Cub Club Flyer
September, 2007 Fort Myers’ Oldest Flying Club
by Terry Voorhees

President’s Message
Cub Club, Inc.
Hello again everyone!

hamas Fly-Out is coming up in NovemThis month I want to begin by reminding ber, details to be announced. At the Sepyou that the fight against GA user fees is tember11th General Member meeting, not over. And while the initial attack on Mark Steinberg, representing the Bahamian Tourism Board, will make a presentaxes and user fees by elements of the government has largely been blunted, the tation about flying to and in the Bahamas as well as answer all your questions. airlines have not I’ve made the Bahamas trip a couple of given up the fight August STATS times and I recommend it highly. altogether. I have not seen this person933CC 18.7 ally, but I’ve read 944CC 46.8 that some airlines are 33.0 editorializing to their 955CC customers about how Top Flyers for August: the GA flyer is the Larry Kirchner 8.1 problem with respect Greg Hamilton 4.4 to delays and ATC Marty Lorenz 4.2 problems. If I see that I intend to react vigorously by contacting that airline. The good news is that a compromise has been reached in the form of H.R. 2881, “The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2007”, which the AOPA supports. In that regard, AOPA will be looking for our support when the bill and its Senate counterpart are argued out. Please don’t assume someone else is watching out for you – Mr/Ms GA pilot – in this critical dispute. Get educated and lend a hand when asked. On a more upbeat note, the annual BaAircraft hours:

Bahamas! p1

Inside this issue: President’s Message 2007 Bahamas Trip Club Calendar Maintenance Report Membership Report Swap Shop Corner Board Mtg Minutes Contacts 1 1 3 3 4 4 5 6

N933CC is back on-line following the replacement of its interior. It is really sharp! As always my request to you is to care for our aircraft as if they were you own. We’re very proud of our fleet and with everyone’s help they will they will retain those good looks. Finally, you will soon be asked to participate in a member survey regarding the Club’s aircraft. This Board is very interested in your views of how to take the Club forward with respect to the number and type of aircraft. So….help us out here. Review the survey, give it some thought and return it promptly. Fly safe, and I’ll see you at Page Field. Terry

General Meeting
∗ Come to the General Meeting of Cub Club this week! ∗ Featured will be a Bahamas Trip Briefing ∗ Join us for some camaraderie and hangar flying! ∗ This will be an informative meeting for all members ∗ Tues, Sept 11, RSW Training Center, 7:00PM

2007 Bahamas Flyout Being Planned
The 2007 Bahamas Club Flyout is in the works! All the details and destinations are being worked on and will be announced soon! In preparation, Mr. Mark Steinberg will be holding a Bahamas Flight Briefing at our General Meeting on this coming
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Be sure to checkout the Cub Club website at!

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Cub Club Flyer

2007 Club Bahamas Trip

(con’t from pg. 1)

Tuesday, at 7PM at the RSW Training Center. If you are interested in flying to the Bahamas, you will not want to miss this meeting... All members are required to receive an international flight briefing before taking this trip, and sign the Cub Club form (Acceptance of Responsibility for an International Flight). Mr. Mark Steinberg makes these trips on a regular basis and will be giving this briefing and answering questions about Bahamian flying at our General Meeting on Tuesday. ATTEND & SIGN UP!!!! We will also have a preflight planning meeting prior to our established departure dates to review weather and any documentation required for the trip. At this time, passports are required to return to the US. The Bahamas Trip Committee is hard at work with intensive research and planning, and has already put a lot of time and effort into this event…

All three club aircraft will be reserved for this trip once the dates have been determined, and Dave Stealey will be the lead coordinator for this particular event. Once the plans have been finalized, members who want to participate should contact Dave at (239)948-1675 or email him at: You can reserve a spot in one of the Club planes, or just join the group and fly your own aircraft. This has been a very popular and enjoyable event for our Club in the past, and this year should be even better! The island sand & surf await you… so come join us!!!!


Cub Club Office Renovation
Plans are being worked on by your Board of Directors for a very nice renovation and overhaul of our Cub Club office facility on Page Field, over off of the East Ramp Want to help? Contact Sherrie Lorenz at (239) 898-2430 or

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Cub Club Flyer

November 17, 2007 Page Field Aviation Day
Page Field, North Ramp 10AM-4PM Lots of Airplanes, Vendors, Music, Food, and a bunch of other Fun Stuff. All 3 Club planes will be here for the day

Maintenance Report
by Charlie Carroll

933 CC: New Interior Installed Seat belts rewebbed Upper & Lower cowling repaired and Painted 944 CC: Face plate for auto pilot replaced Annual: Mags rebuilt Instrument filters replaced Rocker covers re-gasketed New Muffler New #3 riser Exhaust shroud repaired Left tire replaced Left brake caliper resealed Right and left brake pads replaced Right and left wheel bearings & races replaced Battery box and drain tube fixed Skin cracked top inboard left wing-patched and repaired Alternator warning light repaired Vacuum warning light repaired Nav light circuit re-insulated New E.L.T. Antennae 955 CC: 100 Hour check New muffler & stack Crack in induction box fixed Carb heat exchanger repaired New brakes New right tire New “E” drive starter 3 New cowl shocks #2 top ignition lead replaced

Saturday, October 27, 2007 EAA 40

Anniversary Celebration
Page Field

The EAA turns 40!

Saturday, November 3, 2007 SunDowners Hanger Dance
ACI Hangers, Page Field

EAA Pancake Breakfast
Page Field, EAA Building $5.00 per person 1st Sunday of Every Month 7AM-1030AM DON’T FORGET – THE CLUB’S MEETINGS ARE THE SECOND TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH, AT THE TRAINING CENTER AT RSW, 7PM. KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST. ATTEND!!! Got Event News or Ideas? Email Sherrie Lorenz at:: Happy Flying!!!

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Cub Club Flyer by Steve Hall

Membership Report

I have three applicants for the general membership’s consideration. James Addis Jim is a married 36 year old Instrument rated Pilot with 237 hours total time, all being in PA-28’s. He earned his Pilots Certificate in 1997, Instrument in 2001 in Troy Michigan. Jim and his Family moved to Fort Myers in May of this year from Michigan where he and his wife grew up. Jim is another “Little Caesars Pizza” owner ( Referred by Marty and Sherrie Lorenz) in Cape Coral., his father and grandfather both own “Little Caesars Pizza” stores! Jim has a current Medical. Daniel Courteau Dan is a married 46 year old Private Pilot with 114 hours total time, all being in the C-172. He earned his Pilots Certificate in 2006 at Beaver Aviation. Dan and his family live in Fort Myers where he owns Voicetel

USA, a computer software company. He and his family moved here from Quebec Canada five years ago and are Permanent Residents in the U.S.. Dan has a current Medical, Biennial. Robert Bullock Bob is a Single 60 year old Multi Engine Instrument Rated Pilot with 1100 hours total time, 100 hrs in C177, and 300 hrs in the AC-114 Rockwell Commander, and 500 hours in Twins that he owned. Bob and his wife moved to Naples in 2003 from Ithaca New York. He is a Mortgage Broker in Naples with Mortgage Ventures. Bob has a current Medical and Biennial.

Yaesou Aviator Pilot hand-held radio-$100.00 Lightspeed 15XI ANR Headset-$100.00 Lightspeed QFR Solo Headset-$50.00 King DVD Flying the Garmin 430/530-$200.00 King Schools DVDs: $25.00 each or all 4 for $75.00 Practical Risk Management for Pilots Practical Risk Management for Weather Practical Risk Management/Takeoffs & Landings Maneuvers for the COM/CFI 2 Inflatable CO2 PFDs, like new-$100.00 each CONTACT BILL GOLDWYN at (239) 850-3558 or Email at

Taking Over Our Cub Club Flyer
by Sherrie Lorenz

I have recently been entrusted with the privilege of taking over as Editor and Publisher of our Cub Club Flyer Newsletter. I am very honored and excited to accept this project. I want to thank Dennis Howard for all of his efforts in bringing this Flyer out of the “dark ages” and up to the level it is today. So I have some very big shoes to fill to keep the momentum going! I will certainly do my best to keep our Club well informed and sharing the fun flying stories of our members. Our planes go to all kinds of interesting places, and I look forward to sharing stories and photos THANKS, and flying tips with you all through these pages! and Anything you would like to see published in the Flyer? HAPPY FLYING!

Email me at:

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Cub Club Flyer

Board Meeting Minutes

— Synopsis, August, 2007

The board of directors met on August 15, 2007 at 7PM. This is a synopsis of the business discussed at that meeting. Treasurer: profit and loss by airplane was reviewed, and club is close to break even point with each airplane. Bulk purchase of fuel is saving the club approximately $900 per year. Maintenance: 933CC is having the interior replaced and touch-up paint work done. 955CC will have the exhaust stack replaced. 944CC had the autopilot inspection plate replaced. The written squawk forms are no longer being used; contact Charlie Carrol by phone to report any aircraft maintenance problems. Activities: the Venice flyout has been postponed until September. A Bahamas flyout was proposed for November. The July 21 picnic was well-catered, and expenses within budget. Membership: club presently has 137 members. Recruiting will continue with a static display on Page Field Aviation Days. Office Renovation: budget and plan will be presented next month with work to be completed in October.

Aircraft Acquisition: survey will be sent to membership electronically to survey members’ flying experience and determine what type of aircraft to propose for purchase if a buying a fourth aircraft is found to be beneficial for the club. Dennis Howard submitted his resignation effective August 31 and Eric Graham was appointed to serve out the remaining 15 months of his term. The next board meeting will be held on September 19, 2007 at 7PM. Interested members are encouraged to attend

REMINDER: YOU NEED TO ENTER YOUR HOBBS AND TACH TIME ! Make sure you complete your checklist & include your name, date and your plane’s tail number. EVERY TIME YOU FLY!

N944CC Final Approach Runway 22, Venice, Florida

Got an in-air photo from one of our Club planes that you want to share with other members? Send it in!

N955CC - Triple Bridges over the Caloosahatchee River, departing Runway 5 to the Northwest

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Cub Club, Inc. Cub Club, Inc.

Board of Directors
Terry Voorhees Vice President Al Ledet Secretary Ellen Herr
573-1563 433-1362 489-0443 949-6330 822-2406 973-752-1969 931-3320

The Cub Club
The Cub Club 605 Danley Drive, Box 10 Ft. Myers, FL 33907 Phone: 239-278-4334 E-mail: Fort Fort Myers’ Oldest Flying Club Oldest Flying Club



Authorized Club CFI’s
Frank Cerny Jeff Davis Ed Fink Ed Hemsath Tom Pino Greg McGovern Tim Engvalson


Treasurer Chris Kidder Directors Vince Glorioso Ellen Herr Steve Hall Tom Pino Bob Marois Eric Graham Sherrie Lorenz Chris Kidder Aircraft Officer Charlie Carroll Safety Officer Tom Pino 466-1643 822-2406 728-4730

Meetings Board Meetings: 3rd Wednesday, 7:00PM @ Page Field Aviation Center General Meetings: 2nd Tuesday, 7:00PM @ RSW Training Center

Cub Club Shirts for Sale!
Contact Al @ 239-272-1289

Golf Shirts T—Shirts

$25.00 $10.00

AIRCRAFT RATES Cessna 172 $40.00/hour plus tax plus ten (10) gals fuel cost. Piper Archer 181 N944CC $58.00/hour plus tax plus eleven (11) gal fuel cost Contact Cub Club at: Website: Any email sent to previous adPiper Archer 181 N933CC $58.00/hour plus tax plus eleven (11) gal fuel cost

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