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Alexander Hamilton
What is interesting or ironic about the cast?

How is this song contain multiple examples of foreshadowing?

What is ironic about the choice of narrator? Is he a reliable or unreliable narrator?

What do you learn about Hamiltons personality through this song?

What is an example of alliteration or consonance in this song and how do they add meaning to the text?

Aaron Burr, Sir

What is one rhyme in this song and how does it add to meaning?

How does the author use foreshadowing to create tension and humor?

What characteristics do Burr and Hamilton share?

Describe Hamiltons new friends: Lafayette, Laurens, Hercules Mulligan.

How are these young men similar or different to what you expected from the heroes of the Revolution?

My Shot

List three examples of alliteration or rhyme in these lyrics.

What does it mean to throw away your shot? How could this phrase have two meanings?
If this is Hamiltons anthem, what does this tell you about his life?
How is the phrase My Shot an example of foreshadowing? Find one other example.
What is a theme of this song?
How is the word shot and the sound of a shot functioning as a symbol in this song?

Narrative in Hamilton-Name:______________________________________ Date:


The Two Georges:

Youll Be Back

1) What about the music or tone make this lyric similar to a breakup song?

2) What are two examples of lyrics that show this is NOT a normal breakup song?

3) Use an example from the text to explain how this song is an example of verbal irony.

4)How are the perspectives of these two characters on the Revolution different in tone and style? Give
two examples.

5)How does Washington describe his situation? What does he have and what does he need?

6) How does the friendship between Hamilton and Burr develop in this song?

7) How does Hamilton use his friendships to help the revolutionary cause? How does this prove he is
actually perfect for his new job?
8) What has changed for Washington after the events of this song compared to the opening?

9) Compare the perspectives of the two songs. How are their perspectives on the Revolution different?

Winters Ball/Helpless/Satisfied

What is the only thing Hamilton and Burr have in common according to this song?


Describe how Eliza feels about Hamilton. Use an example from the text.


Define the word helpless. If this word is acting as a metaphor, what does it illustrate about Eliza?

3)How can the word helpless be both a positive and negative term for Eliza and Hamiltons


Angelica is the maid of honor at her sisters wedding. What do we learn from her song about her feelings about her sister and


How is her inner wedding speech ironic?


Define satisfied. What are two possible meanings for this song title.


Give two examples of rhyme in this song and describe how they add to meaning.


How does this song change the listeners perspective on Helpless? Does the new perspective change the tone?

Compare: Eliza and Angelica have another sister, Peggy, who is Hamiltons friend and watches her two
sisters experiences spin through the course of the work. You have read the story from Elizas perspective
and from Angelicas. Now write a paragraph describing this part of the story from Peggys perspective.
What does she see when she watches this play out? How does she feel?

Hamilton: My Shot vs Wait for It:

1) How does Burr describe his relationship to Theodosia?

2) Describe Burrs family? What did they leave him when they died?

3) What does Burr see as a big difference between how he reacts to situations compared to

4) What does Burr mean when he says he is lying in wait?

5) How does this song reveal Burrs view of the world to the audience?

6)How is this song an example of foreshadowing?

Compare My Shot and Wait For It:

In Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda uses the characters of Hamilton and Burr as
foils, characters whose personalities act as mirrors to each other to better
illustrate their characteristics. Using evidence from the text, write a paragraph in
which you discuss how Miranda compares Hamilton and Burrs worldviews in the
songs My Shot and Wait For It.

Stay Alive + The Ten Duel Commandments + Meet Me Inside

1) Charles Lee tries to ruin Washingtons reputation. How do Hamilton and Laurens react?
2) How do the Ten Duel Commandments act as foreshadowing?

3) Hamilton doesnt like Washington calling him what term? Why do you think this is the case?

4) What happens to Hamilton as a result of participating in the duel?

Guns and Ships+History Has Its Eyes on You + Yorktown

5) What does Lafayette suggest to Washington? What does he need to win this last battle?

6) What type of figurative language is History Has Its Eyes on You?

7) Describe Washingtons advice to Hamilton in this song. What does he reveal about his own
experience as a young man?

8) What is the result of the battle of Yorktown?

9) What type of figurative language is The World Turned Upside Down?

10) What are three historical facts you learned about the revolution from this song?
What Comes Next?

11) What is King Georges advice to the young nation?

12) How is this song related to his previous breakup song?

Paragraph: How does Washingtons advice that history has its eyes on you differ
from Burrs advice to talk less, smile more? Use evidence from Aaron Burr, Sir
or History Has Its Eyes on You to discuss the difference in these two types of
advice. Which do you think Hamilton will listen to and why or why not?

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