind in Nature. This
realization opened the gate for Eastern mystical Knowledge. A famous book
Tao of Physics by Prof. Fritjoff Capra speaks it elegantly [Ref-47A].
Einsteins works extended in time meant the universe began from a point.
However, all the laws of physics seem to fail at the point. It became
indispensible but completely in comprehensible Theory [Ref- 19A]
Satisfying the two laws of energy and matter that speaks of conservation
[First law of thermodynamics] and time direction [second law of
thermodynamics] in a sensible manner became benchmark of any
successful model of the Universe. The second law that speaks of leaking
energy or loss of information and time direction became obstacle to
science and its models. According to it, all the matter in the universe
should loose energy and wind to a center point and explode [The Big
Bang Theory]. This theory is incomprehensible and all laws of science
break at the point of Big Bang [Ref- 19A, 15,32,39, 77]. From the point of
leaking energy, it ends up in concept of Runaway Universe or heat


death of the Universe [Ref- 19A]. These visions becomes devoid of cause
for the Universe to Exist.
Thus, Einstein searched for second force that opposes Gravity
and gives stability to the universe. However, experimental discovery
that distant galaxies are moving away in accelerated manner made him
drop the idea. Big Bang Theory thus stayed as an incomprehensible
theory. Physics needs minimum of two points to measure, at singularity
there are no two points. Thus, it became inevitable physics evolves to
see two points or two worlds
The observation that distant galaxies are accelerating away has led to
concepts like dark matter, dark energy [Ref- 39, 44]. Results pouring
from LHC, seem to show severe flaws in the Standard Model [Ref- 67].
The fundamental assumptions of science, the approach of science to
explore Truth, the visions and models that scientists developed all are
falling apart, forcing scientist to review the concept of mass, space-time
and such fundamentals and develop new dramatically different concepts
and models. This is already in progress [Ref 32,25 ]
The experimental physics, especially since the development of quantum
physics increasingly proves that, life especially humans and his mind
plays an important role in nature and Cosmos. Thus, the concept of mind
and consciousness that was initially forbidden in science has become the
most important focus of modern day research. This development was
fuelled by developments in non-linear science and the developments in
information science. Non-linear science we know is the basis of life. The
development stressed intellectuals to rethink the fundamental
assumption that Universe is material. It began to point to the Great
East, which understood Universe as Cosmic Spiritual Being. One
great quote from a great scientist Max Planck speaks it. He Said Mind is
the Matrix of all matter. Two chemists both noble laureates, Dr. Ilya
Prigogine [ Ref- 36A and B ] and Dr. James Lovelock [Ref-57 to 61] , set
the ground for Living Vision of the Universe. However, theoretical
physicists dominating Science are failing to take it.
A New theory called String and Parallel World Theory has emerged in past
few decades. It speaks of 11 dimensions. This has made things further
complex. Like all new theories, it is being opposed very strongly. I am a
biologist. I must honestly accept that I am not sure how physicist minds


work and think. However, it appealed to me, when I heard, three giant in
this field, Dr. Neil Turok, Prof, Paul Steinhard and Prof. Burt Ovrut, reinterpreting time and singularity in a youtube video on Parallel world by
BBC. They said that at singularity one world, pierce the other, emerge out
on other side, and expand. This is what happens in a living Universe
Theory. Here the information from the male pierces the female to create a
new body for itself. This also fits in with what spiritual scriptures speak.
Note Important - Deep within I feel scientists who proposed the theory
have failed to comprehend their own work in simplicity. What they speak is
the Living Universe Theory. Life has parallel world and survives time by a
process called reproduction, where the essence of the dominant
[information] reduces and pierces the Parallel world conquering time and
Living Universe Theory is Light, Information and
Knowledge Unfolding and enfolding to create and sustain
the system. It is Heart and Mind of a SUPREME BEING
exposing to transform its own body and give it New Life
and initialize it into New Time Cycle.
Human quest ultimately is a quest to know the SUPREME MIND. We all know
we have relative existence. This means our mind is related ultimately to one
ABSOLUTE MIND of which we are all part. The Absolute Mind is not amenable
to human mind because of its relative existence. Thus, scriptures write that
God cannot be sought by Human mind, but He comes to reveal to us for a
PURPOSE. The Purpose is to sustain His kingdom. The fact that we humans
cannot know His Mind, gives scope for inferior minds to create their
kingdoms at the cost Kingdom of God, this causes deterioration and
development of many God and may religions. God reveals to Humans to
defeat His own people revolted against Him. This is a craftily written in
spiritual scriptures.

The Prime Point where Science and Modern Religious

institutes fails
There are two realities to nature, the material and the spiritual [energetic].
The material world can be seen, but the energetic world cannot be seen. The
religious institutions emphasize the spiritual or energy faculty is real and


controls the material reality. They teach that God controls it. The fact that we
cannot see spiritual and energetic faculty working, gives scope people to
emerge and rule humanity in the name of God.
Early Scientific world emphasized that the material faculty is real. When
Light was studied and E=mc2 was discovered it became apparent that
matter is an energetic world and matter can be converted into energy and
vice versa. Study of light and subatomic world [Quantum science] led to
conclusions that energetic world is the reality and it is not predictable. It
concludes that material world is illusionary and that it manifest into reality
when it is observed. This falls in line with ancient Eastern Mystics and what
they taught the world. This gave way to spirituality and revival of religious
The concept of light and its study forced scientist to change the old vision
and perception of motion in nature. They had to visualize a field of energy
that binds material world and influences the motion. Thus, the concept of
Gravity Field as a net came into existence. However, the question remained
how and why matter manifest from energy [light] and how gravity manifests
in the system. The Inability to answer these questions led to many
confusions as scientist began to break atoms and study subatomic particles.
Central to it is the question what gives mass and gravity to
particle, how energy is stored in particles, how and why
motion manifest in particles. Thus, it ended looking for God
Particle that gives mass to all particles, manifest as a field
that binds atom. Scientist we all know tries to comprehend
cosmos from an atom. In effect they search for God field
that supports the Cosmos.
The thinking of both science and religions fail, when it comes to accounting
for time and time direction. Scientific world utterly fails when it comes to
comprehending the question of Creation and Perpetual existence cosmos in
TIME. Gravity theory points to all matter and energy collapsing into
singularity in Black hole, but fails to perceives it emerging from it to visualize
a perpetual Universe. The religious institutions similarly fail utterly when they
have to explain the creation and existence of Cosmos. The concept of sevenday creation is inconceivable to modern day science and scientist.



All most all spiritual scriptures speak of a LIVING UNIVERSE. Ancient

knowledge says the Living Universe is not beyond time, but resists Time. It
says time and death exist for the Body of Living Universe and the Spirit/Soul
is beyond death. In science, the same manifest as indestructible information
[Ref -12,14C]. One of the advantage of living vision is that it has potentials
to explain the concept of creation and existence in time sensibly. Life is
Controlled Big bang Explosion of information, which takes place in an
Ekpyrotic way
The picture that emerges is that of one whole being comprising of over 100
trillion cells working as one. All these cells are born from one cell that is the
union of two cells [Parallel Worlds]. This union results when their essence
[information 2n] reduces and unites. Every cell is a replica of the whole. It
has heart and mind. The heart and mind is relative to one Supreme heart
and mind [heart mind of the primal cell] from which it came into existence.
This picture can be extended to an individual and its collective existence.
This meant we are related to one Supreme Heart and Mind. Ancient called it
Heart and Mind of God. This means we form the body of one Primal Being.
Time manifests when our mind becomes Ego and self-centered and works
against the Mind of God. Our quest to Know Truth now becomes knowing the
Scientists rule us today. They seek the secret at subatomic level at the level
of particle, energy and information. This calls us to visualize a heart and
mind at atomic level and visualize the cause for life in subatomic levels of
energy and information. It is inevitable we need to comprehend Truth from
this level. Life is energy and works on information. Only life has creative
potential. It has potential to survive time and death through reproduction.
Here masculine information reduces goes into black hole of feminine to
conquer time and death and create new body. This visualization of perpetual
existence of life from subatomic level is vital for humanity. Nothing else will
suffice the scientific community.
Ultimate understanding of Life, Nature and cosmos, comes when we
understand the PURPOSE of our Life. The Purpose of our Life is to Unite
with the Great Being of which we are part. This purpose cannot be
attained, unless we let go our self, ego and I and die to unite with
that Great Heart and Mind with which we are relative. When we die to our
self, we grow in God, Light and Knowledge. The opposite is also true,



which means, when we grow in our I or self, then God, light and
Knowledge dies in us. This is the foundation of all spiritual scriptures.
Thus the ancient east, taught the world meditation and the art of overcoming
our mind to connect the consciousness and walk the path of Truth and
Justice. At higher level, they taught people get one to one communication
with Universal Consciousness and Intelligence.
With science, we think we have advanced and gained knowledge. Knowledge
acquired if it is true, it should have brought peace, order, joy and prosperity.
However, if we get out of the lab, stand apart and observe the world, we see
that we have gone fundamentally wrong somewhere. Dr. Michio Kaku a
Theoretical Physicist and a thinker thus rightly said We are type zero
civilization living on energy from dead plants and we are yet to evolve to
higher levels [Ref - 73]
Modern science has only ended giving partial knowledge and power to
exploit material nature. It has failed to comprehend gravity,
electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force on a single platform. In the
absence of failure of science to know Truth, the religions have survived and
they still influence the mind of people and nations. Earth and the survival of
humanity are now endangered on two counts.

One is over exploitation of material earth, which is stressing Earth to

her critical limits, eliciting release of her forces in a destructive
manner. She is stressing us to evolve to see Light and Truth.
Second and more destructive factor is coming from religions, which
have survived and increasingly influencing human mind. The religious
institutions, instead of growing beyond self to awaken to Truth and
lead humanity to light and life are shrinking with self. They are power
hungry and are aligned with leaders of nations and the rich. They are
leading the world and its powers in a self-destructive path.

The only way out is to know Truth of God beyond

religions and get liberated from the clutches of
religions. We also need to know Truth of Nature so
that we can live in harmony with nature.



We are in a time zone where nature and her Master are stressing all of us to
awaken and know Truth in simplicity. Truth and God cannot reveal to us
unless our mind surrenders its I and accepts death to gain New Life. This
awakening is happening assisted by the Spirit of God. As more individuals
awaken in a nation, and when more nations awaken, order and Glorious
Period will return to earth. Max Planck said A new scientific truth does not
triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather
because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is
familiar with it

The body of this write-up, unifies all concepts of science in a simple

and sensible manner, answering all unanswered questions and
paradoxes in a sensible and simple manner. It comes from a mind
that is surrendered to Higher Mind unconditionally. The foundation
it gives and the knowledge it speaks can evolve our knowledge to
survive on earth and enter the Golden Age.
I am biologist and biotechnologist, who left Platos chair of science and
religions at the mouth of the cave to be free in nature. I know no
complex mathematics; hence, I express my thoughts in figures. I am leaving
its further exploration to minds occupying in the temples of science. It not
only can lead the world to higher level of knowledge but also show the deep
secrets hidden spiritual scriptures. It can pave way for new technologies and
new practices in all fields of Human interest. I humbly request your kind
attention to it. Our survival exists in evolving to know Truth.

Part -1: The Theory and Vision

Chapter -1

The Figures that can help understand

Fundamental Concepts like Force, Gravity,
Light, Matter, String and Motion


Preface - The figure and the visions are the product over three decades of
selfless search for Truth, after I gave up lucrative career in Biotechnology to
live as a small farmer in an interior village. In a world that has evolved with
multimedia with three and four-dimensional pictures and videos, the figure I
write may be wanting for standards. I am hard pressed for finance to get
experts to do my figure and presentation. I hope reader would bear with
me. One must I am attempting to present the conceptual developments in
science in simplistic manner, such we can comprehend nature and cosmos
sensibly. Whether this can put into mathematical form, I leave it to
mathematician and physicist.

The Figure 1 to 3 - The Structure of String, its

Quantum Dance and the cause for Wave Particle

Fig-1, speaks of a vision of electromagnetic or Light particle that Quantum

Dances. It incorporates the concept of Gravity, Charge and Strings. It
explains wave particle duality. It has a transient opened state where it
releases energy, and the collapses back to new order changing the direction.
It brings a Principle and Design that leads to perpetual Quantum Dance.
It is based on a ratio 4:3. The principle that governs the motion is an


instinct to seek equilibrium, but design and Max Planck law of energy
transfer denies equilibrium leading to Quantum Dance. This vision explains
characteristics of electromagnetic particle and light phenomenon. The
energy or force is contained in this action. This explains the spin
and displacement associated with motion.
These particles can be of two types, one right winding
and another left winding and moving in opposite
direction [right to left or left to right or top to bottom
or bottom to top]. In three-dimensional space, the
particle always moves in relation to its pair and
complementary pair. This speaks of four worlds that
are interacting. When we speak of parallel world, it has
to be extended to visualize, eight worlds that fills 8
components of space See Fig. Every point in space should have this
structure. This structure needs to be visualized in dynamic manner.
Note- Einsteins mind as well as Diracs mind [Ref-16 ] did dwell on
concept of ratio. Einstein in his biography stated the need to replace
Constants of Physical Equations with ratios.

This Quantum Dance is a universal three-step process, with a fourth step

where transformation occurs [See fig -2].



Motion here is driven by instinct to seek equilibrium or resist non-equilibrium.

In Newtonian physics this manifest as action and reaction. Halfway through
the flow of force, it does reach a near equilibrium point and the
particle wishes to stay around this point. However, by virtue of Max
Plancks quantum nature of flow of energy, it cannot stay in near equilibrium
point and hence leads to Quantum Collapse and reorganization changing the
direction of the flow. The Quantum collapse and reorganization happens at
the Third Critical Point.

Important Points
1] The Quantum Collapse and reorganization [Quantum Dance] of the
particle in three-dimensional space is unhindered and thus particle moves
with maximum speed creating waves.
2] These four steps are universal for all particles, atoms, all system formed
from it, including life and cosmos.
3] This Quantum Dance is a dimensionless, spiral compression and
expansion. It is a PULSE. The non-equilibrium design leads to a spin and
curved displacement of the particle in space. Motion here is inherent in the


particle and quantum displacement in space is related to parallel world and

is driven by a quest to seek equilibrium. The distance the particle needs
to travel remains the same. The energy it has to dispel changes. See
fig-3. This means the particle to the right end of light spectrum oscillates
faster. Thus, all electromagnetic particles move with same speed. Time
taken for travel of Electromagnetic particles between two points remains the
Quantum Jump
Light Particles
Energy Minimum
Energy Maximum

4] Now, one can visualize an atoms forming by collision of light particle of

opposite spin. It gains higher state of equilibrium in three-dimensional space
See Fig-3
5] Just as in particle of light quantum dances when 3:1 ratio is reached,
an atom born out 2 or more particles and complex system born out of
many atoms, also quantum dances as it is stressed and reaches the 3:1
6] At system level where we visualize many atoms together, Out of the
four step of quantum dance, the first phase is highly ordered. However,
seed of the disorder exist within it but is resisted. The order begins to
deteriorate in second step. It enters into chaos in third part. Chaos is a
mechanism of resistance to time and stress pushing the system to the
critical state. However, it cannot stop time. It thus begins to collapse
into the fourth part, where disorder peaks. However, system survives by


a seed of order growing from within. This means time is reversible.

We will understand it as we go by

Fig 4 and 5: The Turning Point in Science - The

fallacy of understanding of force

Let us now go back to the school level experiment and reinterpret the
experimental results that led to invention of electro-magnetic force. See Fig 4
and 5. The figure-4 shows school level experiments that led to the invention
of existence of second force and discovery of electromagnetic force. The fifth
picture interprets the experiment from the spiral vision of force or particle in
motion in space. This could be proof of theoretical vision I am trying to
present. This vision already exists on the net. I am not sure who is the
source. But I find it very much advocated by School of Nassim Haremain
[ Ref- 4, 5]
An important reality of nature is duality. The above experiment, gravity,
relativity, string theory and everything in nature presents a duality and
paired existence. Gravity necessitates existence of two objects one dominant
the other recessive. This also reflects very much in life sciences. This nonequilibrium or dominant and recessive are a necessity because
equal and opposite force cancels and no force or motion can



Note - the idea and vision of force acting between two objects
in spiral manner because of non-equilibrium invariably means
gravity is electromagnetic phenomenon. This perception is
vital to understanding nature

Fig 6 and 7 The Formation of Atoms and

This figure presents the possible formation of atom by the collision of
electromagnetic particles moving in opposite direction in space towards a
center. Einsteins equation E=mc2 suggest that matter and mass is formed
by the collision of light particles. Figure speaks of formation of hydrogen and
helium atom. They represent higher organization in three-dimensional space.
One can go ahead from this point to account for periodic table.

Important Note- The atoms formed will have right or left winding twist,
determined by the dominant particle. The particle colliding cannot be equal,
for equal and opposite cancels. Two hydrogen atom that are parallel and
have opposite twist, when they wind with instinct to seek higher state of
equilibrium, it leads to formation of inert helium atoms that are stable in 8
component space. The inert helium atoms because of non-equilibrium design
develop inner space that is amenable to opening and closing in three steps.



When we extend our picture into three-dimensional space, we are forced to

build our picture based on minimum of 8 objects and multiple of it that emit
electromagnetic particles. They radiate particles governed by the Principle
and Design. The ratio relationship of the radiating objects that leads to
formation hydrogen is described in figure 7
Note The vision of opposing light particle moving towards a center
and colliding to form matter necessitates the existence of objects
in space that emit this light. The particles of light emitted as well
as objects emitting it, by law cannot be in equilibrium. This is
because equal and opposite cancels and equilibrium is death. This
means gravity and picture of life needs to be built on nonequilibrium design at all levels of organization. No two light
particles or system can be same. They should be differing by virtue
of its space-time position in relation to a center. In other words,
energy contained in it differs



Note The non-equilibrium design means A and D in Fig -7 differs by

2 powers. A and B and C and D differs by one power.
Important Note -The initial action of ejection of particle of light takes place
from A that is dominant. It instantaneously triggers an ejection of photon
from all objects B, C, D in space. This means ABCD are quantum entangled.
The ejection from A is powered by attraction with the opposite D. The
hydrogen atoms however are formed not by collision of particles
from A and D but collision of A and B and C and D.
These two atoms will have opposite twist. The atoms formed have
their equilibrium point centralized.
In three-dimensional space, they are not stable and hence they tend to form
H2 molecules that are in more stable state. A still higher stability in threedimensional space is reached when they fuse to form helium atoms. The
process we know releases energy and heat and are the source of radiation
from stellar system. Helium atom can be of two types a right winding
and left winding. They form the parallel worlds. One must note that
the non-equilibrium design means helium atoms develops an inner
space that is closed but is amenable to opening and interactions in
three steps.
Note 1- Some of the key incomprehensible aspects of science, such as
why light shows wave particle duality, why it has maximum speed,
how matter manifest, how gravity manifest in matter is visualized in a
sensible manner in the above thinking.
Note 2 We see here instantaneous communication that trigger the
action and time bound communication that translates to bring order
around it. Everything here directs to a point in the center. Thus, we
see the unity of basic Newtonian Thinking [Gravity being felt
instantaneously by the second objects in space] and Einsteinian World
where the Gravity is communicated in time through a net. This form
of coexistence of instantaneous communication and time bound
communication or information flow exist in Life. This is one argument
that points us to explore universe as living as the ancient east did it.
We must note non Linear scientists like Noble Laureates Ilya Prigogine
and James Lovelock [Ref-36,37] also pointed it out



Note 3- The ejection of particle and formation of atomic system,

molecules and complex systems are driven by an instinct to seek
higher and higher state of equilibrium. This means gravity is an
instinct to seek higher and higher state of equilibrium. However, nonequilibrium design denies absolute equilibrium.
Note4- [Very Important] - The energy and information is carried in
the field of the particle that opens and closes. As it opens and closes,
it dissipates energy or information. Light or electromagnetic particle,
has maximum instability in three-dimensional space. The spiral
motion it produces is an expression to give up its instability and attain
stability. This is associated with dissipation of energy in the form of
heat. The fact that it is travelling in spiral manner invariably means it
is also displacing energy and force back. Recall a drill at work. A drill
cannot move one bit unless it displaces the medium it is drilling. It
also means it is sending and acquiring information. In other words,
the information is two way flow powered by instinct to seek
equilibrium. In all non-inert atoms that have asymmetry in threedimensional space, the informational field exists open for interaction
and thus they form bonds.
Note 5 [Very Very Very Important] - In inert atoms, that has
symmetry in three-dimensional space and which has is inner hole, the
informational field is closed. It is amenable to opening by only heat
induced winding or unwinding in three steps. It is capable of showing
creativity and develops DNA and information when it is stressed and
pushed to near critical states. Imagine here a balancer balancing the
A pair of inert atoms acts as double torus and becomes highly stable
in space and is capable of withstanding gravity and Time directed to
collapse. Gravity can be right or left winding not both. Suppose
gravity is left winding, the right winding inert atom opposes gravity.
The left winding inert atoms aligns with gravity. This means under
time and gravity, the energy and information is lost from right
winding atom, but the left winding atom gains it. It stores it as
Black Mass. When the system is pushed to third critical point, the
right winding atom opens into a strings and splits [reduces] and the
dominant part enter the parallel atom which also is stressed similarly
in opposite way and breaks down. The two unite to form New


Inert Atom that opposes the Gravity and Time, from within
the body of the feminine [Recall conception]. Now time
direction is reversed and a process Transformation of Black Energy
begins such that the system is initialized into New Time Cycle from
within. The black mass now comes back into flow. This is Ekpyrotic
Scenario of Creation. From information point, it also controlled Big
Bang explosion. [Ref].

Chapter -2

Imaginations that can give platform to

comprehend the developments in science in a
sensible and simple manner
In the above pictures, we saw a particle of light that is free in threedimensional space with a time or energy that is directed away from center
into outer space. It spirals freely seeking a parallel world and a pair particle,
creating gravity force [Recall a drill]. In space, this is a dynamic process,
which involves not only pairs but also a complementary pair [Recall the inert

The moment a hydrogen atom is formed, the particle

loses one level of freedom and the time and energy
direction is centralized. The helium atom loses
another level of freedom.

Important point The formation micro black

holes or space
By virtue of non-equilibrium design, the helium atom develops a
closed space in the center that is amenable for opening and closing
under heat-induced force [Winding or unwinding]. These atoms
under gravity and time tend to accumulate energy and
information into its Black Hole. Thus, they are the seats

of dark energy. We will see how this happens as we go by



Important points to note

1] Energy in light particles is directed away from the center to the parallel
2] Energy and time in atoms, and all material systems are directed to the
center. Much of it is neutralized. However, non-equilibrium by design exists
and this non-equilibrium manifest as Gravity. In other words, gravity is
expression of non-equilibrium. Light travels with maximum speed
because it has maximum non-equilibrium in space and its center is directed
to the pair world. The atoms since they are formed from opposing particle
from paired worlds, they have minimum non -equilibrium and their center is
directed to its center.
3] Because of non-equilibrium design, atomic matter and all systems formed
from it should have pulsating existence and is eternally in communication
with all other systems in nature. The best example I can give is a living
human body that pulsates and all organs and atoms in it function in relation.

Living Molecule
Helium atoms we noted have symmetry in three-dimensional space and it
has a black hole in its center. It is a possible
storehouse of missing energy and mass. When
two helium atoms of opposite twists join [Double
Torus], it loses all three levels of freedom. The
only open freedom level is the fourth or time
direction. This molecule becomes highly stable.
We see here two Parallel worlds with black holes
that can open and interact in three levels. The
black hole of these two inert atoms is Quantum
Entangled and perceives even small change in
the environment. They are not beyond gravity and time. However, they can
oppose gravity and time in three steps see Fig 7B and 16.



These three levels manifests as three levels of information

exchange; breathing, mitotic and meiotic in living systems. The
meiotic information exchange leads to time conquering and initialization.
Visualizing universe as living one now make sense.
The figure 16 explains how life conquers time, through an Ekpyrotic
Scenario of Creation.

Very Very Very Important Points - Critical Understanding of

Cosmos In simplicity
1] The helium atom needs to be visualized as collection of four strings of
different magnitude with opposing twist. The dominant string determines the


overall twist. The double torus by design has dominant and recessive
component [male and female]. One is Right winding and other is left winding.
A double Torus is not beyond time and exists within cosmic system that is
Right or Left winding. This means, one of the components of Double Torus or
Living molecule is experience gravity as winding stress and another as
unwind stress.
2] We saw that inert atoms could wind and unwind Transforming Gravity
force into Anti-gravity in its inner space. This manifests as pulse or
breathing in life. However, this pulse is accompanied by some loss of
energy. This energy lost accumulates in the black hole and manifest as
information. As this process continues and reaches second critical
point, it tend to develop new informations to survive the force of
Gravity. As it reaches Third Critical Point, it is forced to break down
and release the energy and informations to go into New Order.
Suppose Universe and its Gravity is left to right winding, then
Then inert atoms that is winding rihgt to left opposes gravity
and experiences it as winding force. It tends to leak energy
and information. The one that is winding and left to right and
is aligned with Gravity experience its unwinding force and it
tend to gain energy. This energy is stored as black energy. In
short, inert atom on earth are store house of black energy. We
can assume the one that has opposite twist or spin to gravity
as dominant or masculine and the one that is aligned with
gravity as feminine.
3] As the system reached a critical state of 3:1, then the inert atom that is
wound to critical state breaks down pierces the parallel female part to take
its central position. It thus supports the system from collapsing See Fig - 16.
This is a small period of oneness in a cycle which otherwise
functions on duality. It has to be understood as phase of creation or
phase of conquering of time and time initialization. As it emerges
back, it would have pushed the system back to its initial state. This is the
simplest way to visualize Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation Ekpyrotic
scenario is best understood by visualizing reproduction in Life.
In short, we are seeing two words here, one world tends to Big Bang
Scenario, and other tends to Runaway Universe Scenario. However,
both do not happen. As 3:1 ratio reaches for the whole system, the


masculine and determining force goes into time conquering and

restoration process. This is Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation. Fig-16. As
we go by we will understand it as information or Living light or
Knowledge Unfolding and Enfolding.
Note The black hole thus plays a critical role in the Universe. They are
possibly the seat of dark energy and matter. The picture we are seeing is
that of self-organizing universe. As we go we will see, its reality including life
and our mind.

Chapter -3

Making Sense of String and Ekpyrotic

Scenario of Creation
String and Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation can make sense, when we visualize
universe as living one. Three processes characterize life,
Breathing and information exchange between its inner and outer
space. It helps sustain the left and right of the body. When we breathe,
we are actually taking information and sending information.
Mitotic Division in which one-world divides into two. This also splits the
gravity point.
Third, is meiotic division, where information de-differentiates [2n
information is reduced to n] and enters the parallel world, unites with
similarly de-differentiated and reduced information in the parallel
world. The process evolves the information to conquer time and
initialize it. It creates New Space-Time. We must note that the body
consists of over 100 trillion cells emerges from two cells that dedifferentiated [n] and is involved in conception to create one cell.

Very Important Note

In terms of basic functioning, life works to sustain the heat of
the system within a limit. The cyclic flow in the system helps
it to maintain it. One must note that Earth similarly is
designed to sustain the heat and temperature of the system
such that biosphere and life is preserved. Even in cosmology,
the uniformity of heat and temperature is a huge paradox.
We see this as we go by.


We did see inert atoms as possible source of life. It could be visualized as a

down to dispel the in
Soul of living system.
I am
sure the
not accept
it at
this point. Nearly two decades back I had shared a thought with most
acknowledge temples of science, where I argued that the existence one
single cell could deny the Big Bang. Now I am reducing it down to atomic
level and Black hole that can exchange energy and information. The key
step here is to visualize the formation of DNA, which biologist visualize as
the basis of Life.

Fig 8 : Pulsating helium atom

Creative Vision The formation of DNA around

inert atoms
We noted that an inert atom has symmetry in three-dimensional space and
has a closed space within. The inert atom is a system comprising of four
strings in 1:2:1, one dominant and other recessive differing by two units and
middle that is equal but have opposite twist. The inert atoms exist in
pulsating state around the middle or second critical point. This inert atom
can resist the time direction to singularity in three steps. The middle now
becomes the reality the internal and external become the field, that carries
the information of the system

The first level of resistance manifests as breathing or pulsation. This

involves TRANSFORMATION of gravity into anti-gravity force in its inner
space. However, life is not beyond second law of thermodynamics.
Some energy is lost in the process of breathing and this energy
accumulates into the black hole of the recessive. It thus leads the
system to second critical point. Fig 8, below shows how inert atoms
pulsate Transforming the force acting on it.



The pulsating inert atom we noted loses energy, which accumulates in

the black hole and this begins to manifest as stress, leading the
system to second critical point on quantum scale. Near second critical
point, the system can add non- inert matter on to itself, such that
opposing forces balance the stress manifesting from gravity See fig 9.
We need to imagine here balancer balancing the balance. Here
we can visualize the formation of DNA helix and the information
molecule of life. This process happens in near second critical
point on quantum scale.

Non-linear scientist led by Noble Laureate Ilya Prigogone has proved such
creativity in atom and chemical systems. [Reference 36A and 36B ]. Even
this creativity cannot stop gravity and time. Thus, life is stressed beyond
second critical point. Here strand open up and separate. They duplicate,
mixes the right and left, followed by a split and creation of Parallel World
such that one gravity point becomes two [Parallel worlds]. Further splitting
distorts the system eventually it goes into disordered state. Recall one
fertilized egg cell dividing. However, even this cannot stop gravity and time.
This calls for a third level of information exchange [Meiotic] that is critical to
our understanding of life and Cosmos. See Fig -13 and !6

Unwinding Force that balances the winding force supported by creativity through addition of non

Winding Gravity force

Fig 9: Creativity and DNA formation under stress by inert atoms

Note It should visualizes as spiral compression and expansion



Note - The original strand takes the mirror image of the opposite as they
separate into two cells. In short the original pair of strands separate. When
one world splits into two, the gravity point also splits. This can be
understood from Centriole, a bright radiating object that arises near one
side of the cell wall after the duplication is complete. This then splits to
move to the poles. In the process, it develops threads that lock with
centromere of chromosomes and pulls them apart and thus TWITCHING two
cells out of one. The parallel world and multiple world formation is
adaptation to Resist Time and its direction. However, it cannot stop time

Important Points
The most important point one should take note here is that
The genes and DNA that we think as the source of information that
creates and sustains life, is not actually the source of creation and
sustenance. Source of Information or force that creates and sustains
exists in the black hole or the internal space of inert atoms, [at system
level inner space of life], which exist in pairs and can interact with
external space in three quantum steps to survive in it. Life needs to be
understood as interaction of three spaces. A fourth space exists when
we consider Parallel world.

The parental or primal information thread is smeared in two parallel

worlds however, they are quantum entangled and are communicated.
They come together when the system is endangered.



What this means is that all life and the whole cosmos has a framework
of inner space. That is instantaneously communicated and has creative
and sustenance potential. It also has a communication with outer
space, which takes place in time. This communication is well explored
in life by a new field in biology called Epigenetics [Ref 36D and 46A]

Note - Almost all developments in

Life science has parallel with
developments in physical science.
The developments in Epigenetic
align with relativity and nondeterministic quantum mechanics.
Even modern day western studies
on consciousness tow this line.
Stuart Hameroff and Roger
Penrose relate it to microtubules in
neurons [Ref-36E]. However, much
of modern science overlooks the
fact the life has its origin in black hole and information contained in it in
energetic or spiritual form. In other words, black hole is a space-time
field that carries information of the system.
Life has two neural webs that control it. One that relates to brain and body
controlling external body mechanism and the other that relates to heart and
its functioning, which controls the vital functions. The fig -11, speaks the
similarities between cosmos, human brain and the web. One must remember
here that mind or brain is simply an interface between inner space and
external space. Life can exist in brain dead state but not in heart dead state.
There are channels of space within life that perceives the information from
external space-time field and directs the system from within.

The Four Clocks

1] The universe is a clock. Life exists within it. Universe driven by gravity is
winding right to left or left right. This clock leads to singularity.
2 and 3] The second and third clock related to Life. Life has male and female
or dominant and recessive or parallel worlds. Both have heart [central field]
and mind [external body field]. The heart is life giving, it is always directed
against Gravity. What creates time is mind that slowly moves like a


needle of a clock. The clock in masculine and feminine seems to have

opposite direction. This eventually stresses the system to first, second and
third critical point. We saw that material universe or Gravity can be right or
left winding not both. In a double torus, one of the pair is always opposing
the universal time direction. In contrast, the feminine clock tends to align
with gravity after the second critical point it tends to unwind and stores
energy as black mass. A new equilibrium can only be attained when the core
unites. This is sexual reproduction in Life.
4] Universe is Cosmic Being. There in an Absolute Heart and Mind. That is is
always directed against gravity. Our heart and mind is relative to Absolute.
This extended to cosmic level becomes the Ekpyrotic
Scenario of Creation It needs to be understood from eastern
point of view of consciousness and intelligence unfolding and

Chapter -4
The Cosmic Picture The Creation of Super Massive
Black Holes
Following points are very important to perceive the cosmic picture
and go ahead to understand the world and the time we live in.
1] Helium atoms are created in pairs, one with right twist and other with left
twist. The formation of helium atom is a fusion process that releases light
and heat. Since gravity is fundamental force, helium atom of same twist can
swirl in same direction and coalesce to create observable supermassive
black holes. Thus, helium atom can form two types of stellar system one
right winding and another left winding.
Black holes are very much discussed aspect in scientific circles and they
remain enigma see Reference -12, 13,14,14A. 14B, 14C, Early vision was that
it is supposed to eat up all information [energy and matter] and go into
singularity. However, it made no sense. Later it blew up into an intellectual
fight between Prof. Stephen Hawking and Prof. Leonard Susskind Ref 14C. I
feel reader should see this video to understand a black hole.



How I see a Black Hole

A simple Three Step Quantum Explanation
We saw that massive black holes could form as inert helium atoms of the
same spin coagulate under gravity and time. The three steps are

Outer core is where the hydrogen atoms fuse to form inert atoms. This
involves release of heat, which manifests as its glow.

We noted that inert atoms are formed by fusion of right winding and
left winding hydrogen atom but virtue of non-equilibrium will have right
or left twist. At the event horizon, these helium atom can rip, one atom
being thrown out and the other being sucked in. The one that is going
out can feed the formation of more helium atoms. Thus keep the stellar
system burning. It also gives stability to black hole from collapsing.

The atom that falls into black hole will go to a secondary horizon where
it is ripped apart to form two quantum particles. One goes towards the
center and other exist between the first and second horizons.

The gravity and time direction invariably means the black hole should
open periodically leaking energy towards a Cosmic Center. See Fig



Time and Gravity siphoning energy particles or light from black hole through
to a Cosmic Center leads to
Production of hydrogen atoms and helium atoms and atoms of periodic
table towards the Cosmic Center. This cosmic center by virtue of
non-equilibrium design need not be a Geometrical Center. It
will be an off centered center as heart of a living system and
earth in the solar system from which we try to observer the
distant galaxies.

Since this particle is spiraling to the cosmic center, it also can produce
back flow of energy and thus giving stability to the system. Recall a
drill working. A drill cannot move one bit unless it displaces the field it
is drilling. In other words, information is also flowing back.

Though the back flow can give stability, it cannot stop gravity
and time directed to Cosmic Center. Time invariably means a
flow favors a direction to Cosmic Center. A Big Bang therefore
is inevitable. The Cosmic Center now becomes the drama
field of everything we witness.



Important Note The above thinking presents us outer and inner world
that are communicated and works as one. The time in the whole system is
directed to cosmic center. The outer world is expanding by leaking energy
and inner world is contracting by accumulating energy.

God Atoms and God Particles

Now we can visualize a Supreme Quantum Coupled helium molecule
[Double Torus] or Living Molecule at cosmic center, one right
winding and another left winding one dominant the other recessive.
Their dance and creativity can create a force that opposes the time
direction to cosmos [see fig -14]. The three basic processes
discussed before makes it capable of existing in time. This in
simplicity accounts for the Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation

The key aspect is the Dominant Supreme inert Atom wound to

certain maximum limit, opens up a string and to be deposited in
the feminine Supreme Atom that is unwound to critical limit. It
forms the seed that conquers time and death and evolves the
system to survive time [See fig-16]. In life, we understand it as
reproduction where information de-differentiates mixes to evolve
to survive time. In reality, it is two space-time realities carrying
energy and information mixing to create a new order.
The three basic processes, along with creativity that we discussed before,
make it capable of existing in time. This thinking helps us to visualize


creation from one Supreme Central Double Torus or Living molecule

that is capable showing creativity. We thus see a pair of God

Atoms and God Particle working from center of Cosmos to oppose
the Gravity and Time to sustain the cosmos. This brings us to
concept of God and Goddess in spiritual scriptures. It also brings us to the
concept of God as Light.
Note - We can end this article right here leaving further build up to
the reader. However, in order to facilitate the link between the
spiritual knowledge and scientific, I am adding few more chapters.

Chapter -5

Living Reality of Cosmos

Important Note The consequence of our arguments in
previous chapter forces us to seek an inside out picture that
is based on Life and develop a Living Universe Theory as the
ancient east developed.
This instinct and creative potentials of inert atoms on earth, I conclude is the
beginning point of life and the complex living system we see in nature. They
struggle to sustain the equilibrium or symmetry they have attained in space.

The inner space of the inert atom is the key to this instinct
and creativity. The ancient eastern spiritualist spoke this
space as conscious and intelligent field. They also visualize
a Supreme Conscious and Intelligent field, which they called
God Consciousness and Intelligence.
The struggle to sustain equilibrium is a continuous process leading to birth,
death sustenance through creativity and information development in life. We
saw the cosmic reality with two Primal Inert Atoms at the center of Cosmos.
The question arises what form of Life is the Universe. This calls us to evolve
the picture of Cosmic Reality and Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation including
other possibilities



The earth has many types of living beings. We need to account for all of
them. The most simple are single celled beings, the most complex being we
the human beings who strive to understand Nature and God.

Different forms of Life and its possible information

Processing Unit
Table -1: Possible source of life forms and its information
processing units
Single Inert helium

Single celled

A pair of helium

Plant Life

Inert Neon Atom

Animal Life

Inert Argon Atom

Human life

Functional Unit of information

is 4- - [two paired] The parallel
world [male and female] exists
Functional Unit of information
is 8 [ 4 paired] and is dynamic-.
Parallel world [male and
female] exists as one
Functional Unite of information
is 16 [8 paired]. Parallel world
[male and female] exists
Functional Unit of information
is 32 [16 paired]. Parallel
world [male and female] are

The Manifestation of Mind -Very Important points

to note
1] Technically this means the basic information unit in life is not paired as
science thinks. It is 2 paired in living system formed from single inert atom.
Single inert atoms possibly forms circular DNA and lower life system such as
virus and single celled bacteria, protozoa, fungi, algae. We saw there can be
two types of inert atoms the right winding or left winding or positive and
negative. The positive and negative or parallel worlds are quantum
entangled and information is communicated through the black hole in space.
Even single celled organism has this positive and negative differentiation.



2] When two inert helium atoms, with opposite twist form a pair [Double
Torus], it gives rise to information that functions as four paired units. The
double torus possibly gives rise to the plant kingdom where plane
and female exist as one. Here two black holes interact to balance right
and left of the system through information exchange. The system as a whole
has left or right winding orientation. The right winding system is quantum
entangled with left winding pair.
Note important - Since the system struggles to sustain certain equilibrium
and resist move toward the center or away from the center all plant species
prefers to mix the information, than self-pollinating. This means, when we
attempt to clone life, we are actually destroying the species
inherent potentials to evolve and survive time.
3] From periodic table, we note that, neon and argon atoms have
inner structure and outer structures see Fig -15. The DNA
molecules in these cases are built on the outer structure. The outer
structure in neon atom is open structure in three-dimensional space
capable of communicating with internal black hole. They seem to form
animal kingdom.



However, in argon it is a closed structure in three-dimensional space.

These eight black holes when compressed to second critical point form a
Great Portal or Black hole that communicates with external
world. This also can also displace the central black and make it off
centered. The argon structure is possibly is the basis of human kingdom.

This 10th black hole forms the seat of mind in humans

that becomes ego, self-centered and disconnected from
central space. From this fundamental point, I visualize plants and
animals being more conscious and intelligent than humans. It also tells
the limitation of human mind to know Truth. Truth or the
information of the system built on such structure exists in the
central black hole. The 10th black hole only is a portal connecting
the external body with the internal body. Ancient east thus
taught meditation and silencing of the mind to know Truth.
We must note that life exist in Time cycle. It has birth, death and rebirth. We
understand life by two basic phases. The figure [Fig-16] expresses the time
direction and singularity in parallel worlds and the conquering of time and its


initialization. We discussed it in the previous part also. What is conceiving

and giving birth is the Cosmic Field and Intelligence.

Role of Human Mind in Nature

Among life, humans are considered the most advanced. He stands at the
highest point of pyramid of life. This means we have to reconstruct the
Picture of Cosmic Reality we figured above bringing Humans to the
center stage.
The cosmic picture we visualized, had two inert atom at the center. We now
see humans have a different structure. It has a structure of Argon Atom. In
Argon atom male and female are independent. However, they are Quantum
Entangled. The structure of argon atom we saw consists of 8 black hole
around a central black hole. When this 8 black hole compress to second
critical state they create a 10th black hole which we saw as the mind which is
the portal through which internal world communicates with external world.
Assuming parallel world [male and female] our cosmic picture now has two
minds one dominant and the other recessive.
The mind of humans in its initial two phases of Quantum Cycle, is aligned
with the center but tends to change direction after the second phase. We can
understand it from child growing into adult hood.

Once a mind matures into adulthood, it begins to express

His I. This is natural. Here the mind is attracted to
opposite world. This too is natural. This is a period of
uncertainty. The darkness, death or evil or devil forces,
whatever you call it, acts here. The importance of spiritual
institutions, upbringing of a Child and education system in
our society comes here.
These institutions are supposed to strive to help the individual to connect
to his consciousness and light within and walk the path of Truth and
Justice, strengthening oneself, once family, community and whole. They
are supposed to resist us from becoming a self-centered and slave to
material world. Unfortunately, the modern religious insitutions and
educational institutions have failed in this vital segment and thus Socieity
is edging to great disorder. Every institution of modern world both


religious and educational creates slaves. An individual connected to the

consciousness grows in true strength. He connects to His parents and
strengthens his family, community and thus to Kingdom of God.
The deterioration of the system begins when people in
religious institutions deteriorate. They are supposed to be
connected to the consciousness and intelligence, live a nonself-centered life, strive to connect to the Universal
Consciousness and Intelligence or God field and bring Light
and Life to humanity. Their ego and material centeredness
leads to their fall. When they lose Light and become unable to
Transmit Gods Light and life, they seat God in idols and
manifest many religions, temples, churches etc. People
therein proclaim themselves as ministers of God and begin to
exploit common person and live by their sweat and blood.
This corruption then infiltrates into all other realms of the
society, and people fallow the same path unconsciously. The
root of materialism exists here.
Humans by virtue of its structure, have distinct inner realm and outer realm.
The inner realm is realm of heart and its thoughts. It controls the vitality. The
outer realm is brain and its thoughts. The hearts of all life instinctively
functions to oppose Gravity and its force. Its thoughts can be positively
or negatively oriented once it matures. Similarly, mind and brain works to
sustain the external body and its thoughts can take a positive or negative
orientation. Thus, human thoughts play vital role in the sustenance of life.
The spiritual scriptures of the ancient, speaks extensively about human

A self-centered heart and mind is negative and

works against Life and its Force. It works against the
conscious field. Thus, scriptures forbid eating from
the fruit of the tree at the center. Tree at the center
here is the point to which material world and its field
and force Points. It has to be visualized as a call not
to become self-centered. A self-centered heart and
mind fails to work with Life or conscious Force, it



breaks Truth and Justice and thus begins the

All life is bestowed with two phases
1] Phase of Creation and restoration phase The time here is directed to
order. Here the masculine information exists within the black hole of the
recessive, conquering time and death and initializing itself. In the context of
Cosmic Reality, we can visualize this as light, information, intelligence,
knowledge and wisdom unfolding [Fig -16]. It is Big Bang explosion of
Information, which conquers time and death and initializes the system into
New-Time Cycle. It takes place in an Ekpyrotic way. The spirit or
information from parallel world unites to from the Spiritual Body.
This then builds a physical body around it and delivers it out of
black hole to start New Time Cycle. This phase has two parts. The first
part takes place in black hole, the second part begins with birth. This could
visualized from conception and growth of child in the womb, the second part
of first phase is birth and first part of child hood.
2] Phase of sustenance Phase of Truth and Justice. The system in this
phase strives to sustain the creation by creating duality and constantly
strives to balance it. We can visualize this as a period when information
enfolds. The light, information, intelligence, knowledge now gives way to
darkness and ignorance. Time here is directed to disorder. This too has two
phases, one where uncertainty and duality begins, [early adult hood] and
second part where adult mind becomes self-centered. This now leads to third
critical point at which death becomes inevitable. The death for the Living
Universe is inconceivable, and thus recreation and restoration should begin
at this point so that the system Survives. The dominant information [heart
and mind] conceives within the feminine and goes into Recreation and

Very Very Very Important Point

Previously we saw a cosmic picture with a Pair of inert Helium atom
that can show creativity as the core of cosmic picture. Now we need
to extend this picture involving a pair of Argon Atoms. In other words,
we need to develop a Cosmic Picture that is Human centered. We are
dealing here with two Atoms whose core is Quantum entangled. The
atom has inner space that is conscious and intelligent and carries the
information. However, the DNA and the body of it is built on external


cover which has 8 black holes and which develops 10 th black hole that
is the connecting point with external world and forms the welldeveloped Mind. We need to take note of few important points here.

1] This means our cosmic picture has two minds [male and
female minds]. This forms the core on which we need to develop a
cosmic picture that is sensible and incorporates the modern science
and spiritual science of the ancient.

2] There is inner conscious field [The field of the heart] that is real,
carries the information of the whole system and controls the vital
functions. It gives life and sustains life. This control is assisted by the
surrounding 8 black hole around the central black hole [See fig- 15].
The 10th black hole is the outer conscious field [Field of the Mind and
Body] is unreal illusionary and manifest in time. It is simply a portal of
information flow from inner to outer world and outer to inner world.
The Inner helium atom of Neon and Argon atom form the realm of the
heart. It carries the vital information of the system. Thus, animal life
has underlying Spiritual or heart centered Governance, in addition to
external mind/body centered governance.
These realms are
completely independent in adult humans once the mind matures.
However, the internal world over rides the external world when life is
endangered. This reflects in Autonomous Nervous System.
In short, there is structural difference between the souls of animals
of humans. Animals have a natural connectivity with inner realm in
all stages of its life cycle. They thus are more conscious and
intelligent than human. In contrast, humans when they grow into
adulthood, they tend to develops an Ego and I that disconnects
him from his inner world. He comes to live in illusions of the mind.
Mind is power portal both for forces moving from inside to out and
outside to inside. Thus, he is the only species that needs laws to
govern his social activity. The basic law that govern the Cosmos is
not to use the Power bestowed on human mind for self. Observing
and Understanding once self and understanding the Higher self
of Universe of which one is part thus becomes the greatest
knowledge according to ancient knowledge.



In short, we are related to one Supreme Heart and Mind.

The call of the Supreme, is to EXPEREIENCE the LOVE of
Supreme and keep faith in Him all the Time. All Scripture
speaks of our relationship to God as that of parent and
Children. God is Father and Mother. Human Quest is to
Experience the Love of God, know the Mind of God and
acquire His Power. We are heirs of His Kingdom. However,
the Mind of God is inaccessible to Humans. Scriptures says
that we cannot seek God. However, God comes in search of
us and reveals Himself. There is purpose around this. The
purpose is restoring the Kingdom of God. He reveals to
chosen minds that surrender to Him.

The Secret of Cosmos and its Functioning

The Cosmos is not beyond time. Science biggest problem is Time and
accounting for Big Bang, Black hole and information loss into it. [Ref- 10,
13, 14C]. We saw that the living vision could account for Big Bang and
Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation. Since it is important let us take a look
back at the important points
1] Science tells us, energy manifest into atoms. The first law that relates
to conservation says energy and matter are indestructible and that the
system works through transformation. This means there should be a
parallel world design, such that when energy to matter ratio increases in
one part in parallel world the opposite happens thus balancing the
2] We saw how inert atoms develops black hole and becomes is the
conscious and intelligent field that can show creativity and develop DNA
and complex living system. Black hole constantly works to sustain the
balance taking information from outer world and giving out information.
Life has parallel worlds [male and female], which means there are two
black holes that exists quantum entangled. Life survives time and death,
when information from male pierces and enters the parallel word [female]
and conceives.
2] We also saw how a secondary conscious pseudo field manifests in
Adult humans, which wrongly thinks that it is the Creator and Controller
of Life. The Ego and I or self centeredness manifests in the mind of


humans and thus he becomes the most, unconscious and unintelligent

life. He ends up destroying his own species and his abode in the name of
making a life and in the name of pleasing God. The world we see is the
product of self-centered mind that is slave to material world.
3] Duality and Relativity is a Reality. This means that a picture of cosmos
should be related to TWO SUPREME SOULS or inert atom of Human type
[Argon atom] and its inner Conscious field that carries information. These
two argon atoms should form the parallel worlds that are one. This means
there are two personalities and minds to the universe masculine and
feminine that is one. In creation the masculine, the life giver and
sustainer, surrenders to feminine. We must note that out of billions of
cells only one cell is chosen from the masculine and feminine. Both break
down and reduce their information to ensure that the system survives. It
then uses the machinery of feminine to build a brand new body that
starts a New Life Cycle, beating time and death. In one to one
relationship, Mother supplies energy and matter to the child to build it
body. Energy and matter for the mother now should come from the
4] The basic processes that govern the development of information and
execution of information are to sustain certain equilibrium. In other
words, it is to balance the system. Thus, the key to Life is Truth and
Justice or Dharma. Parallel World or double torus are quantum entangled
and develops pairs of information. One of pair [masculine] here has a
spin opposite to material Cosmos. The other has spin that is directed with
spin of material cosmos. This means one experiences the stress of
gravity as a winding stress and sustains life through loss of information or
energy and shrinking of the black hole, the parallel world [feminine] that
has same spin as cosmos, opposes it by unwinding, but in time
yields gaining energy and information and stores it as Dark
Energy. In short, a time direction manifest in the whole system that
tends to fall into black hole of the feminine. As the system reaches the
Critical 3:1 ratio, and is poised to fall into singularity in the black hole, the
reproductive state comes into being. In other words, a creation and
restoration process begins. This creation and restoration process since it
happens in the black hole of the feminine or recessive, since the Primal
Souls have reduced and exists in creation, the body and mind of the
recessive cannot comprehend Truth. The Truth becomes comprehensible
only the Creator completes the creation and reveals. This will be


accompanied by separation. Recall the Centriole emerging after DNA

duplication and separating one cell into two. This also could also be
compared to Birth. The process is painful, once it is complete the pain
turns into Joy.
It is important to note that we are visualizing universe as two parallel
beings that are one. Each of them contains billions of worlds. Recall
masculine and feminine beings. This means we are visualizing two hearts
and two minds that are one. They are parental heart and mind. When
the parental heart and mind is in creation and restoration phase, what
rules us is the heart and mind of lesser souls. The lesser souls being part
of the whole cannot see the central Truth. Truth therefore reveals for a
purpose. The purpose is to defeat death and restore itself.
In short, the reorganization or recreation restoration process of the
Cosmos happens when, the masculine and feminine information reduces.
The masculine leaves its pair [mirror image of feminine] and goes to
penetrate the feminine and makes union with its quantum entangle pair
[Original Pair of of information ] to reorganize. Thus starts a singular
phase that dissolves to create a New Body to perpetuate in Time. This we
understood as reproduction. Here we see the participation of three
elements, the spirit/soul [information] of the male female. The feminine
body feeds the child forming within, and masculine body becomes its
feed. The question now is how to extend it to perceive Cosmic
Creation and its Existence accounting and including all that we
know from science and spiritual Knowledge.
The clue possibly exists in spiritual scriptures that visualizes universe as
Cosmic Man. We need to take some leaves from spiritual scriptures to
understand the science behind Cosmos. The Cosmic Man has both
masculine and feminine traits. In eastern philosophy Lord Shiva is
visualized as Half male and Half female. In west, the Bible depicts Jesus
with masculine and feminine Characters. His traits such as Love,
Acceptance and Forgiveness are feminine. However, His Second Coming
and judgment could be visualized as masculine. God in all scripture is
depicted as power that creates and sustains. He is not created and thus
he has no death. He simply exists and is eternal. All this fits the
information aspect of science. Information and knowledge is neither
created or destroyed. The universal Cosmic Cycle is Information or



conscious and intelligent field of the Creator Souls [Father and Mother]
Unfolding to Create and Enfolding to sustain.
The above can be understood from the conceived Egg Cell dividing to
form two cells out of one. This division is preceded by a bright object
called centriole emerging on one side of the cell wall which then splits
and moves creating fibers that pull the DNA apart and twitches the one
cell into two.
We must note that, we the humans or the created in His image, become
the body of the Creator. The death relates to the body. The underlying
information that creates does not die. The death to the body comes
because ego, self and I of the created who takes the Forbidden
Path. The most incomprehensible aspect of Big Bang and even Ekpyrotic
scenario is that, how the cosmic system constricts to a point to explode
and how the reverse Journey to big bang occurs.
The Big Bang Truth and the reverse journey can only be understood from
biological and information point. The complete comprehensions can only
come when we incorporate the first law of Energy. which states that the
system works through TRANSFORMATION. Since the ego, I or self of
the created is the cause for the fall kingdom of God, and since the
created actually is the kingdom of God in which God exist, the only way
out for God the creator is to make penance and Transform His body and
give it New Life with free will to souls. We possible are that recreation and
restoration phase, through the self-sacrifice of the Creator. Bible speaks
it, so too the Vedas. Yajurveda VS 30-31 says that Creation Occurred
when the Creator was sacrificed.
We must note that no judge has any role to play when all are corrupt and
taken one side. The only way the Judge can take back his Position is by
forgiving and giving opportunity to people to return by repentance.
There is a thought experiment in science that has significance to explain
Self-organizing Spirit God. I feel it is worth looking into it. It is called
Schrdingers cat in a box
Here a cat is kept in a box, with just enough space for it to move to the right
or left. At any one moment, cat can be on the right or left of the box not
both. Now imagine a shooter shoots a bullet at the box. The chance the cat

is alive or dead is 50%. The state of the cat reveals only when shooter
opens the box and looks at the cat. The paradox is that the chance that cat
is alive or dead is same even after shooting it a billion times. The state of
the cat reveals only when we open it. That is impossible for any humans to

Let us visualize in place of cat ourselves in it. We have been separated for
ages based on sex. religion, cast and creed. We have been taught by
religious leaders to view the opposite as enemy and thus create a mind-set
of killing. None of us is qualified to open the box to find Life. If there is
anyone who is entitled to open it and find life, then it is the Creator

God existed in both the boxes at the same time as

the impossible chance that survived. I feel when Christ
manifested these primal informations came together to
from the Cosmic Being. When He made self-sacrifice at
Calvary, He released the God Spirit [Holy Spirit or Brahman
or al-Ruh and al-Quds] from within to open the Box.
This is explored in detail the article is hinted in discussed and explored in the
write-up Third Wave to Fourth Wave A critical Quantum Shift

The Question of Time, Big-Bang and Evolution

The creation evolution is a question of great debate. The creativity that we
visualized gives a physical and structural evolution of the body based on
localized stress. This has immense possibilities and directions. It has no
specific time direction. Universe without adult human minds we noted has no
time direction. It is a self-sustaining Gaia. However, the time direction for
the cosmos comes into being from the Adult Mind, that disconnects from its
consciousness and intelligence within, become self-centered and slave to
material world. Such Minds aligns its force with material world and its force.
In short, time direction manifest as human mind loses connection with his
consciousness and intelligence field and goes ahead to work against
Universal Consciousness and Intelligence that sustains the whole system.
Beyond some point, it endangers Cosmic Being forcing the system to go back
into recreation and restoration.
This recreation and restoration needs to be understood as Transformation of
Human heart, giving it New Life and illumination of his intellect by the


Universal Consciousness and intelligence unfolding from within. In other

words, Time Cycle needs to be understood as Knowledge deterioration and
its restoration. Knowledge is synonymous with light. Knowledge is Power.
When Knowledge and power is used for self, truth and justice deteriorates.
This leads to fall of individual and society from Light Age [Golden Age] to
Dark Age [Iron Age].
Humans form the body of Cosmic Being. When they use the knowledge and
Power bestowed on them for self he becomes the cause for disorder and
destruction. We are in the peak of this disorder and destruction. We are
heading to destructive singularity, driven by unilateral exponential increase
in heat of the system. What we fail to understand is how order manifest out
of great disorder. How death gives way to Life. Modern science that
visualizes Universe as material sees everything falling into Black Hole into
singularity [Big Bang] and fail to perceive, the reversal of time and time
initialization. It fails to comprehend the force opposing it that Einstein very
much tried to invent. Thus, we are failing to understand how Great Disorder
can give way spontaneous order.
Time and Time cycle makes sense when we visualize it as consciousness and
intelligence shrinking and unfolding or exploding from within, thus sustain
the system eternally. This leads us an Absolute Creator Consciousness and
Intelligence, with which we are relative. The living Universe seems to have
Physical Realm and Spiritual Realm. Time relates to Spiritual Realm. It is
deterioration of knowledge or light. It comes from self of people in higher
realm. Thus, much of misery we are encountering on earth can be deduced
to Ego and Self of people who teach us spirituality from religious
instutions. I believe there were no temples, churches, in the initial period of
time cycle. People in the initial time knew Truth and light and walked in it.
The temples, churches possibly came when this knowledge or light cycle,
deteriorated to enter the Bronze-Age. From quantum-mechanical point, it is
the point past the mid-point.
Since Knowledge deterioration starts from Ego and Self, of
people occupying the top realms instituted to hold and spread light,
it becomes impossible for common person to resist it. Thus, the
Supreme Being is forced to manifest to change the direction of
Time. Since Ego and self of Gods own people entrusted with
power and knowledge is the cause for fall of the system. The
Supreme and the most powerful had to manifest to make self51


sacrifice. Thus, I feel and believe Calvary-Sacrifice is critical to the

return of humanity to Golden Age. The Spirit or Light or Life that
was unfolded is working to liberate us from clutches of religion and
lead us to truth
The knowledge cycle appears to have 8 thousand year cycle, 2 thousand
years being Golden Age, when knowledge is maximum and is followed by
two thousand years of Silver, Bronze and Iron Age. Iron Age being the last
age when, disorder and destruction peaks. This is the age of maximum
Untruth and Injustice. We live in the peak of Iron Age. Our hope exist in
Universal Consciousness and intelligence that unfolding from within to
conquer the disorder and destruction of Iron Age. It lifts humanity and brings
him back to Golden Age. How much strain and pain we have to endure I am
not sure. This period is compared to Birth Pain in spiritual scriptures.

Chapter -6

The Key difference between East and

Western Knowledge
Science defines Autonomous Nervous system as responsible for unconscious
response actions. In reality, it is the most conscious action.
What science tells us as conscious action is actually an unconscious action. It
is an action that comes out of the brain and the information fed to it from our
Temples of religions and Temples of Science. Ignorance of Truth is the basis
of this action. Truth and Light, specially the Living light thus becomes the
most important reality that humanity needs to awaken.
The Truth becomes not assessable to human mind, especially when the
system is in down phase going down to darkness and disorder. In this phase
Creator, exist as only a witness and Judge who perceives every acts taking
place in the body. When 3/4th souls becomes directed to disorder,
destruction, it is impossible for any common person to work against it. Thus,
the creator has to manifest to save His Kingdom.
Human heart and mind in child hood is instinctively directed with Life
Force. However, when Mind matures, it becomes self-centered. Here
they tend to overlook the relationship with parents, and God. In short,


it disconnects from His Consciousness and intelligence and the

Universal Consciousness and Intelligence. It is in this period, the evil
intelligent mind make Souls on earth as its slaves.
Mind functions on information that it has gained from the external
world through the five extensions of the mind. When this field mature
and separates from inner conscious and intelligent field, it develops
an Ego or I factor. The root of all corruption exists here.
The spiritual scripture and its teachings when interpreted
properly and in simplicity, it becomes call to humanity not to
develop this I or ego, instead be ever connected to the
consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice. It calls
us to works for Truth and Justice. Ancient India and its cultures are
directed to help people connect to the consciousness and walk the
path of Truth and Justice. They have striven to educate that that you
are not independent but a part of Whole Being and that you are called
to serve it. Before religions formed what governed, India is this
spiritual knowledge. This period is called Golden Age Age when
humans Knew God and walked the path of Truth and Justice
Much of religious practices we practice have only resistive property, it has
no creative potential. Most ancient culture and practices, introduced with
good intent, are today corrupted and do not fit the time Zone in which we
live. Scriptures were written, culture and practices were advocated by truly
intelligent people as resistive measure, when the system is going down
phase. The spiritual knowledge in all its Glory Shined in east and the best
culture and practices possibly existed in ancient India and its culture. They
taught and gave humanity Ayurveda, yoga, Pranayama and various
meditation techniques to connect to the consciousness and awaken the Life
Force within for good health and clear thinking.
Life has to be understood from energetic point. We the living being actually
exists in a Pulsating cyclic wave. Our cyclic pulsating wave exists in cyclic
parental wave. There are upper and lower limits to our wave. When our
wave peaks and breaks the barrier, the body stores it as negative energy.
This can hinder the functioning of Life. This accumulated black or negative
energy, when it reaches a critical mass it causes visible diseases. The
conscious field of life can clear, much of this negative energy if it is given
free will. Much of this negative energy accumulates because of minds


interference into the functioning of the Conscious field. All life and even our
earth are bestowed with a dark phase when mind sleeps and the inner
conscious field works to clean.
Just as quantum structure, sleep has four phases. None of us can reach the
fourth stage of the sleep at where absolute cleaning is possible. In this state,
mind is absolutely still and conscious field works to maximum potential to
rectify the negative energy in the body.
The life science, the knowledge that ancient East taught the world, has come
from meditation, where they brought the mind to stand still to observe the
inner world without interfering into to its function. This is how they
discovered the conscious and intelligent field. The knowledge they gained
from this realm is what they spoke to the world. It is much superior
knowledge when compared to western Knowledge.
Those who sought God and Truth entered another realm, the realm of
Universal Consciousness and Intelligence, which is the Source field of
everything and is the eternal field that Creates and Sustains. Entering this
field and staying there is the ultimate desire of spiritual adventurers. This
field is the goal all souls that meditate for years. This field cannot be entered
ordinarily. Those who enter this field attain special powers. However, in the
universal Time Cycle there is a short period, when this field is opened for all
souls with free will. This phase is the creation and restoration phase, when
the Primal Soul unfolds its information to Transform and Restore its body to a
New Time Cycle. Anyone who enters this field with self, power and material
centered intent fall down when New Time begins to manifest. The ancient
east spoke of this in terms of Karma.
Note complete understanding of the above statement calls for taking pages
from Spiritual scriptures. This is dealt in another write up. See Third Wave to
Forth Wave A critical Quantum Shift
We did see that deterioration of the society begins when its spiritual
institutions deteriorate. They are supposed to be holders of Light and spread
it without self. They are supposed to protect Truth and Justice. When they
compromise with Evil Kings and Rich and become self and material centered,
the society deteriorates. We all know modern science emerged, when Christ
and His Supreme Sacrifice was used as means to amass wealth and rule



people with iron hands. Science is a quest of human mind against odds to
know God and Truth independently of religious institutions
We are in the last period of Universal Cycle, where human self, disorder and
destruction is increasing as never before. Material centered rulers are
pushing earth to her Critical Limit, They are exploiting the partial knowledge
gained by Temples of Science recklessly. Consequently, Earths climate is
experiencing huge up and falls as never before. It is bringing huge
destruction. It could be compared to the cardiogram of

system that is in near death situation. Earth is becoming

fragile and its biosphere is collapsing.
The worse than this scenario is the evil and fanatic minds in the religious
institutions are using this unstable period to fish in troubled waters? They are
trying to advance their self, their material interest and power at all cost. The
Spirit of the system Cosmic System, shed at Calvary is calling us to awaken
to Truth and Return to the Glorious Period or Golden Age.

Chapter -7

The End Time and Two Dangers the World is

We are in end time scenario. End time is pictured negatively. The world is
endangered because of lack of Truth and Knowledge. We are captive of
corrupt evil minds operating from all realm of the society causing the
deterioration and disorder. Only Truth, Knowledge or Light can save the
Two dangers to the world stood out before me, as I stood with my
consciousness and revolted to leave my lucrative career in science to be a
small farmer in an interior village and pursue Truth from a point of freedom.
They are
1] Exponentially increasing heat of the environment
2] Religious friction, people crying blood in the name of unseen God
From industrial era we have been exponentially increasing heat of the
environment. He we know increases the disorder in the system. Teapot with


tea powder speaks this. Earth seems to work to sustain the temperature
and at some point, it is bound fail, leading to huge climate catastrophes.
Religions speak of Life, Love, Truth and Justice. It speaks of kingdom of God,
which is truth and justice, peace, happiness and order. But religions of the
world seem to takin us to the opposite way.
This meant that both our scientific and religious knowledge is
taking self-destructive paths. It is incomplete and needs to evolve.
We are in a world where religions are clashing and shedding blood in the
name of God. We can locate the hand of religions in every war and terrorism.
With nations and its leader, for the sake of power, sides with one or other
religions, with weapons of mass destruction in hand this threat is more than
any other threat to humanity and His survival. Every religion today has its
own TV, web site bombarding human minds, ensuring an increase in their
power. All the religions are thriving to build their Kingdom, not the Kingdom
of God. They are thriving to enslave humans not liberate them.
The first threat is becoming evident from Global warming and accelerated
changes in climate leading to huge destruction from all the forces of nature.
This unchecked can lead us to near total destruction of the society we have
built on the present science. Noble laureate and the father of Modern Living
Theory [Gaia hypothesis] did warn the world that Mother Earth would destroy
5/6th of the population [Ref - 57 to 61]. He has given 100 years gap.
However, I dont see that much gap.
People are awakening to Global warming and dramatic climatic change, but
government, which exist as slaves to rich, who have much of their
investment in Oil and other industries fail to awaken. The modern science
attributes it to atmospheric CO2. Its root however exists in Heat or energy of
the environment. It is discussed in the next chapter.


The increasing Climate Catastrophes The

cause and solution
The Design and functioning of Earth


We saw that universe is energetic as well as material. The motion that we

witness is reflection of motion in energetic world. The motion in energetic
world happens to balance the system.
Earths Design and functioning reflects a struggle to balance the ratio of
energy to matter within a limit there by the temperature. Earth that inhabits
life and we humans, take an off-centered central position in the cosmos.
Earth seems to function much like a heart of a living system. Heart is a
double pump that works constantly to maintain the life. It plays a crucial role
in sustaining the temperature of the system. Earth similarly has a parallel
and dual pump design and works to sustain the Temperature of Earth within
a limit. Earth seems to have double Torus Design [See Fig-18].

When one part of Earth awakens to Sunlight, heats up and unwinds

[energizing Cycle], simultaneously another part goes into darkness, cools
down and winds [materializing cycle] to balance the system. As the heating
peaks to a limit it give way to darkness and simultaneously in opposite part,
darkness peaks and it gives way to Light. This design means the system is
conscious and instantaneously communicated. The phase transitions leads
to a quantum pulse of the system that creates the spin and motion of the
system in cyclic manner. The pulse is then communicated through the whole
system in time. Thus, two forms of communication exist in life and in
Earths pulse and motion manifests as day and night cycle in which we live.
This 12 hour cycle, is embedded in bigger cycles with a peak of heat and
cooling 12 months. This manifests as Climatic cycles. We have still bigger
cycles of 12 years and so on to form one great cycle where energy peaks and


falls violently and possibly changing the direction of the flow in the system.
Here, we see a time direction, where everything can possibly be destroyed
by violent fluctuation of energy. The end situation is earth splitting and
turning inside out to reorganize.
This time direction is inevitable. The self-sustaining organism called universe
resists this time direction. God created Humans in His image and gave
dominion to him to rule and that he kept a resistance not eat from the tree at
the center. This invariably means humans had all the knowledge about earth
and its functioning. He knew how to live in harmony with nature.
However, this knowledge seems to have been lost in time, when minds in
institutions that were supposed to hold light and spread to generation, began
to become self-centered and slave to Kings and rich. The present state of
the world with increased climate catastrophes and social instability could be
traced to deterioration of Knowledge or Truth The present endangered state
of earth can be traced principally to spiritual deterioration of humanity and
his extreme slavery to material force. If I am to put it philosophically, it is
lack of Love and Respect to Father and Mother. This means the system is
going through a spiritual and physical overhaul
The physical changes on earth endangering humanity can be traced to

Exponentially increased heat released to environment since industrial

era. This is energizing the system and increasing the disorder.
The increased intervention into night cycle in which earth cools and
reorders the system
Reckless felling of forest and loss of greenery. Green plants transform
gravity into anti-gravity force, it transform matter and mass that winds,
into matter and mass [biological mass] that works against gravity and
time directed to collapse. Life we know grows against gravity.
The Earth system with plants cannot lead to collapse into singularity. It
can only lead to Anti-gravitational Collapse. Plant not only opposes the
Gravity and time of material world, but it also absorbs CO2 and
releases the O2 thus supporting higher life, including humans.
The cosmos with plant and animals are is self-organizing. The herbivore
controls plants and carnivore control herbivore. Noble laureate James
Lovelock proved this self-organizing nature to the world, but physicist
fail to take note of it.



The self-organizing picture breaks down, when we include humans with

intelligent mind. Human intelligence is self-centered and is directed to
the outer world. It exists as slave to material world and its force.

In short, Human activity in the absence of truth

actually is upsetting two vital ratios. One is Ratio of
Energy to matter and another O2 to CO2 ratio. Thus
he is ignorantly digging his own grave.
The exponentially increased the heat of the environment of earth stressing
earth to pulsate faster and faster. The flow of energy is accelerated to
sustain the temperature of the biosphere within limit. This is causing both
unwinding and winding stress on earth. The increased heat is leading to
increasing forest fire, wind bound destruction. In parallel, the cooling force is
leading to flash floods/snows. It is also making earth fragile and is making it
prone for mudslide and sinkholes. Its magnetic shield is also becoming fragile
opening up earth to risk from outer space. All this is stressing the biosphere.
The species including human are becoming restless. Restless human mind is
taking self-destructive path. We are seeing all this happen, yet we are failing
to open our eyes.

Unless we awaken, reduce the heat being released into the

environment we are doomed. This means we need to
change the very foundation of knowledge on which rest and
function. We are also forced to change the technologies on
which we rest and function that release much heat.

The Good News

[Note This is not a support for religions called Christianity]
The double torus and living, creative design with many worlds invariably
means earth has many grid points around earth, which forms its
environment, through which Gravity and Anti-gravity Force acts. Science that
visualizes universe as material sees only one side that winds to collapse into
singularity in Black hole. However, the living vision we discussed has two
forces one directed to the center and the other a Living Force [Conscious and
intelligent field] that is directed from inside to outside thus ensures that the
system exist eternally. This is Good News


As of now, this conscious and intelligent field is held in a

womb and its growing in parallel to shrinking of the material
Cosmic World and thus balancing the system. [Bring to mind
the picture of pregnant mother near to birthing a child]. The
system normalizes to enter to its glorious period when the
womb breaks and the Living Light emerges.
It is here we discovered Calvary as the Creation and
Restoration Point of Cosmos. Even Vedas, of the great
Eastern knowledge, supports it. Yajurveda VS:30-31 tells us
that Creation occurred through Sacrifice of the Creator and
this sacrifice was Conducted by His own people.
Since self and material slavery of Human heart and mind, which form the
body of Cosmic Being is the cause for the deterioration of the body, the
Creator Spirit has to intervene to restore His kingdom. This restoration is
manifesting through Self Sacrifice of Christ. The Spirit of Christ released is
Transforming souls, giving it New Life. It is working to illuminate human
minds such that it becomes liberated from slavery to darkness and come to
Light and live a life connected to consciousness and walk the path of Truth
and Justice. This awakening to Living light is the only way for Humanity can
survive on Earth.

Post Calvary is a scientific process of transformation

of souls, such that the Old Spiritual Body of Cosmic
Being is renewed and a new flesh body is forming
around it. In short, the Spirit that Christ released is
awakening our consciousness and intelligence such
that we march from darkness to light and once again
take guard of His Kingdom. He is releasing us from
the clutches of evil mind ruling us from various
The process completes when Spirit of Christ Reveals the Truth. Our
survival now exists in Knowing Truth of Nature and God beyond
religions and evolves into New Level of Knowledge. We need to
develop New Technologies based on Life such that the heat released
into the environment is reduced.


Conclusions and Discussion

Religion and Science are power centers that influence our thinking. Science
broke the overwhelming control over human mind by religious institutions.
Religions ruled human mind for several thousand years in the name of
Unseen Force called God. Science liberated human mind to think and explore
Truth and acquire Knowledge anew. History speaks that before science and
religions there possibly existed a time when Spirituality or Light and
Knowledge shined in the world. Humanity today as a whole is stressed to
evolve back into this Glorious Period called Golden Age.
In the first part of last century when E=mc2 and Uncertainty Theory was
discovered science broke in the middle. Science discovered that an energetic
field exist in matter and actually determines the material realm. The
energetic field they understood is not determinable and thus our very
scientific idea that we can determine the world we see began to break down.
This seemed to fit ancient mystic and their teaching. The simple
science of Newton now gave way to complex picture of nature. The
complexity was such that except for its advocators most failed to understand
it. In this backdrop, Religions and Spirituality began to make a comeback.
Science since then has evolved, technologically, but when it comes to
understanding nature and its basic truth it has failed miserably. Physicist are
so occupied with breaking atoms, predicting and exploiting nature, that they
have failed to see simple realities of nature and how their actions are
influencing the system they live in. Life has played important role in nature
and development of science. Galileo played role in first experiment of
science. A tree played a role as it dropped the apple on Newton. Einstein
played a role as he blew in his imagination a globe with spider on it to an
infinite size to develop his theory. In all these cases life was acting
against gravity.
Gravity is centripetal force, it tend to wind to a point. However, a plant,
animal and all life shows an opposite tendency. They oppose gravity and
grow against gravity. The second law of thermodynamic applied to material
world and living world also shows this opposition. Yet scientific community
obsessed with matter and breaking it failed to incorporate and develop
organic vision. The irony is that it has persisted, even after experiments in



quantum science has showed inseparable role of observer and human mind
in nature.
Some time I feel how stupid and insensitive we have become in time. We
have five senses but our temples of science and religions have rendered it
incapable. They have held us slave. Our earth and biosphere is collapsing,
under exponentially increased heat, yet we are failing to see it. It is common
sense that, when system that contains many subsystems is heated
unilaterally, disorder increases and the system begins to break down after
some point.
Truth and Justice is fundamental pivot of our Society. We see it
deteriorating as never before, yet we fail to awaken. We are seeing
bloodshed in the name of God, we see people exploiting us in the
name of religions and yet we are failing to awaken to our
consciousness and intelligence.
Anyone who is free from Platos Chair of Science and religions at
mouth of the cave [Allegory Ref -47], who is free in nature and the spirits
governing it, sees an Organic Reality and force acting against gravity. He
becomes self-realized and perceives his role in nature. He perceives the fact
how we humans are influencing nature.
As I left my career in science to be free in nature, human activity and its
influence on nature caught my attention. What caught my attention most is
the heat that human material activity is releasing into the environment.
Since the beginning of Industrial era, we are increasing the heat of the
environment in an exponential way. We are intruding into night cycle in
which earth cools. He thus is pushing the system into great disorder. The
situation is further aggravated by loss of forest and Greenery. Plants absorb
light, heat and CO2 and create biological mass, which acts against disorder.
This meant we are heading for catastrophic period of accelerated climate
change that can lead to huge destruction due to huge fire, wind, flash
flood/snows, earthquake and volcanic eruptions. The increasing CO2 and
decreasing O2 is of great concern for higher life. This tendency of the system
is increasingly becoming evident. The mass death of fish and birds is a
warning sign.
All the above realization is common sense, which even an
average person can understand. Yet the highly advanced


scientific and intellectual community is failing to awaken only

means we live in illusionary period as the ancient east spoke
Knowledge out to have brought order, peace and prosperity to humanity, in
contrast all knowledge we are acquiring is leading us into complexity and
disorder speaks that we are functioning on inferior knowledge and we are yet
to evolve to higher Knowledge. This prompted me to look to ancient
knowledge system and it appeared more sensible. The ancient knowledge I
felt has given way to religions with different God concept. The different
God concepts, over which people fight and shed blood, appeared
another threat to humanity. The root of it self-centeredness and
breaking of Truth and Justice.
Thus, I found necessity to Retreat to seek the fundamental flaws in
science and religion and review the whole system and its evolution
from a possible simplistic way. The quest was to unite scientific
development and God Reality in simple way, such that people living in
the Present Time can comprehend it.

The first step was to unite the concept of gravity and

concept charge. The Idea of unity of opposite, one giving way to
another, leading to a perpetual dance between two states that is very
evident in nature and depicted in ancient science, became the
founding stone. A breakthrough came when I began to introspect on
the concept of ratio. Incidentally, the concept of ratio existed in
ancient science. It is widely used in the field of biotechnology in which
I worked.
Note Great scientists Einstein and Paul Dirac did contemplate on replacing
the constants of physical equations with ratios
A critical break though and buildup of cosmic picture happened when
I imagined by Grace, a Light particle and its Quantum Dance creating
particulate and string characteristics on concept of charge. The next
critical step happened when I could construct atoms out of it and
visualize the development of space in atomic matter that carries
energy and information and has potential to create DNA and complex



Once the above fundamentals were sketched and the Principle governing it
was comprehended, all developments in science and the secret written in
spiritual scriptures now fitted effortlessly to give a Cosmic Picture that
eternally lives conquering time. Honestly, I have tried to think and break the
model from various contexts, but it has only grown stronger and stronger by
Grace. It is impossible that I could discuss with you, all the thought that
flowed in my mind, over three decades before it took the present shape.
The exercise led to visualize universe as a Cosmic Being. It is a Spiritual
Person. Knowing this spiritual Person and His functioning will lead us to
Higher Knowledge written in ancient east. Knowing and understanding of this
Spiritual Personality, will break our separation in the name of religions. This
can flush the evil minds operating from religious realm. There is truth hidden
all religious scriptures, it is time government initiates its scientific study
beyond religions and deduce it down to make it simple such that common
person can understand it beyond religions as science.
This write-up is not aimed to prove something. A life is spent on it. It comes
to you because it is a spiritual call, associated with a humanitarian call. I
believe spirituality is not simply disassociating from society rather it brings a
call and accountability to society. There was a time, when the importance of
my thinking and many applied aspects linked to the thinking, led me to write
to many temples of science, institutes. Lack of response, led me to conserve
my energy to core thinking. At this retiring age, I simply do my duty and
conscious call rest I leave it to His will.
Our future on earth is endangered by wrong thinking, wrong interpretation of
experiments, wrong teaching from science and religious institutions. It is
time we correct it to escape the wrath of Mother Nature. Further, fanatic
religious leaders endanger humanity and its existence on earth. They exist in
all religions and subdue the good souls. I do not call them fanatics, but
choose to call them evil minds, which are self-centered and seek power,
money and easy life, playing on minds of common people. They try to create
their kingdoms by misleading people and making them slaves. They create
fanatic and bloodthirsty souls in society. They create opposite and create a
society that is in perpetual war and destruction. They hide Truth and Light
from Common persons.
Light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance are inevitable duality in which
system exist. Knowledge of Light and darkness is the Truth. The best


teachings of Truth exist in east. The darkness is a necessity for light to shine.
Higher the darkness, higher is the brightness of Light. Thus from great
darkness the light emerges to create Life and order. This reality is what all
scriptures speak. Darkness is lack of knowledge and Light. Faith and belief,
is to have awareness that darkness cannot prevail over the light.
Hiding of Light/knowledge and Emerging of Light/knowledge
manifest as the Universal Time cycle. The former is Human
Nature, later is Divine Nature. Divine nature prompts us to
seek knowledge and come to Light and Glory, the human
nature resist it.
The key to all spiritual scripture is being conscious and intelligent and
walking the path of Truth and Justice. Anyone who helps you connect to the
consciousness and intelligence and leads you to Universal Consciousness
and intelligence are called as Gods people. The Kingdom God belongs to
them. It does not belong to those who tied you to Temples and Churches and
lived by your sweat and blood. When the Creator Spirit is in Creation state all
are free to move up or down the ladder and take new space-time position in
His Kingdom. However, once Quantum collapse occurs, this is not easily
possible. More of spiritual aspect is discussed in another write-up From
Third wave to Fourth Wave A Critical Quantum Shift

Part -2

Glimpses of Future Technologies

Energy, information processing, water
conservation, Medicine and Health, Food and
In the absence of Truth, the world is tending to critical state of disorder and
destruction powered by modern science. Increasing heat of the environment
is the principle cause of disorder and increasing climate catastrophe. Evil
self-centered religious leaders also endanger us. They fish in troubled waters
and work to advance their self at all cost. They work to build their kingdom
at the cost of Kingdom of God. They create fanatic minds that exist as their
salves. They create separation and have direct and indirect hand in most
war, terrorism and misery on earth. If we fail to awaken to our senses,


connect to the consciousness and intelligence within and see our oneness,
we are doomed.
Half the war against darkness and disorder of the world is
conquered, when our separation in the name of religions dissolves
and we see the oneness. The disorder can turn into order and life
when humanity awakens to His consciousness and intelligence,
knows Truth and walks the path of Truth and Justice instinctively
without any compulsions. Only this can help mitigate
corruption at various levels of society.
Truth can initiate the onset of order from within. But manifestation of order
calls for knowledge and wisdom that spreads the system to transform it and
help it to sustain the system and create space for Growth. As of now, global
system is working on inferior or material knowledge.
This inferior understanding and inferior technologies is supporting the
modern global system in several important realms. The main ones are
Energy generation and its use
Information and communication
Health and medication
Food and Agriculture
Our understanding has to evolve these technologies such that it serves the
ultimate purpose. They are vital and we need to upgrade it. The Quantum
Dynamic Picture of nature built on a Holographic Principle and Design
applicable at particulate, atom and whole to Cosmic Living universe level, is
nothing new. It is discussed, in ancient philosophies of east. I by Grace am
attempting to interpret it in respect to the present Time, such that it can
facilitate smooth transfer to Golden Age. It is inevitable the Kingdom of God
Manifest. Nothing can stop it. The quicker we realize lesser is the pain we
We noted that the principle cause for increased disorder and
destruction is exponentially increasing heat from our
industries related to energy generation and information and
communication industry. Since earth has reached the limit of
endurance of heat, and we are threatened by fire, water and
earth forces. It has become vital we advance the technologies
in these areas.


The technological ideas I propose are based on life. To perceive the potential
in life let me call your attention briefly to life.
A human heart the size of the left fist pumps blood carrying
several trillions of cells along 100000 KM 20 times per
minute. Human brain is much more than a super computer
capable of processes trillions of bits of informations every
second. In addition, it conducts processes such as digestion,
excretion, cell renewal and so on. All these process happens
in a cell too. Life does this multitasking with the help of few
pieces of bread and few glasses of water. Indian saints have
shown life can survive prolonged time taking water and
energy from nature. What is important is that, when
compared what motor vehicle or computer generates the heat
that these wonder machine and super computer releases to
the environment is negligible. In short, it has advanced
technologies within it that conserves energy and uses it with
maximum efficiency. It also has ability to conserve water and
use it efficiently.
Life and its functioning speaks of immense technological innovation open to
humanity in the field of
Energy its use and conservation,
Information and its processing,
Water use and its conservation
No wonder a famous theoretical physicist Dr. Micho Kaku said that we are
Type Zero Civilization that lives on dead plants and that we are yet to
evolve to higher levels [Ref - 73 ] The technological scope ahead are
immense, we have potential to develop wonder machines that fly and move
in three dimensional space with least friction. We have potentials to develop
super computers that release very less heat. We have Scope to develop
simple technologies to conserve water and use it efficiently to sustain life.
Three decades of my life in nature did open thoughts of many simple nature
compatible technologies. However, as small farmer, I was not in a position
enquire in it. I chose save my energy, my core call of setting the foundation
right. I believe multitude temples of science and minds there off can spring
into action once the fundamentals are corrected.



Possible New Technology for energy

generation and its efficient use
The problem of environmental heat is acute. We need to manage earths
environment in terms of heat if we are to survive on earth. Awakening to
simple Design and Principle on which Earth sustains its temperature and
supports life and ecosphere discussed previously can help us take immediate
measure to survive the increasing climate catastrophe. However, our socio
economic structure that supports our present societys, which is built on the
present technologies and releases huge amount of heat becomes a limiting
factor. This calls us to develop new technologies. We need to develop
machine and computers that release less heat. Having discussed the core of
life, and living universe, I am sure I dont have to elaborate in what direction
we have to move in order to survive.
I am presenting some raw ideas that flashed as I by grace built the
cosmic picture.
Life we noted is built on inert atoms and double torus design. This design
helps the system balance by conquering much of the heat released in
quantum dance back onto itself. See Fig-18A. Life also has potentials to
transform black energy into white energy.



1] This means it opens the possibility to explore and make

inert atoms as source fuel to drive our machine. One of the
advantages of this is that it can take up much of the heat
generated, recycle and use it. The advantage is that heat
released into the environment is minimal
2] The present state of system, where energy differences are
huge between two points in the environment, invariably
means environment also can used to generate energy.
3] Our design and transmission of force also needs to change
from linear to quantum spiral technologies. This could
dramatically decrease the friction and heat and improve the
output. Heart of human system can give clue to develop these
technologies. This can lead to revolution in our transport
system. The imaginary space vehicles of small and large types
can become a reality.
3] Inert atoms can replace Silicon chips in the information
industry, reducing dramatically the heat loss. It also can help
us develop faster computer processing. They also could be
stepping stone to intelligent machine and instantaneous
The above vision and idea, has potential to create space for humanity to
grow, without disturbing earth and its functioning. Even our lighting
systems need to change and taking clue from biological luminescence.
Life needs to be the platform on which all new technologies should

Warning This seed idea however needs to be explored and used with
good intent. The different facets of this technology, its short and longterm implications have to be contemplated and discussed in depth. This
should not go the way nuclear inventions went. Thus I stress a
spiritual awakening should precede a technological upgradation.



The Quantum Water Cycle

New Technology for Conservation of Water and its
Efficient Use
Note I am overlooking the data relating to fresh water and the
problems the world is going to face in near future and restrict
myself to core concept that can help the situation

Water is the most essential aspect to sustain life. The thoughts and thinking
discussed in the first part tells us that, just as life, earth also needs a water
cycle to sustain itself. It is the principle way it sinks the heat and disperses it
such that the temperature of earth is sustained within a limit and biosphere
is protected. Without water, life and ecology cannot exist. Great Civilizations
have emerged always linked with rivers and water bodies. In India and in all
ancient civilizations, rivers and water bodies are revered with great respect.
In contrast, the modern civilization that has lost connectivity with nature has
actually misused it.
It is important we understand the Quantum Water Cycle, if we are to
survive on earth. The Quantum Water Cycle cannot be understood in
isolation of heat or sun cycle. They are opposing and help the system
balance itself. Fig -18, 18B, speaks the relationship.



To understand the Quantum Water Cycle we do not have to be a scientist. All

we need to do is to observe and connect to nature from a point of freedom.
Fallowing point stands out
1] Earth has parallel world design [Fig -18] and is sustained by two
opposing forces that balance the system. The opposing forces are
heating and cooling, or unwinding and winding or energizing and
materializing that works simultaneously. We discussed this in previous
2] Sun, fire, friction etc., contributes to energy to unwinding cycle.
Night, Water and Earth, contributes to winding cycle.



3] System is designed for rhythmic changes where one cycle gives

way to other in a periodic manner. See Fig 18B, and 18C

4] The energy of the cycle however is prone for change. When energy of the
system increases, the fluctuation becomes accelerated and gains immense
power. It causes two-fold destruction by unwinding and winding force. The
energy contained in the cycle is often released at the three transition points
of quantum climatic cycle. We are witnessing this around the world as
increased fire/wind bound accidents. This also is accompanied by flash
floods/snows. The winding reaction of earth to cool itself is also is leading to
earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. We discussed them earlier.
We make huge cry when cycle stresses and water level drops. As nature
reacts to precipitate and ease water stress, we forget and continue to stress
earth. We are fast reaching a limit point where water cycle can become
destructive. We are experiencing it.
Important Note Scientist overlook the reaction of earth and the
increasing natural catastrophes, quoting the bigger catastrophes have
struck in the past. The earth struggles to sustain certain equilibrium. We
saw that it has left and right that is communicated and exchanges energy.
However, any great disturbance to the cycle above the limit, it leads to
trapping of energy in the cycle. This trappings takes place in balanced
manner, therefore the system is safe. The system tries to diffuse it or expel
it in the next cycle. These trapped energies also can merge resulting in
violent release leading to huge natural catastrophes. However, there is

difference between what happens at around the first, second and third
critical point. This can be understood from life that is afflicted by diseases. A
child and adult have more chances to counter the disease than an aged
person. We humans by intruding into night cycle and recklessly destroying
greenery, we have severely impeded the functioning earth. We are in for
great reactions from earth and her forces.

How Quantum Water Cycle is being stressed

The exponential heat released into the environment has direct and indirect
impact on fresh water and rainfall. The main points are
The evaporation rate of water increases exponentially with exponential
increase in energy or heat of the environment. This leads to dramatic
drought and water stress.
When cycle reverses, the precipitation per unite area in unit time
increases leading flash flood and snows.
This has many ramifications that effects life and the ecosystem
1] It leads to increase in runaway water and decrease in water
replenishing the water table. As years of stress continue, it can lead to
dramatic drop in water table. This can upset earths core and
movement in it. In short, earth begins to grow fragile and break down.
2] The fertile top soil gets flushed affecting plant life.
3] When water table sinks and evaporation rate increases, the plant
kingdom gets stressed. Any stress on plant life leads to stress on all
other levels of eco system and thus ecosystem begins to collapse.
4] This violent fluctuation of energy can wipe out many species thus
upsetting the balance of local eco-sphere. It also disturbs the Global

How we Can Counter Water Stress

The Key is to observe nature and life and mimic it. The idea spoken here is
simple and is developed based on hourglass principle. Hourglass is a simple
equipment used to measure time in early days. The hourglass can be
modified with an open end such that it traps water. See Fig -19. The area of
the trap, the design, the storage and release can be varied depending on the

How it works


I feel the Fig.19 is self-explanatory. Water stress is manifesting on two main

counts. One is the environmental heat that leads to evaporation loss in quick
time and the other is flash floods that is increasing the runway water
washing the top soil and at the same time reducing the amount of water
percolating to replenish the water table. Both these critical problems can be
handled from the above concept and its modification depending on needs
We can modify it to arrest flowing
water and help replenish the water
table by opening both ends of the
We can modify it in scale and size to
trap water, store water and use it for
various purposes.
We can modify this concept to apply
it to kitchen gardening to large-scale
We can use it turn desert into green.
It can be used in small and big scale
at various levels of society as per
Transpiration rate can further be
reduced naturally by filling the body with micro hour glasses, such that
randomness and resistance comes in against accelerated force of
The efficiency of capillary feedback can be increased with spiral
When it comes for use of feeding water to the root zone of plants the
body can be filled with sponge or other absorbents that store and
release water.
In short, it can be extended to any scale and modified to suit any needs.
This concept can alleviate the sudden peaking and falling of energy and
destructive end to which we are moving. The concept would help fight
drought and fresh water problem that humanity is going to face due to
increased and accelerated changes in climate.
Caution The scaling should not be done with greed, it has to take
into consideration Global Reality and natural cycles. In addition, the
material used for storing should be carefully chosen. I am against



filling earth with plastic Junk. We need to choose material that

deteriorates over a period of time or is nature compatible.

Advantages of the Concept

1] Concept can be applied in large a d small scales.
2] When done at medium and large scale in elevated placed it can feed the
lower levels without energy consumption. Our populations are largely
localized in lower ends in plains around running river and water bodies. We
can trap runaway water at higher ends such as mountains and use it
3] When executed intelligently, it can resist floods and erosion of top soil.
4] When executed in agriculture, it will reduce water loss in agriculture and
ensures longer and steady supply of this vital and precious resource to
plants. This can enhance productivity of plants and thus influence the
agricultural economy.
The concept of Health and Agriculture is well described in ancient knowledge
and cultures of east. Ayurveda, the classifications made of on body type,
classification of food by taste and how it influences each body type, how it
relates to climatic conditions, the culture practice thus advocated stand here
as a gem. The Pranayama, Meditation techniques they advocated so that
cure can be attained at deeper level of mind and consciousness, speaks of its
advanced nature.
I understand the needs to rediscover it in relations to present time, such that
what is practiced in isolated places becomes universal to bring health and
peace to the world.
However, this could be a huge exercise for me to take as small farmer living
against many odds. Thus, I concentrate on fundamentals. If His Will permits,
with your blessings, I might not only participate to explore the visions of
technologies I presented but also rewrite the ancient knowledge in respect to
modern time.

Note -References makes little bit obsolete in world of information at fingertip.
30 year down the lane, I cannot dig back to give every thought, every books
and reference that molded me. I am including some videos that brings the
development of ideas in science and where it stands. I am also choosing


some school of thought that I came across that have parallel thinking to what
is unfolded in me. Three schools stand out here.
1] School of Russel Walter
2] School of Nassim Haremein
3] Perimeter Institute of science and people like, Dr. Neil Turok,
Prof. Paul Steinhardt, Prof. Burt Ovrut, Dr. Lee Smolin and so on.
Science of Walter Russell
2] A New Concept of the Universe", by Walter Russell, part 1 3] A New Concept of the Universe", by Walter Russell, part 2 Nassim Haremain
He has school called Resonance Project He speaks of fruit of life, seed and
life and such fundamental geometry and connected universe. He speaks of
spin. However, I have not come across him speaking the cause of spin, spiral
motion and how it manifests. I differ with him in that I see a fundamental
non-equilibrium design that is built on ratio and perceive how black hole
4] The Truth About The Universe... Nassim Haramein
5] Nassim Haramein - Secrets of the Universe
6] Nassim Haramein: Resonance, Black Holes, Sacred Geometry and Unified
Field Theory
7] Nassim Haramein Double Torus Figure -
8] How to Create Reality

The Perimeter, Princeton and discussion among top




9] The Astonishing Simplicity of Everything - Neil Turok Public Lecture

[Perimeter Institute]
10] Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute) on Time Reborn 11] The Cosmic Gift of Neutron Stars
12] Perimeter Public Lecture: String Theory Legos for Black Holes
13] Physics of Information - Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes and
Holographic Universe
14] Black Holes and Holographic Worlds
14A] Hawking radiation
14 B] Black hole information paradox
14 C] Black Hole wars - Leonard Susskind
15] End of Physics -Ted Talk
16] Paul Dirac on Dimensionless Physical Constants
17] Schrdinger's Cat -
18] Astronomy's New Messengers [ speaks of fundamentals of
science origin]
19] Beyond Einstein: In Search of the Ultimate Explanation



19A]5 Major Problems With The Big Bang Theory
20] Hidden Dimensions: Exploring Hyperspace
21] The Absolute Beginning of the Universe is Unavoidable
22] Rebooting the Cosmos: Is the Universe the Ultimate Computer?
23] Brian Greene and Alan Alda Discuss Why Einstein Hated Quantum
24] Filling the Big Gap in Einsteins Theory | Paul Steinhardt | TEDxCLESalon
25] Nima Arkani-Hamed Public Lecture: Quantum Mechanics and Spacetime
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About the Author

Author was a successful biotechnologist working in the field cloning. Was a
member of multinational research group, with offers to lead biotechnology
ventures for many big companies. However, going deep into life, author was
disturbed to know that the foundation on which modern biology stands and
work is incomplete. Author perceived that Biological information is not stable
and predictable as thought by cloning industry. Author felt he is interfering
into species and its natural ability to survive in nature. With this conscious
realization, he could no longer stay with the industry. He pursued an
academic line, to look into the foundation of life, by taking my Ph.D.
However, on the eve of submission of doctoral thesis, author encountered a
violent situation. He was forced to choose between consciousness or
compromise with evil mind to make a career in science. Author chose to quit
Platos chair of science at the mouth of the cave [Ref 32]. He returned to
his home in an interior villages surrounded by forest. This in time became His
laboratory. It is from this laboratory the real search started. More about is
written in Testimony in the book From Third Wave to Fourth Wave A
Quantum Shift

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