The following case PROVES that an ATTORNEYS RETAINER is merely a GIFT or a DONATION:
A “retainer” is a sum of money paid by a client to secure an attorney’s availability to work for a client. The fee paid is considered earned at the time of payment because the attorney is entitled to the money regardless of whether he actually performs any services for the client, and the funds shall not be placed into the attorneys trust account. Baranowski v. State Bar, 154 Cal.Rptr. 752, 593 P.2d 613 (1979); and the Washington State Bar News, Committee Reports, Formal Opinion No. 173.

The California Court in Baranowski v. State Bar, supra, clearly stated that: A “RETAINER IS A SUM OF MONEY PAID BY A CLIENT TO SECURE AN ATTORNEYS AVAILABILITY TO WORK FOR A CLIENT.” A RETAINER only pays for the availability of the attorney. The FACT is that when you make an appointment to talk to an attorney for a DUI, traffic ticket, domestic violence, driving without a license, driving while intoxicated, negligent driving or any other kind of case, they meet with you, they let you TALK for about 5 to 10 to 15 minutes and then they ask you for a $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 to a $10,000.00 or more as a RETAINER so that you can secure their availability only! The California Court in Baranowski v. State Bar, supra, clearly stated that . . . THE FEE PAID IS CONSIDERED EARNED AT THE TIME OF PAYMENT BECAUSE THE ATTORNEY IS ENTITLED TO THE MONEY REGARDLESS OF WHETHER HE ACTUALLY PERFORMS ANY SERVICES FOR THE CLIENT, . . . and the funds shall NOT be placed into the attorneys trust account.” Did you know that most attorneys and law firms keep TWO (2) SETS OF BOOKS? Did you know that most attorneys and law firms keep TWO (2) RECEIPT BOOKS????
1.) The first RECEIPT BOOK that they DESTROY is the RECEIPT BOOK for RETAINERS and they are NOT reporting RETAINERS as INCOME????

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2.) The second RECEIPT BOOK is the ONE (1) book and record that they are REQUIRED to keep for accepting A FEE which is the ONLY INCOME that attorneys or law firms are reporting to THE IRS!!!!

THIS ALSO COULD BE PROOF THAT ATTORNEYS ARE NOT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE OF INCOME TAXES BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT KEEPING ALL THE REQUIRED BOOKS AND RECORDS OR PROOF OF 100% OF ALL THEIR INCOME!!!! A RETAINER is NOT the same thing as a FEE to do some work on your case! An ATTORNEYS RETAINER is ONLY a GIFT or DONATION. When you have given any ATTORNEY or LAW FIRM any MONEY towards any RETAINER, you have NOT hired them to do any WORK on your case!!!! The ATTORNEYS or LAW FIRMS got your first RETAINER as a GIFT or DONATION, but you have NOT hired them to do any work on your case yet! Now if you want an

ATTORNEY or LAW FIRM to do some WORK on your case, you will have to PAY A FEE and sign a contract stating what services he will provide for you and state how much more he or she will charge you to REPRESENT you at trial and then AFTER you have PAID his or her FEE, then they will file a NOTICE OF APPEARANCE in your case. HIRE LUIS EWING TO WORK ON YOUR CASE INSTEAD OF GIVING DONATIONS & GIFTS TO ATTORNEYS & LAW FIRMS TO DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ON YOUR CASE! Luis Ewing at (253) 226-3741 or <> or



<> or <>

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