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Greyhawk Reborn

CY 616
Volume 1, Issue 1

Wedding of the Year Takes Tragic Turn
Viscount Richart Jorgos of House Lizhal and Lady Venaria Secunforth of House Neheli were
united in matrimony alongside Count Tarvon Landradel Emondav and Duchess Irma Nor of
Berghof. The latter couple shared the nuptials with the Viscount and his Lady on the Seventh
Day of Richfest, CY 616, at a ceremony at the Viscounts palace in Jaedrae in the County of
Nume Eor. Unfortunately, both couples marital bliss was short-lived.
The courtship of Viscount Jorgos and Lady Secunforth of the County of Salinmoor was a true
Flocktime-Sunsebb romance, with each sharing an interest in history and heraldry. The
betrothal was announced on the 1st of Wealsun, with the approval of the ladys brother and
guardian, Lord Korenth Secunforth. Lord Korenth took over the rule of Salinmoor upon the
untimely and somewhat sudden death of his grandfather, Lord Cronin Secunforth III, by
illness and immediate cremation in CY 614.
The engagement of Count Tarvon and Duchess Irma, the ruler of a backwater province in the
Sea Princes, was more sudden. The pair met during the week-long wedding celebration in
Jaedrae and it was love at first sight. Count Tarvon proposed to the duchess at the wedding
party mixer the night before planned nuptials, and the newly-engaged pair was married
alongside Viscount Jorgos and Lady Venaria.

The ceremony was preceded by the gathering and presentation of the wedding gifts,
including a golden aurumvorax pelt, rare flowers from the Dreadwood, and a ancient ornamental wedding bands for the viscount and his lady. The presentation of the gifts was
followed by receptions for both Houses Lizhal and Secunforth, bachelor and bachelorette
parties (of which certain events of which were quite ribald!) and the wedding party mixer.
In addition to the engagement of Count Tarvon and Duchess Irma, the mixer featured
appearances by both delegates from the half-breed town of Haven and the lizardfolk of the
Hool Marsh Protectorate. At the mixer, Mayor Vexander of Haven announced that the town
now welcomed friendly lizardfolk within its borders to help protect Nume Eor against
swampland threats.
Finally, the wedding itself took place. Both brides appeared radiant and the grooms
handsome in formal attire as each pair was pronounced husband and wife upon the
authority of the Court of the Land with the blessing of the gods.
Then, tragedy struck.

Viscount Jorgos was murdered in his bedhis corpse was discovered by the new
viscountess and the deceased viscounts military advisor, Lord Thorn. At nearly the same
time, a hue and cry was heard from Count Tarvons bedchamber as Duchess Irma was
abducted before the Counts eyes. However, the Counts declaration is suspect as he was
later arrested on the suspicion of the murder of Viscount Jorgos. Only time will tell if these
allegations are true, and if the current whereabouts of Duchess Irma will be discovered.

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Four Corners of the Flanaess

Before playing GHR, you should
refer to our Campaign Guide,
available on the GHR website and
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The GHR Campaign Guide discusses
our rules for character creation, as
well as rules governing wild shape
and conjuration magic.

It also discusses what you should

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By Ilhandrae Feivel
Formerly the gem of the Flanaess, the city of
Greyhawk has fallen on hard times.
Under threat of war from the Pomarj, the
ruling oligarchy sued for peace in CY 599.
While this provided a degree of protection,
orcs and hobgoblins now freely range the
Domain of Greyhawk. It is no longer safe for
scribes to travel the Wild Coast unarmed.
Four years ago, a plague swept through the
city , killing tens of thousands. In reaction ,
the ruling oligarchy mandated all ablebodied persons to serve in the city militia.
This scribe avoided conscription due to my
old wight wound earned in Perrenland.

In the taverns and inns around the city,

citizens clamor for change. Farmers have
quit their farms for the city walls in hopes
to avoid lurking evils. While faces have
changed, the plague and years of woe have
done little to change the political corruption
ingrained in the city council.
The City of Greyhawk needs heroes - will
you stand up and be counted?
To find out more about the City of
Greyhawk in CY 616, you can play Welcome
to Greyhawk and Death Becomes Him,
which will be available through GHR Online
and Tennessee-area conventions!

as a player.
The Campaign Guide provides you
with campaign-specific rules, such
as masterwork weapons and the

Geoff Interlude, Fall 616 CY

rewards cards.
It also provides a list of new
character options, such as new
cleric domains, paladins oaths and
If youre new to GHR and havent

looked at the GHR Campaign Guide,

dont worry! Our DMs come to
events prepared with pregenerated characters for you to use.
If you already made a character , we
can review it to make sure that it
conforms with the Campaign Guide.

The man who would be llwyr should arrive

in a few days, one said sarcastically.
Please. This Cadwaler will not be llwyr. He
wont hang like the others. another argued.
Does it rightly matter? Its his by birth,
whether we like it or not. a third one
Caitlyn stood at the cusp of the throne
room, peering inside at the argument
happening around her father. Owen, the
Grand Duke of Geoff, sat like a tired husk on
the Griffon Throne, holding his aging head
in his right hand at the temple. A flurry of
argument filled the chamber as they
discussed a visitor. Caitlyn laid against the
door frame looking at her father a moment
before being jerked by the hem of her dress.
She looked back as a young child, a boy of
no more than five winters, gave her an
expectant look.
Caitlyn smiled sadly at the boy, giving one
last look to her father and the cacophony of
yelling. Yes, of course. she said softly as
she took the boys hand and started to head
down the hallway. I promised you a sweet
roll once you finished your studies and
thats what well get. She tapped him on
the nose and the boy gave a big, toothmissing grin.
The kitchen staff became agitated as the
teenage girl came into the room. Many of
the staff smiled and went about their

business as if nothing happened. The new

folks, rightly so, acted as though a princess
had walked into the room. She chuckled a
bit to herself. Theyll get used to it, soon
enough, she thought as she rummaged
around, looking for the childs treat.

A servant rushed past her as she took the

gooey roll from the cupboard. The child
reached up, but something caught Caitlyns
attention as she was taking it down. The
servant had a long list, giving it to the head
cook, who looked all of a sudden
exasperated. It took a moment, an eternity
to the boy who was practically hopping to
get the roll by now, but it came to her. A
party, she thought excitedly. Someone is
throwing a party. Gorna hasnt seen a party
like this since mom the thoughts trailed
off sadly when she snapped back to the
kitchen. She quickly handed the roll to the
child, who was exceptionally grateful.
A dozen wheels turned in her head as she
walked the boy outside. She hadnt been
allowed out much these past few years. It
hadnt stopped her, but it made her much
more crafty. Already Caitlyn was putting
several plans in motion. She was going to
attend that partyone way or another

To learn more about the Grand

Duchy of Geoff, join GHR at
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Give me your half-elf, your half-orc,
your abject kindred wanting to be
free, the downcast peoples of these
Keoish moors. Send these, the exiled,
unwanted, all welcomed in the lamp
light of Havens doors. ~Unknown
The Elders of Haven wish it known
that all are welcome in Haven. This
community may have sprung from
the desires of half-elves and half-orcs

to find a place of peace and respect

in a world where they are unwanted
and dismissed, but Haven has
become more than just that. New
starts can be found here. Your
families can be safe in Haven. If you
are a traveler and your home is
elsewhere, Haven can be a welcome
sanctuary from the surrounding
world. Forget the nearby Hool Marsh

Advice from Harold the Herald

Harold: In CY 596, I left Keoland to sail the Azure Sea. Unfortunately, my ship was raided by the
Scarlet Brotherhood and I spent the past 20 years enslaved in the Amedio Jungle. I managed to
escape, and just returned home to Keoland. Boy, have things changed! Can you tell me what
Ive missed in the past 20 years? ~ A Man Out of Time

and Dreadwood - any rumors you

hear are just that rumors. Come
and find your inner self at the

Grappled Lotus Monastery and

Brewery or delight in the food and
beverage offerings at Que Syrah
Syrah winery. Rest your weary head

Dear Man Out of Time,

at the irrelevantly named Beardless

You have certainly missed a lot! Two years after you left Keoland, an army of monsters and
undead invaded the kingdom, cutting a swath from Flen towards Niole Dra. Many Keoish
perished defeating this Army of the Returned outside the gates of the capital, and King Kimbertos
Skotti was amongst the fallen. The Wyrd of the Silent Ones now sits upon the Throne of the Lion.

Dwarf. Haven is here for you.

~Paid for by the Council
to Make Haven Great

In the years following the Invasion, Keoland was beset by starvation and plague. Some citizens
fled to safer realms in the Sheldomar, such as Geoff, but most Keoish citizens died unfortunate
deaths. Once a proud realm of 2 million citizens, Keoland is now a nation of 250,000 survivors.
Because of the extreme loss of life, you may find that engaging in travel and trade within the
kingdom is more difficult than when you last left it. Old trails, once safe, are now subject to raids
by the monstrous inhabitants of Keoland. As a result, the kingdom has fractured into city-states
which owe nominal allegiance to Niole Dra.
Even 20 years later, Niole Dra still bears the scars inflicted by the Army of the Returned. By
default, Cryllor is the jewel of western Keoland now that Flen lies in ruins at the bottom of a lake.
Citizens of Woodsage have found themselves residents in the new growth of the Dreadwood.
For years, no one heard from Ravonnar in northwest Keoland. Recent word of strange activities
has returned from this once-lost city, as adherents of Lydia have formed a new government.
A sailor is likely to find work in Gradsul. Untouched by war, disease and famine, many Keoish
came to the city by the sea where Duke Luschan has fostered thriving trade with the Flanaess.
I can certainly understand if you wish to avoid the high seas for some time. Welcome home!

~ Harold

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