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Abstract Apprentice Project Result

Project Title:
Spatial Data Processing as Study to Determinate Least-Cost Routing
Pipeline Using Raster Data Model

Date/ Place Taken Project:

6 October 2010 5 November 2010/
Chevron Pacific Indonesia Company,
Rumbai Pekanbaru - Indonesia

Chevron has a lot of point sources of oil and temporary oil collection
stations (Gathering Station) in each area of its operation. Oils derived from the
well points were collected temporarily in gathering station and then transmitted to
Dumai Terminal which is the last oil collection points throughout the production
of Chevron Pacific Indonesia Company (PT. CPI) to be processed and shipped.
Oil will be transmitted to the transmission pipes that are on pipelines considered
the most optimal.
Three points of the gathering stations are Bangko GS, GS01 Minas, and
Duri CGS5 which have spatially varying topography. Oil from those gathering
stations will be flown to Dumai terminal oil by pipeline. Pipeline considered as
optimal pipelines if they cross areas considered as the most economical path
(Least-cost routing pipeline). The Areas trajectory into the determinants of the
cost of the pipeline will be built, such as forests, swamps, bushes, lakes, rivers,
settlements and so forth.
Pipeline was analyzed with ArcGIS 9.3 software tools to obtain
trajectories that provide the most economical cost value based on the factors in
the raster data model. The result was obtained the Least-cost routing pipeline
from the three points gathering station with a length of pipe ranging 243.784292
km and cost path towards Dumai terminal amounted to $10,116,525.
Key words: Gathering Station, Raster Data Model, Spatial Analysis, The Least
Cost Routing Pipeline, Tools software ArcGis 9.3

Personal Statement
Above is my abstract Apprentice Project at Chevron Pacific Indonesia Company.
Actually, I did that apprentice because I wanted to gain knowledge on Geographic
Information System. On the third semester of my study, I had thought my
bachelor final project. I thought about monitoring fire houses using GIS
techniques and its detector equipment for fireman. I just read an article on
Indonesia blog, that Indonesias fireman often came lately to the fire houses
accidents. Particularly its at the slum area. Its caused by the houses were built
crowded, very difficult to find ways for fire trucks reached the accident location,
and the information that came lately to the fireman. That article gave me an idea
for my research on bachelor.

At the time, I guessed that condition was very crucial for people life. Beside I
should realize that my country still did not have good Technology environments
yet for our people and firemen to do their activity quickly. Since that day, I
thought hardly to find out how to design the map application for monitoring fire
houses and build the detector equipment whereas I never learnt hardware
electronic. I just thought it straightly.

Thats why, I decided to take GIS class as my subject on the sixth semester and
registered myself to the Apprentice program at Chevron on the seventh semester
and chose GIS as my main project on that program. In my mind, I just wanted to
gain my knowledge on GIS for supporting provision to my final project.

I have to glad with my apprentice experience. I got much information, knowledge,

and sight on GIS, especially on Spatial Analysis from my supervisor at Chevron. I
tried to get the best as I could on GIS. It was proofed by certificate apprentice
from Chevron. I got the best grade and I have attached the certificate with my
application documents.

But unfortunately I realized that the fire houses case was our matter and challenge
as an Indonesia people. Perhaps till now. I believed that if I wanted to really focus
on that final project idea, it would take much time to finish it. My sight from the
apprentice was opened clearly that it matter was a big project for Indonesia people
and government, and of course it would not be finished by my own self as my
final project.

I need more knowledge on electrical hardware to create the detector fire house for
firemen, and more knowledge on GIS mapping and analysis spatial, and also great
programming to build a map application with high pressures activities like
mapping the Indonesia islands, signing point on map application as feedback from
detector fire house, giving the information about the accident area such the
addresses, the way to reach that location, until the fastest way information to
reach the location. It will be complicated methodology in collecting data such the
most update Indonesia map, the most update information citizen and houses in
Indonesia, and other data that will be needed as database on the application.

Actually, I am just really curious on this problem until today. That is why I want
to gain my knowledge on GIS in master degree, and take this problem as my
research or thesis. Maybe I will finish partial project, because I want to deepen on
GIS first. After I finished my master degree, I want to continue my study on Phd
level on electrical and science. I hope I can learn on electrical hardware, but I still
do not know, it is possible or not to get this knowledge on Phd level with
electrical and science as its background. If the answer is yes, I will carry on fire
houses problem as my main project. And I will finish all the project case. But if it
be not, I will find the best background for me to learn the electrical hardware.