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Hi Friends.

Got placed in TCS in campus Drive :)

I just wanna share my TR,MR and HR Experience with you.
TR (almost 45 min)
If you are a CSE student Be Careful about the Programming languages that you mentioned in your Resume. Most of the questions
will be asked From the topics you have mentioned.
TR: Hello HimaBindu. Tell me About Yourself?
Me: Confidently gave my Answer (he was very much impressed)
TR: Can u tell me some basic concepts of DBMS?
Me: Replied quickly
TR: Write 8 prog's in C (like prime,power,palindrome,swap)?
Me: I wrote just Prime (in 4 ways) and fibonacci series,power,and swap (3 ways)
TR: He was impressed and asked me "Hima Can u please tell me the Time complexities of the Prime Prog's and Give me the best
among the 4 ways"
Me: Explained clearly
TR: Select 8 from emp; ( a dbms Sql Query) What will be the output?
Me: I asked him "sir is that a * or 8 " .He laughed at me and told me that it is 8 .I said ok and told answer as "sir may be all the
rows for which the column name is 8 will be the output.He laughed
TR: some concepts on Transaction,rollback,commit and pl/SQL
Me: gave answer but my confidence level slightly dropped down :) :)
TR: Concepts on inheritance polymorphism with examples?
Me: As I am a CSE Student I answered confidently..because these programs are nothing to us
TR: Data Structures linked lists, BFS and DFS concepts
Me: Explained the logic
TR : ok, Hima All the Best..And he told my marks directly that I got 8.5/10 and I was promoted to the Next Round that is MR
Me: pleasure talking to u Sir
Have a gr8 time

MR ROUND( just 20 min)

MR: Tell me about yourself?
Me: replied
MR: What will you do To achieve ur goal?
Me: Replied
MR: He gave a Case study "Hima, your Project Manager is giving the whole work to you...He is not even dividing the work among
the team....And at one situation your feeling pressure so what will you do"
Me: Gave my answer....(But this time he added some more stuff to my answer gave some suggestions)....
MR: Sudddenly he asked me 5 questions in a Row...and asked me to tell the answers in the order of 1,3,5,2,4,

Me: OMG,this is the place which I found the toughest....I took max time...but answered correctly....and this is the only point which
gave me the best appreciation....and I got 9/10 and promoted to HR

HR Round (15 min)

( which I enjoyed the most)
HR: Tell about some recent Technologies?
Me: As I am doing a project on Android ....I told about Android,Cloud based Technology,4G and gave some upcoming inventions on
these technologies
HR: family Background?
Me: answered
HR: Tell me about TCS?why TCS?
Me: answered confidently... mentioned about Quarterly Results (Q1 and Q2),Growth in the last 10 years and impressed her
HR: other than Academics tell me about the Events u participated?
Me: Answered
HR: Hima u mentioned ur hobbies as Singing and writing quotes...So First tell me some quotes that you wrote and then sing a song
for me?
Me: told 3 quotes which I love the most and Asked her "which type of songs do you like the most?" and sang a song
HR: she smiled and congratulated me..All the best Hima meet u in TCS
Me: I controlled my happiness and just gave a smile wished her and came out with Flying colors

If you can clear the written test then it just a matter of confidence..You can clear all the 3 rounds easily
So all the best Friends.