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Big Data adoption is on the rise in the Indian market. Potential areas?

Big Data has come out of its infancy stage and is already touted to have conside
rable potential. in India. A majority of the firms and companies leverages Big d
ata to identify the business potential, merchant-customer relationship and possi
ble approachable services to customers. The growth, revenue, operational excelle
nce and cost reduction are optimized to finer levels because of implementation o
f Big data technology in India. Big Data presents an opportunity in areas of con
sumer product marketing and innovation, supply chain optimization, smart infrast
ructure and sustainability management, security and healthcare delivery.
Current stage of Big data adoption across industry sectors in India. If we can coll
ect from some industry sources, Figures (in percentage) on how many Indian compa
nies have already implemented Big Data technologies and how many are going to im
plement in the coming one year?
Organizations in India are evolving their current IT landscape and are looking a
techniques to extract the full potential of existing systems. Despite the numero
us challenges faced by Indian organizations, the value of big data is widely rec
ognized and appreciated: 44 percent of respondents have already implemented a bi
g data project, with an additional 35 percent planning to do so in the coming ye
ar. 50% of large organizations plan to use data from social networks for sentime
nt analysis and customer tracking. About 80% of organizations are at early stage
s of Big Data initiatives and 60% of organizations are still Exploratory stage of
evolution. 75% of organizations are confident of driving new revenue streams usi
ng Dig Data. 35% of organizations plan to invest in building Big Data capabiliti
tes related analytic, security software and real-time applications.
How Big Data strategies are delivering key benefits to the Indian organizations.
How pervasive is Big Data within Indian organizations today?
Big Data strategies are delivering benefits to orgnizations. Following are some
examples how Indian organizations are using Big Data:
A television series, focused on social issues in India, used Big Data to gauge h
ow viewers rated the show to better plan future episodes. Data from a variety of
different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, websites, SMS polls and phone voic
e messages were analyzed immediately to understand what type of people were liki
ng the show,and the impact that the show had at an individual and society level.
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emerging trends in the marketplace.
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using big data and analytics is to identify

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