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SOPRANO, lANo farthest on) tothe Henley Choir Greensleeves [Andante moderato (2 slow beats) ea English traditional song arr. R, VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (1872-1958) dat =a a ee a 7 Ah__— ‘Vaughan Wiliams: Grecndeeves 103 (3) bought mp cantabile SSS = LA: ky my love you do me wrong. {> ‘soethe thee pets eecouts of the bent — the SS SSS = (a) A= las, you do 3) T bowsht the cloth ex me of dis - cour - teous-ly, And oT hare Io = ot GS ane as ie mighe be, gave thee_ ew re wrong to cast ome off, And T = a Ee p= _————_ == _F ad =< = aaa 104 Vaughan Watlams: Greenslcves ne - (6 Sa rt P oo ved yom De = fight - ing in jew = Gs fool thy chest this cos you, De = light = ing in com - pa - ay, Tor thy chest, this cost, = T spent on thee. ong De - light - ing if your chests And allthis. cot T