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This enquiry handling automated web tool helps an product delivering organization by
means of receiving the enquiries regarding various tools and products delivered by the
organization as well as AD going on for the fore coming products. The users or the seekers of a
particular product related to the organization will have a lot of questions as well usage doubts
regarding already bought products as well a s new products emerging or going to emerge in the
market. The practical most used type of enquiry handling mechanism is the voice level enquiry
handling through the customer care system. But as usual this system is having its own set of
disadvantages .The availability of the voice through enquiry handling system is very poor and so
the customer has to wait or try for a lot to get his enquiry responded. The main reason behind this
disadvantage is the connection oriented protocol that must be followed during voice based
enquiry response. That is both the sender and receiver must be online in order to raise request or
enquiry as well to get response from the organization. But when using a efficient web interface
and using the connection less protocol type to handle enquiry the delay matter diminished.
Because the users are having their own logging in credentials to get log in the web interface and
they are given nice presentation pages which enables the user to point out the enquiry in an pin
pointed manner. This accurate explanation on enquiries by means of the form fields cannot be
done in voice means of enquiry handling system. In order to provide a batter presentation
interface for this web tool ASP has been used. The controller containers are having their vital
strength in acting as business logic processors. The SQL Server 2005 is having its vital part in
maintaining and processing the MODEL (i.e. the data base part of the tracking tool).