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By John Paily

Grace New Age Research

There are two worlds, energetic and material. The material worlds we
observe in motion, manifest out of energetic world and exist on top of it. The
motion in energetic world precedes the motion we observe in material world.
Life is energy unfolding from a point in space. Life is also understood as
quantum entangled pairs of information evolving, unfolding and then
enfolding. In life, these pairs of information exist in two worlds and come
together when it needs to conquer time and death and perpetuate.
A little perturbation of quantum particle creates energy changes in spacetime field. This manifests as information. This information generated in one
place, being captured in another place and decoded is the basis of modern
day informational world. In short, information is energy. One of the paradoxes
of modern world is Ultraviolet Catastrophe, which states that huge amount of
energy can be packed into a quantum particle. This means huge amount of
information can be packed into one life, one atom [soul] and one Quantum
Our complex body, consist of over 100 trillion cells. Each cell is a super
computer. It is a wonder machine doing multi-tasking of many mechanical
functions with least effort. The amount of heat this super machine and super
computer releases to the environment is negligible. In other words, it is very
efficient. All cells have complete information. A cell is image of the whole.
However, its informations are truncated for specific purpose. The cell that
unfolds the whole system called Life does so by the power of information
coming from two Parallel Worlds, Male and Female.
The super computers and super machine called cells are bound by a
conscious and intelligent field. It is sustained by the energy and information
supplied from this Conscious Field. This conscious field can be traced back to
one cell, which is union of information from two cells. It can be further be
traced to one soul [atom] and the space it forms when the information from
parallel world Unite.
The Life works and lives because of trillion of cells
collectively work as one for one Purpose. The kingdom loses
its life, when cells become self-centered. Self-centered

cells are cancerous and they corrupt the system. The

conscious field, which carries the dual parental information
of the system, thus loses its strength. It eventually comes
to a point that these Primal Information go into Creation
mode giving life to itself and to all cells of the body with
Free Will. Since the laws of energy and matter denies
creation and destruction, the process needs to be
understood as TRANSFORMATION
The question is how to extend this to comprehend the Cosmos. The best way
is to visualize universe as living one, as the ancient east understood it. Life
we noted exists on top of a spiritual frame-work. In spiritual circles, heaven is
the foundation. Earth becomes the body. The former is visualized as
masculine and determining, the latter forms recessive that dances one with
Pairs of Information create life and sustain it. Time is conquered by life, when
dominant information, enters the black hole and meets its recessive counterpart. A new creation and manifestation of New Body begins with this. This
also manifests New Space-time, which later split to form two spaces. They
form the two polar opposites [heaven and hell] between which earth is
sustained. Reader will understand this with clarity as one explores the
expanded versions.
Let us think from the point of one to one relation. We can now
visualize two worlds male and female. As time tend to critical state of
collapse the soul of masculine [ dominant world] breaks down and one part
of it conceives in the feminine world by uniting with its counterpart [Recall
reduction during meiosis and reproduction]. Energy and food are vital for the
manifestation of child within. The Mother gives this. The question now is
where Mother gains the energy and food for her. The answer is simple, it is
the body of the Father from which the soul/information has left for recreation
and restoration. In effect, Father is giving His Flesh and Blood in sacrifice to
sustain the whole system from Collapsing.
Note The Calvary sacrifice from this context becomes a science.
We are visualizing here two Primal Beings with its own Heart and Mind [God
the Father and Mother]. They are not separate they are one. They hold the
Primal Information that creates and sustains the Kingdom. This informations

are quantum entangled. When creation is endangered they come together to

recreate and restore with free will to all souls.
The first born out of such pure union is Jesus. When Jesus the God,
the powerful, who raised the dead, fed people, pacified forces of
nature and so on, made the Self-Sacrifice, without using His power
to defend the self, He conquered time and death to Kingdom of
God. The death came from the Ego and Self of people to whom
God gave power. Jesus by His Self-Sacrifice made amendments for
it and released the Spiritual power and information. He made sure
that the whole world awaken to the Truth and comes to new order.
He ensured that world emerges out of darkness to light. He ensured
humanity comes out of the slavery to religions back into Golden
Note History speaks of a Golden Age or Knowledge era when
humanity existed in awakened and enlightened state. There were
no religions, temples and churches there was no separation in the
name of religions God. Truth and justice pervaded. Christ and His
Calvary Sacrifice, is Divine Plan to restore us back to this Era.
Cosmic creation is controlled Big Bang that takes place in Ekpyrotic way. It is
information unfolding. The question is how to comprehend this Big Bang and
Ekpyrotice Scenario. How can Bible, Calvary, Vedas such spiritual scriptures
becomes sensible science. Bible tells us that we humans are created in the
image of the creator and that we were given dominion of the kingdom.
However, this was associated with a forbiddance to eat from the tree at the
center. The tree at the center is the Gravity Point to which Gravity and time
of the material world is pointed.
Life in contrast to material world opposes gravity and time. Observation and
Common sense tells us that all life works instinctively against gravity. It
creates biological mass that grows against gravity. It has inner space where
gravity force is transformed into anti-gravity. The second law of energy
[Thermodynamics] shows that life works against material world. This
opposition seems to break when we include adult humans who become ego,
self and material centered. In short, adult humans created in the image of
God, becomes the cause for the fall of Gods Kingdom. Every scripture very
deftly writes, the cause fall of Kingdom begins not from common people but
people who rule humanity from spiritual realms.

The second part of Bible tells that Christ is the center and
we humans are called to eat and drink from Him to gain
life. The Creators through Christ is becoming the feed to
recreate and restore the whole system through
transformation. The Spirit that Christ released is causing
this Transformation.
This meant there was a glorious period when humanity knew God and Truth.
Forbiddance needs to be interpreted as resistance to align with material
force. It was a resistance from turning our face from the Father and Mother
and FORGETTING them. The second part needs to be visualized as Father
and Mother, becoming the feed to spiritually awaken humanity back to His
Glorious period. This is what we need to understand from the Holy
Communion Christ instituted. Holy Communion was instituted such that
humanity REMMEBERS the act Christ did and the message He spoke. It was
resistance until a future time, when the knowledge and significance of the
Calvary Sacrifice REVEALS, defeating darkness and renders humanity back to
Golden Age.
In short, it was only a Part of the Divine Plan. The Primary Call of Jesus was
to be in prayer and acquire the New Life in Holy Spirit go out to Heal and
Transform people and thus give New Life. It is call to spread Good News and
bring Qualitative Transformation. He never asked His disciples to create a
New Corporate Religion and build temples and churches for Him.
I believe the institution called Christianity its culture, practices, became
necessity when evil, and power centered minds from the old deteriorated
institutions which Christ condemned penetrated into it. The present day
Traditional Christian Culture and practice is a compromise with the Old.
Consequently the evil flourished. However, the very act of Christ at Calvary
was a Divine Secret inception of New Life and New Time, with Free will to all
souls. The Spirit of Christ is working to uplift humanity and lead us to Glory of
Kingdom of God. Everything is under Divine Plan.
The End Time Scenario, the pouring of Spirit of God and awakening of
humanity is happening since the early part of last century when Einstein
discovered E=mc2 and showed to the world that behind matter or atom
there is energetic world. The present day Pentecostalism started in the same

time. The traditional Christianity opposed it tooth and nail. However, had to
give in and adopt it when healing, other miracle and wonders began to
happen in Pentecostal movements. They adopted it in the name of
Charismatic movement.
Charismatic movement initially suffered in the hand of traditional minds
within the institution that works to build its kingdom than Kingdom of God.
The scenario is changing. The culmination of all this is Christ and His Spirit
prevailing beyond religion and awakening the world as a whole to Truth.
Christs Spirit is initializing us into Kingdom of God. Nothing can stop it.

Thus in spite of enraged earth and her forces manifesting

as increased climate and natural disasters, increasing
corruption, religious friction and instability of society, I
see hope for the world.
I the sinner thus thrive relentlessly with hope, against odds. I am judged as
fool, idiotic and lunatic. It does not matter to me. What matters is the Voice
from the Deep within; I know my God will Thrive.

Back Drop of this article

I was a nonbeliever in God. Seeing the exploitation people by religious
people, I defined, God is invention of intelligent to rule the ignorant.
However, doing research in biotechnology, I felt serious flaws in our
understanding of Life. This led me review science and go in search of Life
and its secret. This quest ended in Christian Retreat Center and an
awakening experience. This experience was associated with conscious call to
advance science, such that Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice and its Truth can
be brought beyond religions such that humanity as a whole can awaken,
Transform, and come to New Life.
I resisted this call for some time, for I am not a physicist and know little
maths. Instead, I worked to gain enlightened experience. Slowly, I realized, I
am being self-centered and failing to take the responsibility entrusted. I thus
surrendered my mind and being to Him let Him lead. The fallowing article
speaks what revealed to me.