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A Second Chance

Chapter 1: Alive

As he slowly woke up, he felt three things.

Pain. Excruciating pain, numb now, and almost forgotten.
Anger. At his past, at his actions, at the world.
The table.
Wait, what?
He sat bolt upright. That was new. Well, saying it was new was a lie,
but it had been forever since he last had a sense of touch.
Looking down at himself, he saw his usual purple uniform and black
slacks, with his dress shoes on his feet.
Well this hallucination was odd.
He swung his feet off the table, staggering a bit as he readjusted to
not having a heavy metal suit on.
As he stumbled towards the door, he caught sight of something
yellow out of the corner of his eye. When he turned to look, it was
He reached the door and stared at it for a little bit, trying to remember
how to use his fingers. Eventually he got the hang of it and managed
to push the door open, nearly falling to the floor beyond.
This place didn't look anything like that crappy horror attraction.
Come to that, he felt like something monumental had changed, but
that was probably just his tired mind messing with him. Again.
As he limped through the halls, he saw that they were in perfect
condition. Strange, he didn't remember being moved.

As he pondered the changes that had occurred, it hit him: he was

alive again.
The next thing to hit him was the Puppet.

Hey everyone, this is my first fanfiction. I will be uploading more

chapters later today.
This will not completely follow the story of Five Nights at
Freddy's, but it will go along similar lines
Chapter 2: Mike

June 19, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1:15 P.M.
"So Mr. Schmidt... you have no prior working experience?"
"No sir, this is my first job." Mike replied. He had tried getting jobs
everywhere, but everyone wanted someone with working experience.
"I see" The man behind the desk replied. "Well, we don't have
anyone else who wants the job, so, uh, you're hired!"
"Thanks mister?"
"Giles. Percy Giles. Ordinarily I would've taken this shift myself, but,
uh, I'm kind of, um, disabled."
"Disabled how?" Mike hadn't seen any evidence to show that this
man, who was head of staff, was disabled.
In response, Percy wheeled his chair out from behind his desk. "I'm
paralyzed from the waist down. Most people tell me that I do well any
way, but uh, I can't get around very quickly."
"Oh, I see." Damn my insensitivity! Mike told himself silently. "When
do I start?"
"The first night of your shift starts at twelve, so technically, you begin

tomorrow" Percy replied with a chuckle.

"Ok then. Why do you have a night guard in the first place?" Mike
asked. He knew about the five children that had gone missing last
month, and the incident at Fredbear's, but he needed to hear it from
the man himself.
"Th-there was an, um, incident. Last month. We, uh, don't want any
repeats." Percy said nervously.
"I understand what you mean," Mike replied, giving the man mercy.
He cursed his insensitivity again. "Guess I'll see you tonight then."
"One last thing." Percy reached under his desk and brought out a
package. "Don't forget to wear your uniform. Purple's the only color
management will allow, for some reason."
"Thanks Mr. Giles" Mike took the uniform and put it in his backpack.
"Please, just call me Percy."
"Thanks Percy" Mike said, and left to rest for his new job.

June 19, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 11:45 P.M.
Mike locked his bike to the bike rack outside and dashed inside.
Having a broken watch can lead to believing you're much later than
you actually are, but Mike couldn't afford to fix it.
As he entered the building he looked up at the clock. 11:45. Mike
sighed in relief. He wasn't thirty minutes late as his watch would have
him believe.
"Percy!" He called into the building. No response, guess Percy went
home early.
Mike looked at the animatronics on the stage. Creepy things, old too.
They reeked of something rotting. Mike didn't really have much

fondness for these characters, but he needed the money, so he

worked the job.
He proceeded to his office, stopping in front of pirate's cove. Foxy
wasn't visible from here. A shame really, Foxy was one of his
favorites. The mechanics just couldn't seem to fix him though. Every
time they did, the fox just manifested another glitch, resulting in a
near-permanent out of order status.
Mike looked back at the clock. 11:55. He had stopped for too long,
and if he didn't get into the office, who knows what could happen.
As he reached his office, he heard the phone ringing. Wonder who
that could be. He set the phone to speaker and listened.
"Hello, hello? Um, hey Mike, sorry I couldn't be there to greet you. I
had to go home early. I wanted to let you know that the animatronics
tend to wander a bit. They're not exactly predictable. You're
probably perfectly fine though. You have your doors and cameras if
anything gets bad. Just remember we have a limited power bill, so
don't have the doors closed for too long, or it might cut out. I gotta go,
enjoy your new job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza." And with that, the
recording ended.
"Wait, WHAT!?" Mike said in astonishment. The animatronics
MOVED? This was going to be fun.
Or, you know, terrifying.

The introduction of Percy A.K.A. Phone Guy!

Chapter 3: Past and Present

Present day
He groaned as he slowly woke up. Dj vu.
As he slowly sat up, he raised his hand to his head. Wow that doll
had hit him hard.
He stopped in shock. His fingers were covered in flesh, not a green-

yellow suit. He looked at both his hands. There was the scar he had
from that time when he cut himself with a knife, right there on his right
What the hell?
"Oh, he's awake. Again."
He turned his head quickly, there was that Puppet. He hated that
thing. He hated it with a burning passion. He wanted to tear it apawait, did it just talk?
"You look kind of surprised. Not a shocker, really. Considering you
were dead for the past sixteen years." The Puppet said in its
monotone, gender neutral voice. "Don't panic, I'm not going to hurt
you. That would be a waste of effort."
Not listening to the Puppet, the man fell back into unconsciousness.

June 20, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 2:00 A.M.
"Two o'clock and all's well." Mike muttered to himself. So far only the
lavender rabbit had moved. What's his name? Bonnie.
"Hey, who are you talking to?" Mike heard from the left. He turned so
quickly he felt like he had whiplash, coming face to face with a redeyed rabbit.
Needless to say, Mike screamed.
"Whoa, calm down, I'm not going to hurt y- and he passed out."
Bonnie sighed. How come all the people freaked out whenever he
showed up at their door?
"Hey Chica! We got a new guy!" Bonnie shouted at the top of his
mechanical lungs.
Before long, both Bonnie and Chica were standing over Mike's

unconscious body.
"Hey Bonnie don't the guards usually try to lock us out?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Maybe they're scared of us."
"Aww nonsense," Bonnie said waving his hand, "We're not scary."
"They don't seem to know that."
Mike began to stir.
"He's waking up!" He heard a voice say. Odd, he didn't recognize that
Mike's eyes shot open "Holy crap I fell asleep on the job!"
"Watch your language!" Chica said sternly "This is a kid's restaurant!"
Mike suddenly realized why he fell unconscious and scrambled to his
feet. "Oh. My. God. The animatronics. Talk."
"Well of course we talk, Silly." Bonnie said with a chuckle, "how else
would we perform during the day?"
"I'm sitting in my office, talking to a lavender bunny and a bright
yellow chicken. Where did I go wrong?" Mike said, resting his face
in his hands.
"If you really think it's that bad, we can leave" Chica said
"Why would we leave? We haven't gotten to know this guy yet!"
Bonnie exclaimed.
"Bonnie! If he wants space, we should give him some space!"
"He should at least try to be friendly"
Mike chuckled, these two were like little kids.

"Hey, what's so funny new guy?" Bonnie asked.

"It's nothing and my name is Mike."
"Nice to meet you Mikey!" Chica said cheerfully.
"Always nice to meet someone new!" Bonnie said with equal cheer.
Mike grinned. This wouldn't be nearly as bad as he originally thought.

So, in case you couldn't tell already, most of the early chapters
will contain flashbacks. Don't worry, we'll get out of these
Chapter 4: Vincent

June 20, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 6:30 A.M.
Just like that, the shift was over. He had spent the whole night talking
with Bonnie and Chica. More like him telling them all about himself.
All things considered, it turned out much better than he had originally
He had said his goodbyes to the animatronics and was fumbling with
the lock on his bike when he heard a voice.
"Wow, the new guy survived."
Mike looked up to see the figure who was speaking. He was tall and
slender, with odd grey eyes and jet black hair. Quite a contrast to
Mike, who was of a slightly shorter height and was bulkier. Mike had
brown hair and green eyes, and while his skin was fair, this man was
just pale.
"Vincent Tollini. Head of security here at Fazbear's." the man said,
waving a hand at his purple uniform and badge.
"Mike Schmidt." Mike replied and put out his hand.

Vincent shook his hand and smiled. "You must be fearless going into
that place. Those animatronics are just creepy."
"Oh it's not that bad" Mike replied
Vincent raised an eyebrow "You're going back tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I kind of need the money."
Vincent shrugged. "I heard those things were dangerous, but hey.
Whatever floats your boat." The man grinned. "In any case, I hope
you enjoy your stay here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."

Present Day
He woke with a start this time. At least it wasn't an identical wake up
to the last two, but it was certainly less pleasant. He groaned just for
good measure.
"He's awake."
"If you say that one more time I swear to God I will stab you." He
muttered as he put his hand on his head. Right, back to life. Don't
freak out this time.
"He's making threats. That's a good sign, shows that he's retained his
mind." The monotone voice said from somewhere in the shadows.
"I wasn't kidding about the stabbing part."
"I brought you back to life."
"And you expect me to thank you for it? Thanks, I just needed to go
back to a crappy life with an abusive family."
A different voice spoke from the direction he thought the door was in
"Well, since it's been sixteen years, I doubt anyone remembers you"
He recognized that voice but where?


We get to meet the main character of our story.

Chapter 5: Foxy

June 22, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:30 A.M.
Mike sighed. The others had warned against this, but he was going to
do it anyway.
He was going to go to Pirate's cove.
"Mike come on, reconsider. Foxy's really grumpy, and I don't think
he'll want a visitor." Bonnie said next to him.
"Nope, gotta go meet the fox." Mike replied
"Aren't you not supposed to leave the office?" Chica asked him.
Blast. He hadn't thought about that.
"Nobody will know, the cameras don't record after twelve, that's why
we have a night guard." Mike said.
"I guess so" Chica said doubtfully.
"C'mon, how bad could it be?" with that, he walked out of the room
towards pirate cove.
Bonnie and Chica looked at each other. He had no idea what was
coming to him.
As Mike neared pirate cove he heard a faint humming.
"Hello, Foxy?"
The humming stopped.
"Foxy? I just want to talk."

"Go away"
"You've gotta be lonely in there" Mike said. "The kids hardly ever get
to see you"
"I don't care" the fox said gruffly
"Foxy, please come out. You're my favorite."
Foxy poked his head out of the curtains. "Say what now?"
"I said that you're my favorite."
"Yeah, well" Foxy stepped all the way out of pirate's cove, revealing
extensive gashes on his torso. "I'm always the fan-favorite."
Mike was a bit confused. "Why aren't you using the whole pirate voice
"It gets old after a while." Foxy replied. He then look at Mike,
suspicion in his eyes. "Wait a minute, what are you doing here after
hours anyway?"
"Oh, I'm the new night guard. My name's Mike"
"Uh huh. And Mike, do you know a man, about your height, wears
"Purple's the color of all the guard uniforms."
Foxy snorted "O'course the devil had all the other guards wear the
same color"
"What are you talking about Foxy?" Mike asked confused.
"Never ye mind that. Have ye met Freddy yet?"
"Not yet, he always seems to be gone, any time I come in here."
Mike said, still confused about where Foxy was going with this.
"Ye'll meet him soon enough, I suppose" Foxy said. "And his
brother too, unless I miss me guess" he muttered.

"What was that?"

"Ah nothin', it isn't important."

Present day
"How's it going Vince? Been a long time hasn't it?"
"Schmidt you bastard I'll rip your eyes out!" Vincent launched himself
off the table, only to crash to the ground in an uncoordinated mess.
"Calm down Vincent, I'm probably the only reason you're alive." Mike
said, reaching down to help the man up.
Vincent took the man's hand, and tugged downwards as hard as he
could. Nothing happened.
"Aww c'mon Vince, you didn't think I'd fall for that trick did you?" Mike
Vincent grinned back. "Of course I didn't. That's why I'm doing this!"
the man swung himself about, scything Mike's legs out from under
him. As soon as Mike hit the floor, Vincent made a mad dash for the
doorway, only to be knocked out by what felt like a steel bar hitting his

Vincent really hates Mike for some reason. In other news, Foxy's
a sucker for his fans.
Chapter 6: Golden

June 24, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 3:00 A.M.
Two nights since he got Foxy to come out of his cove, and Freddy still
hadn't shown up. Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy were all nice, and great
fun to be around, but he still wanted to meet the bear whose face was

on the sign.
"Mister Schmidt?"
Mike jumped at the deep voice coming from directly behind him, and
whirled around.
"Oh god Freddy you scared the living daylights out of me."
"Forgive me Mister Schmidt, but I need your help." Freddy replied.
"Help with what?" Mike asked confused.
"Follow me."
Freddy lead him to the room designated as "backstage" although in
all honesty it was more of a parts and service room anyway. What
Mike saw inside was something he was not prepared for.
Just outside the line of sight of the cameras was a yellow Freddy suit
with sounds emanating from it.
Before Mike could react the seemingly empty suit twitched and the
head turned towards him. He ducked out of the room and stood with
his back to the wall, panting.
"Mister Schmidt?" Freddy asked "Is everything alright?"
"I just It's What the"
"Mister Schmidt, if you cannot handle this, you do not have to"
"No, no I'm fine" Mike slowed his breathing "I can handle it"
Mike took a deep breath. "What exactly is it you want me to do?"
"Mister Schmidt, are you aware of what a spring-lock suit is?"
"Yes, yes I am. Why?" Mike asked.
"My brother is a spring-lock suit, a spring-Freddy, to be specific. I
need you to undo the spring locks."

"Wait why?"
"There are a multitude of reasons why, but I will give you the
important ones. First, he does not trust anyone over the age of
"And I'm sixteen."
"Exactly. Second, he is lonely, the spring locks keep him from moving
around, they keep his endoskeleton permanently compressed against
the suit. Lastly, because none of us have the ability to utilize the
crank that can undo the spring locks."
"Okay then" Mike took a steadying breath.
He entered the room, determined not be scared by the strange,
boneless seeming animatronic. As he approached it he heard
whispers with the voice of a child "please don't hurt me, please"
"Shh... It's all right, I'm not going to hurt you." Mike said soothingly
as he slowly approached the suit. "I'm just here to undo the spring
Mike began to circle the suit, looking for the place where the crank
would be used to tighten and loosen the spring locks. As he did so he
heard more whispers "Please don't hurt me I just want to go
home I just want to see mommy"
"It's okay, I'm going to help you" Mike was extremely unnerved by
the strange whispers, but he kept calm, and eventually managed to
unwind the spring locks.
With a sudden jolt of movement, the golden animatronic was
standing. Then it was simply gone.
"This has to be the weirdest day ever"

Present Day
Take four. Let's see wake up, try to kill Mike, get knocked

unconscious, rinse and repeat.

"He's awake."
That damn doll. It spoiled his plan before he even had a chance to
think about it.
"What do you want from me" he said, sitting up and swinging his legs
off the table.
The Puppet frowned. "I for one would like to know what is wrong with
you. You're brought back from the dead and your method of thanking
the ones who do it involves trying to kill them."
"Well, I could list my problems one by one. I have ADHD, I have
intense mood swings, I have an instinctive habit of stabbing people I
don't like, and now I wake up with a creepy puppet watching me. In
my position you would be quite notably ups-wait. Did you just move
your face?"
"It's a part of the new business we're going to be starting." The
Puppet replied.
"Wow, so first you practice necromancy, and now you give a
marionette facial mobility. Creepy." Vincent said. "Anyways, what hit
"I did."
"It felt like a steel bar."
"I'm aware."

In which we learn about the Puppet's personality, Vince's

problems, and Golden Freddy.
Chapter 7: Joy and Tragedy

June 25, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 3:00 A.M.

"So let me get this straight, the building is full of sentient

animatronics, and there's a yellow ghost bear that can teleport."
Freddy sighed. He knew what was coming next.
"How did this happen?!"
"I'll explain to the best of my ability." Freddy told the agitated night
guard. "It happened about a month ago. We were perfectly normal
"What!?" Mike said confused.
"Mister Schmidt, please don't interrupt." Freddy said irritated. "As I
was saying. We were normal children, celebrating someone's
birthday, I cannot remember who. A man came up to us and asked us
if we would like to see the backstage, and that there was a special
prize in it for us. We made the lethal mistake of following him. We
didn't get to see what he looked like, other than that he wore mostly
purple. The night following our deaths, it came. The Puppet. It taught
us how to become a part of the suits that we were stuffed into. We
had already lost most of our memories by the point it showed up,
including our own names. It taught us how to speak words the voice
box didn't have recorded. Then, it vanished."
"So you're telling me that a puppet taught you how to be
animatronics?" Mike asked incredulously.
"It sounds odd, but it happened. Chica and Bonnie don't even
remember our lives as humans, they just remember bits and pieces.
Foxy and I both have a more complete story, and they are similar, but
we cannot remember the killer's features or even our own names.
Goldie, my brother he may remember more than the rest of us, but
we cannot know, as he does not talk much."
"This place just gets weirder and weirder"

June 26, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 A.M.

"Alright guys, gather up!" Mike said.

"Why, exactly?" Foxy said.
"Movie night! We're going to go see a movie" Mike answered.
"Movie night!" Bonnie cheered.
"Mike, we can't exactly leave the pizzeria, people will stare, and we'll
draw attention." Freddy said reasonably.
"Not at this hour, most people out and about right now are either
drunk out of their minds, or too tired to take notice." Mike said. "And if
anyone asks, you guys are just avid fans of the pizzeria."
"I don't really want to leave Goldie behind" Chica said.
"We don't need to, his endoskeleton is activated now." Mike replied.
"Movie Night!" Bonnie cheered again.
"Fine, we can go out on a movie night. But we must be back well
before six" Freddy said grudgingly.

June 26, 1983

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 8:00 A.M.
Mike was worried. He had barely gotten the animatronics back before
six. But he was glad he managed to get Freddy to agree to the movie
night, and he got to learn more about his mechanical co-workers.
For example, Foxy loved popcorn, despite being unable to eat the
stuff. Chica was somewhat of a neat freak. Bonnie was happy with
almost any outcome. Freddy liked to have fun, but was still a stickler
for the rules. Lastly, Goldie finally spoke, his voice sounding like a
distorted version of Freddy's.
Unfortunately, the good times weren't going to last, and not for the
reason Mike expected.

As he was setting up to leave for the day, he heard a terrified shriek.

He dashed to the source of the sound, and to his horror, saw one of
the day guard standing over the two spring suits and sobbing.
"No! No!" The guard fell to her knees, crying over the two suits, both
of which were starting to leak blood.
Mike backed away in horror. He had to find Percy. Percy needed to
know about this

And here we have the reason the first location shut down.
Chapter 8: 1987

Present day
"So WHY did you resurrect me, exactly?" Vincent asked the room's
only other occupant, the Puppet.
"Mike is the one who should tell you this." The Puppet replied.
"Why do I need Schmidt to tell me?" Vincent asked, irritated.
"Because I'm the one who planned this out" Mike said from the
room's doorway.
"Oh look! Mikey! I'm gonna stab you until you bleed out for what you
did to me."
"Not really a likely occurrence, what with the Puppet being in this
room and all."
Vincent grumbled. What a buzzkill, he could have the decency to act
scared when he was threatened. "So what's your 'master plan'
"I'm not sure I can tell you, but you should know that you are a vital
part of it." Mike replied.
"Oh great, so I'm a vital part of this great plan of yours, but you won't

even tell me what to do." Vincent threw his hands in the air.
"That's not what I said Vince, and you know it." Mike said "What I
need you to do is atone for your crimes."
"Like I didn't do that when I got stuck in that rabbit suit."
"You may think you have paid for your sins, but the others don't."
"Fine" Vince sighed.
"Wait, what others?"

November 1, 1987
10:00 A.M.
Mike sighed, he was running out of money already. He had spent his
funds on a degree in mechanical engineering. Idealistic, but not
He checked the newspaper. Let's see if there are any job offerings
waiter, delivery guy, night guard, usher mechanic wanted, that
could pay nicely. Wait, night guard? Mike looked at the ad in
Grand Re-opening!
Mike stared in astonishment. They were bringing the place back?
After the things that had happened there?
Should he take the job?
Well, couldn't hurt to try.

November 1, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1:00 P.M.

Mike rode his bike up to the front of the pizzeria. The new location
looked a lot different from the old one. The animatronics looked a lot
different too. He sighed, the new designs for the stage trio looked
disastrous. He couldn't tell whether Bonnie was a boy or a girl,
Freddy just looked overweight, and Chica well, the less said about
that the better.
Mike turned to see Vincent Tollini. The slender man looked more or
less identical to the last time he had seen him.
"Hey Vince, how's it going?" Mike said with a grin on his face.
"You coming back to be our night guard?"
"Yup, saw the ad in the paper and thought that this place could use
another experienced worker. I've gained a few more skills since last
time too, including a degree in mechanical engineering."
"That's great, we might need a mechanic to help out if something
happens during the day." Vincent said with a smile. "Of course, Percy
will need to approve it first."
"Well, for now I just want to work on the night shift." Mike said with a
"You're hired." Came a voice back from the building.
Mike turned back around, seeing the wheel-chaired head of staff.
"Hey Mike. We kinda need a more, um, experienced night guard. The
new animatronics are probably going to be glitchy, and, um, I need
someone to monitor their behavior for a week so I can give new
guards a heads up on what to expect." Percy sighed. "After what
happened at the last location, I don't want to take any risks. The
spring suits have been locked up in the back room of the old place,
hopefully we can forget about those."
"Well, how can I sign up?" Mike asked enthusiastically.

"All you need is your uniform." Vincent informed him. "You do still
have it, right?"
"Yup, brought it along for if I got hired."
"Good, see you later then." Percy said, then headed back indoors.

There are lots of "Wait what?"'s in these earlier chapters. Mostly

because Vincent has an attention span of about five minutes.
Chapter 9: Puppet

Mike sighed, Vincent had an even shorter attention span now than
when he was Springtrap, and that was saying something.
"The other animatronics, Vincent." Mike said
"What, those scraps of metal? Why do I have to ask them for
"They're your victims."
Vincent laughed. "Those crappy robots are my victims? What did I do,
rewire them incorrectly?"
"They're not just robots. You should know that, especially considering
how you died in the first place."
That sobered Vincent up. "The children, that's who you mean?"
Mike gave an affirmative nod. "They're not children any more Vince,
they've grown up in the time they were animatronics."
"Oh great, just what I needed, a bunch of ghosts who've had however
many years to hate me. And now I need to ask them for forgiveness"
Vincent laughed. "This sounds like some sort of storybook scenario."
At this point the Puppet spoke up. "You may find this amusing, but I
don't. You killed me too."

November 1, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 11:30 P.M.
Mike walked into the building, thankful that he had gotten a new
watch while he still had money.
He looked around and sighed. Guess the new place is a lot different
from the old one. He had taken a look around earlier, during business
hours, and there were lots of things that worried him.
For starters, the original animatronics were locked up in the parts and
service room, and they were in a condition that was, to say the least,
Second, the animatronics were apparently prone to glitching. The
new animatronics had facial recognition software, and while that
wasn't a problem for Mike, who had a clean background, he knew
that the bugs in the system would inevitably lead to problems.
Third, the new Foxy animatronic was constantly taken apart by the
kids. He had tried to get them to stop, but by the time he could do
anything, it was already a mess on the ground.
Last but not least, there was the fact that the new animatronics,
apparently called the 'toys', had two new members with them. One of
them was constantly locked up in a box, but the other was an
unnerving child-like figure called "Balloon Boy".
Mike heard the clock chime twelve. Blast, he had spent too long
reminiscing, better get to the office and see if Percy had left a
An hour later, he regretted his new job.
He had been forced to abandon the office. Almost immediately after
twelve, he heard "Pop Goes the Weasel" and on the cameras there
was a tall, stick-thin puppet. It got to his office, and started to chase
him around.
"Can't we just talk about this?" Mike asked the puppet. No response.

"Please? Umm what did Freddy say your name was? Puppet?"
The Puppet stopped chasing him for a moment, proof that it at least
recognized its own name. Before Mike could capitalize on this pause,
it was back after him.
Mike ducked inside the parts and service room and slammed the door
shut behind him. "Guys? Are you still active?"
Mike heard some mechanical movement from deep in the shadows of
the room. "Bonnie? Chica? Freddy? Foxy? Hello?"
The answer was far from what he expected. From his corner of the
room Bonnie said, in a heavily distorted version of his ordinary
cheerful voice "You left us Mike."
"Bonnie, I came back, I'm so sorry but the place shut down. I couldn't
stay even if I tried!" Mike said, leaning against the door to hold the
Puppet outside.
"You left us to rot Mike. You left us to die" Bonnie said, sounding
"Bonnie, please! I never wanted to leave! Now I've come back, as
soon as I heard about this location!" Mike was starting to panic. If his
old friends turned on him now, his only resort would be to brave the
Puppet, and that thing was creepy.
"Well you won't be leaving now, right?" Bonnie asked, hope in his
"Of course I won't leave!"
"Good. Saying anything else would be lying." With that, the rabbit
launched its broken body across the room.
Chapter 10: Box

Present Day
"If you expect an apology, you are sorely mistaken." Vincent said to
the Puppet.

"I don't expect you to apologize. I know you're a heartless murderer"

The Puppet replied.
Vincent laughed "Glad you've got that straight. Fine Mike, I'll bite,
what do I have to do in order to 'pay for my sins'"
Mike sighed, he knew Vincent wasn't going to like this part. "You need
to prove to the animatronics that you're a changed man. You can't do
that right now simply because they are all currently undergoing
"Right. And what am I supposed to do in the mean time?"
Mike shook his head. Vince wasn't going to enjoy this. "You have a
suit. You'll be one of the performers."

November 2, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1:00 A.M.
Mike reacted quickly.
The instant Bonnie lunged at him, he pulled the door open, causing
the lavender bunny to rocket into the Puppet, launching them both
down the hallway.
Mike ran out of the parts and service room. There had to be some
way to calm down the Puppet and to avoid Bonnie.
He ran back into the security office. C'mon door button door button
Hadn't Percy said there were no doors in the new location?
Cursing his stupidity, Mike climbed into one of the vents, hopefully the
animatronics couldn't fit in here.
He was wrong. As he turned the corner of the vent, he heard a loud
clanging sound behind him, as of something large and heavy climbing
onto the vent.

Mike climbed out of the vent as quickly as he could and dashed out of
the party room he had wound up in. He ran back to the mainstage
area, and skidded to a halt.
All three of the animatronics that were on the stage when he got here
were gone.
Mike racked his brain, and realized that he had ran past them all at
least once in his panic to escape Bonnie and the Puppet.
Well, too late to wonder if they were dangerous.
Mike suddenly got an idea. What if he hid in the same box the Puppet
came out of.
Climbing into the box, Mike told himself that this idea was either really
clever, or incredibly stupid. He hoped it was the former.
After a while of waiting within the box, Mike checked his watch. 5:00
A.M. one hour left.
Then disaster struck.
Almost immediately after Mike checked his watch, the lid of the box
opened, and a porcelain face with two white pinpricks of light for eyes
stared down at him.
Mike got the feeling it was really, really mad.
Before Mike could so much as scream, the Puppet was extending a
long, three fingered arm towards him.
In panic, Mike grabbed the nearest thing he could find and held it up
The Puppet stopped its forward movement, then tilted its head and
looked at Mike.
Mike looked down at the object he had picked up. A music box? Mike
began to wind it up experimentally.
The soft, tinkling tune of "My Grandfather's Clock" began to play.

The Puppet visibly calmed down, but continued to move towards

Mike. Then, against all expectation, it ignored him and grabbed the
music box instead.
Mike watched in amazement as the strange marionette sat down on
the table with the music box cradled on its lap. He knew that Freddy
liked Toreador March, and that Bonnie could play a multitude of
songs on his guitar, but this was something else entirely. The strange
entity seemed to be completely different while the music was playing.
Mike slowly climbed out of the box and stood in front of the Puppet.
"You know the others already?"
Mike was astonished it could even produce sound with its mouth
gaping open. "Um, yeah."
"Then you know our secret."
"You mean the fact that you're all possessed?" Mike asked nervously.
"Then you do know. Just as well. I would have caught you before now
if you hadn't brought it up." The Puppet made a sighing noise, a
strange sound seeming more like the wind than anything else. "And
then I would have nobody to wind up my music box for me"
Before Mike could reply, the six o'clock jingle played, and the Puppet
drifted back into its box, ready to begin a new day of prize giving.

The Puppet really likes that music box.

Chapter 11: Bonnie

Present Day
"No way. Nuh uh. Nope. There is no chance in hell that I am getting
back into that deathtrap." Vince said angrily.
"Vince, it has undergone extreme repairs, it hardly even looks like it
did when we found you in it." At this Mike pointed to the back corner
of the room, where the golden rabbit stood deactivated.

Vincent took a good look at it. The height was about the same as
before, but that was one of the few features that was the same. It
looked less like a suit and more like a humanoid rabbit, down to the
joints being hidden and the ears looking lifelike. "Mike, I'm not going
to climb back into that thing."
"We fixed the spring locks as well, now it's completely impossible for
them to collapse while someone is inside. In addition, we've given it
more articulation, and the inside is as comfortable as a soft bed."
Mike continued, not seeming to hear Vincent's complaints.
"Mike, I literally said it twice now. I. Am. Not. Getting. Into. That.
Trap." The pale man said, waving his hands for emphasis.
"You can't really do much else, you're stuck here until you are fully
"Watch me." Vincent said, and walked out of the room
Vincent was seething. Mike must think he was crazy and idiotic. Get
back into Springtrap? Not a chance.
He paused as he reached the glass doors of the building and looked
at his reflection. Huh, his hair was white. Shame, he really liked it
when it was midnight black. Not important Vince, stay focused. He
told himself as he marched out of the building.
Less than thirty minutes later, a wheelchair rolled into the parts and
service room, where Mike and the Puppet were working on the
finishing touches of another animatronic.
"Mike, Vincent just left the building" Percy said from his mobile seat.
"He'll be back, don't worry." Mike told him, still focusing on the robot.
"I know, I'd just hate for him to happen to anyone."

November 3, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 A.M.

Mike sat in his office checking the cameras as was his job. He was
glad to hear that Percy had taken his advice and installed a music
box, along with a remote method to wind it up. Hopefully that would
keep the Puppet calm.
Mike checked on the parts and service room, and it felt like his heart
had stopped.
Bonnie was gone.
Mike frantically checked every camera in the building. Not on the
main stage, not in the prize corner, kid's cove is empty save Toy
Foxy Mike looked up from his cameras.
Bonnie was right there.
Now that Mike had his office lights to look at him, he could see very
clearly why Bonnie was so mad.
His face was missing, along with his left arm and patches all over the
"Bonnie" Mike said in a whisper. "What happened to you?"
Bonnie's red eyes lit up. "You left us to d-decay, Mike. We've been
replaced by a bunch of p-plastic numbskulls."
"Bonnie, I never wanted to leave." Mike said, nearing panic. The
lavender rabbit was much more intimidating without the top half of his
"Well you're never going to leave us again. You're going to stay with
us forever." Bonnie said, and reached towards Mike with his
remaining hand.
Mike ducked under his desk and dashed past the rabbit, not caring
that as he did so he had run past Toy Freddy. Fortunately for him, the
plastic bear was docile, and didn't give chase or impede his flight.
Mike made a mad dash for the prize corner, hoping against all hope
that the Puppet would be able to help him.

He didn't make it.

As he slowed at the corner from the hall to the main stage area, he
felt something tug at the back of his uniform. He disregarded it and
kept running, but immediately found his forward movement halted.
"Mike, d-don't run from me." Bonnie's voice came from behind him.
"I'm your friend."
"Sorry Bonnie." Mike twisted and kicked himself away from the
animatronic with all his strength.
Mike fell to the ground and looked up in shock. Bonnie's right arm
had fallen off now, and the rabbit was screaming in what Mike took to
be pain.
"Bonnie I'm so sorry I just" Mike began as he slowly rose to his
Bonnie didn't want to hear it, he stormed off.
Mike looked down at the ground, staring at the disconnected limb. He
had never meant to break Bonnie He just wanted to get to safety
He sighed and picked up Bonnie's arm. Maybe he could put it back
on and persuade the rabbit that he was going to be here of his own
free will for as long as possible.
He checked all of the party rooms until he found Bonnie. The
animatronic was sitting on the ground looking down, as if sulking.
"Go away Mike." The lavender rabbit replied, not bothering to move
his head.
"Bonnie I'm sorry."
"Leave me to rot. Like you did before."

"Bonnie, the place closed down. I just recently heard that it was up
and running again" Mike said apologetically. "I learned some things
in the interim." Mike showed Bonnie the arm.
"How is showing me my severed arm going to help anything? I'm in
constant pain Mike. It hurts so much."
"One of the things I learned was how to repair and maintain robots."
Bonnie looked up at him.
"So, after this week is over, I'm going to be the one who fixes you
guys up." Mike finished with a smile.
For the first time since Mike arrived, Bonnie didn't seem so sad.
Chapter 12: Suit

Present Day
Twelve hours.
Twelve damn hours.
Vincent cursed himself. He felt like absolute crap. He had a
headache, his whole body felt sore, and he had the feeling he had
forgotten to grab something before leaving Mike and the Puppet in
the dust.
To top it all off, he now craved a glass of coffee.
He hated coffee.
Which was why he was currently sitting in an alleyway, clutching his
head and moaning.
"I swear I didn't used to have migraines, why do I have migraines
now? What did I do to feel so cruddy?" Vincent mumbled, feeling
sorry for himself.
"Alright old man, give us all your money and nobody gets hurt."
Vincent looked up from his moaning to see a trio of men wearing ski

masks. Old man? He didn't have wrinkles, he knew that for a fact, he
had seen his reflection in a window just half an hour ago. Guess they
were confused about the hair.
"You deaf or something? Give us your money!"
The man took a knife out of his pocket and pointed it at Vincent.
"You messed with the wrong person" Vincent said as he awkwardly
climbed to his feet.
One of the men laughed "You must be drunk or something, as if you
can take three of us simultaneously. Get a load of this drun-Oof!"
Vincent had punched the man in the stomach, and before the
mugger's colleagues could react, he had forcibly disarmed the man
with the knife and held it to the throat of the third member of the gang.
"I'm sorry, this is a bad day. So how about this: You bastards give me
all of your money, and nobody gets killed."
The two who were not currently at knifepoint simply ran.
"Bunch of cowards" Vincent muttered. "Alright get out of here, if I
see you again I'll slit your throat and disembowel you."
The man just nodded his head and ran for dear life.
This was how, as he stumbled back into the pizzeria, he had a knife
in his hand.
Vince's condition had gotten even worse at this point, his only
thoughts were of getting to something. He still couldn't remember
what it was he needed.
He staggered down the hallways, banging his head on the doorframe
as he collapsed into the parts and service room, where Mike and the
Puppet were working on a golden animatronic.
"Told you he'd be back." Mike said to Percy, who was sitting in the
corner of the room.

"Mike, he, um, has a knife." Percy said pointing.

"Before you ask, no, I didn't stab anyone. I wanted to, but I didn't.
This knife belonged to the man who tried to stab me." Vincent said
from his position face down on the floor. "What the hell did you do to
me Schmidt?"
"I honestly don't know what you're talking about Vince. The Puppet
said that it had precautions in place to keep you from leaving, but it
never said what they were."
"Let me give them to you. I have a headache, my everything is sore, I
felt a compelling need to come back here, and I'm craving coffee"
Vincent said this last word with contempt.
The Puppet spoke up at this point. "I bound you to the suit."
"You what?" Vincent said in confusion.
"You are spiritually bound to the Spring Bonnie suit. You cannot leave
it for long periods of time. Leaving the city will cause an immediate
and uncontrollable need to return to it. Leaving the pizzeria will cause
a similar effect after twelve hours. Within the pizzeria, you don't even
need to wear it. However, in order to solve your current issues, such
as the headache and the soreness, you will need to wear the suit for
about an hour." The Puppet paused. "Although I'm not sure about the
coffee craving."
"Hell no. I can deal with a minor headache."
"The headache will persist until you enter the suit." The Puppet told
him mildly.
"Did you forget that I spent - what was the number you gave me?
sixteen years in that god-forsaken suit? I am not getting into that
"Then enjoy your headache. Once the symptoms start, they don't
stop until you enter the suit."
Thirty minutes later, Vincent gave in.

"You swear this thing won't kill me?" Vincent asked Mike.
"Certain. I checked it out myself. The only way to undo the spring
locks is the do so from within the suit, the lever to do so is
inaccessible while someone is using it." Mike assured him.
"Well, you brought me back once, you'd better do it again if this

Our second chapter to be entirely in the present, the first one

was chapter one.
Chapter 13: Vix

November 4, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 3:00 A.M.
"So let me get this straight. Foxy's lost in his own mind, and I'm the
one who needs to bring him out? How am I supposed to do that?"
Mike asked
"Mister Schmidt, it's not very complicated. Foxy loves his fans. He
would do almost anything to make them happy, regardless of whether
they are adult or child." Freddy said calmly.
Earlier that night both Freddy and Chica had activated. Fortunately
for Mike, both had a calmer temperament, and - despite Chica trying
to bite his head off at first due to confusion - they both appreciated
that he had come back at all.
Foxy was another matter.
Foxy had activated all right, but not as himself. Not as the popcorn
loving pirate that Mike knew and adored.
Foxy was just a machine right now.
According to Freddy, Mike was the only one who could fix it.
Mike followed Freddy into the parts and service room and stepped

into the back area, where Foxy was stored. Golden Freddy stared at
him lifelessly, only barely able to move due to having his
endoskeleton removed entirely.
"Hey Goldie, hi Foxy." Mike said nervously.
"It is good to see you again Mike." The yellow bear replied. "Are you
here to help with Foxy's issue?"
"Yes I am. Freddy said that you were helping?" Mike asked.
"I have telepathic abilities, in addition to teleportation and some
telekinesis." The bear answered. "I will be helping to weaken Foxy's
mental barriers so he can hear you speak."
"Okay then." Mike said, not really understanding. "Let's get this show
on the road."
"Very well. I will begin now."
Mike didn't see or hear any changes, but he could feel a bizarre
disturbance in the air, it seemed to be emanating from Goldie.
"Foxy?" Mike asked. "Foxy can you hear me?"
The fox didn't respond.
"Foxy? Buddy? It's Mike. Your biggest fan."
Still no response.
"Foxy, it's show time. We're counting on you buddy."
"Foxy I miss you buddy."
The fox was as lifeless as ever.
Mike sighed sadly. "This isn't working. Goldie, you can stop now."
"Alright then Mike." The suit ceased its strange activity. "Shame we

couldn't get him to wake up."

Mike sighed again. "Yeah I'll miss him."
Mike turned to leave. "Bye Foxy."
As Mike began to move, something snatched his shoulder. Mike
whipped around to see Foxy's yellow eyes open and looking around.

November 5, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 A.M.
Mike settled in for another night of watching over the animatronics.
Pulling up the camera, he noticed that the Toy animatronics were all
missing from the show stage. Not really worrying, considering that up
until now they were more or less just moving scenery.
Mike quickly wound up the music box to keep the Puppet happy. He
had forgotten about it yesterday and the only reason he survived was
because the Puppet thought he was a good person.
Mike looked up from the cameras and shined his light down the
hallway to see Toy Foxy standing there, a bizarre look in its eyes.
Mike couldn't tell if it was supposed to be male or female. The original
Foxy was male, certainly, but this one had a color scheme that could
only be described as feminine.
"Toy Foxy?" Mike said, wondering if it would respond to its own
The animatronic's eyes refocused, then the eyes changed.
Originally a yellow color similar to Foxy's, the glass orbs that passed
for animatronic eyes seemed to be missing, with only two pinpoints of
light in otherwise empty sockets.
Then the fox lunged at him.

Mike ducked to the side, dodging its attack. Those teeth looked
sharp, and this animatronic no longer looked like a child's toy.
Toy Foxy crashed into the wall and fell apart.
Mike stared in shock. Not only had this docile animatronic tried to
attack him, but it had destroyed itself in the process.
Unfortunately for Mike, his night was about to get much, much worse.
Toy Foxy was little more than a pile of parts, but somehow, it was still
moving. The parts that were still attached made it look like some sort
of mangle.
It sounded like it was crying.
"Are are you alright?" Mike asked. It was his job to make sure the
things didn't get damaged after all, he had to make sure the thing
didn't fall apart on his shift.
To Mike's surprise, the animatronic answered, in a tear-filled voice
"W-why are you taunting me?"
Mike was astounded. The animatronic sounded like a little girl. "I don't
want to hurt you, you tried to attack me."
"Only b-because you're the one who-" She paused and sniffled "Who
did it."
"The one who did what?" Mike said as he reached under his desk to
grab his toolbox, stored there in case of breakdowns when he
couldn't get to the parts and service.
"The one who r-reprogrammed the scanners, and the one w-who
killed us."
Mike went cold. Another set of murders?
"I'm not the man who did that. All the security guards wear the color
purple." He said as he began to put the broken fox back together.
"Why are y-you fixing m-me?" she sounded confused.

"My job is to make sure none of the animatronics get broken, and to
fix it if it does. You broke, it was my fault, so I'm going to fix you."
Mike began his reparations on Toy Foxy. "I've always found the whole
Toy 'name' thing to be irritating and unnecessary. Plus it makes you
sound like a ripoff of the first four. What would you like to be called?"

The return of Freddy, Chica and Foxy! Also, those kids really did
a number on poor Vix.
Chapter 14: Discovery

Present day
As Vincent climbed into the Spring Bonnie suit, he noticed that his
headache was lessening, along with his constant soreness. The
pressing need to return had already faded entirely.
The coffee craving hadn't ended though, and that was the only
reason Vincent even bothered to try getting into the suit.
Once the suit was sealed and he was able to move it around, Vincent
felt strange. It was as if something he was missing had been found.
As if he had been incomplete before, and only now was he complete.
What kind of drugs had they given him?
Vincent blinked once.
He noticed that Mike and Percy were looking at him with
dumbfounded expressions on their faces. The Puppet looked
uninterested, but that was usually the case.
"What are you two looking at?" Vince asked irritated.
"You look so alive." Mike said.
Vincent couldn't tell, but the ears on the top of the animatronic's head
moved and turned towards sound, as if they were real. The face of

the rabbit also moved to display Vincent's emotions, and when the
man inside blinked, the eyelids of the animatronic flicked down and
back up again. When Vincent had spoken, the mouth of the suit had
opened and moved exactly like the sound was coming from the
golden rabbit itself, rather than the person inside.
Vincent blinked again. Something was off, but he couldn't place it.
Then he realized. He wasn't seeing through the eyes of the suit.
He was seeing with the eyes of the suit.

November 5, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1:00 A.M.
"Alright Vix, I gotta get you into parts and service in order to repair
your joints." Mike told the white fox "Your current condition should be
good enough to get you there without doing damage."
"O-okay mister" Vix seemed nervous. "Wh-what's your n-name?"
"I'm Mike. Resident night guard." Mike reached down and picked up
the damaged animatronic. She was heavy, but not any heavier than
the crates that Mike had been paid to move in the four years since
the last time he was night guard. "Can you tell me more about the
one who killed you?"
"I Um"
"If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine."
"N-no you should know, if you're going to h-help us." Vix made a
sound that Mike assumed was meant to be a calming breath.
"It happened y-yesterday. We were having a b-birthday party for mmy little brother. When the p-party was almost over, a m-man came
up t-to us. H-he asked if we wanted to s-see a special char-" Vix
broke off, sobbing.

"It's okay, it's okay." Mike said soothingly. "You don't have to tell me
any more than you want to."
Mike had reached the parts and service room, and nudged the door
open. The room seemed to be vacant. Guess the others had gone to
roam around. "Goldie, you in here? I've brought a guest."
"Who's G-Goldie?" Vix asked.
Mike walked into the area that was set up for individual animatronic
repairs. "Goldie, meet Vix, Vix, meet Goldie."
"A pleasure to meet you Vix. What brings you here Mike?" The
possessed suit asked.
"Vix broke, so I'm going to be fixing her up."
"D-did that empty suit just t-talk?" Vix said in bewilderment.
"Well, considering that you are a haunted animatronic yourself, it
would not be too far-fetched for a disembodied voice to be attached
to an endoskeleton-less suit." Goldie said.
Mike set Vix down on the table and turned towards the boxes of
spare parts. "Let's see, joint connectors, joint connectors" Mike
began to rummage through the boxes, causing a precariously
perched Freddy head on top of a pile of boxes to fall, landing square
on his head.
"M-Mike?! Where did you go?" Vix said, panicking
"What are you talking about, I'm right here." Mike took off the mask
and rubbed his head. The thing was a bit heavier than he would have
liked, but it hadn't really hurt.
"S-sorry, ever since the b-bad man messed with our f-facial
recognition software, w-we can't distinguish between a m-masked
human and an animatronic and with h-humans, we can o-only see
colors" Vix sounded apologetic.
Mike was thoughtful. "So that's the reason you attacked me" Mike

found the piece he needed and grabbed the wrench "The older
animatronics mentioned something about the killer having a purple
"Y-yes. I'm very, very sorry."
"It's all right Vix. It's not your fault." Mike said reassuringly as he
started the repairs on the damaged animatronic. The room was quite
dark, so he had to have his flashlight in one hand and work on Vix
with the other.
Mike jumped and turned the light towards the intruder, then sighed
with relief. "Foxy, give me a little warning next time."
The animatronic fox didn't respond, it seemed to be shut down.
Mike frowned. "Foxy, are you all right?"
Motors audibly activated, and Foxy reactivated. "What happened?"
"Foxy, you shut down for a moment when I shined my light at you."
The pirate nodded. "Aye, that happens sometimes. Bright lights
directly in our optical sensors can cause us to freeze and
occasionally reset." Foxy rubbed the back of his head. "Unfortunately,
it happens to me more often than the others. Part of the reason I was
always 'out of order'"
Mike nodded. "Sorry about that buddy. What did you need?"
"I wanted ta ask ye if ye knew what was wrong with the new 'bots."
Foxy said.
"Unfortunately, I do know. Vix here tried to attack me, but wound up
smashing against the wall, so I'm fixing her up." Mike said and
grinned. "I seem to have a habit of befriending the people trying to kill
"H-hello Foxy" Vix said meekly.

Mike finished up repairing Vix. "There we go, that ought to last you a
while." Mike looked at the flashlight and the Freddy head. "If you will
excuse me, I have some notes to make."

It's gonna take a while for Vincent to get used to his new life. We
also get to learn how Percy learned to inform the night guard
about the lights and the Freddy mask.
Chapter 15: Pain

Present Day
Vincent was having a nervous breakdown.
"What the hell did you do to me?!" Vincent shouted.
"Vince, calm down!"
"Don't you tell me to calm down Schmidt! What kind of crazy crap did
you and that masked doll do to me?!" Vince was grabbing his ears
and trying to pull them out.
"Vincent stop! You'll damage the suit!" Mike was frantic.
"Damage the suit? Damage the suit?!" Vincent was practically
screaming. "I AM THE GODDAMN SUIT!"
"Vince calm down! I can't understand, what do you mean?"
"What part don't you understand!? I'm stuck back in this hellish thing!"
Vince put his hands on his top and bottom jaws and began to pull
them apart.
"Puppet! Stop him from killing himself!" Mike launched himself at the
golden rabbit and tried to pull his arms away.
There was a loud crack and Vincent screamed.

November 6, 1987

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 A.M.

Mike was in trouble.
He was forced to sit in his office wearing the Freddy mask. That in
and of itself was uncomfortable. The actual problem was much
There were three animatronics in his room. The toy versions of
Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica were entering the room from various
directions. Unfortunately, that wasn't the worst part of the situation.
The music box was running down, and Mike could swear he heard
"Pop Goes the Weasel" from the other room.
In other words, Mike was probably going to die.
He was taking it pretty well, all things considered.
Toy Chica's beak was missing, probably because the company who
constructed the animatronics was extremely cheap.
"Pop Goes the Weasel" was getting rapidly louder
Mike gasped as the Puppet levitated into the room.
The floating Puppet looked around the room. "Mike. Why are you
wearing a Freddy head?"
Mike could tell the puppet wasn't amused, although he wasn't certain
how. "The toy animatronics are trying to kill me. Vix informed me that
they can't tell the difference between a masked human and an
The Puppet sighed. "Whatever works for you, I guess. I'll just get this
and be out of your way then." The Puppet reached out to Mike's desk
and grabbed the security tablet.
"Hey! That's mine!" Mike said
"I need it more than you right now." The Puppet floated out of the
room with its finger on the screen. The sound of "My Grandfather's

Clock" was barely audible from the other room.

Toy Chica had a confused look on her face. "Ben, Theo, why did the
Puppet just call Freddy Mike?"
Toy Freddy, or as Toy Chica had called him, Theo, frowned. "I have
no idea Tia. I'm just as confused as you are."
Toy Bonnie, or Ben, turned towards Mike. "You have any idea why
Mike swallowed nervously. "Nope. Why do you want to hurt the night
guard anyway? He didn't do anything."
"Well, he's the same purple as the one who killed us. The night guard
might be Him."
"You have my word that he isn't." Mike said, trying to get the three
plastic robots to calm down.
Theo stirred uneasily. "Still, better safe than sorry. We'll be out of your
hair Freddy." As he said this, the three animatronics left.
Mike sighed and took the mask off. That was a lot closer than he
would've liked.
Mike jumped and looked to his left. There was a small human-like
animatronic crawling out of his left vent. "Oh. Hello there."
"Why're you purple?" The childlike figure asked.
Mike sighed. "A man messed with your facial recognition software.
Now you can only see general colors."
"No, silly!" The child giggled. "Why are you purple instead of another
color? Like blue?"
"Well, I have to wear my purple uniform while I work here. Otherwise
nobody will know that I'm a security guard here." Mike paused.
"What's your name little guy?"

"My name's Billy, but the others call me BB." BB giggled. "Vix told me
about you! She thinks you're a really nice person! My sister doesn't
like people much, but she likes you!"
"That would mean that you're the birthday boy from a couple days
ago. How old are you now Billy?" Mike asked with a smile.
"I'm five now!"
"That's very good!" Mike said. "Hey, can you ask your sister to come
see me? I need to talk to her."
"Okie-dokie!" The child turned towards the hallway and ran off on his
stubby legs.
Before long, Mike heard a static noise from the main hallway. "Vix?"
He shined his flashlight down the hallway, then gasped and got up to
run towards Vix. The fox was in an even worse condition than the
previous night when she had shattered against the wall.
"M-Mike I'm h-hurting s-so much." Vix was crying as much as was
possible for an animatronic.
"Shh shh it's okay, it's okay I'll help you, I'll help you" Mike
said soothingly.
"Th-they t-tore me apart a-and called me 'Mangle'" She was
calming down now, that was good at least. "The d-day staff didn't
even t-try to fix me this t-time."
Mike cradled her head in his hands. "It's okay, I'll protect you. I'll help
you recover."
"There he is!" Mike turned to see Ben standing in his office.

Not a very happy chapter, but things will get better.

Chapter 16: Explanations

Present Day

Vincent groaned and slowly woke up. His jaw hurt like hell and it felt
like his ears had been pulled out.
He opened his eyes for a second, then closed them again, trying to
go back to sleep.
His eyes snapped open.
He was still in the suit.
He was still in the goddamn suit.
Vincent took a look around. He was still in the parts and service
room, but he was seated on the floor against the wall. Nobody was in
the room with him, for once. He sighed and tried to push himself off
the floor and into a standing position.
There was a hand mirror sitting on the table that Vince had woken up
on however many times it was. Guess Mike had wanted him to see
his new appearance or something. No real reason to not see what he
looked like while in the suit.
When he looked into the mirror, Vincent gasped, then rubbed his
aching jaw.
His eyes were a brilliant turquoise. No, not his eyes, thinking like that
would lead to disaster. The suit's eyes. The suit's eyes were
turquoise. Vince had always wanted brightly colored eyes, but had
settled for his naturally grey eyes simply because they were different
from anyone else he knew.
The rest of his no, not his, the suit's- face was moving as he felt
emotions run through him. His ears hurt, but they were in good
condition however, and they twitched and turned towards sound. The
only part of him that looked hurt was his jaw, as the skin, or whatever,
of the cheeks looked like it was healing, as if it had recently been torn
or cut. That made sense, seeing as he had just torn his lower jaw off
of his head before falling unconscious.
Why had it hurt so much? The only thing that had actually hurt other
than damaging the suit had been when he had a headache. The

Puppet's blows had knocked him out, and he had felt them, but they
hadn't actually hurt much; but the time he had banged his head on
the doorframe, and then the floor, hadn't hurt at all.
"Oh, you're awake. Admiring the appearance of your new suit?"
Vincent turned towards the doorway to see Mike and the Puppet
entering the room.
"Schmidt, what the hell did you and that creepy puppet do to me?"
Vincent said with a scowl.
"It's very simple. Since your soul is bound to the suit, it is not
dissimilar to how the rest of us are haunting the animatronics. Your
human body is alive within the suit, but your spirit is controlling the
suit instead." The Puppet said, a bored look on its face.
"Alright then, explain the 'skin' and the fact that m- the suit's eyes look
alive." Vincent said. "I thought you things couldn't feel pain."
"Mike and his friend are extremely good at technological matters.
Ordinarily we could only feel pain if the endoskeleton was damaged,
but Mike's friend has added senses to all of the animatronics. All of
them will be able to smell, taste, and feel whenever they are
activated. Pain is a necessary part of the sense of touch. In addition
to these upgrades, all of them have artificial stomachs that can hold
food and break it down into any components that are usable for
electrical energy, although that which cannot be used in such a
manner will need to be cleaned out. As for the skin and eyes, those
are artificial, the eyes are glass with extremely detailed paint on them.
The skin is magically constructed, and as such it acts just like human
skin, healing after injury and regrowing fur if necessary."
"Geez, can you put it in a simpler form?" Vince said confused.
The Puppet sighed. "All of the animatronics are effectively living
beings that can be turned on and off, and have no ability to grow
weak or ill." It paused. "Yourself included. The artificial stomach folds
against the inside of the suit along with the endoskeleton, and the
taste sensors are disabled while a person is inside."

"Floating puppet say what?" Vincent said, still not understanding a

The Puppet sighed angrily.

November 6, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 2:00 A.M.
Mike reached up to grab his mask, only to come to a shocking
His mask was on his desk.
Mike carefully laid Vix's head back on the floor and rose to his feet,
his hands palms out by his sides. "Your name is Ben, right? I'm Mike."
Ben blinked. "How do you know my name?"
"I've been sitting in the security office. Freddy was never in there."
Mike said. "Sorry for tricking you, but I needed to bide my time until I
could be sure you wouldn't, you know, kill me."
Ben laughed. "Well looks like you messed up purple man, I've got you
now!" The blue rabbit started walking towards Mike.
"B-Ben no!" Vix said in horror. "You c-can't!"
"Sorry Vix, but this man has done so much evil to us. He's the reason
we're stuck in these things, so I'm going to get us some revenge,
even if you don't want to cause bloodshed." Ben said sadly.
"But he's n-not the killer!" Vix cried out. "H-he's the one who fixed me
up l-last night! If he h-hadn't I would just be pieces on the f-floor!"
Ben paused. "He what?"
"The man who killed you was wearing a purple uniform, right? He

showed up as purple? According to Freddy and Foxy, a man with

similar attire killed them too. All the security guards have to wear the
same uniform in order to make them recognizable as Freddy
Fazbear's Pizzeria employees." Mike said in explanation. "I was night
guard at the last location too, that's why I'm the current night guard
here." He paused. "In order to make sure it's safe for a new guard.
After this week I'm going to be a day guard and engineer."
Ben scratched the back of his head. "Oh That would explain a lot.
Like, a lot a lot."
Mike relaxed. Things seemed to be going well, all things considered.
He looked back at Vix. "Umm... I don't think I can fix you this time."
"Then how am I s-supposed to g-get around?!" Vix cried in dismay. "I
d-don't want to have to c-crawl all over the p-place!"
Mike thought for a moment, then got a brilliant idea. "You can't walk
right?" he asked, to which Vix nodded.
"Then maybe you can climb"

Longest chapter yet. Vincent's going to have to get used to

these changes, as is poor Vix.
For anyone wondering, there will be NO shipping in this. Not in
the romantic sense at least. The relationship between Mike and
Vix is more like a parent-child relationship, while the
animatronics are all family. Vince just hates everyone.
If you need a mental image, just imagine a large cruise ship with
all of the main characters. Now imagine a little dinghy tied to it
with Vince sitting in it screaming "I hate you all!"
That about sums it up.
Chapter 17: Magic

Present Day
"Magic." Vincent said in disbelief.

"Well of course. How else would you have come back to life?" The
Puppet said calmly.
"I don't know, some sort of genetic recombobulator thing?"
The Puppet sighed in exasperation. "And where would we get a
device like that?"
"I dunno! The pizzeria had fully mobile animatronics before the '80s! I
assume some sort of similar mechanical marvel could have
occurred!" Vincent threw his hands in the air.
The Puppet rested its face in its hands. "Sometimes, I wonder if you
actually pay attention. Your antics are among the most irritating things
I've ever had the misfortune to deal with, and that's saying a lot,
considering that I acted as a children's entertainer for the past thirty
"Yeah, well, I try." Vincent said with a mischievous grin.
The Puppet looked up and glared at him. "You are the most selfcentered, cruel, vile, backstabbing MONSTER!" The Puppet's
normally emotionless voice growing angrier and louder as it spoke.
"You bastard, I never should have brought you back you-"
"Calm down, Marionette." Mike said. "He's trying to get under your
skin, the more you react the more he'll try to pester you."
"Ohh, Marionette. Normally Mikey just refers to you as Puppet. Guess
I really irritated both of you."
Mike sighed in disappointment. "I thought that if we could bring you
back you would be able to improve yourself. Guess I was wrong."
Mike shook his head. "I'm really disappointed in you Vince."
Vincent would have normally felt great for causing such discomfort in
another, especially the Puppet and Mike, the two he held responsible
for his torture as Springtrap. However, ever since he had gotten into
the Spring suit, he had felt different. As if acting like he did in his
former life was something to be ashamed of. But he still felt as if the
suit made him complete. He wasn't proud of his actions, and he knew

it was probably showing on his face. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have

doubted you. Tell me about this magic of yours." He paused. "And tell
me how to get this suit off."

November 7, 1987
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 4:00 A.M.
"Well done Vix!" Mike said encouragingly. Vix had had a surprisingly
easy time climbing the walls, and was now hanging from the ceiling.
After a couple falls, she was nervous, but glad that she was finally
Astonishingly, once Mike had managed to get Ben on his side, the
other toy animatronics had accepted him.
Tia was a bit vain, and tended to ramble and chatter. She wasn't too
happy with her design either, but as an animatronic there was little
she could do to change it. Theodore was a bit uptight, and he
preferred to spend more time by himself than with the others, but he
was generally polite and intelligent. Ben was easily excited, but also
tended to jump at shadows. At the same time however, when he
wasn't scared he tended to be confident and sure of himself. BB was
a cheerful little fellow, but he could throw temper tantrums when he
was upset. Fortunately, it was difficult to upset the little guy, meaning
that he rarely reacted violently. Vix was sweet and kind, but extremely
nervous and unsure of herself, but considering the pain she had gone
through, Mike could easily understand that.
All in all, they acted like children between the age of nine and twelve,
with the exception of BB, who was five.
The night had gone extremely well, especially considering that the
toys and originals had hated each other at the start. Now they were
getting along like siblings. Which is to say, with many fights and
arguments, but not in hatred.
Mike was getting ready to pack up his stuff so that he could make
room for the next night guard. Suddenly, he saw something in the

corner of his eye. A figure so black that it looked like it was made out
of shadows, with glowing white eyes and teeth. Mike whipped his
head towards it, but before he could say or do anything, it was gone.
"Weird" Mike said to himself as he got one final thing ready. A note
for the new guard, with one sentence on it:
Speak to them.

That's the end of the Fnaf 2 location as far as the night shift
goes, but we still have a few more things to look at before we
leave the year 1987.
Chapter 18: Bite

Present Day
Vincent was out of the suit and feeling more like his normally
belligerent and ADHD self. It turned out that the suit was painfully
easy to get out of from the inside. The suit didn't limit Vincent's
flexibility in any way, as surprising as it was. This made it no problem
to reach under his armpits and undo the latches that held the back of
the torso on. Once that was undone, it wasn't difficult for the skinny
man to just pull his arms out of the suit and push himself out.
The Puppet's explanation of magic was actually quite surprising to
"Some very few people are born with a natural ability to do magic.
Having magical potential has strange effects. One with the capacity
for magic has the ability to see spirits in life, and to do the impossible
in death. For example, reanimating the dead, conjuring ghosts, and
giving life to an otherwise inanimate object are feats that I myself
have seen occur that would otherwise be impossible." The Puppet
paused. "One of which you did yourself."
"But I've never done magic, what the hell are you talking about?"
Vincent asked confused.
"You called up the ghosts of the children who now inhabit the
animatronics in order to send them after Mike. Funnily enough, there

is a bizarre phenomenon that brings the magically gifted to all

locations of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. You, me, Goldie, the brothers,
Mike, and Jeremy are all magically capable individuals."
"The brothers?"
"You'll meet them eventually. But a word of advice when you do. Don't
tell them anything they could potentially use against you. Those two
are incorrigible pranksters who will use anything for a joke."
"And Jeremy?"
The Puppet looked surprised. "You should know him. After all, you
indirectly caused his death."

November 14, 1987

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1:00 P.M.
Today was the last day of the current location of Freddy Fazbear's
Mike wasn't happy about it.
Not happy about it at all.
He had spent most of the day in the parts and service room, talking
with the originals.
"I'm sorry guys. They're shutting the place down due to the incident
last week." Mike said. "I'll be back whenever I can it might not be
for several years."
"We'll miss ye lad." Foxy said sadly. "If only ye could stay with us."
"I wish I could, but I can't" Mike said apologetically.
"Well, we could always stuff Mike into a suit." Bonnie said.
"Bonnie! We can't do that to poor Mikey!" Chica scolded.

"Goodbye Mister Schmidt. I hope we'll see you soon." Freddy said.
"Me too Freddy, me too" Mike said as he stepped out of the parts
and service room.
Mike sighed and started down the hallway. Hope Jeremy's doing fine.
Jeremy Fitzgerald had joined the staff of the Pizzeria the day that
Mike had been moved to the day shift. He was a fairly short guy, with
freckles on his face and curly red hair. The reason Mike liked him was
because he didn't let his size limit him. Jeremy had an attitude that
made him seem like a bigger person. He was an adrenalin junkie as
well, seeking out anything that promised a scare or a rush of
excitement. The thing that set him apart was the fact that to top it all
off, he was the owner of a large inheritance of money, several
hundred million dollars' worth. He was barely at the employable age,
but he had more money than Mike could ever hope to get. The part
that surprised Mike the most was that Jeremy had a completely clean
criminal record, and was a considerate and courteous individual.
When Jeremy had been moved to the day shift the day before, he
had been replaced by Fritz Smith, a computer genius and fellow
adrenalin junkie. Fritz had apparently been friends with Jeremy since
the first grade. Fritz had gotten the job of night guard for a similar
reason to Jeremy, in order to test the myth that the place had haunted
animatronics. He was a medium height man with dark hair and blue
eyes, as well as well-tanned skin. Fritz looked like a guy who did
sports a lot, but surprisingly he rarely went outside, he was gifted with
a marvelous physique.
Mike went to watch the last event of the pizzeria, a birthday party in
Kid's Cove. He was worried about Vix, because she didn't like small
children much, but Jeremy had told him he would keep an eye on the
animatronic, and Mike trusted the ginger.
Mike entered the room to see Vix climbing up the wall unnoticed,
Jeremy standing more or less directly between her and the children
who were enjoying a birthday cake.
Vix reached the ceiling and turned her head to look at Jeremy below
her. That's when Mike noticed.

Her eyes were nothing more than pinpricks of light.

"JEREMY!" Mike shouted in warning.

We finally get to see the infamous bite of '87. Poor Jeremy, he

didn't deserve it.
Chapter 19: Jeremy

November 14, 1987

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 1:15
Oh god Vix why?
Mike ran towards Jeremy, kneeling down next to him. Mike looked
around. "You!" He points at one of the adults in the room, everyone
else seemed shocked into immobility. "Call 911, let them know that
someone's been badly injured."
There was someone talking on the edge of Mike's hearing. "I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry" Mike looked at Vix, she was curled up as much as
possible, her face hidden.
"Hang in there Jeremy" Mike said, ripping a portion of Jeremy's
uniform in order to make a makeshift bandage to stem the bleeding.
"Why didn't you read my note"
"What note?" Jeremy whispered.
Mike went cold. Someone had removed the note from the security
Five minutes later, the ambulance arrived.
"Well sir, you did amazing considering the circumstances. That
bandage is the only reason that your friend survived." The emergency

official said. "Do you know what happened?"

"One of the animatronics glitched." Mike said. "They're
programmed to recognize criminals and to alert the police, but
someone must have messed with their systems."
"I see. Thank you sir. We'll do what we can to help him" The
paramedic left.
Mike took a steadying breath. This was a disaster.
"Hey Mike."
Mike turned around to see Vincent standing there, a sad look on his
face. "I'm really sorry your friend got hurt. I hope he'll be alright."
Mike sighed sadly. "Me too."
"I took the liberty of firing the man who tampered with the
animatronics." Vince told him.
Mike's spirits rose
"Fritz is no longer an employee here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
and fell.
"I see." Mike said, thinking. "What did you do with my notes?"
"Notes, Mike?" Vincent asked innocently. "Your desk was covered in
scrap paper. I guess I threw them away along with the garbage."
Mike didn't trust Vincent, but he couldn't call the man out on it. "I see.
Well, so much for that I guess. I'm going home now, my shift's over.
Bye Vince"
"Bye Michael."

November 20, 1987

"Mister Schmidt?"
Mike had zoned out for a moment. He shook his head, trying to shake
off the dark memories that plagued his mind.
Jeremy had been taken to the hospital and put on life support.
Apparently he was so close to death that it took all of the best
equipment in the hospital to keep him alive, and he was never going
to make a full recovery. Mike had visited him and told him the truth
about the animatronics while he slept, not knowing if Jeremy heard
him or not.
Just today, Mike had received the terrible news.
The hospital had a power outage, and Jeremy had died as a result.
Mike didn't even know this had happened until just half an hour ago,
when a lawyer had showed up to inform him that Jeremy was dead.
Jeremy's death wasn't the topic of the day, however.
Jeremy's will was.
Just hours before the power cut out, Jeremy had woken up, and in an
hour of lucidity he had changed his will entirely.
He had given everything to Mike.
"Mister Schmidt? Is everything alright?"
"Sorry, just thinking."
"I understand, it's a lot to take in. You just inherited seven hundred
million dollars."
"Yeah I've never really had much money."
"It's not just money, we need to discuss other conditions and assets."
"Yes sir. Mister Fitzgerald put a single condition on the money. It must

be spent to buy the animatronics from the pizzeria where Mister

Fitzgerald died. I don't understand why, but that is the condition."
"Okay then"
"In addition, Mister Fitzgerald has left you the deed to a large plot in
the middle of the city, and his family mansion."
"I wish I understood, but onto other matters"
Mike listened on in astonishment as he learned that Jeremy had left
him all of the Fitzgerald property. After the lawyer left Mike sat there
and thought for a while, then came to a sudden realization. Jeremy
had wanted him to buy all the animatronics which surely meant that
he knew. Jeremy had heard him.
Mike rushed outside to his old bicycle and pedaled as fast as he
could. He had to get to the pizzeria before they scrapped the toys.
Mike jumped off his bike and ran inside.
"Mike! What are you doing back here?"
"Percy, where's Mr. G?" Mike asked.
"Mike, why do you want to talk to the manager?" Percy asked in
"I want to buy the toys." Mike explained.
"You what?"
"The toy animatronics. I want to buy them." Mike elaborated.
"Mr. Schmidt. You want to buy the toy animatronics?" Mike whirled to
see Mr. G walking out of his office.
"Yes sir."
"Well, we were going to scrap them anyways" Mr. G mused

"Perhaps we could sell them instead. That'll be fifty thousand, Mister

Schmidt." Mr. G seemed positive that Mike couldn't afford that.
"Agreed. Thank you Mr. G" Mike said, pulling out his credit card.
Mr. G smirked and swiped the card. "They're all yours Schmidt. Enjoy
your killer robots."
"By the way, Mr. G. I thought you should know that Jeremy died
earlier today."
Mr. G didn't seem too upset about this fact.
"He left his entire fortune to me."
Mr. G's jaw dropped.

The end of our 1987 stories. We learn how Mike acquired the
money to fund the new pizzeria.
Mr. G was just a one-time thing. I couldn't think of a good name
for the manager, so basically he's just here for Mike to buy the
toys off of.
Chapter 20: Doors

Present Day
"Oh, that kid Fitzgerald." Vince said. "Shame about him. Heard about
the power outage a few days after."
"I only have one question for you Vince." Mike said. "Why did you
tamper with the animatronics?"
"Fritz got fired for that, what makes you think I would do it?"
"Vince, stop lying." Mike said. "Fritz didn't touch the animatronics."
"Fine, you caught me" Vince grinned "I needed to find a way to
prevent the animatronics from killing me, so I figured that ruining the
facial recognition would make them get decommissioned before they

could get a chance at me."

"That makes sense. Fritz had to do a lot of work on the toys in order
to fix them up." Mike explained. "They were extremely confused when
I moved them and turned them on. They thought I was someone else
entirely because of your little trick."
"Wait. You stole the toy animatronics?!" Vince said in confusion.
"No, I bought them off of Mr. G. He was so surprised when I told him
that Jeremy had left me his money; the cheapskate thought he was
ripping me off when he sold me them. I actually would have bought
them for almost twice as much." Mike chuckled. "The toys are offline
right now, undergoing upgrades. But there is one more animatronic
who's online." Mike pointed "He's actually right there."
Vincent looked around the room, for the first time actually noticing the
animatronic that he had been sharing the room with. "You remade old
The yellow bear suit was sitting slumped against the wall, his
signature purple hat and bowtie given a new, clean look.
"Hey Goldie, wake up." Mike said.
Vince jumped as the animatronics eyes snapped open and it climbed
to its feet. It was the same height as the Spring Bonnie suit, if the
ears weren't counted. Goldie was heavier set than Spring Bonnie,
and was considerably bulkier. The eyes were a deep blue, and just
like Spring Bonnie the joints were more or less invisible. The biggest
difference was in the fact that this suit was active without a person
"Good morning Mike. Hello Puppet." The yellow bear said with his
deep booming voice.
"Fredbear's back in business? Holy hell Mike, that's a surprise."
Vincent said.
The bear looked at him. "Oh. Vincent."

"Sorry Goldie, Vince has been breaking things." Mike said. "Let me
introduce you properly. Vince, Goldie. Goldie, Vince. Goldie doesn't
really mind what you call him. Golden Freddy, Goldie, Fredbear, and
Spring Freddy are all valid names." Mike paused. "Goldie, could you
get Fritz and Percy real quick?"
"Sure thing Mike." The bear vanished.
Vincent's jaw dropped.

November 8, 1993
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 A.M.
Mike had finally found the new location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
After six years, the place had opened back up, and it was back at the
1983 location.
After ten years, the old office felt like home.
Mike thought back to earlier that day.
"Hey Mike! What's up?" Vince had said cheerfully. Mike didn't trust
him much anymore after what happened in '87.
"I'm looking for a job." Mike had replied.
"Why? You just inherited millions of dollars, why are you working in
this place? You know we can only pay minimum wage, right?" Vince
said confused.
"Love this old place, lots of memories." Mike had explained. "Hey,
where's Percy?"
"Percy, um, couldn't be here. Today, I mean." Vince said nervously.
Mike hadn't trusted him to mean what he said, But Mike couldn't do
anything about it.
Mike checked his cameras. 4:00 A.M. already? Bonnie was the only

one who had left the stage, and that was to go into the supply closet.
There had been a message from Percy about the animatronics being
glitchy, but Mike had ignored him for the most part, thinking himself
Mike put down the camera and checked his left door light to see
Bonnie standing just outside his door, eyes blank. "Bonnie?"
Bonnie twitched, then screamed and charged towards Mike. Mike,
reacting, slammed his hand on the door button, locking the lavender
rabbit outside his door.
Mike took a steadying breath. This was going to be one hell of a

Mike gets to see his old friends after six years.

To answer your question Ridlius: While Jeremy was in a coma,
Mike told him about the animatronics, how they were haunted
and that they were children. Jeremy, being a nice guy, wanted to
make sure that the children would not be killed a second time,
so he ensured that Mike would protect them.
Chapter 21: Shadows of the past

Present Day
They had moved into the main show room of the new location.
Turns out that having four humans, a large animatronic bear, and a
floating puppet all in a room that was designed simply for animatronic
repair was a bad idea.
"Mike, how the hell did you get Percy to come back? I thought he quit
the previous location." Vince asked confused.
"Well, um, I didn't exactly quit. Mr. G fired me." Percy chuckled.
"Turns out, having a heart attack on the job can lead to expulsion
from your job. Especially when the job in question is likely to include
sudden loud noises, creepy animatronics, and a likelihood of being

stuffed into an animatronic suit." He paused. "No offense, Fredbear."

"None taken." The golden bear replied.
"Where are they?" Mike muttered to himself, scanning the room.
"No matter, they can get caught up later."
"Who are you talking about?" Vincent asked.
"It's not important, you'll meet them soon enough." Mike said, waving
the question off. "For now, get to know your new co-workers. I'm fully
aware you already know Percy, probably better even than I do, but
Goldie and Fritz don't know you personally." With that, Mike walked
out of the room, searching for something.
"Well, my name's Vincent. I like long walks on the beach with my
friends, reading sci-fi books, and stabbing people mercilessly."
Vincent grinned mischievously. Fritz was laughing himself in stitches
by the time Vince stopped talking.
"You're very funny Vince" Percy said with an irritated look on his face.
"This guy's hilarious Percy. My name's Fritz Smith. I'm the guy who's
been working on the animatronics. Everything from the minute facial
details, to the additional senses on the animatronics is my doing.
Mike knows his way around robots," Here he grinned, "But I'm the
computer genius of the crew."
"Oh, so you're the reason it hurt why I ripped m- the suit's jaws apart."
Vince said.
"You what?" Fritz said in disbelief. "Did you damage one of the suits?"
"Just a little bit. And it hurt like hell when I did it too." Vince replied.
"The jaw works again, I know that for a fact."
"You broke the suit's jaw." Fritz said. "Do you have ANY idea how
much effort it takes to get those working? The Puppet took hours to
make the synthetic skin for those things. Not to mention the amount
of pain I went through in trying to find out how to make pain sensors
that would translate properly for a ROBOT."

"Calm down Fritz. I have healed the skin and Mike repaired the jaw.
Vincent simply forced the jaws open beyond their normal range of
movement. He didn't damage the pain sensors, and he felt his own
fair share of pain." The Puppet said calmly, glaring at Vincent.
Fritz took a calming breath. "If he damages the suit permanently, I
swear I'll kill him."
"Noted." Vincent said. "What about you Fredbear, what are you
contributing to the team?"
Goldie sighed. "You can call me Goldie or Fredbear, I don't care
which. I am one of the first group of five that you killed. As a child, I
was attentive; but slow and unable to communicate properly. In some
ways, I am better off like this. That doesn't mean I forgive you for
brutally murdering me, but that there is a major upside to my new
existence. My limitations as a living child have vanished in my
afterlife, and my magical potential has been unlocked."
"Wow. So vanish bear was socially awkward and stupid. What a
surprise." Vincent said, hoping to get on Goldie's nerves.
"Yes I was." Goldie said, not upset in the slightest.
"Get back here you two!"
Vince turned to see a pair of figures dash into the room. One was
long-eared like a rabbit, the other was a figure that resembled the old
Freddy animatronic. Both had glowing white teeth and eyes, and both
of them were such a dark shade of black that it looked like they
absorbed the light around them.
Neither was touching the ground.
Mike, who was chasing them, reached out to grab both of them, and
suddenly he stopped in his tracks, as if he had run face first into a
wall. He slid down to rest on the ground, rubbing his face with his
hands. "Both of you are going to be stuck in a bottle for the next three
"Do I have to be stuck with him?" The rabbit figure asked, jabbing his

thumb towards the bear.

"Hey, I don't want to have to spend three years with only this idiot for
company." The bear said, smacking the rabbit on the back of the
"You two are insufferable." Mike said, rubbing his temples.
"We try!" The shadow rabbit said.
"Sean, quit being a moron." The shadow bear told him.
"'s not like you're any better Shane." The rabbit, Sean, told him.
The Puppet sighed and did some hand motions. Both the shadows
gasped in horror. Both of them turned and tried to run the other way,
only to freeze comically mid-movement.
Mike sighed in relief. "Thanks Puppet. These are the brothers I was
telling you about Vince. Meet Shane and Sean, a pair of pranksters
with magical talent. These two have a ton of potential power, but they
have a tendency to use it for the sake of humor."
"Well, individually, we're both a fair amount weaker than the Puppet.
Together though, we can perform spells that the Puppet would
proclaim impossible." Sean said proudly.
"We're not held back by physical forms either. We don't have to worry
about lugging around an animatronic body, or walking on the ground
and around walls." Shane said with a smirk. That was another weird
thing about the duo, they looked like the old animatronics, but they
had full facial mobility.
"Wait a minute, I remember you two! You guys died in the spring lock
suits, didn't you?" Vincent said.
"Yup, best thing to ever happen to us." Sean said.
"Worst thing, Sean. Worst." Shane said.
Mike shook his head. "Where's our last member?"

"He's busy right now." Shane said.

Vincent saw a flicker of red out of the corner of his eye, but when he
turned to look, it was gone.
"So who's this mysterious 'last member'?" Vincent asked.
"Right behind you."

This will be the last chapter that is set in the present for a little
while, so I made sure it was a fairly long one.
Place your bets on who our mystery character is.
Chapter 22: Night 2

November 9, 1993
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00 A.M
Mike knew that he should listen to the message Percy left him, things
had definitely changed a lot since the last time he was here.
"Uhh, Hello? Hello? Uh, well, if you're hearing this and you made it to
day two, uh, congrats!"
Yep, Percy behaving as normal.
"I-I won't talk quite as long this time since Freddy and his friends tend
to become more active as the week progresses. Uhh, it might be a
good idea to peek at those cameras while I talk just to make sure
everyone's in their proper place. You know..."
Good advice. Mike checked all of his cameras. Bonnie was offstage
already, but everyone else was still onstage.
"Uh... Interestingly enough, Freddy himself doesn't come off stage
very often. I heard he becomes a lot more active in the dark though,
so, hey, I guess that's one more reason not to run out of power,

Mike knew that Freddy didn't like leaving the stage much, but more
active in the dark? That was new.
"I-I also want to emphasize the importance of using your door lights.
There are blind spots in your camera views, and those blind spots
happen to be right outside of your doors. So if-if you can't find
something, or someone, on your cameras, be sure to check the door
lights. Uh, you might only have a few seconds to react... Uh, not that
you would be in any danger, of course. I'm not implying that."
Not in any danger. Hopefully that was true. Better safe than sorry
"Also, check on the curtain in Pirate Cove from time to time. The
character in there seems unique in that he becomes more active if
the cameras remain off for long periods of time. I guess he doesn't
like being watched. I don't know."
Foxy doesn't like being watched? That's different entirely. Foxy loved
to perform for people, the more watching, the more he enjoyed it.
"Anyway, I'm sure you have everything under control! Uh, talk to you
"Bye Percy." Mike said.
He opened up his camera again. Foxy was beginning to peek out of
the curtains, and Chica had left the main stage.
Mike heard the sound of an animatronic walking around and turned to
his left to see Bonnie outside his door. Mike immediately pressed the
button to close the door, locking Bonnie out.
"Bonnie, can you hear me?" Mike asked.
The response was a bone-chilling screech.
"So much for that then." Mike said as he listened to the rabbit walk

Mike opened the left door and checked the time. 5:30. Time really
flies when you're trying to figure out why your friends have gone
Mike looked at Pirate's Cove. Foxy was gone.
Mike jumped to the left door and slammed the door button.
Seconds later, he heard the sound of something cunning directly
outside the door, and then something banging on the door.
Then it was 6:00 A.M., and the animatronics returned to their places.

November 9, 1993
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 11:30
Mike walked into the pizzeria.
The past two shifts had been nightmare inducing, causing him to
sometimes wake up in the middle of the night screaming. It had
gotten to the point where the toy animatronics, who he visited on a
daily basis in order to make sure they remained in optimal condition,
started to creep him out.
Mike shook his head and looked at the trio on the stage. "Freddy?
Bonnie? Chica? Can you three even hear me?"
No response.
Mike sighed and walked towards his office, pausing by Pirate's Cove.
"Foxy? Can you hear me buddy?"
The curtains twitched.
Mike's spirits rose. "Foxy? Come on out pal."
The curtains moved to the sides to reveal the fox standing there with
pinpricks of light for his eyes. The animatronic was twitching and
stuttering as it began to walk towards Mike.

Mike looked at his watch. 12:30.

Chapter 23: Intervention

November 10, 1993

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:30
Mike was running for his life.
Damn that fox was fast.
Mike was being forced to run faster than he could ever remember
going. He managed to get inside the office, and smashed his hand
into the door lock.
Mike sighed in relief and sank into his swivel chair.
Ring Ring
"Hello, hello? Hey you're doing great! Most people don't last this long.
I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now. I'm
not implying that they died. Th-th-that's not what I meant. Uh, anyway
I better not take up too much of your time. Things start getting real
Mike, still breathing heavily, said "You don't say"
"Uh... Hey, listen, I had an idea: if you happen to get caught and want
to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy suit, uhh, try playing dead! You
know, go limp. Then there's a chance that, uh, maybe they'll think that
you're an empty costume instead. Then again if they think you're an
empty costume, they might try to... stuff a metal skeleton into you. I
wonder how that would work. Yeah, never mind, scratch that. It's best
just not to get caught."
"Thanks for stating the obvious Percy."
"Um... Ok, I'll leave you to it. See you on the flip side."

Mike calmed himself down and checked the cameras. This night
should be fun

November 11, 1993

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00
Mike sat down in his office. Last night was a harrowing one. Freddy
was hiding around the east corner the whole time, forcing Mike to
keep the door shut. When six had finally run around, Mike had three
percent power.
Ring Ring
"Hello, hello? Hey! Hey, wow, day 4. I knew you could do it."
Mike grinned, he knew it was a message for whoever the next guard
might be, but it still helped lift his spirits.
"Uh, hey, listen, I may not be around to send you a message
tomorrow." Bang. Bang. Bang. "It's-It's been a bad night here for me.
Um, I-I'm kinda glad that I recorded my messages for you" He cleared
his throat, "uh, when I did."
Mike's grin vanished and he listened in horror.
"Uh, hey, do me a favor." Bang. Bang. "Maybe sometime, uh, you
could check inside those suits in the back room?" Bang. Bang. "I'm
gonna to try to hold out until someone checks. Maybe it won't be so
bad." Bang. Bang. "Uh, I-I-I-I always wondered what was in all those
empty heads back there." The Toreador March started to play in the
Mike's horror began to grow.
"You know..." There was a strange moaning sound, like the sort that
Bonnie and Chica had started making when Mike took this job. "oh,
no " Right after Percy stopped talking, there was a terror-inducing

"NO!" Mike shouted and slammed his fists down on his desk.
Mike stood up so quickly that his chair slammed into the wall behind
He marched out of the office, no longer caring for his own personal
"You killed him! You killed Percy!" Mike shouted in anger, marching
straight up to Freddy. "You lost control and you killed him!"
Freddy's eyes opened for the first time that night, little pinpricks of
light in otherwise empty sockets.
Mike's anger began to drain and he slowly backed away from the
bear animatronic.
Freddy's hand snapped forwards faster than Mike's eyes could follow.
Mike flinched, but the hit never came.
A golden colored bear animatronic had appeared out of nowhere and
had grabbed Freddy's arm, stopping him in his tracks.
Before Mike could react, the yellow animatronic had grabbed him and
teleported the both of them away.
Mike found himself in a decrepit room. Among other things, there was
the Spring Bonnie animatronic and several arcade machines. The
rabbit was in horrible condition, large holes in the torso and most of
the fabric on the legs missing showed that it was in the process of
"Mike, you very nearly died."
Mike looked at his savior, the golden bear had a sympathetic look in
his eyes.

"Thanks, I guess" Mike said, still shaken by the events that had
transpired thus far. "Goldie, what happened to them?"
"Us. I was part of this madness too, until just recently." Goldie said
sadly. "We were overwhelmed by rage. It didn't matter that the people
we stalked and attacked were not the killer, we simply wanted
revenge. It has taken us all, and made us different. Freddy, who
used to adore show time, has grown to hate it and the light that he
associates with it. Bonnie has become reclusive and refuses to
interact with us. Chica, who is usually so even tempered, now blows
up at the slightest things. Poor Foxy has grown to hate people
watching him, to the point where he would continue to hide in Pirate's
Cove even if he wasn't broken."
"What about you?" Mike asked.
"I tried to kill Percy."
Chapter 24: Fired

November 11, 1993

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 3:00 A.M.
Mike went cold. "What do you mean you tried to kill Percy?"
"I was the only reason his door was open for the others to get him"
Goldie seemed sad. "He was almost out of power, but he had enough
to last until six with the doors closed. In order to get him, I teleported
into his room and screamed in his face. I think I gave him a heart
attack, the poor man. I then opened both doors and teleported out.
The others dragged him to the backstage room while he was
recovering, and they were about to forcibly stuff him into a suit."
Goldie paused "He only survived because six o'clock hit right before
they did any damage."
"So Percy isn't dead?" Mike asked nervously.
"No, he is not. Fortune seems to favor that man. He has survived
much that would kill one less lucky, although the incident that took his
legs is not something to thank."

Mike sighed in relief. "So what can I do to snap them out of it?"
"For me, it was the realization that I was destroying my own morals
by hurting a helpless man." Goldie said. "Perhaps if you managed to
show them that they went against their values by being the monsters
that they are, they would snap out of it." Goldie looked at the clock in
the corner of the room. "But perhaps you should get back to your
office, six is in five minutes."
Before Mike could say anything, he was back in his office, alone.
Mike thought about what Goldie had said. If he could get them to see
that they were no longer themselves, perhaps
The clock chimed six, knocking Mike out of his thinking. This was
something for tomorrow night.

November 12, 1993

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00
Ring Ring...
Mike stood up and walked out of the security office, only having
stopped by in order to mute the phone call, since he knew Percy
hadn't recorded one.
It was time to get his friends back.
First he went to Pirate's Cove, flashlight in hand. He felt bad about
doing this, but it seemed to be the best way to solve this issue.
"Foxy! Come on out buddy!" he called into Pirate's Cove
The curtains slowly pulled apart to reveal the pirate standing there
"Sorry about this pal." Mike whipped his flashlight up and flashed it
into the animatronic's eyes.

Immediately the fox shut down, going into an offline position, probably
the only time he had turned off since '87.
Mike came to a sudden realization. The toys and the original
animatronics had both been in a similar condition back in '87. The
toys, unlike the originals, were still sane.
Their souls would keep going within the suits until those suits shut
down. That meant that they got no rest, and even if you are a
supernatural entity, if you were human at some point, you needed to
They had been driven insane by exhaustion.
Mike ran up to the main stage, all three of them were active and
moving towards him, but he was faster than all of them, so long as he
stayed out of their reach.
Mike flashed his light in Bonnie's eyes next, hoping it would just reset
him like it had Foxy. The rabbit froze for a few moments, but did not
cause his reset. Fortunately, Mike managed to take advantage of this
freeze, and got behind the lavender animatronic. He quickly
unlatched the manual control panel on the back of Bonnie's neck and
turned him off.
"Two down, two to go" Mike muttered to himself.
He turned around to see Freddy reaching towards him. Mike flashed
his flashlight in the bear's face, causing a momentary pause. Mike
used that pause to duck under the animatronic's arms. Mike slid
under a table and popped up directly behind Chica. Mike quickly
deactivated her, then ran off again to avoid Freddy.
"Goldie! Help me out!" Mike called to the golden bear that he knew
was aware of this battle.
Mike quickly turned around and slit between the bear's legs, coming
back up behind him. Goldie was there, holding Freddy's hands in
front of him. Suddenly, one of Freddy's hands ripped out of Goldie's
grasp, and whistled through the air towards Mike.

Foxy was there holding him back. "Now, now Freddy. You can't do
that ta our friend. Ya don't want to kill Mike." He winked at Mike. "I got
yer back buddy, go ahead and give Freddy some rest."
"Thanks Foxy." Mike said with a smile. He reached over and turned
Freddy off. "Now then. Think that's enough resting time for us to
reactivate Bonnie?"
Foxy shrugged. "If it isn't, we can always hold 'im back for you to turn
him back off."
Mike went over to Bonnie and turned him back on.
Bonnie's eyes blinked a couple times. "Mike? What happened?"
"It's a long story." Mike looked at his watch. 3:00. Still enough time to
make certain that Chica and Freddy could rest.

November 14, 1993

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 8:00 A.M.
"Fired?!" Mike said in disbelief.
"Sorry Mike, rules are rules. Messing with the animatronics in any
way is a sure way to get yourself fired." Vincent said apologetically.
Mike had spent the previous night watching movies with the
animatronics. With the advance of technology, Mike was able to bring
the movies to the animatronics. The night before, Mike had simply
turned all the animatronics off in order to let them recover.
The problem was that Mike had left the animatronics offstage. The
previous night Foxy and Bonnie had stayed offstage a little too long,
and so had been moving towards the stage when the morning crew
arrived that morning.
To make a long argument short, Mike had been fired.
He was not happy about it.

To say the least, Mike went home that day in a bad mood.

November 21, 1994

Mike's home, 11:00
It had been one year to the day when Freddy Fazbear's Pizza shut
down. After Mike left, the animatronics simply stopped working,
permanently. It took a full week for the company to realize that they
simply couldn't run without the animatronics.
Mike had been spending that year trying his best to buy the company.
He knew he was making progress, but it would take some sort of
disaster to get them to sell him the company.
Mike was about to go to bed when he heard a voice. "Mister
Mike turned around to see a stick-thin figure with an eternally smiling
white face. "Puppet!"
"Mike Schmidt, we need your help." The Puppet told him.
"What with?"
"We need you to go to the pizzeria." The Puppet said. "I will elaborate
once you get there."
Thirty minutes later, Mike was at the old pizzeria. The place had had
a bad year, and was falling apart. "What do you want me to do?"
"An intruder has gotten in. The animatronics can handle them, but not
if they get out." The Puppet explained. "This particular intruder is the
same man who killed the children. I need you to lock the door in order
to keep him from getting out." The Puppet paused. "This will also help
your goal of buying the Freddy Fazbear franchise. When the owners
come in and see the dismantled animatronics, they will no longer
wish to own the company."
"Is this going to be legal?" Mike asked worried.

"You are locking the door on a murderer. Your action will not be
morally or legally incorrect." The Puppet assured him.
"Okay then..."

Mike gets his friends back, gets fired, and the Puppet gets
Chapter 25: Follow Me

November 21, 1994

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 9:00
Getting in was too easy. The key he had been given when he first got
hired for the job had been taken away from him, but getting lock picks
was easy. The little metal slivers that could be used to trick a lock
were difficult to use at first, but he had enough manual dexterity that
he gotten the hang of it extremely quickly.
He looked around the Pizzeria. The old place was falling apart. That
idiot G hadn't accepted the offers to buy the old place. What a moron.
As he passed through the building, he heard the sound of motors
start up. Crap, the animatronics still had power didn't they?
No matter. They wouldn't be running ever again by the time he was
done with them.
He grabbed his specialized tool from his pocket. The company had
wondered where the animatronic maintenance tools had gone, but
they were too foolish to think that they could be modified into
something more destructive.
He walked around the place. Almost anything of value had been
removed, with the exception of the animatronics themselves.
The sound of whirring gears made him look up. Looks like Freddy
was coming online, better get to the safe room to make sure this
bastard couldn't catch him.

He turned around to see Freddy looking around, as if it was confused.

The bear animatronic then apparently spotted something. He couldn't
see what it was exactly, but there was a vague outline of a tall figure.
He ripped open the safe room using his custom weapon and ducked
inside. He could hear the footsteps of the brown robot coming closer.
Freddy turned the corner and walked directly at him, apparently not
seeing past the doorway to the safe room.
He grinned, this would be satisfying.
Freddy tried to enter the safe room, but as the man had predicted, the
animatronic wasn't capable of entering the room, and wound up
Too easy.
The man ducked behind the robot and undid the neck joint, causing
the bear's head to fall off. He then quickly dismantled the shoulder
and hip joints, leaving the animatronic helpless and destroyed.
Almost immediately there was the sound of another animatronic
powering on. Good, I wanted this to be quick. How kind of them to
Bonnie turned the corner and tried to enter the safe room, only to
meet an identical fate to Freddy. Chica followed soon after, seemingly
oblivious to the broken bodies of her colleagues on the floor. Foxy
was last, but he put up a fight. The man had been forced to dodge
several swipes before he finally got the animatronic's arms off.
The man sighed, his work complete. He went to look at the wreckage
of his adversaries. All of them, as useless as paper.
Suddenly, his outlook changed.
As he watched, wisps of light began to leak out of the torso pieces of
all of the animatronics. Before the man could do anything, there were
four floating spirits, all of them staring at him.
"Holy crap, this is not real." The man said in disbelief. He dashed off,

trying to get out of the building. As he hit the doors, he tried to open
them. Locked.
They had locked the doors.
The man, beginning to panic, ran through the whole building, taking a
roundabout route to get back into the safe room, where he was sure
they couldn't follow.
He was wrong.

November 22, 1994

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, 12:00
When the clock tolled midnight, the child knew that his friends had
managed to get the man into the room.
The shadowy figure appeared before the child. It was a tall figure,
with glowing white eyes and teeth. It looked more or less like Freddy,
but it had skin, or fur, that absorbed light.
"He's all yours kid." The figure said, removing its top hat and taking a
bow, before vanishing entirely.
The shadow had promised the five that they could get their revenge
on their killer, so long as they followed its lead.
It hadn't lied.
The child wandered through the abandoned building. It was in
shambles by now, but that was unimportant. They would have a new
home soon, one where they could rest.
The child entered the safe room to be greeted by the sight of a tall,
purple-clad figure. The man's grey eyes darting about the room,
searching for an escape.
The fifth, and final, child began to advance on the murderer. He could
do little without a physical body, but the man didn't know that. There

was one thing that the child was certainly capable of. Creating fear.
The man tried to flee from the ghost, but eventually got cornered.
Panicked, he looked around, finally spotting what he took to be his
The old Spring Bonnie suit.
The man dodged around the ghost and dashed towards the golden
suit. He quickly opened it up and got inside. Standing up, he laughed.
"You little bastards can't get me now!"
Then the man realized where he went wrong. The spring lock suits
shouldn't be moved suddenly, gotten wet, or, for that matter, worn at
He had done all three things.
The spring locks broke, sending the endoskeleton parts launching
into the man's body. He cried out in pain, but the ghosts simply
watched as he sank to the ground. Any movement hurt, and he could
feel his blood leaking out of his body. As he expired, he uttered two
"You can't"

He will come back. Like he always does.

Chapter 26: Fazbear's Fright

June 4, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 12:00 A.M.
Mike sighed. He had gotten this job in the hopes of finding the two
last animatronics.
Mr. G, after the events of that night, now thirteen years ago, had sold
him the company at a price so low that Mike couldn't even believe it

was the same miserly man. Immediately after obtaining ownership,

Mike had recovered and repaired Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica.
Those four, along with the toy animatronics, were currently in the
building he had commissioned to be built on the lot in the middle of
the city.
Mike had hired Fritz to work on upgrading the animatronics in any
way possible, but not to turn them on. Thus far, Fritz had made some
amazing innovations in technology, including fully functional smell
sensors and an artificial stomach that could break down just about
anything into an electrochemical reaction. Mike had watched in
amazement as the artificial stomach had completely consumed an
apple, leaving nothing behind and generating a staggering amount of
But that wasn't the problem right now.
The problem was that both Goldie and the Puppet were missing.
Mike had scoured both of the old pizzerias for any trace of them, but
thus far he had found nothing.
Which was why he was in this crappy job.
He had heard that there was a group of people going around
collecting anything they could on the old pizzeria chain. They had
already found some pretty cool stuff, including most of a Freddy suit,
heads of Bonnie and Chica, and parts from the old toy animatronics.
This last was especially impressive, considering that any evidence of
the toys had effectively vanished off the face of the world.
Mike sighed again. His current employer, Charley, was a bit odd.
The man acted and sounded like he was on some sort of psychedelic
drug, but Mike had known him for a while, and there was no evidence
whatsoever that Charley took drugs. Instead the man had some sort
of strange obsession with horror stories.
Mike shook his head and settled in, Charles knew that Mike was a
multimillionaire, so the man was constantly apologizing and trying to
get on Mike's good side. Not that it mattered, Mike had plans, and
Charley could be a part of them if he wanted. Thus far, the man

hadn't asked him for anything, but you never knew.

Ring Ring
"He-hey! Glad you came back for another night! I promise, it'll be a
LOT more interesting this time!"
Mike grinned to himself. Charles said that it would be more interesting
every time Mike stayed another night, but Mike had yet to see
evidence that the man was telling the truth.
"We found som-some great new relics over the weekend, and were
out tracking down a new lead RIGHT NOW!"
A new lead? That could be good. Or, you know, it could be absolute
"So, uhh- let me just update you real quick, then you can get to work.
Like, the attraction opens in like a week, so we have to make sure
EVERYTHING works, and nothing catches on fire! Uhm, when the
place opens, people will come in at the opposite end of the building,
and work their way towards you, and PASS you, and out the exit. Uh,
yeah you've officially become part of the attraction. Uh, you'll be
starring as... The Security Guard!"
Mike chuckled. Charley didn't really know that Mike had been security
guard at Freddy's, and Mike wasn't about to tell him. It would
probably lead to Mike being showered with questions that Charley
could learn the answers to with a little research.
"So not only will you be monitoring the people on the camera as they
pass through, you know, to make sure no one STEALS anything or,
makes out at the corner, but you'll also be a part of the show!"
Mike shook his head again. Charley was thirty years old, and the man
was still about as mature as an average teen.
"It'll make it feel, really authentic I think. Uh, now let me tell you about
what's new. We found another set of drawings, always nice, AND A
FOXY HEAD! Which we think could be authentic! Then again, it might
just be another crappy cosplay."

Mike knew all about the incident where they had found a "genuine"
Freddy head. The thing had turned out to be papier-mch, it had
collapsed the instant they tried to clean it.
"And we found a Desk fan, very old school, metal though, so watch
the fingers! Uh, heh! Uhm, right now the place is basically just, you
know, FLASHING LIGHTS and SPOOKY PROPS. I honestly thought
we'd have more by now, uh so if we don't have anything really cool by
next week, we may have to suit you up in a furry suit, and make you
walk around saying: "BOOO!" Hehe. Uh, but you know like I said,
were trying to track down, a good lead right now."
Mike actually laughed at that. He knew Charley was joking, but the
concept of running around wearing a fur suit and screaming in
people's faces had an irony that was hilarious.
"Uh, some guy who helped design one of the buildings, said there
was like, an extra room that got boarded up..?"
Mike sobered quickly and sat up. That was new.
"Or something like that. So! Were gonna take a peak, and see what
we can find."
That could actually reveal the locations of his friends. Mike had never
known about a secret room in the pizzerias.
"Uh, for now just get comfortable with the new setup. You can check
the security cameras over on your right, with a click of that blue
button. Uh, you can toggle between the Hall cams and the Vent
cams. Uh, then over on your far left, you can flip up your maintenance
Mike checked out the new gear. Nothing as impressive as what Fritz
could rig up, given time and materials, but a bit easier to use than the
primitive tablets at the old locations.
"You know, use this to reboot any systems that may go offline."
Wait, what?

"Uh, in trying to make the place feel more vintage we have overdone
it a bit! Heh heh. Some of this equipment is BARELY functional! Uh, I
wasn't joking about the fire, that- that's a real risk."
Great, so the place might burn down while he was here. Not the
biggest risk Mike had ever been in, but something he didn't want to
happen nonetheless.
"Uhm, but the MOST IMPORTANT THING, you have to watch for, is
the Ventilation. Look, this place will give you the spooks man, and if
you let that ventilation go offline, then you'll start seeing some
craaazy stuff man, keep that air blowing!"
Mike wasn't certain if this was just Charles being Charles, or if there
was actually a risk of hallucinations. Either way, best to keep this
working anyway.
"Ok, keep an eye on things, and we'll try to have something new for
ya tomorrow night."

June 5, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 12:00
Ring Ring
"Hey man! Ok, I have some awesome news for you! First of all: We
found some vintage audio traning cassettes. Dude, these are like,
Not exactly Charley. Not exactly.
"I think they were like, training tapes, for like other employees or
something like that. So, I thought we could like, have them playing,
like over the speakers while people walk through the attraction?"
Wait, they were going to play some of the training tapes Percy had
recorded? That was interesting.

"Dude, that makes this feel, LEGIT man. But I have an even better
suprise for you, and you're not gonna belive this! We found one. A
REAL one."
This was why Mike was here. He didn't quite know which it could be,
but either of his friends would be a fantastic find.
"Uh, oh uhm, gotta go man! W-well look I-It's in there somewhere, II'm sure you'll see it. Okay, I'll leave you with some of this great audio
I found. Talk to you later man!"
As Mike pondered what Charley said, the audio that his employer had
found started to play.
"Oh, Hello! Hello, hello! Uh, welcome to your new career as a
perfomer/entertainer, for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
Oh, this was a tape for one of the performers. But the staff didn't do
any performing?
"Uh, these tapes will provide you, with much needed information on
how to handle/climb into/climb out of, mascot costumes. Right now,
we have 2 specially designed suits, that double as both animatronic
and suit!"
Oh, the spring lock suits. These tapes really were quite old.
"So please, pay close attention while learning how to operate these
suits, as accidents/injury/death/irreparable and grotesque maiming
can occur."
Mike nodded. That much was true.
"First we will discuss how to operate the mascots when they are in
Animatronic form. For ease of operation the animatronics are set to
turn and walk towards sound, giving an easy and hands free
approach, to making sure the animatronics stay where the children
are, for maximum entertainment/crowd pleasing value."

Wait a second, hadn't Charley put buttons on the camera setup that
would play a child's laughter? Did that mean?
"To change the animatronics to Suit mode, insert and turn firmly the
hand crank, provided by the manufacturer. Turning the crank will
recoil and compress the animatronic parts around the sides of the
suit, providing room to climb inside. Please make sure the spring lock
is fastened tight, to ensure the animatronic devices remain fit. We'll
cover this in more detail, in tomorrow's session. Remember to smile,
you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
Mike had ignored the last part of the message, and was frantically
searching the cameras to see where Goldie was. As he flipped
through the cameras, he spotted a tall figure, but he had clicked the
next camera before he could get a good look. Mike changed back to
the previous camera and took a good look.
It certainly wasn't Goldie.

I take it back, this is the longest chapter yet. Mostly because

Charley talks a lot.
Chapter 27: Springtrap

June 5, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 3:00 A.M.
That wasn't Goldie.
That thing didn't even look like it was supposed to be functional.
Wires were hanging out of various holes in the thing's body, along
with the legs being completely stripped of any protective covering.
Spring Bonnie looked like it had turned into some sort of demon.
"What the hell have you been through springs?" Mike muttered to
himself. The Spring Bonnie suit wasn't haunted like the others, in fact
it was the only animatronic that was in the pizzeria that had never
housed a child's spirit. Despite this, it was still unsettling to look at the
yellow animatronic.

Suddenly, the suit looked directly up into the camera, and Mike
immediately knew it wasn't just an animatronic. The eyes glowed with
supernatural energy, so similar to the Puppet's eyes when it was
Mike took a deep breath and pressed one of the "play sound"
buttons. The sound of a child saying "Hi" echoed through the building,
and as Mike watched, the suit walked out of the sight of the camera
and into another room.
Clunk. Clunk.
Was it in the vents?
Mike quickly changed camera mode to the vents to see the eerie suit
glaring at the camera, barely a foot away. The glowing white eyes
were far from the creepiest part of it. It had a creepily unnerving grin
all the time, and Mike could see bits of endoskeleton and
something else poking out of the various parts of the suit.
Mike quickly shut down that particular vent. After a few minutes, he
heard the clunk, clunk of something exiting the vents. Soon after, a
red light began flashing and an alarm began to blare through the
office. Mike turned to his left to see that the ventilation had gone
offline. He quickly began to reboot the system when he heard a voice.
"Well, well, well. If it isn't Michael Schmidt."
Mike looked up from the maintenance panel to see Spring Bonnie
right outside his office, staring in through the glass. The animatronic's
voice was extremely familiar, albeit more broken. "Vincent!?"
"How's it going Mikey!" the decaying suit said cheerfully. "How's my
favorite murderer doing?"
Mike sputtered. "Murderer?!"
"Yeah! After all, I thought I saw you walking away from the pizzeria
that night. My only question is why you locked me in the building?"
Vincent paused, "Actually, I think I know. You care more about those
damn robots than your own co-worker. That's why you locked me in

to die in this spring trap." He paused again. "Spring trap Springtrap.

Springtrap." He popped the P. "Has a nice ring to it. Springtrap. Call
me that instead. After all, it perfectly describes what I am now."
"Vince you were the one who?" Mike paused, thinking. "But
then? The Puppet said that it was the"
"Murderer? Yup! That's me! I killed those little brats. Made the world a
better place. You know, until they killed me." He looked up at the
clock just outside the office. "Looks like your shift is almost over.
Guess I'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to get my revenge. Tootles!"
Springtrap laughed and walked off.
Mike sighed. This job was going to be hell.

June 6, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 12:00 A.M.
Tonight would be interesting.
Very interesting.
Ring Ring
"Uh, hello hello! Uhm, for today's lesson we will be continuing our
training on proper suit handling technique. When using an
animatronic as a suit, please ensure that the animatronic parts are
tightly compressed and fastened, by the spring lock located around
inside of the suit. It may take a few moments, position your head and
torso between these parts, in a manner where you can move and
speak. Try not to nudge or press against ANY of the spring locks
inside the suit. Do not touch the spring lock at any time. Do not
breathe on a spring lock, as moisture may loosen them, and cause
them to break loose. In the case that the spring lock comes loose
while wearing the suit, please try to maneuver away from populated
areas, before bleeding out, as to not ruin the customer experience."
Company policy being downright lethal, as per usual.

"As always, if there is ever an emergency, please go to the

designated safe room. Every location is filled with 1 extra room, that
is not included in the digital map layout programmed for the
animatronics or security systems. This room is hidden to customers
and animatronics, and is always off camera. As always, remember to
smile, as you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
That would explain the secret rooms Charles had talked about. But
that wasn't the primary concern for tonight.
He's going to kill me. He's going to actually kill me.
And there's nothing I can do about it
Mike quickly took a scan of the location. Vince was standing in one of
the rooms, investigating a Bonnie mask and torso that had been set
up on a stand.
Mike sighed in relief and began to check the other cameras. As he
flicked through them, the image on one made him stop in his tracks.
BB was staring directly into the camera.
But BB was back at the new location?
Mike put his camera away just in time to see a burned and decaying
BB launch itself towards him, the plastic of its face stretching
impossibly in order to open its mouth.
Then, just as Mike expected it to hit him, it vanished.
"What. The actual. Hell." Mike muttered.
"Aww, is Mikey confused?" Springtrap teased from the other side of
the glass.
"How did you get here so quickly?!" Mike said confused.
"I'm fast. Easy as that." The rotted machine explained nonchalantly,
leaning against the window and examining his 'nails'
Mike calmed himself down and pulled out his camera, pressing the

camera button closest, and pressing the play sound button.

"Aww c'mon" Springtrap moaned, and sped out of the room.
Mike grinned in relief. Turns out Vince couldn't overpower the suit's
programming. That was good.
Mike continued to lure the decaying rabbit away from the office, when
he spotted something in one of the rooms. He looked at it for a little
bit, then a loud noise began to fill the office.
Mike looked up to see a fox head peeking just above the bottom edge
of the window. The eyes were a glowing white just like Springtrap,
and like BB, it was covered in scorch marks.
Just as suddenly as it started, the noise stopped, and Mike heard a
familiar voice. "Mike?!"

We get to see two of the phantoms, and learn what Vince is

calling himself now. We also get to see an old friend...
Chapter 28: Phantom

Present Day, June 5, 2010.

Vincent whirled around. There was no way anyone could have
sneaked up on him. He had honed his senses to knifepoint in life, for
reasons that he didn't ever want to think of again.
The person behind him didn't need to sneak. Ghosts don't make
sound when they don't want to.
"Oh, the kid, Fitzgerald." Vincent said in disgust.
"Oh, the monster, Vincent." Jeremy replied with a grin.
"You know, it's funny, I didn't think gingers had souls." Vincent

"The way you act, anyone would think you didn't have one either."
"Touch" Vincent muttered. "How did you come back anyway? I
can understand the brothers shadow coming back, they were
obliterated by those spring suits; but you died peacefully, in your
"Well, it's a long story. But I figure you've got time."

June 6, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 3:00 A.M.
"How exactly did you get here Jeremy?" Mike asked confused.
Jeremy had entered the office, completely ignoring the glass of the
window. The ghost still looked like a burnt version of Vix, however.
"You know how you told me that the children had come back to life
using the suits?" Mike nodded in confirmation. "Well, when you told
me about it, I immediately made up my mind to make sure those kids
would have a safe place to live. I figured that since you knew about
them being alive, not to mention the fact that you were the mechanic,
you would be the ideal custodian." Jeremy paused. "This is when
things get a little weird."
"I can handle weird. Some of my best friends are haunted robots."
"Good enough for me. When the power went out in the hospital, I
panicked. The whole time I was in my coma I was lucid. I could hear
everything that was said and I could think clearly. I just couldn't act.
So when the machines that were keeping me alive cut out, I was able
to think of a way to save myself, but not to act on it. In short, I died."
Jeremy paused again. "But I didn't stop thinking. My mind was
beginning to go blurry and my thoughts began to flee, but I held one
thing in my mind: I can survive this."
"You kept yourself alive with the power of positive thinking?" Mike
asked incredulously
"No, far from it. I died almost immediately. What happened was that

my soul drifted. It reverted to the one thing that was on my mind,

literally. My soul attached itself to Vix." Jeremy grinned, a bizarre
expression coming from a creature that was ordinarily plastic. "She's
like the little sister I wish I had. But that's off topic. For a while I drifted
mindlessly, not awake or thinking. Then, one day, Vix was activated,
and she managed to bring me back to my senses. We got to know
each other well, like siblings. When Vix was deactivated again, I was
alone. I didn't revert to my drifting state, fortunately. I mostly just
waited, looking around the room, memorizing every detail. Being
dead is one of the most boring things ever, but it has its perks."
"Perks? How?" Mike was perplexed.
"For starters, I learned that I could do magic." Jeremy explained.
"Magic." Mike said in disbelief. He had seen Goldie teleport and
manipulate people's brains. He had seen the Puppet levitate. But
hearing someone just say 'magic' was a different matter entirely.
"Yeah, I didn't believe it either at first. The Puppet found me in the
storage room where the toys were being held. It was surprised that I
had lasted so long without much company, and that I was a ghost at
all. When I explained my scenario, it decided that I must be a magic
user of some sort."
"So if you're a magic user, why didn't you do magic when you were
alive, you know, to save yourself from death?" Mike asked,
absentmindedly luring Springtrap away. The golden rabbit was
constantly making rude gestures or silly faces at the camera.
"The Puppet explained it like this. Magic users are incapable of doing
magic while they are alive. Instead they manifest the magic within
them as the ability to see the spirits of the dead. When a magic user
dies, they usually die peacefully, meaning there is no ghost. But if a
magic user dies and remains in the world, they have access to a
reservoir of power that can be utilized to do many things." Jeremy
paused. "You understand so far?"
"I think so."
"Good. This is where it gets odd. Apparently Vincent Tollini was also a

magic user."
"What?" Mike asked
"Yeah, I was confused too. But I saw the proof as soon as I came
here. In fact, the proof is the exact reason that I'm here. Vincent, or
Springtrap, as he wants to be called now, summoned a total of six
ghosts to this place."
"Yeah, the fool brought six of his worst enemies here. Lessee he
called for BB, Foxy, Freddy, Chica, and Puppet."
"But that's five, and what about you?" Mike was still confused about
the discussion on magic earlier.
"Vince called Mangle as well." The phantom grinned again. "But the
ghost within the toy Foxy animatronic doesn't answer to that name. I
"So why can't he control you, if he obviously has control over BB?"
"Magic users are naturally resistant to the magic of others. Well,
Ghost magic users are. I'm not as powerful as the Puppet or even
Springtrap himself, but Vince has stretched his power too thin."
Jeremy paused. "In other words, he's powerless do utilize his magic
to do anything else. He used most of it up calling us here, and the
rest is going towards controlling four of his 'minions'."
Before Mike could ask another question, the clock chimed six o'clock,
and Jeremy simply vanished.
"This just keeps getting stranger and stranger"

If you bet that the mysterious final member was Jeremy, you
were correct!

This is just a little dip back into the present, we're going to have
a little ways to go before we end the memories. At least we
finally know exactly when the "present" is.
Chapter 29: It Burns!

June 7, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 12:00 A.M
Ring Ring
Mike had settled himself in for the night already, he knew that
Springtrap would be after him soon, but he was still listening to
Percy's old training tapes in case anything important came up.
"Uh, hello? Hello, hello! Uhm, there has been a slight change of
company policy, concerning you and the suits. Uhm, so. After learning
of an unfortunate incident at the sister location involving multiple and
simultaneous spring lock failures, the company has deemed the suits
temporarily unfit for employees."
Sister location? Oh yeah, Percy hadn't been there that day. He was at
another location for almost a week when the two spring suits had
"Safety is top priority at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which is why the
classic suits are being retired to an appropriate location, while being
looked at by our technicians. Until replacements arrive, you'll be
expected to wear the temporary costumes provided to you."
Hadn't they ordered in some suits that had been a similar color to the
original golden spring suits? They were more brown than gold, and
they were eventually scrapped entirely.
"Keep in mind, they were found on very short notice, so questions
about appropriateness/relevance should be deflected."
Ah, that explains it.
"I repeat, the classic suits are not to be touched, activated or worn.
That being said, we are free of liability, do as you wish. As always,

remember to smile. You are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."

Mike checked his cameras, trying to find the room that he had looked
at when Jeremy had popped up. No such luck, he couldn't really
remember what that particular room had looked like.
Let's see Vince had summoned Mangle, BB, Foxy, Freddy, Chica,
and the Puppet. So far he had only seen two out of the six, but he
would need to be wary not to accidentally cause them to attack him.
Springtrap still had control over them.
"Wow Mike, you've gotten really bad at this."
Mike looked up from his camera to see the rotted rabbit directly
outside his window. "What do you want Vince?" Now that he was
closer, and Mike wasn't so preoccupied, Mike saw something that
disturbed him immensely.
The man's corpse was still in the suit. Rotting away.
Vincent followed Mike's line of sight to the gaping hole in the suit's
stomach area. "Ah, I see you're admiring my innards." With a
sickening squelch, he reached into his own body and pulled out a
mess of organs. "Want to take a closer look?"
Mike wanted to vomit, but knew that taking his eyes off of the zombie
would lead to his immediate and unpleasant death. "No thanks."
"Aww, is Mikey squeamish? I know exactly how to fix tha-" He cut off
as a high pitched 'Hello!' played through the building. "Sonuva" He
muttered as he darted off.
Mike breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at a decayed body inside of a
creepy, always grinning rabbit suit was bad, but what would have
happened if Springtrap caught him would probably be worse.
Mike turned to check the maintenance panel, when suddenly a
decayed Foxy launched itself at him, hissing. The thing had come out
of nowhere, and it had already been in the air when Mike spotted it.

Mike shook his head, trying to clear away the afterimages. He looked
at the panel and rebooted the ventilation system, knowing that
Springtrap would get him if the alarms kept blaring.
Mike closed the panel and pulled up his camera. Looks like Vince
thinks the vents are a good idea. Mike quickly sealed the vent that
Springtrap was in. In response, Springtrap made a rude gesture.
Mike chuckled, he found Springtrap's antics to be funny. "Don't you
ever change Vince." Mike considered what he just said.
"Well, maybe less murder, but other than that, don't change."

June 8, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 12:00 A.M.
Another night, another shift of keeping Springtrap out of the office.
Ring Ring
"Hello? Hello? Um, this is just a reminder of company policy
concerning the safe room. The safe room is reserved for equipment
and/or other property not being currently used and is in fact a safety
location for employees only. This is not a break room, and should not
be considered a place for employees to hide and/or congregate - and
under no circumstance should a customer ever be taken into this
room and out of the main show area."
Old news really. The only person to have ever broken that last rule
was now dead. Not to mention rotting.
"Management has also been made aware that the spring Bonnie
animatronic has been noticeably moved."
This made Mike sit up. So Vince had been using the Spring Bonnie
suit for a long while. Fortunately, Mike knew that no children had
gone missing at the approximate time that this message was
recorded. It looked like that particular group of kids was smart enough
to stay away from him.

"We would like to remind employees that this costume is not safe to
wear under any circumstances. Thank you and remember to smile;
you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
"What a bore, right?"
Mike looked up from his cameras. "How did you get here so fast?"
"You're getting really bad at checking those cameras Mike. I had to
wait for a few minutes before realizing you had forgotten to even look
at them." Springtrap laughed.
"Vince, are you enjoying yourself?" Mike asked suddenly.
Springtrap immediately went from laughing to furious. "NO! I am not
enjoying myself! And Vincent is dead! DEAD!" He slammed both his
fists on the glass. "This is what he looks like now!" The rabbit reached
up and pulled the top half of his head away, revealing a mummified
face, locked in an eternal scream. "This is the face of the man you
once called Vincent Tollini!" Springtrap pulled the animatronic face
back down. "You're not worth my effort tonight. Enjoy your ghosts,
Schmidt. Tomorrow you won't leave." The rabbit turned and walked

June 9, 2007
Fazbear's Fright, 12:00
Almost immediately upon entering his office, Mike spotted the
phantom fox to his left. Mike knew how to avoid the phantom attacks
by now, they couldn't attack if you paid no attention to them.
Ring Ring
"Uh, hello? Hello? Uh, this is just to inform all employees that due to
budget restrictions, the previously mentioned safe rooms are being
sealed at most locations, including this one. Work crews will be here
most of the day today, constructing a false wall over the old door

base. Nothing is being taken out beforehand, so if you've left anything

inside, then it's your own fault. Management also requests that this
room not be mentioned to family, friends or insurance
representatives. Thanks again, and remember to smile; you are the
face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza"
Mike heard the phone call, but only on the edge of his hearing. He
was frantically checking cameras to find Springtrap.
"No not here nope" Mike muttered to himself
"Whatcha looking for?"
Mike whirled around to see that the rabbit was in his office with him.
"But how?"
"You really are stupid enough to think that I can't move around during
the day? That's the whole reason I'm here!" Springtrap grabbed Mike
by the neck and lifted the man into the air. "The only reason I haven't
done it before now is because I figured I would have a little fun. Let
you have your five nights at Freddy's." Springtrap paused. "Now then.
It's time to die."
Springtrap slowly began to tighten his grip, forcing Mike to fight back
against the animatronic with all his strength. In life, Mike was
considerably stronger than Vincent, but he could not out power this
mechanical monster. As the rabbit's hand slowly squeezed the life out
of Mike, the face of the animatronic lifted, revealing the desiccated
face, its protruding eyes giving Mike the feeling that it was screaming
at him.
"Not today, I think."
Suddenly, Springtrap's hand was forced open, and the rabbit was
launched into the wall. "Oh look, if it isn't my old pal Fredbear! How's
it going Fredbear, I heard that you were considered absolute junk
recently." Springtrap said sadistically.
Goldie was standing there, in the room, using his telekinetic

capabilities to hold Springtrap against the wall. "Mike, I suggest you

Mike took his advice, remembering what Jeremy had said about
magic users being resistant to other magic. Goldie could only hold
Springtrap for so long.
"Yes, run along little Mikey! Let's make the game more fun."
Springtrap's taunt echoed after him.
Mike's feet pounded the floor of the horror attraction, trying to find a
place where Springtrap couldn't reach him. Unfortunately, the vents
connected almost every room, meaning that the zombified rabbit
could find him anywhere he went.
Mike dashed past several phantoms, trying to ignore all of them, but
they began to follow after him. Mike whirled around to see four out of
the supposed six phantoms all trailing after him. These four were the
only ones to have ever showed up, besides Jeremy three nights ago.
Mike suddenly realized something crucial about the phantoms. They
were no longer just insubstantial ghosts.
They were deathly real now.
Mike had no clue how Springtrap had managed such a feat, Jeremy
had said that the rabbit's magic was spread thin, but apparently he
had enough power to turn illusions real, if only for a short while.
Mike ducked under Foxy as the phantom lunged at him, and shoved
the fox over his shoulder. The thing was extremely heavy, but Mike
managed to cause it to crash into the wall behind him, hopefully
putting the fox out of the fight.
Mike then ducked around Chica as she came towards him, pushing
her along and causing her collapse on the ground. Freddy, somehow
moving about fine with his solitary leg, came towards him next, but a
simple leg sweep disabled the bear. Lastly, BB wasn't a challenge at
all, the round animatronic incapable of doing anything once Mike
pushed him onto his back.

Mike heard the sound of clapping. "Bravo! Bravo! You really showed
them who the boss is."
Mike turned around to see Springtrap climbing out of a vent. "What a
shame there's one more guest to this party. Mangle couldn't be here
today, hell if I know why." With that, the rabbit snapped his fingers.
As Mike stared, four long spindly limbs extended out of the vent
behind Springtrap. All four limbs out of the vent, the Puppet raised
itself to its full height, being almost a foot taller than the spring
"Sic 'em." Springtrap said, pointing at Mike.
The Puppet raised both its arms and wrapped them around
Springtrap's neck. "What the hell are you doing?! Get HIM!"
The Puppet put its masked head next to Springtrap's "I never was
yours to control."
"Goddamn you all! God DAMN IT!" Springtrap shouted in rage, flailing
about in the Puppet's grasp. Somehow, this stick-thin figure was
stronger than the mechanical rabbit.
As Springtrap flailed, he kicked a Chica head lying on the ground,
breaking the lightbulb inside. Almost immediately, Mike could smell
something burning. As all three of them watched in horror, flames
began to spring up on the ground around the animatronic head.
Springtrap laughed. "Finally! FINALLY! I can finally leave this crappy
horror attraction!" Springtrap said, managing to break free of the
Puppet's grasp and launching himself into the fire.
"No! Vince!" Mike shouted in horror. "Don't let him kill himself!"
The Puppet responded, pulling Springtrap out of the fire and lifting the
rabbit, still smoldering, into the air.
"Let me die! Let me burn!" Vince shouted angrily. The Puppet
responded by deactivating the golden rabbit, forcing him to sleep.

"Quick, we gotta get out of here!" Mike shouted to the Puppet. The
fire was beginning to climb the wall, growing bigger and hotter by the
Mike and the Puppet, plus Springtrap, rushed out of the burning
building. There was little they could do to stop the fire at this point,
not even magic could accomplish such a feat.
The Puppet set Springtrap down and sighed. "His soul is damaged,
and his mind is broken. It is nearly impossible to make out his
"Could you fix him?" Mike asked hopefully. Despite everything that
had happened, Mike still believed that Vince could eventually find
The Puppet looked over the rabbit. "For you, yes." The Puppet turned
towards him. "For the man who will rebuild our home, and repair our
damaged family, I will heal this man who is so broken." The Puppet
turned back towards Springtrap. "It will take months, even years,
before he awakens again. You had best begin preparations soon"
Mike nodded. He knew now that both the Puppet and Goldie would
be in the new pizzeria when he needed them, and the only other
person who was still alive and associated with Freddy Fazbear's
Pizza was already working on the animatronics. But wait, how could I
forget him? Mike took out his phone and dialed in a number.
Ring Ring
"Hello hello?"
"Hey Percy. You up for another night shift?"

I really need to stop saying "X is my longest chapter" because

then I go and do something like this.
In any event, this concludes the first story arc. There will be far
fewer flashbacks from here on out, and hopefully there'll be
more laughs. I classified this story as Humor for a reason.

For anyone who is confused, the ages of the current human

characters is as follows:
Mike: 43
Percy: 50
Vince: Biologically: 34. Years since birth: 50. Mental age: 10
Fritz: 34
Jeremy: dead. Or 16, up to your preference, really.
Chapter 30: Home

Present Day
"So, basically, you became a ghost because you wanted to?" Vince
asked incredulously. "Why the hell would you do that?"
"I didn't want to leave the world yet. I figured that I could help out with
something." Jeremy replied, then grinned. "After all, it helped save
Mike from you."
Vincent grumbled. "How was I supposed to know there were two
ghosts in the Mangle?"
"Tsk tsk Vince, you should know by now that she doesn't like to be
called that." Jeremy scolded.
Percy and Fritz just watched in confusion. As far as they could tell,
Vincent had been talking to himself for the past ten minutes.
"Um, Vince?" Percy said, "Who are you talking to?"
"Fitzgerald, who else?" Vince replied irritably.
"Who else is exactly what he asked." Fritz pointed out.
"Oh yeah, I forgot. Neither Percy nor Fritz can see or hear spirits."
Jeremy said, rubbing the back of his head. "Lemme just" There
was a slight change, nothing Vince could notice, but it was there

"Oh, now I see him." Percy said. "Sorry Vincent."

"So what exactly is Jeremy's job here?" Vince asked
"He's been our security system thus far. He's caught multiple groups
of kids trying to sneak in and reported them to either me, Goldie, or
the Puppet." Mike answered. "From there, depending on the attitude
of the intruders, they're either let off with a warning, or scared so
badly they tell ghost stories about 'the creepy building in the middle of
the city'."
Vincent chuckles. "That sounds like a good way to deter intruders."
Mike shrugged. "It's worked most of the time, occasionally some kids
come back. That's when the shadows step in and hex them."
Both shadows had already adjusted themselves in order to be visible
to Percy and Fritz.
"Yup! Hexes, curses, voodoo, whatever you want to call it. That's our
specialty." Sean said proudly.
"Usually it's nothing too bad, just something small like a charm that
removes their bladder control whenever they enter the building."
Shane explained. "They usually wear off within a month. Whenever
the place opens, we're to remove all of our hexes from everyone."
The shadow bear seemed disappointed about this last part.
"And if neither of you buffoons removes those hexes, I'll be forced to
step in." the Puppet told both the shadows.
"Wait, why didn't the Puppet just magic the building un-enterable?"
Vincent asked.
"I was busy reanimating you. It's not easy to reconstruct flesh, harder
to reconstruct organs, and nearly impossible to do skin. I had to use
pig protein in order to assemble the cells for your skin." The Puppet
said. It saw the unnerved look on Vincent's face. "Now you get
squeamish? You used to literally take your intestines out and show
them to people. In any case, most mammals have similar, if not
identical, protein structure. Your skin is as human as Mike's."

"Wait, so you made Mike out of pig skin too?"

The Puppet sighed. "I have not performed any magic on Michael
Schmidt. I have never needed to. In any case, all of the animatronics
have the same kind of skin as you do. The only difference is that
theirs will grow fur, or as the case may be, feathers, in their specific
"Then why is my hair white?" Vince asked
"I cannot create pigments. I can alter them, but unless you wanted to
be covered in black hair, the only solution would be to give you hair
that was bleached white."
"Great. So now I'm like a ghost. I don't even need to wear a white
blanket on Halloween." At this all three of the ghosts that were
hovering in the room gave him a glance. "Anyways, why isn't Jeremy
still your security system?"
Mike shook his head. Vince seemed to hear things at different
speeds. "We've got a proper security system in now. Cameras,
security room, tablet, the whole thing. Plus, now that you're awake,
we have a security guard."
"So I have to sit in a cramped little office, with nothing but a tablet and
doors for company?" Vince asked in disbelief.
Mike grinned. "I managed. Four times, in fact."
Vincent counted inside his head. Lessee there was the 1983
location then the 1987 pizzeria then back to the 1983 place
wow, he had actually been security guard four times. "So I guess
you've done your shift, huh?"
Mike shrugged. "I would take the shift myself. But I figured that it
should be some sort of initiation ritual." He grinned. "After all, I've
done a grand total of twenty six nights in a building full of creepy
animatronics, Jeremy had nearly a whole week, and Percy did a
couple weeks before the heart attack incident."
"Well what about Smith?"

"I have to spend my days in a dimly lit room, deconstructing and

reconstructing the damn things. I get a break." Fritz explained.
"I would just like to remind you all that cursing will be prohibited once
the pizzeria opens." Goldie said mildly.
"Hey, when exactly is opening day?" Vincent asked suddenly.
"In one week." Mike said.
"Oh. Crap. I got some stuff I gotta do at that time, sorry guys, you
know, reservations and all that." Vincent said and got up from the
"Sit back down Vince. You don't have anything you're going to be
doing." Mike said.
"How do you know?"
"You've been dead for sixteen years. I highly doubt that anyone
keeps reservations that long."
"Fine. Give me one good reason I should help you run this place?"
Mike sighed. "You'll get your old job back!"
"Yeah, cause I loved that job sooo much."
"You'll be the head of security. It's not as if you have much choice."
"I demand a pay raise!" Vincent exclaimed.
"You don't need one! Your home is right here, and we've got literally
everything you need." Mike replied
Vincent blinked. That was a little different. "What do you mean?"
Mike sighed. "Follow me."
Mike led Vincent to a door that proclaimed "Staff Only" and went
inside. There was a staff lounge here, featuring a television, several
wall outlets, a refrigerator, and a microwave, among other things. In

the back left corner of the room was a staircase that led downwards.
Vincent followed Mike down the staircase to see a short hallway with
four doors leading out of it. One door is marked 'Mike' one marked
'Percy' one marked 'Fritz', and the last unmarked. At the other end of
the hallway was a ramp that curved back upwards into the staff
lounge. Mike went to the unmarked door and opened it, showing
Vincent the inside.
To put it simply, this was the nicest room Vincent had ever been in.
There was a bed in one corner, and directly opposite a television. On
a bedside table was a tablet, a smartphone, and a lamp. There was a
walk-in closet directly opposite the entrance to the room. To top it all
off, there was a soft carpet that covered the entire floor of the room.

Just under a week since I started writing this story, and I'm
already at chapter thirty. Admittedly, most of the chapters are
fairly short, but the speed at which I wrote this astonishes even
Uploads will probably be a bit slower from here on out. Writing
the first arc was fairly easy, I had the games as a guideline. From
here on out, it will be more unique.
Chapter 31: Adjusting

Vincent walked into his new room.

The television was huge, the only other television he had seen of
comparable size was the one in the staff lounge. This was the first
tablet he had ever seen that wasn't company property. Fazbear
entertainment had some pretty high-tech gear, up until you realized
they only had about a single double A battery running the whole
building. He didn't know what to make of the smartphone, but it was
freaking awesome.
"There's also a laptop under the bed. Fritz designed all of this stuff,
and built most of it himself." Mike said, then paused. "Sorry the

room's a bit, you know, impersonal. Didn't want to just paint the room
purple, but I had no idea what other things you liked."
Vincent walked over to the bed, not really paying attention to Mike.
He stopped just at the edge of the bed and spread his arms out.
Vincent was lying face down on the bed in his room, out cold.
Mike just stared at the sleeping man in astonishment for a little while,
then shrugged and chuckled, before backing out of the room, closing
the door. Since his resurrection, Vincent hadn't actually slept yet.
Being knocked unconscious by various forms of magic doesn't count
as rest.
Mike walked back upstairs to find that everyone else was in the staff
lounge, awaiting Vincent's reaction to his new room.
Mike sighed in irritation. "C'mon guys, don't you have anything better
to do?"
At that, everyone left the staff lounge, returning to the duties that they
had been performing when the meeting had been called in the first

Four hours later

Vincent woke with a start.
He was lying on something soft, in a comfortably warm room, without
the feeling that he had stabbed someone for it.
He slowly got up off the bed, trying to remember the past twenty four
hours. He normally woke up clear-headed, a little habit from those
days. Something phenomenal must've happened to result in him
waking up groggy.
Oh yeah. He had been knocked unconscious. Four times. Five if he
included the time he passed out.

He was alive again.

Vincent had known it since the previous day, right when the Puppet
knocked him out. It simply hadn't registered properly until he had
some actual rest.
"What time even is it?" He mumbled to himself. He had no idea
what time it had been when he fell asleep, and the only method he
had to tell the time were the clocks located throughout the pizzeria.
His wristwatch had been obliterated when he got springtrapped, and
his internal clock was pretty bad.
Vincent stumbled over to the door to the room and opened the door.
He could hear the sound of laughter from upstairs, along with what
sounded like some sort of video game?
He slowly climbed the stairs to be greeted by the sight of Mike, Fritz,
Percy, and the Puppet playing a video game on the large television in
the staff lounge. Jeremy and both of the shadow brothers were
watching from the sidelines, cheering on the players.
"Aww come on! You can't just launch me like that!" Mike said
laughing. "I only had 30 percent." Mike turned to see the newcomer.
"Hey Vince, come join us!"
Vincent warily stalked into the room, staring at the television screen.
It was the first time he'd actually seen a video game being played, or
at least one that looked fun. On the screen, four fighters ran, jumped,
and pummeled each other, in attempt to knock the others off of the
It looked like fun.
A lot of fun.
Before Vincent knew it, he had swapped places with Percy, and was
jumping and fighting like the rest of the players. He was actually
pretty good at this, especially considering that it was the first time he
had played an actual video game.
"So what is this game, anyways?" Vincent asked after the round was

"It's called Smash. Fritz introduced it to us." Mike explained. "You
take control of video game characters and use them to beat each
other up. You seemed to have a really good grasp of the controls.
Especially for a first-timer."
"It's fun. Really fun. It means I can kill someone with a sword and
they don't get to complain about it afterwards."
Mike chuckled. "Somehow, the Puppet's better at this game than the
rest of us. He has only three fingers, but, by some miracle, he can
press those buttons at lightning speed."
"I don't like this game much." Percy said. "Too, um, fast paced. Not
enough time to plan ahead. You can take my spot. I'll watch."
After a few more games, Vincent had decided that his favorite
character was Ganon. The guy couldn't run quickly, and his mobility
was crap, but he hit like a freaking truck. Plus he was apparently the
main villain of a game. That was pretty cool.
The Puppet won every time though. It tended to play a white haired
character named Robin. The character had a sword and used spells,
like some sort of wizard. But that wasn't why the Puppet liked the
character though. Apparently, Robin was a tactician, and the Puppet
was able to just juggle the other players using the correct button
"I think I know why the Puppet's so good at this game" Vincent said
after the Puppet won for the fifth time in a row. "It's using magic to
press the buttons."
The Puppet shrugged. "I have only three fingers. I am using magic to
press the buttons that I would be otherwise unable to use."
"Yeah, yeah. Cheater" Vincent teased. He felt good. It had been
forever since he had actually had fun with other people. Fun at the
expense of other people was one thing, but this was more lasting.
For the hour that they played Smash, Vincent felt like he belonged.

Next Day
Vincent decided he hated shopping.
But today he could make an exception.
Mike had told him that he could pick out almost anything he wanted to
decorate his room.
Hell. Yes.
So now Vincent was running through the store, stopping every five
minutes to look at something, before running off to look at something
"Hurricane Vincent, coming through" Mike muttered to himself.
Eventually Vincent settled on the things that he wanted. He grabbed
himself multiple game systems, along with a respectable collection of
video games, mostly ones with an M rating. He also picked up an
alarm clock that was shaped like a skull, and a chair that balanced on
a single leg.
In addition, Mike had gotten him to pick out a week's worth of
clothing, so naturally Vincent just went with whatever caught his fancy
at the time.
The cashier gave Mike a quizzical look as the bizarre assortment of
items went through the register. Mike simply shrugged in response.
Mike drove back to the pizzeria, Vincent sitting in the passenger side
seat, playing on a handheld gaming device that he had picked out.
"You having fun Vince?" Mike asked
"Yes. Don't talk to me." Vincent answered, frowning in concentration.
Mike chuckled as they pulled into the parking lot of the pizzeria.
Parking the car and turning it off, he stepped outside and started to
carry the chair inside. "Might want to pause your game Vince. We've

hit our destination."

Vincent closed his game system and got outside. He grabbed several
bags of clothing, then stepped into the pizzeria, to be met by a
terrifying visage.

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fanfiction. That much should be obvious.
For the sake of making my life easier, and for the sake of
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Chapter 32: Night Shift

Vincent jumped, reacting in a fraction of a second. He dropped the

bags of clothing on the ground and, in a blur of motion, had a knife in
his hand and had stabbed the creature that had screamed in his face.
Then he blinked.
"What the hell?!"
"Oh, sorry Vince." Sean said apologetically. "Didn't realize it was
"How the hell do you NOT know it was me? Is there some other guy
with grey eyes and white hair that I should know about?!" Vincent was
fuming. "I could have had a heart attack!"
"No. You wouldn't have." The Puppet said. "You are in near perfect
physical condition. I made sure of that."
"What, you don't want your killer dying of some trifling thing like fright

before you get your revenge?"

"Yes." The Puppet said simply, glaring at Vincent.
"Oh." Vincent wasn't used to a direct threat from the Puppet, usually it
was more subtle. "Carry on then."
The Puppet sighed and resumed its work. Currently it was finishing
up creating the skin for Freddy, who was deactivated. "You'll be
beginning your work as night guard tonight."
"Because I'm totally looking forward to that." Vincent said sourly,
putting the knife away and picking up the plastic bags he dropped on
the ground.
"You won't be in any danger of any sort. Frankly I expect you'll get
bored. That's why your tablet has games on it, in addition to being
able to tap into the security system." The Puppet said, preoccupied
by its work. "If anything, we should be paid to protect you."
"That's a comfortable thought. The victims of my murder spree are
the ones who will be keeping me from harm. Lovely."
The Puppet glanced at the gray-eyed man. "You could have just not
killed us in the first place."
Vincent just waved his hand and walked away. He had his reasons
for his actions. But nobody else needed to know what they were.
He stopped by the parts and service room and stepped inside. Spring
Bonnie was still sitting against the wall.
"We're gonna have to give you a name, because saying 'Spring
Bonnie' just takes too long." Vincent muttered, crouching down and
looking at the suit. Now that he got a better look at it, the scarred area
from when he tore the skin made it look like the rabbit constantly had
a sinister grin. Kinda like but no. Springtrap was gone. Entirely, and
"Well, might as well just call you Spring. Spring the rabbit." Vincent
said, rubbing the fur of the suit. It was soft, a lot softer than the old

animatronics. That was for sure.

"Bye Spring." He said, standing up and walking away. "God damn it
now I'm acting like the thing's alive" he muttered to himself.
He closed the door of the parts and service room, leaving Spring in
darkness once more.

"Why did I agree to this?" Vincent muttered under his breath. "Oh
yeah, because I have no choice"
Several hours had passed since they got back, and at this point, it
was 12:00 A.M. The Puppet was sleeping, and Fredbear was turned
off. Everything should be calm and quiet, right?
Ring Ring
"The hell? Who's calling at this time of night?" Vincent said. He
looked at his tablet, seeing an alert that said 'incoming message'.
"Uh, hello? Hello hello. Hey Vince!"
"Percy! This better be important, otherwise I'll make your life a living
hell tomorrow."
"I figured that you might want me to leave you a message for your
new job."
Oh, just a message. Shame, Percy was one of the few people
Vincent liked just talking to.
"You should probably know, we've kept the old company policy. Um,
about the injuries. Just as a refresher, I'll read it out to you. Ahem:
Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and
grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear
Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person.
Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing
person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and

premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the

carpets have been replaced."
"Oh my god. They kept the old thing? That's hilarious, especially
since Mike stresses safety so much." Vincent said, laughing.
"You, uh, shouldn't have any problems. We just hung onto this thing
as a, uh, failsafe. I-I'm not saying that there's any chance you'll get,
um, hurt. That's not the implication."
Vincent sobered. Percy was a terrible liar.
"So, as of yet, only two of the animatronics are ready to perform.
They don't like to just sit there at night though."
"They move." Vincent said.
"They tend to wander a bit. It's nothing to worry about, really. Just
don't, uhm, let them in your office."
"Thanks Captain Obvious."
"You, uh, should already know about the Puppet. Uh, keep the music
box wound, and you shouldn't have to worry about anything. Much."
Vincent checked the Prize Corner camera. There was a button that
toggled on and off to wind the music box. Vincent chuckled, then just
hit the button, intending to keep it on all night.
"Just don't overload the music box. If that happens, uh, well you
should be fine."
Wait, overload the music box?
"Moving on, Fredbear shouldn't be any trouble. He's a big softie
really. He did try to enter the guard office a couple times while I was
watching over the place, but otherwise he didn't do much."
Vincent checked the cameras, trying to locate the golden bear. He
eventually found him staring back up at the camera. Fredbear looked
terrifying. Both eyes had vanished, leaving only white pinpoints to

mark his gaze. The normally soft features of his face were angular,
making Vince get the impression that Fredbear was extremely angry.
Vincent shuddered, that was creepy.
"He might occasionally teleport though."
Right, because the yellow bear only needed to be more terrifying.
"If he enters your room without using the doors, just, uhm, ignore him.
He might make you see some really weird stuff, but he won't hurt you.
Not that he would hurt you if he just walked in. That's not what I
Vincent checked on the cameras again. Four o'clock already? Fast
"That should about cover it. Remember, we are not responsible for
any injuries and/or death. Don't worry, you'll do fine. See you in the
morning. 'Bye."
That was unnerving.
Vincent checked the cameras. Clown doll was still in its box,
apparently the music box hadn't 'overloaded' yet. Fredbear was at the
show stage.
The cameras all went blank for a second, and Vincent could hear a
faint song throughout the building.
All around the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel
The monkey thought 'twas all in good fun
Pop! Goes the weasel
Vince was confused. Wasn't the music box wound up? But wait,
Percy said something about the music box overloading

A penny for a spool of thread

A penny for a needleThat's the way the money goes,
Pop! Goes the weasel
Vincent was panicking now. The Puppet was speeding through the
building, making a beeline for his office
Jimmy's got the whooping cough
And Timmy's got the measles
That's the way the story goes,
Pop! Goes the weasel
Vincent slammed both door buttons, sealing himself in the room.
All around the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel
The monkey thought 'twas all in good fun
Vincent waited nervously for the last part of the song.
Pop! Goes the weasel!
Something black streaked across the room, forcing both doors open
and grabbing the tablet out of Vincent's hands.
"What the hell just happened?" Vincent said confused. He was
expecting to be killed, but that wasn't what had happened. He looked
down to see that his tablet was completely missing.
When he looked back up, there was a golden bear sitting limp on the
ground in front of him. The bear was twitching and strange speech
emanated from within it.

Ding Dong Ding Dong

Suddenly, the bear just vanished, and the lights in the building turned
back on.
Vincent took a steadying breath.
Well, that was one night at Freddy's over with.

This version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" is the one I grew up with.
In other news, Vincent's night shift isn't going to be nearly as
boring as he initially thought.
Chapter 33: Opening Day

"What the hell Mike?!"

Mike looked up from his desk in the manager's office. Currently he
was working on paying the bills, managing taxes, and answering
letters asking when the opening date would be. "Vincent, you're going
to have to be a bit more specific than that."
"You know damn well what I mean! The animatronics tried to kill me!"
Vincent shouted, furious.
Mike sighed. "First, keep your voice down. Second, watch your
language. Third, what do you mean they tried to kill you?"
"The Puppet stole my tablet, and Fredbear teleported into the security
"Vince, Fredbear teleports everywhere. That doesn't mean he was
trying to kill you." Mike paused. "And where exactly is the tablet, if the
Puppet stole it?"
"It should be in the box with that damn doll." Vincent said, starting to
calm down.
"Let's check then." Mike stood up and led Vincent out of the office to
the Prize Corner. "Puppet? You in there?" He said, tapping the top of

the box that the Puppet called home.

"Pop Goes the Weasel" began to play from the box as the lid opened
and the Puppet floated out. "Yes Mike?" It asked in its neutral voice.
"What exactly do you have in the box with you right now?" Mike
The Puppet climbed out of its box to give Mike a clear look. The only
contents consisted of various prizes that could be won by anyone
with enough tickets. Plushies of Spring and Goldie, top hats in purple
and black, and other memorabilia; but no tablet.
"Thank you Puppet. Sorry for bothering you." Mike said. "C'mon
Vince, you probably just left it in the guard office." Mike began to walk
back to his office.
"Alright you creepy doll, what did you do with my tablet?" Vincent
The Puppet's face seemed genuinely confused. "What?"
"Never mind" Vincent said, leaving the Prize Corner.
The Puppet watched him leave, then closed the lid of its box, the
sound of "My Grandfather's Clock" playing once again.

"Just a few finishing touches before he's ready to wake up." Fritz
It was just one day until the pizzeria opened, and they needed the
mascot to at least see what was going on for the first week of
operation. In order to make this possible, Fritz was putting in the last
few sensors that would complete the bear's arsenal of senses.
"So, when Freddy wakes up, what exactly will he be doing?" Vincent
asked curiously.
"Nothing for a while. He'll need to become acclimated to his upgrades
before he can go on the show stage. Speaking of upgrades, these

are finished!" Fritz finished triumphantly, placing the last sensor.

"Freddy, wake up pal." Mike said, activating the bear.
Freddy's sky blue eyes snapped open. He had undergone extreme
changes since the last time he was online. For starters, he looked like
an actual humanoid bear, and it was extremely difficult to tell that he
was an animatronic. He was tall, a good seven feet, and heavily built.
He wasn't necessarily muscular or fat, but he was large. The newest
design included five fingers as well, and the same magically created
skin that both Spring and Fredbear had, except the color was brown.
Freddy sat up and blinked a few times. Like the other two
animatronics and the Puppet, he now had the same facial mobility as
a living being, and he was testing it out. The bear stopped and looked
at Vincent, giving him a death stare.
"What's he doing here?" The animatronic asked in his deep voice.
"Last I saw, he was bleeding out in a suit."
Mike sighed. He knew the animatronics hated Vincent, and they had
good reason, but Vince would be necessary if things were to work out
properly. "Vincent has been given a second chance. If he doesn't
succeed, he'll be trapped in this world eternally." Mike gave Vincent a
stern look. "Without any way to interact with it."
"If I die, I swear to god I will haunt you forever Schmidt." Vincent
"Good luck with that." The Puppet said from its position across the
room, working on another sheet of artificial skin, this one with
lavender fur. "Your little stunt three years ago completely ruined your
chances of surviving without a body. Making phantoms corporeal isn't
something you can just do without consequences."
Freddy seemed confused. "What exactly are you talking about?"
Mike answered him. "Vincent died inside the rabbit suit, as you
probably guessed. Fortunately -or unfortunately- he possessed the
suit he died in. Three years ago, I found him. He had called up and
controlled you, BB, Chica, and Foxy. To make a long story short, he

overextended himself, and left himself permanently weak." He

paused. "Magically speaking."
Freddy shrugged. "I never really understood magic that well. I'll take
your word for it." The bear looked around. "I take it that the others are
still sleeping?"
Mike nodded in confirmation. "We'll turn the other three on next, for
now I need you to observe the events in the pizzeria. We're opening
tomorrow, and while your name is on the front, you won't be able to
perform for about a week."
Freddy frowned. "A week?"
"You have a full five senses now. You need to get accustomed to
them, and that takes about a week." Fritz answered. "I know you love
performing, but we can't speed up the process much."
Freddy nodded in understanding. "Very well then. In one week."

Opening Day
The new pizzeria was a major hit. Many of the people who had been
avid patrons of the previous two locations had grown up, and now
had children of their own. This naturally meant that, although the
franchise had a bad reputation, there was a massive turnout.
Vincent found that he really enjoyed portraying the enigmatic and
oftentimes hyperactive Spring, and much to his surprise, he really
liked the way that the children laughed at his jokes. Once an hour, he
and Fredbear would stand on the stage, performing a routine of
jokes, songs, and skits.
Whenever it wasn't time to perform onstage, both of the golden
performers would wander through the party room, making many
children extremely happy.
In the Prize Corner, the Puppet was a massive hit. The new face
meant that it was no longer cold and creepy, but warm and friendly.
Children who had played the arcade games in the main area would

put their tickets into a machine and receive a receipt that stated the
amount they had won. They would then turn the receipt in to the
Puppet and receive the prize that they picked out. Occasionally a
child would throw a temper tantrum, and the Puppet would arrive with
a present to calm them down.
The only problem was the parents.
"So, how do they look so alive?" One mother asked Mike.
"Our tech crew is extremely good." Mike answered.
"How do you get them to act so lifelike?" another parent asked.
"We've got the best AI accessible to us in these animatronics. They
have thousands of preprogrammed responses." Mike paused.
"However, both of these animatronics are specialized suits that can
be used both as animatronics and suits."
Thankfully, the parents didn't ask if there actually were people in both
suits. That would have led to either lying or an uncomfortable
Vincent had just finished a joke routine with Fredbear and was
walking around the party room. Fredbear was the recipient of more
attention than Vincent, but that was fine. Vincent didn't know if he
could handle the constant hugs and children clamoring for attention
that Fredbear endured.
He looked around. The children seemed to be having fun, playing
arcade games, talking to Fredbear, or just chattering amongst
All in all, it seemed like nothing could make this go wrong.
Unfortunately, there is always something that can go wrong.
Vincent's attention was grabbed by four men entering the building.
They didn't seem to be the usual partygoers, and they hid their faces
from the cameras. As he watched, all four spread out across the
room, seemingly harmless.

But Vincent knew better.

He was close enough to one of them to see the whites of the man's
eyes. He knew that if he got any closer the man would likely
reposition, and that would make things a bit difficult.
Then, in synchronization, all four men pulled on ski masks and drew

Isn't this an interesting scenario?

Chapter 34: Takedown

"EVERYBODY GET ON THE GROUND!" The robber closest to the

door shouted.
Vincent looked around. All over the pizzeria, children and parents
were cowering on the ground. One of the robbers had his gun pointed
directly at the back of Mike's head. Percy was still in the kitchen,
preparing the food, while Fritz was nowhere in sight.
"Hey, you yellow bastard. Get on the ground!" The man nearest to
Vincent said.
"Me?" Vincent said in pretend confusion.
"Are there any other furries in this room? Get on the ground!" The
man said again, gesturing with his gun.
"Well, Fredbear's over" Vincent looked around the room. Fredbear
was nowhere in sight. "Never mind, he vanished." Vincent finished,
"Don't make me tell you again!" the man seemed furious.
"Don't worry, I'm on it." Vincent said nonchalantly, kneeling down as if
to get on the ground.
"That's right you rabbit moron." The man said, turning to look around

the room.
"you're an idiot" Vincent mumbled to himself. Vincent had been
planning out his course of action. He had a devil on one shoulder and
an angel on the other.
And both wanted him to make these bastards pay.
He used his positioning to launch himself towards the robber who had
been waving the gun around. Before the man could do more than
turn, he had grabbed the robber's arm, pulling the man off balance,
and knocked the robber unconscious with a quick jab. Before the gun
fell to the ground, Vincent grabbed it out of the air.
Vincent made a mad dash towards the next closest robber.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Three gunshots rang out, but Vincent didn't even flinch. The man was
unprepared for a nearly seven foot tall golden rabbit to blitz towards
him, and unprepared men with guns were less able to attack than an
unarmed man who had situational awareness.
He grabbed the man's arm and twisted it until he heard a Crack! He
then let go of the man's arms and grabbed the gun with his empty
Vincent whirled to see both of the remaining robbers gazing on in
amazement, neither of them had their guns pointed at him. Vincent
raised both of the guns in his hands and pointed them at the two
robbers. "It's really sad when you try to rob a kid's pizzeria. It's even
sadder when you get stopped by the mascot of all people."
From the prize corner there was the sound of someone shouting in
terror. It was immediately followed by a high-pitched scream and the
sound of children giggling. Sounded like there was a fifth burglar, and
he had the foolish idea to try and rob the Prize Corner.
The man standing behind Mike just dropped his gun on the ground
and got on his knees. The fourth and final robber just bolted. He didn't
get far, however.

As the man neared the doors, his feet just slipped out from under
him. In one corner of the room, two barely visible silhouettes highfived each other.
All of these things happened in less than thirty seconds.
Vincent walked over to the robber who had landed on his back and
looked down at him. "Wow, at least the other two were beaten by an
actual person. Your colleague had the sensibility to surrender. But
you? You went and got taken out by pizza grease." Vincent laughed.
"That's really funny."
Mike stood up from his seat and walked into the Prize Corner. He
came back carrying another man with a ski mask. The odd part
wasn't that Mike was strong enough to carry the man in one hand, but
that the man was covered in what looked like marionette strings. No
surprise who the culprit was here.
Just then, a trio of police officers burst into the building. "Looks like
Percy made some use of his position in the kitchen." Vincent
muttered to himself.
The Police officers all had their guns trained on him. Vincent had to
keep himself from saying 'look, this isn't what it looks like'. That
phrase just causes infinite suspicion. Instead he answered them with
"About time you got here!"
"Officers! My name is Michael Schmidt, I am the owner and manager
of this pizzeria!" Mike said. "Please excuse Spring, he's the one who
disabled the robbers, and he's a little bit cranky because of it."
All three police officers lowered their weapons, but didn't stop staring
at Vincent.
"What are you looking at?" Vincent demanded. Then he looked down
at himself.
There were three bullet holes right in the middle of his chest.
"Oh." Vincent said, and fainted.

When Vincent came to, he was lying on his bed. Mike was sitting on
the chair in his room watching over him.
"Thank god you woke up." Mike said relieved.
"Mike. What the hell happened?" Vincent asked, still not quite awake.
"Well, after you passed out, I told the police officers that you had had
a stressful day, what with it being your first day on the job. I also told
them that the suit was bulletproof, and that you were fine." Mike
"The suit's bulletproof?" Vincent said surprised.
Mike sighed. "I have no idea. Theoretically speaking, yes. The
endoskeleton would block the bullets."
"You don't KNOW?!"
"It was the only way to keep you from the coroner."
Vincent looked down at himself. He was still in the Spring suit. "Why
am I still in this thing?"
"We couldn't get it off you." Mike said.
"What do you mean you couldn't get it off me?! Did you get the
Puppet to take it off me?!" Vincent said in confusion.
"None of us could get the latches to budge. Not even the Puppet."
Mike explained. "I think it has to do with the fact that your spirit is
bound to it."
"Couldn't the Puppet do some of that weird magic crap?"
Mike sighed. "Just take the suit off."
One minute later, Vincent was standing in the middle of the room
looking at the suit.

"So how do you feel Vince?" Mike asked carefully.

"Not too good." The grey eyed man replied. "Having a bit of
trouble breathing."
"Just stay calm. I'll get the Puppet." Mike said, slowly leaving the
Vincent looked down at his chest.
There was blood spreading across the front of his shirt.
And right over his chest, three bullet wounds.
The last thing Vincent saw was the door to his room slamming open.
Then the world went black.

I've been planning this sequence since the start of the story.
Just a little info for those who may be wondering.
Chapter 35: Back Again

When he woke up, he felt three things.

Pain. Not much, and it was more like an ache than anything else.
Anger. Mostly at Mike.
The table.
Well this is dj vu. He thought to himself.
Vincent opened his eyes and looked around the room. Back in parts
and service. Nobody else in the room though. Unless he counted
Spring, who was sitting in the corner.
Vincent grunted and swung his legs over the edge of the table, before
remembering exactly what had happened the last time he was
conscious. He looked down at himself to see that his purple uniform
had been replaced by a clean white button up shirt.

Vincent opened his shirt and looked at his chest. There were three
spots on his chest, as if he had fading bruises there.
"The hell?" He muttered.
The man stood up and buttoned his shirt back up. He hobbled over to
Spring and looked closely at the chest of the animatronic, where the
bullets hit it. The fur had already grown back, and the skin was mostly
healed, but since he knew what he was looking for, he found the
same fading bruises that he had on his own chest.
Behind him, he heard the sound of the door opening. Then a voice
broke his confused ponderings. "Glad to see you're awake Vince."
"Mike, mind explaining what the hell happened?" Vincent asked
"We were lucky you survived. Puppet said that it was a very close
call." Mike said.
"Oh, is that all it was then? A 'close call'?" Vincent said, becoming
"I'm glad to see that you've already recovered. We had to go for a day
with just one animatronic, you'd be surprised how many kids were
upset the Spring the rabbit couldn't perform." Mike continued as if
Vincent had said nothing.
"Holy hell Mike! I was shot in the chest! Three times!" Vincent
"Calm down Vince, you've got nothing to worry about!" Mike said
soothingly. "You've fully recovered. It's like you haven't been shot in
the first place."
Vincent started to calm down, but he still needed answers. "How long
has it been?"
"You've been out for a day. We had to tell everyone that you were
sick and that the attack yesterday had spurred it on." Mike answered.

"How bad was the damage?"

"Well, healing Spring was apparently a cakewalk. You, on the other
hand, had both lungs punctured and a bullet grazed your heart. It was
fortunate that the Puppet can regenerate tissue far easier than
creating it, otherwise it would've taken a full week." Mike replied.
Vincent sighed. "Well, it could've been worse."
That gave Mike pause. "How so?"
"I could've died."
Mike chuckled nervously. "Yes that would've made the situation
worse for sure."

"So, we're activating the other three now?" Vincent asked.

Everyone was in the main party area looking at Foxy, Chica and
Bonnie. Fritz and the Puppet had managed to complete the trio in
time for them to be turned on before the third day of operation.
All three looked next to nothing like their original forms.
Foxy was the most like his old form. Still the shortest of the four
animatronics that had been the mascots of Fazbear Entertainment,
he was still over six feet tall. He retained his golden yellow eyes and
red fur. He had a runner's body, with his brown shorts still being part
of his look. His hook could now be taken off and replaced by a hand,
and like with Freddy, he now had five fingers on each hand.
Bonnie now had a more broad-shouldered form. His red eyes no
longer seemed harsh, but kind. His lavender colored fur was the
softest of the current animatronics, but he still possessed more
physical prowess than any of the others. Apart from the broad
shoulders, he was lean, similar to an athlete. As with the other
animatronics, he had five fingers per hand.
Chica was the most different from her previous incarnation. Her body
shape was slightly chubby, but instead of making her seem

overweight, it simply seemed to be part of her build. She was covered

in soft yellow feathers, making her seem extremely huggable. It was
very difficult to mistake her for a duck now, as she quite clearly lacked
the wide bill of one. Instead of arms, she had wings that ended in
hand-like feathers, giving her the same manual dexterity as the other
All of them had been given the ability to utilize all five senses and feel
pain. In addition, all of them had access to full facial mobility, and they
were capable of consuming and "digesting" food.
"Alright, turning on Chica first. She's the one who's least likely to just
go ballistic and try to kill Vince." Fritz said, flipping a switch.
The yellow animatronic's purple eyes snapped open, and she
scanned the room. "Oh hello Mikey! How long has it been?"
"Hi Chica. It's been about sixteen years since you were last online."
Mike answered.
Chica then seemed to notice Vincent. "Oh. It's him."
"I don't like it either Feathers. One minute I'm dead for good, the next
I'm alive and being forced to work for Schmidt." Vincent said.
"Vincent does seem to have changed a bit. At the very least, his
primary goals are no longer murder." Freddy informed Chica.
Chica shrugged. "Well, if Freddy says you've changed, I'll take his
word for it. Welcome to the family Vincent!"
Bonnie wasn't so welcoming.
As soon as the rabbit was turned on, his eyes locked onto Vincent
and he started shouting. "You! You should be dead!"
"Calm down Bonnie. I brought him back." The Puppet informed him.
"He has to behave, or else he'll go back to being dead." The Puppet
paused and glared at Vincent. "Permanently."
Bonnie walked up to Vincent and glared down at the man. "If you do

anything. Anything. To hurt the others, I will tear you apart."

"Glad we've got that settled." Vincent replied.
Foxy was furious.
"I'll rip ye apart ye backstabbin' bastard!"
Both Freddy and Bonnie had to hold the fox back from forcibly
dismembering Vincent.
"Foxy! Calm down!" Mike said.
"I will NOT calm down! That grey-eyed devil murdered us!" Foxy
"Do not force me to deactivate you." The Puppet said.
That made Foxy stop.
"Now then, if you are willing to behave civilly, we can explain the
situation to you."
"Fine, fine. Let me go." Foxy said.
Freddy and bonnie slowly let go of the fox.
"Alright, get ta explainin' what's goin' on."
"Vincent has been resurrected for the sole purpose of obtaining
redemption. It may not happen quickly, or even at all. We have
multiple measures in place to ensure he doesn't do anything against
his best interests. He literally cannot leave the pizzeria for long
periods of time, murdering someone will result in his immediate and
permanent termination, and any threat to the children will result in
instant pain." The Puppet explained.
Foxy gave Vincent a glare. "Fine then. If he does anythin' to the
others, he'll be lookin' fer his head."
"Get in line" Bonnie muttered.

Mike clapped his hands. "Now that we're done with the death threats,
let's get on with more important things."
"Like what?" Chica asked.
"Like getting you guys acclimated to your upgrades."

Vincent didn't die, which is nice.

This chapter's a bit later than I would've liked. Had some things
that delayed it.
Chapter 36: Round 2

"I regret everything."

Vincent was back in the security office, watching his tablet.
Ring Ring
"Oh joy, another message from Percy." Vincent muttered, pressing
the 'play message' button.
"Hello, hello? Uh, you should probably know the other
animatronics, uh, the ones we just turned on. They, uh, also have a
habit of wandering."
"Just what I needed, a total of six murderous robots after me."
"Uh, you shouldn't have anything to worry about though. Just use
your lights and make sure to close the doors. You should know
though, uh, if you keep the doors closed too long, it might cause the
power redistribution to drain the music box faster."
"That's nice to know. Keeping the other machines out will increase
the speed at which that doll can leave its box." Vincent said to
"So, Chica and Bonnie are pretty straightforward. They'll stand in the
blind spots outside your doors. Just close the door and they should
leave after a bit. Foxy's a little less easy to understand. He'll use his

speed to dash to your office. Just keep an eye on him, and he won't
catch you by surprise. Uh, as for Freddy. He's, uhm, unpredictable.
He'll try his best to enter your office when you aren't expecting it.
He's very clever. Fortunately he doesn't move much, otherwise you
would have a lot more to worry about."
"So Freddy's lazy, but smart, Bonnie and Chica are both
straightforward fools, and Foxy will blitz to my office." Vincent
muttered. "Not to mention Clown Doll in his box trying to murder me
and/or steal my tablet; and then there's Fredbear, who'll teleport into
my room from time to time and drive me literally insane. Fun."
"Uhm, if Fredbear gets into your room while there's someone at either
door, he might force the door open. So uh, to counteract this, just
ignore him and he'll leave you alone." There was a pause. "Probably.
Just be careful, monitor Foxy and Freddy, ignore Fredbear, and don't
ignore the Puppet. Good luck, and see you tomorrow."
Vincent checked his cameras. Lessee Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and
Freddy are still in parts and service. Fredbear hasn't moved
Puppet's box needs to be wound up.
Vincent paused, Chica and Bonnie had moved. Bonnie seemed to be
making a beeline for the left door, while Chica was wandering
throughout the pizzeria at random.
Vincent checked through the cameras. Bonnie was missing no
wait. He was in the supply closet. "What? Why is Bonnie sitting in
the closet?" Vincent shook his head. "Whatever where's the
Vincent changed cameras to find Chica, then jumped in surprise. The
normally harmless-seeming chicken had nothing more than white
dots for eyes, and she was staring directly into the camera. "Geez,
sorry, not a duck."
He swapped cameras to the Prize Corner to wind up the music box,

only to get another surprise. Freddy was standing in the Prize Corner,
barely visible behind the box that the Puppet lived in, and the Puppet
was beginning to climb out of its box. Vincent quickly toggled on the
music box and checked on the parts and service room.
Foxy was gone.
Vincent quickly closed both doors. Less than a second later there
was the sound of someone pounding on the left door, then running
"Well that was a close one" Vincent muttered, wiping his forehead.
He was beginning to sweat now, Foxy had gotten closer to getting in
than either the Puppet or Fredbear, with the exception of when the
yellow bear would teleport.
Vincent opened the doors again and checked on the Puppet. It
seemed like having both doors closed caused the music box to drain
considerably faster than it was being wound up. He needed to keep
both doors open for a little while in order to get back to a safe buffer
before the box ran out.
Foxy was back in the parts and service room, Bonnie was still in the
closet, and Chica
Vincent did a double take. Chica was in the kitchen, humming to
herself and making pizza. The man shrugged. If Chica wanted to
waste time, that was fine by him.
Freddy was nowhere to be seen.
A deep laugh echoed through the building, alerting Vincent to the fact
that Freddy was still on the move. Checking through the cameras,
Vincent finally spotted the brown bear standing in the corner of the
main party area, nearly hidden in the shadows. On the complete
other side of the room, Fredbear was standing in the open looking at
the camera. Without warning, the camera flickered, and Fredbear
simply vanished.
Vincent looked up from his camera to see the yellow bear sitting limp
in the middle of his office. This wasn't exactly something that Vincent

was worried about, as he had encountered the golden animatronic in

this scenario multiple times so far.
Ignoring the teleporting bear, Vincent checked on Freddy again. The
bear was missing from the main party area, and a laugh echoed
through the building.
"How nobody else hears this is beyond me" Vincent said to himself.
Flicking through the cameras, Freddy was nowhere to be seen, and
Bonnie had finally left his supply closet. Vincent turned on the lights
for his right then left door. Upon seeing the rabbit stealthily creeping
towards him, he pressed the left door button, sealing Bonnie out.
Vincent took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Bonnie was
surprisingly difficult to detect. Despite being just under seven feet tall
and weighing several hundred pounds, the rabbit could move silently.
It was a significant difference from Chica, as the chicken was quite
loud as she moved through the building.
Fortunately, Bonnie didn't stay at the door very long, allowing Vincent
to open it back up and check on the Puppet. The music box was
nearing its overload point, so he quickly switched it off.
Vincent looked at the time and sighed in relief. It was nearing six
o'clock, and that meant that he could leave this claustrophobia
inducing room. As the clock ticked the seconds along, he heard a
deep laughter directly behind him, causing him to freeze in his seat.
Freddy had gotten into the office, and he hadn't even noticed.
Just as he was sure the bear would attack him, the tablet chimed six,
and all the lights in the building turned on. Vincent checked the
cameras. Fredbear was back onstage, and the only animatronic that
wasn't in its predesignated place was Chica. The yellow bird was still
humming to herself as she made pizzas.
Vincent shook his head in disbelief. Five animatronics trying to kill
him, and Chica goes to make pizza.
"Well, that's that" Vincent said, leaving the office.

"Hopefully the toys won't be this bad"

Mostly a filler chapter.

To answer Rikku - 056: The spell that punishes Vincent for killing
someone also takes intent into account. If Vincent were to
deliberately kill someone, it would kill him instantly. If Vincent is
defending himself or warding off an intruder, the spell will not
kill him.
Hope this is a good answer.
Chapter 37: Pizza

It was funny really, the amount of sleep he needed now.

Since being resurrected by the Puppet, Vincent hadn't really needed
more than a couple hours of sleep to be fully rested. It fit so well with
the fact that he was both night guard and performer.
It wasn't the only change that had occurred either. He no longer felt
much pain. Even when he was shot in the chest, he only felt like he
couldn't breathe. Apparently it was nearly impossible to properly
repair nerves, so while he had a sense of touch, his pain receptors
were damaged to the point of numbness.
He was also notably faster and stronger than when he was first alive.
He still didn't have the same physical strength as Mike did, and Foxy
was considerably faster than him, but he was still faster and stronger
than a man of his build should be. Coupled with his incredible fighting
skill, he had become a dangerous adversary.
When he was wearing the Spring suit, all of his strengths were greatly
amplified. He was faster, stronger, and more energetic. This was
easily explained by the fact that he was spirit bound to the suit, but
there were a few things that couldn't be so easily explained. For
instance, when he was shot, he didn't even bleed until after he had
gotten out of the suit.
But that wasn't the problem today. No, today's problem was
something that was a bit more difficult to solve.

They had run out of supplies to make pizza, and Chica was freaking
out about it.
When a human freaks out, they might shout, maybe punch
When an animatronic freaks out, you wind up with holes in the walls.
"Chica calm down!" Mike said, trying to prevent the chicken from
breaking any more walls. "We'll get some more supplies!"
"What am I supposed to do?!" Chica cried in despair. Ever since she
had been badly damaged in '87 she had needed to be doing
something, or she would begin to panic and freak out.
"You can help to clean up your mess." Vincent said.
"Vince, don't be rude." Mike scolded. "Although the way he said it
wasn't very nice, his suggestion is helpful. We will need help to clean
up before we open for the day." He said to Chica.
The yellow animatronic took a calming breath, or at least seemed to.
One of the things that the animatronics didn't have was lungs. In
almost any other way they resembled living beings. "Okay I'll help
clean up. I'm sorry."
"It's alright. We'll be back in a couple hours In the meantime, Puppet
will repair the walls." Mike said. "See you soon."

Vincent checked his watch. There was only thirty minutes until the
pizzeria was going to open for the day. Now that Chica was cooking,
people were complimenting them on the incredible food, as well as
the incredibly lifelike animatronics and friendly staff.
The only problem was that Chica never stopped cooking. In one day
she had burned through all of the backup supplies. Percy, who had
been the cook before Chica had been reactivated, had stockpiled
what he believed to be enough for a week. Chica had gone through it
all, and the interesting part was that the people ate it all. So not only
were they out of supplies, but they had very little backup pizza.

When Chica was able to perform, odds were that she would be
making pizza less often. She had an odd need to be doing something
at all times, so she was cooking more or less nonstop. Chica wasn't
the only one to have a bizarre quirk left over from the time they had
all broken down. Bonnie had grown angry, holding grudges far longer
now. Foxy had a tendency to just stop talking in the middle of a
conversation and gaze off into space. Freddy, although he didn't have
any obvious problems, was always thinking, planning, and plotting; he
couldn't calm down, regardless of the scenario.
"Hey Mike, we'd better be getting back soon." Vincent informed his
"One moment Vince, let me just place this order for the next month."
Mike said, focusing on the paperwork.
"Mike, its thirty minutes until opening time." Vincent said impatiently.
"Okay then, let's go." Mike replied, finishing with his signature.
They arrived back at the pizzeria with ten minutes until opening time.
They were greeted by the sight of two men trying to pick the lock on
the front door.
"What is it about Freddy Fazbear's pizza that attracts criminals?"
Mike muttered to himself before climbing out of his car. "Hey you!
What do you think you're doing?" He shouted.
Both men jumped in fear, then dropped their lock picking tools and
drew knives.
"I'll take care of Bozo and Buffoon. You can take the stuff in." Vincent
informed Mike.
Mike shrugged. "If you think you can do it, go right ahead." Mike
turned and began to unload the car.
"Alright boys, let's get this over with." Vincent said.
"What makes you think you can handle both of us at once?" One of

the robbers said.

"Well, you remember that little fiasco three days ago? The one with
five armed men attempting to rob the very building you're trying to get
into?" Vincent paused to see their reactions. "I'm the one who
disabled four of them." Now they started to blanch. "So put your
knives down now, and leave. You technically haven't done anything
wrong yet, so if you leave now, you might not wind up in jail."
The two robbers looked at each other, then rushed Vincent.
"Can't say I didn't warn you." Vincent said with a shrug. In the blink of
an eye, Vincent had disarmed the two robbers and had them both
pinned to the ground. "Alright, Mike. Just remember to say they
initiated the fight."
"Got it." Mike said, carrying the supplies inside.
Less than five minutes later, the police had picked up the two crooks
and taken them away.
Going inside, the damage that had been done earlier was entirely
gone. It was almost as if it had been magically repaired. Of course, it
had been magically repaired, but that was beside the point.
"Hey Puppet, we had an attempted break-in." Mike said. "Please
check to make sure the lock isn't broken."
"Just as well whoever it was didn't get in, we already have one

If it isn't obvious who the Puppet is referring to, you may need to
reread most, if not all, of the story.
Just some more filler, along with a situation assessment.
Chapter 38: Bleeding Out

It was nearing closing time for the pizzeria's fourth day of operation.
Chica had been making pizza like nobody's business, and the people
were enjoying it, many of them asking who the cook was. Naturally,

Mike couldn't tell them the whole truth, but the half-truths he told them
were good enough answers for the parents.
Vincent was watching the children as they flocked around Fredbear,
giving the yellow bear hugs and asking him questions. Spring was still
popular, but it was obvious that Fredbear far outshone the rabbit in
Suddenly, he felt someone tugging at his arm. Vincent turned his
head to see a little girl trying to get his attention. "Mister Spring, can
you help me find my mommy?" The little girl asked him.
Vincent fought a war in his head. On one hand, he would ordinarily
ignore this child. It wasn't really his concern to help out lost children.
On the other hand, it actually was his responsibility to look after this
little girl; and as he had noted before, being in the Spring suit made
him feel different from usual.
"Let's take a look around and see if we can find her, okay?" Vincent
said in his 'Spring' voice.
"Okay." The little girl said, sniffling.
"What's your name?"
"Well Angela, let's go see if we can find your mom." Vincent said.
Vincent led the little girl through the main show area, the whole time
telling himself that he just needed to remember where the safe room
was, then he could be rid of the brat.
"Mister Spring, where are we?" Angela asked him
Damn, forgot. The new location doesn't have a safe room. He quickly
thought up an explanation. "Sorry Angela, I'm a little bit confused
today. Let's get back to the main show area."
As the two entered the main stage area, Angela spotted her parents
and ran off, leaving Vincent standing in the hallway.

"Thank you for coming everyone! Come again soon!" Fredbear called
out to the departing patrons.
The doors closed for the day with the click of the lock, and Vincent
began to undo the latches on the suit.
"Vincent." Mike said, walking up to the pale man. "Don't think I didn't
see what you were going to do."
"Can't imagine what you're talking about." Vincent said innocently
"The little girl that you dragged through the building? I saw you stop
at the end of that hallway as if you were looking for the hidden safe
room door." Mike replied, sounding angry. "You know what will
happen if you go back to killing kids!"
Vincent was surprised. This was the first time he had heard Mike
angry. Frustrated, yes, but never angry. "Look, I didn't do it. You kept
the kid from danger by not building a safe room."
"Why did you do it Vince?" Mike said, no longer sounding angry.
Instead he was just disappointed.
"Force of habit." Vincent answered.
"Vincent, please don't make me write you off as a lost cause."
Vincent sighed. "Look, I don't know any more. Dying really screws
with your memory. You told me that the Puppet didn't even remember
if they were a boy or girl? I can't remember my reasons for killing
those kids."
Mike looked at Vincent sadly. "Just don't do it again. Please" The
green eyed man walked off.
Vincent climbed out of the Spring suit and picked it up. It wasn't
nearly as heavy as it looked. He carried it to the parts and service
room before his emotions finally caught up to the conversation that he
had with Mike earlier.
"Goddammit" Vincent muttered to himself as he set Spring down in

his corner. "Goddammit!" He shouted, and punched the wall.

There was a loud Crack, and Vincent's hand went through the wall.
Vincent's eyes widened in shock. It hadn't hurt much, to be honest.
More like a bruise than broken bones
Pulling his hand out of the wall, Vincent took a look at his fist. The
skin and muscle on his fingers was completely destroyed, showing
the white bone underneath.
Except they weren't white, and they weren't bones.
He had a metal skeleton.
Vincent leaned down and looked through the hole in the wall.
"Hi Fredbear"

Vincent knocked on the door with his right hand. Seeing as how his
left hand was kinda obliterated, it was probably better to not damage
it any more than already.
"Come in" The answering voice said.
Vincent pushed the door open and entered Mike's room. It was the
same size as Vincent's room, but with several notable differences.
First, there were two beds in the room, Mike was laying on one and
watching some cartoon about these twins who were visiting this crazy
little town for the summer. The other bed seemed occupied, but there
wasn't anything moving on it. There were pictures of the older Freddy
Fazbear locations on Mike's bedside table, along with a picture of a
younger Mike, Vincent, and Percy.
"Hello Vincent, what's up?" Mike asked, pausing his television show.
"Mike I have a few questions." Vincent said. "First, what's up with
this?" He raised his left hand. It was still locked into a fist, due to the
fact that the muscles that would be used to uncurl his hand had been

Mike looked at the ruined hand, eyes wide. "Well, we had to replace
some of your skeleton with metal bones the Puppet can't recreate
human bones properly"
Vincent nodded, he had expected an answer like this. "Alright then."
He drew a long knife from somewhere about his person. "What about
this?" before Mike could react, he had flayed his forearm, revealing
more metallic bone structure.
"As I said, we had to replace some of your skeleton" Mike began
"Wait, I'm not done yet." Vincent seemed oblivious to the copious
amount of blood running down his arm. Before Mike could say
anything else, the pale man had sliced open the front of his chest,
revealing ribs made of the same metal. "And this?"
"Vincent, please, stop cutting yourself open!" Mike was beginning to
grow worried. Vincent was losing a lot of blood, and unless Mike
missed his guess
Vincent then fell over, flat on the ground. He had sliced himself open
too far, and was bleeding out. He would be dead in
"Puppet!" Mike called out.
"Hey Mike" Vincent said hoarsely, he was still conscious. "Where
are my-" He coughed up some blood. "-my answers?"
The last thing Vincent heard was "Pop Goes the Weasel"

... It's the best thing that I do...

Chapter 39: Resurrection

When Vincent woke up, he felt three thi- wait. That's already
happened twice.
Vincent sat upright, feeling lightheaded. Let's see breathing, check.
Eyes working, check. Skin flayed, nope.

Vincent rubbed his arm. The area that he had flayed off was healed,
feeling similar to a cut that had already healed most of the way. His
left hand was the same way. Guess that was good. Would suck to
have his primary hand completely disabled.
Vincent looked down at his clothing. Looked like most of it had been
replaced. Probably for the better, seeing as he had bled out in them.
Wait a second. He had bled out entirely. Nobody could possibly
survive that much injury, not even with the Puppet's healing care.
But that meant
Vincent sat back down on the table in shock. He had died. He was
certain of it. There was no way he could've possibly survived that
unless he didn't. The Puppet had brought him back once, the thing
must've done so a second time.
"Holy crap..." Vincent muttered to himself. "I died"
"Not permanently."
Vincent looked up to see Mike entering the room. "You wanted
answers Vince. I'll give them to you. I shouldn't have lied in the first
"Right, so first you're going to tell me about the metal skeleton thing,
"I'm going to tell you everything." Mike said. "When the spring locks
broke and killed you, your bones were badly damaged. By the time
we managed to recover your body, there was nothing left of them but
splinters. The Puppet informed me that it would be completely
impossible for him to recreate the bone cells properly. In order to
make it possible for you to move at all, Fritz made a metal skeleton.
Exactly like a normal one, simply mineral in origin. Don't worry about
the fact that your immune system would ordinarily be lacking without
the proper cellular structure. You're completely immune to any and
every kind of disease."
"So I'm some sort of superhuman robot?" Vincent asked

"Far from it. Your increased speed and strength come from your
strength of will. You're technically a ghost possessing a living body.
The fact that your heart is beating is the only reason you aren't
technically a zombie." Mike paused. "As for bringing you back I
wasn't entirely honest. Remember when you got shot?"
"Yeah, why?" Vincent said confused.
"You didn't survive. One bullet went through your heart, instead of
merely grazing it. In addition, you had extensive lead poisoning.
Nothing could have possibly saved you from dying. A similar thing
occurred this time. You not only bled out, but you completely ruined a
large amount of your skin. I believe I've told you this before, but skin
is the second hardest thing for the Puppet to heal, right next to bone."
Mike said.
"So then how long have I been dead?" Vincent asked.
"A week." Mike answered.
"I've been dead a week" Vincent mused. "So if, say, I were to shoot
myself in the head, how long would it take to heal me?"
"The brain is incredibly complex Vincent. It would take several days
just to fix your brain, then several more to replace your skull." Mike
replied. "Oh, and we would probably remove just about everything
from your room."
"Fine, I get your point. Suicide isn't the answer, even to curiosity."
Vincent said. "So What's happened in my week of being dead?"
"Well, we've got Pirate's Cove up and running, Freddy, Chica, and
Bonnie are now the main attraction, and Goldie has been covering for
your absence." Mike paused. "You're taking this surprisingly well."
"I've been through a lot of weird stuff. Floating dolls, ghosts getting
beat up, getting killed by my previous murder victims. This seems
about par for the course, all things considered." Vincent paused.
"Although the part where I didn't kill that kid was kinda odd."
Mike sighed. Even after being resurrected, some things never


"So, how have things been running?" Vincent asked, walking with
Mike into the main stage area.
"If you're implying that we fell apart while you were dead, you're
incorrect. Frankly, the only problems that arose from that was that
some of the children were upset that Spring was 'sick' again." Mike
said. "The three onstage are amazingly popular, and Foxy's the single
most popular animatronic."
They entered the main stage area to see Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and
Chica playing a board game.
"I always wanted to ask you about the changes to the rules." Vincent
told Mike.
"How so?" Mike asked
"Well, you've removed four of the rules." Vincent said. He started to
count on his fingers. "Don't scream, don't touch Freddy, leave before
dark, and don't poop on the floor."
"Well, most of those were entirely insane. I honestly have no idea
why they had 'don't poop on the floor'." Mike answered.
"I was wondering why you removed the 'don't touch Freddy' rule."
Freddy said from his position at the table. It seemed he was winning
the game that the four were playing.
"Well, now that people have permission to touch you, you can finally
receive hugs from the kids." Mike said.
Freddy gave it a moment's thought. "Never mind. Carry on."
"What exactly is your question Vincent?" Mike asked wearily.
"Well, I always thought that 'don't scream' was a pretty important
rule." Vincent said.

"Says the man who put it in" Bonnie muttered.

"Hey, there was a very good reason for that rule." Vincent said. "I
just don't remember why."
Mike sighed. "We've replaced them with more important rules. Don't
injure the animatronics. Don't stay after closing time. No weapons."
"Aww. I love my knives." Vincent complained.
Mike shot him a glare. "The rules are for the customers Vince."
Vincent grinned evilly. "Sweet."
Mike sat down at the table. "What game are you guys playing?"
"Monopoly." Freddy answered.
"Ah, hope you don't mind if I watch then."
"Not at all Mister Schmidt, Not at all."

Surprise! Vincent did actually die back when he got shot. The
whole "coming back to life" thing is mostly going to be used for
comedic effect, I just needed to establish that it was possible.
Chapter 40: Animatronics and Adventure

Vincent dashed into the room, swords in hand. There was a cluster of
goblins in the corner, and a massive troll sitting in the center of the
"Bonnie, you better back me up here!" The man called out.
"Stop running into deathtraps you moron!" The wizard replied. This
wasn't the first time Vincent had run into a room full of hostile
creatures, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.
"Now really isn't the time to be fighting." Freddy said, entering the
room and slamming his hammer into one of the goblins. "Not with
each other, at any rate."

Vincent completely ignored the goblins, making a beeline for the main
target, the troll. The thing was extremely ugly, with beady eyes and
green skin. It carried a club in its hand, but that wasn't the part that
was worrying. Vincent launched himself at the monstrous creature,
swinging both his swords.
Both of Vincent's swords got stuck in the troll.
"Goddammit!" Vincent swore.
Freddy gave Vincent a glare. "Watch your tongue."
Foxy was the next to enter the room, blitzing past the goblins like
Vincent had. Both of them had known who the priority target was, but
unlike Vincent, the rogue's sword actually sliced through the troll,
rather than getting stuck. "And that's how ya do it."
"Oh shut up." Vincent muttered, trying and failing to pull his swords
out of the creature.
The troll swung its club, launching Vincent into the wall. The purpleclad ranger just lay there for a little bit. "Ow"
"I got it, don't worry Vince!" Chica said, entering the room. She raised
her staff into the air and cast a healing spell on Vincent.
Vincent grunted as the spell popped his bones back into position.
"Damn Chica, you always get a crit"
Chica blushed. "Well, I'm just lucky."
"Yeah, and I keep getting ones." Vincent replied. He rushed back to
the troll and pulled his swords out of it. The cuts left behind already
"All right, make way for the wizard." Bonnie said as he entered the
room, a spell already on his fingertips. With a snap, the wizard
launched a fireball blazing at the troll. In seconds, the vile creature
was nothing more than a pile of ash on the floor.

"Why is it that the robots get crits all the time?" Vincent asked Percy.
"Vincent, you're breaking immersion" Percy complained.
"I need to know. Are the dice weighted? Are they able to consistently
roll the same number over and over?"
Bonnie, the one sitting closest to Vincent, reached over and smacked
the man on the back of the head. "We're lucky."
Vincent rubbed the back of his head. The blow hadn't really hurt, but
he knew for a fact that it would bruise. "Why do you like using me as
your personal punching bag?"
"If you were sitting just within arm's reach of the man who murdered
you, wouldn't you take that opportunity to give him a few smacks?"
The pale man considered it for a moment. "Fair enough."
"Anyways" Percy said "Let's get back to the fight."
Freddy finished mopping up the goblins and turned to look at both
Foxy and Vincent. "You two really need to stop rushing in and leaving
me to mop up the mess."
Vincent shrugged. "As the primary damage dealer of the party, it's my
job to take out priority targets."
"You mean attack the troll that Bonnie can kill with a single spell. You
know full well that you can't kill a troll without fire." Freddy paused.
"Not to mention, what would've happened if the goblin shaman had
conjured a demon?"
At this, both Foxy and Vincent looked at the pile of goblin bodies.
Sure enough, there was a goblin wearing mage's trappings. "Well,
that coulda' been an issue cap'n" Foxy muttered.
Freddy sighed. "Yes, it could've. Your job is to take out priority targets,
and a troll is not a priority target when there's a mage in the mix."
At this point, Mike entered the room. "What's up guys?"

"Ah, Mikey! Good ta see ya me lad." Foxy said warmly. "We're playin'
this game, what'sitcalled"
Percy rolled his eyes. So much for immersion. "We're playing a table
top roleplaying game. Foxy's probably our best role-player."
"Well, my job is to entertain the kids with me stories." Foxy asserted.
"Of course, when it comes to combat, Freddy's a masterful strategist."
Percy continued.
"I do my best." Freddy said humbly.
"Chica and Bonnie are far from bad role-players, but they have a little
ways to go. As for Vincent" Percy sighed. "Well"
"I managed to get Percy to nearly rage quit four times." Vincent said
Bonnie smacked the man on the back of the head again. "That's not a
good thing you idiot."
"Ow." Vincent muttered.
"Is it too late for me to pop in?" Mike asked
"Yeah. Sorry Mike. We'll be done with this adventure soon." Percy
"Okay then, I can wait. Carry on."
"Where was I?" Percy muttered as he flipped through the pages of
the adventure booklet. "Ah-hah! Troll room"
The party looked at the doorway to the next room. Apparently that
was where the dreaded warlord called home.
"Well, what're we waiting for?" Vincent asked, kicking the door open.
"Vincent you idiot!" Bonnie shouted as the trap on the door shot a
dart at Vincent's throat.

Vincent ducked. "Wow, my first roll that didn't fail. That's a miracle."
"Only for you. Bozo." Bonnie muttered.
"Bonnie, Vincent's a member of our team! We can't just let him die to
a trap!" Chica said, clearly upset.
"He's chaotic neutral! For all we know, he's going to steal the treasure
and stab us all in the backs!"
"I would just like to say that yes, I would gladly do that. If I could roll
more than a five." Vincent called over his shoulder as they walked
into the room.
In the center of the room there was a large, four armed statue. In its
hands it held a large gemstone, the likes of which none of the party
had ever seen before.
Foxy whistled. "That be the finest treasure a pirate could wish fer"
"Well, let's get it then." Vincent said, walking up to the statue.
"Wait lad, don't-!" Foxy began
Vincent grabbed the gem out of the statue's hands, causing the
dungeon to begin to collapse.
"Ya idiot Vincent! We coulda' just done a trap check!" Foxy snarled.
The whole party began to make a mad dash for the exit of the
dungeon, jumping over corpses and traps that Vincent had triggered
earlier. As they came out into the sunlight, they turned to see the
whole structure simply sinking into the ground.
"Well, at least we got this beauty!" Vincent said, raising the gem into
the sunlight.
The other four just glared at him.

Just a fun little chapter.

For those who don't know, the characters are playing Dungeons
and Dragons, a personal favorite game of mine.
Chapter 41: Break-in

"Eleven thirty and all's well" Vincent muttered to himself.

It had been two weeks since Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy had activated,
and by this point Vincent had a masterful knowledge of their preferred
Bonnie always went to the left door, often stopping in the parts and
service room or the supply closet. The rabbit would occasionally stare
up into the cameras without the normal red eyes, instead having
nothing more than pinpricks of light in empty sockets. Other than
sitting in the supply closet, Bonnie was always moving, either away or
towards the office.
Chica rarely if ever came near his office. Most of the time she slowly
ambled through the pizzeria, generally either to or from the kitchen.
For a solid four hours each night, the chicken would make pizza,
cake, and other food items for the next day. When she did show up at
the office, she tended to sit there for a little while before leaving, and
she always visited the right door.
Foxy was the odd one out of the three. He stayed in Pirate's Cove
most of the time, occasionally peeking out. Whenever the camera
was on, it seemed like the fox couldn't move. Or wouldn't move,
simply because Vincent could easily lock him out if the fox decided to
rush while he was watching. Foxy usually ran to the left door, but on
more than one occasion he had blitzed the right, causing Vincent an
immeasurable amount of panic.
Freddy's pattern was different each night. He sometimes visited all of
the rooms, then sat in the hallway outside the door until Vincent left
his guard down. Other times, he was outside the door all night, only
leaving occasionally. The bear's tactics always left Vincent confused
and worried, but with enough care and attention, it was possible to
keep Freddy from entering the office.

Fredbear, who was the unofficial fifth member of their group, acted
almost less predictable than Freddy. The golden bear could, at any
time, just teleport into the office and force Vincent to keep his eyes on
the cameras. It had caused Vincent to almost leave the door open for
Foxy, and on one occasion, the fox reached the door right before six
o'clock. The weirdest part was that as soon as the clock struck six, all
of the animatronics were back in their positions, regardless of how far
away that was.
Vincent checked his watch. Eleven forty-five. Fifteen minutes until the
animatronics would try and kill him tonight. Fun.
That was odd, the animatronics didn't move until twelve, and the
other three humans were still asleep. The ghosts could've potentially
made the sound, but they tended to be silent, up until they opened
their mouths, then the brothers would chatter endlessly.
Maybe Freddy's trying a different tactic tonight Vincent mused. But
that doesn't sound like an animatronic moving. In fact, it sounded
A lock.
Vincent sat bolt upright. Nobody would be messing with any of the
locks at night. Not unless they intended to break in.
Vincent snatched his flashlight from his desk and bolted down the
hallway, trying to find the source of the sound. Keeping silent as he
had learned to throughout his life, he eventually located the site of the
break in. The back door was open.
Vincent stood still and listened, trying to locate the intruder. His
hearing didn't fail him. He heard footsteps moving through the
building, somewhere near the parts and service room.
Silently running through the building, Vincent located the intruder. The
intruder was a fairly short man, with brown hair and a tool belt on his
waist. The man in question had fair skin, and looked to be in good
physical condition.

"Stop right there, put your hands up, and turn towards me." Vincent
said, pulling a pistol from his pocket.
The burglar in question slowly turned around with his hands up,
showing his pale green eyes. Said eyes widened in shock when he
spotted Vincent. "Holy crap. Tollini? You're still alive?"
"Franklin Johnson. You scumbag." Vincent said, not moving the
weapon an inch. "What are you doing here?"
"You know how it is. My job is to tamper with electronics, generally
illegally. This time, my employer didn't even want me to change
anything. I was just supposed to copy the data from the animatronics
and send it back to him." Franklin shrugged. "It'll probably be easier
than when you asked me to ruin that facial recognition program back
in '87. Plus, I'm getting paid this time." The short man paused.
"What're you doing here anyways? I thought you only worked in the
old place to shut it down permanently."
"I'm doing my job, and defending my home." Vincent answered. "Now
get on your knees. I want to shoot you so bad, but that's illegal."
"Since when has that ever stopped you Vinny?" Franklin grinned.
"After all, you killed those kids. Also, did you dye your hair? It used to
be black, I swear."
"Don't call me Vinny."
"What, aren't we friends?"
"That ended when you ditched me in that alleyway."
Franklin shrugged again. "It was nothing personal. Where you been
all this time?"
"Places. Now get on the floor, I'm not telling you again."
Franklin didn't move an inch, still grinning at Vincent. Then, without
warning, the man's face went from a mischievous grin to abject terror.
Vincent turned his head to see the Puppet walking down the hallway.

Ordinarily it would levitate, but when in the presence of people who

did not know of magic, it could, and did, walk. It was a sight that was
normally friendly, comical even.
It was far from comical now.
The Puppet towered over both of the men. It normally lifted its feet off
the ground when it floated around, and its head level was usually not
that much more than six feet. When the Puppet walked at full height,
however, it was close to eight feet tall, a solid foot more than Freddy.
"And who is this?" The Puppet asked Vincent.
"What the hell?! That creepy thing can TALK?!" Franklin shouted.
The Puppet turned its head to look at Franklin. "Yes, I can talk. And
you can break into our residence. Are there any other surprises that
we need to share?" This last sentence seemed to be aimed at
"This is Franklin Johnson. Computer tech, hacker, and all around
douche." Vincent said, his gun still pointed directly at the hacker in
question. "He's the one who developed the virus that ruined the facial
recognition program of the toy animatronics. Among other things."
Franklin seemed to have overcome his initial terror of the Puppet, and
was now warily watching the marionette. "I've done a lot in recent
"Like what?"
"Like learning how to do this." Franklin's hand blurred as he pulled
something out of his tool belt and threw it on the ground. In an
instant, there was a cloud of smoke. Vincent, who was ordinarily
lighting fast, was unable to react as a knife flew out of the smoke and
buried itself in his leg, crippling him.
Vincent reached down and pulled the knife out of his calf with a grunt.
"That's new. Normally this little piece of crap doesn't fight"
The Puppet began to search for the hacker, but it seemed as though

he had used the distraction to leave the building.

Vincent looked up at the Puppet. "You know it's, like, one in the
morning, right?"
The Puppet gave him a confused look. "And?
"Never mind"
The Puppet examined the wound in Vincent's leg. "Who exactly was
"Someone from the past. Someone I'd rather not remember."

A story chapter, can't be all fun and games.

Yes, Franklin is an OC. I created him to be the one who made it
possible for Vincent to mess with the toys. Vincent can tinker
with tools, but he's not good with programming.
Chapter 42: Cheating with a Chicken

"Vincent, what do you think you're doing?"

Vincent looked up at the Puppet. "Well, I heard somewhere that if you
surround something with a circle of salt, evil entities can't pass over
said circle."
The Puppet looked at the nearly complete circle of table salt. Vincent
had gone through five shakers already trying to fully enclose the
Puppet's box. "That's not going to work."
Vincent grinned evilly. "You never know until you try!"
"No, I mean it's going to-" Vincent completed the circle, then stiffened
and fell over, no longer breathing. " kill you."
The Puppet sighed. Vincent had an insatiable urge to find everything
that could kill him. It was fortunate that he hadn't died more before
this. The Puppet leaned over the dead man and placed its hands over
his heart.

Vincent gasped and opened his eyes. "You're fortunate that it is easy
to restart a heart. Even humans can do it, with the correct apparatus."
The Puppet informed him.
Vincent rubbed his head, then looked at the circle of salt. It was
complete, but the Puppet was leaning over it like it was nothing more
than a line on the ground, which it effectively was. "Aww come on"
He muttered to himself.
"I really can't imagine what you expected." The Puppet looked at the
salt on the ground and sighed again. It got out of its box and floated
down the hallway to the supply closet. "You can go, I'll clean up your
little mess."
Vincent got up off the floor and began to walk out of the room, only to
bump into something. "Ah Vincent, I was hoping I would find you
Vincent looked at his employer. Mike hadn't really been demanding of
him, simply requiring Vincent to behave during the day and to not
miss the night shift. "What do you want?"
"Well Vincent, as you know, the primary reason you've been
resurrected is so that you can find forgiveness with all of the
animatronics." Mike paused. "You've managed to get exactly one to
like you in any measure."
"Which one? Freddy? Chica? I know it's not Bonnie, that guy hates
Mike paused again. "Goldie, and the primary reason he forgives you
is because he's actually a good deal better off as a spirit. Of course,
the event with the armed robbers helped your case, but that's not
important. What is important is that you have interacted with the other
animatronics on a one-on-one basis zero times."
"So what?" Vincent said, not getting the point.
"So, if you ever want to be free of your obligations, you're going to
have to individually bond with the animatronics." Mike answered.

"Oh, that makes sense. I'll start with Fredbear." Vincent said, about to
walk off.
Mike stopped Vincent. "I literally just told you, Fredbear is the only
one who currently forgives you. Befriend one of the other four."
Vincent looked at Mike like he was crazy. "You know they hate me,
right? Freddy is cold, Foxy doesn't want to talk to me, and Bonnie is
openly hostile. Chica's the only one who's friendly, and I know she's
scared of me. She flinches when I go near her."
"Which is exactly why you need to try and befriend them. They won't
stop hating you until you prove that you've changed."
Vincent was beginning to get angry. "Who's to say I have changed?"
Mike shook his head. "You saved the pizzeria from no less than three
separate sets of robbers. You could have killed any of them, but you
didn't. You helped a little girl, when in the past you would've slit her
throat. I can tell you've changed, for the better."
Vincent took a steadying breath. "Fine then. I'll go try and befriend
these murderous robots." He shoved his way past Mike, a scowl on
his face.

Less than thirty minutes later, he was regretting trying to talk to

Bonnie first. He was beginning to lose hope when the Puppet
levitated past him.
"Hey Puppet! I need a hand, maybe two." He said, looking down at
the ground.
The Puppet paused and looked at him. "What happened?"
"You know how Bonnie threatened to tear me apart? He followed
through." Vincent said, still looking at the ground. "So, uh, I'm short a
couple arms."
The Puppet gave him a funny look. "Doesn't that hurt?"

Vincent shook his head. "Not really, although my nose itches, and
lacking hands makes it worse."
The Puppet picked up both of Vincent's arms off the floor. "How are
you still conscious?"
Vincent opened his mouth to speak, then fell flat on his face.
The Puppet sighed. Vincent had found yet another way to grievously
injure himself. Fortunately, it was a simple matter to reconnect his
arms and return the blood back to his body. Waking him up took a
simple smack.
"Ugh, couldn't you wake me up gentler?" Vincent asked, rubbing his
face. He'd been working here for three weeks now, and magic still
astounded him.
"No. You have a mission to attend to." The Puppet paused.
"Sometimes, fear is easier to dispel than anger." It said, before
speeding off, back to whatever it was going to do.
Vincent pushed himself off the floor. "I get a better look at the floor
every day" He mused, thinking about what the Puppet told him.
"Fear huh" he snapped his fingers. "I'm an idiot."
He walked to the kitchen, at this time of day, if his assumption is
It was. A lighthearted humming was audible from within the kitchen,
along with the sounds of someone using a variety of implements.
Vincent pushed open the door to see Chica humming to herself and
making pizza. She was astonishingly efficient, never once was she
idle. She was always either putting something in the oven, taking
something out of the oven, or preparing something to be cooked. She
was about to start on a new pizza when she spotted Vincent standing
in the doorway.
Vincent could clearly see the way she jumped, but she hid it fairly
well. "Oh hi Vince! Can I help you?"
"I just wanted to watch you at work. I don't get to see it often." He

"Oh, um, okay then!" She said cheerfully. She still didn't seem
comfortable around him, but at least she was friendly
He watched as she took a lump of pizza dough and flattened it out
using the rolling pin. She then took the partially flattened wheel of
dough and began to spin it in the air, expertly catching it each time
before launching it back up to spin again. After a few repetitions, she
put the dough back on the counter and began to spread pizza sauce
over it, an even distribution. She then took a pinch of cheese from a
bowl that she had prepared earlier, and began to spread it over the
pizza. When she was finished, she put the pizza into the oven.
"Could I try?" Vincent asked. Chica jumped, it seemed as though she
had forgotten he was there.
"Sure!" She said, stepping away from the counter.
He walked up to the counter and tried to remember what to do. Let's
see so first we take the dough then the rolling pin He mentally
went through the process for making a cheese pizza. It seemed the
easiest, so it couldn't be too hard, right?
He flattened the dough with the rolling pin and picked it up to start
spinning it. He tossed the dough into the air
"Huh." Vincent said, looking up at the ceiling. "I wouldn't think dough
would be that sticky."
"It's okay, try again." Chica said encouragingly. "Maybe put some flour
on it this time. I don't usually need it, but it does help."
Three globs of dough stuck to the ceiling later, and none of them had
come down. "Maybe you should just let me do the dough" Chica said,
laughing nervously.
Vincent stepped back to let the chicken do her work. Somehow, she
managed to get the dough into the air without tearing it or sticking it to

the ceiling. When she finished, she stepped back so Vincent could
"Just try to do an even distribution of sauce and cheese" Chica
told him
"Got it." Vincent said, doing his very best. As he finished, he picked
up the pizza and put it into the oven. "So, uh, what now?"
"Well we kinda ran out of pizza dough." Chica said nervously. "So,
um, we'll wait for it to finish cooking."
When Vincent's pizza eventually got out of the oven, it was little more
than a blackened mess. "I can't say I'm surprised." Vincent said. 'I,
uh, can't cook."
"Well uh." Chica said, growing anxious. "I guess I'll wait until
tomorrow. That's when we get the next shipment."
Chica seemed to be handling this better than last time they ran out of
dough. Looked like interacting with the children really helped her
nerves. Vincent thought for a moment, then snapped his fingers.
"Chica, you ever heard of the game Tetris?"
"Yes. Most of the kids say they're not very good at it. Why?" Chica
asked confused.
"Well, we have a Tetris machine in our arcade." Vincent walked out of
the kitchen. "C'mon."
"We can't exactly play an arcade game without tokens Vince" Chica
said, still confused.
"True, true." Vincent walked up to the token machine. "However, it
just so happens" He pressed a button combination on the machine,
then slammed his elbow into it. Several dozen tokens started to pour
out of the slot. "That I know a couple tricks." Wow, that still works.
Some things just don't change, do they
Chica put her hands over her beak and looked at Vincent with joy in
her eyes. "Thank you so much!" She said, picking him up and

hugging him.
"Woah, all I did was cheat the machine. I'll show you how, if you
want." He said, not having too much trouble breathing thanks to his
metal ribs. But if he didn't have said ribs, he was certain something
would've cracked.
"I've been looking for something to do other than cook for forever."
She put him down. "I just haven't been able to."
"Well, just let me know if you need more tokens." Vincent said,
beginning to walk away.
"Vincent..." she said, looking down at her feet. "I'm sorry."
Vincent paused. "What for?"
"For being scared of you. For not giving you the opportunity to prove
yourself." She looked up at him. "Can we be friends?"
Vincent smiled. "Yes. Friends"

Vincent is turning over a new leaf.

Credit to Rikku - 056 for the idea of giving Chica an arcade
machine. Also, Vincent just seems like that guy who knows how
to cheat the token machine.
Chapter 43: Pretend with a Pirate

"Knock, knock."
"Screw off Vincent."
"So I wanted to ask you, why do you like this supply closet so much?"
"It reminds me of the one back in the '83 location."
"And why did you like that one."
"Nobody else went in there."

"Ahh, so it was your alone time room."

Bonnie's ears twitched in irritation. "Yes."
"Aren't you glad it's just you and me in here?"
"Next thing I'll rip off is your head."
"Point taken." Vincent said, leaving the closet. That could have gone
The man sighed. He had managed to befriend Chica, but Bonnie was
going to be much harder to gain the trust of. Freddy still intimidated
him, but Foxy
Vincent walked towards the main show area. Foxy wasn't too bad.
The pirate was protective of his friends, but otherwise didn't seem too
upset with their murderer.
Walking up to Pirate's Cove, Vincent could hear the fox muttering to
himself and pacing. "Lessee maybe the little ones would like to
hear of the battle with the kraken!" The pacing stopped. "no, that's
not gonna work"
Vincent pushed the curtain open to see Foxy using both hands to
fiddle with his hook, his tail sweeping the area behind him. As the
man peeked in, Foxy looked up at him, a quizzical look on his face.
"Ahoy Vincent. What be bringin' you here?"
"Just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help." Vincent
shrugged. "I haven't exactly been very friendly."
"Well, er" Foxy said. "I could use a little bit o' assistance thinkin' up
a story ta tell tha kids."
"Hmm maybe if we act it out, you can determine the best possible
story." The man suggested.
Foxy looked at Vincent with a glimmer of hope in his eye. "Ye'd do
that fer me?"

"Sure. I mean, we're supposed to be working together, I figure that

the best way to do that is to get to know each other." Vincent
shrugged. "So let's get started."

"Look out captain!" Vincent shouted, taking aim with his flintlock
pistol. Bang! He fired at the gunner on the other ship. He grinned as
his target cried out and collapsed.
"Don't get too cocky!" Foxy shouted back over the sound of cannon
fire. "yer a good shot lad, but ye still die ta enemy fire!" The fox drew
his own pistol and fired a few shots at the enemy ship.
"Haven't yet." The man replied, reloading his flintlock. He was
Vincent the deadeye, the most skilled shooter on the seven seas. He
was one of the most feared and sought after mercenaries in the
"Fire the cannons!" Foxy shouted. The whole ship rocked as the
heavy cannons fired at the bounty hunter ship opposite. This was far
from the first time bounty hunters had tried to take him out, and it
wouldn't be the last, but Captain Foxy always had a trick up his
sleeve. "Get in there Vincent!"
Vincent saluted his friend and ran across the deck, jumping across
the gap between the two ships. He landed in a roll and jumped
upright, drawing his trusty long knife and shooting down the nearest
bounty hunter. He threw down his pistol and drew his cutlass from his
back. He quickly cut down a man who was about to fire a flintlock at
him, then lunged towards the staircase to go below the deck.
He stopped for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the sudden
darkness, then crept down the staircase to see what exactly these
bounty hunters had down there. What he saw was shocking.
Hundreds of kegs of gunpowder, enough ammunitions to bombard a
city, and more dynamite than you would need to obliterate an island.
Vincent grinned evilly. "Well this should be fun."
He did a little bit of impromptu fuse work, then ran back on deck. He
waved to Foxy as the captain was cutting down a bounty hunter that

had jumped across. "What're ye doin' Vincent? Get back over here!"
"Not yet captain! Gotta make sure the leader doesn't get away!"
Vincent called back, making his way to the captain's cabin.
"Vincent ya fool!" Foxy shouted, turning his attention back to the
Vincent entered the captain's cabin to see the captain of the ship, a
massive man with a cutlass in either hand. "So here ye are. How
much did Foxy pay ya? I'll pay ya double ta work fer me."
"I don't charge friends." Vincent answered, pointing his own cutlass at
the man. "Now then, your unconditional surrender is much
"Is it really? Who said anythin' about surrender?" The man gave him
a gap-toothed grin and then slashed at Vincent with both cutlasses.
Vincent ducked under the swing, then the man's leg came up,
knocking Vincent to the ground.
"Never thought I'd be guttin' the infamous Vincent." The man said. He
raised up his cutlasses
"Hey Vince, Foxy."
Vincent turned to look at Mike. "Oh, hey Mike."
"What're you two doing?" Mike asked.
"We be pirates, Michael." Foxy said.
"That sounds like a game a bunch of kids would play" Mike said with
a grin. "Can I join?"
to be blocked by a pike.
"What?" The captain said.
"Pleasure to meet you. Ever heard of Michael the strong? Vincent's
partner in arms?" Mike paused. "Probably not, I'm the less popular

member of the duo."

"And you're a great help in fights." Vincent said, sweeping the
captain's legs out from under him.
"I must say I prefer land combat. Still, a friend in need." Mike said,
pointing his pike at the captain. "What are we going to do with him?"
"Leave him. The ship'll blow up soon enough." Vincent jumped up to
his feet. "We'd better get out before that happens."
Meanwhile, on Foxy's ship, Foxy's crew had disabled all of the
bounty hunters and locked them in the brig. "C'mon ye two get
outta there"
The bounty hunter ship exploded. "No!"
Foxy slammed his fist down on the railing. "Ye fools, why'd ya stay?"
"Captain! There's a lifeboat over there!"
Foxy looked up at the wreckage. True to what the crewmember said,
there was a lifeboat among the flotsam, with two familiar figures
sitting in it.
Foxy grinned. "Ye lucky devils"

Credit to Tomorrow's Hero, and their story After Hours for the
idea of having the characters participate in Foxy's adventures. If
you haven't yet read it, go do so.
Chapter 44: Bonding with Bonnie

Birthday parties at Freddy's were always a special occasion. A party

needed to be scheduled in advance, so as to make it unique to each
child, but it was so often worth it. The child in question got a special
present from the Puppet, usually something from the parents of the
birthday child. If there was no such present, the child got a plushy of
their favorite animatronic. The part about it that was so unique was

that the child could choose one or more of their favorite animatronics
to come and celebrate their birthday with them. It was a tradition that
stemmed from the first location, where the specified animatronic
would come offstage and sing happy birthday.
It was after a particularly lively birthday party that Vincent was
cleaning up in the main party room. The kids seemed to have no idea
that the cake belonged on the plates and not on the tables. As
Vincent was wiping off one of the tables, a deep voice spoke from
behind him.
"Mister Tollini."
Vincent turned around to see Freddy himself. "What's with the
'mister'? I thought you only did that for Mike."
Freddy smiled warmly. "I refer to those I respect as 'mister'. Percy
and Fritz prefer me not to. If you would like, I will simply call you
"Wait, so does that mean I have your respect?" Vincent said
The bear nodded in confirmation. "You are making the genuine effort
to befriend the others and atone for what you have done." Freddy
paused. "As you already know, I am the leader of the band. Do you
know what a leader does?"
"Umm to tell his minions what to do?"
Freddy chuckled. "Not quite. A leader's job is to care for his team, to
do what is best for them. Seeing as how you have gained the trust of
half of my team, I fail to see how I should be any different."
"Wait, so you mean?"
"You have my endorsement Mister Tollini. I trust you."
Vincent grinned. "Please, call me Vincent."

"Alright you purple freak. Freddy says that I have to try and be
"Thanks Bonnie." Vincent smiled. "I was wondering if you could
maybe teach me how to play guitar."
Bonnie scoffed. "You, learning how to play guitar?"
Vincent shrugged. "You never know. I could be secretly good at it."
"Okay then, let's see how good you are." Bonnie said, handing
Vincent his guitar.
Vincent had actually never held an actual instrument before in his life.
In theory, he knew how to play guitar. You strummed the strings and
music came out. He tried copying the strumming motion that he had
seen before, only for a discordant combination of notes to come out.
"Hang on" He tried it again, this time strumming it the other way.
Another ear-rending noise rung out from the guitar.
"You've never done this before, have you?" Bonnie said, not
bothering to hide his amusement.
"Not in so many words." Vincent paused. "Is it that obvious?"
Bonnie snickered. "You're not even holding it correctly, you seem to
be relying purely on your right hand, when you're so obviously lefthanded, and there's a reason you're supposed to hold the neck of the
guitar with your other hand."
"Alright then, teach me how to do it properly."
Ten minutes later, and Bonnie had proclaimed that he was a musical
failure. "You have the dexterity required, but you're the worst guitar
player I've ever heard."
"Am I that bad?" Vincent said with a sheepish grin.
"On birthday parties I sometimes let the kids try the guitar. They're all
better at it than you are, even with me helping." Bonnie looked up at
the clock. "I gotta go clean the dishes from today."

"Isn't that usually Chica's job?" Vincent asked, putting the guitar back
on its stand.
"Yeah, but today she's helping the Puppet clean up the Prize Corner,"
Bonnie started walking into the kitchen.
"Let me help. More hands makes the job go faster."
Bonnie snorted. "Go right ahead, but don't expect me to be thankful."
As they entered the kitchen, Vincent looked around. There was a
large stack of dishes, all of them clearly needing to be cleaned.
Vincent took the topmost plate and began to scrub it clean. Things
proceeded fairly boring for the next five minutes. Then something
unexpected happened. A blob of bubbles sailed through the air and
hit Vincent in the head, shortly followed by the sound of a certain
rabbit snickering.
Vincent shrugged. "You asked for it. I hope for your sake you're
waterproof." He whirled and launched a handful of bubbles at the
lavender rabbit.
Bonnie retaliated by flinging a glob of pizza dough at him. "Eat
The man ducked under the dough and grabbed the bucket of pizza
sauce. Chica may have made all of her materials from scratch, but
she did make some in advance. Vincent grinned and threw the sauce
all over the rabbit. "I think red is a better color for you."
"Ugh!" Bonnie cried out. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to wash
that out?" Bonnie reached behind him and grabbed a handful of flour,
throwing it all over Vincent. "You know, you aren't quite pale enough."
"I am pale and fabulous, excuse you." Vincent retorted, a grin on his
face. He grabbed some of the cheese left over from the day and
threw it at Bonnie.
Bonnie laughed out loud, then countered with another glob of dough.
Before long, the room looked like a localized tornado had blown
through, food on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Both Bonnie and Vincent

were covered in pizza dough, flour, and tomato sauce. They were
laughing so hard that it was a miracle that Vincent wasn't collapsed
on the floor trying to breathe.
Both Bonnie and Vincent looked at the figure in the doorway. It was
Chica, and she did not look happy. "What did you two do?!"
The two males looked at each other, then pointed fingers and
simultaneously said "He did it!" before bursting into laughter again.
"Both of you, OUT!" Chica said, pointing. "You're both banned from
the kitchen."
"Aww c'mon Cheeks, it was just a bit of fun." Bonnie said, laughter
still in his voice.
"It's a mess! You ruined my kitchen!" Chica said. "I have to clean this
up now. Shoo! Shoo! Get out of my kitchen!"
"We'd better get out." Bonnie said, bodily picking up Vincent and
carrying the laughing man out of the kitchen.
"She seemed" Vincent gasped for air. "Very mad."
"She'll calm down eventually. She's always been a bit territorial over
the kitchen, and it's not like this is the first time I've ruined it." Bonnie
said with a grin, then he sobered, becoming serious. "I'm sorry I
never gave you a chance before. I thought you were the same man
who killed us before. So, uh, friends?" The rabbit stuck his paw out.
Vincent shook his paw. "Friends."

I know some people were expecting Freddy to be the hardest for

Vincent to please, and while I entertained the idea for a while, I
realized that my version of Freddy is friendly and caring.
Chapter 45: A Birthday Party

Vincent was sitting in the parts and service room feeling horrible. He

wasn't drunk, he hadn't touched any alcohol. He wasn't sick, that was
impossible. He certainly wasn't tired or hurting, because his nerves
were dead and he only ever needed to sleep for two or three hours to
get a full day's worth of rest. He had even gotten into the Spring suit
to try and make the feeling go away, and that only made it worse.
So now he was slumped against the wall wearing the rabbit suit and
wracking his brain to think of a possible reason he was feeling so
bad. "Did somebody slip like, a ton of alcohol into my drink?" He
clutched his head. It didn't feel like a hangover. It was just a
horrible feeling. One that wouldn't go away. Maybe because of? But
no, that couldn't be.
Vincent looked up. Mike was calling for him. He sighed and stood up,
wondering what Mike could possibly want. He stumbled into the
hallway to see Mike walking towards him "Good, you're already in the
Spring suit."
"What?" Vincent said confused.
"So, as you know, we normally don't operate on Sundays." Mike
"Yeah. Why?"
"The sole exception is for birthday parties." Mike continued. "If
someone reserves a birthday party on a Sunday, it's the sole event of
the day. The birthday child, in this case girl, requested you
"Someone wanted me specifically?"
"Well, she asked for Spring the rabbit. In any case, you should
recognize her." Mike answered. He looked down at his watch. "We'll
be opening in an hour, we'd better get ready."
Vincent set up the birthday decorations without taking off the suit. It
made him faster and gave him a little bit of extra reach. He was about
to put the banner when he saw the name on it. "Angela" That name

seemed familiar. Vincent shrugged. Probably wasn't important.

As they set up the decorations, Chica went into the kitchen to prepare
the birthday cake. That was another thing that was unique about
birthdays at Freddy's. The parents could either order a custom cake
from the pizzeria, or bring their own. People would swear by the food
at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Everything was made from scratch, and it
resulted in top quality food.
"Mom! We're here!"
Vincent turned towards the front doors to see the birthday girl herself,
along with her mother, entering the building. "Hello there Angela!"
"See Mom! I told you he would remember!" Angela said excitedly.
Now Vincent knew why the name seemed familiar. This was the little
girl who had gotten lost. She seemed to find him her favorite. That
was interesting. Most of the kids didn't like Spring as much as, say,
Fredbear. Not to mention the fact that he missed a whole week of
operation, due to death. "Of course I remembered! It's not every day I
meet as nice a little girl as you!" He answered, getting into the Spring
Angela ran up to Vincent and gave him a hug, then gasped in
surprise. "You're so soft! Bobby said that you were made of plastic."
She grinned. "I told him he was wrong!"
Vincent chuckled. "So, how old are you today Miss Angela?"
"Today I'm ten!" Angela said proudly.
"Ten huh? Does that make you an adult yet?" He joked.
"Not yet."
"Well, ten or not, you want to go see the rest of the pizzeria? I can
introduce you to the rest of the band before your friends arrive."

Vincent picked the girl up and deposited her on his shoulders. "Up we
go!" Angela giggled as she was lifted into the air. "Alright, who do you
wanna meet first?"
"Can we meet Foxy first?" Angela asked, excited.
"Of course!" Vincent walked towards Pirate's Cove, taking long steps
to get there quickly. "Captain Foxy! We have a visitor for you!"

While Angela was playing with Foxy, Vincent was watching for the
girl's friends. It seemed like it would be a while before anyone arrived.
He was somewhat surprised when the girl's mother came over to him
"So, um you're just an actor in a suit, right?"
"Yes ma'am." Vincent answered. He reached up and undid the hidden
latches on the suit's neck, then removed the head. It was always
disorienting to change between seeing through the eyes of the suit
and seeing normally. As he removed the suit's head, he heard the
woman gasp. "Is something wrong?"
Angela's mother shook her head. "Sorry, you just seem familiar"
Vincent raised an eyebrow. "Really? I mean, there really aren't many
people with my features."
"You remind me of someone I knew." The woman shook her head
again. "Oh look, one of Angela's friends is arriving."
Vincent quickly latched the head back on and went to go and see
how Angela was faring with Foxy. He arrived in time to hear Foxy
finishing off one of his stories. " and that be how I defeated the
mighty kraken!"
"Wow!" He heard the sound of someone clapping. "Can you tell me
another story?"
Vincent pushed open the curtain to Pirate's Cove. Angela was sitting
on the ground and watching Foxy, a look of complete fascination on
her face. "Hey Angela, your friends are arriving."

"Sorry Foxy! I need to go make sure my friends don't get lost!" Angela
jumped up and ran into the main party area.
Foxy chuckled. "She's a handful."
"She's sweet." Vincent answered. "See you later Foxy."
"See you later lad."
Vincent exited Pirate's Cove and went back into the main party area.
Angela's friends were starting to trickle in now, and the party would
officially begin in ten minutes. He grinned when he saw the birthday
girl pestering her friends, telling them all about Captain Foxy and
"Foxy is awesome! He told me a story about how he defeated the
kraken! Spring is still my favorite though, he's funny."
"But they're just robots!" One of the boys at the party said.
"They're not just robots, they're amazing."
Vincent walked over to the group at this point. "I'm going to have to
agree with Angela on this one, I'd say that we are pretty amazing."
The boy looked up at Vincent with his eyes wide and his mouth open.
"Don't keep your mouth open too long, a fly might decide to make it
home." Vincent said jokingly.
"I'm sorry mister Spring!" The boy cried out.
"Woah, it's all cool little guy. A lot of people think we're just robots."
Vincent paused. "In any case, I think it's time for some games."
Before long, all of the kids had dispersed into the arcade and they
were playing the arcade cabinets. Vincent wasn't exactly surprised
when he saw that Chica had the top score on almost all of the games,
but the children enjoyed themselves. Naturally, Vincent was
accompanying the birthday girl throughout her birthday. She asked
him once to play a video game with her, and he was glad to oblige.

After about thirty minutes of arcade games, the children went into the
Prize Corner to turn in their tickets. As they entered the Prize Corner,
Vincent caught sight of the Puppet descending into its box.
"Alright miss birthday girl, time for your presents!" Vincent said.
Right on cue, "Pop Goes the Weasel" began to play, and the Puppet
rose out of its box, a present in its hands. It leaned over the side of
the box and presented the gift to Angela. "Thank you Mari!"
"Mari?" Vincent asked.
"Short for Marionette!" Angela answered. All of the kids started to
trickle out of the Prize Corner, leaving only the Puppet and Vincent.
"Mari? Really?"
The Puppet shrugged, or at least did the closest thing it could to
shrugging. "I don't particularly care."
"Well, if it's fine with you." Vincent said, leaving the Prize Corner.
Chica was just now bringing out the birthday cake.
"Wait! Don't cut the cake yet!" Angela cried out. She ran up to
Vincent. "Spring, can you play me a song?"
This made Vincent a little bit nervous. He had "played" guitar onstage
a couple times, but it had been him acting like he was playing guitar
while the speakers made all the actual sound. "I can try."
He walked up onto the main stage and grabbed the guitar that was
associated with the Spring character. While Bonnie had a red electric
guitar, Spring Bonnie had been associated with an acoustic guitar
since Fredbear's Family Diner. Here goes nothing He began to
strum a slow tune. To the surprise of all of the pizzeria's permanent
inhabitants, it sounded pleasant and calming, while still being upbeat.
To his own surprise, he began to sing along to the tune. "Happy
birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, little
Angela Happy birthday to you."
The kids began to clap, and Angela was the loudest applauder.

Vincent nodded and put the guitar back, then stepped off the stage.
The partygoers began to throng around the table where the birthday
cake was, all clamoring for their piece of the cake.
"I didn't know you could sing." Mike muttered to Vincent.
"I didn't either." Vincent replied. "Come to that, I can't play guitar.
Bonnie gave up on me."
"Well that's. interesting." Mike mused, then went to go resolve a
fight between two of the kids.
"Spring! Spring!" Angela said, running up to Vincent. "Have some of
the cake!" She raised up a paper plate with a piece of cake and a
plastic fork on it.
"Thank you!" Vincent said, taking the plate. Without hesitation, he
took a bite of the cake, not bothering to ponder if it was actually
possible for him to eat it. The vanilla cake was amazing. It was far
better than any other cake he had ever eaten.
Angela had already run off to rejoin her friends. They returned to
enjoying their cake, then went off to go play more arcade games.
After another half-hour of games, people started to leave. The last
ones to leave were Angela and her mother, Angela giving Vincent a
"Goodbye!" as she left.
Mike walked up to Vincent and stood next to him. "Hey Vincent, do
you have any family?"
Vincent looked at Mike confused. "I had a little brother for most of
my life. Why?" he seemed a little sad when he was talking about his
"Because Angela's last name is Tollini."

Angela's a sweet little girl, isn't she?

I know some people are wondering where the toys are. Don't
worry, they'll make an appearance soon.

Chapter 46: New and Shiny

"I hate you, you traitor!"

"You only care about yourself! I'm not going to stay here with you and
your 'family', when there are others who need help more!"
"I'll kill you, I'll kill you!"

Vincent woke with a start. Yesterday had stirred up some unwanted

memories. Not to mention, the whole time a small part of him had
wanted to gather up the kids and but he was past that. That wasn't
going to happen again. Ever.
He rubbed his eyes and sat up. It had been years since the last time
he had anything that even remotely resembled a nightmare. Well,
excepting his years as Springtrap. That was a nightmare in and of
itself. Sitting up, Vincent reached over to his bedside table and
grabbed his phone. No new messages. Probably should've expected
Vincent stood up and walked out of his room. Mike's door was
cracked open for some reason. Usually Mike would close his door all
the way. Vincent took a peek inside as he passed. What caught his
eye was a second bed in Mike's room. It was vacant. Weird, last time
he was here, there was something on it. Now that he thought about it,
the occupant had been something white. Not like the skin tone, but
like snow.
He shook his head. Back to the matter at hand. Today was Monday,
and that meant that they would be busy today. Vincent walked
upstairs and made his way to the parts and service room.
"Hey Vince!" Bonnie called over.
"Yeah Bon?" Vincent said.
Bonnie walked over to him and punched him in the shoulder. "You
lied to me. You said you couldn't play guitar!"

"I can't. I don't know how I was able to yesterday, but I can't. I also
can't sing either, I've heard people call it a garbled screech." Vincent
said, rubbing his shoulder. That was going to bruise.
"Uh-huh." Bonnie said, not quite believing.
"I gotta get my suit on. See you later Bonnie." Vincent said, entering
the parts and service room.

Throughout the week, Vincent had seen other oddities. Doors that
were supposed to be closed had been left open. Some of the spare
pizza was missing from kitchen storage, and leftover cake was
considerably smaller than when it had been put into the kitchen.
Vincent had also spotted flashes of white on the edge of his vision,
but when he turned to look it was gone.
Vincent had ruled out the shadow brothers. Regardless of their
immense magical capability when they wanted to work together, they
had no use for food, they floated through doors, and they had never
showed up as anything other than light-absorbing silhouettes. True,
they had swapped appearances for a day, simply to screw with
Vincent, but they seemed to lack the ability to change color. It could
have simply be hallucinations, but that wouldn't explain the missing
food and open doors; and in any case, the only one who had
displayed the ability to give someone hallucinations was Fredbear,
and he was far from frivolous with his abilities.
There was theoretically the possibility that someone had gotten in
and was living off of the food, but if that were the case, they would be
caught on camera at least once during the night. Percy was
meticulous about making sure to close doors after going through
them, and Fritz only ever went into a select few rooms, with the
exception of when he was moving one of the animatronics to give
them repairs.
Regardless of Vincent's paranoia, there was an important event that
was supposed to happen today. After twenty-three years of sporadic
action, the toys were going to be reactivated.

All of the toys looked considerably different from their original

designs. None of them were plastic any more, and like the others, all
of them had synthetic skin. The makeup had been removed as well,
they no longer had rosy cheeks.
Toy Freddy -or Theodore, as Mike called him- no longer looked
overweight. Instead he simply seemed extremely fluffy, as if his fur
was most of his body composition. He was a lighter brown than
Freddy, with similar blue eyes and the same type of top hat and
Toy Bonnie, or Ben, was far from as feminine as he was in his original
appearance. He no longer had pronounced eyelashes or eyeshadow.
He was the same light blue color as before, with a slender body. He
had broader shoulders than before, but was otherwise skinny.
Toy Chica, or rather, Tia, had soft, down-like feathers. Her
unnecessarily shapely features had been more or less removed. She
still had a feminine figure, but it was far less noticeable. The design
flaw that had resulted in Tia's beak coming off had been fixed, but
that wasn't the only fix. Like Foxy, she was one of the few
animatronics to have actual clothing, as opposed to just a bib or a
hat. She was clad in a t-shirt and shorts.
BB looked almost exactly like a human child. He was the shortest,
only being about four feet tall. He wasn't the same general shape as
a bowling ball any more, instead he had the appearance of a slightly
overweight little kid. He still had his normal outfit, but now he had
ginger hair on his head as well.
Toy Foxy
"Weren't there five?" Vincent asked.
"Well duh."
Vincent turned around. There was nobody there. "Who said that?"
"You're really inattentive, aren't you? It's frankly kinda funny."
Vincent looked all around the room, searching for the source of the

voice. He looked at Mike, who was grinning. "Are you doing this?"
"Nope." Mike said, as Fritz burst into a sniggering fit.
"What're you laughing at?" Vincent was extremely disgruntled. "And
who keeps talking to me?"
"I am. That should be obvious." The voice seemed extremely pleased
with itself, or rather, herself.
"Who are you?!" Vincent was beginning to get angry,
"I'll give you a little hint. I'm not alive, but neither am I dead."
"Where are you?" Vincent said, still scanning the room.
"Here's a better hint. I'm in the one direction you haven't looked yet."
The voice seemed to find Vincent's confusion extremely amusing.
Vincent stopped in his tracks, then looked up. Gripping to the ceiling
with sharp claws was a snow white vixen, her tail tucked up against
her body. She had pink fur on the tips of her tail and ears, and as she
grinned he could clearly see her sharp teeth. "Ta-da! Vix, at your
service!" She waved, then as she tried to grab the ceiling again,
started to slip.
Vix rubbed her head. "That hurt. Oops." She looked down at Vincent,
who she had landed on. "You okay pale man?"
Vincent didn't respond. It was kind of hard to when his neck had

Here are your toys! Vix has changed a considerable amount

since the last time we saw her. You'll see why tomorrow.
Chapter 47: Crash

"Alright Vincent, are you ready for your birthday party?"

"Yes! Yes!" The five year-old exclaimed.
"Okay then, let me get little Marcus ready and then we can get
going." His mother told him, going to tend to the baby.
Even then, Vincent was abnormally skinny. He had inherited that,
along with his odd grey eyes, from his mother. He had inherited his
jet black hair from his father.
His mother was a beautiful woman, Vincent knew it even as a child.
She had flowing hair and a stunning figure, along with a sharp tongue
and a witty mind. Her eyes seemed to unnerve most people,
however, simply because grey was not a color that most people
associated with the eyes. Vincent's father, on the other hand, was a
broad-shouldered athlete. He had a history of sports, from football to
boxing. By most standards, he was considered handsome, with a
chiseled jaw and a muscular physique. His dark hair was cut short,
and he had the beginnings of a beard, along with his pale blue eyes,
his face was extremely memorable.
The funny thing was, Vincent never even got to know their names
"Mom, are we going to Fredbear's?" Vincent asked excitedly.
"Of course we are sweetie, that's where you wanted to go, right?"
Vincent nodded in confirmation, then ran into his room to grab his
Fredbear plush. The other kids always made fun of Vincent because
of his eyes, but Fredbear was his best friend.
"Vincent! C'mon sport, we're leaving!" Vincent's father called out.
"Coming Dad!" Vincent replied, hugging the purple-hatted plush. He
ran out to the car and climbed into the back seat, next to his baby
Fredbear's Family Diner was Vincent's favorite place in the whole
world. It had opened a few years before he was born, and it sported a
mascot. Said mascot was a yellow bear with deep blue eyes and a

purple bowtie and hat. Vincent adored Fredbear, the character was
not only funny and intelligent, but he wore the color purple, which
was Vincent's favorite color.
While on the way to the popular diner, the weather began to worsen.
Rain began to pour from the sky, and lightning flashed through the
air. It was okay though, because nothing could dampen Vincent's
mood. Right?
There was the sound of tires skidding on the road.
When Vincent came to, there was wreckage all around him, and the
sound of a small child crying.
"Mom?! Dad?!" Vincent cried out, unsteadily climbing to his feet and
looking around. He was miraculously unharmed by the crash.
The same could not be said for his parents. Both of them had head
injuries, and it looked like they were both dead. Vincent had to grow
up in a matter of minutes then, his childhood shattered. The only
memento of it the golden bear plush he still clutched in his hand.
Vincent realized that he had forgotten about the youngest member of
his family. He tottered over to the baby, also miraculously uninjured,
and picked him up.
"Shh Marcus, shh" Vincent told his little brother. "Big brother will
take care of you"
Sirens began to blare in the background

Vincent woke with a start, his hand immediately flying to the back of
his neck. "Almost like a four hundred pound robot didn't fall on my
head" He muttered, getting up off of the table in the parts and
service room. "I'm seeing the inside of this room far more than I
would like."
Someone knocked on the door to the room, then opened it. Vincent

looked up to see Mike entering the parts and service room, a plate of
pizza in his hand. "Figured you'd be hungry." The man said, handing
the pizza to Vincent.
After taking the plate, Vincent gave Mike a quizzical look. "So, I
thought you said we were activating the toys today?"
"Yesterday, actually. We had to get you some new vertebrae." Mike
paused. "Vix said sorry, by the way."
"Why was she even up there?" Vincent asked, taking a bit out of the
"Vix was the first animatronic to undergo upgrades. She volunteered,
in fact. But that's not the only reason." Mike paused. "This
explanation will probably just raise more questions, but you need to
know. The Puppet explained this to me. If a spirit has a residence,
they are permanently bound to said residence. Does that make
sense?" Vincent nodded in confirmation. "Okay, now for the
complicated part. Jeremy is bound to Vix. He does not have
possession of the animatronic, but he cannot stray far from her. His
effective range of operation while she is deactivated is somewhere in
the neighborhood of thirty feet. On the other hand, when Vix is online,
he has the ability to roam a distance of around a mile away from her."
Vincent finished of his pizza. "So you're saying that Jeremy Fitzgerald
is incapable of leaving the Mangle alone." Vincent shook his head.
"How ironic."
Mike scowled. "Don't call her that. She hates it."
"So why exactly does she have a bed in your room?" Vincent
continued, ignoring Mike.
"We went a little overboard. Fritz accidentally made it so that Vix
has to actually sleep at least a few hours every day. Reverting the
changes could cause a full memory wipe, which, as you can probably
guess, would be catastrophic. Vix has spent most of the last few
months sleeping in order to build a large battery reserve so that she
can operate for a while without needing to sleep again. Hopefully we
can find a way to fix the issue before her batteries run out." Mike

waved at Vincent to follow him. "Let's go see the others."

"Last time I saw Mangle, she seemed nervous. Well, I say last time I
saw her, I mean back in '87. What changed?"
"Don't call her mangle. The thing that changed was actually Jeremy.
She used to be shy and insecure, but interacting with Jeremy has
done wonders for her temperament. I'm not entirely sure it's all good
things, but she's not nearly as shy anymore, and she's developed a
healthy dose of self-confidence."
Vincent was silent for a minute, then said what was on his mind. "So,
did you actually turn the toys on?"
Mike shook his head. "Not yet. I figured it would be better to wait for
you to, uh, wake up before we activated them."
"Wake up. Really Mike?" Vincent said dryly.
Mike shrugged. "It's better than saying resurrect."
"Only barely."
"At least it won't cause unnecessary confusion if we say it in public."
Mike stopped. "Ah, here we are."
The walked into the main party area. It was obviously past closing
time, as the clock on the wall declared that it was eight o'clock. All of
the currently online animatronics were cleaning up the mess from the
"Oh, hey Vince." Bonnie called over. "Did you have a nice rest?"
"Well, if sleep doesn't help you, dying will." Vincent replied.
"Sorry about that, by the way." Vix said from her position on the
Vincent craned his neck to look at the fox. "Why are you up there,
Vix shrugged, a bizarre action considering that all four of her limbs

were being used to keep her attached to the ceiling. "I prefer to stick
to the ceiling. Something from those days."
"You mean '87." The grey eyed man said flatly.
"Yes I mean '87. What other time would I have been on the ceiling?"
"What other time were you a mess of parts?"
The vixen dropped to the ground, landing lightly despite her inner
workings being mostly metal. "I would prefer if you didn't talk about
"What's the matter Mangle? Don't like to remember when you
murdered Jeremy?" Vincent said, not caring about the consequences.
"Don't call me that." Vix said, irritated.
"Is your past bringing up problems Mangle?" Vincent asked.
"Wouldn't be a problem if you didn't murder someone."
"Don't. Call. Me. That." The vixen snarled. "How would you like it if I
called you names? Salvage. Hybrid."
Vincent began to grow angry. "Stop."
"What's the matter you grey-eyed runt? Can't take what you love to
dish out?" Vix poked him in the chest.
You grey-eyed runt
Vincent grabbed a knife from somewhere on his person, rage in his
eyes. "I'll kill you!"

Poor Vincent has a lot of pain in his past.

Chapter 48: The Orphanage

You grey-eyed runt!

Vincent slashed at Vix, murder in his eyes. The white fox ducked

under his knife, then countered with a swipe of her claws. Someone
began shouting.
You little freak!
The man grabbed the animatronic's claw with his right hand, then
propelled her past him.
Pale weirdo!
He was about to bring his knife down on the back of Vix's head when
a strong hand grabbed his left arm, halting him in his tracks. Vincent
turned his head to see Mike's green eyes wide with concern. He
wasn't scared of Vincent, but worried.
The last person to be worried about Vincent
"Drop the knife Vince."
His fingers loosened, and the knife dropped to the floor. Tears began
to well up in his eyes, but he blinked them back. He was not going to
cry. Not now, not ever. He twisted his hand out of the stronger man's
grip and ran out of the building. He walked down the sidewalk for a
while, then made an impulsive decision to make his way to one place
he had told himself he would never return to.
The orphanage.

A week after the car crash, Vincent and Marcus were introduced to
their new home.
A large orphanage that was criminally understaffed. The two
caretakers being a man and his wife, both of whom forced the
children that lived in the orphanage to constantly clean and repair the
building. There was one group of children that continually bullied the
others, and Vincent and his little brother were prime targets.
Vincent was always hit with taunts about his bizarre appearance, as
well as his obsession with Fredbear. After only a month of living in
the orphanage, Vincent had hidden his lone possession, his Fredbear

plush, under the floorboards.

Marcus, on the other hand, was taunted because he was slow and
gentle. He was far from stupid, in fact he was capable of quite
intelligent observations, but he was deliberate. He acted only after
internally debating all of his choices, which lead the others to think he
was dimwitted.
For two full years Vincent and his brother suffered through the taunts
and pain dealt to them by the other children. Other kids had been
adopted out on multiple occasions, but never for Vincent and Marcus.
This was because they refused to be separated. Marcus was normal,
his eyes the same blue as their father's, and his physique was the
same broad-shouldered athlete's body. Vincent was the primary
reason they never got adopted. He unsettled everyone. No matter
how long he was forced to remain outside, his skin remained the
same pale color. Despite only being seven, he was already almost as
tall as his caretakers, but he weighed well under a hundred pounds.
The biggest deterrent were his eyes. Many people found him to be a
precocious child, but after looking into his grey eyes for a few
moments, they decided that it would be better if he was on his own. It
wasn't just the fact that grey was an abnormal eye color, but many
found him to be more mature than the average adult.
While residing at the orphanage, he discovered his ADHD. Vincent
was incapable of sitting in one place for extended periods of time. In
addition, he was easily distracted. That didn't mean he took his
attention off of the matter at hand, however. The bullies had made
that mistake far too many times.
The worst part of his life at the orphanage wasn't the bullying, it
wasn't the adults that found him odd, it wasn't even the abusive
caretakers. The worst part was the nightmares. From the night of the
crash onwards, he had nightmares that drained his will to fight, and
sucked all the hope from his life. He became apathetic towards just
about everything. The one light in his life was his little brother. Upbeat
Marcus, bringer of joy.
Funny enough, it was Marcus who brought about the downfall of the

"Vincent! Help!"
Vincent looked up from the floor he was scrubbing. There was
supposed to be an inspector visit today, and the caretakers had
forced all of the children to either clean up, or be left on the streets.
"Aww, is the wittle boy crying for his ghostly protector?"
Vincent's brow furrowed. That sounded like Brian, the leader of the
bullies that continually picked on both of the Tollini brothers. Vincent
dropped the brush he was using and stood up, trying to find the
source of the disturbance.
"Leave me alone! I just want to clean!"
"You will clean, you'll be cleaning our section too."
"Leave my little brother alone."
The bullies looked up from Marcus to look at Vincent. "Aww, we're
just making a little deal, ain't that right Marcus?" Brian kicked Marcus
in the side.
"Leave. Him. Alone." Vincent was beginning to get angry.
"What? You want to join him, you pale weirdo?"
Vincent's hands tightened into fists. "Leave my brother alone." He
"Or what? You'll hit me? You wouldn't, you little freak." Brian sneered.
A quick jab to the face made Brian cry out, more in anger than in
pain. Vincent wasn't strong, far from it, but he was quick.
"That's it you grey-eyed runt!" Brian punched Vincent back, knocking
the black haired child to the ground. "You asked for it!"
Before long, the other bullies had joined him, raining blows on the
trembling boy. It continued for a solid five minutes before a deep
voice said "Stop!"

The bullies pulled away from Vincent to show that he was nearly
unconscious, and covered in bruises and cuts. The man who had
shouted stop stepped forwards. He was holding a clipboard and was
scowling. "Where are your caretakers?"
Brian nervously pointed towards the office that both of the caretakers
were waiting in.
The inspector's eyes narrowed. "Hmm and why are you attacking
this boy?"
"I Uh You don't tell me what to do!" Brian said defiantly.
Marcus spoke up at this point. "They're attacking my brother because
he was protecting me from them."
"Really? Well then"
Vincent didn't notice what came next because he fell unconscious.

Vincent turned the corner and gasped in shock. The old building was
in horrible disrepair. The doors and windows were all boarded up.
What was more surprising was the fact that it was still there. He
expected it to have collapsed by now.
If it was still there, then maybe
He looked around. This part of town was mostly deserted, with only a
few homeless people in this area. That was good. He walked up to
the front doors, then paused. There was a back door Vincent
walked around the building, searching for the back door that he knew
was there. It was, predictably, also boarded up. Not anything a couple
minutes' worth of effort couldn't fix, however.
Stepping inside, Vincent let out a low whistle. The inside was in a
surprisingly good condition, especially considering the outside's
appearance. He walked slowly through the building, trying to
remember the room he had been put into when he was a little kid.
Let's see room fifteen ten beds Ah hah. He entered the room
that he had inhabited for two of the most miserable years of his life.

Which plank was it? He wondered silently, walking slowly through

the room. He had had the good fortune to be placed in a corner bed,
but he couldn't remember exactly which floorboard he was looking
Vincent snapped his fingers, realizing where the plank he was looking
for was. He knelt down to the ground and took out a knife, then dug
up the floorboard in question. He reached down and grabbed the
bundle of tissue paper that he had placed there oh so many years
before, then began to unwrap it. As he looked at the contents, a small
smile found its way onto his face.

Vincent looked back up at the orphanage. It had closed down just a

month ago. It was standard procedure to try and find parents for the
children in an orphanage once it shut down, but Vincent and, by
extension, Marcus had been passed over. Funny really, since they
had been the reason it shut down. Perhaps it wasn't so odd, seeing
as how the previous owners of the orphanage had hated them so
much for cutting of their income.
After being shown to dozens of prospective adoptive parents, Vincent
and Marcus had been forgotten entirely. None of the parents had
wanted to take care of them, probably for the same reason that they
hadn't been adopted before. Adults found Vincent's eyes to be
extremely unnerving, a trait that, now that they were on the streets,
was useful from time to time.
His only regret was having to leave his only belonging behind.

Taking his old Fredbear plush out of its wrapping, Vincent still wore
his smile. "I've missed you" He whispered to himself.
"So this is where you called home for at least one year of your life,
Vincent whirled around, knife in his left hand and plush in his right,
only to realize that the voice was a familiar monotone. "Creepy damn
doll" He scowled. "How do you know that?"

The Puppet had a sympathetic look on its face. "When you die, your
mind drifts a bit. Occasionally I catch glimpses of your memories."
"So you snooped on my thoughts. Great. I thought you were
supposed to be the good guy." Vincent started to replace the wooden
"It's not as though I can help it. I got a pretty good picture of what
happened to you in your childhood." The Puppet floated over to him
and put one of its hands on his shoulder. "I'm sorry."
"You didn't do anything to me." Vincent muttered, putting the nail back
in its place. It looked exactly like it had before he had pried it out of
the floor.
"Maybe not, but I haven't been too welcoming towards you, even with
the fact that I know what horrible things have happened to you."
Vincent waved him off. "I murdered you. I don't deserve your
The Puppet looked him dead in the eyes. "Everyone deserves a
second chance."
"I've been doing a horrible job of making the most of mine." Vincent
muttered, sitting down on his bed. It was the same mattress he had
back when he was seven.
The Puppet gave him a quizzical look. "If you're referring to the
incident earlier with Vix, then you shouldn't be so worried. Vix has
developed a hot temper, and you can hardly be blamed for reacting in
the manner that you have."
The man shook his head. "I've lied to all of you."
That made the Puppet stop in its tracks. "What?"
"I'm not your friend. I'm not anybody's friend. I'm an actor, I always
have been." Vincent looked at the floor. "I'm not the kind soul who
decided to give Chica a way to work out her stress. I'm not the
adventurous spirit who played with Foxy. I'm not the polite gentleman

who listened to Freddy. I'm not even the goofball who got into a food
fight with Bonnie." He looked up at the Puppet. "Hell, I'm not even the
hero who stopped the burglars. I'm an actor. I put on a persona so
that I can resolve everyone's issues. I gained their trust, but I don't
deserve it."
The Puppet looked at him sadly. "But you are the one who helped
them. You helped Chica with her stress, you gave Foxy assistance in
his stories, you eased Freddy's doubts, and you resolved Bonnie's
Vincent shook his head. "They trust me, but I don't trust them. I may
be their friend, but they sure as hell aren't mine."
"You've come a long way from the man you were sixteen years ago."
The Puppet said, floating over to sit down next to Vincent. "You're no
longer the man who murdered eleven children and blamed it on the
"The man who murdered eleven children was a far cry from the boy
who only wanted to protect his little brother."
"Vincent." The man looked at the haunted marionette. "You're already
on your way to becoming a better person. Look at you! You're
admitting your mistakes and trying to fix them! So what if you don't
believe that you deserve their trust? They believe that you do. No
matter what, we are in this as a family."
Vincent sighed. "Yes. As a family."

Vincent really isn't good at this sappy stuff. Also, raise your
hand if you thought one or more people were going to wind up
dead and/or stabbed. I'm watching you.
Chapter 49: New and Shiny, Take 2

Vincent was still shaking off his emotions when they finally got back
to the pizzeria. The Puppet had cloaked itself in some sort of
invisibility spell, so as not to cause unnecessary panic when people
spotted a floating puppet roaming through the streets.

He pushed open the door to be met with a yellow blur that lifted him
off the ground. "Vincent! We were so worried!"
"Woah, calm down Chica." Vincent said. "I'm fine. Please put me
Chica lowered him to the ground, but didn't release her hug. "Where
have you been? Are you hurt?"
"Chica, I'm fine. I just needed some air." He answered, squirming out
of her grip. "What's been going on since I left?"
"Oh, Vix decided to pick up your knife by the wrong end." Chica
giggled a little bit. "She has politely informed us that pain is not fun."
Vincent raised an eyebrow at this. "Wait, is she the first animatronic
to actually receive an injury? Seriously?"
"Apart from Spring, yes." The Puppet informed him, floating back to
the main entryway from the main show area. It had drifted past him
when Chica had launched her ambush, and was now returning.
"Although it's not all that much of a surprise. The others tend to
exercise caution. Vix is a bit too hotheaded for her own good."
The man snorted at this. "A bit?"
The Puppet shot him a glare. "You're one to talk."
Vincent shrugged. "Fair enough."
They were interrupted by the sound of a teenage girl swearing loudly.
"That would be her." The Puppet said, drifting back into the main
show area, Vincent and Chica in tow.
"Could you do this WITHOUT hurting me more?" Vix said, eyes
closed shut in pain.
"Calm down Vix. The first time the pain sensors are activated is the
worst, but it'll be better soon." Mike said, stitching closed the cut on
her hand. There was no blood, but that was because the
animatronics didn't have any. The gash would have been a major

cause for concern on a human, but although it was enough to make

Vix swear loudly, it wasn't a problem for an animatronic.
"Couldn't you just get one of the ghosts to heal me?" The vixen
"Shane and Sean are missing, and you know Jeremy doesn't have
the expertise to do something as complex as regenerate skin." Mike
said, finishing up the last stitch before cutting the thread with
Vincent's knife. "In any case, you've had worse situations."
"Like what?" the animatronic asked, testing her hand. It worked like
normal, if a bit stiff.
"'87." Mike answered, putting the needle away. He froze as he saw
the hurt look on her face. "Sorry. You're going to have to talk about it
eventually." At this point Mike noticed their visitors. "Oh, there you
are. I was beginning to worry about you."
"Yeah, I just" Vincent muttered, rubbing the back of his head, then
he froze. "Wait. By this point I would usually have at least a
Mike furrowed his brow. "That's odd. You're not experiencing any of
the side effects of spirit binding?"
Vincent shook his head. "It's weird. After an hour of being outside the
pizzeria I would normally have at least a minor headache. This time I
don't feel bad at all." He shrugged. "Magic is strange."
The Puppet nodded in confirmation to Vincent's statement "I fully
agree with that." It looked down at Vix's injured hand. "Why did you
do this, exactly?"
"I don't know! I forgot how knives work!" Vix exclaimed, throwing her
uninjured hand in the air. Vincent sniggered.
The marionette sighed. "I'll get to work on regenerating this. Where
are Shane and Sean?" it looked up and then added, in a strangely
echoing voice. "Shane! Sean! Get in here!"

There was a nearly silent pop and the two shadows appeared out of
nowhere. Shane, the more mature of the brothers, was standing on
the air, while his brother was upside down. In the ceiling. "You
called?" Both brothers said simultaneously. "Jinx! Double Jinx!"
"Shut up." The Puppet said. "Where were you two?"
"Well, first we had to go conjure some more silly string." Shane
"Then we had to go replace Vincent's pillow with a rock" Sean
continued, his ears twitching.
"After that we needed to see if the trip-mines had been triggered yet."
"Oh, and then we stuffed Freddy's head full of shaving cream." Sean
The Puppet sat through all of this with a blank expression on its face.
"Vincent, you should go and find your actual pillow. Mike, I suggest
cleaning out Freddy's head before he wakes up. Chica, kindly go
remove all of the trip-wires in the hallway. I'll handle the silly string." It
paused. "After I finish up on Vix's hand. Thanks for getting it started
"My pleasure." The man said, standing up. "If you will excuse me, I
need to go make sure the bear doesn't wake up to a head full of fluff."
He added, walking towards the parts and service room.
Both the shadows froze as they realized that they had blurted out all
the pranks that they had planned. "Aww c'mon Marion. You've gotMmmf! Mmmmffff!" Sean stopped as his brother clapped a hand over
his mouth.
"Pardon my moronic brother. We've got some talking to do." Shane
informed them, before both vanished.
"Marion." Vincent said flatly.
"Yes. People like to shorten my 'official' name of Marionette." The
Puppet said, one of its hands hovering over the gash on Vix's hand. "I

don't quite know why."

"Why do all the nicknames make you sound like a girl?"
The Puppet would have shrugged, if it had actual shoulders. "I don't
really know. In any case, it doesn't really matter. I can't remember
which gender I was when I was alive, and I doubt you know. So now
I'm an 'it', and I could care less."
"It's just that I've always had you down as a guy." Vincent said
thoughtfully. "I mean, the design that those idiots in Fazbear
Entertainment gave you is feminine as all hell, but I dunno."
"The design isn't from Fazbear Entertainment." The magical
marionette informed him. "It's from Frederick Beyer."
"Frederick Beyer"

Vincent and Marcus had lived for eleven years after the orphanage
shut down. They hadn't had an easy time of it, but they had survived.
Vincent had become a formidable fighter, using his lightning reflexes
and scrawny stature to his advantage. Many of the street roamers
had learned early on not to mess with the Tollini brothers, especially
after Vincent had disarmed them and was using their own weapon to
scare them off. Marcus had developed into a brawny young man,
slightly taller even than Vincent, and was quite intimidating in his own
right. He tended to take his time, however, never acting without first
pondering the outcome.
Times were difficult for the two brothers. Vincent had sacrificed
several of his own meals in order to make sure that Marcus got
enough to eat; resulting in Vincent permanently looking emaciated
and starved. There was no doubt they were brothers, however. Both
of them had similar facial structure, enough so that, even though
Vincent was a solid hundred pounds lighter than his brother, and had
different skin tone and eyes, they looked like family.
In order to make certain that he had enough money to keep them
both alive, Vincent had begun taking jobs from the local crime

syndicate. It wasn't usually anything much. Move the drugs from

point A to point B. Go into this building and tell us where the cameras
are. Tell us if anyone enters this particular area. Small, mostly
harmless acts that led to greater evils. Vincent wasn't proud of what
he had to do, but if it kept Marcus healthy, it was worth it.
It was during a particularly high pay job that Vincent finally went back
to his favorite place on earth. Fredbear's Family Diner. As he grew up
on the streets, Vincent had learned a fair bit about the old place. The
owner was a man named Frederick Beyer, and he had named the
place after himself, as predictable as that is. He was the one who
wore the costume and persona of Fredbear, and thus was the only
reason Vincent loved the place so much. In the thirteen years since
Vincent had last been to the diner, they had added two new
characters. The first was Bonnie, a yellow rabbit that was designed to
be Fredbear's wife. Apparently Bonita Beyer wanted in on the action
of entertaining the kids, and that had spurred Frederick to create the
character. The other character was a creepy looking marionette
puppet that old Fredbear would occasionally bring out to scare the
living daylights out of small children.
But that was irrelevant. This job was a big one, Vincent knew this for
a fact. He had been hired to transport a large batch of drugs across
the city. In order to do so, they had lent him a car. Vincent knew how
to drive, he had stolen multiple cars in order to get out of a bad
situation, but he had never owned a car before. He had to be careful
not to break any laws on the way to the drop site, otherwise it could
lead to disaster. Vincent did not possess a driver's license, and police
searching the car would lead to his immediate arrest, which would
lead to Marcus being alone.
The drop point was the parking lot of Fredbear's Family Diner, and as
much as Vincent hated to pin it on the place, he had a job to do, and
that was far more important than sentimentality.
Vincent drove the purple car into the parking lot. It was an amazing
coincidence that the car they had given him was his favorite color.
Funny the way the world works.
He got out of the car and stared into the diner for a few minutes. It

was after dark, so there was no way anyone inside would see him out
there. The only character roaming around was Fredbear himself,
giving cake to all the kids.
"Hey, you the Tollini kid?" a gruff voice said from behind him.
Vincent turned around to see the man he was told to expect. "That's
me. I've got the stuff you wanted."
"Good. C'mon."
Five minutes later, the rusty blue truck the drug dealer he had
delivered to owned drove off, the back covered by a tarp. "Idiot, the
cops'll catch you in no time." Vincent mused to himself. He looked
around one last time and caught a glimpse of scared eyes. In the
blink of an eye, Vincent had dashed over to the young child and had
a knife to their throat. "How much did you see?"
The child trembled. "Please don't hurt me!" They burst into tears.
"Goddammit" Vincent muttered. The kid was going to draw
attention. He started to drag them into a nearby alleyway when they
started to struggle. "Stop it." He whispered into the child's ear. The
small child ignored him and continued to struggle, tears pouring down
their face. "Stop it!" he said louder, putting the knife closer to their
neck. Then, before he could do anything more, the child jerked out of
his grasp and began to run off. He reacted purely on instinct, slashing
at the fleeing figure before he could stop to think his actions through,
then his eyes widened. He had slit the child's throat. "Oh god" He
said, beginning to panic. "What have I done?" Vincent began to
hyperventilate. He wasn't a murderer. He didn't mean to. It wasn't his
fault right?
Vincent climbed back into the car he had been given and drove off,
panic in his mind. He had killed someone. He had murdered a child.
Oh god
Vincent turned the car into an alleyway and then turned it off,
abandoning it. He could run back to the alley he and Marcus called
home, no problems. He could calm down and forget this happened,


"it's been forever since I heard that name." Vincent muttered,

blinking back the emotions that the flashback carried with it.
"Well of course, the place closed down over thirty years ago, the poor
man died soon after." The Puppet continued, finishing up on Vix's
"Great, give me more reasons to hate myself." The man muttered.
The Puppet blinked. "I'm sorry Vincent. I forgot."
"I'm sorry too Vincent." Vix spoke up.
Vincent looked at her. "Why? You had every reason to hate me. I
called you that horrible name, despite knowing what it brought up.
You had no idea."
"I let my temper get the best of me." The fox lowered her ears sadly.
"I shouldn't have let it happen." She looked up at him. "Can we start
The man gave her a small smile. "I'd like nothing more." He paused.
"Actually, I've got a surprise for you"
He was interrupted by a voice from the parts and service room.
"Okay! We can get the toys activated now!"
"Actually, I think it should wait." Vincent said. "It's more like a surprise
for all of the animatronics."
The trio made their way to the parts and service room to see Mike
and Fritz making a couple of last minute adjustments to the toy
animatronics. "All right, here we go." Fritz said, taking a device out of
his pocket and pressing a button.
Mike seemed a little confused. "Fritz, what is that?"
Fritz waved it in the air. "Universal remote. I can change the

wavelength to whatever I want and hijack most technological

Their employer frowned. "Is that a good idea?"
The answer was interrupted by Ben's green eyes snapping open. The
blue rabbit blinked a few times then stretched. "How long has it
been?" He asked, looking around the room.
"Twenty three years." Mike answered.
Before the rabbit could reply, Tia's eyes opened, followed shortly by
Theodore. Both of them went through a similar wakeup routine to
Ben, and started to look around the room. "Hi Vix, hello Puppet." Tia
said, a smile on her face.
Theodore nodded to the other animatronics, then froze with his gaze
on Vincent. "And who are you?"
"Mike? A little help here?" Vincent said, not sure whether or not to
just tell them 'I'm your murderer, nice to meet you'.
Mike walked around in front of the toy animatronics. "This is Vincent."
He stated, an expectant look on his face.
"A pleasure to meet you Vincent." Theodore said, tipping his hat.
Then he paused. "And you are?"
Tia punched Theodore in the arm. "C'mon Theo, its Mike! Don't you
recognize his voice?"
The man blinked. "Wait, you can only recognize my voice?"
Ben nodded. "Yeah, our facial recognition programs got all screwed
up, remember? We could only see colors, which, believe me, made
for a lot of trouble." The blue rabbit chuckled nervously. "I feel like I
should recognize this pale guy, but I'm drawing a blank."
Mike sighed. "This is Vincent Tollini. You guys know him as the purple

"No he's not, he's all white. Not purple." A childish voice said. Vincent
looked down to see BB. The little robot had woken up while the
others were talking, and was now staring up at Vincent.
Vincent knelt down and poked BB in the nose. "The correct term is
BB giggled. "You're funny. Why are your eyes grey?"
The man shrugged. "I don't know. Why are your eyes blue?"
A flicker of motion in the corner of the room caught Vincent's eye, but
there was nothing there. Probably just one of the shadows playing a
prank on him. Again.
Ben and Tia were arguing with Mike. "He can't be the purple man, the
Puppet told us he was dead!"
"The Puppet brought him back."
"Uh huh, and I'm blue."
"Sorry Ben."
"I am the purple guy," Vincent interjected, standing upright again,
"Purple man, whatever it was you said. I'm him."
Three sets of blue eyes and one set of green eyes stared at him.
Vincent shrugged. "I've done a lot that I shouldn't have. I stole. I lied. I
murdered. In retrospect I'm far from proud of what I've done. I'm
going to do my best to make it up to you all." Vincent grinned. "And
I'm going to do that, by getting you guys outside."

Vincent has a little trick up his sleeve, and you guys will get to
see it soon enough. In other news, Fritz made a universal
remote. Not exactly the best plan, but it could have its perks. Or

I know I'm horrible to poor Vincent, but I need to be in order to

make his story believable. Things will get better. Eventually.
Chapter 50: A Few New Toys

It was nearly midnight, and Vincent had said no more about his plan
to get the animatronics outside. Mike had shot him a confused
glance, but didn't contradict what Vincent said; for which the pale man
was grateful. All of the animatronics had pestered him about it, from
Freddy's subtle nudges to Vix straight up threatening him. Even the
Puppet was curious, an interesting fact considering that it could leave
any time it wanted, provided that it used illusion to make sure that it
didn't accidentally terrify anyone.
Vince was patiently awaiting Percy's phone call. The man always left
a recording to inform him of the habits of the new animatronics. It was
frankly the only reason Vincent hadn't been strangled, driven insane,
or forcibly stuffed into a suit yet. Not that they hadn't gotten close.
Freddy was incredibly clever, while his golden doppelganger was able
to give Vincent hallucinations, more or less on a whim.
He reminisced on the '87 location. That place was supposedly hellish
to work the night shift on. Jeremy had mentioned something about
eleven different animatronics after him, and even though none of
them actually wanted him dead, it was still something that terrified
him to this day. Back then, the only toy animatronic that was actually
even slightly unnerving was Tia, and that was only due to a flaw in the
design that made it so the beak and eyes could be removed, leaving
her looking like some sort of deformed banana in a miniskirt. Ben was
the least intimidating, which was quite a feat considering that BB was
straight up laughable. Vix, while terrifyingly mobile, wasn't ever that
scary to Vincent. It probably had something to do with the fact that
her mangled body had reminded him of a spider, and he had
absolutely no reason to fear spiders.
"Three two one."
Ring Ring
"Right on time Percy." Vincent muttered, picking up the tablet.
Hopefully Freddy and his little gang of followers would ease up on the

attack tonight. Otherwise, he was in for ten different kinds of hell.

"Hello, hello? So uh, as you already know, we've turned the toy
animatronics on. This will, uh, mean that there are a total of, uhm,
eleven animatronics roaming the facility. Before I start to talk about
anything else, you should probably know something. All of the
animatronics have an inbuilt radio system. It allows them to
communicate with each other and coordinate events without
disrupting a performance."
Vincent's jaw dropped. "So that's how the bastards were able to
coordinate an attack so easily. What the hell Percy? Why couldn't you
have told me earlier?"
Percy continued, only being a recording. "While this might seem like
it's not really an issue, it very much can be. When the toy
animatronics reach your door, they have the ability to disrupt the
signal that causes it to close, forcing it open."
"Oh. My. God." Vincent muttered, turning on the camera app and
rapidly flicking through the cameras to try and find the toys.
"The, uh, best way to solve this is to make sure not to close the door
on one of the toy animatronics. Instead, flash the light a few times. It,
um, might be enough to scare them off."
Vincent snorted. "Yeah. Sure. Lemme just shine a light in your eyes a
couple times. Spooky."
"If that fails, you have an app on your tablet that can disrupt the facial
recognition program a bit. It will make the animatronics see nothing,
as if the room is empty. It can't be left on long, however, but it could
theoretically work on the others. Not, uh, Fredbear or the Puppet
though. Both of them seem immune, so don't try it. It also has a
noticeably lessened effect on Foxy, for some reason."
"Reminds me of the mask you had back at the '87 location." Vincent
said, winding the music box for a few seconds before looking for the
toys once more.
"So, as you know, Vix likes to travel using the ceilings."

Vincent froze. "Oh god. I've been looking in the wrong places." He
quickly began to flip through the cameras until he came to the Prize
Corner again, finding Vix suspended directly over the Puppet's Box.
Also in the Prize Corner were BB and Freddy, Freddy standing
behind the box, almost invisible save his pinprick eyes, and BB was
sitting in a corner near a bundle of balloons that weren't there the
previous day. "God Billy loves those balloons"
"She should be visible using the door lights, however. Something that
makes her just a bit less stealthy than Freddy, thank goodness. Uh,
so while Ben and Tia use tactics that are similar to Bonnie and Chica,
Tia's a good deal more aggressive. Theodore doesn't use similar
tactics to Freddy at all, instead he simply ambles through the pizzeria.
It's, uh, kinda weird. Sometimes he just vanishes entirely, only to
reappear in your office a little while later. It's really odd."
"Teddy can teleport. Great." Vincent muttered "As if two magic
animatronics trying to kill me wasn't bad enough, we have a robot
that can teleport directly into my office."
"His reaction times are pretty bad though. Almost laughably so. Uh,
oh yeah. BB. He's the least dangerous of the animatronics, simply
because he hasn't got enough mass to hurt you. That doesn't mean
you should completely ignore him though. He's pretty clever, if he
gets into your office, he's not going to leave. That's not even the
worst part, once he does get in, he can jam the doors until he's forced
to leave at six A.M."
"Little Billy's a major threat then. Good to know." Vincent checked on
Theodore. The bear was just wandering through the main show area,
but Vincent knew better than to underestimate him.
Vincent checked on Pirate's Cove. One benefit of the room was that
Vincent could see if Foxy was still in residence. What he saw made
his blood run cold. The fox was gone.
"I'm a moron" He muttered, slamming closed the right door. His
prediction proved accurate as soon as he heard the loud thump of the
fox colliding with the door. He opened it immediately afterwards.
"Oh, one more thing. We've noticed the door to the parts and service

room being left open. It's probably just Bonnie's wandering, but you
might want to keep an eye out for it. That's all. Good luck Vince."
Then, almost too quietly for Vincent to hear. "You'll probably need
"Fun." Vincent said, scanning the cameras. Freddy was still a
comfortable distance away from him, Chica was in the kitchen, as per
usual, Fredbear was standing in the Prize Corner, and BB was still
standing by his bundle of balloons. Vincent looked up from his tablet
for a brief moment to check the door lights, then resumed his search
for the ten robots. Ben had wandered into the arcade, while Tia was
standing near the currently occupied Pirate's Cove. Bonnie and Vix
were both currently standing in the main dining area, thankfully. But
Vincent scanned all the cameras. Theodore was missing. He looked
up and listened closely, then grinned. There was the muffled clank,
clank of something moving through the vents. "So Teddy bear can't
teleport. Thank god for that."
The man looked back at his tablet. Fredbear had moved, and BB was
staring at the camera now, but otherwise the animatronics hadn't
moved at all. He looked up to see Theodore, his eyes completely
black, reaching towards him. Quickly, Vince activated the app that
Percy had told him about, and closed his eyes. There was the feeling
that something was slightly off, but there was no other noticeable
difference. Vincent opened his eyes again to see Theodore stomping
off, and breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly checked both door lights
and went back to monitoring the animatronics.
He checked the hall camera and frowned a bit at seeing the parts and
service door open. As he watched, something moved in the shadows
of the room. He quickly changed to the parts and service camera to
see that there was nothing amiss in the room. "Weird"
He checked on the Prize Corner and started when he saw that both
BB and Fredbear were missing. He shrugged and rewound the music
box, then put down his tablet and checked the door lights. Bonnie
was at his left door, and BB was at the right. Vincent quickly activated

the app to disrupt BB and closed the left door, praying that both of
these things worked out properly. Fortunately, the signal that the
tablet produced didn't have any marked effect on the doors, meaning
that he could safely close one or both doors and ward off a toy
animatronic simultaneously. The only thing he couldn't do while the
app was running was check his cameras.
Speaking of which, he checked around again. Chica was still in the
kitchen, Theodore had returned to his mindless ambling through the
main show area, and Freddy was staring directly into the camera of
the parts and service room. Fredbear was missing, but that problem
was quickly solved when Vincent looked up to see the yellow bear in
his room. Fighting the growing headache that always came with the
bear's presence, at least during the night shift, he quickly checked the
left door lights, then opened the door. He then returned to his scan of
the pizzeria, making sure to rewind the music box. As he settled into
the pattern, Vincent began to hum a catchy tune and started singing
under his breath. "There's a shadow on the wall, stay calm, stay
He was interrupted by childlike laughter. Vincent looked up to see BB
standing directly in front of him, the animatronic's eyes completely
missing. "Goddammit" The man muttered, activating the app that
screwed with the animatronics' facial recognition program. He hated
to admit it, but BB was extraordinarily creepy, especially without his
normally cheerful blue eyes.
Vincent was a bit surprised when BB didn't move an inch. "What? Did
Percy lie to me or something?" He muttered, pressing the button
again. Still no change. Then the man slapped himself in the face. "I'm
an absolute moron. Doesn't work on BB after he gets in." Vincent
stood up. "Alright Billy, get out." He snapped, reaching over to grab
the childlike figure.
Before he could get any closer, a fierce screech rang out, and a figure
dropped from above, all teeth and claws. Vincent flinched, but before
the irate vixen hit him, the six o'clock alarm sounded, and both of the
animatronic simply vanished.
"What the hell?" Vincent muttered to himself. "They can all teleport

Vincent's confusion was cut short by a familiar clicking sound. One
that he had last heard when an unwanted visitor showed up
"Crap." He muttered, grabbing his pistol from the desk and pulling a
long knife out of a pocket. "I swear to god I'll murder whoever had the
bright idea to try and break in" Vincent paused. "Not literally."
After scanning the cameras to make certain he knew exactly where
the intruder was going, he silently ran back to the hallway where the
parts and service room was located. He wasn't exactly surprised
when the burglar in question was a familiar brown-haired man. "Well
isn't this dj vu."
Franklin turned around, a large grin on his face. "What's the matter
Vince? Did you think I'd just let this place lie?"
"What exactly are you here for Franklin?" Vincent said, irritated.
"I already told you, my employer wants a good look at the AI of these
things. He wants to know how your boss managed to improve them
so much from the old Fazbear Entertainment monstrosities." Franklin
shrugged. "I could frankly care less. They're paying me a sizable
amount, and apparently failure on my part will lead to their downfall.
Doesn't really matter to me, I get fifty grand for finding out how a
bunch of machines work."
"You're a clever bastard. Figure it out for yourself."
Franklin's humor vanished. "You know full well my talents don't
extend to creating code. I can modify it, bypass it, destroy it even. It's
not exactly my forte to make AI."
"What a shame." Vincent said coldly. "Now get out."
"Let me tell you something Vince," The hacker said suddenly, "There
are two ways this can happen. Either you give me a copy of the code
tomorrow night, at that old orphanage you hate so much; or I'll get in
here and make your life a living hell."

"Option three. Screw off." Vincent answered, dropping both his

weapons and grabbing Franklin by the front of the shirt, lifting the
short man off the ground. "I should've just done this first."
"Too right" Franklin replied, giving Vincent a vicious kick in the crotch.
Vincent looked down. To his surprise, Franklin was wearing steel toed
boots, something that he had never known the little man to do. He
looked back at Franklin's face. "That was rude."
Franklin blanched. "I knew you were tolerant to pain, but dear god.
What the hell are you?"
"Someone whose patience is about to run out." Vincent retorted. He
knew he was bleeding, but he could frankly care less.
Unknown to Vincent, Franklin had already prepared his next attack. In
a blur, the hacker quickly slashed at Vincent's arm multiple times,
trying to get the taller man to let him go.
"Nope." Vincent said, snatching a knife from somewhere about his
person and pointing it at Franklin's forehead.
Franklin pulled one last trick, snatching a long knife from his tool belt
and plunging it between Vincent's ribs. "Sorry Vince. Didn't want to
have to do this."
Vincent knew immediately that his old enemy had hit his heart, but he
didn't want to show any weakness. "You're a sick little bastard, you
know that?"
The hacker's eyes widened. "What the hell have you become" He
said, terror growing in his face. "I know that punctured your heart!
How are you still alive?!"
"I have" Vincent began to weaken. The pain was already barely
noticeable, but it became even less important as he had to
concentrate to stay awake. "A few tricks up my sleeves." The pale
man spotted something behind his adversary, and began to grin. "I
also have a few friends." He dropped the shorter man, and
stumbled back, leaning against the wall.

Franklin looked at him in confusion, then turned his head to look

behind him. He was met by a fist, knocking him unconscious
immediately. Mike shook his hand. "Didn't want to have to do that
ever again. Shame life can't be all hugs and kisses" He looked at
Vincent. "You okay Vince?"
"Yeah just peachy only have a punctured heart bleeding
genitals and about a thousand cuts on my arm" He said,
slumping down to the floor.
Mike looked him over, his eyes wide with worry. "Oh my god. Hang in
there Vince."
"I'll try." The pale man replied, drifting into sleep.

Yes, Vincent was singing "Stay Calm". Yes Vincent just died.
Again. I would say he's gonna feel that in the morning, but he
really won't.
Fun fact, I wasn't originally going to have Vincent's name be,
well, Vincent. I didn't want to use the same name that everyone
else did, but by the time I thought of a different name that would
work, I already had him cemented in my mind. The name just
Chapter 51: Hope

The next time Vincent killed someone was exactly three months after
the first time. The victim in question was a tall burly man with a pistol.
He had threatened Marcus with death unless the boy had told him
where Vincent was. The man didn't even realize that his target was
the one who killed him. Using the man's own knife, no less.
The nightmares had returned almost immediately after he
accidentally killed the first child, taunting him with his fears. Telling
him that he was a murderer, that he deserved to rot in hell. That
Marcus hated him for what he had done. The nightmares pushed him
to the point of apathy once again, his only care being Marcus once

Vincent had used the money in the failed assassin's wallet to pay for
food for a few months, before coming to the decision to get himself a
legitimate job. He knew he wanted a job at the place that had been
his childhood haven, but unfortunately they had shut down. The
reason for it wasn't entirely clear to him, but that wasn't important.
There was a new place opening up that sported the same characters,
except it was called Fredbear and Friends. Apparently the diner's
property had all been bought out by a company called Fazbear
Entertainment, and they were trying to preserve the reputation the
diner had built up. Vincent applied for a job, as a day time security
guard, and they had hired him without bothering to do a background
check. The pay wasn't much, but it was enough to reliably feed
Marcus, and that was what mattered.
A month after taking out the assassin, a man showed up in the little
alley that the brothers called home.
"Are you two the Tollini brothers?"
Vincent gave him a suspicious glare. "What's it to you?"
The man gave a thin lipped smile. "My boss is extremely excited to
meet you two."
"And what makes you think we'll go with you?"
"Five thousand dollars, simply for showing up. Your brother does not
have to come."
Five thousand dollars was a fortune for a pair of street dwellers. It
would allow them to live extremely well for weeks. "Fine." Vincent
He followed the man to a large white van, into which he and Vincent
climbed. The windows in the back were blacked out, and the two
unobstructed windows weren't visible from the back of the van. After
ten minutes of rattling travel, they arrived at their destination, and two
sets of strong hands grabbed him by the shoulders and escorted him
through the building.
"Ah, here's our guest." A surprisingly friendly voice said.

Vincent looked at the man who had spoken. He seemed to be

wealthy, based purely off his clothing and various accoutrements. He
wore a black pinstriped suit with a red tie and had a fedora perched
on his head. "So, you're the boy who killed one of my top men."
Vincent didn't answer.
"Do you know what I'm gonna do with you?"
"Hire me?" Vincent said. "After all, if an eighteen year old boy can
take out one of your top men, he's certainly got some talent that can
be used."
The man laughed. "I like you kid. You've got spunk, you've got fire.
My name's Tony. I run this here collection of gentlemen." Tony
gestured around the room, leading Vincent's eyes to see a small
army of men, most of which had visible weaponry. "And it isn't often
that we consider it to be time to accept a new member."
"What exactly do you want me to do?" Vincent asked flatly.
Tony laughed again. "You're smart kid. That's good. So far you've
done a good job, running errands for all of the various groups in this
city. I want you to put these talents to my purposes. I won't exactly
call on you often, but you can rest assured it'll pay very, very well."
He stuck his hand out. "We have a deal, Mister Tollini?"
Vincent shook his hand without hesitation. "We have a deal."

Vincent woke up with a start, eyes darting around his room. He

quickly swung his legs off the bed, looking down at himself. He didn't
feel like anything was injured, and he had developed a good sense of
it, seeing as his pain centers were defunct. He was clad in a purple
shirt and blue jeans, instead of the security uniform that he had
passed out in. He checked the date and was relieved to find that it
was the same day, if a good deal later.
He looked up at the door when he heard someone knocking. "Come

Mike pushed the door open, a concerned look on his face. "How are
you feeling Vince?"
"Pretty good, considering I just died. I did die, right?" He looked at
Mike, then continued when the other man nodded in confirmation.
"Although I don't think I'll ever be able to have children. Not that I
could have anyways."
"Unfortunately true." Mike said. "I'll leave you then." He turned to
"Why don't you have a wife? Why is there no Mrs. Schmidt?" Vincent
asked. "I mean, not that I'm judging, but you don't seem like that kind
of guy. You're rich, intelligent, strong, and kind. I mean, I would have
thought the ladies would be all over you."
Mike sighed sadly. "You're right. There have been a lot of women who
tried to woo me, but none of them really mattered." He looked at
Vincent. "You should know something first. I'm an only child. I never
got to know my father, and my mother died of a brain tumor not long
before I got the job at the '87 location."
Vincent just stared at him for a little bit. "I I'm sorry."
"Don't be. You had nothing to do with it." Mike paused. "Where was
I oh yeah. Three years after the '87 location shut down, I met
someone. Her name was Hope, and she was the love of my life."
Mike sighed again. "She was intelligent, witty, kind and caring. She
was beautiful too, but she hid behind her glasses and thought nobody
cared." Mike gazed into space wistfully. "At first, she was surprised
that a 'rich man' such as me found any interest in her. She was a
nobody, or so she claimed, while I was a part of the 'upper class'.
Eventually, we grew close. I loved her so much I would like to think
she loved me too." Mike looked at Vincent, sadness in his eyes. "It all
ended in 1991. She was travelling through the city when it happened.
A group of thugs got her as she went past an alleyway. The only
reason I even found out is because her body was found three days

later, her throat slit." The big man blinked back tears. "She she was
the only one. I just haven't had any romantic inclinations."
"Mike" Vincent said sadly. "I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault Vincent" Mike said, turning to leave again. "Get
some rest. Death can't really be easy on you."
The door closed with a click, leaving Vincent with only his own

"So what exactly are these for?"

Fritz sighed. This was the fifth time he'd had to explain what he was
doing. First it was Percy, then the Puppet, then two separate groups
of animatronics, and now Vincent. "I'm making mechanical legs for
Percy, so that he doesn't need to use the wheelchair anymore."
"So how will they work?" Vincent asked. "Are you going to have to
amputate Percy's legs in order to put these on him?"
"Of course you would ask that Vince." Fritz said, clearly agitated. He
was tightening the joint on the knees. "These will act like an
exoskeleton. Linked to his nerves, and able to move his legs for him."
Vincent pondered this for a moment, then opened his mouth to
speak. "If you're going to say something stupid, please don't." Fritz
"I just wanted to ask if these would make Percy some sort of
superhero." Vincent said, seeming hurt.
"And my prediction is justified." Fritz said, frowning in concentration
as he began to edit the mechanisms. "Oh to hell with it. They'll make
his legs stronger and faster than most humans, not to mention the
fact that fatigue will be nonexistent with these things." He tapped his
wrench on the side of the leg he was working on. "Before you ask
about any special gadgets, no; there will not be anything in these
things apart from the exoskeleton mechanisms and the nerve link."

"Will your universal remote be able to access them?" Vincent asked.

Fritz paused, then shrugged. "I honestly don't know. I'm not rigging
them to respond to it, if that's what you're asking. It might be able to
disrupt the mechanism, but I doubt it."
"Guess that's good, we don't want to force Percy to walk all over the
"Too right." Fritz said. "So what exactly is your plan on getting the
animatronics outside?"
Vincent grinned. "You'll see." The pale man watched Fritz work on the
mechanical legs for a little while, then asked a question he had been
thinking about since he woke up that day. "What happened to
"Mike said that he was gone by the time he got back from taking you
to the Puppet." Came the answer. "Why?"
That was a problem. "Did he take anything? Download any
information from the animatronics? Have any of their AIs been
tampered with?"
Fritz shook his head in negative. "I checked myself. All of the firewalls
are still in place, completely unaltered. In any case, it would be
difficult for anyone to hack in without knowing the backdoor, and the
backdoor in this case is a genetic code, specifically mine."
"Wait. So you made your DNA the backdoor to the animatronic
firewalls?" Vincent snorted. "Really?"
The other man shrugged. "It's actually a scanner hidden on all of the
animatronics. The only ones who properly trigger the scanner are me
and Mike." He paused. "The exceptions being Spring and the Puppet.
Spring because he's not actually used as an animatronic, and the
Puppet because he doesn't have an AI." Fritz shrugged again, and
resumed tweaking the pistons and motors of the mechanical legs. "I'll
be completely honest, I don't like the Puppet. At all. It's just creepy.
It's technically an animatronic, it has a metal skeleton with motors on
the joints, but the thing shouldn't be able to walk. Don't even get me

started on the whole levitating thing. That's just weird."

"You put fingerprint scanners on a bunch of kid's animatronics."
Vincent said flatly.
"If what you've told us about Franklin Johnson is correct, than my
decision is justified." Fritz answered, waving Vincent off. "Now go, I
need to focus"

A little more backstory on Vincent, and a bit of backstory on our

favorite employer.
Chapter 52: A Quick Outing

Mike blinked. "What?" From what little he had noticed, Goldie had
teleported in, said something about coffee, and vanished again in the
blink of an eye. "Did someone give him coffee?" Mike stopped
there. "Of course"
The man stood up and exited his office, making his way to the main
show area. From time to time he would spot Goldie flickering in and
out of sight, appearing in one place then vanishing and appearing in
another. Ordinarily it would've been unnerving, but the whole time the
yellow bear was wearing a goofy grin and laughing.
Mike marched into the main show area to find Vincent lying on the
ground, laughing so hard that he couldn't breathe. "Alright Vince,
what did you do?"
Vincent slowly settled down, regaining his breath. "Hey Mike! Did you
know if you feed coffee to one of the animatronics, they go crazy?"
The green eyed man scowled. "I hope you don't mean literally
"No, no. Fritz said something about volts and amps, but I didn't really
hear him, I wasn't paying attention. He also said something about not
giving the animatronics alcohol or caffeine, specifically coffee."

Vincent said, standing up.

"So the first thing you did is give Goldie coffee." It wasn't a question.
"Well, I wanted to give it to BB first, but he took one taste and spat it
out. Smart kid. The other toys didn't even want to try it, said
something about me being up to something, can't say I blame them. I
wanted to try the Puppet next, but it had no effect on them. Shame
really, seeing a spindly armed ghost running through the place at
Mach four would've been hilarious. So, I tried giving it to foxy, but he
waved me off. I couldn't find Freddy or Chica, but Bonnie was willing
to give it a try, until he realized that it was coffee, then muttered
something about not wanting to go hyperactive. That left Fredbear."
Vincent went through his list systematically.
Mile sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Vincent, I thought you
hated coffee?"
"I do. I wanted to know if the animatronic liked it."
"If you ever attempt to give any of them any form of alcohol, I'm going
to get the Puppet to resurrect you as a beetle."
"Point taken. I'll just throw out the beer bottles then." Vincent said with
a mischievous grin.
"Please tell me you didn't actually get beer just to see what reaction
the animatronics have to it" his employer said wearily.
"I didn't. I don't usually touch alcohol, ruins my focus."
There was a loud thump and both of them turned to see Fredbear
passed out on the floor. "And that, my ADHD friend, is why we don't
give the animatronics coffee." Mike informed Vincent.
"Lesson learned, I'll only give coffee to the animatronics when it
would be suitably hilarious." Vincent said, raising his right hand in the
air as if to make an oath.

"Fine. I won't give the animatronics coffee." Vincent said, lowing his
hand. "You're no fun."
"I'm trying to prevent anything from breaking, there's a big difference."
Vincent checked his watch. "I need to get going."
Mike frowned. "Where?"
"Got some scouting to do." Vincent said with a wink, walking towards
the main entrance.
"We're opening in half an hour!"
"I'll be back by then, don't worry." Vincent said, before walking out the

Vincent had worked at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for four years before
he hit any issues. He was a dedicated worker, and despite his apathy
he acted like a good friend, caring and happy. It was just that,
however. An act. He cared little for his coworkers, and even less for
the children that it was his job to protect. He had quickly been
promoted to head of security once a second security guard was
hired, and he was careful to maintain his new position.
Management had decided to completely change the lineup of
characters. Bonnie was changed from a yellow female bunny to a
lavender colored male rabbit. Fredbear was completely removed
from the character lineup and replaced by Freddy Fazbear, a brown
bear with a black tie and top hat. Two other characters were added
as well, Chica, a female chicken, and Foxy, a male pirate fox. The
creepy marionette that came from Fredbear's was put into storage,
for later potential use.
Both of the original mascot suits were transformed into something
called a spring lock suit. These specialized suits had an
endoskeleton in them that could be compressed against the walls of
the suit, making it usable as both an animatronic and a costume.
Vincent hated the things, but it meant that, from time to time,
Fredbear was onstage instead of those new, creepy animatronics. As

a major member of the company, Vincent was trained in the use of

the spring lock suits, and knew exactly how to avoid being crushed
by them, but he loathed them nonetheless, and refused to use them
unless in an absolute emergency.
It was on a fairly normal day in the October of 1983 that Tony called
in on him for a job. His objective was to shut down Freddy Fazbear's
Pizza by any means necessary. It wasn't necessary to make sure that
the place wouldn't reopen, but Tony and his group needed that
location for the next few years, it was in a prime location for drug
At first, Vincent didn't do anything drastic. Some rumors, a couple of
broken parts on the animatronics, and vandalizing the place at night.
He was never caught, but it didn't lead to the place closing down
either. It was after a couple weeks of these attempts that he received
some more decisive instructions. Kill some of the kids.
Vincent didn't want to at first, it was wrong. He didn't care much
about them, but it would be wrong to just kill a bunch of kids. On the
other hand, it was a big payout, and it would be enough to send
Marcus to college
It was another week before Vincent put the plan into action. He knew
that the best way to get the kids to the back room would be to use
one of the animatronics. He didn't want Fredbear to be associated
with the murders, so he used the Spring Bonnie suit. He gathered up
five children and lured them to the back room with the promise of
seeing a 'Secret character'. The job got messy, and two of the kids
had tried to escape, but he had killed them before they could go
anywhere. As the final step of his plan, he hid the bodies inside the
animatronics, to ensure that they would never be found. He hated
having to stuff a child inside of Fredbear, and he knew that the body
would be found, but he had to. By the time anyone found the bodies,
it would be too late.
He was entirely right. The next day, the animatronics had all been
cleaned, and the body of the kid he stuffed into Fredbear was
missing entirely. Unfortunately, it didn't cause the place to shut down.
It did, however, cause a security guard to be hired for the night shift.

Most of the time, the guard stayed all of one night, screaming about
killer robots and psychotic animatronics as they left. The only guard
who stayed more than a couple nights was a bulky young man
named Mike. The kid was clever, but far too trusting for his own good.
As the deadline that Tony had given him closed in, Vincent began to
worry that he couldn't force the place to shut down in time. In a
desperate ploy, he rigged the Fredbear and Spring Bonnie suits to
collapse upon the next person to use them. It worked, causing the
unfortunate brothers who acted out the mascots to be crushed, killing
them both.
It turned out that a public 'accident' was all that was needed to get
the place shut down. Fazbear Entertainment closed the place down
with the announcement that they would be reopening across town
with 'safer' animatronics.

Vincent shook his head. That wasn't important right now. His current
goal was to find places he could take the animatronics that he knew
they would enjoy. He had already decided that the park was a good
idea, they would love the scenery, but he wanted to locate a place to
eat. The best way to do that was to use his eyes.
After a few minutes of walking, Vincent finally spotted what he was
looking for. He took note of the location and turned around to head
back to the pizzeria. He had another twenty minutes to return to the
pizzeria. He was about halfway to his destination when something
swung out of the darkness of an alley, catching Vincent on the head.

Four years later. It was four years after the first Freddy Fazbear's
Pizza shut down, and they were opening a new location. Spring
Bonnie was left behind, blocked up in the safe room, while Fredbear
was stripped of his spring locks and endoskeleton, leaving him just
an empty suit.
The old animatronics were in an absolutely terrible condition. Vincent
could care less what happened to any of the accursed robots, but it
was almost saddening, learning that the old things were in such a

bad condition. Bonnie was missing not only his face, but his entire left
arm. Chica's hands were both removed, and some bozo had thought
it would be a good idea to see how far they could open her jaw,
resulting in the endoskeleton being the only reason the top of her
head was still attached to her body. Freddy and Foxy weren't in as
bad of a state, but the optical sensors on the fox were extremely
glitchy, causing him to reset entirely when a light was shined in his
The new animatronics weren't much better. Fazbear Entertainment
had tried to make them more 'kid friendly' and in doing so had
absolutely ruined the identities of the characters. The new Freddy
looked like it was overweight, so much for being a good role-model.
New Bonnie was feminine to a fault, despite the fact that the
character was SUPPOSEDLY a male now. Chica's redesign was
catastrophic. The color choice on certain parts was an absolutely
idiotic decision, not to mention the body shape being far too
suggestive for a child entertainer. The new Foxy was the only one
Vincent didn't have a major gripe with, but that changed once he saw
the kids dismantling the thing.
In the interim between the two locations, Vincent had met a clever
little man named Franklin. The kid was a genius, he knew exactly
how to manipulate computers to do what he wanted them to. His
biggest flaw, however, was that he wasn't physically powerful.
Franklin was scrawny and short, and unlike Vincent didn't have the
necessary speed to make up for it. In order for both of them to better
survive, Franklin would help Vincent with technological issues, in
exchange for Vincent's fighting prowess.
Franklin had the beginnings of a good fighter in him. He was small
enough that most people underestimated him, but had enough
muscle mass to hold his own, should a conflict arise. Vincent took to
teaching him how to defend himself, in case the kid should ever need
It wasn't very long before Tony called up Vincent with yet another job.
This time his goal would be to get those sickeningly cute new robots
put out of commission permanently. He was to use similar methods to
the previous attack on Fazbear's but to find some way to get them to

scrap the plastic animatronics.

Vincent knew this would be an issue. The creepy puppet from
Fredbear's had been made a permanent character in this new
location, and even had its own little area, the Prize Corner. The thing
had tried more than once to strangle him when nobody else was
around, and he had only escaped by the skin of his teeth. It had even
been adapted with a basic endoskeleton, so that it could move
around in order to better give children presents.
In order to make this new job work he enlisted the help of Franklin,
his new friend. He had the clever man devise a virus that he could
apply to all of the toy animatronics. Hopefully the disruption to their
facial recognition program would be enough for Vincent to proceed
with the second part of the operation.
It was. The toy animatronics couldn't tell one security guard from
another, and before anyone could attempt to fix them, Vincent had
already taken five children to the back room with another promise of
seeing the 'secret character'. He couldn't stuff them into suits like last
time, but he was thankful for the fact that the company was willing
enough to wipe up his mess that they completely disregarded the
loss of human life and dispose of the bodies.
It made Vincent almost feel sick to have to kill so many children, just
to make his employer happy. But it was paying for Marcus' education,
and that was the important part.
The weirdest part of the new location was that Mike had returned,
and had volunteered to be the engineer for the animatronics, the
whole lot of them. It was incredibly strange, who would want to help
those creepy robots? But at the end of Mike's week as night guard,
he found something that made him shudder. A note that read 'speak
to them'. It was like the animatronics were alive. But that was
impossible. Right?
It didn't really matter anyways. As soon as Mike's replacement was
moved to the day shift, the poor kid had his head munched by toy
Foxy, or Mangle, as everyone had taken to calling it. That was the
event that got the place shut down. Not the five dead children, but
one man, who SURVIVED, getting his head nibbled by a robot. It

didn't matter anyway. The toy animatronics were set to be scrapped.

Vincent would receive the pay he was owed.

Vincent woke up, but made sure to keep his breathing even so that
his assailant wouldn't know that he was conscious.
"Just get the money and slit 'is throat."
"You idiot, what do you think will happen when they find the body?"
"It shouldn't matter anyways, just take his wallet."
"I dunno why we ever listen to you!"
Three people, it sounded like. One of them with an accent that he
couldn't quite place, one of them sounded like an intellectual, and the
last was probably moronic, if conventions followed through.
Now was as good a time as any to surprise them. "Have you ever
heard of the Violet Assassin?" He asked, otherwise not moving an
"Who said that?"
"The Violet Assassin that's a title I haven't heard in a long time."
"Who's the Violet Assassin?"
Vincent inwardly chuckled. These three were morons. He snapped
his eyes open and quickly jumped to his feet, snatching a knife off of
the closest of the three muggers and hurling it at the gun that another
one held. To finish his trick, he knocked the third member of their little
gang unconscious with a jab to the throat, then whirled back around
and kneed the first mugger in the gut. "Answer to your questions:
you're looking at him."
Vincent began to walk out the alley when a voice made him stop in
his tracks.
"Never thought I'd see the day I get to kill a legend."

The pale man ducked just before a gunshot rang out, bullet whizzing
over his head. Vincent whirled around to see a fourth mugger, this
one wearing what looked like gang colors. At the sight of the insignia
on the man's jacket, Vincent's blood ran cold.
Tony's band of 'gentlemen' were still terrorizing this city.
"So, Vincent Tollini eh? I thought you were dead. You vanished for
sixteen years without a trace, and here you are. Hair white as snow,
but not a wrinkle on your face." The man said, an antique looking
revolver resting in his hand. Vincent knew better than to think that the
weapon was old, Tony's henchmen all used bizarre and often fancy
looking weapons. None of them were anything but top quality. The
lone exception had been Vincent, and that was purely because he
preferred a plain steel knife to some fancy dagger.
"I can't help but feel like I should know you, but you obviously weren't
important enough for me to remember." Vincent replied. "In any case,
you should know better than to point a weapon at a man who's made
thirty kills."
His assailant chuckled. "I will admit, you were one of the best. The
Violet Assassin, your title was. The deadliest man on the streets.
Killed ten kids just for a paycheck. Hunted his own brother for three
years, before just disappearing. You're a legend, among our inner
circle." The man chuckled again, steadying his aim. "But even
legends die." The man pulled the trigger.
"What?" he looked down at his revolver.
"You're an idiot." Vincent said, producing a knife from somewhere on
his person. "You didn't even pull the hammer back." Vincent launched
the knife, catching the man's revolver and knocking it to the ground.
The ex-assassin walked up to the man who owned the revolver and
picked him up. It didn't seem like it should've been possible, seeing
as how Vincent was extremely scrawny, but he lifted him by the front
of his shirt as if he weighed nothing.
"Please don't kill me!" the man squeaked.

Vincent scoffed. "You're pathetic. You had multiple opportunities to kill

me, but you didn't take any of them." He jabbed the man in the
temple, knocking him unconscious. "Night, night. Bastard."
He turned and left the alley, trying to remember who exactly he had
just incapacitated. There was an old man back in '93 that had used a
revolver, had been a deadeye with it too. Old coot could pin a fly at a
hundred meters, using nothing more than an unwieldy revolver. He'd
been downright insane too. Always muttering about 'them' being after
him and 'them' watching. Now that Vincent thought about it, a
teenager had often followed the old man around. That was probably
the moron he had just knocked out. What had the old man called
himself? Revolver something
It didn't really matter. The buffoon who had inherited his weapon of
choice was doing a crappy job of maintaining his legacy. He missed
the first shot, and gave Vincent a warning beforehand. Idiot.
Vincent checked his watch. Five minutes until opening time. With a
swear at his lips, Vincent began to sprint back to the pizzeria.
Hopefully he could get back in time before they opened

Long chapter this time. I'm increasing the amount of words I put
into a chapter before I consider it good enough to post.
I've wanted to do the scene with hyperactive Fredbear/Goldie for
a while, I decided that now would be a good enough time to fit it
We also go over more of Vincent's past.
Chapter 53: Betrayal

The rest of the day was more than a little weird. For starters, there
was a very good reason for Mike needing Vincent at the pizzeria for
the day. The toy animatronics, despite having only been activated two
days ago, were going to be performing. There was a secondary party
area that branched off of the arcade for this exact purpose. Theodore,
Tia, and Ben would be using the stage of this second party area,
while Vix and BB joined the Puppet in the Prize Corner.

It was going to be Vincent's job to make sure that they remained in

their pristine condition, at least for a few days, to make sure that they
remained in their pristine condition until they had fully adjusted to
their upgrades. In addition, he was wearing the Spring suit, not only
to ease the slight headache from his little scouting mission, but to act
as a performer. The pizzeria had twelve fully interactive characters,
and they needed to maintain this aspect.
In the morning, the biggest problem was when the toys would forget
their lines. They had practiced, sure, but they were mentally
teenagers. Their memories weren't perfect.
Fortunately, Ben seemed to be an adept improviser. More than once,
when Tia or Theodore slipped on their line, he would interject with a
joke or a comment that would make the kids laugh.
While all of the animatronics were good with children, and they were
all good performers, the toy stage was better for small children. The
toy animatronics were less intimidating than the towering main group,
and softer too.
Vincent was keeping a watchful eye on the children in the secondary
party area when he spotted something interesting. BB was leading a
young child through the room towards the stage. "See Timmy!
They're real nice!"
"O-okay Billy" Timmy stuttered. It seemed like a classic case of the
kid being afraid of the animatronics. Vincent could hardly blame him,
they could be incredibly terrifying if they wanted to be.
It was kind of odd then, that this little boy was interacting with BB.
But, at the same time, it wasn't. BB was certainly the least
intimidating of all the animatronics when he wasn't walking around
eyeless and he looked like a human. In fact, the only thing that
made him outwardly inhuman was that he didn't breathe, and frankly,
nobody really noticed that.
The toys onstage finished their little performance and stepped off of
the raised stage, so as to roam around. Tia, seeing BB, made a
beeline for him. "Hello BB! What are you up to today?"

"Hi Tia!" BB said happily. "I'm showing Timmy around!"

Tia then saw the young boy. She knelt down so as to be on the same
level as the child. "Why hello there! My name is Tia, what's yours?"
In response, the boy hid behind BB. The balloon vendor shrugged.
"He's a little shy, but it should get better! I'm going to take him to see
Across the room, Vincent snorted in amusement. Again with the
nicknames. Anyone would think the Puppet was a girl with all the
things people called it.
As he watched BB escort Timmy to the Prize Corner, his musing was
interrupted by someone tugging his hand and shouting "Spring!
Vincent looked down to see none other than little Angela. "Why hello
there Angela! How are you today?" He knelt down so as to be on a
similar level to her.
"I'm doing great!" Angela said cheerfully.
"And how's your big brother doing?" Vincent said, then froze. The
little girl had never said anything about a brother, had she? Maybe
her mother but she hadn't either. So where had that come from?
"He's in college, so I haven't seen him in a while." The girl answered
Vincent wasn't paying much attention, he was rummaging through his
mind to find out why had said that.

It was 1994, and Vincent was downright furious.

Everything he'd built up to this point was collapsing.
After fourteen years working for a group of murderers, he had finally
amassed enough money to buy a house for himself and Marcus, so
that they wouldn't have to live on the streets anymore. He had a

steady income, more than enough to feed himself and his brother.
Things were finally looking up.
Then disaster struck.
It started with Franklin betraying him.
It was a relatively normal job. He and Franklin were to break into the
museum, kill the curator, grab the large, rune-scribed pearl that was
the main exhibit, and get out. It should have been easy, Franklin had
only gotten better at his hacking, and Vincent was able to move like a
shadow when he wanted to. It would have been Vincent's thirty-first
and final kill. Tony had said that he would let him go after this job was
complete, and the pay was enough for Vincent and his brother to live
for kings for nearly thirty years.
The first phase of the plan went as scheduled. Franklin hacked into
the security system and shut down the automated defenses,
replacing the camera footage with the footage from the night before.
Next, Vincent picked the lock on the door, silently swinging it open.
He made his way past the security guards and located the pearl,
extracting it from its casing both silently and smoothly. After placing
the artifact in a pouch he had been given for that exact purpose, he
crept through the building to the room where the curator was doing
late night paperwork.
Or where he was supposed to do late night paperwork. As soon as
Vincent pushed the door open he knew it was a trap. It triggered an
alarm, one that wasn't linked to the mainframe, and the inhabitant of
the room drew a gun and took aim at him. Vincent ducked back
around the doorframe and spoke into the earpiece that Franklin had
given him. "Abort. Part one was a success, but they knew about part
"Gotcha. Disabling the lights now."
Immediately the building went dark. It didn't hinder Vincent much, but
the security guards couldn't see, and that was the important part.
Several gunshots rang out, some of them quite close, but none of
them hit Vincent, thankfully. He made his way back to the door he
had entered by, only to find that there were far too many people there

for him to take them on, even with the lack of light, one of them would
shoot him. "Main exit is a failure. I'm coming out the window."
Vincent reversed his steps and found his way to a ladder up to the
catwalk near the ceiling. He watched the security guards running
under him as he crept along silently. After making his way to the
window, he paused for a moment. There was no latch to open it.
Vincent shrugged, then broke the glass using the butt of his knife
before jumping through onto the roof outside, where Franklin was
"Alright Franklin, let's get out of here." He said to his partner.
"Got it." The hacker replied. The both of them made their way to the
ladder up to the roof and climbed down into the side alley. The
hacker and the assassin made their way to the end of the alley, to a
wall that was their planned escape route.
"Up and over." Vincent muttered, boosting Franklin to the top of the
wall. He passed the pearl up to him, then reached up to Franklin.
"Sorry Vince. Can't exactly get you out after getting paid to sell you
out." The hacker shrugged. "Plus, I heard that I can sell this for much,
much more than Tony pays." He raised up the bag with the pearl. "As
I said, sorry Vince. It's nothing personal."
"You bastard." Vincent growled. He drew his knife and launched it at
Franklin, who instinctively pulled the bag with the pearl in the way.
The knife tore the bag in two, dropping the pearl into darkness.
"You moron!" Franklin shouted. The hacker looked down the alley
and grinned evilly. "Doesn't matter, you're going to be executed." He
dropped down on the other side of the wall and ran off.
Vincent turned around to see that there were police cars blocking his
only exit. Or so they thought. Vincent drew another knife and stuck it
into the mortar of the wall as deep as he could, then jumped up onto
it, using the knife as a stepping stone to reach the top of the wall. He
pushed himself over and searched the shadows for the pearl. After a
couple seconds of searching he found it and picked it up. "Hmm"
He only had a few minutes before the police would come around this

side. Vincent quickly scrabbled around on the wall of the building

next to him and pulled a brick out. He pulled out a couple more so
that the pearl could fit and then pushed the gemstone through. After
quickly replacing the bricks, he made his way into the web of alleys
that he knew he could hide in.
After a couple hours of pursuit, Vincent eventually got to the
apartment building that he and his brother used as their temporary
home. He went to their apartment and opened the door. "Marcus?
You home?"
"Yeah." Marcus replied, he sounded angry.
Vincent went into the main room of the apartment to see Marcus
wearing a furious expression. He had a sheaf of papers in his hand.
"Is something wrong?" Vincent said, confused.
"Is something wrong? Everything is wrong!" He threw the papers onto
the table. "Turns out my older brother is a serial killer!"
Vincent went cold. He had never told Marcus where he got the
money, only that he had 'done a job' in order to get it. A quick glance
at the papers on the table revealed that they were an extensive
police case on him. It didn't list his name anywhere, but someone had
penciled his name in. "Who gave these to you?"
"I always wondered where you were, and now it makes sense!
You've been murdering people!" Marcus was fuming.
"I did it for you" Vincent began.
"For me? For ME? You murdered other people, without my
knowledge, for ME?!" Marcus shouted. "I can live my own life! You've
sheltered me too much!" Marcus sighed, "Diane was right. You are
"Diane? Who's Diane?" Vincent said, confused.
"My WIFE!" Marcus took a steadying breath. "We got married five

years ago, and you missed it because you never listened to what I
had to say. You just went off on another one of your little jobs,
probably to kill another person!"
"You got married" Vincent said, his anger beginning to grow. "I take
care of you, I fund you, and you go and do this? I hate you, you
"You're sick and twisted, you only care about yourself! I'm not going
to stay here with your 'family' when there are those that need me
more!" Marcus shouted. "I have a little boy! He has to live with his
mother and never meet me because of you!"
"Family? I hate those bastards!"
"You act just like them! You're a mass murderer!" Marcus shoved
past him, making his way out the door. "You're going to die alone
Vincent." He said, and left.
"I'll kill you!" Vincent said, not thinking. "I'll kill you!"
Marcus was already gone.
Vincent turned around and kicked the table over. Everything had
collapsed. His partner had betrayed him, his brother had left him, and
Fazbear Entertainment was bankrupt.
But maybe he could put the money from his jobs to a different
Fazbear Entertainment was about to be under new management.

He was snapped out of his memories by Angela talking.

"Mister Spring, do you know my brother?"
Vincent shook his head. "No, but I know your father."
Angela gasped. "You know my daddy? What's he like? Where is he?"

"I don't know where he is right now, but he's a very nice man. He
loves you very much." Vincent said honestly. If Vincent's guess was
correct, then Marcus was indeed this little girl's father.
Now that he looked at the girl, he realized that there was little way
Angela wasn't his brother's daughter. She had the same blue eyes
and black hair, as well as similar facial structure to both Marcus and
Vincent himself. Angela seemed to have the same slender figure as
Vincent and his mother.
"Why don't you go and play with the new guys? There's a white fox
I'm told wants to meet you." He said, sending her off to the Prize
Vincent looked around the room for Angela's mother. He had to know.
He had to be certain that Angela was his niece. After a few moments
of scanning the room, he spotted the woman he was looking for. He
made his way across the room to her. "Diane?"
The woman started. "Yes? Do I know you?"
He realized that he was still wearing the Spring suit. "My name is
Vincent, I'm the sole performer for the Spring character. I was
wondering if you knew Marcus Tollini"
Diane nodded. "He was my husband, why?"
"I'm his brother. What do you mean was?" Vincent asked.
"He disappeared a couple years after Angela was born. Marcus has
told me a lot about you. You raised him, right?"
Vincent nodded. "Yes I" He stopped, something distracting him.
"I" It wasn't his normal ADHD; that never actually drew his attention
off of something. This was something else entirely. He shook his
head, a buzzing sound beginning to crowd out his thoughts. Before
he knew it he was holding his head in his hands and trying to ward off
a headache.
"Are you alright?"

He nodded "I'm fine, just headache." He shook his head, trying to

shake off the buzzing. He looked up and scanned the room, spotting
a familiar grinning figure. Franklin was holding a black box in his
hands and watching the side effects of his mayhem. When Vincent
looked straight at him, his grin vanished, and he pressed several
buttons on his device. Vincent's headache intensified. "Pardon me
ma'am. I need to go handle something."
As he made his way towards Franklin, the short man began to mess
with object in his hands more, causing Vincent's headache to get
worse. "That shouldn't be happening" Franklin muttered, probably
meaning to be unheard. Another benefit of wearing the Spring suit
was enhanced senses, primarily hearing and smell.
"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to put that away." Vincent told the
hacker, ignoring his headache.
Franklin's eyes widened in shock. "Vincent?"
"Sir, please put that away." Vincent immediately knew that he was
scaring Franklin. The last time the hacker had seen him, he was
bleeding out.
"O-of course." Franklin muttered, putting the device in his pocket and
quickly leaving the room. Immediately, Vincent's headache went
Vincent sighed in relief. Hopefully that discouraged Franklin from
trying anything else.

The last chapter of Vincent's backstory, complete with the

reason he hates Franklin so much and the reason he said had
when he told Mike about his brother.
Chapter 54: Day Out Part 1

Vincent opened his eyes. Let's see, there was something special
about today
Well, it was Sunday, that was one thing. Was it a birthday party?
Probably not. Was it D&D day? Yes, but not until seven. So what

exactly was it that was so important?

Wait, he had promised to take the animatronics into the city. Today.
He jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly. True, he had been
awake at 6 A.M., but he did need at least two hours of sleep every
day. Just one of the perks of being technically dead.
The man made his way up the stairs and into the main show area.
Surprisingly, none of the animatronics were awake yet. You could
argue that they never slept in the first place, simply deactivated. It
was difficult for such an argument to hold up, however. Especially
when the animatronics could wake up at any time, be it because of
loud noises or contact, just like a living person.
Vincent made his way to the parts and service room to grab an
important part of the outing. He picked up Spring and carried the
rabbit suit to the main show area. When he arrived and set the yellow
rabbit down on a table, he made his way into the Prize Corner. BB
and Vix were sound asleep, but the Puppet was climbing out of its
box already. "Hello Vincent." It said quietly.
"Puppet." Vincent replied with a nod. "I need to talk to you." He
looked at the two sleeping animatronics. "Somewhere else."
The Puppet nodded and followed him into the main show area "What
is it that you needed?"
"So, you're magically powerful, right?"" Vincent asked
"Yes, why?"
"How are you on illusion?"
The Puppet raised an eyebrow. "Good. Again, why?"
"Can you make yourself look human?"
The Puppet seemed surprised. "Yes. I don't know why I never thought
of that before."

Vincent grinned. "Sometimes you just need a new perspective."

"Oh great, Vincent has corrupted the Puppet. We're all dead." Fritz
said as he entered the room. "You going to tell me exactly what your
plan is?"
The pale man shook his head. "Not yet. Once the others are up, I'll
tell everyone." He paused. "It's actually super simple."
"If it's so simple, mind explaining why one of us hasn't thought of it?"
Fritz seemed more than a little irritated.
"As I said, sometimes you just need a new perspective." Vincent
shrugged. "And I've learned to look at people as well as locations. I
will say that things have changed in the sixteen years I was dead."
"Hopefully all for the better." Mike added, walking into the main show
area with the rest of them. "Where are you planning on taking the
"Well, we're going to pick up some doughnuts, and then I'm going to
take everyone into the park. For lunch we're going to get some
sandwiches, then go back to the park. We'll finish the day with a meal
at this buffet I found the other day." Vincent counted it out on his
hands. "And then we can get back and do thirteen adventurer
Dungeons and Dragons."
Mike nodded. "Sounds good. The gang haven't been outside in years,
the park will be fun for them. As far as doughnuts are concerned, we
will have to be careful exactly what we order, because certain foods
have a negative effect on their systems. Most notably coffee and
certain sugar products." He finished by glaring at Vincent when he
said coffee.
Vincent raised his hands in the air in surrender. "Alright, giving
Fredbear coffee was a bad idea, I fully admit it."
"I rather liked the coffee. It was a bit bitter, but otherwise tasted
good." The Puppet said.
"That makes one of us." Vincent muttered. He looked up at the

animatronics, then checked his watch. "They should be waking up

His prediction proved correct very quickly as the animatronics on the
main stage woke up one by one. As per usual, Bonnie was the first
one to move. The rabbit yawned and stretched. "So, today's Sunday,
right? Our day out?"
Chica, who had activated a couple seconds later than him, was the
one who answered him. "That's right Bonnie. I wonder where we'll be
"Yes, that is something on my mind" Freddy added."
"You guys will find out soon." Vincent told the three onstage. "We just
need to wait for the toys and Fredbear to wake up." He paused. "I'll
go make sure Foxy doesn't sleep in again" The pale man made his
way over to Pirate's Cove and pulled the curtains open. "Foxy! Wake
"Alright! Alright! 'M up." The pirate shouted back. "God, can't a pirate
get some sleep around here?"
"Not today." Vincent replied. "Especially since we're going out today."
Foxy immediately ran out the curtain, pushing past Vincent. "Alright
then! Today we be goin' places!"
"Sure, ignore me" the man he just pushed over muttered. "I'm just
the only reason you get to go anyways"
The fox stopped and turned around. "I be sorry Vincent. I just got a
little overexcited." He reached down and helped Vincent up.
"Thank you Foxy." Vincent brushed himself off, despite the whole
pizzeria being spotless. "Now then, we just need to wait for the toys
and Fredbear to wake up before we can go over what we're going to
"Just the toys, actually." Fredbear corrected. He had woken up while
Vincent was busy with Foxy. "Well, just the three on the stage. Vix

and BB are on their way here now."

Just as the yellow bear said, the vixen and her little brother were
entering the main show area as Vincent, Foxy, and Fredbear made
their way out of Pirate's Cove. "So Vincent, when are we leaving?"
The white fox asked.
"Once the other three animatronics wake up." More or less the same
answer all the others had gotten.
"What about Percy?" Vix seemed confused.
"Percy said that he would rather stay here." Mike informed her. "He
wanted to get accustomed to his new mechanical legs before going
"Oh, okay then." Vix nodded. "So what exactly is your plan?"
"You have no idea how many times I've been asked that." Vincent
said, rolling his eyes. "Hell, even I don't know how many times I've
been asked that."
"Asked what?" Ben asked, entering the room. Right behind him were
Tia and Theodore.
"What Vincent's plan is" BB answered.
"What is his plan?" Theodore asked.
"Well, now that everyone is here, I can explain it." Vincent said, more
than slightly agitated. He walked over to the Spring suit and set it up
in a good position for him to put it on. "I've been dead for a while, and
a lot of things have changed. One of the bigger changes I've noticed
is a major increase in the furry population."
Fritz started laughing, but all of the animatronics gave him a confused
look. "What exactly are you talking about?" The Puppet asked.
"Guess I'll have to go into the full explanation." Vincent said,
unlatching the back of the Spring suit. "The word furry often has a lot
of negative connotation to it, but that's not important right now.

Furries are people who find themselves more comfortable when

represented by a humanoid animal. The only real way to tell if
someone is a furry is if they often go out into public wearing a suit
that makes them look like some sort of humanoid animal."
"Kinda like you." Fritz said, overcoming his rampant laughter for a few
moments, before collapsing onto the floor again.
"Fritz, you work alongside what is essentially nine sentient fur suits,
and this is what you laugh at?" Mike said, shaking his head. "You
disappoint me."
"Anyways" Vincent said, glaring at Fritz. "You guys are amazingly
sophisticated, to the point where it is impossible to tell that you're
mechanical. It would be possible to pass you off as someone wearing
an extremely high tech suit. Tell me Fritz, how would you feel if
someone asked you to make them a fur suit?"
Fritz calmed himself down. "You're kidding, right?"
Vincent shook his head. "No, I'm not. You will probably be asked
multiple times to construct someone a suit of the same quality as the
animatronics. Can you actually do something like that?"
The engineer scoffed. "Of course I can. Will I do it? No way."
"Well, it's not really important." Vincent said, shrugging. "Now then,
Puppet. Your normal appearance is, well, creepy. You cannot go into
public looking like that. This is exactly why I asked you if you could
make yourself look like a human."
The Puppet nodded. "I fully understand."
"Wait, so let me get this straight. We're going to be using our normal
appearances in order to pass for normal people?" Ben asked.
"Yes. It's rather clever, if I do say so myself." Vincent paused. "Now
that my explanation is over with, I think I'm done being serious." He
looked back at the Spring suit. "Actually, I think I'll wait until after the
doughnuts to put this on" He looked up at Mike. "Or Mike, could
you go pick up two dozen glazed doughnuts?" The pale man began

to climb into the Spring suit. "As for the rest of us" He stood up in
the suit and closed it. "We're going to the park."

I would just like everyone to know that my opinion of furries is

completely neutral. I myself am not one, but I don't hate
someone just for being a furry. They are used as a plot device in
this, but that is all. If I got something wrong in my explanation of
what a furry is, please let me know.
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Chapter 55: Day Out Part 2

As Vincent had predicted, the animatronics drew little more than a

glance. Some people watched them as the crew made their way to
the park on the outskirts of the city, but it was little more than mild
curiosity, as of a slight variation on a sight often seen. The only thing
that was at all odd was the Puppet.
It had insisted that the others call it Marion, so as to seem human. It
did look human, enough that it wasn't weird, but it wasn't exactly
ordinary. They were wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with white
stripes on the wrists, along with black, tight fitting pants that had
similar white stripes on the ankles. Coupled with the fact that they
were wearing black finger-length gloves and that it was summer, they
drew more than a few looks.
All of the animatronics were ecstatic to be outside. Vincent had told
them to keep calm until they got to the park, but all of them were
looking around excitedly. The sole exception was the Puppet, who
had been outside on multiple occasions, albeit invisibly. Even Vincent
was excited, although he couldn't figure out why.
When the group reached the park they found Mike waiting with two
doughnut boxes. "Alright, two dozen glazed doughnuts. Enjoy!" He
set the boxes down on a nearby picnic table and opened them.
The animatronics just stared at the pastries. Vincent sighed. "C'mon

guys, it's a sweet tasting breakfast food." He reached over and

grabbed a doughnut, then took a bite out of it. "'s good." He said with
his mouth full.
Bonnie shrugged, then took a doughnut for himself. As he took a bite
out of it, his eyes widened. "This is really good!"
As if this was the signal they were waiting for, the other animatronics
stepped forwards and began to take doughnuts. Vincent finished off
his doughnut then licked the sugar off of his fingers, then froze. Did I
just lick the sugar off of my fingers while still wearing this suit? He
looked down at himself. Yup, still wearing the Spring suit. What the
Vincent shook his head Think about it later. He was more than a little
surprised that the animatronics had tongues, but upon retrospect, it
made sense. After all, in the human body, most of the taste buds
were on the tongue. It was just odd that he had been able to utilize
the animatronic tongue while in the suit. Come to that, it was odd that
the suit made him stronger and faster as well
After everyone had their share of doughnuts, Vincent led them
through the park. The animatronics loved it. Foxy was running around
like a maniac, making the most of his speed and mechanical
endurance. Ben was astonishingly agile, until you took into account
his electrical reflexes and jumpy nature.
Bonnie had to take the cake for mobility though. He had a ton of
strength in his legs, allowing him to leap incredible distances. Add to
that his daring nature and willingness to actually use his strengths, he
was bounding around the place. The only reason he didn't get himself
lost is because Mike had told all of the animatronics to stay within
eyesight of the group.
Vincent called everyone back together. "Alright, we're going to go to a
more popular area up ahead. There will probably be people, so don't
do anything out of the ordinary. That includes jumping twelve feet in
the air, running at thirty miles per hour, and any other mechanical
shenanigans. Understood?"
"Twelve feet? I can jump much higher than that!" Bonnie seemed

"Bonnie, now is not the time." Mike told him. "We don't want to draw
any unnecessary attention."
"What exactly is up ahead that draws enough attention for us to worry
about it in this otherwise empty park?" Freddy asked.
"The lake. It's the middle of summer right now, so there are a lot more
people who want to come out to the lake, rather than walking around
the forested areas." Vincent paused. "Do NOT swim. I'm well aware
that you guys are waterproof, but a normal person in a fur suit cannot
swim very well. Come to that, a normal person in a fur suit would be
sweating like mad in this weather, and would be completely incapable
of running."
"Noted." Freddy said with a nod.
"Alright guys, come on." Vincent said, leading the way. They left the
heavily forested area to a spot on the edge of a large lake. There
were several people fishing off the edge of the lake, and in a
partitioned off section a large amount of people were playing in and
around the water.
After the group entered the clearing, something flew through the air
and hit Vincent in the side of the head. It was shortly followed by a
man shouting something in Spanish. A couple seconds later, Vincent
could understand what the man said. "You stupid furries! Get out of
here and let the real people enjoy themselves!"
Vincent looked towards the man who had thrown the projectile. It was
a Hispanic man with an angry look on his face, and he was readying
another rock to throw. As he loosed his weapon, Tia stepped forward
and snatched it out of the air, before unleashing a torrent of abuse in
Spanish. "You're the one who's ruining everyone's enjoyment, you
worthless drunk! Get out of here and let the sane people enjoy
themselves! You're such a waste of space" And so on.
Vincent kind of zoned out. He could understand Spanish. How? He
had only a very basic understanding of the Spanish language,
enough to say 'no habla espanol'. So why was it that he could

understand it now, albeit after a short delay? He knew that all of the
animatronics had translators that took a second to properly work, but
did that mean that he was the animatronic, as opposed to the person
By the time Tia was done cussing the man out, he was already
running, a completely confused look on his face. It seemed he had
expected his targets to just back out, or for the other people to back
him up. In fact, it was likely that this man acted in this manner fairly
often. Vincent looked at Tia questioningly. "You speak Spanish?"
"I yes." Tia seemed just as confused as he did. "I didn't even use
my translator" She seemed thoughtful.
Mike checked his watch. "What time did you say we were going to get
sandwiches at?" He asked Vincent.
"Twelve thirty. Why?" Was the response.
"It's twelve right now, we need to leave if we're going to meet the
deadline." Mike informed him.
Vincent shrugged. "Just as well. We don't want to be here if people
like that are the kind that frequent the area. Intolerant bastard."
"Watch your language Vincent." Fredbear scolded.
"Got it. Fredbear's going to tell me to watch my language every time I
swear. No offense to you Fredbear, just something I find funny."
Vincent rubbed the side of his head. That rock had actually hurt quite
a lot. "Let's go."
As the group gathered up to leave, Vincent noticed that Marion was
staring off into space and muttering. "No, not lethal. Of course it can
be humorous that's a bit too far. Don't hurt him, just good. You
understand." Marion turned their pale face back to the group.
"Hey Pupp-Marion." Vincent began. "What was that?"
The darkly clad figure grinned. "You'll see. About now."

There was a scream and a man fell into the lake, shortly followed by
Marion sniggering, and the sound of two ghostly figures laughing like
crazy. Vincent raised an eyebrow. "And what was that?"
"Just desserts." Marion said simply, a twinkle in their oddly colorless
eyes. "After all, we can't just let a man throw rocks at us. Someone
could get hurt."
"More likely them than us." Vincent replied with a grin. "Let's get
going. I think that moron got what was coming to him."
Mike seemed disappointed in the Puppet. "Please tell me you didn't
hurt anyone."
"Of course not. I didn't do anything. You can thank the brothers for
that little stunt." Marion paused. "Although I must admit that I may
have been the one to put them up to it" They trailed off in thought,
before seeing the look on Mike's face. "No, he's not hurt. It's just
water, after all. He landed in a part of the lake deep enough to
cushion him from getting hurt, but shallow enough for him to just walk
"I'm not even going to ask how you know this stuff." Mike said,
shaking his head. "But I'll take your word for it."
"Umm I thought we were going?" Bonnie cut in.
"Yes, of course. Let us leave." Marion announced, straightening up
and dropping the mischievous grin.
Vincent just shook his head. "I never had you down for a prankster."
The group began to move off, back towards the entrance of the park.
"I'm not. Usually." Marion smiled, a quick flash of their teeth. "But then
again, I have to be serious. Usually."
"Vix! Get down from there!" Mike shouted. The white fox had climbed
a tree and was proceeding along the trail via treetop.
"Why? This is fun!" Came the response. She dropped down to a
lower branch, one just out of arm's reach. "I mean, climbing along the

ceilings is fun, but this is exhilarating!"

Mike pinched the bridge of his nose. "We're coming back out here
later, when there will be less people. You can climb trees then."
Vix pouted. "Fine" The fox dropped from the branch, landing lightly.
"You promise we'll be back later?"
"Well, Vincent's the mastermind for today's activities, ask him."
"Vincent Tollini." Vix said solemnly. "Can we please come back later?"
The man put his hand over his heart. "I promise."
"Yes!" the fox shouted, punching the air. "Today will be AWESOME!"
Vincent flinched, "Not so loud. Please. It hurts my ears."
Bonnie scoffed. "It hurts your ears? You're just wearing a suit! I have
to hear it a hundred times louder than you."
Marion shook their head. "Actually, Vincent's senses are incredibly
sensitive for a human being. You would be surprised at what he
"So where are we going next?" Chica asked before Bonnie became
Spring grinned. "Who's up for sandwiches?"

The animatronics get to go outside. We also get a little more

insight into the Puppet's personality. Or rather, their personality
when they AREN'T angry/upset/irritated at Vincent.
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Chapter 56: Day Out Part 3

The gang made their way back to the park with their sandwiches.

There had been a small issue when Chica and Tia learned that
chicken sandwiches were often eaten. Fortunately, Chica was
understanding and easy to calm down. Tia, on the other hand well,
the poor man at the counter would recover eventually. Until then, he
probably wouldn't eat any chicken.
As they re-entered the park, the group made their way through the
trails towards a picnic area. This particular spot was unpopular, but
only because of the distance from the concrete path. It would be the
perfect place to fool around. There would be no people, but plenty of
trees and space for the animatronics to run around and explore.
Upon reaching the area in question, Vincent looked around, spotting
two picnic tables. They were a bit too far apart for his liking not to
mention the fact that there was absolutely no way they could all use
one table. It would barely fit three per bench, four if it was Mike, Fritz,
BB, and Marion.
Vincent walked over to one of the tables and grabbed one side. "A
little help here?"
"On it." Ben answered, giving him a goofy grin and walking over. The
two of them lifted the table and set it end to end with the other one,
effectively combining them.
"Alright, sandwich time." Mike said, setting the bag of sandwiches on
the table. All of the others had volunteered at various points to take it,
but Mike had refused, saying that he preferred to get his own work
"Who ordered the jalapeno bread?" Vincent asked, taking one of the
sandwiches out of the bag and examining it.
"That's mine." Tia raised her hand into the air.
The pale man blinked. "Okay, now who ordered the supreme?"
"I did." Marion answered.
Vincent sighed. This would take a while

After everyone got their sandwiches sorted out, they settled down to
eat. Vincent reached down to grab his meal when suddenly a pitch
black shape popped out of the table, emitting a loud 'SCREE!', before
bursting into laughter at Vincent's reaction.
"Sean. Why are you here?" Vincent said tiredly.
"Well see, nobody really knows why we're here on earth. I mean, is
there some higher power that-" Sean began.
"That's not what I meant." The man said, pinching the bridge of his
"Oh, I see. You're wondering why I'm here in your table? Funny story
that." The rabbit started again.
"No, I mean how are you here at the park?" Vincent was clearly
beginning to grow tired of the ghost's shenanigans.
Sean snickered. "You know how Jeremy is linked to Vix, since he has
the strongest connection to her?"
Vincent nodded. "Yes, but I don't see oh, now I understand. You're
linked to Spring the same way that Jeremy is linked to Vix. I'm
guessing that Shane is linked to Fredbear?"
"Yup!" The ghost said happily, floating out of the table. "It's not every
day we get the chance to go out! Shane's currently off doing his own
thing. 'Exploring the area' he said. Otherwise, he would've been here
to pull the old 'head in the table' trick with me."
Fritz snorted in amusement. "That was pretty funny. You should've
seen the look on your face Vince."
"Vincent scares funny." Sean remarked. "Of course, it's nothing
compared to your screams. Those were hilarious!"
"Okay, can we dispense with the jumpscares?" Vincent muttered,
picking up his sandwich and taking a bite out of it. "I thought we were
past that." He added with his mouth full.

"Silly rabbit, jumpscares are a way of life." Marion informed him,

before taking a bite out of their sandwich.
"Only for you people"
Everyone was finishing their sandwiches when the fun began. Foxy
stood up. "Now that that's over with." He looked around and rubbed
his hands together as if he was about to make a speech. "Tag! You're
it!" He poked Bonnie in the shoulder and ran off.
"Oh no you don't!" The rabbit roared, climbing over his bench and
launching himself towards the fox, making the most of his leg power.
"Well, I'd better go make sure they don't hurt themselves." Freddy
announced, standing up. He leisurely made his way into the forest,
only to break into a run as soon as he was under the trees.
Tia and Ben looked at each other and shared a grin, then the both of
them followed the bear into the forest. Theodore just lay down on the
now vacant bench and placed his top hat over his eyes. Vix picked up
BB and put him on her shoulders, then ran after the others.
Vincent just finished his sandwich when a red blur whizzed by with
the words "Tag, you're it!" and a tap on the shoulder. The pale man
chuckled and shook his head, before jumping up and launching
himself after the fox. "You're not getting away that easily!"
"I will if yer too slow!" came the response as the fox steadily gained
distance on him. Soon enough, the red figure was gone entirely, too
far away for Vincent to see him.
"Blast" Vincent muttered, looking around. The others couldn't be
too far away. Vincent stood perfectly still and listened, ears twitching
towards every sound. His patience was rewarded when he heard a
quiet giggle from behind one of the larger trees. He silently crept up
to the tree, then jumped around it to see BB. "Gotcha!" He said,
tagging the boy. He wasn't going to use anywhere near his top speed,
that would be unfair to BB, but he wasn't just going to let the child
catch him.
He jogged off, BB trying his best to keep up with him. Then a

feminine voice from above and behind him spoke. "Billy! Up here!"
Vincent turned his head to see Vix on a low hanging branch,
stretching one arm towards BB. The child jumped up and tagged her,
and the fox vanished into the foliage. Vincent looked all around, trying
to spot Vix before she could get the jump on him. The golden rabbit
shrugged, then ran off, trying to get far enough away from the area.
Vix was fast enough when in the trees, but not as fast as most of the
other animatronics on the ground.
The man ducked as a paw swung down just above his ear tips, just
barely brushing the fur. "Not today Vix!" He said triumphantly, right
before the fox dropped down on him.
"Uh huh. Looks like you were wrong. You're it!" She said, using his
shoulders as a launching pad to get out of his reach. "C'mon Billy, I
know a really cool spot on the treetops."
Vincent sighed. Now he had to go find someone else. That was a
problem. Or maybe not
As he listened in, he could hear Vix and BB talking, but that wasn't
what drew his attention. Instead it was the steady thump, thump of
something heavy hitting the ground repeatedly. "Looks like a certain
purple rabbit doesn't know the virtues of stealth" He muttered,
hiding behind a tree as Bonnie continued in the same direction,
directly towards him.
His prediction proved correct as Bonnie came into view. The lavender
rabbit jumping along in order to be faster. As the animatronic passed
Vincent's hiding place, he jumped out and tagged him on the back.
"You're it!"
Bonnie started. "You sneaky little" He muttered, trying to slow his
momentum. It didn't exactly work, as he then crashed into something.
"Ow." Freddy muttered as the two lay on the ground. "You really
should watch where you're going."

"I can't help it if you move into my path. You have no idea how hard it
is to change direction while in midair." The rabbit shot back. "By the
way" Bonnie poked him. "You're it." The rabbit launched himself off
the ground and grabbed onto a tree branch, finding himself just out of
Freddy's reach.
Freddy gave the rabbit an unamused look, then shrugged. "There's
more than one way to skin a cat." The bear looked around until he
spotted Vincent. "Greetings Vincent!" He started to walk towards the
suited man. "Do you know where the others are?"
"Well, Vix and Billy are in the treetops, I don't think they're playing any
more. Foxy ran off in" He looked around, then pointed. "That
The bear pat him on the shoulder. "Thank you." He said warmly. "By
the way, you're it." And the bear ducked behind a tree.
Vincent stood there stunned for a few minutes. "Did I really just fall for
that?" He muttered, then shrugged. He probably wasn't going to
catch Freddy. That bear was as stealthy as he was, and he had the
proper colors to boot. Being a giant golden figure in the middle of a
forest of greens and browns was not very stealthy. But then, that
would work to his advantage in this case, wouldn't it. Especially since
there was a particular top hat wearing figure right there
The man knew that he needed to be careful not to get spotted. After
all, Fredbear could just teleport away
"Why are you sneaking?"
Well, there went his cover. Vincent turned around to see Marion. The
paranormal puppet had probably levitated, hence why he hadn't
heard them. "Well, we're playing tag"
"Yes, I know that." Marion said, seeming annoyed. "That doesn't
answer my question."
"If you must know, it's because..." Vincent reached out and poked
Marion. "I was it."

The slender figure gave him an irritated glare. "Really?"

"Yes, no tag backs." Vincent stood upright with his hands on his hips.
"You're so immature." Marion said with a chuckle. "Let's go see what
Fredbear's doing."
The two walked over to Fredbear, who greeted them with a nod.
"Hello you two. What's up?"
"Marion's it." Vincent said flatly.
"Gee. Thanks for selling me out." Marion said dryly. "Where's
everyone else."
"I was just heading over, you two are the last ones out here.
Everyone else is over by the river." Fredbear answered. "I actually
came out to get you two."
"Well, let's get going then." Vincent replied. It was an odd scene. The
tall, slender Marion. The large and jolly Fredbear. And Spring Bonnie,
the energetic, cheerful rabbit. It reminded him of the old times
They left the tree cover to see everyone on the river bank. Bonnie
and Foxy were jumping back and forth across the river, one of them
slipping up from time to time and landing in the water. Chica and Tia
were skipping stones, while Freddy was reading a book, most likely
Theodore's. The owner of said book was sleeping in a patch of
sunlight. Ben was watching Bonnie and Foxy as they leapt back and
forth, flinching every now and then as they fell in. Up on top of a tree,
Vix was sitting with BB; the two of them watching the water flow by.
Mike and Fritz were sitting at the base of that tree, talking about the
forest around them.
Vincent took a deep breath and let it out. "This is nice, you know?"
Marion smiled. "Yes, yes it is." They looked at Vincent. "Perhaps we
could do this again some time?"
"I'd like nothing more."

The third and last part of the animatronics day out.

Chapter 57: Advanced Animatronics and Adventure

Vincent sighed. They'd been back for two hours and still nothing was
done. He was no longer wearing the suit, he had taken it off almost
immediately once they got back. The weirdest part was that Vincent
had felt refreshed, as if he had been sleeping all day; as opposed to
frolicking through the park. There wasn't a drop of sweat on him
either, in spite of the fact that he had been wearing a full body fur suit.
The real issue here lay in character creation.
The plan for the day had been to play Dungeons and Dragons after
the group got back. Percy had a massive thirteen person campaign
planned, and although it could work with less people, it would be a
blast with all of the animatronics plus Mike and Vincent. Fritz didn't
really like role playing games. For some reason, he hated the dice
rolling system and the fact that you had to actually act out your
It had started fine, up until the Puppet read the class list.
"Wizard? How does that work?" It asked, confused.
"Your primary weapon is magic. Uh, kinda like in real life." Percy tried
to explain.
"Yes, but that makes no sense. Magic is only usable by the dead and
the unalive."
"Puppet, it doesn't work like that. In the game, I mean. It's not real, so
the rules of the real world don't apply. Or at least, don't apply all the
time." The bespectacled man tried again.
The haunted puppet raised an eyebrow. "But you cannot simply
ignore some of the rules and follow others. That is not how the world
"I I don't know how to explain it." Percy pondered for a second,
then came up with something. "It's just a game of pretend. A very

complicated game of pretend."

"Okay then" The Puppet said, still not understanding.
Things proceeded quite nicely. Everyone made their characters, and
there was an astonishing amount of variety. While Vincent, Freddy,
Chica, Foxy, and Bonnie already had their characters, the toy
animatronics made characters that were completely different.
Theodore made a psion character, wanting to use a psychic character
whose abilities could best augment his strategic skill. Tia wound up
with an avenger; fitting, considering her actions the past day. Ben
made himself a monk character, wanting to have a dexterity based
attacking class. Vix, the loyal defender that she was, made a warden;
a nature based tank class. Billy had a bard, which was especially
amusing because he had the limited vocabulary and social skills of a
six year old; although that didn't stop him from rolling consistent
twenties and getting the best stats of the group. Lastly, Puppet and
Fredbear had taken sorcerer characters, the Puppet for the wide
array of elemental magic, and Fredbear for the large amount of
teleportation skills.
The adventure began as soon as everyone was finished making their
characters. Percy cleared his throat. "There has been peace and
prosperity for fifty years, but all is not right with the land"

I opened my eyes. It was dark, almost frighteningly so. But that was
OK. I have night vision. I went to stand up, only to find myself unable
to move. Let's see how did I do it again?
There we go. Full range of movement. The only problem was how
do I stand up again? Wait, use the walls as a support. That should
make it easier. Now, walking was simple, right? Everyone could walk.
Except for most animals. And extremely young children. But other
than that, it was just putting one foot in front of the other. Slowly
one foot, then the other. Left, right, left, right no problems.
I tripped over my own legs, just barely catching myself before I went

crashing down to the floor. That would've been bad. Falling over
hurts. A lot. Not to mention the noise it would make. I didn't want to
make Him upset with me.
As I slowly hobbled through the dark room, I looked around. Not
much, really. This room didn't usually need all that much stuff. Just
little things, really. Of course, this was where I spent most of my time.
I didn't mind. I reached the door and leaned against it, trying to push
it open. It didn't budge. Doorknob, right. How do I work a doorknob
Fingers. Grab the doorknob, twist, push. Simple as that. I flinched a
bit at the loud creak of the door swinging open, but I doubted anyone
heard it. I slowly walked out of the dark room into the hallway. Which
way was it to the place He was waiting? Oh right. I can't exactly
lose Him. That would be silly.
Following my instincts, I made my way through the halls. This place
was nice. It was clean, brightly colored, and spacious. It would be the
perfect place to play. Not today though. Today I needed to talk to Him.
There was a large room, but it was vacant. Just a bunch of tables in
orderly rows. Off to one side I saw the door to the room that He was
I crept up to the door, my footsteps silent as I made my way across
the spacious room. I nearly banged into a couple tables as I tried to
get better at walking, but thankfully I didn't hit anything. I made my
way towards the slightly open door, laughter emanating from it.
When I reached the door I peeked inside, careful not to touch the
door and move it. That was a lot of people I don't think I should talk
to Him now. Not while there are so many others in the room. Some of
them scared me, like that really tall black and white thing. It had been
nice and friendly looking earlier, but now it was creepy looking again.
There were a couple of less substantial people in the room too, but
they weren't what I was looking for.
While I stood there, a conversation seemed to have started.
"I don't see why a ball of acid does not simply kill this creature." The
creature with the tear-stained face said.

"Puppet dragons are extremely resilient." Was the answer, by a

man sitting on a strange looking chair. It had wheels, and that was
odd. I knew that chairs were supposed to be stationary, but this man
had a moving chair.
"Look, it's simple. The dragon is big enough to not die to a blob of
acid dripping off its scales. In fact, I don't think the acid did enough
damage to the scales to even get through." He said.
"Thank you." The man on the chair said, pinching the bridge of his
He grinned. "Any way I can help. By the way, it's my turn." He picked
up a small object on the table and rolled it. After picking it up, He
groaned. "I got a one." He slammed his head onto the table. "Dragon
eats me. End of adventure."
"It's not that bad. I mean, the dragon hasn't attacked yet. In any case,
Vix and Freddy both have abilities that can help you avoid damage."
The man on the wheeled chair said.
"If we choose to use them." A fluffy white character replied with a
snort. That's a fox. Right? Foxes have ears like that.
I decided that I had waited long enough to see if the other people
would leave. I wanted to talk to Him first, before anyone else. Having
others there would make things complicated. Plus, it would be a
surprise for Him. People liked surprises, right?
Having found the task I set out to do impossible, I returned to the dark
room. It was easier to walk now, since I had practice. Maybe next
time I would be able to walk around easily. Shame I couldn't have
talked to my what was it he called me? 'Partner in crime'? That.
That's what He called me. I didn't quite understand what it meant, but
I did know that it made us a duo.
As I settled back into the place I had woken up, I thought about that.
Yes a duo.

"You're extremely lucky that Billy managed to persuade the dragon to

leave you alone." Percy said with a sigh.

BB giggled. "I can speak all the languages!"
"I still don't understand how balloon kid gets twenties on all of his
stats, while I wound up with no less than three fives." Vincent
grumbled. "Not to mention the fact that the other robots get consistent
fifteens and up."
"Vince, you have bad luck. It's no fault of anyone." Mike said with a
sigh. He had also consistently gotten low rolls. It was as if the
animatronics just sucked up all the luck from everyone else. But that
was nonsense, the Puppet and Fredbear both got ordinary rolls. If
anyone was tampering with it, it would be one of those two.
"Hey, remember that goblin fight? Theo took out all of them in a single
turn." Bonnie said with a snicker.
"He got two twenties and a nineteen." Vincent said flatly. "I admire his
strategy in using his abilities to group them up and crush them, but
two twenties just makes anything easy."
"Okay! I think that's enough D&D for tonight!" Percy said with false
cheer, trying to prevent a fight.
"Aww, but we were going to make Vincent roll only ones for the next
few encounters." Sean said with a pout. The two shadows had taken
up a position close to the ceiling, getting a bird's eye view of the
playing table.
"I'm getting the vacuum cleaner." The Puppet stated, standing up.
Vincent checked his watch. An hour before his shift started. "All right
guys, I'm going to go get ready for my shift. See you later."
"See ya Vince."

In which we learn that the shadow brothers have been tampering

with the dice rolls. Those sneaky buggers.

Also, reviews are still bugged. Sorry.

Chapter 58: Hectic Night Part 1

11:50. That's what the clock said. Not anything to be alarmed about,
really; especially after being in this office about a month. Not counting
time dead, of course.
Vincent whistled to himself. It was probably going to be a fairly quiet
night. The animatronics would need to recharge after the events of
the day. That raised an interesting question though; how exactly did
they recharge? It's not like they plugged into a wall or something.
They could eat, but the only animatronics that went anywhere near
food at night was Chica, and the amount of pizza at the end of the
night was always the same amount as what she made.
Ring Ring
That was weird. Percy never left him a message unless something
changed. Like the toys or Freddy and gang. Did that mean that
something was changed tonight?
He looked at the tablet. This wasn't from Percy. It was from was
that even pronounceable? RWQFSFASXC. What the hell? Vincent
pressed the answer button to hear what this strange caller wanted.
After a few minutes of listening, he pressed the mute call button.
"What the hell was that?" It had sounded demonic. It was a garbled
sound, not unlike speech; but it was completely incomprehensible. It
sounded almost like
Vincent snapped his fingers. "Reverse the call." He grabbed his tablet
and was about to pull up the sound edit software on it when he
realized that he was in the middle of a life or death struggle. Pulling
up the security system, he noticed that all of the animatronics were
already gone. All of them. Foxy was blitzing his hallway, Fredbear
was mid teleport, and Theodore was probably in the vents. The only
one who wasn't missing from its spot was the Puppet, for which
Vincent was eternally thankful.
He knew he would have to act fast to survive the night so the first
thing he did was turn on the disruption program in order to ward off

Theo, then close his left door to stop Foxy. Fredbear appeared just
after he checked the right door, so he flipped up his tablet
immediately, the facial recognition disrupter having finished mere
moments before the yellow bear popped up. He quickly wound the
music box to full and checked both doors. Fortunately, no
animatronics were there, Foxy having run up and slammed on the
door before returning to Pirate's Cove.
After pausing to breathe, Vincent pulled up the cameras again. Vix
was climbing through the main show area on her way to his office,
while Theo was back in the secondary show area, staring up into the
camera with pinprick eyes. Ben and Tia were tag teaming him, the
both of them going down the hallways to reach the office. Vincent
quickly checked the lights on his doors and then activated the
disrupter, making the two animatronics back off.
The man sighed in relief. This was intense, and it wasn't even one
o'clock yet. A childish laughter stopped him in his tracks, and he
checked the door lights. Nothing there. But there was the sound of
something in the vents. "Dammit Billy" Vincent muttered, whirling
around to see the animatronic crawling through the vent. A quick
press of the disrupter sent the balloon vendor back to his spot,
"This is the most hectic night yet." Vincent stated. He had a feeling
that things were only going to begin heating up. His suspicion proved
correct when he spotted Vix crawling in the vent behind him, Foxy
rushing his right door, and Fredbear at his left door. He quickly closed
both doors and activated the disrupter. As soon as the effect ended,
he quickly opened his right door and pulled up his tablet to wind up
the music box. "That's right, stay in your box" He muttered, then
checked both door lights. Chica was at the right now, but Fredbear
was gone. It was strange, Chica hadn't entered the kitchen at all
tonight, almost like
Vincent's train of thought was interrupted by something on the
cameras. As he watched in horror, the door to the staff room opened
and Fritz walked out, muttering about something. "Fritz! No, no, no"
Vincent said, flipping through the cameras. He had other things to
worry about, and Mike wandering around wasn't helping. He was just

winding up the music box when he heard shouting. Quickly switching

through the cameras, he spotted Fredbear carrying an unconscious
Fritz to the Prize corner.
But he had his own problems. Notably the fact that Foxy was rushing
his doors every few seconds and Chica and Bonnie were popping up
with alarming frequency. Not to mention the fact that one of the toys
would occasionally use the vent behind him to try and get in. All in all,
it was a disastrous scenario.
It was only going to get worse.
The night guard watched in horror as Mike and Percy exited the staff
lounge, most likely looking for Fritz. Vincent made a split second
decision. He could die multiple times, but he wasn't about to let the
others die for him.
Vincent kicked the vent cover off and climbed in. Hopefully the toys
wouldn't decide to use it while he was on his way to the other end.
Using the halls was a surefire way for Foxy to catch him. He was fast,
but that fox was much faster.
He was about to reach the other end of the vent when he heard
clattering behind him. Sounded like someone else was in the vent
with him. Fortunately, none of them could move quickly in such an
enclosed space. Vincent had one advantage there.
As soon as he reached the other end of the vent, he kicked the grate
off and dropped to the ground. None of the animatronics were in the
room, thankfully. But this raised a multitude of questions. Why did the
animatronics go crazy at night anyway? What would they do to poor
Fritz? How was he supposed to stop the animatronics from getting to
Percy and Mike?
Behind you
The man whirled to see a bright blue rabbit creeping up on him. The
normally friendly eyes were no more than pinpricks of light, and he
was reaching out to grab Vincent. With a quick sweep of his legs,
Vincent scythed the animatronic's legs out from under it.

Or tried to.
Ben jumped over his legs and swiped with his paw, trying to snatch
the man's shirt. Vincent knew that the rabbit couldn't possibly be
much heavier than he was, but it was certainly faster and more agile.
The thing somehow had even faster reflexes than he did, and there
was no way it would tire before him.
After launching a flurry of kicks at the rabbit, all of which were
dodged. The blue animatronics had an incredible amount of agility, so
much that it was shocking. Vincent knew he didn't want to hurt the
animatronic, but if he had to, he would resort to knives. If this little
skirmish continued like this, he would probably need to do so sooner
rather than later
Vincent stopped before grabbing the knife. If he hurt the
animatronics, he ruined any chances at redemption. His best bet was
to escape capture and save Mike and Percy by stealth instead of war.
He pulled another leg sweep to get Ben to jump, then dashed off
while the rabbit was in midair. He made it a few feet, then a pair of
golden hands grabbed him by the arms.
"No! No!" Vincent shouted, struggling. His captor marched him
through the building to the Prize Corner. As they entered the room,
the other animatronics began to trickle in.
All around the mulberry bush
The monkey chased the weasel
The monkey thought 'twas all in good fun,
Pop! Goes the weasel.
The box in the corner of the room began to open.
A penny for a spool of thread
A penny for a needle,

That's the way the money goes

Pop! Goes the weasel.
Vincent began to lash out at his golden captor, trying in vain to get the
animatronic to put him down.
Jimmy's got the whooping cough
Timmy's got the measles
That's the way the story goes,
Pop! Goes the weasel.
"I thought we were friends" Vincent stated, stopping his futile
attempts to break out of Fredbear's grip. "I thought I was getting
All around the mulberry bush,
The monkey chased the weasel,
The monkey thought 'twas all in good fun
"But no. Instead the slenderman reject, the golden ex-casper, smokey
the bear, pizza duck, Miss Bonnie, captain hook, Mangle, teddy fat
bear, little boy blue, and the plastic chicken are here to stuff me into a
suit. Brilliant." Vincent steadily grew angrier as he went on his tirade.
"What did you do to Fritz? What about Mike? Percy? After they saved
you from being turned into scrap metal? You go and murder them.
You stupid mechanical monstrosities!"
There was absolute silence as Vincent closed his eyes and waited for
the end of the song.
It never came.
"Well that was rude."
Vincent cracked his eyes open to see the Puppet wearing an amused
expression. "What?"

"I mean, I can understand if you're angry. We kind of tried our best to
terrorize you at night." The Puppet sounded like it was about to burst
out into laughter. "But insults? I didn't know you would have one for
all of us."
The pale man was shocked. This was completely the opposite of
what he had honestly expected. "Wait, you planned this?"
"Well, uh, it was the Puppet's idea." A familiar voice said as Percy
wheeled his chair into the room. "Although, it wasn't always easy to
just ignore you shouting at your tablet."
Vincent blinked. "You're fine?"
"The animatronics never actually hurt anyone. A couple scares, yes. A
few people ranting about haunted robots, certainly. But never has
anyone been stuffed into a suit." Mike said, climbing out of the
Puppet's box.
"What about the call earlier tonight?" Vincent asked confused.
"That was Sean's doing. He may be a ghost, but he's damn good at
hacking." Fritz said, entering the room behind Percy. "Well, maybe
he's so good at it because he is a ghost. His specialty, I guess."
"So the rumors?"
"Just a theory." Percy assured him. "The only people to have ever
died at Freddy's are the children and the brothers."
"So why do all of this?" Vincent was still extremely perplexed.
"A test." The Puppet said, stepping forwards. "To see if you actually
cared enough to 'risk' your life to save Percy, Mike, and Fritz. It turns
out you do care. You're certainly not the same person as the man
who killed us. Something has changed, and all for the better."
Vincent raised an eyebrow. "So does that mean that you're not going
to be hunting me down at night anymore?"
The Puppet grinned. "The game will only continue if you want it to.

But now, you are a part of the family."

The pale man smiled. Things were looking up.
The other animatronics, who had reverted back to their day time
appearances, suddenly stiffened.
The smile vanished. Or not.
The Puppet's eyes widened. "Get to the office."
"What's going on?" Mike asked.
"Someone has Fritz's remote." It explained, grabbing Percy's
The four humans and the Puppet began to make their way out of the
Prize Corner, heading towards the security office at maximum speed.
"So what exactly does this mean for us?" Vincent asked, slamming
both doors closed as soon as the five got in.
"We're in for one hell of a night."

You know things are getting bad if the Puppet is saying swear
Chapter 59: Hectic Night Part 2

"So, just like any other night, huh?" Vincent asked, kicking back in his
swivel chair and looking at his tablet.
The Puppet gave him a glare. "On the other nights, you had nothing
to worry about. If you were caught you would be knocked
unconscious and your memory would be wiped, as difficult as it is to
affect your mind. Not to mention, Fredbear could have teleported in at
any time and just attacked you. We were playing a game, really." It
looked through the window, apparently seeing something in the
darkness. "The sole benefit we have now is that the music box is no
longer a concern. The doors can be kept closed indefinitely. The only
avenue of access is the vent, and that's not a problem, provided you

utilize your tablet to disrupt the facial scanners."

"Wait, that thing was the real deal?" the pale man asked in surprise.
"After you told me it was just a game, I assumed that the disrupter
was just a signal for them to back off."
Fritz shook his head. "The best way for the whole thing to seem
authentic was to make it real. The animatronics legitimately couldn't
see you when you used the disrupter." Fritz looked into the vent.
"Speaking of which, you should use it now."
Vincent pressed the button and looked into the vent. Tia was staring
back out at him. "Shoo chicken. We don't like your kind here." Oddly
enough, the eyes were normal, as if the animatronics weren't trying to
kill them.
"Shane. Sean. Get in here." The Puppet said, its voice echoing
There was a barely audible pop, and the two ghosts appeared in the
room. Shane was sitting on the desk, the only available space, but
Sean was in the ceiling. Again.
"You rang?" Sean said with a grin.
"Now is not the time for humor Sean." The Puppet scolded. "We have
a legitimate problem."
"Alright, what's the issue?" Shane asked, cracking his phantasmal
"Someone has Fritz's universal remote. They are in the building right
now, but I cannot locate them while warding off Fredbear's
teleportation. Find the intruder and retrieve the remote."
"Aye, aye cap'n!" Sean said with a goofy salute, before both shadowy
figures vanished.
"I screwed up." Fritz groaned, smacking his head into the wall.
"Gee, ya think?" Vincent remarked, checking the vent again.

"Vincent, that was unnecessary." Mike said, giving the night guard a
stern look. "Fritz, there was no way you could know that someone
would take the remote. It was a good idea at the time, it just turned
into a disaster because of unforeseen events."
"Speaking of disasters, why exactly does this work on Fredbear, but
not the Puppet?" Vincent asked, activating the disrupter. Theodore
was trying to get in.
"As I already stated, the Puppet has no AI. It wouldn't be able to
operate at all without the spirit inside." Was Fritz's explanation. "Hell if
I know how it controls the others when the spirits override the AI the
whole time."
"That's because the AI is set to adaptive mode." The Puppet said.
"They have the freedom to do whatever they want, so long as they
don't do anything beyond the animatronic's physical limits. Fredbear
is being commanded to go after one or all of us, so his AI is
overpowering his mind. Regardless of what he, and the others, want,
they must enter this office by any means necessary."
"So don't hurt them, got it." Vincent muttered. "So what are we
supposed to do in the mean time?"
"Well, once opening time rolls around, the signal receiver shuts
down." Fritz said, turning on a hall light to reveal Bonnie and Foxy
standing at the door. "You know, to prevent anything from happening."
Vincent nodded. "Makes sense. What about Spring? Is he affected
the same way as all the other animatronics?"
Fritz snorted. "Spring is a suit. He only has a basic AI, and even then
he's not even in animatronic mode. He's tapped into the radio signal
that the animatronics all share, even the Puppet, but he doesn't have
an actual intelligence to utilize it."
"Then why does he have a radio transmitter and receiver?" Vincent
asked, confused.
"The original plan was to have you be resurrected as Spring. We
weren't sure that the Puppet could reconstruct your body properly,

and your soul was only linked to two things. The suit and your body."
Mike explained.
"Great, so I was going to be reincarnated as a golden rabbit. That's
something I wanted to do." Vincent muttered, trying to remember
something. Spring didn't have a proper AI, did he?
Percy, looking at the tablet, gasped in shock. "Our intruder is in the
Prize Corner."
"What's the problem with that?" Vincent asked irritably. There was
something he was forgetting.
"He's downloading the AI from Vix." Percy looked up, his eyes wide.
"And he has the remote."
"Impossible! Nobody can get past the firewalls that quickly!" Fritz said
in disbelief. He looked at the tablet. "Who is this guy?"
Vincent realized what was bugging him. "Franklin." He bolted up from
his position on the swivel chair. "Franklin's the one with the remote."
He jumped towards the vent. "He's got the remote and he's sending
our friends after us." Vincent got on his hands and knees. "Get Sean
on his case. Franklin always complained if there was another person
directly counteracting his attempts. Apparently having someone who
can adapt to his efforts screws him up."
"You're not seriously thinking of going out there!" Percy cried out. "Yyou're going to get caught!"
"Sorry Percy." The pale man said, climbing into the vent. "But this is
my fight." He ducked into the vent, gone.
"Dammit Vince!" Fritz cried out. "We can't fight them!" He jumped into
the vent, going after the night guard.
The Puppet swore under its breath, then launched both its arms into
the vent, strings launching after the two humans. "Get back here!"
Fritz and Vincent were dragged back out of the ventilation shaft. "You
stupid clown! I need to get Franklin out before he steals anything!"

Vincent was struggling the whole way, trying to tear the string off of
There was a faint giggle and garbled whispering. All three of them
froze. "Was that?"
The Puppet was wide eyed. "I let down my guard"
Mike and Percy were gone.
"Vincent you moron! This is all your fault!" Fritz seethed. "If you
"Hadn't what Fritz?" Vincent shot back. "I was the only one doing
something. We have to stop him before he just wipes the
animatronics clean! Their memories as spirits are horrible, they need
the memory banks of the robots!"
The Puppet gave him a quizzical look. "How did you know that?"
"I" Vincent hesitated. "I don't know."
"It's not important." The Puppet sighed. "We need to get them. Now."
"Actually" Fritz said, holding the tablet. He looked up from his work.
"I can cancel the signal of the remote in a small radius. It's not
enough to override commands, but it can stun the animatronics for a
few minutes."
"How did you come up with this so quickly?" Vincent asked in
Fritz grinned. "I had a little help from a certain ginger I know."
Jeremy flickered into visibility. "Hey guys."
"Jeremy!" Vincent said in surprise. "You haven't showed up much
The spirit shrugged. "Even ghosts need sleep."
"So, what's your expertise with technology, exactly?"

"Well, I increased the Wi-Fi connection throughout the building."

Jeremy said with a mischievous grin.
"Yeah, by making us get internet form the future." Fritz muttered.
"Jeremy's good at signals."
"Got it. So what are we going to do, exactly?" Vincent asked.
The Puppet stood up to its full eight foot height. "We're going to get
our friends back."

Franklin was sitting on the Puppet's box and waiting. This ordeal was
boring, frankly. He had expected a considerable amount of
resistance, but instead all he got were a bunch of compliant robots
and a pair of ordinary humans. The big guy had almost hit him, but
this time Franklin was prepared. A quick hit with the Taser prevented
that issue. Despite his big stature, Mr. Schmidt was afraid to hurt
The other human had been pitiful. His legs were paralyzed and his
glasses fell off, leaving him blind. The big yellow bear stared at the
scrawny fellow, but that didn't worry Franklin. The animatronics were
under his control, and his alone.
The firewalls had proven unbreakable. Somehow they kept shifting to
match his assault, shoring up the defense wherever he attacked. It
was like someone was repelling his attack. Franklin hated
competition. It meant that he had to worry about someone else, and
other people could be unpredictable. Could be, but they tended not to
be. This opposing programmer had proven to be as wily as he was,
and that was something Franklin did not like. Not one bit.
That puppet thing was an enigma, however. It was an animatronic,
right? It certainly wasn't human. But maybe it was
Franklin grabbed his pendant and rubbed it between his fingers. It
wasn't useful for much, but based off of what he'd seen, it would
certainly be necessary.
"Franklin!" an angry voice echoed through the halls.

The hacker grinned. Vincent sounded livid. Good.

He patiently waited for his prey to draw nearer.

Frankly, this was too easy.

Once Fritz got the program working, they used a modified version of
the disruption program on the tablet in order to block the signal. It
worked extremely well, knocking out the animatronics as they came
They approached the Prize Corner, Fritz holding the tablet, and
stepped inside. Franklin was sitting on the Puppet's box, a knife in his
hand. He was pointing the knife at a slumped figure at his feet.
"Franklin you bastard. I'll kill you." Vincent seethed.
"Not really likely, considering that I've got the pleasant Mr. Schmidt
right here. Wouldn't it be a shame if I dropped the knife and it cut his
throat?" Franklin said, smiling like a lunatic.
Vincent stopped in his tracks. Something was different. Something
intangible, but there nonetheless. Hadn't the Puppet sent the
shadows after him?
Speaking of the Puppet, a blast of energy flashed through the room.
Nothing changed.
Franklin laughed. "Funny thing. Most people don't know this, but I'm
superstitious. I avoid cracks in the sidewalk, I'm careful around
mirrors, and I always wear an amulet."
The Puppet's face was white, but if it could, it would have paled. "I
can't touch him."
The hacker laughed again. "Too right. None of you can. Especially
since I have this." He waved the universal remote in the air. "I made a
few modifications. Sorry Smith, I always admired your work." He
pressed a button, and both of the humans dropped to the floor with

splitting headaches. "As I said, modifications. In order to prevent you

from making any rash decisions."
BB walked forward and grabbed the tablet before Fritz could recover,
then brought it back to Franklin. The hacker quickly glanced at it, then
dropped it on the ground behind the Puppet's box. "Any ways, this is
about the money any more. It was at first, but once I learned that
none other than Vincent Tollini was involved in this" He shrugged. "I
had to come back. So where were you Vince? I knew you hadn't been
caught by the police; that would've been all over the news. It was like
you died."
"I did." The pale man growled. "So what have you been up to in my
sixteen years of absence?"
"You wouldn't believe how much favor I gained when you vanished.
Tony's long dead, but his son, Antonio the second, he's in charge
now. I've essentially become one of the elite, seeing as I was the last
living person to know anything about your tactics. I learned quite a
few new tricks too. You'd be surprised what I can do now." Franklin
laughed. "After all, I did manage to overcome your haunted
"So you know about that, huh?" Vincent climbed to his feet.
Franklin shrugged. "It wasn't that difficult to figure out. These robots
are far beyond anything a normal animatronic could possibly do. Not
to mention the fact that you killed no less than ten children in earlier
"Eleven." Vincent growled. "It was eleven."
"I'm surprised a detail like that matters to you. Seeing as how you're
'reformed' now."
"It matters because all of them are unique." He stood up straight. "All
of them matter. I didn't see that before."
"Doesn't matter to me, really." Franklin pointed the knife at Vincent.
"So, your move pal. What's your plan?"

"Promise not to bring the animatronics into this?" Vincent raised his
"Sure, why not." Franklin dropped off the box and stepped over the
unconscious Mike. He put the remote into a tool belt pocket and drew
a second knife. "Let's fight."
Vincent nodded. "As you wish." The assassin drew a long knife from
somewhere on his person. "Let's dance."
The two launched into a duel, dodging and feinting, swinging and
stabbing. Vincent swiped at Franklin's arm, only for the hacker to
block his swing and retaliate. Vincent dodged the counterattack and
kicked out at Franklin. His adversary ducked to the side, then swiped
at Vincent's head. The assassin spun his knife around and disarmed
Franklin, knocking both knives to the ground. The pale man pointed
his long knife at his shorter opponent's throat. "Game over."
Franklin grinned like a pumpkin. "Not quite." He stepped back and
pulled what looked like a pistol out of his tool belt. "This is no ordinary
weapon, as I'm sure you know." Franklin pointed it at Vincent. "This is
a customized weapon, modified to fire shotgun shells, but it fits in my
"You bastard" Vincent muttered, dropping the knife and putting his
hands behind his head.
"There's no way you could've won." Franklin stated. "After all, I-" he
grunted, then looked down. A knife handle sprouted out of Franklin's
chest, Vincent's hand on it. "How?"
Vincent pulled the man close, almost like he was about to give him a
hug, then whispered in his ear. "I had another hand."
Franklin stared straight forward, still alive, but not for long.
"Don't you ever. EVER. Think you can get away with hurting my
family." Vincent said, then dropped the dead hacker to the ground.
Vincent took a shuddering breath. "Well, looks like thirty-one was the
last one after all."

Chapter 60: Shenanigans

What's this? An author's note at the top of the story?! *Gasp*

Anyways, last chapter marked the end of the second story arc,
but putting an author's note on it would have ruined the mood.
Reviews are glitched again, so that's always a blast.
This chapter's just a few little gags I couldn't fit into the second
arc, but which wouldn't work after the second arc is over. It's not
very long, but I'm a little crunched for time on it.

Bonnie looked around. It looked like it was safe, but you never knew
with Vincent.
"Bonnie why are you in the girl's restroom?"
The rabbit jumped, then sighed in relief. "Hey Mike. I'm over here
because I'm not allowed in the kitchen."
Mike raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to go to the kitchen?"
The animatronic looked around again, trying to spot anyone else.
"So, Vincent's running around trying to decapitate everyone. The
others are hiding in the kitchen."
"Vincent's trying to decapitate everyone." Mike said flatly.
Just then, a loud yell echoed through the building. "Where are you?! I
just want to see how the endoskeleton works!"
Bonnie ducked around the corner as the pale man came into sight.
"Hey Mike. Have you seen the animatronics anywhere?"
"Nope." Mike said. "Try the Prize Corner."
"Thanks boss." Vincent said, running off.

Mike sighed. "His ADHD is acting up again" He turned around and

poked his head around the corner. "Alright Bon, you owe me one."
The lavender rabbit poked his head out. "Thanks Mike."
"So, why are you not allowed into the kitchen?" Mike asked, leaning
against the wall.
"You remember that food fight a while ago?" Bonnie asked. The man
nodded. "Okay, so me and Vince are both still banned from the
kitchen, on pain of no pizza."
"What did you do that was so bad?" The man questioned in
"Well, I think it was when Vincent dropped the birthday cake on my
head." The rabbit said, rubbing his chin. "Or maybe it was the part
where I threw that bag of flour into the ceiling and made it explode."
"You" Mike trailed off. "You're kidding, right?"
Bonnie shook his head. "Nope. I actually threw a bag of flour into the
ceiling, and it actually exploded."
"What about the birthday cake?"
"Left over." The rabbit said firmly. "It was certainly not a backup for
the one that was eaten the next day."
"Well, good luck." Mike said, shaking his head.

"So how do you eat anyway?"

The Puppet sighed. This was inevitable. "I have undergone upgrades
"You don't look any different." Vincent stated. "Y'know, other than
your mask."
"Appearances can be deceiving." The Puppet informed him,

unbuttoning the front of its chest. It pulled the fabric aside to reveal an
artificial stomach.
"That's just creepy" Vincent muttered.
"You asked for it." It said, looking down into the cavity in its chest.
"Where's the stabilizer?"
"Stabilizer?" Vincent raised an eyebrow. "What?"
"My stabilizer bar. It keeps things from moving unnecessarily. You
have no idea how awkward it is to have your innards wobbling around
while you move." The Puppet looked at him. "Did you take it?"
"How would I take your stabilizer while you're watching?" The man
raised an eyebrow.
"Fine" He sighed. "Fun killer" He reached into a pocket and gave
the stabilizer bar to the Puppet.
"How did you steal that while I was watching?" It asked him, putting
the metal bar back into place.
Vincent grinned evilly. "Trade secret."

"Look out below!"

Vincent sat up and rubbed his head. "Why, exactly, did BB fall on my
"Vix is teaching me how to climb!" The child said cheerfully,
seemingly none the worse for his fall.
"We need to work on the climbing." Vix said from her position on the

ceiling. "And, uh, maybe get Fritz to give you claws."

"You are NOT giving the balloon kid claws." Vincent muttered,
standing up. "Just get him to give you a positional stabilizer or
something like that."
Both of the animatronics looked like him like he was crazy. He looked
from the fox to the child and back again. "What?"
"Is that even English?" Vix asked him.
"I have no idea." Vincent stated. "I just said something that sounded
"I'm going to ask Fritz if that's real." BB said, running off.
Vincent and Vix looked at each other. "I really hope he's going to
return with a no." The man said.
"You and me both buddy." The fox replied.
Before long, the child returned. "Fritz said that he could make it, but
he doesn't want to cause" The boy stopped. "Unnecessary panic."
He looked up at Vincent. "What did he mean?"
"He means that having you levitate around would make people freak
out." Vincent said flatly.
"Oh, like when Puppet jumps out of the box!" BB said happily. "I
wanna do that!"
"No. No you don't. Trust me on this one kid." The man assured him.
"It would be a very, very, bad idea."
Chapter 61: Hell on Earth

Vincent got out of bed and stretched. He had slept well, and was
ready for another day of work.
Something's not right.
The man shook his head. Things hadn't quite been the same as usual

since Franklin broke in a few days ago. Tensions were a bit high, but
things were beginning to calm down now. Vincent walked over to his
closet and got dressed. Franklin's body had been easy to get rid of,
relatively speaking. The Puppet basically disintegrated him, after
Vincent removed the man's amulet. Apparently it was strong enough
to ward off supernatural forces, hence the Puppet and the shadows
being unable to attack the hacker. According to the Puppet, the things
were relatively expensive, due to requiring specific herbs and
materials that were hard to come by.
"Franklin must really have believed in spirits if he spent so much
money on a hunk of wood" Vincent thought out loud. He shrugged,
then got dressed. His uniform had obtained a couple bloodstains, but
he knew a guy for that. For now he just wore a purple t-shirt and
Vincent made his way up to the main show area. Opening time was
later today, and there were no birthdays planned, thankfully.
"Good morning Vincent!~" Chica said in a singsong voice. "How are
you this morning?"
"Doing pretty good, how about you?" The man replied.
"You murdered us"
"What was that?" Vincent asked, confused.
"What was what?" Chica questioned him. "By the way, one egg or
two?" While Tia and Chica still objected to people eating chicken,
neither of them cared much about people eating eggs. That suited
Vincent just fine, especially since Chica made the best breakfast.
"Um" the man tried to shake off the feeling that something was off.
"Two, please."
"Bacon, right?" Chica asked, heading towards the kitchen.
"You know me so well." The man answered with a grin. He waved at
the animatronic as she entered the kitchen.

Vincent pulled a chair out from a table and sat down in it. Today
would probably be a good day. Acting out Spring was always fun, and
he didn't even have to worry about Franklin any more. All in all, things
were looking pretty good.
"Heads up Vince!" A voice shouted, just an instant before a football
collided with the back of Vincent's head.
"Ow." Vincent muttered, turning around. Bonnie was standing there
with a mischievous grin on his face.
"You okay?" the rabbit asked.
"Yeah. Just a bit surprised." The man answered, rubbing the point of
Something's not right.
Vincent blinked. Something seemed off, but he couldn't place it.
"Toss it over here!" Ben called from the other side of the room.
Vincent shrugged, then threw the football to the blue rabbit.
"Enjoy." The man said with a smile.
"See ya Vince!" the rabbits said in unison, running off.
The man waved at them as they ran off and grabbed a book that was
on the table in front of him. "Theo! Found your book!"
"You don't need to shout, I'm right here." Theodore said from another
table in the room. "I'll get it once I finish this game of chess with
"I'll play the winner." Vincent said.
"Sure thing." Freddy replied.
"Thanks guys." Vincent said happily. He looked at his watch. Usually
Chica didn't take this long to cook
He stood up and walked into the kitchen, whistling on his way. He

reached the door and pushed it open. Usually he wouldn't enter the
kitchen, mostly because he still wasn't allowed, but he was worried
about Chica. "Chica? Everything okay?"
"Everything's just fine." The chicken replied, looking away from him
and staring at the counter.
"Is something wrong?" the man asked her.
"" Chica didn't say anything, but she grabbed the knife on the
"Chica?" Vincent was extremely worried.
"You murdered us." The animatronic turned around. Her eyes were
missing entirely, and as Vincent watched, blood was pouring from the
eye sockets. "You murdered us, and now you've murdered another."
Vincent backed up, hands raised. "Cheeks? What's going on?" This
was extremely out of character for the kind and caring animatronic.
"I'm going to make sure you never murder again." Chica began to
walk towards him, knife in hand.
The man backed up, hands still raised. "Chica?"
He ducked as the animatronic swung the knife at his head, then
grabbed her wrist and tried to force her to drop the knife. To his
surprise, it failed, causing no effect whatsoever. He looked up into
Chica's empty eye sockets and gasped in shock. There wasn't even
the faint light that signified the presence of a spirit.
Something's not right.
"What the hell is going on?" Vincent asked, dodging another clumsy
swing of the knife. All of the animatronics were shockingly fast and
strong, but only a few of them knew how to fight or use weapons.
Chica was far from the most combatant of the spirits, and she was
certainly the slowest animatronic.
Vincent ducked out of the kitchen and closed the door behind him.

Freddy looked up at him. "What's the problem Vincent?"

"Chica's lost it!" The man answered, grabbing a chair and trying to
wedge the door shut.
"Maybe she's finally come to her senses."
Vincent looked up. "What?"
"You heard me Vincent. Chica's finally realized the truth, and now the
rest of us know as well." Freddy stood up, pushing his chair back,
and looked at Vincent.
His eyes were completely gone, and blood was pouring from the
empty sockets.
"Not you too Freddy" Vincent said in despair. The bear was far
more cunning than Chica, and was better at combat as well. There
was no way Vincent could possibly survive combat with the
animatronics, and Freddy in particular was extremely dangerous.
"You murdered us Vincent Tollini. Now we're going to return the
favor" The animatronic started to walk towards him. He was nowhere
near as fast as Foxy or Bonnie, but that didn't matter. What did matter
was that the bear was coming after him, and that he was much more
capable of killing him than Chica had been.
Vincent edged around the room, sticking to the walls. If he got
cornered, he was dead. Freddy might not have the same mobility as
the others, but within arm's reach he was as fast as lightning. The
man made it to the doorway to the Prize Corner and ducked inside.
Hopefully he could use something in this room to hide from the killer
"Hey Vince, what's up?"
The man jumped and whirled around. He had forgotten that this room
had two animatronic occupants in addition to the Puppet. He sighed
in relief when he saw that it was just Vix. "Freddy and Chica have lost

"You deserved it."

He froze as, right in front of him, Vix's eyes vanished. Blood began to
pour out of the eye sockets like tears, and the fox started to walk
towards him. "No, not you too Vix" He muttered and backed up. His
original plan in entering the Prize Corner was to hide in the Puppet's
box. None of the other animatronics would open it just out of curiosity;
but since Vix was out for his blood too, the hiding place was ruined.
Vincent circled the white fox slowly and made his way to the other
exit. BB seemed to be offline for now, but there was a trickle of red
fluid dripping out from his eyelids. This was disaster incarnate. It
seemed like all of the animatronics had become changed.
As Vincent exited the Prize Corner, he realized that he was going into
an area with more animatronics. The toy stage area.
And there were five in there.
He turned around, his pursuer temporarily forgotten, and his eyes
widened in horror.
Theodore, Tia, Ben, Foxy, and Bonnie were all in this room.
All of them had the same void-like eyes.
All of them had blood dripping down their cheeks like tears.
Vincent dashed through the room, trying to make his way to the
hallway that connected the guard office, the toy stage, and the main
stage. If his guess was correct, then he could just treat this like the
average night shift. Keep the animatronics out and don't panic.
He entered the office and slammed both doors down, breathing a
sigh of relief. If he could just wait here until whatever the hell was
going on ended
But he couldn't. He had to find out what was happening. He looked
out the window. All nine animatronics were standing in the same
hallway, completely preventing the use of that avenue of escape.

Just then, he heard a childish giggle, along with garbled speech.

He looked towards the desk to see none other than Fredbear, sitting
slumped on the floor with his head tilted to the side and his jaw
hanging open. Twin streams of red poured from his eye sockets.
"Oh god no. Oh hell no." Vincent muttered to himself, opening the
other door and running out. There was no way he was going into the
left hallway with no less than nine animatronics in there, and
Fredbear was going to force him to leave the office anyway.
The man ran down the hallway, to find his escape blocked by the
golden bear. On one side, there was a psychic, teleporting bear, and
on the other were nine different robots. He was sandwiched.
"Vincent! In here!"
The parts and service room! The Puppet had the door pushed open
and was calling to him to come in. This could help him immensely.
Vincent ducked into the room and the Puppet closed the door. "Thank
god you're here. Not to mention sane."
"Yes, it would be extremely unfortunate if they had caught you." The
Puppet said, still standing at the door.
"I'm just glad you haven't been affected by whatever has the others.
What's going on?" Vincent paced around the room. It wasn't exactly a
large room, but it was spacious enough for around twenty people to
comfortably share it.
"Something has changed. Something fundamental to their beliefs."
The marionette informed him. "Something that has immense
repercussions. Did any of them say anything?"
Vincent stopped in thought. "They called me their murderer, but you
already know that. They also said something about me murdering
another, but I don't " He stopped. "Oh. They're talking about
Franklin. But I had no choice! He was going to shoot me, and then he
would've killed Mike and Fritz!"
"Did they say anything else?"

"Something about me deserving something, and how they were

going to 'return the favor', which I'm guessing has to do with them
killing me." He started to pace again.
"You're entirely correct."
"What?" He looked at the Puppet, beginning to think that maybe this
was a bad idea.
"We will be returning the favor." The Puppet backed away from the
door, and the other ten animatronics filed into the room. The tall figure
turned towards him, its pinprick eyes absent and its purple tearstains
a redder color than usual. "You will not escape this time Vincent
The man backed up until he hit the wall. "Guys? What happened to
you? Why are you doing this?"
"You murdered us Vincent Tollini. You killed us all and left our bodies
to rot. Now we will show you what it feels like to die alone and afraid."
All of the animatronics spoke in one voice, the Puppet leading them
towards him. Suddenly, the tall figure jerked its arms towards the
man, launching strings that tied him up. The Puppet grabbed the now
immobile Vincent and lifted him into the air, then, with the flick of its
other hand, the Spring suit in the corner of the room opened.
This is not real
Vincent started to scream, unable to move his limbs in order to try
and struggle out. "Let me go!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. It
was pointless, however, as he was slowly lowered into the golden
rabbit suit. "No! I am NOT going to be springtrapped again!"
"What makes you think you have a choice?" This voice was new, but
familiar. A short, brown haired figure came into sight. Franklin
sneered at him. "You're dead, Tollini. You just don't know it yet."
The suit closed on Vincent, sealing him in darkness. Usually he saw
through the suit's eyes by now. Why didn't he see anything? Was the
animatronic blindfolded? Did the Puppet sever his spirit bond with

"Goodbye Vincent." The supposedly impossible to trigger spring locks

broke, launching the animatronic parts through Vincent's body. His
face was obliterated immediately as the eyes of the animatronic
crushed his skull. The endoskeleton crushed his bones and turned
his heart into a pile of mush, while at the same time ripping through
his skin, effectively skinning him alive. Vincent screamed. He had
never been in this much pain before, not even when he had been
springtrapped the first time.
This isn't real
He lay on the floor motionless, not able to move with his skeleton and
muscle destroyed. The strings that had bound him were sliced
through, he was sure, but that didn't help him in any way. He was
blind too, with his eyes and skill destroyed, and unable to see through
the animatronic's eyes for some reason. It was almost like he was
wearing a normal spring lock suit, minus the fact that the normal
spring lock suits had transparent eyes, allowing the wearer to see.
This isn't real
Vincent sat there in pain, not sure whether or not time was passing.
He knew for a fact that he should be dead, that he was dead; but he
still felt the intense pain of the endoskeleton shredding his skin and
flesh. His vocal cords were cut through, and his airway was sliced. By
all means, he shouldn't even be able to think or process pain, but he
was still conscious.
Wake up.

Hey everyone, sorry this chapter is delayed, weekends are

sometimes hard for me to write on, due to life.
I got a guest reviewer telling me that the murderer's name is
William. This is correct, but only for the book canon. Scott
Cawthon himself said that the book canon and the game canon
are not connected, meaning that while it is possible that the
murderer in the games is the same William Afton, it is not

certain. Since we do not have a canon name for the game's

murderer, I have named my version of him Vincent Tollini.
Chapter 62: Awake

Vincent woke up screaming and soaked in sweat.

He looked down at himself. No blood, no injuries. But it had felt so
The man shuddered. That had been too real for comfort. Let's see
how much did he remember, apart from the abject terror and the
unbearable pain
Well, most, if not all, of the events of that nightmare had been
realistic. The only real difference between dreams and reality had
been that the animatronics didn't hate him. Not any more, anyways.
The bleeding eyes thing was extremely unsettling, almost to an
extreme. One thing was for sure though. He wasn't going to be
caught unaware by another nightmare.
Vincent jumped as someone knocked on his door, followed shortly by
the sound of Mike's voice. "Everything okay Vince?"
"Yeah. I'm fine." The pale man answered. Normally he wasn't this
jumpy, what was up with that?
"Is something wrong?" Mike asked. "I heard screaming."
"Just a nightmare." Came the answer as Vincent got dressed. He
skipped on the purple shirt and jeans, this time wearing basketball
shorts and a white t-shirt.
"You want to talk about it?" It was surprising to Vincent that Mike was
younger than he was. Especially considering how mature the green
eyed man was. Unlike Vincent, Mike would have been a good father
and family man.
"no." the answer came eventually. Vincent knew it was a bad idea
to try and deal with this on his own, but he wasn't ready to share his
torture with anyone, even Mike.

"Well, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here to help."
That was Mike in a nutshell. He was caring and fair, even to a man
who had murdered more than thirty people.
"Thanks Mike." Vincent said. He waited for his employer to walk away
before exiting his room. Vincent didn't want to talk with anyone right
As he walked through the hallway, Vincent tried to think of what went
wrong. Was this just residual guilt from killing Franklin? Did he
actually do something to deserve the fear and pain of the nightmare?
Come to that, how had he even felt pain? His pain centers were
dead, more or less literally. Did that just not apply in the dreams?
He was so lost in thought he didn't even notice the two shadowy
figures in the staff room as he exited the area.
"Hey Vince!"
Vincent jumped in surprise, then breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, hello
you two. What's up?"
The two shadows were more or less just standing there and doing
nothing. But something seemed off. Sean seemed normal, but
Shane's bowtie was sideways
"Not much." Sean answered him.
"Yeah, we're just goofing around like usual." Sean said.
Vincent did a double take. Shane had spoken second, but it had
sounded like
"Sean! You screwed it up!" The shadow rabbit said, with Shane's
"What? How?" the bear seemed confused, then stopped. "Oh. I forgot
to do the voice change."
"You- what?" Vincent sputtered. "You switched appearances?"

Both of the ghosts faded to their original appearances. It was like

looking at a shadow after the light changed, a fitting shift considering
what the two spirits looked like. "As intangible spirits, we have no
boundaries on what we look and sound like. A little concentration on
our parts can lead to us looking however we want." Shane explained.
"Wait, so why don't you two choose to look like your living forms?"
Vincent was confused.
"Remaining in an altered form slowly drains energy." The shadow
bear replied. "Since we died in the spring lock suits, both of us have a
form reminiscent of the suits." He paused. "I have no idea why we're
"Shane, your dork side is showing." Sean sniggered, punching his
brother in the shoulder.
"It's not my fault I have half a brain." Shane shot back, and the two
brothers faded out.
Vincent shook his head. Those two were such buffoons. Funny, but
both of them acted like fools. Sean was always the more radical and
creative of the two, while Shane was the more grounded and
intelligent brother.
The man made his way into the main show area. This was the room
where everything went wrong in the nightmare.
"Good morning Vincent!~
"GAH!" the man shouted and jumped.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" Chica apologized and
walked over.
"It's fine. I'm fine." Vincent assured her, trying to calm himself down.
"I'm just jumpy today."
"I'm sorry Vince." Chica said apologetically. "Do you want some

"What're you making?" Vincent asked cautiously.

"Your favorite, bacon and eggs." Chica replied.
Vincent hesitated for a few moments, then shook his head. "I think I'll
just have cereal and an apple today. Thanks though."
Chica shrugged. "Is there anything else you want?"
"No, thanks" Vincent said, walking past her into the kitchen. "Just
gonna grab an apple."
"O-okay then." Chica said sadly. Vincent was acting cold today, and
that was odd. Especially since he had recently become more open
and friendly.
After grabbing the apple, Vincent went to the security office. Let's
see, what was the actual plan for today? Oh right. They were going
to hire a new security guard. There weren't many people who had
signed up for the job. Apparently Freddy Fazbear's still had a bad
reputation with regards to night guards.
Apparently Vincent would be needed to interview the candidates.
Mike had told him that, since Vincent had criminal experience, he
would be the best person to make certain that nobody they hired was
likely to mistreat the animatronics.
Mike's idea was to slowly introduce people to their little family. The
best way to do this was to bring in one new person every now and
then, and have them interact with the animatronics after hours. Part
of the plan needed the candidates to not have a criminal background.
Well, that wasn't entirely true. The candidates needed to have a
personality that meant that they wouldn't sabotage the place, steal
from it, or injure the animatronics. The night guards wouldn't be told
ahead of time that the animatronics were alive, and the only time they
would learn about the animatronics moving at night was when Percy
called them. It would serve a dual purpose, thrill seekers could take
the job and get their adrenalin rush, while people searching for a
legitimate avenue of employment would be moved to a different
position after being welcomed into the animatronics' family. Of

course, that was if they didn't get fired on their first week, be it
because the animatronics didn't trust them or because the cameras
stationed throughout the building and in the office caught them doing
something against the rules.
That was another thing that had surprised Vincent. Mike, Percy, and
Fritz had placed a camera in the security office. Apparently Fritz had
wired it so that you couldn't possibly see the camera on the tablet, at
least when you were in the office. Of course, every camera had blind
spots, but that's what the animatronics were for.
Vincent left the office and entered the parts and service room. This
was where he had been springtrapped in the nightmare. He didn't
exactly want to be in here, but once opening time came around, he
would have to wear the Spring suit. Vincent wasn't exactly looking
forward to that part, but he had to do it.
"Are you okay Vincent?"
The man jumped and whirled around. "God, today's just the day
everything scares me."
"Is there something wrong?" The Puppet asked him. It had a
concerned look on its painted face.
"I'm fine." Vincent answered, waving it off. "Just a bit stressed."
"Are you certain?" the Puppet questioned.
"Yes I'm certain." Vincent replied irritably. "Leave me alone."
"Vincent." The slender creature reached forward and grabbed his
shoulders. "You are not fine. Something is bothering you. Something
profound. What is it?"
The man wrestled its hands off. "I said I'm fine."
"Vincent." The Puppet said sternly. "Look at me."
Vincent looked into the black voids of the Puppet's eyes and his mind
reeled. He knew that the Puppet's mask lacked eyes, but the recent

memory of the nightmare still imprinted horror into his mind.

As he looked into the darkness, he saw the pinpricks of light that
signified spiritual possession. It gave him the comfort of the fact that
this wasn't the heartless monster that had locked him in the Spring
suit, but was the spirit that had given him a new life.
"There is darkness within your mind. Darkness that was not there
before. What has changed?" The Puppet muttered to itself.
It pulled back. "Something has planted the seeds of darkness in your
mind. A supernatural force that I cannot discern."
"So what the hell does that mean?" Vincent asked, clearly agitated.
"I do not know for certain, but it does mean that whatever is bothering
you is not of your doing." The Puppet said.
"Great, so you've got some advice that is entirely useless to me.
Thanks." Vincent said sarcastically.
"Vincent, this is not you." The tall puppet told him.
"Sorry Puppet, but I'm just stressed." Vincent apologized. "Had a
terrifyingly real dream last night"
"Hmm" The Puppet paused in thought.
"I need to be off." Vincent said, checking his watch. "We've got three
people coming in for interviews before we open."
"Well, I won't hold you." The haunted doll said. "Just do one thing
for me.
"Stay safe, will you?"

So, in case you could not tell, last chapter was indeed a
nightmare. Some things to tip you off: the animatronics being all

horror-story. Vincent feeling more than slight pain. And the

spring locks failed, something that has been stated multiple
times to be impossible.
Chapter 63: Warring Mind

"Alright then Mark, the job is yours."

"Yes!" the new employee of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza said.
"Fair warning, things can get a little strange at night." Mike
"Oh, I'm sure I can handle it." Mark replied picking up his stuff. "See
you later."
"See you later." Mike said as the new night guard left.
"That went well." Vincent stated. "First guy we get in and we hire
"Well, if he does well, he'll be promoted, and one of the other
candidates can be brought in. If he does poorly, we'll fire him, and the
same thing will happen." Mike explained. "The only thing I'm worried
about is someone hurting the animatronics."
"What about the animatronics hurting someone?"
Mike shot him a glare. "You know they're careful enough for that not
to happen."
Vincent sighed. "I'm sorry. Feeling snappy today."
"Tell you what, Fritz has been working on upgrading Spring's AI. If
you want to take today off, you can." Mike said sympathetically. "The
AI should be good enough to walk around and learn, even if it's not
good enough to emulate a person perfectly."
"I" Vincent hesitated. He wasn't feeling himself today, but he always
felt better after wearing the Spring suit. "No thanks. I think I'll be fine."
"If you're sure." Mike said with a shrug. "Just let me know if you want

to take a break."
"I will." Vincent assured him, walking off to the parts and service
room. He hesitated for a moment before going in. What happened in
the nightmare couldn't happen in real life.
Vincent grabbed the Spring suit and looked at it. The eyes were
closed due to being in an offline state, but Vincent knew that they
were a brilliant turquoise. He rubbed the fur on one of the ears. It was
slightly warm, which was actually to be expected. The artificial skin on
the animatronics did have a small amount of self-generating heat. It
made the animatronics more lifelike, as well as making them better
All of the animatronics with the obvious exception of BB- had soft
fur. Or feathers, as it were. Vincent was certainly biased, but in his
opinion Spring was the softest. It wasn't just fuzz, but it was far from
The man stood up and pulled the suit upright. It needed to be in an
almost standing position for him to climb in. The legs were more rigid
than one would expect, but when Vincent was in the suit he had no
limitations on his movement. Apart, of course, from normal human
With a couple of clicks, the back of the torso of the suit came off. The
latches were completely invisible to the casual observer, and even
though Vincent knew what to look for, the only real reason he could
find them was because he had to use them on a daily basis. He had
gotten stuck in the suit more than once because he had forgotten
where the latches were.
For most people, climbing into the suit would have required
contortionist skills, but the suit was built to Vincent's specifications.
The man's slender limbs could slide in through the arms and legs of
the suit.
As Vincent got into the suit, his mind was filled with apprehension.
What if the dream wasn't just unfounded fears? What if the locks

actually did break? He got all the way into the suit and blinked. To his
relief, when he opened his eyes it was Spring's eyelids that moved
up. He wasn't locked in darkness this time.
After sealing the back of the suit, Vincent made his way into the main
show area. Opening time was in a few minutes, and the animatronics
were onstage and waiting. They always did one show at the start of
the day, then once every hour. In between shows the animatronics
would wander around and interact with the children.
It was strange how Vincent's worries had started to fade the instant
he sealed the suit up. He found the presence of the suit reassuring. It
wasn't really surprising though, seeing as he was spirit bound to the
thing. Apparently it wasn't just a trick the Puppet pulled, although
Vincent was almost certain that the Puppet had linked his soul to the
suit after he got springtrapped. Either as punishment or in preparation
for this.
Vincent realized that he had gotten himself turned around, and that
he wound up in the Prize Corner. Looking around, he spotted the
entity that had called his name. "Hello Puppet."
"I called your name three times. Are you alright?" Although its voice
was always monotone, the Puppet's face openly displayed its
"I'm good, just thinking." Vincent replied.
"What about?" the porcelain face of the marionette relaxed.
"Just how well, awesome this suit is." Vincent said. "I mean, it's like
I am the animatronic."
"Really?" The Puppet asked curiously. "That's interesting."
"How so? You were the one that explained how it works." Vincent was
slightly confused.
"I expected it to stop after your soul stabilized within your body" It

stared into space, lost in thought. "Usually, the only thing that accepts
a spirit bond is an object that is incompatible with the human soul.
Like a piece of jewelry, or a weapon. It's really odd that it actually
worked for the Spring suit at all. But then, machines are interesting"
"Aaand now you're speaking gibberish." Vincent shook his head,
completely lost at this point. "Could I have that without all the
"Very funny Vincent." It gave him an unamused glare. "Your link with
Spring is unique. Extremely so."
"I wanted to ask you about that. Normally when someone dies, their
soul goes to wherever. Right?" The Puppet nodded in confirmation.
"Okay, now why didn't that happen to my soul?"
"Magic users - such as you, me, and Jeremy have the ability to
linger in the world by choice. It's really the only reason Jeremy and
the shadow brothers haven't moved on yet." The Puppet explained.
"Okay, but I didn't exactly want to stay in the world when I died. And
what about the other kids? I'm pretty sure at least one of them
wanted to move on when they died; and only one of them is a magic
user." Vincent queried.
"Well, as you probably know, I have the gift of spirit control. In some
places it would be called necromancy, but it's far more than raising
and controlling the dead. I used this power to bind the spirits of the
children to the animatronics, so as to give them a second chance at
life. As for you" It paused. "Promise you won't hate me?" it tensed
"I make no promises. But if you're implying that you bound me to my
own corpse in order to punish me, all is forgiven." Vincent said, to the
Puppet's evident relief.
Vincent suddenly doubled over with a crippling headache. It was
similar to when Franklin had activated his modification to the
universal remote. But it certainly wasn't that device, Fritz had straight

up destroyed it, so as to prevent a reoccurrence of Franklin's invasion

of the pizzeria.
"I'm fine. I'm fine." Vincent waved the striped figure off. "Just a
"Okay then" The Puppet said, unsure.
"I'd better get to the show area. We open soon." Vincent stated,
looking at the clock in the Prize Corner.
"Well, see you later Vincent." The Puppet said as it lowered into its
"See you Puppet." Vincent said with a wave.
Very interesting
Another headache hit Vincent, causing him to double over again,
hands clutching his head. What in the world was causing these
headaches? Was it left over from the nightmare last night? Come to
that, what had caused the nightmare? The Puppet said that it was
caused by some outside force, but it obviously hadn't affected him
before. Not in sixteen years.
He shook off his headache. The Spring suit had removed most of the
stress and worry that the nightmare had caused, but this headache
was still hurting. Hopefully it wouldn't impact his day too badly.
"Hello Vincent!~" Chica greeted from the show stage as he walked in.
"Are you feeling better?"
"Much better. Thanks for asking!" Vincent answered.
Now this isn't right.
"Ooh less okay." Vincent said as another headache struck. "When
did I develop migraines?"
"Vincent? Are you alright?" Freddy asked worriedly.

"I thought I was, but apparently I'm not." The man said, shaking his
head to try and get rid of the headache. He hadn't felt this bad since
all those weeks ago, on Angela's birthday. He had since diagnosed
the feeling as guilt, but this was different. It was a horrible headache,
one that disrupted his ability to think to the extreme.
"Do you need anything?" Chica asked him. Apparently she felt a bit
guilty for not getting him something for breakfast. But that wasn't her
fault. If anything, it had been his.
"I'll be fine." He responded, then added under his breath. "I think."
Let's fix that.
Vincent's vision began to spin and his headache intensified. He could
feel his consciousness begin to slip away from him. It hurt, incredibly
so. Not physically, but mentally. His mind felt like it was under
incredible strain, however that worked. He began to stagger around,
unable to keep his balance.
He felt as though his mind was warring against itself. One side of him
was trying to force him into unconsciousness, while the other wanted
to stay awake; and the latter was losing.
Wake up.
The last thing Vincent heard before drifting into forced sleep was four
separate voices calling his name.

There will be more bold text within the story itself. My authors
notes will always be either at the top of the page, above a line
break, or below the story, under a line break.
Chapter 64: Back in Fazbear's Fright

Vincent cracked his eyelids open. What had happened? One

minute he was talking with the animatronics, the next he was lying on
the ground. He could remember crippling headaches and being dizzy,
along with a voice telling him to wake up. But that didn't make sense,
he was already awake. Right?

He put his hand on his forehead to try and ward off the residual
headache. What the hell had caused that headache? It had been
downright debilitating, but he had never had headaches in his first
life, and the Puppet had assured him that he was healthy since being
Why was it so dark in here? It wasn't the darkness of a room with no
light, but it had the shadowy gloom of an area with extremely poor
lighting. It didn't look like any room of the pizzeria either. Vincent was
acquainted with every single room of the pizzeria. Some more than
others. This wasn't a room in the pizzeria.
But how could he have wound up out of the pizzeria? He was
surrounded by the animatronics when he fell unconscious, there was
no way someone could have taken him outside. Was there an extra
room in the pizzeria? There could be, but that was far from likely. He
had checked the measurements, and there was no space for an extra
room in the pizzeria. Maybe under it, but the only stairwell was in the
staff lounge. Maybe it branched off of Mike's room, but Mike wasn't a
person to hide things.
Mike was also the sort of person to keep a room clean. This place
was filthy. In fact, it reminded him of
No. No. No no no no nononono NO!
Vincent's eyes shot all the way open. His suspicions and fears were
all confirmed. He was back in Fazbear's Fright. There was the Puppet
mask on the wall, the Chica head with the lightbulb in it, and even all
of the present boxes.
He scrambled to his feet, finding it far more difficult than usual. It was
as if he gained a hundred extra pounds in clothing, but also gained
enough strength to wear it like it was nothing. He felt stiff, as though
he hadn't moved in a long time.
Vincent stumbled down the hallway, using his arms to keep himself
upright. If he was in Fazbear's Fright, then he should get out of this
place. He made his way through the halls, looking at the decrepit
attractions. The place seemed to be fine, as if the fire had never
happened. Maybe Vincent's memory was flawed, but he was certain

that the building had burned down.

After turning a corner and nearly collapsing due to his uncoordinated
walking, he spotted the office. There was the large window that the
night guard was supposed to use to keep an eye on the place. He
walked past the window towards the doorway. The emergency exit
was right there, and it shouldn't be locked.
With a heavy push, the door flew open. Vincent stepped forward, only
to find that he couldn't. His legs refused to move him forward. He was
stuck in this crappy horror attraction, and that was not fun.
"Goddammit" He muttered, then paused. That sounded like his
voice, but at the same time it was profoundly different. Vincent knew
that there was something big he had missed, but he couldn't quite
place it.
He trudged through the hallway again, stopping to look in the window.
There wasn't anyone there, but
Vincent stepped close to the window and looked at his reflection in
horror. His face was locked in a permanent grin, with large off-white
teeth. There were large gashes in what looked like his skin, along
with wires poking out of holes in his body. His eyes were large and
bulbous, with glowing grey irises and pupils. On top of his head were
two rabbit ears, the right one broken off halfway.
He was Springtrap again.
Letting off a cry of anguish, the decaying rabbit slammed both his
fists into the window. Now that he wasn't focusing on escape, it was
obvious that he was Springtrap. His hands were metal with bits of
decaying suit on them. His torso was basically a hollow shell with
rotted entrails and metal bones in it. It was more or less miraculous
that he could even move, what with all the dried blood and rust on the
motors. His legs were in an even worse condition, being exposed
metal from the knees down. The rusted joints looked like they would
fall apart to someone blowing on them.

Worst of all, he was alone again.

With an effort, he managed to access the magic he knew he had. The
Puppet had the rare gift of spirit control, but so did Vincent. His magic
was permanently weakened after the time when he turned the
phantoms corporeal, but he had a few tricks up his sleeves that not
even the Puppet knew about. One of them was a magical siphon.
That was the real reason Fredbear hadn't been able to hold him very
long. The yellow bear was a magical powerhouse, able to sustain
telekinesis and teleportation for extensive periods of time. Even with
the fact that magic users resisted magic like soap resisted grips,
Fredbear could have held Springtrap against the wall for hours. The
yellow bear's biggest, and likely only, weakness with regards to magic
was his lack of finesse and versatility. He had three different kinds of
magic that he used telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathy and
while he could do all three to extreme degrees, he only did these
kinds of magic.
Springtrap not Vincent, the man refused to think of himself as the
same entity as the insane zombie machine had a very interesting
kind of magic. While Vincent acted like he didn't understand the
Puppet's lectures on magic, he listened to every little bit of
information. The information that the Puppet shared often helped to
explain the things that Vincent had noticed when he was dead. The
biggest bit of info was the fact that magic users were slippery targets
when it came to other magic.
This fit in exactly with the magic that Springtrap had utilized.
Necromancy, shadow manipulation, hallucinations, and invisibility.
Coupled with the magic siphon and the fact that, like the three ghosts
and the Puppet, he could use magic of all kinds, he was incredibly
dangerous. It was just as well he had burned himself out by
performing such a feat of magic, otherwise the rotted monstrosity
known as Springtrap would have been able to simply kill Mike
Thus it was surprising to Vincent that he had far more magic built up
than should have been possible. It was as if he hadn't wasted his
energy on performing the impossible. With a flick of his wrists and a

moment's concentration, he conjured up six spirits. These shades

weren't the same as the phantoms, being mere echoes of their
presence. In fact, two of the phantoms weren't even under his control
in the first place, and one of those two had come in person.
It was weird how easily magic came to him. He barely knew what he
was doing, and yet he managed to bring six shades into existence.
The eyes of these shades were grey rings in black voids, lacking the
white dot in the middle that showed the presence of a spirit.
Vincent sighed. "You're all just a bunch of mindless shades, aren't
There was no response, all of the grimy looking phantoms standing
"Goddammit" The rabbit said sadly, dismissing the shades. They
melted back into the shadows as if they had never existed in the first
place. "I'm alone. Again."
"Not entirely."
The decaying rabbit whirled around to see another animatronic. This
one was the same height as he was, not counting ears. It was a
golden yellow color, and clean too. The newcomer seemed to be a
bear, with a dark blue bowtie and hat. While its eyes were voids, they
had the white dots that Vincent had learned to look for.
"Fredbear!" The undead rabbit exclaimed happily. "I thought I was
alone again."
"Call me Goldie. I haven't been Fredbear in years." The yellow bear
said with laughter in its voice.
"Goldie, do you have any idea why I'm back here again?" Vincent
asked, sure that this creature at least was benevolent.
"Straight to the point as always. The answer is complicated." Goldie
"Explain it anyway." Vincent said. "I'm certain I've got time."

"This is reality, but not the one you came from. Something has moved
your mind here from your home. This reality has several notable
differences form yours. I don't know where you came from or how
your home reality is, but I can tell you don't belong here." Goldie
"So how did this place survive the fire? And what about Mike? He's
supposed to be the night guard." Vincent asked.
"There was no fire in this building, I'm assuming that there was in
your reality." The bear paused. "Mike Schmidt isn't a name I
recognize, I'm sorry."
"So" Vincent started, then hesitated. "How do I get home?"
The golden bear laughed. "That's quite simple, really."
Wake up.

There are some really strange things happening with Vincent's

mind. Makes me feel bad for the guy.
Chapter 65: Darkness in the Night

"Thank god, he's awake."

Vincent stirred and opened his eyes. That sounded like the Puppet. In
any case, there was only one person he knew who would say he was
awake before he even knew that he was.
"Good morning" The pale man muttered. "How long was I out?"
"It's far from morning. We're already past closing time." The Puppet
said worriedly. "What happened?"
"I there was a voice in my head. I can't remember exactly what it
said, but it caused my headaches. Then it knocked me out." He sat
up and rubbed his temples. "Am I going insane?"

"I don't think so. If you were going insane then this voice wouldn't be
able to affect your consciousness or give you pain." The masked
figure grabbed Vincent's chin and jerked the man's head so that he
was looking into the Puppet's eyes. "But there is something external
within your mind. Whatever it is, this supernatural entity is powerful."
"So is this 'supernatural entity' the source of my nightmares?" Vincent
asked, wondering for a fraction of a second why his head felt fuzzy.
After a moment of thought, he realized that he was still wearing the
Spring suit. It didn't affect him negatively, in fact he would never have
noticed if it weren't for chance.
"Nightmares? More than one?" The Puppet queried.
"Yeah, the one last night, and now another one today." Vincent began
to undo the latches on the suit.
"Interesting. That's not an ability most spirits have" The slender
marionette mused. "Perhaps" It paused in thought. "Do you still
have the amulet?"
"Of course. Why?" The pale man asked as he climbed out of the suit.
"Perhaps if you wore it, you could block out the spirit that has been
affecting you." The Puppet made its way to the door.
"Where are you going?" Vincent sealed up the back of the suit again.
"Letting Mike know that you're awake. He has been worried for your
welfare." The spirit said as it left the room.
Vincent opened the drawer in the bedside table. Inside, along with a
book that he would never admit he had 'borrowed' from Theodore,
was the amulet. It wasn't flashy or special looking, but Vincent could
literally feel the power resonating from it.
Made out of a dark wood, the polished tablet had several runes
inscribed on it. The runes were carved into the surface of the wood,
and then colored with rare materials that apparently made the
wearer immune to magic. To a magic user, the effects were obvious.
The amulet radiated a protective energy that was almost tangible.

So you not only escape, but you try and defend yourself. Cute.
Vincent shook his head. He heard something that wasn't real, but he
couldn't understand what it was saying.
"What are you?" The man whispered, not expecting an answer.
I am the darkness in the night.
To Vincent's surprise, the entity that was haunting him answered. Not
only that, but it was understandable. "What do you want from me?"
Wouldn't you like to know.
With that, the voice vanished, leaving Vincent wondering what exactly
that thing was. The voice hadn't had any tone or definable features,
and Vincent knew he hadn't been hearing with his ears. It had been
like a message had arrived in his brain from somewhere else.
He shook his head and went back to what he was doing. The amulet
should help against this strange creature that was haunting him. As
he slipped it on, he felt like something was cut off. Like a string that
he had been holding snapped.
It was probably fortunate that the amulet didn't have any adverse
effects on him. Some things that should have had no effect on him
did. A good example would be the salt circle trick he tried. That had
killed him, apparently because of the fact that his soul wasn't
technically alive.
There was the sound of someone lightly knocking on the doorframe.
Vincent looked up to see Mike standing in the doorway of his room.
"Hey Vince, how're you feeling?" the green eyed man asked.
"A lot better now, thanks." Vincent grabbed the amulet he was now
wearing and rubbed it between his fingers. "Hopefully this prevents
any recurrences."
"You really had me worried Vincent. Do you know what caused that?"
Mike queried. "The Puppet said that you're in perfect condition,

physically at least."
"Some thing. It was in my head. With luck, the amulet should help
ward it off." Vincent said, standing up from his bed. "What happened
while I was out?"
"Not much, it was a fairly uneventful day. The Puppet brought you to
your room and stayed to watch over you. I ran the Prize Corner for
the day, using the excuse of the Puppet being out of order." Mike
informed him. "Now we're playing Mario Kart. Wanna join?"
"We really should hire more people. You, Percy, and Fritz are good,
but seriously, we need to have enough employees to operate safely."
Vincent mused.
"True. But that's what the five nights strategy is for. The best
employees will be the ones who know about the animatronics. Not to
mention the fact that, by the end of their night shifts, they should have
dispersed any fear of the animatronics, and especially the Puppet."
Mike stated. "We'll certainly pay them well if they do a good job."
"Makes sense." Vincent agreed, "I'll join you in Mario Kart."
Mike shook his head. "I will never figure out how thoughts travel
through your brain." He waved at Vincent. "C'mon, I'm pretty sure
Fritz is getting impatient."
"Question: does the Puppet ever get bored?" Vincent asked as the
two made their way up the staircase.
"Not that I've seen. The thing just seems to have a bottomless well of
patience." Mike shrugged. "Up until the point where you fail to
understand what it says. That's about the only thing that gets on its
The duo made their way up to the staff lounge. Fritz was heatedly
pressing the buttons on his controller as the Puppet calmly took the
lead. Fritz looked to the side at the two newcomers, then looked back
at the screen with a cry of rage. "Come on! How do you always land
the green shells?!"

"Patience, Mister Smith." The haunted puppet replied. "Patience, and

slight precognition."
"Of course, the damn doll has the ability to see the future! Why am I
not surprised!" Fritz threw down the controller as the race came to a
conclusion. "No wonder you win every game!"
"You do realize that the Puppet doesn't actually have precognition,
right?" Mike said with a grin.
"I know, but he's still able to tell exactly what's going to happen." Fritz
"Strategy is a good friend of mine Fritz." The Puppet stated.
"And mind reading" Fritz muttered. "C'mon you two, maybe we can
beat this slenderman reject."
"Telepathy is Goldie's specialty, not mine." The Puppet said, selecting
its character.
Vincent paused. "You mean Fredbear, right?" He knew that Mike
often called Fredbear Goldie, but the Puppet could have gotten into
his mind
"Yes. I've taken to calling him Goldie. Something I picked up from the
other spirits." It paused. "I should probably stop, now that he's being
called Fredbear again."
But no, the Puppet didn't do much magic that affected the mind. It
could do so, but it wasn't exactly good at such things. "Yeah,
probably." Something out of the ordinary had managed to enter his
nightmare and drag him out. Whatever it was, it certainly knew about
Fredbear's Family Diner, and how most of the staff of Fazbear
Entertainment had taken to calling the mascot of the place Golden
He picked up a controller. Mike selected Mario as his racer, Fritz
continued on with Toad, for some reason, and the Puppet was playing
as Luigi. Vincent looked through the characters then shrugged,
picking Bowser. He had no idea how each character played, but

Bowser looked cool.

Five minutes later, he was glad with his choice.
The other three had all chosen light characters, meaning that Vincent
could bash them away from item boxes, resulting in him obtaining the
lead. It was only for a little while, however. The Puppet managed to
snipe him with three consecutive green shells, knocking him back into
last place. With a lucky item box, he grabbed a blue shell, forcing the
Puppet into third and giving the other two first and second. Then he
hit the jackpot.
"Bullet BIILL!" He exclaimed, rocketing past the other racers and
crossing the finish line, the Puppet close behind. Somehow, it always
managed to wind up either in first, or just behind first.
"Looks like the shadows can't screw up my luck in this game."
Vincent said triumphantly.
"Challenge accepted." A new voice said from behind him. Vincent
turned his head to see Sean floating there, a smug look on his face.
"Oh hell no. You are NOT hacking Mario Kart." Fritz stated flatly.
"Oh hell yeah." Sean retorted with a grin. The ghost floated across
the room and stuck his hand into the game console. "Let's see how
bad we can make your items."
"Welp, I'm getting only coins this race. Wish me luck." Vincent said
The race was an interesting one. As Vincent predicted, he only got
coins. They had no functional effect on the game, meaning that while
the others got things like banana peels and shells in order to knock
each other out, he had to rely purely on his character weight.
The interesting part was that Vincent won.
He managed to get to first normally, dodging shells and peels, but
once he got there, things got strange. Any time another racer threw a
shell at him, it was hit by a rapidly ricocheting green shell. Fritz nearly

got him once, but a bobomb from Mike knocked the programmer out
of the game. Not once was Vincent in danger of losing his position at
first place.
All in all, it was a pretty fun time.

I know that the last chapter was pretty boring, but it contained
some needed exposition. In this chapter, we have a mini
conversation between the mysterious entity that is attacking
Vincent, and the gang plays some Mario Kart.
This should be obvious, but I own literally nothing in this
fanfiction apart from my interpretation of the characters, and the
small handful of OCs that are in previous chapters.
Chapter 66: Is This All Real?

Beep beep beep beep.

Vincent groaned and rolled over, ignoring the alarm clock. He could
sleep for a little while longer, right? After all, there wasn't anything
special today, was there?
Beep beep bee- thump.
The man raised his hand from the alarm clock and put it over his
eyes. God why did he have to get up today? He was so tired
Wait, how?
In the blink of an eye, Vincent removed his hand from his face. This
wasn't his room. He had never been here before. How was this
He suddenly realized that there were large gaps in his memory. What
was he doing yesterday? Who was Mike Schmidt, and why was he so
important? And why did he feel like something was off?
Vincent quickly stood up from the bed. Why did he feel like something
was missing? He knew, knew, he couldn't possibly be tired after
sleeping for a couple hours, but what was the reason he knew this? It

was illogical, and he couldn't remember any examples of it

There was the sound of someone walking down the hallway, then
someone knocked on the door. "Come in."
The pale man's eyes widened in shock as none other than Marcus
walked into the room. "Morning Vince."
Vincent was speechless. The last time he had seen Marcus, his
younger brother had hated him. Now here he was, greeting him like
this happened every day.
"Is something wrong Vince?" the younger brother asked worriedly.
"You look like you've seen a ghost, and at your age that wouldn't be a
good thing."
Now that Marcus mentioned it, it did seem like time had passed. A lot
of time, in fact. Marcus looked to be in his mid-forties, which would
place Vincent at around fifty. No wonder he was tired then, he was
fifty years old. Vincent stepped forwards and pulled his brother in for
a hug.
"Woah, is something wrong Vince?" Marcus asked, returning the hug.
"I thought I had lost you." The older brother replied, his voice
"You have another nightmare?" The blue eyed younger man queried
"Another nightmare?" Vincent muttered. He released his brother
and stepped back. "What do you mean?"
"Right, I forgot you have memory issues." Marcus scratched the back
of his head. "Every few weeks you relapse. Your memory leaves you,
and the only things you can remember are sixteen years ago, and
bits and pieces of whatever nightmare you woke up from."
"What happened sixteen years ago? I remember the museum heist
and" Vincent stopped. "You you left. I thought you hated me"

"That's probably left over from your nightmare." Marcus replied. "After
the museum heist was a success, we came home to celebrate."
"So Franklin didn't sell me out to the cops, and you went with us?"
The pale man was confused. "How long were you a part of Tony's
"I've been in the 'gentleman's club' almost as long as you have."
Marcus grinned. "After all, how many people can honestly say they've
been trained in combat by the one and only Vincent Tollini?"
"If my faulty memory is correct, only you and Franklin." Vincent said,
returning the grin. "What's been happening in the interim?"
"Well, you broke literally every record in the book. One hundred and
ten confirmed kills, and never once caught by the cops."
That made Vincent feel sick inside, but he didn't show it on the
outside. One hundred and ten kills? How many people did he
slaughter? And now Marcus was following in his murderous
footsteps? This couldn't be real, could it?
"So what's the plan for today?" Vincent asked.
"Well, to finish off your illustrious career, we're going to make one
final kill. Remember Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?" Vincent nodded in
confirmation, and Marcus continued. "Well, after you and Franklin
shut it down sixteen years ago, some rich guy bought out the rights to
the restaurant and all of the animatronics. He hired the famous Fritz
Smith to upgrade the things, and now they're basically his
bodyguards. Tony, the sentimental old fool, wanted to give you a job
that was symbolic, so he's sending you, me, and Franklin to take out
the new owner of Freddy Fazbear's."
Vincent knew that there was a problem with this, but he couldn't place
it for the life of him. He didn't want to do it, but he had no idea why
the idea of killing the owner of the franchise he hated most was
repelling to him.
"Alright, what approach are we taking?" The pale man asked, looking
around his room. It was sparse, which was normal for him.

"Franklin has a device that he says should be able to jam the

animatronics for a couple seconds per use. The hope is that we can
sneak past them and get to the owner. Once there, we can finish him
off." Marcus informed. "I'll let you have the honors."
"Thanks." Vincent said, nodding. "Now then, let's get ready."

Marcus, Vincent, and Franklin were outside the pizzeria. It was a

large, modern looking building, with glass doors out front. The logo
had the head of a brown bear, the famous Freddy Fazbear himself.
"Alright, here we go." Vincent muttered, picking the lock on the back
door. "Just keep the robots distracted, I'll take out the manager."
"Got it." Franklin replied, pulling something out of his pocket. It looked
like a remote controller, but Vincent knew better. That thing could
force someone unconscious from fifty feet away.
As the trio entered the building, Vincent knew that there was
something off. He could tell easily that Marcus had the same feeling,
but he didn't know what exactly this was about.
"Magic users can see spirits and detect magic" ? Informed him.
Vincent shook his head. Marcus had said something about memory
issues, right? So why would he remember someone telling him about
magic? Magic was a fairy tale thing, it wasn't real. The voice sounded
like it should mean something, but its emotionless monotone didn't
sound familiar.
The three continued through the hallway. The map of the place
showed that the manager's office was at the end of this stretch, with
luck the owner would be there.
Unfortunately, the owner wasn't in the office, but someone else was.
Or something else.
It was a towering figure, with brown fur all over and electric blue eyes
in its face. On top of its head was a black top hat, with a similarly

colored bowtie on its neck.

Freddy Fazbear was here to greet them.
Quick as lightning, Franklin snapped his remote up at it and pressed
the signal button, stunning the massive bear. Marcus closed the
distance to it and grabbed the sides of its head, utilizing his massive
frame to twist the bear's head off of its torso. With a snap, the neck
joint broke, and Marcus dropped the head on the ground.
"Wrong area. Where else could he be?" Marcus muttered.
? sighed. "Follow me."
? led Vincent to a door that proclaimed "Staff Only" and went inside.
There was a staff lounge here, featuring a television, several wall
outlets, a refrigerator, and a microwave, among other things. In the
back left corner of the room was a staircase that led downwards.
Vincent followed ? down the staircase to see a short hallway with four
doors leading out of it. One door is marked '?' one marked '?' one
marked '?', and the last unmarked. At the other end of the hallway
was a ramp that curved back upwards into the staff lounge. ? went to
the unmarked door and opened it, showing Vincent the inside.
"Staff lounge." Vincent said, heading off through the building. He
didn't know why he had this memory, as it was incongruous with the
rest of his life now, but it seemed to have come in handy.
Franklin and Marcus went off in another direction, while Vincent
proceeded to the staff lounge. He was as stealthy as he could be, but
he was unfortunately spotted by another animatronic.
This one was a fox, with yellow eyes and white fur. On the tips of its
ears and tail, the fur was a bright pink color. For some reason, this
animatronic was able to climb on the ceiling, using its claws to keep
from falling to the ground.
With a blink, the eyes of the fox vanished, leaving black voids in its
eye sockets. It was incredibly unsettling, but it didn't stop Vincent. As
soon as he spotted the fox, Vincent pulled his special little device out
of his pocket. It was combination lock pick, wrench, screwdriver, and

razor blade. With luck, it would make short work of this animatronic.
The fox dropped down on top of him, trying to crush him with the
initial drop. Vincent ducked out of the way and brought his tool down
on the back of its neck, straight into a wire cluster. The animatronic
lost power to its torso, and Vincent drew back to finish it off.
He hesitated, then just continued onwards to the staff lounge. The
animatronic wouldn't be able to hinder him anymore.
Vincent pushed open the door to the staff lounge. He proceeded
down the ramp in the back right corner of the room. The stairs would
be faster, but he wasn't certain he could stay stealthy. Growing older
had reduced his confidence in his abilities.
There were four doors down here, three of which were marked with
names. Vincent guessed they were living quarters, which would
explain the lack of people up in the main building. Percy, Fritz, and
Mike. Vincent knew Percy Giles, the man had been his coworker in
the time he had been an employee at Freddy Fazbear's. The man
was clever and intelligent, but not a leader. Fritz had been hired by
whoever owned the place, which left Mike as the last possible person
to be the owner.
The assassin pushed open the door to see a broad-shouldered man
sitting at a desk and working. The man didn't even notice the door
opening, he was so engrossed in his work. Vincent crept up behind
the man and drew a knife from somewhere on his person. He raised
his arm and was about to strike when Mike turned his head and
gasped in shock.
He couldn't kill this man. He couldn't. Mike Schmidt was the only
reason Vincent was even alive. Mike had shown him nothing but
kindness, it would be wrong to stab him in the back.
"Dammit Vince, are you going senile?" Marcus said from behind him.
Vincent whirled around and deflected a thrown knife, saving Mike's
life. Marcus was almost as fast as he was, and a hell of a lot stronger

A tall figure with a white face and purple tearstains appeared behind
Marcus. The eyes nothing but pinpricks of light. It looked at Vincent,
and shook its head.
"Puppet" Vincent muttered, remembering everything. He shook his
head. "This isn't real."
Vincent brought the knife down.
Through his own heart.
How? What keeps you anchored? What keeps bringing you
back? You're wearing the amulet, nothing can get in!
The world froze.
"Well, if nothing can get in, how are you here?" The pale man asked,
his hair draining to white and his body returning to its actual age.
Close all the doors you want Vincent, I'm already in your head.
The human shrugged. "Figured that much." He stood up, pulling the
knife out of his chest. "So then, give up yet?"
I may not be able to drive you to insanity, but you will be
punished for your insolence.

Vincent swung his knife wildly, catching the child across the face and
slicing their throat. As he watched, the slashed eyes of the child
drained of both life and color, leaving them entirely colorless.
As he slowly backed away, the child's eyes bled out into their
tearstains, and their face grew paler. The child's body grew taller and
thinner, eventually ending in the child being a towering figure with
colorless eyes and purple tearstains on its white face.
It reached towards him with its spiderlike fingers, seeking to strangle
the life out of him

Wake up

Vincent walked up to the children. He was wearing the Spring Bonnie

suit, so as to not be recognized.
"Hey kids, how's the party going?" He asked in a goofy voice.
"Good!" The children chorused.
"Who here likes Freddy Fazbear?" He queried. All five children raised
their hands. "Does anyone want to meet his brother? He's very shy,
but I can get you to meet him!"
"I wanna go!" the youngest child said. His older brother stood up to
stand next to him. "I'll go too."
"Well come on kids!" Vincent said. "Follow me!"
Wake up

Vincent approached a second group of children. The spring suits

weren't available this time, and the safe room wasn't built into this
location, but that should be fine. The parts and service room should
work just as well.
He walked up to the kids. "Hey guys, having fun?"
Four of the kids were older than ten, but one of them, the birthday
boy, was five. The five year-old grinned. "Yeah! This place is
awesome, I wanna stay here forever!"
Poor kid doesn't realize that he will stay here forever. Vincent thought
to himself. Out loud, he said "There are some other animatronics that
I want to show you. Wanna see?"
"Yes!" The kid said excitedly.
"Well, what're you waiting for? Come on!"

Wake up

"Hey there pretty lady, what're you doing out here?"

The lady in question looked up from her map. She seemed to be lost,
as if she hadn't gone around the city much. She was quite beautiful,
with flowing black hair and intelligent golden eyes. She wore glasses,
but that didn't really detract from her appearance. She grinned
sheepishly. "Sorry, I'm a bit lost, can you help me?"
"Of course, come on." The man said. He was a thuggish sort, and
Vincent hated him. "Just this way miss."
As the two entered the alley, Vincent dropped down from his vantage
point on the rooftop. He landed lightly and silently directly behind the
woman. With a flash of steel, he had his knife to her neck and had
ripped her phone out of her hand. "That won't be necessary."
"Good job Vinny, now hold her still." The thug said with an evil grin.
"Don't call me Vinny." The assassin muttered angrily. "Alright miss,
you're going to give us what we want, and nobody's going to get
"Yeah, and first we want a little fun." The thug guffawed. He stepped
closer, obviously preparing to commit a deed that Vincent had never
wanted to have anything to do with.
As the thug reached towards the woman, Vincent slid his knife across
her throat, muttering "I'm sorry." He wasn't about to let anyone be
defiled for this thug's pleasure.
"Aww c'mon Vinny, you didn't have to do that!" The thug whined. "I
just wanted a little pleasure."
"You're a miserable waste of human existence." Vincent said,
lowering the body to the ground and spitting on the man's shoes.
With a flash of metal, he sliced the thug's cheek. "Damn you. Better
she die than you ruin her life." He sliced again, slicing through the
man's tendons on his arm, making his right arm useless. "Now screw

off before I kill you too."

Vincent knelt down to the woman's body. "I'm so, so sorry"
Wake up
Chapter 67: Bad Timing

"Every time I lay down, I swear to god" Vincent groaned as he

woke up. Let's see what had been the nightmare this time?
He froze, then just removed the amulet. It hadn't helped him anyway.
The thing seemed to only weaken whatever countermeasures that
the Puppet had put in place. The strange voice had said something
about an 'anchor', however. Based purely off of context, that meant
that something else was keeping him from going insane.
Vincent thought about what he had been shown. He recognized the
first three of the last scenes of his nightmare. Those had been when
he murdered the children. The first scene, with the puppet, had most
likely been an attempt to scare him. It hadn't worked though, it had
merely reduced the reality of the scene. The middle two scenes had
been memories that had replayed endlessly in his mind, and he
loathed thinking about it.
The last scene had been the odd one out. The first three had been
events that he felt guilty about. But while he also felt guilty about the
last scene, he didn't feel any worse about it than his other murders.
He had never wanted to do them, but he had little choice. Or at least,
at the time, he had thought he had no choice, in retrospect he knew
that there was always another option.
But what about the last scene was supposed to haunt him? He had
had little choice, at least in his mind. He needed the money that the
woman had, but he wasn't about to defile her. There was no way he
could have fought off the thug without letting the woman go. In
addition, that was far from the guiltiest he had felt about a decision.
So what was so important?
Then it hit him. Hadn't Mike said something about his girlfriend being
killed in an alley? He had also said that Hope was beautiful, but hid
behind her glasses. Had he been the one who murdered Hope?

Suddenly, Vincent's triumph at outsmarting his mysterious attacker

faded. He had murdered the one woman that Mike had ever loved.
He hadn't known at the time, but now he felt horrible. His best friend,
or at least best human friend, was alone because of him. Vincent
covered his face with his hands. The horrible things he had done
finally hit him as hard as they should have. His apathy had been
burned away by his resurrection, and now his newfound emotional
weakness was being assaulted.
"I'm a monster" Vincent muttered, standing up from his bed. "I don't
deserve what I've been given"
You are so close to redemption
The man looked around. There was a similar feeling to when his
haunting foe spoke, but this was far more benevolent. It also felt like it
belonged, as opposed to the feeling of an alien entity invading his
"Who are you?" Vincent asked the friendly voice. It didn't respond.
"Never mind." The man said with a sigh.
Vincent looked around the room and realized that Spring was still
sitting on the ground in the corner of the room. The man walked over
to it and rested his hand on the side of the suit's face. It brought him
comfort, even if he didn't know why or how. Simply being in contact
with Spring made him feel better.
He stood up and walked into the hallway. Same as always, really.
Vincent didn't know why he expected it to be any different. He paused
for a moment, then went back into his bedroom.
"Can't leave you behind." He muttered, kneeling down to pick up the
Spring suit. With a heave, he lifted it over his shoulder and left his
room again. He would try to make up for not being able to perform
"Sean, that's quite possibly the worst idea I've ever heard." Shane's
voice came from the staff lounge. Apparently he didn't approve of
something Sean had said.

"Oh c'mon! It's not that bad! It'll be hilarious!" Came the upset
response. "After all, it's not every day we get the opportunity to pull a
prank like that!"
"Okay, maybe it'll be funny, but we need to wait on it. After closing
time, sort of thing." Shane replied.
Vincent shook his head, wondering who the brothers would be
pranking. Whatever they had in mind, it was certainly going to be big.
It was rare that Shane shot down an idea, but when he did, it was
something big. Vincent just hoped that he wasn't the unfortunate soul
they were targeting.
When Vincent entered the staff lounge, the brothers were gone. It
probably didn't matter anyway. The duo never did anything that could
potentially hurt someone. Well, permanently, anyway. They had hit
him with a fireball once, and while it had tingled, it wasn't permanent.
It had made the Puppet irritated, since it needed to heal the man from
the wrecked state he had been put into.
The man shrugged. Whatever they were up to, he didn't need to
worry about it.

At the end of the day, Vincent felt pretty good.

The strange entity hadn't attacked him today, thank God for that. It
would have only added to the compounding issues of the day. While
none of them were particularly bad, the combination of routine
problems added up to make everyone's day just a little more
It started with Chica running out of supplies due to an unexpected
increase in popularity. She spent most of her time that day in the
kitchen, instead of onstage. Fritz had offered before to make an
automatic pizza maker, but the chicken had turned it down because
she liked to make the pizza herself.
Chica had needed to cook more pizza than they had supplies for.

Even though she spent most of the nights to prep food for the day,
the backup pizza ran out. Mike had needed to rush out and grab
some more supplies in order to keep from running out.
The next problem was a bunch of teenagers in the game area. They
forced Vincent to keep a constant eye on them in order to keep them
from destroying something. At first things were normal, but then one
of the teens started to hit the token machine in an order that Vincent
recognized. The man had needed to get there before they cheated
any tokens out of the device.
However, that wasn't the biggest problem. The teens had backed off
once Vincent noticed that they were trying to get the machine to
glitch, but they didn't stop messing with the arcade machines. One of
them started to fiddle around with the latches on the back of an
arcade machine. Vincent had basically kicked them out at that point.
Tampering with the arcade machines was a very easy way to get
yourself booted out of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
There was a whole group of kids that were afraid of the animatronics,
which gave Billy a lot of trouble. In addition to handing out balloons,
the childlike animatronic could very easily pass for a normal human.
BB often used his appearance in order to help children with a fear of
the larger robots, gaining their trust and then introducing the child to
either the Puppet or Vix, since those two were the least imposing of
the big animatronics. With ten children that were afraid of the
animatronics, BB wasn't able to get the one-on-one time needed to
gain their trust.
While all of these happened on a fairly common basis, once or twice
a week really, having all of these happen on the same day was
disastrous. The icing on the cake, or rather, the bombshell in the
chaos, was the fact that the Prize Corner actually ran out of prizes.
The Puppet might have the ability to conjure objects from other
places, but it couldn't simply create prizes out of midair. When the
Prize Corner ran out of prizes, it was a major problem. It wasn't very
easy to order new prizes, and making them took time. The Puppet
may have been a master at sewing and the creation of plushies, but
even then it took a while to make even the simplest toys. Not to

mention the fact that the plastic toys had to be ordered from toy
It was probably fortunate that Vincent had been able to calm down
the kids that had a phobia of the animatronics. Spring was a less
intimidating figure, and with Vincent's knowledge of how to keep the
kids happy, he was able to entertain them. It's hard to be scared of
something you're laughing at, Vincent knew this for a fact. That was
why Vincent had developed the ability to make almost anyone laugh.
Now that the day was over, however, things should be better. Calmer,
certainly. Less chaotic.
Vincent went downstairs from the staff lounge to put Spring in his
room. He just felt safer with the yellow rabbit nearby, and anything
that helped would hopefully ward off nightmares.
After dropping Spring off in his room, Vincent went back upstairs to
the staff lounge.
As he came up the stairs, he heard the sound of two voices
He was hit by the spell that the two shadow brothers had been
preparing all day.
It was certainly something unique.

So, no author's note last time because it would ruin the

atmosphere. Can't put an author's note in right when something
sad and/or terrifying happens. That ruins the immersion.
About last chapter: Vincent stabbed himself because it was the
only way out that didn't involve killing someone he loved. Might
not have been clear on that front. It certainly made his (not so)
mysterious attacker angry.

This chapter is mostly exposition. We learn that Hope was the

one that Vincent remembered killing in an alley last chapter.
Also, the brothers chose the single worst time to cast this
particular spell. I'll let you know exactly what spell it was next
Chapter 68: Child's Play

"What did you DO!?"

Mike looked up from his desk and frowned. That sounded like
Vincent, but different. What exactly caused him to scream like that?
The green eyed man shook his head. There was a wave of what he
recognized as powerful magic passing through the building, but he
didn't think that the Puppet was supposed to be casting any big spells
today. It would have told him if it was going to do so.
Goldie didn't exactly have transmittable magic. If he used a major
spell, it would either be telepathy or teleportation, and both of those
didn't have a notable effect except on the target. Telekinesis didn't
really seem to have any additional effects, apart from the movement
of objects.
Jeremy was probably resting again. The poor guy hated the normal
form that he had as a ghost, and used most of his energy to maintain
his human form. He also refused to use magic much, ever since he
accidentally made it so that the pizzeria received its internet from the
future. Jeremy had apologized profusely, but Mike had made the
most of knowing what was going to happen.
That left the shadow brothers. Together, they could perform greater
feats of magic than even the Puppet. It was probably just a big prank
though. The duo could reverse whatever magic they did. Right?
Or not. That had been a bigger pulse of energy than the time when
the Puppet had healed Vincent's soul. The Puppet had said that it felt
drained afterwards, and it had retired to its box for the next several
days. Did that mean that the shadow brothers had used more energy
than they could reverse?
Mike stood up and made his way towards the staff lounge, taking an

indirect route that stopped at the Prize Corner. He walked over to the
Puppet's box and tapped on the lid. The Puppet had said that it didn't
want to be disturbed, as it needed to make more plush toys for the
next day, but this was important. If the brothers had managed to cast
a spell of that magnitude
"Yes?" came the answering voice from within the box.
"There's a problem Puppet." Mike explained. "Did you feel that
energy pulse earlier?"
"" The Puppet was silent for a few moments. "My box is insulated
against magic. What pulse of energy?"
That was news to Mike. The Puppet had never said anything about its
box being magically insulated. Although it did make sense, seeing as
he had never detected any magic while the Puppet made toys. He
disregarded it as irrelevant right now. "A couple minutes ago, a
massive pulse of magical energy permeated the building. It was
bigger than the one that pulsed when you repaired Vincent's soul. I'm
worried that the shadow brothers might have pulled a trick they can't
The lid of the box opened and the Puppet's porcelain face peeked
over the edge. "How powerful did you say?" Its eyes were wide with
"More powerful than anything else that I've seen, the sole exception
being when Springtrap pulled his little stunt." Mike explained.
This brought the Puppet out of its box. "Let's go."
"Turn me back NOW!" a high pitched voice came from the staff
lounge. It was certainly Vincent, but higher pitched than usual.
The two looked at each other, then rushed to the staff lounge. Mike
shoved the door open and barged into the room, looking around.
What he saw surprised him.
Shane and Sean were laughing exhaustedly, as if they found
something unbelievably funny, but they were too tired to laugh

properly. As Mike watched, Sean flickered once, then stabilized.

"You two are morons." The Puppet said, shaking its head. "Go sleep.
You're going to fade out if you try to stay active."
"But it's-" Shane wheezed. "So funny!"
That was when Mike spotted the victim of their prank.
Vincent did not look happy.
He also looked to be about five.
"Oh my god." Mike muttered in disbelief. "Puppet they made
Vincent a little kid."
The Puppet looked at the child. "Shane. Sean. You just did the
impossible." It stated flatly, turning a glare at the two ghosts. "Revert
the spell."
Shane started to calm down, flickering every few seconds. "We can't."
He said, trying to calm himself down.
"What do you mean you can't? You cast the spell, you should be able
to remove it." The Puppet crossed its arms.
"We literally can't. The spell has a timer, but not an off switch." Shane
said, scratching the back of his head. "And, uh" he looked down at
his flickering form. "We don't have enough energy to cast the
"Yeah, that used a lot more energy than expected." Sean said,
calming down.
"How old are you two again?" Mike asked, exasperated.
"Twenty-six." Shane answered.
"Twenty-three." Sean added on.
"And they both have a mental age of seven." The Puppet said, rolling
its eyes.

Through all of this, Vincent was just sitting against the wall and
sulking. He looked up at the two shadows that had turned him into a
little kid. "So I'm stuck like this for how long?"
"One month." Shane assured him.
"We have no idea!" Sean exclaimed.
All of the others turned a glare towards Sean. "Sean!" his brother
shouted. "We set the timer to one month!"
"Well, we used a lot of magic on this one! We don't even know if the
timer took effect!" Sean explained. "For all we know, Vincent is going
to be a five year-old forever!"
"Or at least until he becomes a six year-old." Shane muttered,
smacking himself in the forehead with the palm of his hand. "The
spell doesn't refresh, numbskull."
"I'm still confused as to why that was so difficult." Sean said, flickering
"You two go rest." The Puppet said with a sigh. "Last thing we need is
to lose two of our number."
"Yessir!" Sean said with a salute, then he paused. "Or ma'am. Or
whatever." He vanished.
"Sean you moron" Shane muttered. "Sorry about all this. I didn't
think it would have this bad of an effect." The shadow bear vanished
as well.
The Puppet shook his head and floated over to Vincent. "Let's see if I
can counteract this spell."
"So if it doesn't work, I'm stuck as a five year-old. Amazing." Vincent
pouted. He retained his thought processes, but his mind was
beginning to cloud. He couldn't think nearly as well as he used to. Not
nearly as clearly.
"Hopefully not. If all else fails we can wait until the spell wears off. If

the spell was built with the timer in mind, the timer will be a part of the
spell. You can't have just part of a spell." The Puppet muttered, its
colorless eyes scanning Vincent. "Their spell shouldn't have done
anything. Of course, aging someone up would be more difficult,
simply due to the fact that it would require your body to undergo
changes it hasn't experienced before. Aging someone down simply
takes power, and lots of it. At least you didn't have to endure the pain
of gaining years. In any case, age change spells are never
permanent, the power required simply doesn't exist. Not to mention
the fact that the human body will eventually revert to its normal form
after any alteration spell. Shapechange, invisibility, property altering,
and age change are simply not possible to be permanent."
Vincent just stared at the Puppet, not understanding a word the
towering figure said. "What?"
The Puppet looked into his eyes, all patience now. "The spell won't be
permanent. I promise."
"O-okay." Vincent was slightly unnerved by the Puppet's strange
eyes. Before they simply brought him sadness as he remembered the
color draining out of his first victim's eyes. Now his child mind thought
that the eyes were creepy.
That was an unintentional change wrought by the spell the shadows
had cast. His hindsight was stripped of barriers, and his emotions
were uncontrollable. Any time he thought about something that had
happened, it brought with it a wave of emotions, some good and
others bad.
With his past, most memories brought incredible sadness. Others
brought unbearable guilt, while others still made him extremely angry.
There were less of this last kind, and far more of the first two, but he
did remember things that made him angry.
Oddly enough, his memory was even better as a five year-old than it
had been as an adult. As if his mind was healed from the damage
that had occurred with death.
The Puppet looked up at the clock in the staff lounge. "I think it's
about time for you to go to bed."

"So just because of a stupid prank, I have a bedtime now?" Vincent

muttered angrily. He was tired, but he wasn't about to just surrender.
"Not just because of their prank. I know you're tired." The Puppet
insisted gently. "Now come on, let's get you to bed."
"I need to get back to work. I'll see you tomorrow." Mike said quietly,
returning to his office.
Vincent sighed. "Fine."
The Puppet reached down and Vincent took its hand. The towering
figure lifted him to his feet, then started walking him down the stairs.
The two made their way to Vincent's room before the boy realized
that he was still holding the Puppet's hand.
When Vincent entered the room he gasped and ran over to Spring.
The yellow rabbit was just barely taller than Vincent now was, with
the fluffy fur of a baby bunny. Funnily enough, the animatronic was
still the right size to be used as a spring suit.
"Hmm" The Puppet looked at the spring suit. "It seems the spell
traveled along your spirit bond. That's interesting."
The child felt an almost uncontrollable urge to hug the yellow rabbit. It
looked so soft and fluffy. Vincent reached out and, almost
reverentially, started to stroke the fluffy bunny. Inside, he felt amused
about his own activity, but he also knew that this was what he wanted
to do.
"Good night Vincent." The Puppet whispered as it left the room.
Vincent would get to sleep soon enough, and hopefully he would
have sweet dreams.

And here we have the result of the prank.

Chapter 69: Just a Whisper in the Void

There was the sound of multiple people whispering.

Vincent's eyes opened. The room was dark and shadowy, but he

could still see. Barely.

The first thing he noticed was that his thoughts were clear and adult.
His mind was back to normal, even if his body was still childish.
The second thing he noticed was that this was not his room.
It was a decent sized room, with two doors, one on either side.
Vincent was laying on a large bed, on top of the sheets, as weird as
that was. On the opposite side of the room from the bed, there was a
double door that led to what Vincent assumed was the closet. This
room quite obviously belonged to a child, based off of the toys on the
floor and the plushy on the bed.
He's aware
A voice, not dissimilar to the one that had been haunting him for the
past couple days, spoke. The biggest difference was that it was
multiple voices in concert. As soon as this voice spoke, the
whispering came to a halt.
Poor, poor Vincent Tollini
That voice was the one that had been in his nightmares. Vincent
looked around, trying to locate the speaker. Something told him that
this creature was more than just a voice this time.
You have difficulty fighting off your past, and your so called
friends go and remove your mental barriers for me. It's rather
The voice was more than just a mental message now, it was an
actual voice with inflections and tone. It was akin to a whisper, but far
more forceful and permeating. Although it was so forceful, it was soft
and quiet, although Vincent got the feeling that the voice would be
audible even over a storm.
"Who are you?" Vincent asked, still looking around. He didn't honestly
expect an answer, but it didn't matter. The question needed to be

There are some legends that have persisted even in modern day.
Slenderman, Weeping Angels, the Bogeyman, Cthulhu. What do
these four entities have in common?
"They're not real." The human replied, surprised that his foe
Incorrect. All of these creatures, these legends, inspire fear.
They all cause people to quiver in horror. Together, they are the
things that go bump in the night. A modern scientist would
classify these creatures as phobovores, fear eaters. But science
has no grasp on me or my brethren.
"Your brethren" Vincent muttered, processing the information.
"You're one of these fear eaters?"
I am far more than such simple creatures. While my brethren are
content to persist off of fear, I have learned how to become
stronger. Human souls are such interesting things. They cannot
weaken in power, but they radiate magical energy. With the
correct spell, you can mark a soul to be bound to a certain place
upon death. With a little more preparation, you can make the
marked soul send their victims to that place.
Of course, with enough power, you can exponentially increase
the amount of souls within your power. I've found that thirteen is
the ideal number to leach power off of, regardless of whether or
not they are magic users. But what use is power if you don't use
"You never answered my question. Who are you?" Vincent continued
to look around the room. As he watched, the sparse light began to
dim and the shadows began to grow.
Me? I'm just a whisper in the void. I'm just a ghost in your head.
The answer dredged itself from the depths of Vincent's subconscious.
"Nightmare" He whispered, dread growing in his mind.
As Vincent watched, the shadows began to gather in the center of the
room. The darkness was impenetrable, and it ate the light instead of

dissipating. With a pulse of magical energy, two blood red eyes

appeared in the cloud of darkness. He remembers! The ethereal
creature said in mock excitement. Of course, he should. He's sent
so many souls my way.
"What?" Vincent asked, confused. "What are you talking about?"
Are you truly so simple minded? You bear the mark, dear
Vincent Tollini! You have since the day your parents died!
Nightmare drifted across the room, its body not taking a specific form.
Your murderous tendencies aren't due to trauma, but to apathy!
And nothing causes apathy better than some debilitating
"So you-" Vincent started, then stopped. "You monster."
But of course. Do you want to know something about me, my
little pet? I've existed since the birth of human emotion. The first
twinges of joy, the first hints of anger. But the emotion I love
most It paused for effect. Is fear. Primal fear. It tastes so good.
So savory. Every kind of fear carries a different taste. Fear for
oneself is salty, while fear for another is sweet. Debilitating
terror carries a spicy taste, while irrational fears have a short
sharp burst of flavor.
"What does this have to do with me?" Vincent backed away from the
shadowy cloud, grabbing a flashlight off of the bedside table.
It's quite simple. You escaped me, Tollini. I will not tolerate that.
So let us talk about your fears. What you are afraid of. It laughed,
a deep demonic sound.
"I'll let you in on a secret. You're not on that particular list." Vincent
said defiantly, turning on the flashlight and shining it in Nightmare's
Gah! It cried out in pain, shielding its crimson orbs with a fringe of
shadow. You insolent little pest. A clawed hand shot out of the cloud
of shadow and grabbed the flashlight, which started flickering wildly.
I'll let YOU in on a secret. I should be on the top of that list. I am
fear itself, you fool.

"For some reason, I doubt that." The human replied, trying to put
some space between himself and the angry creature.
Perhaps, but you should know this. I can see all of your fears,
ALL of them. I know what you are afraid of; what all humans are
afraid of. You, you're afraid of your so called family. Nightmare
drifted back, its form rippling. To one side of it, an image of the
animatronics appeared. First, the Puppet. Said animatronic was
highlighted. Your first victim. Yet also the most powerful of them.
It has so much magical power, the most of any single entity you
know. But it seems to be the most caring. Seems being the
operative word. Who knows, maybe one day it would simply
decide to sever your soul from your body. Perhaps when you
die, it might decide to not bring you back.
"No no, the Puppet is my friend. My family." Vincent denied,
shaking his head. "It wouldn't hurt me. It wouldn't hurt anyone."
Is that really what you think? Nightmare laughed. You're a
masterful liar Vincent. Even when you're talking to yourself. You
fear that creepy monstrosity. You hate it, and you're afraid that it
hates you too. Do you know why the Puppet's tearstains are still
purple? It's not because of a design choice by Frederick Beyer,
but because it's the combination of the blood of that poor child
and their tears of despair. But the Puppet is not the only one you
fear. The Puppet faded and vanished, replaced by Freddy, Bonnie,
Chica, Foxy, and Fredbear. What of these five? They all scare you
in a different way. Let's start with Fredbear. The yellow bear
moved to the front. He's a magical powerhouse. With his power,
he could tear your mind apart, both physically and mentally. Not
even mentioning the fact that he can teleport at will, he's quite
imposing. He may have been your favorite once upon a time, but
now he's terrifying.
"Stop. Stop!" Vincent screamed, putting his hands over his ears and
closing his eyes. "You're lying! I know you are!"
Nightmare's eyes flashed, and the torture continued. But you know
that I am only saying your thoughts, dear Vincent. This is the
truth. But there are still nine more that you fear, and we must

address each and every one The image shifted, and Vincent
could see despite his closed eyes. What of Freddy Fazbear? You
know him to be a masterful strategist, but you also know him to
be stealthy, at least as much as you are. But he's also incredibly
intimidating. He may be the figure the kids look up to, but for
you, he's the one who is intimidating.
The image shifted again. Then there's Bonnie. The big, lovable
bunny. The goofy pal that every child wants to have. But in your
opinion, he's dangerous. He has the ability to tear you apart, and
he has done so! At any moment, Bonnie might simply decide
that you look nice in four pieces. The image shifted again. What
about Foxy? He's playful and creative, but he's also a soldier. He
has the mindset required to kill those who deserve it. What if he
decides that you are a threat to his family? The image shifted
again. Last but far from least, Chica scares you. The first one to
show you kindness. Yet you are afraid of her. Afraid of what will
happen if you let her down.
"Stop. Stop it!" Vincent was cowering in fear. Nightmare was hitting all
the right notes to terrify him.
Then there are the toys. Let's start with Billy. Little Billy, the least
intimidating and the most human of the animatronics. But you're
afraid that you'll hurt him. And then Nightmare shifted the
image, this time focusing on Vix and Billy. Well, his older sister is a
formidable fighter. She's already killed you once, what's to stop
her from doing it again? The image focused on Ben and Tia. Now
these two. They're equal in capability, although differing in
attitude. Ben has already proven that he can outfight you, and
that's one of your biggest fears. You know that Tia is Ben's equal
in physical prowess, but she has a far feistier temper. What if
you make her mad, and she just decides to kill you?
"Stop it!" Vincent screamed at the top of his lungs.
But why stop here? There's one more. Nightmare's eyes flashed,
and the image vanished, replaced by a creature he had hoped to
never see again. Good old Springtrap. When he was around, you
were insane. To such a degree I could communicate with him

directly. It was rather entertaining, even if it kept your soul from

me. I know you don't so much fear him as you hate him, but he
does persist in a form. Springtrap vanished, to be replaced by a
friendlier seeming face. Spring. The suit that brings you so much
comfort. Yet at any moment the locks might snap, and you might
go spiraling back into insanity. So where can you turn, dear
"No no, go away. Leave me alone." The human whispered in
I'm feeling generous, so I will give you a choice. You may end
yourself within the next twenty-four hours, or I will kill you
myself at the end of this period. Either way, your soul is mine.
A cacophony of voices spoke. Take the easy way out. Please! He
will torture you!
SILENCE! Nightmare shouted. You will all receive your
punishment for speaking.
No! Master, please!
I said SILENCE! Nightmare gathered itself up. Now then, you have
your choice ahead of you. Sweet dreams, Vincent Tollini.
As if that's possible.

Author's note:
So, as some of you have guessed, Nightmare is indeed the
mysterious entity that has been haunting Vincent. Nightmare will
speak in bold, without quotation marks. A note on his
appearance, he does not look like any specific thing, instead he
takes the form of a cloud of shadows, with glowing red eyes.
I hope you guys like how I've chosen to write Nightmare. He's
unpredictable, and by human standards he would be insane.

Chapter 70: Hush Little Baby

In the Prize Corner, "Pop Goes the Weasel" started playing.

Mark, the night guard, started to panic.
"Oh come on! I wound the music box!" He started to scream, pulling
up the camera. The last time he had heard this song was when he
had forgotten about the music box last night. It was probably a
miracle that it had been right before six A.M., otherwise he would
have been well, something bad might have happened. The guy on
the phone never specified.
"Go back to your box! Go back to your box!" Mark screeched,
panicking. The night guard looked up from the tablet. "Go away
bunny boy!"
Ben looked into the guard's office. The man inside hadn't once tried
to actually hold a conversation with them, but that was probably okay.
At the end of his week he would be told the truth anyway. He just
wondered why the Puppet had left its box.
It was true that the music box hadn't run out, but the Puppet never
broke the rules without reason. It certainly had a good reason here.
A child was in distress, and that was something that the Puppet would
NOT tolerate.
The Puppet zipped through the hallways, its game with the night
guard forgotten in favor of fulfilling its duty. It didn't matter who the
child was, or what was distressing them. A child was in distress, and
the Puppet needed to fix this.
A scream of fear echoed through the building. Funnily enough, it
originated from the guard's office. But that wasn't the Puppet's
objective. His goal was in the living quarters located under the
The haunted animatronic made its way into the staff lounge and from
there into the living quarters.
Vincent was staring wide eyed at the door, his mind reeling from the

immeasurable fear he had experienced. His breathing was frenzied,

and he felt like he was on the verge of hyperventilating.
His fear was only amplified as a towering figure burst in the door.
Vincent cried out in fear and pulled himself off of his bed and into the
corner. This striped creature was terrifying, with colorless eyes in a
porcelain face, along with spiderlike limbs.
The Puppet paused. It could clearly tell that it was causing Vincent
incredible terror. But it needed to help the child. Hearing Vincent's
whimpers of fear caused it an almost physical pain.
It slowly backed out of his room, keeping its worried eyes on the child
up until the door closed. As soon as the door snapped shut, Vincent
scrambled back onto his bed and sat there, hugging his legs and
whimpering from time to time.
He jumped as a very human hand gently rested on his shoulder, and
a hauntingly beautiful voice began to sing.
"Hush, little baby, don't say a word,
Mary's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird don't sing,
Mary's gonna buy you a diamond ring."
Vincent slowly began to calm down as this voice, so reminiscent of
his mother's, sang to him.
"And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mary's gonna buy you a looking glass.
And if that looking glass gets crushed,
Mary's gonna buy you a Fredbear plush"
With that, the woman who was singing handed him his plush toy, and
Vincent drifted off into true sleep, the nightmares banished.

Vincent's awakening in the morning was much calmer. His lingering

thoughts were not of the nightmare, but of a happier time, back
before the car crash. A time when his favorite place on earth was
Fredbear's Family Diner.
The child stretched and then hugged his Fredbear plush. He didn't
remember grabbing it before going to sleep, but it was here now. It
didn't matter to his child's mind. He loved that plush. It was the most
important object in the world to him.
Looking around, he spotted Spring in the corner of the room. He
didn't hate Spring, but he was afraid of the suit for some reason. It
wasn't the rabbit's appearance, that was for certain. Spring was
basically what every five year-old would want in a toy. The rabbit was
fluffy and friendly looking, as well as being just barely bigger than
Vincent himself.
To the adult part of Vincent's mind, it was confusing how the spell had
affected Spring. It was an animatronic, right? How had it become a
small child as well? Maybe the spell had been to transform the target
into a child, rather than winding back the clock. Vincent would
assume that any spell that had to do with time was nigh impossible.
But then again, so was turning someone into a child.
To the dominant child part of Vincent's mind, he was just happy to
have a friend. A little scared of what this friend could do, but a friend
With a hug to the yellow rabbit, Vincent left his room, bringing his
Fredbear plush with him. He could hear people talking upstairs.
"How are we going to cover this up?" One voice, Mike, said with a
sigh. "We're going to be short one character and one very important
staff member."
"Perhaps an illusion would help." That sounded like Fritz. "You're
always telling me that magic can do almost anything."
"I don't have enough power to return him to his true age." This voice

was monotone, most likely the Puppet. "In any case, he still has the
mind of a child. Illusion cannot change the way the mind works, only
what it perceives."
"Well, why not just get another guy to be Spring for a day?" Fritz
sounded irritated.
"You know we only have one Spring suit. In any case, I doubt anyone
could do the hyperactive character well enough for the kids to not
notice a difference." Mike said, exasperated. "Not even mentioning
the fact that Vincent is basically our only real security guard. Mark
has no idea what actually goes on here, even if he is slowly figuring it
"So we're running with three 'employees' and one less mascot.
Probably until the spell the brothers prankster put on Vincent wears
out." Fritz sighed. "Goddammit."
Vincent walked up the stairs into the staff lounge. Fritz had left the
room and Mike was having a quiet discussion with the Puppet. As
soon as the child entered the room, the Puppet stopped talking and
smiled gently. "Good morning Vincent. How are you doing?"
The child backed up a couple steps. The Puppet still scared him. He
knew logically that it was kind, but he was still frightened.
"Are you hungry?" The Puppet asked kindly. Vincent shyly nodded in
response, and it continued. "Would you like to go get breakfast?"
Again, Vincent nodded. He was really looking forward to having
something to eat. He was starving.
The Puppet knelt down, hand extended towards Vincent. "I know
someone who makes the best breakfast."
"Okay." Vincent said, hesitantly taking the Puppet's hand.
The Puppet stood up slowly, not to its full height, because Vincent
wasn't tall enough, but to a solid six feet. Its face was in a gentle
smile the whole time.

The two of them made their way through the building to the kitchen,
where Chica was preparing breakfast for Fritz.
"Why hello there! What's your name little guy?" She crooned when
she saw Vincent.
"Hi Chica." The child said shyly.
"Hello Chica. We had a little issue involving the shadow brothers."
The Puppet explained.
"Are they doing that whole 'impossible magic' thing again?" Chica
asked sympathetically.
"Yes, and Vincent here is experiencing the effects." The Puppet
gestured towards him. "Could you take care of him for a little while? I
still need to prepare for today."
"Okay then." Chica nodded, then turned to Vincent. "So what do you
want for breakfast Vincent?"
"Pancakes." Vincent answered, then added on the end. "Please." He
sat down at a table that was in the
"Okay then, pancakes, coming right up!" The chicken started
multitasking, continuing to cook the bacon for Fritz's breakfast, while
going to work on the pancake batter. As always, she made it from
scratch, combining the ingredients in between checking on Fritz's
food. "You want any chocolate or blueberries?"
"Blueberries." Was the answer. Vincent didn't much like chocolate.
"Gotcha!" Chica grabbed a small handful of blueberries and put them
into the batter. After a couple seconds of stirring, she ladled some of
the batter on to a skillet and let it cook. "Do you want anything else?"
Vincent thought for a moment. "Can I have an apple?" He didn't really
like to put things on his pancakes, but he did like fruit.
"Absolutely!" Chica cheerfully replied. She stepped aside to the
pantry and grabbed an apple, then stepped over and handed it to

him. "The pancakes will be done in a few minutes. Fritz! Your food is
The programmer walked into the kitchen to see Vincent eating an
apple. Fritz grinned. "Hey kiddo."
"Don't call me that. I'm older than you are." Vincent replied grumpily.
"Not right now you aren't." Fritz said with a snigger.
"It's not like it's my fault!" The child wailed, his emotions getting the
better of him.
"Fritz, take your food and go." Chica said, uncharacteristically harsh.
"Sorry." The programmer apologized, taking his plate of food and
Chica walked over to Vincent and set a plate of pancakes down on
the table in front of him. "Hey, is something bothering you Vincent?"
She asked worriedly.
"Yes! I've been turned into a five year-old, both physically and
mentally! I can't control my emotions, and from time to time I just go
and do something I can't understand!" He cried out, and slammed his
head on the table. "That's not even mentioning Nightmare." This last
part was muffled beyond understanding.
"Hey, don't worry." Chica rested her hand on Vincent's back. "We'll
solve this. I promise."
"But what if we can't fix it? What if I'm stuck like this forever?" Vincent
looked up at Chica, his eyes wide with fear. "What happens then?"
"We're your family. We won't let that happen." Chica pulled Vincent in
and gave him a hug. "And if it does, we'll take care of you. We will get
through this."
Vincent returned the hug. "Thank you." He whispered. Things were
looking up.

Even if it was his last day alive.

Adult Vincent has spent most of his life controlling his

emotions, or lacking them entirely. Now that he's a kid again,
Vincent has no idea how to keep his emotions under wraps.
Chapter 71: Bullies

Vincent was on his elbows in the Prize Corner. The Puppet was
watching over him for now, seeing as it was the least busy of all of the
animatronics, and Mike and Percy had paperwork. Fritz would have
volunteered, if he was any good with children.
When it came to most forms of art, Vincent was horrible. He couldn't
play instruments, and his singing left a lot to be desired. He couldn't
write either, having never been in school at all. But drawing was
something he could do fairly well. Fortunately for him, the Puppet had
all manner of coloring tools stashed away in its box, so now he was
Although in this case, he had no idea what this was.
He had just been drawing, but as he continued to draw, he had payed
less and less attention to it. Now that it was nearing completion, it
scared him.
The creature he was drawing was massive, with long claws and
monstrous teeth. It looked like some sort of humanoid bear, but at the
same time it gave the feeling that it was something else entirely. The
most disturbing thing was the eyes. They were blood red, despite not
having any crayons of that color. The whole creature was a shadowy
black. It absorbed light, the crayoned lines coming to life on the page.
Aww, little Vincent is an artist! Nightmare taunted. Draw
Springtrap next, I'm sure he would love it.
"Go away." Vincent muttered, tearing the paper up and grabbing a
new sheet. This time he focused on his drawing, trying to portray a
friendlier face. He began to draw Spring, the first friend that came to

Make it rougher. With sharper teeth. Nightmare laughed. A little

plush trap.
"Shut up Nightmare." The human gritted his teeth. He had to focus
this time, so as to prevent Nightmare from influencing his actions.
The ethereal entity couldn't affect Vincent's actions unless he wasn't
paying attention, but the subconscious suggestions that Nightmare
utilized could slip through. That was probably how it had managed to
get Vincent to draw that monster.
Despite Vincent's concentration, some of Nightmare's suggestions
influenced his actions. The resulting drawing was still something that
he didn't like, although it was far less disturbing than the dark
monster. This version of Spring was a darker color, with rips and tears
in its fur. The teeth were pointy, but not particularly intimidating. The
eyes were white, with no irises and black pupils.
Hmm could use more claws. Nightmare commented.
"Since when were you an artist?" Vincent asked, scrapping this paper
as well and going to draw something else. Something not related to
the animatronics this time. Maybe he would draw a pizza, just for the
heck of it.
Since the beginning of humanity. Weren't you listening?
Nightmare made a scoffing sound. I am the creator of bad dreams.
Everything I do is art.
"You also don't shut up." Vincent retorted. "Can't you let me have my
last day in peace?"
As you wish, oh high and mighty artist. Nightmare mocked. Just
remember, after tonight, you're mine.
Vincent waited a second to see if Nightmare would speak again, then
shrugged. "Good riddance."
"Who are you talking to?"
The child looked up at the Puppet, who was leaning out of its box.
"Oh, hi Puppet. It's not important, just talking to myself."

The Puppet raised an eye ridge. "If you say so." It reached into its
box and took out an amulet. This one was very different from the one
Franklin had. The amulet was a ring on a piece of string, the ring itself
made out of strings. "I was working on this, it should help with your
nightmares." It handed the amulet to Vincent.
"Umm" Vincent mumbled. "I don't know" The last amulet hadn't
helped at all. If anything, it had made things worse. Apparently
Fredbear's presence mitigated any psychic invasions, and Vincent
honestly didn't understand what the Puppet was talking about when it
had said that. The Puppet had also said something about the amulet
nullifying the protective aura, although that was also complete
gibberish to Vincent.
"Please, at least wear it." The Puppet almost pleaded. "It will soothe
your fears."
"Okay then" Vincent put the amulet on. There was no marked
difference, but he could sense that there was a slight change. "I don't
feel different."
"Its effect will take place once you sleep." The Puppet explained.
"With luck, it will help to resolve your nightmares."
"I hope so." The child muttered in response.
The Puppet hesitated for a moment, then snapped its fingers as it got
an idea. "Tell you what, go play some arcade games. I know Chica
has the top scores on everything, but you can still enjoy yourself." It
reached into its box and pulled out a cup filled to the brim with tokens.
Vincent took the cup and paused for a moment. "Thanks Puppet."
"Go, enjoy yourself." It said with a smile. As Vincent walked off, it
returned to its task of preparing prizes.
The first game Vincent went to was Pac-man. Sure, there were lots of
new games with amazing graphics, but Vincent liked the games that
reminded him of earlier times. The classics were his favorites.
Centipede, Pac-man, space invaders, and Donkey Kong were all
games that he enjoyed.

"C'mon Blinky, don't follow me so closely" Vincent muttered as the

red ghost chased after him. He was about to grab the last power
pellet when Pinky came out of nowhere and killed him, ending the
game. Vincent shrugged and went to put another token in when he
heard something that wasn't exactly friendly.
"C'mon, that stupid rabbit's not here today. Maybe we can get some
high scores now."
It sounded like those teens from yesterday were back, and they were
going to get into the machines once again. The saddest part was that
the four of them were breaking into the arcade machines just to get a
high score.
The child placed his cup of tokens in a little alcove behind the token
machine. As far as Vincent knew, nobody knew about this little hidey
hole, so hopefully it should be a good hiding place. But the tokens
were secondary, Vincent couldn't just let someone dismantle the
arcade machines.
"Just take the back off and wipe the data, how hard is it?" One of the
delinquents asked impatiently. "Then we can just take the high score
and lock the scoreboard."
"Hacking in is a lot harder than it looks, you stupid jock." The teen at
the back of the machine replied. "Anyways, I thought the plan was to
get a million tokens to do this."
"Nah, this is more permanent. The high scores the stupid
management put on there would just be put back in." A third one put
in. "Just don't screw it up and ruin the game."
"You have no idea how hard that is." The techie of the group said
"You shouldn't mess with the arcade machines." A voice warned. To
Vincent's surprise, it was him. Apparently he couldn't keep his
goddam mouth shut, now that he was a kid.
One of the teens jumped, then looked around and spotted Vincent.
"Push off brat."

"You shouldn't open the machines." Vincent persisted.

"Shut up you little kid. Get out of here." The teen said again.
"Freddy wouldn't want you to mess with the machines." The child
continued, trying to stall for time. He knew he wasn't going to get
them to stop on his own, but with luck one of the animatronics would
wander by.
"I don't give a damn what the stupid bear wants." The teen launched
a half-hearted kick at Vincent. "Now get out of here before I decide to
beat the hell out of you."
"Swearing's against the rules." Vincent said, dodging the kick. He
wasn't as fast as he was used to, but he was fast enough.
"Like I give a crap." The teen said, turning away. "Now push off you
little brat."
Vincent rushed around and grabbed the screwdriver that the techie
behind the machine was using. With a flick of his wrist, he slid it
under another arcade machine. "Why you little-!"
One of the teens grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him back, and
a heavy fist hit him in the stomach. All the air flew out of Vincent's
lungs, and lights danced before his eyes. That had hurt. He was
dropped to the ground with a jarring thud and a lot of pain.
He was showered in blows, each hurting him more than the last.
Vincent was certain he would be bruised later. After a little while, a
more familiar voice spoke. "Now what do you think you're doing?"
"Oh look, it's the stupid purple rabbit."
"Uh-huh. Glad to know I'm so easily recognized. You still haven't
answered my question." Bonnie sounded irritated.
"Just ignore the robot. I need to find my screwdriver."
"Damn machine's just standing here."

"You know, my satellite dish ears may be amusing, but I can hear
literally everything you're saying. Cussing isn't allowed in this
establishment pal. Come to that, neither is tampering with the arcade
machines." Bonnie tsked. "You four really know how to break the
"Screw off you stupid rabbit."
"Alright, I give you punks to the count of five to scram." Bonnie
warned. "One."
"Let's just take the rabbit apart. It's not like it can stop us."
"Just beat it up like we did that little brat."
"Five." There was the sound of punches being thrown, followed
immediately by groans of pain.
"Dumb rabbit can't count" One of the teens muttered from his new
position face down on the floor.
"Oh I assure you, I can count perfectly well. Well enough to know that
there will be four corpses if you morons ever decide to step foot in
this place ever again." Bonnie threatened. "Nobody. NOBODY. Hurts
a child here and gets away with it. Am I understood?"
"Screw off" the teen mumbled under his breath.
"Didn't I just say I could hear you from the other room? Get out of
here, you spoiled little brats." The animatronic spat. "I'm stronger and
faster than all four of you combined. Now run along. I don't want to
hear your obnoxious voices or smell your foul odor ever again."
The four rulebreakers scrambled off, trying to get as far away from
this intimidating animatronic as possible.
A soft paw gently rested on Vincent's arm. "Hey buddy, you okay?"
Vincent groaned in pain. Everything hurt, and he was having difficulty

"I'm so sorry. I should've gotten here faster." Bonnie quietly
apologized, gently picking the child up. Vincent had never noticed it
before, but Bonnie's fur was incredibly soft. The rabbit was as gentle
as could be, carrying Vincent into the Prize Corner. Holding Vincent in
one arm, the animatronic tapped on the top of the Puppet's box.
"What is it?" came the response. "I'm kind of busy."
"Puppet, Vincent's hurt." Bonnie explained.
Immediately, the lid of the box flew open and the Puppet rose out of
it. "What happened?"
"A bunch of teens came in and started tampering with the arcade
machines. When Vincent found out, he tried to stop them. Brave, but
not exactly smart." Bonnie looked down at the child in his arms.
"Sorry Vince." He looked back up at the Puppet. "When Vincent took
a screwdriver away from one of them, they beat him up."
"They won't be able to do it again when I'm done with them." The
Puppet promised.
"They won't be coming back, Puppet." Bonnie said. "I made sure of
The Puppet paused for a moment. "Are you certain?" Bonnie nodded
in confirmation. "Very well." It sighed and looked at the injured child.
Its face reflected its worry. "Poor child" It muttered. "I'm so sorry"
"You can best take care of him." Bonnie said, handing Vincent over to
the care of the Puppet.
The Puppet gently took Vincent, who had fallen asleep. "I'll help you,
little Vincent. I will protect you."

Nightmare is a narcissistic jerk. Just thought I should say that.

Also, Bonnie's protective nature came in handy here.

Chapter 72: Time to Sleep

"Wake up Vincent. It's past closing time."

The child stirred and opened his eyes. This place wasn't somewhere
he recognized, but he wasn't worried too much. The Puppet was here
with him, and it wouldn't let anything hurt him. Vincent sat upand
looked around. "Where are we?"
"The extradimensional confines of my box." The Puppet's voice
answered. "There's a lot more in here than one would expect based
purely off of the dimensions of the box on the outside."
"Like a TARDIS?" Vincent asked. He was a fan of Doctor Who.
Nightmare probably knew that, seeing as it had talked about weeping
angels. It made Vincent wonder what exactly Nightmare knew about
There was the sound of laughter. "Yes, like a TARDIS."
"Where are you?" He looked around again. Despite hearing the
Puppet, he hadn't seen it yet.
"Right here." The Puppet answered, coming out of a room that was
adjacent to the one Vincent was resting in.
It wasn't in its usual spindly limbed form. Instead, it was wearing the
disguise that it had developed for the day that everyone had gone to
the park. With their colorless eyes and bleached white hair, they
would have looked strange to the average observer. To Vincent,
however, he saw one of the people who took care of him and
protected him from harm.
In the back of Vincent's mind, he felt more comfortable around this
human version of the Puppet. He didn't quite know why though.
He had to ask though. "Why are you using the illusion in here?"
Marion smiled warmly. "I feel more comfortable when using this form.
More human. It's been forever since I could feel normal. But thanks
to your ingenious idea, I can do it at almost any time." The slender

person walked over to him, holding a plate of pizza. "Here in my box,

it doesn't even take much energy to do it." They handed the plate to
Vincent. "Here's your dinner, Chica made it earlier but we didn't really
want to wake you up early."
"Thank you Marion." The child replied, taking a bite out of his pizza.
As always, it was fantastic. Chica truly was a master chef.
"I'm glad you're happy." Marion replied with a smile. Their face turned
serious. "What exactly was your nightmare last night? You were so
Vincent hesitated for a little while, then shook his head. "I don't want
to talk about it."
"If ever you need someone to talk to, let me know. I can help you."
The supernatural creature assured. "In any case, I think Mike has
been wanting to talk to you."
"Okay." Vincent finished his pizza and set the plate down on the side
table of the bed he had been sitting on. "How do we leave?"
"Take my hand." Marion extended a hand out towards him. After a
fraction of a second, Vincent reached out and took it.
"Hold on." Marion warned. For a few seconds, reality seemed to
stretch. Just as it seemed the world would tear apart, the two of them
wound up outside the box.
"Woah" Vincent let go of the Puppet's hand and grabbed his head.
"That was weird. Do you have to go through that every time you leave
your box?"
"Not every time, but whenever I enter the extradimensional space,
yes." The Puppet said, having reverted back to its ordinary form upon
leaving the box. "You get used to it after a while."
"Okay" Vincent muttered, trying to steady himself after the dizzying
experience. "So what now?"
"Come with me, Mike wants to chat." The Puppet informed him.

"Okay." Vincent said, following the Puppet. It led him to Mike's office,
where the man was doing paperwork.
As they entered the room, Mike looked up. "Hello you two. How are
you feeling Vincent?"
"Better. I'm not hurting anymore." That was something that had
slightly confused Vincent. His nerves were basically dead when it
came to pain, he knew this from experience. Apparently, when the
shadows had transformed him, it had fixed his nerves. Vincent didn't
know if he liked or hated it.
Mike smiled kindly. "That's good. The Puppet's good at healing.
That's more or less its specialty."
"Mostly due to how often I must utilize my healing skill." The Puppet
joked. "I mean, what kind of healer gets as good as I am without
extensive practice?"
"Hopefully the brothers can learn how to use their extreme magical
capability on something that isn't a prank. With luck, one or both of
them will discover that they can heal injuries." Mike shook his head. "I
never really understood how that worked. You said that you couldn't
use your abilities to levitate until a couple years after the Puppet
became your vessel. What exactly did you mean?"
"Some spirits develop skills the longer they exist. Some older spirits
can do things that would be otherwise impossible, such as
transforming living beings into other things permanently. Other spirits
simply have all of their magical capability from the moment they die.
Others still have immense magical power, but still develop new skills
as they persist. It's impossible to tell right at the start." The Puppet
explained, going into teacher mode. "Some spirits have a completely
unique power, but no other magic. Others are extremely specialized,
such as Fredbear. He has extraordinary power when it comes to
telepathy, and teleportation on the scale he does is incredibly difficult;
but that's about all he can do."
Vincent looked up at the tall figure next to him, understanding none of
what it said. "What?"

Mike laughed. "We're getting off topic here Puppet. I know you're
training to be the world's first undead school teacher, but we do have
other things to talk about."
"Of course, sorry." The Puppet apologized.
"So what did you want me for?" Vincent asked, curious. What did
Mike need from him? He was just a kid now.
"First, I wanted to ask you if you were OK. Those punks have been
banned from the pizzeria in multiple ways, but you were really hurt."
Mike began. "But my real reason for calling you here has to do with
your transformation."
"What do you mean?" Vincent shifted on his feet.
"With your new perspective, you can let us know how best to appeal
to children." Mike explained. "Since your mind has been changed with
your body, you can let us know what most children classify as
"Well" Vincent started, thinking. "More one on one time with the
animatronics would be something anyone wants. But it's not really
possible without having more of them. Otherwise, the pizzeria is the
best it can be right now."
The adult nodded in response. "Okay, thanks for your input. Now
then." He leaned forward, worry in his eyes. "You woke up last night
screaming in fear. What was it that bothered you?"
"I don't wanna talk about it." Vincent muttered, wondering why
everyone was trying to play therapist. He couldn't talk about this
issue. Nobody could help. Nightmare was powerful, this much
Vincent knew for certain. It would be able to kill him regardless of
what help he may receive. The last thing Vincent wanted was to give
Nightmare another target.
"Vincent, we're here for you. All of us." Mike assured him. "If you
need anything, please, let me know."
"I really don't want to talk about it." Vincent stated adamantly. "It was

just a bad nightmare."

"If you say so" Mike looked up at the clock in his room. "It's almost
eight, you should probably be getting to bed soon."
"But I just woke up!" The child protested. "I'm not tired."
"Are you sure about that?" The Puppet asked him, one of its eye
ridges raised. "You know as well as I do that falling unconscious
doesn't give you the same amount of rest as actual sleep."
"No really, I'm not tired." He yawned at the last word, proving himself
"Alright, it's off to bed with you." The Puppet said, a kind smile on its
face. "Come on."
"Don't wanna go to bed." Vincent pouted. He knew he was tired, but
he refused to surrender. Not to mention his reluctance to reenter
Nightmare's domain.
Aww, Vincent's adorable. Nightmare commented. He thinks that
by staying awake he can evade my grasp. Cute.
Vincent paused for a moment, processing what Nightmare had said.
It could reach him even when he was awake? That was not
something that comforted him.
Twenty four hours. That's how long you have, your state of
consciousness doesn't matter. Nightmare laughed. You might
want to answer. People are starting to stare.
The child suddenly realized that the Puppet had said his name
multiple times. "Sorry, what?"
"You must really be tired, you're just zoning out." The Puppet said,
kneeling down. "Come on, let's get you to bed."
It reached out towards him, a kind smile on its face. After a moment's
hesitation, Vincent took its hand, and in a flash, he was laying in its
stick-thin arms. The Puppet moved like lightning, zipping through the

building at high speed. In the blink of an eye, they wound up in

Vincent's room.
The Puppet set him down gently on his bed, humming a song under
its breath. After tucking him in, it turned to leave.
"Hmm?" It turned back around, a quizzical expression on its face.
"Good night."
The Puppet smiled. "Good night."
Good night Vincent, I'll be seeing you soon.

Yes, I am a fan of Doctor Who. Among other things.

Chapter 73: Nightmares and Death

Like the last time Vincent entered Nightmare's domain, he was met
with the sound of multiple people whispering. It was impossible to tell
how many people, or whether they were men or women, but there
was more than five.
He should have killed himself.
Nonsense! He should fight! Nobody should give in to
Watch what you say Paul. Nightmare's always listening.
I don't care! I'm sick of being a tool to torture people. I never
wanted this!
None of us did, but we deserve this hell.
One of us wanted it, although he's certainly sick in the head.
Oh god, is Barry here?

No, thank god for that.

Shut up. He's listening.
No, Vincent.
With that, the cacophony of voices grew silent, and the air grew tense
with anticipation. Vincent got the distinct feeling that the voices that
he heard weren't hostile towards him, but they had a bizarre quality
that reminded Vincent of Nightmare. Some of those voices sounded
familiar, but the ephemeral quality of the sounds threw off Vincent's
The room was dark and gloomy like before, but now there was a
weight in the air that brought dread to Vincent's heart. He slowly got
up off of the bed and walked over to the bedside table. Last time, the
flashlight had hurt Nightmare's eyes. If that was the case, maybe he
could ward the monster off until dawn.
Not likely to work, although your persistence is amusing.
Vincent whirled around to see the creature that he dreaded. The
glowing red eyes staring out of a cloud of shadow. Nightmare drifted
around, its diaphanous form shifting endlessly.
Human souls are so interesting. So persistent. They refuse to
surrender, even when they know themselves to be lost. The
human soul never really weakens either. It can only grow
stronger as it persists after death. Yet the soul can, and very
much will, go insane without a vessel to keep it stable. Nightmare
laughed. Of course, humans themselves are odd. They've
invented many things that would never have otherwise existed.
Boredom, for example. Humans have also invented things that I
myself find useful. One of the more useful things I've learned is
The human remained silent through this whole monologue, then
spoke. "You really love to hear yourself talk, don't you?"

And why shouldn't I? I am the only constant in an ever changing

world, I am the most powerful entity in existence. I've more than
earned the right to boast.
Vincent very seriously doubted that everything Nightmare said was
true. There was always something stronger, he knew that for a fact.
What he did know was that Nightmare had learned how to develop an
ego, along with how to be a cruel monster.
"I'm not going to let you take my soul." Vincent said adamantly.
But didn't you hear the damned souls saying that they deserved
this fate? Nightmare laughed again, its strangely echoing laughter
being very different from its quiet voice. Oh yes, they all deserved
this fate, even if they never wanted it. And you? You're worse
than any one of them.
"No. You're the one who caused me to do it. You're the one who
caused all of them to do it too. The only one here who deserves
damnation is you." The human retorted.
True, I did influence them. To a degree. But they are the ones
who carried through. Just like how you are the one who killed
thirty one people, eleven of them children, and one of them your
own student. Nightmare replied. As it spoke, it generated an image
in the air. Let's talk about your victims, shall we? Let's start with
the beginning. The image resolved itself into Fredbear's Family
Diner. The Puppet would make a great parent, wouldn't it? Such
a shame she's dead.
"What?" Vincent's mind reeled. Did Nightmare just call the Puppet a
Oh yes. Poor little Mary. She just wanted to see Fredbear. Her
favorite character in the world. But instead, you decided to
perform a drug trade on that day. The image showed Vincent,
holding a knife at the throat of the small child. It wasn't easy to tell
what gender they were, as they had fairly short hair and no defining
features apart from their brightly colored eyes. Her brilliant purple
eyes haunted your dreams for the next two years. She doesn't
remember anything about her life any more now. Not her name,

nor her appearance. Not even her gender. Poor thing.

"I" Vincent didn't feel the fear that Nightmare's presence should
have inspired, but he did feel sad. He knew full well that he had
ruined so many lives, but learning about them made him feel worse.
Then, there are the first five. The image shifted, showing the inside
of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The animatronics were backstage for
maintenance, but Vincent was bringing five children into the
backstage room. The guise of the Spring Bonnie suit allowing him to
lure them there. Their names are forgotten to all but their parents.
And even then, their parents are either too old, or dead.
The image changed to show the backstage room. First, you slit the
throat of one boy. Then, as the girl tried to run, you
disemboweled her. As Nightmare spoke, the image followed the
actions. Vincent taking one of the children and quickly slitting his
throat, then whirling and slicing across the stomach of a blonde girl.
That little red headed boy tried to fight you, grabbing a wrench
to try and fight you off. It was cute, really. He had the speed, but
not the experience, there was no way he could have survived;
and he didn't. You stabbed him in the eye, all the way through to
his brain. The red-headed boy, shorter than the previous two,
grabbed a tool and swung it at Vincent. The man forced the tool out
of the child's hand and then stabbed him in the eye. Then there were
two. The brothers. You stabbed one of them in the heart, the
older one. Then you walked over and snapped the younger
brother's neck. Vincent wrenched the knife out of the redhead's
skull, then plunged it into the ribcage of the oldest child. With a quick
motion, he reached out and snapped the last child's neck. All dead,
because of you.
"I know these things." Vincent stated. He felt bad, but not to the point
that Nightmare probably wanted.
What of the second group of five? They were fortunate to
remember their names, or at least, four of them did. The image
showed the 1987 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location. Billy didn't have
many friends, but he had a loving older sister. Veronica brought
along three of her friends to celebrate Billy's birthday. Four

preteens appeared on the scene. The tallest of the four was brown
haired, and had a book in his hands. Two others acted like they were
brother and sister, although the girl was Hispanic, while the boy
looked like he was of European descent. The last one was the
youngest, with a pink highlight in her hair. She looked like she was
related to the birthday boy. Then you killed them. All of them.
Theodore, Veronica, Benjamin, Tia, and Billy, the birthday boy.
"Again, this isn't news." Vincent said, still not understanding what
Nightmare's point was. "I feel horrible about what I've done, but I can't
change it."
Something has changed. You aren't reacting properly. What
changed? Nightmare seemed irritated. It doesn't matter. You'll
be dead momentarily.
"Not if I can help it." With a flick of his wrist, Vincent shined the
flashlight in his hands at Nightmare's eyes. As the formless shadow
reeled back in surprise, Vincent ran off, blitzing down one of the side
GET HIM! An enraged shout echoed through the building, quite
different from Nightmare's usual soft speech. It seemed the shadowy
creature was extremely mad. Vincent wasn't sure that was a good
As Vincent ran, he was aware of something monstrous following him.
Something massive was thundering down the hallway behind him.
But Vincent couldn't afford to slow down and see what it was. It was
certainly a minion of Nightmare's.
With a quick movement, Vincent pointed the flashlight directly behind
him and turned it on. His efforts were rewarded when something went
Gah! and crashed into a wall. It sounded similar to one of the voices
from earlier, although Vincent couldn't tell which one.
Vincent turned a corner to be met by a towering figure. He didn't see
what it looked like, apart from its glowing eyes and long limbs, but he
could tell it would try to kill him. Just before he crashed into it, he
dodged to one side and zipped between its legs, just barely fast
enough to evade the grasping claws that the monster had tried to

grab him with.

Dammit! It cursed as he ran away from it. In the blink of an eye, its
torso whirled around on its waist. Another claw slashed the air behind
Vincent as the monster cursed again.
Come back here! I'll tear you apart! It swore, trying to lunge at him.
Its action failed, mostly due to the fact that its knees were facing the
wrong way. Goddammit! I hate this body!
Count your blessings, wretch. Nightmare seemed to have been
following Vincent the whole time, and just now stopped to punish the
towering monster. I could have relegated you to a lesser role.
I'm sorry! Don't hurt me! The creature's attitude changed in a
heartbeat. It seemed genuinely terrified of Nightmare; but then, most
people would be. I got carried away! I have temper issues!
I know you do Nightmare crooned, its voice changing to a false
kindness. That's what makes you such a good minion.
Vincent managed to make it around another corner into another room
while Nightmare was distracted with its minion. For some reason, it
seemed like Nightmare was prioritizing the discipline of its creatures
over the catching of Vincent. But then, that made sense with what
Nightmare had said before. It wasn't exactly limited by time or
location, at least, according to it.
Hi there!
The human jumped and looked around. There wasn't anything here,
at least that he could see.
Did Nightmare bring me a new toy? Sweet!
This voice sounded somewhat childish, with undertones that were
more sinister even than Nightmare. It didn't have the same power as
Nightmare did, but it sounded more deranged than even the shadow
Now that he was looking, there was a childlike shadowy figure. It was

less like Nightmare's ever-shifting form, but like a silhouette minus

the light behind it.
My name's Barry! I heard your name was Vincent. I also heard
that you killed thirty people, but then shorty said thirty-one.
That's pretty cool! The figure giggled, a strangely demonic sound.
Dread began to grow in Vincent's mind. This little figure, Barry, was
probably more dangerous than many of the people he had worked
alongside during his first life. That wasn't even taking into account the
strange nature of the creature.
Barry. This is my kill. This voice was similar to the one that had
cried out in pain earlier. As Vincent watched in horror, a bulky figure
walked in the doorway. I WILL have my revenge.
NO! He's MINE! The childish voice shouted, launching itself at the
larger creature. You're not taking my toy away before I'm done!
You're both children. Nightmare's voice rang out. The shadowy
creature coalesced in the room, two clawed hands shooting out of its
formless cloud. One hand grabbed the larger figure and roughly lifted
it into the air. The other hand grabbed the back of Barry's head and
pulled him off of the other creature.
But Nightmare! I wanna play! Barry seemed far less scared of
Nightmare than the other monsters were. The little figure seemed to
be insane.
I know you do, my little pet, but now is not the time. This one will
be joining us for a far longer time than most. Now go, I need to
chat with our victim. Nightmare said, for once seeming gentle.
Fine. The silhouette vanished.
As for you, Aaron. You will be disciplined for letting Vincent
evade you for so long.
You know I want Vincent dead as much as you do. The larger of
Nightmare's minions replied. I was not aware that he had a
flashlight, otherwise I would have been more cautious.

It doesn't matter. You'll be replaced soon enough. I hope you

enjoy oblivion.
Anything is better than this. The taciturn creature retorted,
Ungrateful abominations, the both of them. Nightmare's clawed
limbs vanished back into its shadowy body, as if they were made of
the same material as its ephemeral form. It's rather amusing,
neither of them should be here, and yet they fit in so well with
my plans. Both were killed by the marked ones, but they were
killers in their own rights. Barry was an absolute lunatic in life,
dying at the age of eight. He had murdered both his parents and
all three of his older siblings. The one who killed him was a
marked one who drove off a cliff. The suicide attempt hit Barry
and killed him. While the one who was marked was absolutely
useless to me, Barry is one of my favorites. Although he's
selfish and greedy. Nightmare chuckled, its form stretching to block
the doorway. Aaron, on the other hand, was an adult when he
died. He's a born soldier, with no war to fight in. It made him a
great mercenary, although he was killed by a young man. This
young man quickly became more famous and deadly than he
ever was.
Vincent slowly internalized this information. Aaron, the massive
monster that had tried to kill him just now, was the second person he
had ever killed. "How is this important?"
It really isn't. But you ought to know about your new co-workers.
After all, you'll be stuck with them for eternity. Only the most
powerful souls will be kept, regardless of magical capability.
Aaron simply isn't as strong as you are. He's the weakest link,
but he's still stronger than most human souls. Nightmare
performed a sort of psychic shrug, getting its point across without
performing the action. It doesn't matter that much, really. Not to
you. Especially since you'll be dying soon.
Nightmare extended a clawed hand toward Vincent.
Good bye Vincent.

Chapter 74: Tomorrow is Another Day

He was falling.
An endless void spiraling around him, he was lost in darkness. There
was nothing below or above him. There was nothing, both outside
and inside of his mind.
No. This isn't real.
With a thud, he fell to the ground. A gray wasteland, nothing but a
bland plain. The darkness was limiting his sight, and there was
nothing above him but the void he had fallen out of.
"Why did you do it?"
Vincent looked around, now spotting a small figure that hadn't been
there before. It was one that he could never forget, a little girl with
short hair and almost luminous eyes. She looked at him and tilted her
"Why did you kill me?" She asked again, stepping closer. "What gain
did you have?"
"I-I panicked! I didn't want to!" Vincent protested, knowing that
something was wrong here. "I never wanted to kill anyone!"
"Really? Is this the truth, or are you just lying again?" The color of her
eyes began to leak out, draining to colorless as twin purple stains
poured down the little girl's face. As Vincent watched in horror, the
girl's mouth gaped open, locking in an endless smile with nothing but
darkness behind it. "You cannot hide the truth from me!" It screeched
as its limbs elongated and its skin turned pale.
This isn't real. Come back.
The world spun, the scenery blurring and changing, coming to a halt
on a familiar scene.
He was in the Prize Corner. In the pizzeria. Compared to the previous
scene, this was extremely friendly. There was Vix, sitting on the chair
that was a prop for her story time. While Foxy told more exciting

stories to the older kids, Vix created stories for the younger children.
On the other side of the room, BB was handing out balloons to the
children. The Puppet's box was right there, its occupant most likely
Something seemed off.
After a moment of thought, he realized he was back in his adult body.
That was impossible though, right? The Puppet had told him that
even it didn't have enough magic to turn him back, but here he was.
Nightmare was likely more powerful than the Puppet, seeing as it
drew power from multiple souls, but it had no reason to transform him
That left one option.
This wasn't real.
"Hey Vince! What's up?"
Vincent shook of the feelings of strangeness. "Hey Vix what's"
Vix seemed different. Quite notably so.
There was blood on her teeth.
"Vix" Vincent began.
"What's the matter Vince? I was just having a snack." The fox replied,
standing up. Her eyes vanished, leaving the dark voids that Vincent
had learned to be wary of. "After all, a cranium tastes so much better
when the person is scared."
Come back to the room.
Vincent opened his eyes. He was back in the room with the bed and
two doors.
He made it out.
Good for him! Nightmare isn't as powerful as he thinks!

Nightmare is all powerful Mister Paul.

Umm. Sorry Barry. I misspoke.
It's okay Mister Paul! Everyone makes mistakes! Like that time
when I let the kid bleed out instead of getting his spinal cord.
Um. Yeah.
Silence. All of you.
Yes Nightmare.
He did a quick self-inventory. Wits: check. Nightmare's minions
chattering about him: check. Life?
You're quite a unique one, you know that Vincent?
Probably safe to say he was still alive, seeing as how he still looked
like a little kid and there was still a voice in his head. But how was he
still alive? Hadn't Nightmare said it would kill him?
The human sat up and got to his feet. He stretched, then asked the
question that was eating at him "So, your attempt to kill me failed?"
Unfortunately. You're protected by a quite powerful entity. Not as
strong as I am, but clever. That amulet you're wearing can
deflect my power. A neat trick, and one that I never expected.
Nightmare performed its strange form of shrug. It shouldn't change
the outcome. With enough time I can drive you to insanity
anyways. Although the fact that you escaped the vortex is a
surprise. It should have driven you mad.
"I can do a lot of things that may surprise you." Vincent replied.
"Contrary to what you seem to think, I never took pleasure in killing
people. I'm not a sicko like Barry. In my case, the only reason I killed
is because of you."
True enough. How are you liking your room? A set of razor sharp
teeth appeared in Nightmare's formless substance.

"It's creepy." Vincent stated flatly. "What's your angle?"

It should be creepy. Many children know this room. Nightmare
said smugly, ignoring Vincent's question. Different monsters and
routes, different fears. Sometimes its snakes, other times
shadows. But every child who entered this room feared it at the
The closet opened, revealing ten monstrous creatures. All of them
were blatantly mechanical, with metal eyes and metal skeletons
visible on parts of them. The odd one out was a towering figure that
was continually leering at him. Its eyes openly showed its hatred of
him, while the more mechanical creatures all showed more
indifference than anything else.
They looked like distorted versions of his friends. As he watched, the
nightmarish Freddy had three smaller monsters climb out of the tears
in its body. It surreptitiously began to rub the head of one of these
little creatures, showing its softer side. The instant the nightmare
Freddy noticed that Vincent was watching, it stopped and snarled at
Do you like them? I will admit that I used your design for this
one. A clawed hand reached out of Nightmare's shadow and
gestured to the smallest of these nightmare animatronics, apart from
the small creatures that the Freddy creature had within its body. This
creature that Nightmare pointed out looked incredibly familiar to
After all, he had drawn it.
It was Spring, but at the same time, not Spring. It had sharp teeth,
and lots of them. All of these monsters were more obviously
mechanical than the modern designs of the animatronics, with
obvious hinges on the jaws and no facial expression apart from their
extremely expressive eyes. The small rabbit was the least obviously
mechanical, apart from the towering figure that was glaring at
Vincent, although it had tears in its costume and dead eyes.
Barry, do you like your little costume? Nightmare asked the

It could use more claws, but otherwise it's great! The child spirit
replied, baring its teeth at Vincent. The knowledge that Barry was the
one who was in the form of Spring inspired dread in Vincent's heart.
Hmm well, fear works best when it originates in the victim.
We'll have to stay with your current form, but trust me, you'll
have your fun. Nightmare assured the demonic creature. Now then
Vincent, I have a deal that I believe you cannot refuse.
"Watch me." Vincent replied. "No."
You haven't even heard the terms yet! Nightmare put on an air of
false hurt. It's rather simple. You are inevitably doomed to
insanity, but I can help you escape it, at least for now. Your soul
will be mine eventually, and while I'm not feeling particularly
patient, I will give you the opportunity to postpone it.
"Not listening."
But you should be. Let's play a game, Vincent. Nightmare
laughed. Five nights. Me and my minions will attack you for five
nights, starting tomorrow night. If you manage to avoid death
within the game, we will leave, and you won't be mine to take
until your like hits its natural end. If you fail, I get your body and
your soul.
Vincent paused for a moment. This deal could lead to his freedom
forever, or at least until he died from something else. On the other
hand, he could just lose and wind up being Nightmare's immediately.
"What's the catch?"
The rules are simple. There are four routes to enter this room.
The bed, the closet, the right door, and the left door. I may
choose up to four of my minions to attack you, and each one will
use a different tactic. If they catch you, you die. You may use the
flashlight and the doors to ward off the monsters, although each
reacts differently.
Seven. Not four. The big brown Freddy creature added. Don't
forget the triplets.

Seven. Nightmare amended grumpily. You will be punished for

interrupting me.
Being damned to this purgatory is enough punishment for
everything I've done! The nightmare Freddy replied.
You love the triplets, do you not?
The bear's eyes widened. Don't you touch them!
I will do as I PLEASE! Nightmare teleported over to the bear and
slashed its face. The bear screamed in pain. Evidently the nightmare
creatures could feel pain. Now be silent. I am not done speaking to
our guest.
The monstrous bear shrank back and mumbled something.
Nightmare turned its attention back to Vincent. Now then, where
was I?
"You were about to surrender." Vincent answered.
Yes, that's it. We surrender fully- No we don't. Nightmare glared at
Vincent. You think you're so funny, don't you?
Vincent shrugged. "You think you're the most powerful entity ever, I
think I'm entitled to make a few jokes."
Perhaps so. But should you continue, I may be persuaded to
rescind my offer.
"Right, sorry. I accept."
Nightmare materialized a razor sharp grin. Glad to hear it. You may
have survived tonight, but
The demonic creature laughed.
Tomorrow is another day.

I'm not just gonna have Nightmare kill Vincent. That would end

the story too soon.

Again, no author's note last time, it would've ruined the tension.
So, the Nightmares. They're people who, like Vincent, have been
marked by Nightmare. Either that, or a victim of one of the ones
who've been marked. They're all human, or have been at one
point. Aaron was the first adult that Vincent killed, while Barry is
just a psychopathic little kid. We'll meet all of the Nightmares
When referring to the Puppet using a human guise, I will use
Marion. When referring to the Puppet while it's using its normal,
spindly-armed form, I will refer to it as the Puppet. Simply
because Marion acts slightly different from the Puppet.
Chapter 75: Case Closed?

Vincent woke up to the smell of bacon drifting through the building. It

smelled like Chica was preparing breakfast for everyone this morning.
That was nice.
What had happened last night? If Vincent remembered properly,
Nightmare had challenged him to its own version of the Five Nights
challenge. He had accepted, and then Nightmare had let him wake
up. He had also seen the nightmarish creatures that Nightmare was
going to be sending after him. All of them were terrifying to his child's
mind, although his adult side found them to be less scary and more
He had also learned something. Lots of things, really. But he couldn't
remember them. Something about the Puppet? Maybe a bit of
information on the animatronics? There had certainly been some
important things he had learned about two of Nightmare's creatures.
But he couldn't remember what it was he learned, or which of those
minions it had been.
Knock, knock.
Someone was at his door. "Come in!" He answered, sitting up and
stretching. Even considering the nightmares, he had gotten a good
night of sleep.

The Puppet came into the room, a tray of food in its hands. "Good
morning Vincent! How are you feeling?"
"Fine, thanks." Vincent replied. He rubbed his eyes and blinked a
couple times. "Why do you ask?"
"There was a massive pulse of energy at around midnight." The
Puppet informed him, putting the tray on Vincent's bed, folding out the
"Is that why I'm getting breakfast in bed?" The human joked.
"That's strange, you're acting more like your adult self again." The
Puppet commented. "Has something changed?"
"Not really. I'm just feeling more lucid than normal." Vincent
explained. He tapped the side of his head. "I'm always watching, but
sometimes I can't exactly control myself."
"That's interesting." The Puppet remarked. "So, do you know
exactly what caused the energy pulse? It originated from a source I
couldn't distinguish, but it was in this room."
Vincent was silent for a few moments, then he spoke. "I know what
caused it."
"What was it? It was enough energy to kill someone outright."
Vincent hesitated. Should he tell the Puppet? He made a snap
decision. "Do you know what Nightmare is?"
"I get the distinct feeling that you are not speaking of bad dreams."
"I'm not." Vincent confirmed. "Nightmare's a monstrous creature that
claims to have existed since the dawn of time. Last night, it tried to kill
"Hmm" The Puppet paused in thought. "This creature must be
powerful, to have such a powerful blowback from the spell. What
prevented its spell from working?"

"The amulet you made for me." Vincent grabbed the ring. "Apparently
it deflected the spell. Then Nightmare tried to drive me insane, but
something pulled me out. Did you do that?"
The Puppet shook its head. "I can't get into your dreams, otherwise I
would have done so after the first nightmare. What I'm more
concerned about, however, is the fact that Nightmare probably won't
stop its attack. From what you've told me, Nightmare is extremely
strong. It may be able to bypass the amulet, given time."
That made Vincent's blood run cold. Nightmare could bypass the
amulet? What was the point in playing its game then? "Then what
should we do?"
"Give me a week. It shouldn't be able to get to you in that much time."
The Puppet placed its hand on Vincent's shoulder and looked into his
eyes. "If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know."
Vincent froze in indecision. He didn't want to drag the Puppet into it,
but it might be able to help. Before he came to a decision, the Puppet
sat down on the bed next to him and pulled him into a hug. "I'm here
to help you."
He looked into its caring eyes, something nagging at the back of his
head. He could feel his mind clouding again, but there wasn't much
he could do about it. "I'm fine." He said, knowing in the back of his
mind that he was not. The Puppet might be able to help, but he would
rather handle it on his own. If anything, telling it would simply hinder
his chances. Nightmare might choose to alter the rules.
"If you're sure. Just remember, if there's anything bothering you, let
me know." The Puppet reassured him. "Fredbear should be able to
watch over you today, we changed the schedule a bit."
"Okay." Vincent replied, looking at the tray of food. It was a good
breakfast, with several bacon slices, sunny side up eggs, and a piece
of toast. To the side of the plate was a tall glass of milk. Vincent
picked up the glass and took a sip.
"I'm going to go get ready for today, I'll see you later." The Puppet
said, getting up and floating out of his room.

"Bye Puppet." The child replied, eating a piece of bacon. As always,

Chica's cooking was amazing.
After finishing his breakfast, Vincent made his way to the main show
area. Today was Thursday, right? It didn't really matter. The only time
the day of the week affected the schedule was on weekends,
because Sundays were closed, and Saturdays had early closing time.
He dropped off the tray in the kitchen, with a thanks to Chica for the
food. After a moment of thought, Vincent went to the Prize Corner. He
quickly located the drawing supplies and paper, and brought them
with him back into the main show area.
As he re-entered the main show area, he was greeted by the sight of
Fredbear. The yellow bear was looking around, probably for him.
The sight of the golden animatronic filled Vincent with joy, a joy he
hadn't fully experienced since before his fifth birthday. With a cry of
happiness, Vincent ran over to the bear and gave him a flying hug
tackle. "Fredbear!"
"Woah, what's gotten into you?" The animatronic said with a laugh,
catching Vincent and returning the hug. "You seem awfully excited
"You're my favorite, Fredbear!" The child informed him.
Fredbear smiled. The animatronics doubtlessly heard things like that
daily, but Vincent knew, almost subconsciously, that the animatronics
especially tried to make him happy. He had been the one who had
given them the opportunity to go almost anywhere they wanted. He
had figured out how to grant them freedom. They now considered him
a part of their family.
It was a shame that Vincent didn't feel the same way. He wanted to
protect the animatronics, and to make up for his past actions, but he
wasn't there yet. He told himself he was, but deep down, he knew he
was lying to himself.

"What've you got here?" Fredbear asked him, referring to the drawing
"Crayons!" Vincent let go of Fredbear and raised the wax drawing
tools in question.
"I see. What do you plan to draw?" The bear queried.
"You and the other animatronics." Vincent answered, putting the
papers and crayons on a table. He pulled out a chair and started
He was so engrossed in this task that he was drawing until it was
nearly closing time. He had drawn all of the animatronics, taking his
time to draw them in painstaking detail. Down to the correct eye
colors for all of the animalistic characters. The Puppet was the tallest,
by a staggering margin. Its long limbs making its height the greatest.
The other animatronics weren't exactly short though. Freddy was the
tallest of the others, then Bonnie and Chica. Foxy was a good bit
taller than Fredbear, who was slightly taller than Spring. All of the Toy
animatronics were just barely shorter than Spring, with Theodore
being the tallest, then Tia and Ben. Vix was shorter than all of them,
with BB being the absolute smallest animatronic.
There was one more that he had drawn, although he didn't remember
drawing it. It was a figure that was behind all of the others, almost
unnoticeable unless you were the one who drew it. It matched the
same theme as all of the others, being a humanoid animal. The
biggest difference lay in the eyes. They were a blood red, not just the
iris like Bonnie, but the sclera as well. The center of its eyes was a
white ring with absolute darkness in the exact center.
The animatronic seemed bearlike, akin to Fredbear, but it was a black
that shouldn't have been obtainable with crayons on paper. In fact, it
was more reminiscent of the shadowy form that Shane and Sean
You like my representation of myself? The others won't see it at
all. Not until I let them. Nightmare laughed. I would have had you
draw my normal form, but that's not very artistic. A simple blob

with eyes would've sufficed at that point. But now you've drawn
a form for me that is recognizable.
"What do you want Nightmare?" Vincent muttered.
I'll be honest, waiting for you to fall asleep is boring. I've been
watching through your eyes for a good hour now. Nightmare sent
him a mental shrug. Last night was draining, as they will be from
here on out. Attacking your mind is more difficult than it seems.
By the way, Fredbear's about to warn you to hide. There are
some people coming who aren't exactly friendly.
"Why would you help me?" Vincent asked.
Before the immortal entity could answer, Fredbear walked past,
whispering to the child. "Vincent, hide."
Vincent looked up at Fredbear, then back at his drawing. Grabbing
the paper, he walked out of the room and hid around the corner of the
doorway to the Prize Corner. He carefully kept a line of sight to the
main entrance to the pizzeria, while being invisible to the newcomers.
Nightmare was right, they didn't look friendly. Both of them wore suits,
one pinstriped and the other plain. One of the two men had a fedora
on his head. Probably trying to look fancy. It actually made him look
like he was trying too hard.
"Hello sirs! Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Can I help you
today?" Fredbear asked the two men.
Both of the newcomers looked at Fredbear in surprise. They had
heard that there were some robots in the place that seemed almost
alive, but that two of the mascots were people in suits. They had no
idea which was which. The man in the pinstriped suit stepped forward
and clasped his hands together. "My associate and I wanted to know
if you or anyone you work with had heard of Vincent Tollini."
"I heard about that person. Apparently he was some sort of myth on
the streets. Why do you ask?" Fredbear feigned ignorance.
Fedora stepped forward. "We're with the FBI. Vincent Tollini is no

myth, but a wanted murderer. If you know his whereabouts, or know

someone who might know where he can be found, please let us
"Of course. I would always be glad to help." Fredbear assured them.
"We're nearing closing time, but if you two want, I can get you
Gentlemen some pizza."
The two men looked at each other, then Pinstripe shook his head.
"We need to be going. Got leads to follow." He took a card out of his
pocket. "If you learn anything, call this number."
Fredbear took the card, examining it closely. "Yes sirs."
"Well, we'll be off then." Fedora said. "Again, let us know if you learn
With that, both of the men turned around and left, not knowing that
the bear they thought they had fooled knew every bit of their plan.
Fredbear made his way over to the Prize Corner and tore the card in
half. "Alright, we're safe."
"Why'd you lie to them?" Vincent asked. The men had seemed
slightly suspicious, but they were with the FBI. Fredbear could get in
trouble for lying to them.
"Those men weren't FBI." Fredbear informed him.
"How do you know?" Vincent was more curious than worried. He
trusted Fredbear's word, but he wanted to know how the bear knew.
"One, neither of them showed me their badge." The animatronic
counted it off on his fingers. "Two, Vincent Tollini is officially missing.
There's no reason for them to restart the investigation now. Three,
Telepathy is more than just communication. I can use it to see their
thoughts, effectively reading their minds. Neither of them worked for
any government."
"Then who were they?"
"Members of a gang that you were in." Fredbear looked him square in

the eye as he revealed that he had been in Vincent's memory.

"People that go by the title Gentleman."
Vincent felt dread growing.
"Those men worked for Antonio Veron the second."

As Fredbear stated, he can read minds. In addition to this, he

can forcibly drive people insane, cause crippling headaches,
and tamper with memories. Now you can understand why
Vincent felt threatened.
Fredbear is NOT the voice that has been keeping Vincent sane.
Antonio "Tony" Veron is the name of the man who hired Vincent.
As stated by Franklin, the man's son is currently running his
whole criminal empire. I finally came up with a name for them,
although it's not exactly creative. Veron's Gentlemen. You may
now laugh at my failure.
Chapter 76: Old Voices, New Faces

As expected, Vincent's dreams took him to the room that Nightmare

used as its base of operations. It wasn't quite midnight, which Vincent
instinctively knew was when the game would begin.
It's just us three tonight, right?
Only us two if he manages to keep his focus.
Vince has ADHD. He might just forget about the triplets
Frankly, I'm hoping he doesn't forget about them. I would hate to
do something so horrible again
We all know you didn't mean it Paul. Even they know you didn't
mean to do it. We've all forgiven you now.
I know but

I understand. Don't stress yourself too much. Being here is

punishment enough for everything we've done.
He's here.
For a couple of seconds, there was absolute silence. Vincent
pondered what he had heard, but he didn't know if he was supposed
to hear it. With a shrug, he decided it didn't matter.
"Alright Nightmare, I've got a few questions for you." Vincent
announced, knowing that Nightmare could hear him.
Fire away. Nightmare replied, amused with Vincent's straightforward
"First: who am I hearing every time I enter this room?" Vincent
needed to know this one in particular.
It's rather simple. You aren't the only one stuck in this realm. I
told you before there are thirteen souls that I utilize to empower
myself. The ones you hear are those thirteen souls. They like to
think their conversations are private, but they never are.
Nightmare laughed. It's rather amusing. They plot their revenge,
their escape, their rebellion. Yet they never realize that I can hear
every word they say, and many they don't.
That actually made a lot of sense. "Okay, now why did you warn me
about the two Gentlemen, and how did you know?"
Antonio Veron and his son seem to attract the weakest minded
people, like moths to a flame. Naturally, these people are easier
to mark. Veron's Gentlemen are mostly men and women who
have the right mindset to be murderers. There are a few
exceptions, but by and large, they are criminals with blood on
their hands. Nightmare gave a psychic shrug. As for how I knew,
detecting marked ones is extremely easy. Not to mention the fact
that they basically transmitted their thoughts on a psychic level.
That's how Fredbear knew to hide you.
"But why warn me?" That was the part that was hardest to

I like to protect my wagers. I gain far more from you losing the
game than if you were to be killed. Nightmare manifested its
shadowy form in front of him.
"Not to mention the fact that it makes you look good." Vincent
Too right. Nightmare laughed, the demonic sound echoing through
the building. You'd best get ready, the Nightmares are on their
way starting
A grandfather clock in the hallway chimed midnight.
Now. Have fun! Nightmare laughed again, dissipating into the
shadows in the room. Vincent got off of the bed, wondering exactly
how it was an avenue for the Nightmares to enter his room.
Get the flashlight.
Almost instinctively, he grabbed the flashlight off of the bedside table.
If what he had learned was accurate, all of the Nightmares had
sensitive eyesight. The flashlight should be able to help him ward
them off.
The human walked over to the closet and looked inside. There was
nothing there, but he knew that there would be something there
eventually. Maybe later in the night, or a later night.
He whirled around. There was a flash of movement on his bed as
something crawled off of it, the small creature rushed under the bed.
That answered one question. Apparently, under the bed was
somewhere the monsters could come from. It made sense, in a
childish way.
But then, this place was meant to scare a childish mind. Just like the
monster in the closet, and the creature behind the door. Something
hiding under the bed would terrify a child's mind.
Vincent got the distinct feeling that he should be checking the doors.
He quickly walked over to the left door and shined his flashlight.

Something at the end of the hallway moved, glowing blue eyes sliding
around the corner.
Well, he's got a flashlight.
Maybe he'll be able to win.
One of those two voices sounded familiar. Actually, both sounded
familiar, but one of them was more recent in his memory, while the
other was something he recalled hearing a long time ago.
Check the bed.
Vincent walked away from the door and shined his light on the bed.
This time, there were two creatures that clambered off of the bed. He
got a better look this time. Both creatures were mechanical, like the
Nightmares he had seen last night. Although these were far smaller.
Both of them were brown in color, with massive tears in what seemed
to be animatronic suits. The eyes of the small creatures were nothing
more than glowing white orbs in dark sockets.
He mused on the fact that the monsters seemed to be animatronics.
It made sense, with the fact that Nightmare had identified that he was
afraid of the animatronics that he called his family.
Were the little creatures associated with the nightmarish Freddy
creature that had spoken out against Nightmare? It seemed a definite
possibility. Especially since a similar creature had crawled out of its
Right door.
The human snapped out of his thoughts and walked over to the right
door, putting his ear up to it. To his surprise, there was a heavy
breathing sound.
Immediately, Vincent slammed the door closed. Whatever was out
there, he wasn't letting it get in.

But then, if it was one of the nightmarish animatronics, wouldn't it be

able to just push the door open? Those things were massive, and
they doubtless had enough physical power to just shove the door
gaping wide. In fact, they should be able to just break the door down.
In a child's mind, however, the rules were different, right? A child
would see closing the door as a way to keep the monster out,
regardless of how big the monster was.
With a creak, he slowly pushed the door back open. There was no
sound this time. He cautiously flashed his flashlight down the hallway,
revealing two red lights at the end of the hall. They slid behind the
corner as soon as the light hit them.
He understands the rules! Thank god!
Vince was a nice guy. Well, at least not like the thugs. He was
polite and witty.
Why do I care?
Because he doesn't deserve to lose to Nightmare. We should try
to help him.
Nobody deserves to lose to Nightmare
There were those voices again. Who were they? He remembered
them. He knew who they were at one point, but he couldn't place one
of them. One was from last night, but the other one was more
feminine, and he didn't know who it was.
After checking the bed again to ward off the little creatures, he walked
over to the left door and listened. After a moment, he flashed his
Augh! God! That hurts! The monster that was waiting there
stumbled back a couple steps, covering its luminous blue eyes.
"Wah!" Vincent cried out, stumbling backwards. This thing, was a

faded blue color. It was certainly supposed to be a twisted version of

Bonnie, with its rabbit ears and blue bowtie. The jaw was squarer
than the old Bonnie model though, and it had mechanical eyes in its
head, with the centers being the glowing blue that Vincent had been
using to identify it. The suit was torn up, but not excessively so. As
with anything Nightmare made, it had hundreds of teeth in its mouth
and razor sharp claws on its hands.
Do you have ANY idea how much that stings? The creature
rubbed its eyes, then glared angrily at Vincent. I'm beginning to
think that maybe I should just let Nightmare have you.
"Please no!" The human whimpered. The first night and he had
already screwed up!
The creature's expressive eyes softened. I almost forgot that
you're just a kid right now. I'm sorry. I didn't want to lash out.
"Y-you're not going to kill me?" This was a surprise to Vincent, he had
thought that all of the Nightmares were killers, or victims of them.
None of them should hold any love for him.
No. I wanted to for the first, say, ten years of my existence here.
Now revenge doesn't sound so sweet. The robot shrugged.
"Aaron?" Vincent asked in surprise. He recalled now how Nightmare
had told him that Aaron was the first one he killed.
The creature grinned. Aaron Shill, at your service. None of us
wanted this. Well, Barry did, but he's literally insane. So's the
new guy, but he was insane in the mind, not in the soul. There's
a noticeable difference.
"So do I not have to play the game?"
Not quite. Nightmare can take over whenever it wants. You need
to focus and stay alive, otherwise, we might be forced to kill
you. Aaron shrugged. I'd rather not be forced to kill you. You've
changed from the person who killed me. That was a creature of

"You forgive me?" Vincent asked hopefully.

Yeah, I guess so. Mostly I just don't like Nightmare. Aaron told
him. I'd better go. Check your bed, and Vi should be at the other
door soon.
The towering rabbit walked off, waving to Vincent as it left. "Wait! Why
were you sent after me back then?"
Aaron paused. I don't think I should be the one to tell you that.
With that, the spirit walked around the corner, out of Vincent's sight.
"What did he mean by that?" Vincent wondered aloud, before going
to shine his flashlight on the bed. Again, there were two of the little
creatures. Vincent had decided to dub them 'Freddles', just for the
heck of it. He wasn't certain that they were linked to the Freddy
monster, but it was better to give them a nickname now.
Well, I wasn't forced to kill him.
That's great! Maybe Nightmare isn't paying attention.
We can hope.
Vincent slowly crept over to the right door and listened. There was
the sound of breathing, but he decided not to close the door this time.
Hello Vincent! The creature on the other side of the door replied.
She sounded like she expected Vincent to recognize her.
The human wracked his brain. Where had he heard that voice
before? "I feel like I should know you"
A clawed hand gently pushed the door open, revealing a nightmarish
version of Chica. She had three rows of teeth, all of them razor sharp,
and her jaw was almost entirely disconnected from the top of her
head. Two warmly glowing red eyes were in her head, not the same
blood red as Nightmare's eyes, but a pleasant scarlet. On her
shoulder was a cupcake, with similar teeth to the Nightmares. The
cupcake's eyes were orange, but not in the same alive way as the

other Nightmares. Does this ring a bell? Her voice changed "Aww
c'mon! I was so close!"
"Violet Blaze?" Vincent muttered. She had been the only person to
have ever gotten close to defeating him in single combat. Of course,
it had been a sparring match, simply to test their skills, but Vi had
gotten astonishingly close to winning.
Violet had been a muscular woman, being broad shouldered and
quite tall. Vincent was taller than she was, but only barely. The
woman had enjoyed the challenge of combat, but killing people
wasn't something she wanted to do. She and her twin sister had been
a tag team, of the brains and brawn type. While Violet had been the
straightforward and stronger sister, Azure had been willing to utilize
anything to gain an advantage.
You remember! Violet exclaimed. I was worried you wouldn't. The
massive robot picked Vincent up, and pulled him into a hug. And
aren't you just the cutest thing!
"Can't-" Vincent struggled, gasping for breath. "-Breathe!"
Oh! I'm sorry! I forget how strong we are now. Violet loosened the
hug enough for Vincent to breathe. The triplets don't have to
breathe anymore, so I sometimes forget that living people do.
"Not that I'm complaining, but why are you hugging me?" Vincent
asked, his voice slightly muffled.
The robot set him down. Sorry, I got carried away. I always wanted
to have kids of my own, but I died before I could. I just can't help
"You must really have hated me, huh" Vincent muttered,
remembering the things he had done.
I didn't know about the pizzeria incidents until after you died.
Now that I know Nightmare was screwing with your mind, I don't
really blame you. Violet explained. Nightmare has made all of us
kill people. At least you've made amends with some of your

"Yeah" Vincent replied, thinking. "What exactly killed you?"

It was an accident, really. Violet muttered. I don't think I should be
the one to tell you.
"Then who should I ask?" Vincent really wanted to have his answers,
but they probably weren't important.
You'll probably meet him tomorrow night. Violet told him. Be
careful from here on out. Nightmare might be watching. The
creature started lumbering back down the hallway.
"Bye Vi." Vincent said, waving. He returned to his room and shined
his light on the bed again. Two creatures scuttled off of the covers
and under the bed.
Vincent sighed. The excitement was over now, and he was beginning
to grow bored. He was trying his best to remain focused, but he just
couldn't. He could feel his focus slowly slipping away as he tried to
remember to check the doors and shine his flashlight on the bed.
The left door creaked open.
"Aaron?" Vincent asked cautiously.
Not this time. The large rabbit replied. Its eyes weren't the normal
blue, but a blood red that belonged to Nightmare. This time, I'm the
one behind your door.
Goodbye Vincent~! The monstrous creature lunged forward, jaws
Beep, Beep, Beep
Nightmare froze. You survived. Saved by the bell. No matter, we
have four more nights of fun.
Tomorrow is another day.

My writing/uploading schedule has gone out the window. Some

people have an easier time writing in summer, but I don't.

I'm going to refer to the Nightmares as the people who they are,
or were. Technically, they're all OCs, but screw that. I'm just
giving personality to the characters.
Chapter 77: Art

What are you drawing this time?

Vincent rolled his eyes. Nightmare was slightly irritated after its
minions refused to kill him. It had been completely dormant until just
now, likely because it had needed to use its power to punish the
Nightmares. It seemed to care more about disciplining the spirits
under its control than catching Vincent. Probably because it had four
more nights to do so.
"I've decided to draw the Nightmares." Vincent replied after a while.
"Starting with Aaron."
You're missing the claws and teeth. Nightmare stated, confused.
"I know." The human answered. "I'm drawing them as they would be if
they were animatronics and you hadn't influenced their form."
But they wouldn't be animatronics if I hadn't influenced their
form. Nightmare said flatly. It makes no sense to me.
"Well, you're always saying humans are unique." Vincent retorted,
continuing to draw a faded blue rabbit. "Here's another instance of
that, I guess."
Human imagination is bizarre. Nightmare said, going silent.
"Not as bizarre as you" Vincent muttered with a shrug. He went
back to drawing Aaron. He hadn't even gotten a good look at the guy
when he was alive the first time, and it was unlikely he would see his
human form ever. So the closest he could get was the animatronic
form that Aaron was forced into.
After all, he basically owed Aaron. He had killed the poor man.

The rabbit was vaguely reminiscent of Bonnie, but taller and more
imposing, although not nearly as imposing or intimidating as the
nightmarish version. The eyes were a pleasant blue, brighter than the
fur color, and almost indigo in color. The big rabbit had a red bowtie,
and a friendly, yet confident, smile on his face.
There were also two blood red eyes looking over the rabbit's
shoulder. Somehow, Nightmare managed to sneak into everything
Vincent tried to draw. It didn't even seem intentional this time.
Nightmare was dormant right now, but it seemed to influence
Vincent's actions nonetheless.
Finishing the drawing with a flourish, Vincent started on a new
drawing, this time attempting to draw Violet. He drew her more
muscular than Chica, seeing as the woman had been bulky in life.
Like with Aaron, he was drawing the animatronic form, the one that
he could remember. He gave her the same warm scarlet eyes and
kind smile that she had worn whilst in the nightmare. Vincent
hesitated to draw the cupcake, then decided not to. It wasn't really a
part of her. It was like a doll, without any real personality or
Again, Nightmare managed to sneak its presence into the drawing.
There was a pair of red eyes hidden just over Violet's shoulder.
Where's the cupcake? Nightmare spoke up.
"It's not important." Vincent answered, continuing his drawing.
But it is a part of her appearance. Nightmare protested. And
though it lacks its own personality, she can manipulate it.
"That's exactly why I'm not drawing it. It's not important, it's just an
extension of her will." Vincent explained to the immortal entity.
"Anyways, you only want me to draw it because you made it."
Tch, was it that obvious? Nightmare taunted, laughing. Its
communication was more like a voice now, instead of simply being an
alien presence. I suppose I should be more subtle, but subtlety
isn't as useful in some situations.

"You have no idea" Vincent muttered, tuning Nightmare out. He

couldn't truly ignore the creature, but he could disregard what it said.
Most of the time it just boasted or tried to mess with him.
After finishing the drawing, Vincent stacked the two with the one he
made the previous day, then got up from the table. It was lunch time,
and Chica had told him to stop by the kitchen to get something to eat.
Looking around to make sure that nobody saw him, Vincent slipped
into the kitchen. The animatronics had a short period at 12:00 where
they weren't expected to be onstage or wandering around. Usually
they used this time to prepare for the lunch rush, from preparing new
toys for the Prize Corner to cooking new pizzas in the kitchen.
"Hello Vincent!~ Are you here for lunch?" Chica greeted, prepping a
pizza for later.
"Yep!" The human replied, climbing up onto a stool. He watched as
Chica finished up the pizza she was working on and started a new
"What do you want on your pizza?" The chicken asked, spreading the
dough out.
"Pepperoni's good." Vincent answered happily.
"Alrighty then!" Chica said with a smile. "So what've you been up to?"
"Drawing." The child answered, showing Chica the picture he drew of
the gang. He didn't want to explain the two others, it would raise
questions that would be awkward to answer. Only the Puppet knew
about Nightmare, and that was one person too many.
Chica put the finishing touches on the pizza and popped it in the
oven, then walked over to Vincent and looked at the drawing. For
something made in crayons, it was incredibly detailed. "Wow, this is
really good."
"'s just a drawing." Vincent muttered, sure that she was just trying to
make him feel good.

"Seriously, this is amazing." Chica told him, scanning the drawing

again. Her eyes couldn't pick up Nightmare, but they seemed to
absorb every detail. "You've managed to get every detail."
The timer dinged, and Chica stepped over to the oven and pulled the
pizzas out. "Here you go sweetie~."
"Thanks Chica." Vincent said with a smile, setting the pizza down on
the counter. It wasn't a full sized pizza, but it was enough to feed him.
"You should go see Theodore. He likes to paint in his free time,
maybe he'd be willing to give you access to his drawing tools." Chica
told him with a nod. "The toys don't have to perform this afternoon, so
that would be a good time."
"Okay then." Vincent replied, starting in on his pizza. As always,
Chica's cooking was superb. It was just a little too hot to touch at first,
but after a moment of waiting, it was cool enough to eat.
Chica took another pizza out of the oven, then turned to Vincent. "I
need to get back onstage. I'll see you later Vincent."
"See you later." The human replied, continuing to eat his pizza. After
finishing, he hopped off the stool and put the plate in the sink. One of
the animatronics had dishwashing duty every day, today it was
probably Ben. Vincent had been in the rotation before the shadows
had pulled their prank, but he very seriously doubted that he still was.
He washed his hands and grabbed his drawings. Hopefully Theo
would like them, or at least the one that Vincent intended to show
him. Explaining the other two would be complicated. He could just
say that they were redesigns, but both of the Nightmares looked
markedly different from the normal animatronics.
Vincent slipped out of the kitchen, carefully making sure that none of
the partygoers spotted him. It would probably raise many unwanted
questions if someone spotted a five year-old slipping out of the staff
only area. Of course, most of the tricks Vincent knew to stealth were
habitual now, meaning that his youthened state didn't hinder his
ability to sneak.

Not that sneaking was really necessary. Once the shows started,
everyone was enthralled with the animatronics onstage. It was
magical, seeing people of all ages watching the same show and
laughing at the same jokes.
After watching for a moment, Vincent continued to the toy stage. He
had seen the shows so many times, but they were still entertaining.
Just another example of the incredibly clever planning skills that Mike
had. Mike was a font of good ideas, no matter what Vincent and Fritz
Slipping under the bar that marked the toy stage as closed for the
time being, Vincent walked up to the stage. Ben and Tia were playing
one of the few arcade games in the room, it was some sort of fighting
"Oh C'mon! How'd you do that?!" Ben cried out, quite obviously upset
about something.
"It's not my fault you can't block properly." Tia retorted, sticking her
tongue out at the blue rabbit. "Anyone could slip past your flimsy
"I demand a rematch!" Ben declared, pointing up to the air. At this,
Vincent burst out into sniggers, causing both of the animatronics to
whirl around.
"Umm" Ben started, eyes wide. "Hi?"
Vincent realized suddenly that the toys hadn't yet seen him after the
transformation. "Wow! The animatronics play video games, and argue
with one another!" Vincent exclaimed, giggling hysterically. This was
incredibly funny.
"Uh" Ben began panicking. "You shouldn't be back here. You need
to go back to your parents."
"My parents haven't been alive for forty five years." Vincent replied,
knowing that this would simply confuse the poor rabbit further.
"What." As Vincent predicted, this completely confused the poor

animatronic. "How is that possible?!"

At this point, Tia smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand.
"Ben, its Vincent."
"But that's impossible! Vincent's an adult, and this kid is-" Ben began,
only to get cut off.
"He has the same eyes, the same hair, and the same body structure."
Tia listed. "Not to mention the fact that, although we haven't seen
him, the brothers turned him into a little kid. Chica told us about this."
"Oh." Ben seemed embarrassed. "Uh, sorry." He scratched the back
of his head. "I didn't think about that."
Vincent burst into laughter. "The look on your face!"
"Hey, it was an honest mistake!" Ben protested.
Tia snickered. "It was pretty funny. The way you freaked out when
you saw Vince."
"You're never gonna let this go, are you?" Ben asked with a sigh.
"Nope!" Came the chicken's answer.
"Well, I could always tell everyone about that time you got stuck in the
air vent." Ben said slyly.
"Don't you dare!" Tia exclaimed, her eyes widening.
"Why not? It was hilarious!" Ben taunted.
"What exactly are you talking about?" Vincent asked. As far as he
knew, none of the animatronics had gotten stuck in the air vents at
the current location. But then, there was no way he could know if they
had been quiet.
"At the old location, when Jeremy was the night guard." Ben
explained. "Tia was trying to go through the vents too fast, and wound
up getting stuck on the corner. I had to go around and get her out
before anyone noticed."

"'s not my fault they made my thighs the size of watermelons" The
chicken muttered. "Anyways, you tell anyone about that, and I'll let
the world know that you freaked out the first time you looked in a
"I thought I was turned into a girl!" Ben protested.
In moments, the duo had broken down into basic squabbles,
countering each threat with another. It seemed they both had millions
of embarrassing moments to threaten each other with. Vincent rolled
his eyes and walked off, hoping that the two would resolve their little
argument by the time their break ended.
"Those two are always squabbling, aren't they?"
Vincent looked up to see Theodore standing there and shaking his
head. "I would swear those two were siblings in life" The bear
muttered, probably not intending for Vincent to hear.
"They were. Adopted, though." Vincent answered, then froze. Wait,
how had he known that? Was it something Nightmare had told him? It
seemed likely. Nightmare knew a lot of things, and liked to flaunt its
knowledge. Of course, Vincent never fully remembered what the
demonic creature said, especially after waking up.
"Really? That's interesting. Not a surprise, but interesting
nonetheless." Theodore mused. "It would explain their behavior
towards one another, as well as the fact that Tia occasionally says
something in Spanish, which Ben will take a few moments to process.
As if he understands without the translator, but not as easily as Tia."
"Huh." Vincent replied, only partially understanding. He stood there
for a moment and tried to remember why he came to the toy area in
the first place. "Oh! Chica wanted me to show you this." Vincent
reached up and handed Theodore the drawing.
Theodore's blue eyes scanned the paper. "Wow. This is impressive.
How long did it take?"
"Just one day." Vincent answered.

"This is very, very good." The bear muttered. "Where did you learn to
draw like this?"
"I didn't learn from anyone else. I just practiced."
The animatronic gave a low whistle in appreciation. "That's amazing.
You've got an amazing amount of talent, especially for someone who
was never trained." The bear looked at him. "How would you like to
use some real drawing tools?"
"Really?" Vincent asked hopefully.
"Come with me." Theodore told him, walking to the backstage room.
He pulled the door open to reveal a room divided into three sections.
Two of them were messy, like a typical teenager's room, while the
third was absolutely spotless and orderly. Theodore led him to the
clean third of the room and opened a trunk that was against the wall.
"Ah, here we are." The bear reached in and pulled out a box with
multiple drawers on it. "This should have just about everything you
Vincent opened the box. Within it were all manner of drawing tools.
He closed the box again and looked up at Theodore with a smile on
his face. "Thanks Teddy."

Some bonding time with Vincent and the Toy Animatronics.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who's reading this. I've
received some really uplifting and supportive reviews, and I'm
honestly surprised with how many people like my story.
I know that I haven't had humor be a predominant theme in
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rest of the story. I'll make sure to have some chapters that are
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Also, Nightmare's so full of itself.
Chapter 78: The Deal

He drew pictures of us!

That's so sweet!
Why did he do that?
I don't know, it's not like we asked him to. Nightmare was
furious though.
Then it was a good thing he decided to do it.
Will he draw me and the triplets?
'Scuse me?
And Connor.
Thank you.
I have no idea, but he might. He seems to enjoy drawing, and he
just received some drawing tools.
Was Nightmare watching him today?
Only for an hour. Big Black and Ugly seemed a bit exhausted. I
think it's getting old.
Thank you Connor, for insulting our captor.
Hey, I speak my mind.
You also get the rest of us in trouble, you blabber mouth. Are
the others awake yet?
They're resting. Newbie's still getting adjusted, and the old man
spends most of his time sleeping anyways. Your sister and her
boyfriend are gonna be up soon, but Mister Missus is up now.
Connor, I swear to god, if you call people names, you WILL wind
up getting your rear end handed to you.
Hasn't happened yet.

Yes, it has.
Stop talking. He's here.
Well, that was longer than usual. Maybe he should just not move
whenever he entered this dark world. It could lead to more
communication between the Nightmares. It usually helped him a little
bit when he paid attention to their conversations. Of course, he
remembered little of what happens during the nights, but he could
remember the Nightmares for certain, even if he couldn't remember
what Nightmare itself said.
Enjoying their banter?
"And you had to ruin the moment. Thanks Nightmare." Vincent
muttered. "So, do you ever punish them for their insults?"
When they insult each other, it's hilarious. Nightmare informed
him. Especially when they were foes in life.
"Yes, but what about when they insult you?" This was the issue that
Vincent wanted Nightmare to answer. If it made the creature
uncomfortable, all the better.
All fun and games Vincent. They call me old, I call them too
young to understand the true nature of the universe. Nightmare
performed its special kind of shrug.
"Uh huh." Vincent seriously doubted this answer. "So what are you
here for?"
Why Vincent, can't I visit my companions? Nightmare asked in
mock hurt. I cannot simply have a jovial time with my friends?
"You have no friends." Vincent stated flatly.
Too right. Nightmare confirmed.
"So what do you want with me?" The human asked again.
Well, you seemed to be having difficulty with last night, or at

least in the last two hours. Nightmare began.

"What're you getting at?" Vincent trusted Nightmare as far as he
could throw it. Considering his current state and the fact that
Nightmare was ethereal, that was probably nowhere. Or possibly
I'm offering you a way to decrease the amount of time you need
to worry about the Nightmares each night. The dark creature
"I'm listening." This intrigued Vincent. A way to make nights shorter?
Barry's been dying for a chance to attack you, even if it doesn't
result in your defeat. In order to accommodate him, you can play
a game before twelve each night in order to decrease the
amount of time you need to ward off my minions. Nightmare
explained. You win, two hours are taken off the beginning of the
night. You lose, and Barry gets to give you a little scare.
"What's the catch?" There was always something that made the deal
not quite worth it.
Catch? Lemme see Nightmare paused as if in thought Catch
catch OH! I think I know what you're talking about. Yes. Those
hours need to go somewhere, so in exchange, you must do two
extra nights.
That hardly seemed fair, but then, it wasn't supposed to be. "Really."
Oh yes. You would take two hours off of every future night if you
win the game. That would be the only possible way for you to
remain focused. But those hours must go somewhere, so you
have two more nights than otherwise. Is this not fair? Nightmare
asked innocently.
Vincent knew that something was off, but it could be the only way for
him to win. Otherwise, his soul and body would belong to Nightmare.
He hesitated a few moments, then came to his decision. "I agree."
A sharp toothed grin appeared out of nowhere, followed shortly by a

pair of red eyes and a shadowy cloud. It was extremely creepy, like
the Cheshire cat in reverse. Well? What are you waiting for? Let's
have a little fun with Plushtrap.
The entire room became cloaked in shadow, as if Nightmare had
spread its ethereal form over the walls and ceiling, removing
Vincent's ability to see. After an indeterminate amount of time, the
darkness faded, revealing a long hallway ending in a chair. Above the
chair was a window, through which the moon shone. There were two
doorways on either side, with rooms of indeterminate sized rooms on
the other side of the empty doorframes. On the floor directly in front of
Vincent was an X.
It was the thing that was on the chair that made Vincent worried.
The thing was short, child sized really. But then, so was he. It was an
animatronic like the rest of the Nightmares, but it wasn't a twisted
parody of the animatronics that Vincent considered his family.
No, this was worse.
Plushtrap, Nightmare had called it. Vincent didn't have any difficulty
figuring out why it had chosen that name.
It was a small rabbit, with sickly green yellow fur. Its eyes were
strangely colorless. Not in the manner that the Puppet's were, but
simply because this creature had no irises. The eyes were simply
white sclera with holes in the middle. The hands lacked the signature
claws that all of Nightmare's creations had, and the mouth had
needle teeth instead of the massive fangs that the other Nightmares
This little monster was quite obviously a parody of Spring.
With a start, Vincent realized that he was holding the flashlight, and
that it was the only reason he could see. Hesitantly, Vincent clicked it
off. The room was plunged into near complete darkness, with the only
thing visible being the window in the wall in front of him. There was
the barely audible sound of furry feet stepping around on carpet.
Ordinarily, such a sound wouldn't even be audible, but 'Plushtrap'

wasn't very stealthy. In fact, it seemed distinctly the opposite.

After several seconds of waiting, Vincent clicked the flashlight on,
revealing the rabbit on the ground in front of the chair, sitting in a
position that made it seem dead, or at least deactivated. Vincent
didn't want to give it another chance to move closer, but there weren't
any other options, so he clicked his flashlight off again.
The darkness was oppressive, keeping Vincent worrying. Was the
rabbit coming closer? Was it trying to psyche him out? Maybe the
animatronic was just sitting in the same place and waiting for the
prime opportunity to strike.
He whipped the flashlight up and clicked it on. Plushtrap was seated
right in front of him, on top of the X taped on the floor.
Well, you won the first game. That's good. For you, anyways.
Nightmare spoke from everywhere at once, its voice seeming to have
no source. On to the main event then.
The room began to spin, faster and faster until the walls blurred into
nothingness and Vincent had to close his eyes to avoid getting dizzy.
When he opened his eyes, he was back in the room that he always
wound up in when he went to sleep.
"Why do you always have to be so dramatic Nightmare?" Vincent
murmured, looking around. It seemed that he had been sitting there
with his eyes closed for longer than he thought. The clock listed 2:00,
which meant that it was indeed two hours later.
"Let the game begin, I guess." The human muttered, shining his
flashlight around the room. As per usual, the room was more or less
empty. Vincent got the distinct feeling that there were creatures
roaming the halls outside.
Immediately, Vincent ran over to the left door and listened. There was
the sound of footsteps, but none of the telltale breathing.
"Aaron?" Vincent asked cautiously. The blue rabbit usually showed up

at this door, although he had warned Vincent to be careful. Nightmare

could very easily take over the minds of the Nightmares, although it
seemed like it couldn't do so after the Nightmares left their starting
positions. Of course, Nightmare could probably force them back to
their starting positions.
Yeah, I'm here.
Vincent sighed in relief. When Nightmare controlled its minions their
voices changed. That was certainly Aaron. "I'm gonna shine my
flashlight. Cover your eyes."
He clicked the flashlight on. There was the rabbit, with his faded blue
fur and red bowtie. He was covering his indigo eyes with his clawed
hands. After Vincent lowered the flashlight beam, Aaron peeked out
from behind his hands. I got a question for you kid.
"Despite what appearances may lead you to believe, I'm a fifty year
old man." Vincent corrected.
Yeah, and if I was still alive, I would be almost ninety. The large
machine retorted. Anyways, I wanted to know why you drew us.
The human shrugged. "I don't really know. It just felt right. Not to
mention the fact that it seemed to irritate Nightmare."
Aaron grinned, his expressive eyes allowing him to turn his terrifying
face into something more friendly. And that's the most important
part of all, right?
"Of course." Vincent replied with a laugh. After a couple moments of
laughter, Vincent wound down. "Nightmare's gonna kill us for that."
He can try. Aaron said with a shrug. I gotta go. See ya later kid.
"Later Aaron." Vincent waved, watching the blue rabbit walk back
down the hallway. With a smile on his face, Vincent walked back to
the middle of the room and paused. He was forgetting something
Vincent whirled around and shone his flashlight on the bed. Unlike
every previous time, there were three of the small creatures sitting on

the bed. They all had rips and tears on their bodies, some of them
extensively so. Vincent slowly backed up as the middle Freddle
looked straight into his eyes.
The small creature screamed a battle cry, and all three of the little
monsters launched themselves at him.
"Agh!" Vincent cried out, ducking between the Freddles. One of them
grabbed onto his hair and swung its legs around, sitting on his
shoulders. The other two landed on the floor, only to launch
themselves at his legs, knocking him to the ground. Vincent
struggled, trying to push the creatures off. He then froze as they
continued their assault, only then realizing what the battle cry had
Tickle Fight!
Vincent burst into uncontrollable laughter as the small creatures
'attacked' him. He couldn't breathe, but this was so much fun. The
Freddles had soft paws, unlike the other nightmare creatures, and
that meant that they could tickle Vincent without actually hurting him.
Alright you three, let him go. He needs to breathe, after all. A
deep voice said from the bed.
Aww. The trio complained, but all three of them climbed off of Vincent
and returned to the bed.
Sorry Vincent, but usually the person in the room freaks out and
screams. The voice apologized. You have no idea how much it
hurts their ears. So you can probably understand how lonely
they've been without any other children to play with. Barry
hardly counts. There's some serious problems with that kid.
The human wiped tears from his eyes and took a gasping breath of
air. "That was fun." Vincent gasped, giggling still. He looked up at the
bed to see a towering creature, although this one was familiar to him.
Its orange eyes looked at Vincent in amusement. The brown fur was
torn in many places, most likely due to the bear's rebellion against

Vincent paused for a moment. This creature was someone he had

heard before, and the creature clearly recognized him. After several
moments of thinking, Vincent connected the voice with a name.
"Paul?" Then it clicked. This was someone he had known in his first
life. "Paul Bennett?"
You remember? The bear seemed surprised.
"Yeah. My memory's been repaired by a pair of idiots." Vincent
explained, knowing that Paul was referring to the fact that spirits lost
memories when they died. "What're you doing here? You were a
True. Paul answered, a sad look in his eyes. He looked down at the
three creatures crawling over his body. Go visit your Aunt Vi
The trio jumped off the bed and rushed through the right doorway.
Aunty Vi!
Paul watched them run off with amusement in his eyes. Cute kids,
aren't they? The bear sighed. It's a shame they'll never grow up.
At least your victims have.
"What do you mean?" Vincent asked, wondering exactly what the
spirit was talking about.
Spirits continue to age after death, or at least some do. A spirit
will change to their true self after death. In most cases, this
means aging down, to the point in the spirit's life that they feel
represents them best. When your true self is older than the age
you died, then you don't stop aging normally. Paul sighed. In this
purgatory Nightmare made, we're unchanging. Sealed to be the
same we were at the moment we died. No changing form without
Nightmare's permission.
"That's, uh, not the answer I was looking for." Vincent hesitantly
replied. "I meant to ask what you meant by victims. It sounded like
you were talking about people you killed."
Paul sighed again. I was.

"So you?
Yes. I killed them. Paul answered, sadness in his eyes. It was an
accident. Tony wanted me to bomb a car in order to scare
someone into paying off their debts. I I didn't know that the
target was a woman with three children. Worse, I didn't know
that there were three children in the car. Triplets. All three died
instantly. The bear's eyes began to tear up. Not with water like
normal, but instead a dark fluid that seemed to be oil. After that, I
kinda blew myself up.
"Wait, you were an explosives expert." Vincent said in confusion.
"How did you blow yourself up?"
It was intentional. I decided to hold a grenade after pulling the
pin. What I didn't intend was to kill the other two. Paul scratched
the back of his head, blinking away the tears. Azure and Violet were
caught in the blast. Nightmare kinda got six for the price of one
that week.
Vincent mulled this over for a few moments, then raised his hand.
"Question. Why didn't the triplets attack me?"
The bear smiled. Those three are special. Did you know that all
spirits are capable of magic? The only real difference between a
magic user and a normal spirit is really the accessibility of
power. The triplets are the only ones who are magic users
among us thirteen spirits trapped by Nightmare. They're able to
completely resist its control, although they do still have to
participate in its games. Paul shrugged. I've probably picked up
some of their ability to resist Nightmare. It can't affect me as
easily, although it was trying hard last night.
"Okay, another question. Why haven't the others been coming in
while I was chatting with you?" Vincent knew full well that he had
lowered his guard too much by talking with Paul, but he was more
curious as to why the others hadn't showed up than he was worried.
Vi loves kids. She's probably busier playing with the triplets
than she would be attacking you. As for Aaron, he's actually
been outside your door the whole time. Paul chuckled. Nightmare

can't affect him unless he's at the end of the hallway.

Well that confirmed Vincent's suspicion. "One last question. Who
comes through the closet?"
He's in there right now. Nightmare's not affecting him right now,
so you should go and visit him. Paul chuckled again. Fair warning
though, that guy has a mouth on him.
"I think I can handle it." Vincent said confidently, walking over to the
closet and knocking on the door. "Knock knock, you out of order in
Sometimes I wish I was. Other times I just feel like ripping
someone's arm off. The answering voice came. 'Course, that
feeling happens more and more, now that redeyes has us being
his slaves.
"You really seem to enjoy making fun of people." Vincent replied. "An
outlet for anger?"
Nah, it's just hilarious when people get mad at me. Nobody
could possibly catch me anyways. It just pisses them off. The
voice inside laughed.
Vincent pushed the closet doors open to reveal a fox animatronic with
sickly yellow eyes. Its fur was ragged and torn up all over, and it had
a hook instead of a right hand. The teeth were just as ferocious as
any other minion of Nightmare, and the other hand had the same
claws as the other Nightmares as well. Other than the fact that this
particular spirit had been molded into a twisted parody of Foxy, there
was nothing special about it.
Really? You could've knocked first. What if I was naked? The fox
"You're an animatronic and a ghost. I very seriously doubt you care."
Vincent retorted.
Too right I don't care. I've been dead for fifteen years! The fox
laughed. Speaking of, how's life treating you Vincent?

All the while, Vincent had been trying to make connections. "Connor
Parr. What happened to you, exactly? And why the hell has
Nightmare decided to send people who have connections to me?"
Can't answer that last question for you, but I can say that it's not
because Nightmare has sentimental value for us. Thing hates us
all, especially me and Paul. Connor laughed. As for how I died,
the short answer is asthma attack.
The human almost laughed, but held himself back. Connor had been
lightning fast in life, but by some quirk of fate he had asthma. Connor
Parr, the man who was built like a sprinter, was extremely hampered
by his respiratory issues. "Okay, but what about the long answer?"
Tony sent me on a job. The old bastard wanted me to sneak
through a ventilation shaft. Connor sighed. Ordinarily it wouldn't
be an issue, but ordinarily the ventilation shaft isn't the dustiest
place on earth. I had an asthma attack in that metal coffin, and
the only reason my body isn't still there is because the smell
forced them to search the vents.
"Wow. That sucks." Vincent said sympathetically.
You have no idea. The fox paused in thought. On second thought,
you probably do know. You were stuck in that suit, right?
"Yeah" Vincent scratched the back of his head. "I would rather not
talk about that."
Hey, I get it. Conner replied. Look, I need to tell you something
about Nightmare. ItBeep Beep Beep Beep.
Alright. This portion of the game is over. Nightmare announced, its
shadowy form appearing out of nowhere. Time for you to wake up
Tomorrow is another day.

So, I managed to write this one faster than the last one. If you
couldn't tell, I enjoy writing the Nightmares. Their interactions
are different from the ones with the normal animatronics.
Of course, Nightmare itself takes the cake.
In this chapter, we meet Paul, Tony's old explosives expert. Poor
guy never wanted to kill anyone, but he wound up killing five in a
couple days. As for our other newcomer, Connor, he's a big
mouth. Guy doesn't know when to shut up. His interactions with
the other Nightmares are very fun to write.
Chapter 79: Angela

What are you drawing this time?

"Well, yesterday I drew Aaron and Violet. What do you think I'm
drawing today?" Vincent asked, continuing to draw. He knew that
Nightmare would probably get the answer either spot on or horribly
incorrect, and both answers would be funny.
Why, C'est Moi. Nightmare answered as if it was obvious.
"The rest of us don't understand French." Vincent retorted, despite
knowing full well what Nightmare said.
Vincent, Vincent, Vincent... Nightmare scolded. How can you
claim to be an artiste without knowing French? The creature
sighed. It's me.
"Wrong answer." Vincent muttered, still drawing. What he was
actually drawing right now was Paul and the triplets. Vincent was
probably going to continue to call them Freddles, simply because it
was fun to say.
Tsk, tsk Vincent. You really aren't paying attention. All of my
minions are creations of mine. Nightmare laughed. Not to mention
that I am, in fact, on the page.
Vincent sighed, looking at the drawing. As Nightmare stated, there
were two red eyes hidden behind Paul. "Of course you are."

Why wouldn't I be? I am the most powerful entity in existence. I

am in every painting, every mind. I dwell in every corner of
existence. Nightmare crowed.
"Only because your ego is larger than the known universe." Vincent
stated, not even trying to taunt Nightmare. He was simply stating
something that everyone who had encountered Nightmare knew.
Nightmare didn't even take it as an insult. I have earned the right to
boast. I started no more powerful than my brethren, and now I
am extraordinarily strong. I have worked from the ground up to
get where I am, and I am justifiably proud.
"Fair enough." Vincent said with a shrug. He continued to draw Paul.
The orange eyes changed from lights in a mechanical orb to normal
eyes with orange irises. He removed the claws and fangs and
replaced them with fluffy paws and normal teeth. Paul was still
towering, but instead of being intimidating he was warm and friendly.
The Freddles were perched on the bigger bear's head and shoulders,
their forms changed to those of bear cubs. All of them were fluffy with
big smiles, and he had assigned a color to each of them. They had no
specific eye colors that he could see, so he simply gave them some.
One was red, one green, and the last blue.
Why did you differentiate them? Nightmare asked.
"Because they are different people" Vincent murmured, ignoring
Nightmare and continuing to draw the fur. Now that he had better
drawing tools, he could do much more realistic and detailed art. He
had redrawn Aaron and Violet already, and was very, very pleased
with the results.
Finishing up on the first drawing, Vincent pulled out a second piece of
paper and started drawing Connor. "So Nightmare, I've been meaning
to ask you, what exactly are you?"
You know this already, I am an immortal entity that feeds off of
fear. Nightmare paused in thought. Although it doesn't really
matter if I consume fear or not. It doesn't affect my ability to
operate. It's just a craving that I could ignore if I wanted to.

"Not exactly what I meant, but good to know." Vincent replied,

frowning in concentration as he drew Connor. "What I meant was
whether you were male or female. You know, boy or girl."
Really? This whole debate again? Nightmare sighed. Gods damn
it. Look. Male and female are human concepts. I am neither.
NEITHER. My species consists of entities who are all neither.
Some of us like to pretend, but NONE of us have genders, or
sexes, or whatever you choose to call it. We have no need to
reproduce, as we exist perpetually and are born of nothing.
Please, don't ask me again.
Vincent raised his eyebrows. Nightmare seemed really irritated this
time. Normally it didn't swear, oddly enough. In fact, it seemed like
this particular subject was one that Nightmare heard far more often
than was safe for any living beings sanity. But Vincent decided to
push his luck. "Yeah, but what do you identify as?"
Vincent, I swear to all of the circles of hell, if you bring this
subject up again, I will kill you on the spot. I don't care that you
have magical protection, or that it could lead to the absolute
destruction of your soul, talk to me one more time about what
gender I am, and I will murder you.
"Right, point taken." Vincent backed down. He had struck a nerve,
and that was probably the worst thing he could do to Nightmare. The
thing was literally heartless, and it wouldn't hesitate to follow through
on its threats.
With a shrug, Vincent went back to drawing Connor. He had given the
fox a cocky smile, befitting his demeanor. He had also decided to
include the hook, although he wasn't going to put an eyepatch on
him. There was no real reason to make him look all the way like a
At last this one isn't missing anything, and you haven't added
anything that doesn't belong. Nightmare commented. Although
you probably should have included the claws and teeth.
The human sighed and looked up from his drawing. Nightmare was
extremely irritating, as always. Fortunately, nobody seemed to hear

Vincent's seemingly one sided conversation. He was sitting at a table

in the corner, and luckily nobody was close enough to hear his
mutters. He turned his attention back to the drawing.
He decided to draw the shorts. That was certainly a part of his
appearance. Vincent had decided to use a darker red than Foxy in
order to draw Connor. It helped differentiate the two.
"Whatcha drawing?"
Vincent looked up in surprise. Standing there looking down at his
drawing was a girl he recognized. "A fox."
"Is it Foxy? He's one of my favorites." The girl walked around the
table and examined the fox he was drawing. "Although he doesn't
have the eyepatch in your drawing."
"'S not Foxy. 'S someone else." Vincent murmured.
"Are you making your own character?" The girl asked curiously.
"Kinda." Was the shy answer.
"It's really cool." She complimented with a smile. "Can you draw
another one?"
"OK. What of?" Vincent wondered exactly why this girl wanted him to
draw for her.
Isn't she a cutie? Go ask her out Vincent. Nightmare taunted him.
She's my niece you creep. Vincent thought to himself, wondering at
the same time if Nightmare actually heard his thoughts.
I can hear you when you project like that. I don't see what the
issue here is.
There is something seriously wrong with you. Vincent thought,
disgusted. Get out of my head.
Not yet Vincent. Not yet. With that, Nightmare went silent.

"Do you know who Spring the rabbit is?" the girl asked, not knowing
anything happened in Vincent's mind.
"Yeah." Vincent put the half-finished drawing of Connor to the side
and started drawing Spring. It was extremely easy for him to do, since
he could mentally picture the rabbit in almost photographic quality.
He started with the head, with its easily identifiable ears and happy
grin. Within minutes, Vincent had drawn the outline of the golden
rabbit and was starting to color it in. He wasn't taking a long time to
draw it, but it was still really good. He finished by drawing and
coloring in the turquoise eyes.
The whole time, the girl was watching over his shoulder, eyes wide in
amazement. "Wow, that's so cool!" She looked at him. "What's your
"Vincent." The boy answered without thinking. Then he started
mentally cursing at himself.
Vincent, watch your language! No child your age should know
words like that! Nightmare interjected with a cruel laugh. But then,
you really screwed this up, didn't you?
Don't rub it in. Vincent angrily thought, continuing with the drawing as
if nothing changed.
"My name's Angela." The girl informed him. "My favorite animatronic
is Spring, which one is yours?"
"Fredbear." Was the answer that Vincent gave. He knew that he was
being taciturn, but he really didn't want to talk too much. Giving away
the fact that he was the Spring actor would cause problems.
"That's cool, I like him too." Angela commented happily.
"There we go." Vincent announced, finishing the drawing. He handed
it to his descendant with a smile.
"Wow, this is really cool! It's super realistic!" Angela enthused. "You're

"Thanks." Vincent said shyly, scratching the back of his head.

"So what're you up to Vinny?" The girl asked.
"Um. Not much." Vincent answered. He usually hated it when people
called him that, but he didn't particularly mind right now.
"Then let's go see the animatronics!" Angela grabbed his hand and
pulled him off of his chair. "Let's see Foxy first! Spring hasn't been
around much lately, or we would go find him."
"Hey!" Vincent protested as the girl propelled him onward. The two
made their way to Pirate's Cove, which was closed, the purple
curtains tightly wrapped around the stage.
"Aww" Angela pouted, disappointed. "It looks like Foxy's not open
right now."
Vincent hesitated, then made up his mind. "Wait a moment." He
dashed up to the curtains and, despite Angela's protests, pushed past
the purple fabric.
Foxy, who was sitting on a fake treasure chest and playing a
handheld video game, his hook replaced by a normal hand. He
looked up in utter and terrified shock as Vincent pushed into Pirate's
Cove. "Now look-"
The human widened his eyes and shook his head, putting a finger to
his lips. He walked closer to Foxy and quietly began talking. "Put the
game away, and put your hook back on. We've got a guest."
Now Foxy recognized him. "Vincent. You nearly gave me a heart
"Not quite possible, but okay then. Just keep it down. Oh, and make
sure to use your pirate voice. She doesn't know." Vincent whispered,
a smile on his face.
"She?" Foxy asked quietly "You find yourself a girlfriend?"
"Ew. No. She's my niece." Vincent recoiled, still being quiet. "And

anyways, I'm like, five."

"Only physically, right?"
"No. Most of the time it's both physically and mentally." Vincent
explained. "We'd better get going. Get your pirate gear on, I'll bring
her in."
"Gotcha." Foxy quickly removed his right hand and started fumbling
around in the treasure chest for his hook.
Vincent didn't wait, knowing that the fox would be ready by the time
he got back. He simply pushed out of the cove and walked up to
Angela. The girl was turned away and sitting down. He reached out
and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey, Foxy's not on break any more."
Angela whirled around, a look of surprise on her face. "How?"
"They're good friends." Vincent answered simply. "C'mon."
"Wait how-" Angela was about to ask again when Vincent grabbed
her hand and tugged her into the cove. She may have been twice his
current age, but she was built similarly to him, meaning that she likely
weighed only a dozen pounds more than him.
"Ahoy there mateys! And how're ye farin' on this fine day?" A cheerful,
yet gravelly, voice greeted them.
"Ahoy Cap'n Foxy!" Vincent replied, saluting.
"Ahoy Captain!" Angela greeted, a massive grin on her face. She
seemed to have forgotten her questions for Vincent, which was
"Now, how are me two best crew members doin'?" The fox asked
"Doing real good Cap'n!" Vincent and Angela answered in unison,
both of them smiling.
"Now that's what I want ta hear!" Foxy exclaimed with a laugh. "Ol'

Foxy doesn't have any stories fer ya today, but he does have
somethin' fer First Mate Vincent and First Mate Angela."
With that, the fox reached into the treasure chest and pulled out a
pair of tricorn hats. "A pair o' hats fer tha two of ye, ta mark yer
importance in me crew!"
With wonder in her eyes, Angela accepted the hat reverentially. She
slowly put it on her head, then looked up at Foxy. "Thank you Foxy!"
"'Tweren't nothin' fer a special lass like yerself." Foxy replied with a
Angela blushed and hugged Foxy. The fox, used to reactions like this,
laughed and returned the girl's hug. "Now off with ye! Ol' Foxy rarely
gets any break time."
"'Bye Foxy!" Angela said, breaking off the hug. "C'mon Vinny!"
The girl skipped out of Pirate's Cove, Foxy and Vincent watching in
amusement. "Cute kid, your niece." The fox whispered in
Vincent looked up at the animatronic. "She seems to like you."
While it wasn't possible to see any of the animatronics blush with
the obvious exception of BB they very much could. In this occasion,
Foxy was obviously blushing, the aura of embarrassment was almost
"You like her too!" Vincent exclaimed quietly.
"I'm not used to the attention Vincent." Was Foxy's honest answer. "I
know I'm the favorite of many, but I'm seriously not used to it."
The human shrugged. "Okay. I'll drop it."
"Thanks Vince. And, uh, sorry for taunting you earlier." Foxy
scratched the back of his head.
"All good." Vincent replied, starting on his way out of Pirate's Cove.

"And thanks for putting on a show."

"See ya later Vincent." The fox said, returning to his break.
As Vincent exited the Cove, he noticed that Angela was watching the
show onstage. The animatronics were sharing jokes and singing
songs. As much as Vincent wanted to stay and watch, he had
something he wanted to show Angela.
The boy made his way to the staff lounge. Nobody was watching, so
it was a risk free thing for him to do. He rushed past Fritz, who was
snacking on a piece of pizza, and made his way down to his room.
Once inside, he grabbed Spring and picked it up, tottering a little bit.
Vincent made his way up the stairs in steps, picking up Spring on
each step and making his way up.
"Lemme help you with that."
Fritz picked up the rabbit and carried it up to the staff lounge. "Alright
Vince, what're you up to?"
"I wanna show Angela Spring." Vincent explained.
"Yes, but Mike told you not to let anyone know that you live here."
Fritz raised an eyebrow.
"I won't, I'll just put the suit on." Vincent looked up at Fritz. "I just need
a little help with it"
"I'll help you out." The older man put Spring down and held it upright.
"You're going to have to undo the latches. I can't find them."
Vincent undid the latches on the suit, then climbed in, Fritz holding
the suit upright to make it easier. "Thanks Fritz."
"I need to do something to make up for the way I've been treating
you. Hell, your own victims treat you better than I have." Fritz
scratched the back of his head. "Anyways, get out there. Have fun.
Just be careful."
"Bye Fritz!" Vincent said as he left the staff lounge. Slowly creeping

through the hall, he managed to avoid being spotted by anyone. Most

of the people had left already, but Angela was still here. She was
probably looking for Vincent.
That brought Vincent to a sudden realization. If he spoke, Angela
would probably recognize him. That could cause some serious
issues. As he was coming to this realization, Angela gasped in
"Spring?" the girl began to slowly walk down the hallway, her eyes
wide with wonder.
Spring chirped in response. It was a noise that Vincent was incapable
of making, yet that was easily explained as Vincent utilizing the voice
box of the suit rather than his vocal cords.
"Oh my gosh, you're so cute!" The girl exclaimed, throwing her arms
around the small rabbit. "And super fluffy too!"
The rabbit crooned happily. It was great that he was making Angela
happy. That was the plan after all.
"You ARE Spring, right?" Angela asked, letting go and backing up a
little bit.
With a chirp, the rabbit nodded in the affirmative.
"I gotta show this to my mom!" Angela grabbed Spring's hand and
began tugging him to the main party area.
"Mom! You need to see this!"
"What is it honey?" Diane looked at her excitable daughter.
"I found Spring. He's little now, and really cute and soft!" Angela
"Really? Where is he?" The adult woman looked around.
"Right-" Angela whirled around, looking for Spring. "Here he was
here a second ago!"
"Well, maybe he'll be here on Monday. It's nearly closing time

sweetie, we need to go." Diane told her daughter. "We'll come back in
a couple of days."
Angela sighed. "Okay"
With a final glance behind her, Angela ran off with her mother. She
was smiling, not because they would be back, but because as they
left, she saw something that made her grin.
A pair of golden yellow ears, poking around a corner.
Vincent smiled as the two left. They would be back on Monday, then
he would be willing to show himself to Diane.
A chime signaled the closing time, and the animatronics stepped off
the stage.
"Busy day." Bonnie commented, stretching.
"Well, it IS Saturday." Freddy informed the rabbit. "We do tend to
have a lot more people come here on Saturday and Friday."
"Yeah, but why did it have to be so MANY?!" Bonnie complained. "I
mean, when I got off stage during roaming time, I got mobbed!"
"We all did Bonnie." Freddy said with a sigh.
Chica, who had been silent up until now, spoke up. "Hello Vincent!~
How are you doing?"
Vincent grinned. He had been standing still the whole time, and
apparently he had managed to evade the attention of both Bonnie
and Freddy. "I may be stuck in the suit." He answered eventually.
"How?" Bonnie asked, scratching the back of his head. "Normally you
have no problems hopping in and out of that thing."
"Normally I'm not" Yawn "five." Vincent replied, only then realizing
how absolutely tired he was.
"I'll help you out, then you need to get to bed." Chica said with a

"Come on Vince."
The two made their way to the staff lounge. Vincent began to stumble
down the stairs, only to suddenly lose his balance.
Before he could cry out in panic, Chica caught him. The chicken
picked him up and started to carry him down the stairs. "Don't worry
Vincent, I've got you."
"Thanks Chica." The boy murmured tiredly.
The animatronic carried him into his room and set him down on his
bed. "You're going to have to undo the latches sweetie."
"Mhm." Vincent sluggishly undid the latches on the suit, causing the
back to fall off. He slowly pulled his arms and legs out of the suit and
slid himself under the covers of his bed.
Chica tucked him in with a smile and put Spring on the ground. "Good
night Vincent."
"'night mom"
Chica's eyes widened and she gasped in shock. "Did you just?"
Vincent began to panic, his tired mind not working properly. "I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! I'm-"
He was cut off by Chica pulling him into a tight hug, her face buried in
his hair. "Never say sorry for that." She kissed the top of his head,
tears running down her face. "You've done absolutely nothing wrong."
It was then that Vincent realized that what he had said wasn't wrong,
but was entirely what Chica had wanted to hear. Chica loved children
as if they were her own, but therein lay the issue. Chica could never
have children, so she never had an outlet for her love. She was a
mother hen with no chicks, and there was no way for her to have

Vincent returned her hug. "Love you Chica."

He didn't hear her response, because he fell asleep in the warm

I've been thinking of this last scene for a while, and while I feel
somewhat satisfied with it, I probably could've done better.
A guest asked whether Vincent's hair was black again, or if it
was still white. I probably should've stated this earlier, but it is
still white. The brothers made him a five year old version of
himself, but they did not return him to true childhood.
Chapter 80: Plushtrap

GODS DAMN IT! It BACKFIRED! Why in the nine circles of Hell

did he have to wait until THEN to feel the effects? It was
supposed to affect him while he was with the GIRL! It was NOT
supposed to INCREASE his bond with the lost souls!
And why are you taking this out on me?
It doesn't matter. It DOESN'T. He's doomed anyways. You two
will ensure that.
He could always win.
I swear to god if he wins and Nightmare punishes us for it, I'm
blaming you.
Meh. I've had a lot of people blame me. You among them.
Frankly, I'm rooting for Vincent in this case. He's got spirit.
Perhaps this will turn out in my favor. He will certainly hate it
when I win.
Has it ever occurred to you that you might not win?
Of course it hasn't. Nightmare is the lord of ego.
Heh, maybe his newfound affection for the chicken will allow me

to find a new weakness.

And maybe pigs will fly.
Careful what you say old man. Nightmare might decide to take
Nightmare is ignoring us right now. I very highly doubt it'll
bother to punish us for comments made while it rants. In any
case, you've been insulting it more.
Hmm perhaps not. Violet does not wish to harm him.
Something she shares with Chica. Not to mention, the ingrate
Paul will warn him if I take control. I will have to rely upon the
other three and Barry to make his life miserable. At least until
you two can enter the scene.
Yeah, you're right. Nightmare's completely ignoring us. Stupid
Straight up insulting it won't help either of us.
Like he'll do anything.
What was that?
Erm, nothing!
I warned you.
Did you just label me with a gender?
No! I swear!
Goddammit slinger. You're screwed.
I smell a liar~.
I didn't mean it! It was a slip of the tongue!
You don't have a tongue in your current form.

Dammit old man! You're gonna get me killed!

We're both dead already. Nightmare literally can't kill you. Just
enjoy the new form of Hell it shows you.
Hmm what to do with you
I won't do it again!
I doubt that. You'll try for a few months, then you'll slip up again.
It's already happened multiple times to the others. They learned
their lessons, and now it's your turn. It's such a shame you're a
slow learner though
Please! No!
Your punishment will have to wait though we have an
Is it Vincent?
Not this time. It doesn't matter. The listener cannot help him.
Although, I will need to lock them out

Connor, for the last time! Stop trying to remove the spike!
What'm I supposed to do? Nightmare frickin' IMPALED me!
You'll be fine as long as you stop trying to wiggle off.
I want to go visit Vince! I didn't get to tell him about ##########
Yeah, well, Nightmare's not gonna let you tell him about that. It
would blow a hole in its plans.
Who's Nightmare gonna put in my place then?

Oh. Right. Vincent ain't gonna be happy about that.

There's nothing we can do. She cares more about evading
punishment than helping Vincent.
Where is she right now anyways?
Hell if I know.
She never shows up here anyways. She's always hiding.
Well, I don't blame her. Though I would like a bit more company.
You have the rest of us.
Y'all get boring.
Connor, you are quite possibly the rudest person I've ever met
Takes talent, that.
Of course you take pride in that. You're the world's biggest
mouthed thief.
There's a lot of competition, but I take the cake Vi.
Yes, yes you do.
Vincent giggled. These guys were hilarious to listen to, even if
Nightmare had censored information that would've helped him.
Aaron, you're supposed to use those oversized ears of yours to
let us know when Vincent is here!
Vincent's up.
Gee thanks captain obvious! I never would've guessed!
Your mouth is the only reason you were impaled in the first
place. You might want to take a lesson from this.
What? That Nightmare likes to drive a spike through my chest?

Believe me when I say that all of us want to do the same thing.

The only real difference is that Nightmare actually has the power
to do so.
Guys, you really should shut up.
The three voices went silent. It sounded like Paul wasn't with the
others tonight, but that was probably because he was already in
position. Vincent's only question was who 'she' was. From what the
others had said, whoever it was didn't like him much.
Hello Vincent.
"Hello Nightmare. Mind explaining why I'm in your realm a lot earlier
than I would ordinarily be?" Vincent asked, irritated by the fact that he
had fallen asleep with little warning.
Hmm perhaps you need to sleep in more? Nightmare suggested
innocently. You could keep me company.
Well, that confirmed Vincent's suspicion that that Nightmare was
responsible. "You have thirteen souls under your command. Why not
spend time with them?"
They get boring after a while. We have a new soul among us, but
even he got boring. Living people, now they're more interesting.
Nightmare began its monologue. After all, those who are trapped
within this realm can't change. They're sealed to be the same as
they were upon death.
"Uh huh." Vincent replied, not believing that what Nightmare said was
true. He had seen for himself that the spirits were different from their
in-life personalities. Paul, who was usually meek, had been fighting
Nightmare. Aaron had let go of his hate. Violet was no longer a
warrior who took challenge in combat. Connor well, Connor was
the same, but Vincent didn't see how anyone could get bored of the
asthmatic thief's witty commentary.
"So, what's the surprise for tonight?" the human asked, not expecting
an honest response.

Not much, just some more fun with Plushtrap. Nightmare laughed,
and the room began to fade. In moments, Vincent found himself in
the hallway with the chair.
"Always with the dramatic entrances." Vincent muttered, clicking on
his flashlight. There was Plushtrap on the chair, just like last time.
Vincent felt far more confident this time, feeling as if he couldn't lose.
With a small click Vincent turned off the flashlight to wait. Plushtrap
would have to start moving soon, and hopefully Vincent would be
able to halt the rabbit on the X.
Vincent shook off the feeling that he should click his flashlight on. It
was too soon for Plushtrap to have reached the X. Right?
After a moment of internal debate, Vincent clicked the flashlight on.
Right in front of him, between him and the X, was the yellow rabbit.
"Gah!" Vincent shouted, jumping back. "I just lost, didn't I?"
To Vincent's surprise, the rabbit shook its head.
"Did you just?" The human muttered in surprise. "Are you
answering me?"
This time, the rabbit nodded, then tilted its head and chirped. It took a
few steps closer to him, then chirped again.
Vincent blinked. "You're not Barry are you? You would be talking if
that creepy kid was in control"
Plushtrap stepped even closer, then quickly threw its arms around
"What the?!" Vincent exclaimed, not expecting the rabbit to attack
him after its previous friendly attitude. Then he realized that it was
hugging him, and not only that, but it was crooning happily as well.
Vincent chuckled, then ran his hands through the surprisingly soft fur
of the greenish yellow rabbit. "Who are you really?"

The rabbit just chirped in response again. It didn't seem to be capable

of speech, at least not the normal kind.
With sudden dread, Vincent realized that Nightmare would certainly
make the game harder for this. "Can Nightmare see or hear us?"
Plushtrap released its hug and shook its head.
"How do you know?"
After a moment of thought, the rabbit shrugged.
"Can you let me know when Nightmare is watching?" Vincent asked
hopefully. If it could
The rabbit nodded, then chirped questioningly.
It was asking how it should do that, wasn't it? Vincent surprisingly
understood the rabbit very well, despite its inability to speak. "Umm
grab your left ear and tug on it if Nightmare is watching." That should
be a distinctive enough tell.
Plushtrap chirped happily, then widened its eyes and hopped
backwards onto the X, flopping into an inactive position.
Just in time too, because Nightmare spoke then.
Hmm I was hoping you would learn what it looks like when
Plushtrap wins the game. No matter, there's always tomorrow
night. Time for the main attraction. Nightmare laughed, seemingly
not noticing that Plushtrap had, technically, won.
Vincent looked up, seeing Nightmare descend from the ceiling. He
looked into its red eyes, then looked back down. To his surprise,
Nightmare had transported him to the room with the bed.
First things first, Vincent turned around and shined his flashlight on
the bed. To Vincent's slight dismay, the triplets weren't there.
Right door.
The human walked over to the right door and listened. There wasn't

any of the heavy breathing that signified the presence of one of the
spirits, but there was a sound that Vincent couldn't identify. "Violet?
You there?"
In response, there was a happy chirping sound. That was different.
Vincent clicked on his flashlight to see Plushtrap standing in the
hallway, a triumphantly mischievous look on its face.
"Umm what?" Vincent said dumbly, not comprehending the fact that
the rabbit had made it here from its hallway. "How did you get here?"
Plushtrap just chirped happily again, throwing itself at Vincent and
hugging him.
"Well you're clingy." Vincent laughed. Plushtrap crooned in response,
causing Vincent to laugh again. "I like you too."
Vincent? You here? A female voice echoed down the hallway.
"Yeah I'm here Vi. I need you to come to the room." Vincent called
back, looking down at Plushtrap, who was still hugging him. "C'mon
buddy, let's get in the room."
Vincent pulled the rabbit into the room. Plushtrap refused to let go of
its hug. Its fluffy fur made the hug comfortable, but it was still almost
the same weight as Vincent. This meant that it was difficult for
Vincent to move the mechanical bunny, but it was still doable.
What is it you needed Vincent? Violet asked as she pushed the
door open, her warm scarlet eyes scanning the room. At the sight of
Plushtrap, she snarled, then reached out and grabbed the rabbit,
ripping it off of Vincent. BARRY! You little runt! What're you doing
In response, the rabbit started squirming and crying piteously. "Vi
The massive animatronic ignored him. What's your angle? What're
you trying to do to Vincent?
"Vi stop it. That's not Barry." Vincent protested.

Plushtrap squealed in discomfort as Vi tightened her grip. What do

you think you're going to accomplish by sneaking in here?
"VI!" Vincent shouted. "Stop it! That's NOT Barry!"
What? Vi seemed confused. But it has to be. Nightmare gave this
form to Barry.
"I don't know how it works, but that's not Barry. It helped me when I
would have otherwise lost the game at the start of tonight. Now put
Plushtrap down." Vincent said tiredly.
As soon as its feet touched the floor, Plushtrap rushed over to
Vincent and hugged him, whimpers audible. It was obviously scared
of Violet, as it was shaking as it threw its arms around Vincent.
"Shh it's okay buddy. It's okay. Vi didn't mean to scare you."
Oh my god. I'm an idiot. The mechanical chicken muttered,
smacking herself in the face with the palm of her hand. She walked a
little closer to the two and knelt down. I'm sorry little guy. I thought
you were someone else.
Plushtrap let go of Vincent and slowly crept towards Violet. The larger
animatronic smiled gently, or at least as close to it as she could get
with her nightmarish appearance. Plushtrap stepped a little closer,
and Violet pulled the little rabbit into a gentle hug. I'm so sorry I
scared you earlier. I didn't mean to. Violet looked down at
Plushtrap. And aren't you just the cutest thing!
At this, the rabbit began to croon happily. Plushtrap nuzzled into her
large form, making its happy noises all the while.
There was the sound of the closet door sliding closed.
Vincent looked at the closet, then back at Plushtrap and Violet.
Plushtrap was a very affectionate creature, enjoying hugs to an
almost extrema amount, and Violet was happy to oblige. Neither of
them would notice him going to check out the closet.
The human cautiously approached the doors to the closet. Connor
wasn't here tonight, right? That means that this would be the mystery

person that the others had been talking about. "Hello?"

It's you. Came the answer.
"Who are you?"
You don't know? How do you not know? But then, the others are
all murderers, just like you, and they don't remember their
Well this was strange. Who was this person? "I regret hurting people,
but I cannot change the past."
You could have let me go. You could have just taken the money
and let me live.
Vincent's blood began to chill. "Who are you?"
A pair of golden yellow eyes appeared in the shadows of the closet.
You remember now?
"Hope" Vincent whispered in horror, backing away from the closet.
Now I'm going to get my revenge! With a screech, a white and pink
animatronic rocketed out of the closet, straight towards Vincent.
Cut it out. A clawed hand grabbed the collar of the creature, and
flung it to the ground. And stop lying.
Aaron, you just had to ruin the party. Now the white animatronic's
voice was different, being extremely ambiguous, as opposed to the
clearly feminine voice from before. I was about to prevent all of us
from having to suffer Nightmare's punishments.
I would rather suffer Nightmare's wrath than kill Vincent. At least
he has atoned for his sins. The blue rabbit stepped down on the
white animatronic's back. Now cut it out Tali.
Fine. The creature on the floor stopped trying to get up. Now that it
was stationary, Vincent could clearly see that it was a fox. It looked
like a twisted version of Vix, with the pink highlights on white fur. Its

eyes began to slowly shift colors, never staying on any one. It was
impossible to guess what gender this animatronic was, but that was
fine. Vincent knew who this was.
Tali, the disguise master. Vincent was never certain which gender
they were. They never looked the same each time Vincent had seen
them either, their skill at cosmetic design and outfit manipulation
allowing them to never be recognizable a second time. Not to
mention their incredible skill at voice mimicry, Tali was impossible to
pick out from a crowd of people.
"So Tali, what lead to your death?" Vincent asked, a safe distance
from the irritated fox.
Well, it's rather simple. I'm a wanted thief. I've stolen millions of
dollars' worth of assorted objects, both fenced and straight
cash. So once the police finally caught me red handed, they
locked me up in the highest security prison they could. Tali
shrugged. Needless to say, they underestimated me yet again. I
managed to knock out a security guard and sneak out using his
outfit. Unfortunately, one of the buggers recognized the outfit,
and shot me in the leg. The white fox laughed. The bastard was a
bad shot. He missed my leg entirely and hit me in the back. I
was dead before he even realized his mistake.
"Ouch. That sucks." Vincent said sympathetically. "So uh, why were
the others referring to you as 'she' and 'her' earlier?"
Tali decided that they wanted to be female today. Aaron
explained, looking down at the fox. If I let you go, will you leave
Vincent alone?
Yes. Although I'm pointing at you when it comes to Nightmare
deciding punishments. Tali warned.
Nightmare already hates me. I think I'll survive. Aaron replied,
lifting his foot off of Tali's back.
Thank god. That was starting to hurt. The fox pushed themselves
off of the floor, brushing themselves off. Anyways, didn't expect
you to get Barry of all people to leave you alone.

"It's not Barry. I don't know how, but Plushtrap is not Barry. At least
not tonight." Vincent scratched the back of his head. "And Plushtrap
is extremely clingy. It seems to really like hugs."
What is going on here?
Everyone froze. Nightmare began to coalesce in the center of the
room. You are supposed to KILL Vincent. Not befriend him. You
have all failed me.
Screw off nightmare. Aaron growled. In response, Nightmare
launched the blue rabbit into the wall.
Tsk, tsk Nightmare looked around the room, its eyes landing on
Violet. The chicken was holding Plushtrap in her arms, the small
rabbit crooning happily all the while. What do we have here?
You leave Plushtrap alone! Violet snarled viciously. He's done
nothing wrong!
Plushtrap? But Barry should be Nightmare stopped in surprise,
then a tendril of shadow launched out of its mass and snatched
Plushtrap from Violet's grip. You're not Barry! Nightmare seemed
genuinely surprised for once.
Plushtrap whimpered in response, clearly not liking Nightmare.
Vincent gritted his teeth. "Leave him alone."
Nightmare seemed to completely ignore Vincent. How? You are my
construct! What are you?! You have no soul I can detect, yet
your existence is external to my own!
"Leave Plushtrap alone." Vincent repeated angrily.
Not now mortal, I am investigating this. Nightmare brushed
Vincent off, its original goal forgotten. How do you exist at all, little
one? You are an enigma. Your form is born of my power, yet
your spirit, your equivalence of a human soul, is unique. It lacks
many human qualities, yet it has more than my own.
The rabbit whimpered again, wanting to get away from Nightmare.

"Let him go!" Vincent shouted, throwing the flashlight at Nightmare.

A clawed hand caught the flashlight, and Nightmare snapped out of
its curious mood. No matter. It threw Plushtrap to the ground.
Tonight is finished, but tomorrow is another day.

Vincent shifted in bed and mumbled a little bit, not forming coherent
words. That had been a weird iteration of Nightmare's game.
Plushtrap had been friendly, however that happened.
He shifted again, and realized that there was some other weight on
the bed. That was strange. Maybe one of the adults or animatronics
was in the room.
With a yawn, Vincent opened his eyes. To his surprise, his gaze was
met by a pair of brilliant turquoise eyes.

Odds are, if you liked this chapter, you'll like the next one. No
promises on when it'll be posted though.
For those wondering whether Tali is a male or a female, the
answer is yes.
Also, yes, Nightmare broke the fourth wall up at the start of the
chapter. Don't want to confuse people with that.
Chapter 81: Spring

"Vinny!" The small creature in front of him cried out, throwing its arms
around him.
"Spring?!" Vincent muttered in disbelief. Sure enough, the golden
yellow rabbit was the one who was hugging him. "How?"
The rabbit let go of him and hopped to the floor. "I can change from
suit mode!" To demonstrate, Spring walked over to the corner that he
had been placed in, and with a loud click, slumped to the floor. After a

moment, there was another click and he stood back up again. "Tadah!"
Vincent's jaw dropped. Spring certainly not just an AI, especially with
how he was acting. In fact, it was almost human.
But that was impossible. There were no spirits attached to Spring.
Apart from Vincent himself, of course; and he was inhabiting his own
body. So how in the world was the rabbit a fully alive entity?
"Vincent?" Spring seemed nervous. "Did I do something wrong?"
"No. Why?" Vincent asked in surprise.
"You weren't talking and I didn't tell you earlier" Spring shrank
down, his ears drooping.
"Tell me what?" Vincent was confused. What was it that Spring had
been hiding from him?
"That I'm alive" Spring shrank down even more, as if he expected
Vincent to explode on him.
Oh. That. "No, I'm not mad at you for that."
"I-I was scared. I thought you m-might not like me" Spring
continued onwards. "I thought that the others wouldn't like me either. I
wanted to see you first"
Vincent could tell that the rabbit was convinced that he was mad.
"You were shy. There's nothing wrong with that."
"B-but you had to worry about N-Nightmare and then before that I
had s-so many chances and I didn't tell you!" The golden rabbit trailed
off with a wail. It looked like he was about to burst into tears.
"It's not your fault." Vincent wrapped his arms around Spring, the two
small figures huddling together in a hug of companionship. "I'm
scared of Nightmare too."
"I-it's scary. I-it hurt. When it g-grabbed me, and threw me on the g-

ground." Spring was shaking.

The human wanted so badly to know what Spring meant, but what
was truly important was comforting the rabbit. "It won't happen again.
I'll make sure it never happens again. Nightmare won't hurt you
That seemed to be what Spring needed to hear. The golden
animatronic slowly stopped shaking, and buried his face in Vincent's
shoulder. It wasn't long before Spring simply fell asleep.
Vincent sat this way for an indeterminate amount of time, hugging the
fluffy rabbit while he slept. Spring was so soft, almost like a pillow
He was awoken by the sound of someone knocking on the door. That
was strange, usually his alarm clock was what woke him. Either that,
or Nightmare forcing him out of the dream realm. Vincent wasn't quite
sure which.
"Vincent? It's almost ten." That sounded like the Puppet. "Are you
"Yeah, but come in." Vincent answered, his voice clearly tired. "I need
to show you something."
The door slowly creaked open and the Puppet came in. As its eyes
landed on Vincent, its lips widened in a kind smile. "Did you sleep
"Kinda. I need to show you this." Vincent answered. He gently shook
the rabbit in his arms. "C'mon Spring. Wake up."
To the surprise of the Puppet, Spring opened his eyes and blearily
blinked a few times. "'m tired" The rabbit looked around, and waved
at the Puppet. "'lo Mari"
The Puppet's eyes widened in utter shock. "How is this possible?"
"I dunno. I thought you would." Vincent replied. "It's time to get up

"'k." Spring answered, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

Vincent struggled upright, then pulled Spring up after him. The
Puppet was looking at Spring with an expression of pure wonder.
"This is amazing. I don't know of any other instance where a soul has
been created without the natural process of reproduction."
"So what do you mean?" Vincent asked.
"It's fascinating. Spring has obtained a soul from you, without taking
yours. It created a new soul from a fragment of your soul." The
Puppet reached down and picked Spring up, looking straight into the
rabbits eyes. "The fact that Spring housed your soul for sixteen years,
then became spiritbound, has split your soul in two. A larger fragment,
containing most, possibly all, of your personality; and a smaller
fragment, containing a large amount of your emotion. I'd wager that
Spring is the reason that Nightmare hasn't been able to affect your
"Can you put me down?" Spring asked blearily, still not fully awake
"In fact, Spring most likely has a connection straight to your mind.
That would explain why your soul can travel to the animatronic and
back to your body. The animatronic is linked directly into your mind,
allowing you to fully utilize Spring's body as your own." The Puppet
marveled. "You may even be able to perform telepathy with each
other. Both being able to see into the other's mind. It's amazing. I
never realized that a soul fragmented in two, with a proper vessel for
each fragment, could develop into two full souls."
"Umm" Vincent mumbled, scratching the back of his head. "I
understood none of that."
"Can you put me down now?" Spring kicked his feet, not fully
comfortable being held up in the air like this.
"Oh. Of course. I'm sorry." The Puppet set the rabbit back on the
ground, absentmindedly scratching behind his ears. The rabbit
moved into the scratching sensation, his ears twitching at the contact.
The Puppet seemed only then to realize what it was doing, then

Vincent giggled. Spring looked really funny with how he was reacting
to having behind his ears scratched. The rabbit was leaning into the
Puppet, his eyes closed in pleasure. "Do your ears itch Spring?"
Spring seemed to notice his reaction to the Puppet scratching his
head, and stopped immediately. "yes." The rabbit seemed
The Puppet laughed, a strange musical noise that Vincent hadn't
really taken notice of before. "Tell me Spring, what is the earliest date
you remember having your own identity?"
"Umm" Spring stopped in thought. "Not long after Vinny came
"From death?" Spring nodded in confirmation. "Very interesting"
"Why is this important?" Vincent asked, not comprehending.
"Because in that case, Spring would have needed to have some
amount of your memories in order to function. A completely new soul
usually exists within a child, and grows as they do. This is almost
anomalous." The Puppet answered, still thinking. "Spring's whole
personality is an extension of your memories and experiences. Not
necessarily your knowledge, however."
The Puppet was interrupted by Chica's voice echoing down the
hallway. "Puppet? You came down here thirty minutes ago. Is
something holding you-" The chicken entered the room. "-up?" Chica
looked around, her eyes landing on Spring. "Oh my gosh! Aren't you
just the cutest little thing!"
"Hi Chica." Spring replied shyly.
"Wait a second" Chica looked at Spring, then Vincent, then back
again. "How?"
"Spring has developed a soul of his own, independent of Vincent. It's
rather unique." The Puppet explained. "Something caused by the

combined effects of being the vessel in which Vincent's soul resided

and being a valid vessel that he is spirit bound to. That's not even
getting into the strange things that occur when a spirit utilizes a
machine as a vessel."
"So Spring and Vincent are different people now?" Chica asked in
"We have been since almost the moment I was resurrected." Vincent
"'m still not good at walking yet." Spring mumbled, stumbling over to
Chica. He looked up at the older animatronic. "What's for breakfast?"
"I've made pancakes. That's why I wanted the Puppet to come get
Vincent." Chica kneeled down to Spring's height. "Although you are
very much welcome to join us."
"Thank you Chica." Spring stepped forward and hugged the larger
yellow animatronic.
Then it clicked. This scene was so familiar that it wasn't even funny,
the only difference was in the appearance of the two animatronics.
Spring was Plushtrap.
I was going to tell you A voice said in the back of Vincent's mind.
Wait. That was YOU? Vincent asked back in disbelief. The whole
We should talk about this later. Telepathy is hard. Spring went silent.
Well that brought a whole new perspective. It seemed that Spring
agreed with him on his decision not to tell the others about
Nightmare's game, although the Puppet could probably figure it out,
given time. The Puppet already knew about Nightmare's presence, it
was only a matter of time before it learned about the deal that Vincent
had made.

"Vincent, are you alright?" Chica was looking at him with an

expression of worry on her face.
"I'm fine, just thinking." Vincent replied, shaking his head. "Let's go
get some breakfast, and introduce Spring to the others."
Spring looked up at Chica's eyes, his turquoise eyes meeting her
magenta orbs. "Can you carry me? I'm still tired" The rabbit
mumbled, looking down at his feet. "And I'm not sure if I can walk up
"Come on sweetie, up we go." Chica picked Spring up and cradled
him in her arms. It looked like a mother cradling her child, especially
considering the size difference. Chica was close to seven feet tall,
and in her arms the rabbit looked like a baby.
The golden rabbit nuzzled into her feathers, falling asleep almost
instantly. Spring really was exhausted. Projecting himself into
Vincent's dreams probably took an incredible amount of energy. But
that raised a big question. Did Spring have magic of his own? If he
did, then was it the same as Vincent's? Or was it completely unique?
Vincent shook off his train of thought and went with the animatronics
upstairs. As the four made their way to the kitchen, Vincent could
smell the pancakes. It smelled like they were recently finished, and
the smell made Vincent's stomach grumble and his mouth water.
"Hey you three. What's up?" Bonnie greeted.
"Four, actually." Chica replied, looking at Spring with a gentle smile.
"Be quiet though, he's sleeping."
"Who?" Bonnie asked, being a bit quieter. The tall rabbit walked over
to Chica.
"Spring. Turns out he's been alive almost the whole time." Chica
whispered in response.
"Wow. Kinda feel bad for the poor little guy. He had to spend most of
his time with Vincent." The lavender rabbit joked with a smile.

"Vincent's great" Spring murmured, groggily opening his eyes. "He

does good drawings, and makes funny jokes. Just don't ask him to
"Welcome to the family little guy." Bonnie smiled kindly, an expression
which Vincent hadn't seen many times. At least, not directed at him.
"Hi Bonnie." Spring blinked a few times, then reached up and poked
Bonnie on the nose. To the surprise of everyone, there was a
squeaking sound. Spring giggled. "Hah, wondered about that."
Bonnie looked cross-eyed at his nose. "What. The. Hell."
"Bonnie" Chica started warningly.
"I know, I know, language." Bonnie waved her off, still staring at his
nose. "Why in the world did Fritz decide that installing a squeaker in
my nose was a good idea?"
"I thought it was funny." Vincent interjected. "And anyways, Freddy,
Fredbear, and Theo have squeaky noses. It makes sense for you and
Ben to have them too. Also, Foxy and Vix should have squeaky
noses. That would take the cake."
"Okay, that would be funny." Bonnie snickered. "Just imagine Foxy
telling a story, when suddenly-"
The lavender rabbit stood entirely motionless for a few seconds, then
slowly turned around and stared at the newcomer. Foxy, who
happened to be said newcomer, burst into laughter. "You have no
idea how funny that was!"
"Let's see if it happens to you too." Bonnie's arm shot forward, his
index finger pressing down on Foxy's nose.
"Oh my god. You DO have a squeaker in your nose!" Bonnie
exclaimed. "That's perfect!"

Both of the animatronics began poking each other in the nose,

creating a flurry of squeaks. It all came to a sudden halt as a pair of
brown furred hands grabbed both of the other animatronics by the
wrists. "Alright you two. That's enough."
"Sorry Freddy." The two chorused, both of them lowering their ears in
Then Bonnie gave Foxy a sidelong look, and both of them shot their
hands towards Freddy's nose.
For the fourth time that day, a squeak was heard from the face of an
animatronic. Freddy's eyelids lowered in irritation and more than a
little anger. "Really?"
The two mischievous animatronics gulped, then Foxy tapped Bonnie
on the shoulder. "I don't have to outrun the bear. Just gotta outrun
With that, the fox sped off, Bonnie close behind him. Freddy just
growled grumpily and turned back to the others. "What exactly is
going on?"
"Hi Freddy." Spring greeted from his position in Chica's arms.
Freddy raised his eyebrows. "Wow. I did not expect that. Spring is
alive then?"
"You hit the nail on the head." The Puppet confirmed.
"How long has he been sentient for?"
"Almost the same amount of time as Vincent has been alive." The
Puppet answered.
"'m tired again." Spring said with a yawn. "Can we eat pancakes then
go back to sleep?"
"Oh right! The pancakes!" Chica exclaimed, rushing into the kitchen.

She came out again with a plate of pancakes in one hand, Spring still
cradled in her other arm. She set down the plate on one of the party
tables, then ducked back into the kitchen, coming out with a stack of
plates. "Here we are, help yourselves!" The chicken looked down at
Spring. "I'm gonna have to set you down if you want to eat."
"OK." Spring replied, rubbing his eyes.
Chica set Spring down in one of the chairs and started to dish out
pancakes. Freddy decided to join them, five plates being set out on
the table. As soon as there were three pancakes on his Plate, Spring
began to scarf them down, not even stopping to taste them.
"You must be very hungry." Chica said with a laugh.
"Low battery." Was Spring's answer as he continued to shove
pancakes in his mouth.
Of course, that was it. The animatronics had two methods of
recharging, either by eating or by going to sleep and recharging their
internal battery using the somewhat electrical energy generated by a
soul. They could, of course, also plug into an outlet and recharge that
way, but it was inefficient and extremely expensive. Fritz's adaptation
of technology to make cheaper recharging methods was truly genius.
Spring finished his pancakes and put his plate to the side, seeming
much more awake than earlier. "Thank you for breakfast Chica."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Chica replied with a smile, taking the plate
into the kitchen. She came back a moment later to collect the other
finished plates, taking Vincent's, Freddy's, and the Puppet's.
"Vincent" Spring started. "I gotta talk to you." The rabbit looked at
the Puppet and Freddy. "Um. Alone."
"You two go. You have things that you need to talk to each other
about." The Puppet waved the two off.
Spring and Vincent retreated to the staff lounge and went down to
Vincent's room. "Okay so you already figured out that I'm the one
who was Plushtrap last night"

"Yeah. What did you want to tell me about?" Vincent was curious.
Spring apparently had quite a few secrets.
"So, um" Spring twiddled his thumbs. "I've been in your dreams
since the start"
"The start of what?" Vincent asked, confused.
"Since you came back. Um every dream. I may have been
snooping. In your personal memories" Spring shrank back a little
bit, but continued on. "I have most of them. In here." He tapped the
side of his head. "But not not all of them. So I've been looking at
your memories. Digging some of them up that's why you had
"Okay then." Vincent replied, deep in thought. He wasn't mad at
Spring, truly. Although he had only known about Spring's sentience
since this morning, he felt like the rabbit was an important part of him.
Kind of like how Marcus was his driving force way back when.
"Remember that day in the park?" Spring asked suddenly.
"Yeah, why?"
"I may have cheated just a little." Spring scratched the back of his
head. "I have a, um, radar in my head. I don't know if the others do
too. It lets me know where the other animatronics are. At all times. So
I may have cheated and warned you when Vix was about to get
"So that was you?" Vincent asked in surprise, then he laughed. "It
didn't matter anyways. Vix just dropped on my head." Vincent thought
for a second. "Has that voice always been you?"
"Most of the time" Spring replied sheepishly. "Not before your
death, or while you were Springtrap. I wasn't alive then. But since you
came back. And more since Franklin died."
Vincent snapped his fingers in realization. "Like when Nightmare first
attacked me?"

"And the second time, and the third, and every night since." Spring
"You were Fredbear in that dream where I was Springtrap again,
weren't you?" When Spring nodded, Vincent continued. "Why did
you tell me it was an alternate reality?"
"Nightmare would've noticed immediately if I broke character too
far" Spring shrugged. "And it's accurate to what would've happened
if Mike had never been hired as the night guard. You would still be
Springtrap, Fredbear would be Goldie instead, the Puppet would
have destroyed itself, and many, many night guards would have been
forcibly stuffed into suits."
"Wow" Vincent muttered. "What about the one after that?"
"Where you were still a thug in Tony's employ?" Spring asked.
Vincent nodded. "Well Tony would still be alive today, Franklin
would never have betrayed you, and you would never have been
Springtrapped. But that's if Marcus had joined you."
"Ok then what about after? When Nightmare openly attacked me?"
"Nightmare has extremely strong magical barriers but I can sneak
past them." Spring snickered a little bit, before flinching again. It
seemed like he expected Vincent to explode on him at any moment.
"It can't stop you from entering your own mind. And, magically and
spiritually speaking, I am you."
"Good loophole." Vincent commented. "What about when you were
"Barry never got that body. He had it that one time when Nightmare
showed you, but after that, it was all me." Spring shrank down a little
more, but continued onwards. "Um Mike doesn't hate you." Spring
flinched a little more. "About Hope, I mean. He wouldn't hate you."
Spring began to shake. "I'm sorry for snooping in your head. I didn't
mean to go where I shouldn't! I just want to make you happy!"
Vincent grabbed Spring's shoulders and looked straight into the
rabbit's turquoise eyes. "I'm not mad at you. I'm not upset that you

looked at my private memories. I'm not even upset that you didn't tell
me." The human pulled Spring close to him, embracing the rabbit in a
tight hug. "What does upset me is that you think I'm mad. That I
would be mad at you." Vincent buried his face in Spring's fur. "I could
never be mad at you."
"I'm sorry" Spring trailed off.
"Don't say sorry if you haven't done anything wrong." Vincent replied,
his voice muffled by the rabbit's soft fur. He pulled away from Spring.
"Now then, I have someone I need to talk to."
Vincent ran out of his bedroom and up the stairs. He rushed past the
animatronics in the main show area, making his way to Mike's office.
He arrived and knocked on the door, then bent over to try and regain
his breath.
"Come in."
The child pushed the door open and stepped into the office. "Mike I
have something I need to tell you."
Mike looked up from his desk. He was doing paperwork when Vincent
came in, but he put it to the side. "What is it Vincent?"
"I" Vincent started, then hesitated. "You know I did a lot of horrible
things before I died, not including the children."
"Yes, why?" Mike asked kindly.
"I only just realized recently, but" Vincent hesitated again, then
sighed and just said it. "I'm the one who killed Hope."
Vincent winced and shrank back, expecting Mike to be at least a little
angry. What he didn't expect was the man's response. "I know."
"You-you know?!" Vincent exclaimed in disbelief. "How?"
"Fredbear picked it up the other day. You were so distressed that you
were apparently projecting it on a psychic level." Mike explained,
standing up from his desk and walking over to Vincent. The man knelt

down to Vincent's level.

Mike reached out towards Vincent. The child flinched, expecting pain,
but instead, Mike's hand rested on his shoulder. "Listen to me
Vincent. I'm not mad at you for killing Hope. I'm sad that it happened,
but there is nothing I can do to change the past. From what Fredbear
has told me, you did it because it was a better fate than what
otherwise would've happened. I don't hate you for it."
"I'm sorry Mike" Vincent murmured, not looking into the man's
green eyes.
In response, the man pulled him into a hug. "We can't change the
Mike let go and looked straight into Vincent's eyes. "But we can build
our future."

Going to be a while before I can post next chapter, sorry about

So, how did you like my introduction of Spring? I've been
leaving hints for a while, and I was wondering if anyone picked
up on them.
Spring really doesn't want to make Vincent upset, to the point
where he stresses himself out and breaks down. But, as Vincent
himself said, he could never be mad at Spring.
Now then, a little simplification of Spring's existence. Spring is a
part of Vincent's soul that has been split off and has developed
personality of its own. They're essentially two parts of one whole
person. Vincent has the knowledge, experience, and skill; while
Spring has the emotion, compassion, and intuition. That's not to
say that Spring is stupid, or that Vincent is emotionless, but that
these are the attributes they have more of. So, all you shippers
out there, keep this in mind. Spring is literally the same person
as Vincent.
Chapter 82: A New Perspective

-=Spring=I looked up from my drawing. Vincent had finished his picture, and it
was much better than mine. "Is that Tali?"
"Yeah." Vincent answered, examining his work of art. "Although Tali's
eyes aren't ever one color"
Vincent had drawn Tali as the white fox that had attempted to chomp
his head the night before. Of course, this was mostly because Tali
had never had the same appearance between encounters. He had
decided to give Tali the golden eyes that the fox had worn, but only
because Tali's true eye color was entirely unknown. As with all of the
Nightmares, Vincent had drawn Tali fixed up, with white fur and pink
highlights on the ears and tail.
"I'm still confused." I muttered, turning my attention back to my
drawing. "Is Tali a boy or a girl."
"To quote Tali," Vincent replied, grinning. "Yes."
"Thanks for the clear answer." I pouted, tilting my head to look at the
drawing. Mine wasn't nearly as good as Vincent's, being more like a
blob than Chica. "I don't think I should draw any more."
Vincent leaned over and looked at my drawing. "Umm" He tilted his
head a bit, squinted his eyes. "Nice duck?"
"Yup. Not drawing anymore." I crumpled the paper into a ball and
tossed it across the room, landing it square in the trash can.
At this, Vincent raised an eyebrow. "That was impressive. Where'd
you learn to throw like that?"
I giggled. "Well, you. Oh, and the fact that I'm programmed with
perfect coordination. Just like the others."
"Huh." Vincent turned back to his drawing then sighed. "Well,
Nightmare got in again."
I stood up and walked around the table to Vincent's side. "Why does

it always make you put its eyes over their shoulder?"

"Because it is Nightmare, lord of the ego, master of big-headedness."
Vincent replied with a grin.
Suddenly, I froze, then dropped to the ground lifeless.
Drawing again, Vincent?
Don't tell it about me! I sent to Vincent. Don't let it know!
"What else would I be doing?" Vincent answered, acting as if I hadn't
spoken at all.
Something productive. Like sabotaging the animatronics or
gathering a new set of victims.
"I'm five." Vincent growled in response. "And I'm not going to hurt my
Age never stopped Barry.
"Barry is a psycho." Vincent retorted. "Now go away."
Hmm Nightmare seemed to be searching for something. I could've
"Sworn what?" Vincent asked harshly.
Never mind. Have fun. Nightmare spat, sounding incredibly
Is it gone? Vincent asked shakily. He still wasn't used to telepathic
"Yeah." I answered, standing up from the floor.
"How did you know it was there?" the human was confused. I
suppose that was to be expected. Magic was still really strange to
"The same way that I know where all the animatronics are." I

answered. I paused, then shrank back a little bit. "But, you know,
inside your head. I'm sorry."
"Hey, don't be sorry. You've saved me more than once." Vincent
reached over and pulled me into a hug. "Digging around in my mind
really isn't something you should be sorry for. You have most of my
memories, after all."
"Ok" I bit my lip, then just asked the question. "Why did you kill the
Vincent stiffened, and my eyes widened. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I just
wanted to know!"
"No. Don't be sorry. I don't much want to talk about it, but you need to
know." Vincent pulled away. "I was working for Antonio Veron. Guy
ran a criminal organization, here in the city. He payed me a lot to do
his dirty work. Anything from stealing, to murder." Vincent paused,
then continued, his voice dead and flat. "The Puppet shouldn't have
died. That was entirely accidental. The others Tony wanted to use
the first Freddy Fazbear's location as a base of operations. The
second location had incredibly sophisticated facial recognition tech.
Tony didn't want that getting out in the public."
I looked at him in horror of his story. "So you?"
"Killed ten kids." Vincent confirmed, his voice still flat and
"B-but you've been helping them now, right?" I asked. "Y-you're all
good, right?"
"I hope so." Vincent seemed so dead inside. It hurt me to see him like
this, so broken and lonely.
"You're a good person Vincent." I reassured him, throwing my arms
around him. "You've made them happy. You brought them out of the
pizzeria. You gave them the ability to interact with the outside world.
Not Mike. Not Fritz. Not Percy. Not the Puppet. You."
Vincent buried his face in the fur on my shoulder. "Thank you."

I let go. "I have something I want to show you."

Running across the room, I smiled. I had been waiting to do this for a
while. Vincent's drawing skill might not be something that I shared,
but I had a couple talents that he didn't.
I grabbed my guitar and sat down on the edge of the stage. Unlike
the person whose soul I was created from, I was musically gifted, and
watching Bonnie through Vincent's eyes had helped me improve.
With a practiced movement, I tuned the guitar and then started to
Even though singing was out of the question due to my voice being
different, I could tell that Vincent was awestruck. His eyes were open
wide in amazement and his jaw was hanging open. My music wasn't
anything flashy or impressive, quite unlike most of Bonnie's
performances. It was just a little tune that I was playing in order to
make Vincent feel better.
With a final note, I finished the tune and put the guitar to the side.
"Did you like it?"
"That was amazing." Vincent replied, his mouth still wide open.
"How did you learn to do that?"
"Wherever he learned, he's really good." A voice came from the main
stage behind me.
I turned around to see Bonnie standing there, an appraising
expression on his face. "You've got some real talent there Spring."
"Thanks." I replied, blushing under my yellow fur. Bonnie was like a
role model to me. He was funny, brave, and protected his family. Not
to mention his guitar skill. I looked up to all of the older animatronics,
but especially Bonnie.
"Hey, talent is nothing to be embarrassed of buddy." Bonnie walked
over and sat down next to me. "You're great, amazing even. You have
the musicality that Vincent doesn't."
"I agree with this statement." Vincent announced, closing his mouth.

"I can't do any music. Apart from that one time. On Angela's birthday."
"Umm" I began, then paused. Vincent may not want Bonnie to hear
this, but it had nothing to do with Nightmare. It would be lying to say
that Vincent had done that alone. "Every time you wore me, you
weren't the only one doing things"
"What does that mean, exactly?" Bonnie asked confused.
"It's technically a mind share. Um. I can't explain it, but I can show it."
I said nervously. "But only Vincent will really see."
"See what?" Vincent was perplexed. That was understandable, I
didn't even understand how it worked. All I really knew was that when
it happened, Vincent was in my mind, or I was in his. Normally I was
just an observer, but that didn't mean that I couldn't make actions as
"Vincent, come sit over here." I suggested. "Proximity may make it
easier. I don't really know. In any case, one of us is about to lose
control of his body."
"Oh kay then" Vincent walked over to the edge of the stage
and sat down next to me.
"So, you want to piggyback on my mind, or do you want me to join
you?" I asked, not sure which Vincent would prefer. Something told
me that he would understand better if he joined me, but if he didn't,
then he would be more comfortable.
"I'll join you. I guess." Vincent replied, still confused.
"Close your eyes." I instructed. "Now don't try to resist."
I concentrated, closing my eyes. Then, with a mental effort, I tugged,
pulling Vincent's mind into mine. Vincent's body slumped, causing
him to lean against me. Not surprising, seeing as his mind and soul
was now within my body.
What. The. Hell. Vincent practically shouted.

We opened our eyes. Vincent. Please.

Right. Sorry. Vincent replied. What the heck.
Better, I guess. I mentally sighed. Anyways, ta-dah!
"Spring?" Bonnie asked.
"No." Vincent replied, reaching up and rubbing the side of our head.
"Yes." I chimed in. "Technically."
"Is it both of you?" Bonnie raised an eyebrow in confusion.
"That's a better question." We both said in unison. I laughed for the
both of us.
"God, that's weird." Bonnie commented. "I can tell when each of you
is speaking, even though you sound almost identical."
We stood up shakily. Vincent was still trying to assert complete
control, when in reality we should have been working in concert. I
didn't blame him, he was used to having his body to himself, and
when he was using mine he was the one holding the reins. Vincent!
Stop fighting!
How am I supposed to stand up when my body only half obeys me?!
He was incredibly confused.
With a mental sigh, I tried to explain. We share one mind, and
nothing travels faster than thought. We should try to work together.
I'm part of you, this should be easy.
Got it. Don't try to fight against you. Work with you. This is your body.
Vincent seemed to be taking this well. Relatively speaking. Some
people would have taken it worse.
Within moments the two of us managed to get stabilized. Vincent had
more experience doing this than me, so I mostly followed along.
"This is the weirdest feeling." Vincent muttered.

"Not entirely new though." I added.

"Again, super strange. You sound so similar, yet at the same time
distinct." Bonnie added in.
"How so?" We both asked.
"And then there's when you two talk together. Umm how to explain
it?" Bonnie looked up at the ceiling in thought, then snapped his gaze
back down to us. "Vincent's voice has a harsher edge. More
cynical. As strange as that is for a five year old voice. Spring is more
cheerful and innocent sounding. When the two of you speak together,
its super disconcerting. It's like if you took both of them and mixed
them together. Not double tone, but a combination of cheerful, harsh,
cynical, and innocent. It's really, really weird."
"Is it slightly unnerving?" We asked, a grin on our face.
"God. Yes. Yes it is." Bonnie shook his head. "That's straight up
"What is?"
The two two? Three? Whatever. jumped. Bonnie whirled around.
"Goldie! Don't do that!"
"Sorry." The golden bear replied in amusement, not seeming
apologetic. "But teleporting is my thing. Now then, what's the subject
of conversation?" He slowed down at the end of his sentence,
spotting Vincent and me.
"Goldie!" I shouted happily, forgetting for a moment that Vincent was
still trying to share my body. I tried to jump up onto the stage towards
Goldie. Unfortunately, Vincent wasn't expecting me to try this, and we
both crashed to the stage.
"Oww" We both groaned.
"Woah, what happened here?" Goldie reached down and picked us
up off the ground. "Vincent, what exactly" He stopped, his gaze
resting on Vincent's unconscious body sitting slumped on the stage.

"What's going on here?"

"Sorry, thought the Puppet had explained it to you. It already went
and told the toys." Bonnie sighed. "Spring's got his own personality
now. He's still linked to Vince, but apparently he's been a living,
thinking soul since Vincent was resurrected."
"Yup!" I confirmed. "Currently we're sharing one mind."
"It's super weird." Vincent added.
Goldie raised an eyebrow. "Well that's odd."
"Yeah, the whole two distinguishable voices for one body thing."
Bonnie commented, walking over to Vincent's body and picking it up.
We shivered. "I can still feel that. Wow." Vincent said, shaking our
head. "How does that work?"
"No idea." I answered. "But we should get you back to your body."
I concentrated, trying to put Vincent back to his body. There was a
tearing sensation, and both of us cried out in pain.
"Oh god, are you okay?" Goldie asked, concerned.
"Putting Vincent back in his body hurts a lot more than I expected" I
muttered, rubbing my head.
"Let me help." Goldie walked over next to Bonnie and closed his
Okay, try now. The telepathic bear told us.
We concentrated again, Vincent attempting to return to his body while
I pushed him. There was a snap, and when I opened my eyes again,
Vincent's presence was missing from my mind. He was still there, but
he was just farther away. I knew that Vincent felt like he was missing
something every time the mind share broke off, but there was no real
way to remove that. Not without changing who I was and who he was.
It didn't matter. So long as we were together, the two of us could

Vincent's body awoke with a start. "That is SUPER weird."
"You get used to it. I did." I replied, snuggling into Goldie's fur.
"How often did you piggyback on my mind, exactly?" Vincent asked.
"Umm" I paused in thought. "A better question is how often I didn't.
And the answer is whenever you were wearing me."
"Oh. Kay then." Vincent muttered, looking up at the purple rabbit that
was cradling him. "You can put me down now."
"Gotcha." Bonnie dropped Vincent.
The human screamed in terror as he plunged towards the stage. Just
at the last second, Bonnie caught him again. There was a clatter in
the kitchen, and Chica rushed out. "What happened?"
"Bonnie dropped Vincent." I spoke up. "But he caught him again."
"Bonnie!" Chica scolded. "Don't do that!"
"I caught him again Cheeks!" Bonnie protested. "He's fine."
"My whole life flashed before my eyes." Vincent groaned dramatically.
"I thought I was gonna dieee"
"Bonnie, you are never going to be put in charge of these two ever
again!" Chica seemed really mad.
"But I-"
"EVER AGAIN." Chica asserted.
"Chica, Vincent's fine. He was never in danger." Goldie said with a
sigh. "I would have caught him before he hit the ground. Don't be
mad at Bonnie. He was trying to have some fun."
Chica sighed. "I know, but if anything happened to Vincent"
Chica took a deep breath and calmed down. "I could never forgive

"None of us could forgive ourselves if that happened. Especially after
all he's done for us." Bonnie said softly.
I yawned, not deliberately trying to ruin the moment, but doing so
anyway. "'m sorry." I murmured. "'m tired."
Goldie looked up at the clock. "Hmm no wonder. It's well past your
Vincent mumbled something about wanting to be put down, but
Bonnie shook his head and handed the human over to Chica. I knew
immediately that Vincent wasn't complaining much. He craved
affection at least as much as I did, even if he didn't admit it.
Tonight will be quite different from usual. Nightmare's more worried
about keeping me out than it is about catching you. Unfortunately, it's
made things more difficult for you tonight. I warned Vincent as the two
yellow animatronics carried us downstairs to our- no, Vincent's- room.
"I hope you two don't mind sharing a bed. At least, for now. We all
have our sections of the backstage areas, but we don't have another
bed for Spring." Goldie informed us quietly. We both mumbled in
How are things more difficult? Vincent asked.
Paul has been put on the sidelines, and both Aaron and Violet have
been replaced by others. Not to mention the fact that you might lose
the game at the beginning of the night. Barry'll be there to greet you
tonight. I explained. As you know, Nightmare cannot directly kill you.
You can thank Mari's amulet for that. Sh-it saved your life more than
once with that thing.
Did you just misspeak in telepathy? Vincent asked, clearly amused.
Yes Vincent didn't consciously know about who Mari was. I wasn't
about to tell him. There were some things that he needed to learn
without Nightmare's interference. Apparently Nightmare fully agreed
with this, as it had wiped most of what it had told him from his

memory. I was fine only because Nightmare hadn't known about my

presence. Hopefully it would stay that way, so as to keep Vincent safe
from the emotional effects of Nightmare's presence. If it knew
Well, it was better to not consider that.
"Here we are." Chica announced, snapping both me and Vincent
back to reality. She reached out and opened the door, going into the
room with Vincent, Goldie, and me. Vincent's bed was big enough for
us to have plenty of space each.
The larger animatronics lay us down on the bed. Chica leaned over
and gave both of us a kiss on the forehead. After tucking us in, she
smiled. "Good night you two."
"G'night Chica." Vincent mumbled.
"G'night Mama." I replied, falling asleep immediately afterwards.
All in all, my first day as part of the family was pretty great.

Hey everyone. Here's your promised chapter, late as I said it

would be.
As you've probably noticed, this chapter is from the first person
point of view. Specifically Spring's. I won't be changing
perspective often, but when I do, Spring's will be first person.
Spring is largely unaffected by Nightmare's intrusion into
Vincent's mind. He can sense when it's paying attention, and he
can sneak past Nightmare's barriers. Nightmare can't exactly
keep a part of Vincent out of Vincent's mind.
Chapter 83: The Game Continues

What is it?! What is this creature that defies the rules of the
game? What keeps getting in?!
Wow, Nightmare seems pissed today.
What happened?

Hell if I know. It ain't talkin' to me. Still hates me for that whole
scenario with ######.
Connor, stop cussing.
That wasn't cussing this time. Swear on my right hand.
You don't HAVE a right hand right now.
Right. Wrong thing to say. I meant that I wasn't cussing. No
swears, remember? Nightmare hates 'em.
Only because you cussed it out the first ten minutes you were
Yeah, and now our vocabularies are limited to what Nightmare
considers 'clean'.
Keeping your mouth shut is often the best way to avoid conflict,
Oh hey! It's ####!
Did I not literally just tell you to keep your mouth shut?
Goddammit. Nightmare censored your name. What's up old
Why would Nightmare censor my name, but not 'damn',
'dammit', 'goddammit', and 'hell'?
Hell if I know.
The voice belonging to the "old man" sighed. Really?
Maybe Nightmare wants you to be a surprise for Vincent?
Not just Vincent, but our mysterious intruder and the spectator
that looked in last night.
Umm who?

Last night, while Nightmare was talking to ######## and me.

Someone, or something, was watching. Well, I say talking to us,
I mean that it was ranting while we were conversing on it. The
voice paused. Oh, I see. Nightmare has added censors to not
only my name, but the other three as well.
Two of 'em'll show up tonight anyways. The lovebirds.
I wish they would stop acting like they hate each other and just
get along.
Well, Vi. There's little you can do about this.
I know but she would feel so much better if she could justVincent's here.
Partycrasher Aaron. Booo!
Shut up Connor.
Are you drunk?!
Not yet, but I want to be!
Shut up.
You don't tell me what to do! I can get drunk if I want to!
Connor Parr. You literally cannot get drunk. Now be silent, lest I
decide to rip your face off.
Yes. Oh.
I'll just go.
Good luck with that while you have a spike in your chest.

Please not the spike again! I hate that damn thing!

Too late. Should've learned your lesson earlier.
Ah-ah-ah! You stay right HERE.
There was the sound of ripping skin, followed by a scream of pure
Oh shut up. You're effectively immortal.
Of course it HURTS. It's supposed to hurt. What use is
punishment that isn't painful?

What was that?

You want me to be quiet, I'll shut up.
Good. Now, where was I? Oh yes. Vincent has been listening in
for the past hour
Nightmare slowly ground his sentence to a halt. Gods damn it.
A smile began to grow on Vincent's face, slowly spreading until he felt
like the top half of his head would fall off. Then, he broke into
Damn it all. Nightmare muttered, appearing out of nowhere into the
room. You heard the whole thing, didn't you?
"Yup." Vincent answered smugly. "You really lost your temper, didn't
I will rend you limb from limb. Nightmare threatened flatly.
"Uh-huh. Sure." The human replied flatly. "Go right ahead, but just
remember that if it stays that way, the game is nulled."

Nightmare grumbled. Fine. Called my bluff.

"So. What're you planning to do with me tonight?" Vincent asked,
rubbing his hands together.
Oh, nothing new. Just making your little pre-night game real.
Whatever that intruder was, it's wreaked nothing but havoc with
my system. Nightmare seemed irritated, insofar as could be told.
Nonetheless, onwards to the game.
Vincent blinked, and the room was replaced. "Again with the dramatic
At least they're fun to watch. A childish voice said from the
"Oh. This room." Vincent looked around. Back in the hallway with the
doorframes and the chair. "Guess you're not Plushtrap then?"
Plushtrap stole my fun. The voice pouted. I was supposed to be
the one who played the game with you! I was!
"Sorry Barry. Not my call." Vincent commented. Not that he really felt
bad for the child psychopath.
It doesn't matter. The game begins Barry giggled. NOW!
Vincent quickly flashed the flashlight on the chair at the end of the
hall, revealing a twisted caricature that resembled the old design of
Balloon Boy. The body was round and its skin was plastic, or at least
seemed like plastic. The head had a pumpkin grin, with rows upon
rows of razor sharp teeth, with what looked like a single hinge on the
back of its head to keep the top of its head from falling off. The ball
jointed arms ended in clawed hands with unnecessarily long fingers.
The eyes were orange, but they didn't glow orange like the other
Nightmares' eyes, instead the glow was a simple white.
With his ears pricked, Vincent flicked the flashlight off. Barry began to
move immediately, laughing demonically.
This is already really fun! Barry said, continuing to laugh. I can

hear your heart racing! ~

"Creepy kid." Vincent muttered, still listening closely.
As quick as lightning, Vincent snapped the flashlight up and turned it
on. Barry, who was holding his clawed hands up and was about to
pounce, slumped to the floor. Aww
"Game over Barry." Vincent announced triumphantly.
How'd you know? The childlike machine whined.
"That's my secret." Vincent replied, not wanting to make Barry try and
adapt his tactics.
Oh. You won. Nightmare commented, checking in.
I didn't even stand a chance! He cheated! Barry pouted.
No, I don't think he did. There's nothing he could have done to
cheat. Nightmare absentmindedly replied. It seemed to be searching
for something, but it couldn't find it. Hmm I expected it to be
"Expected what?" Vincent asked, hoping that Nightmare wouldn't find
what it was looking for.
Not important. Nightmare declared On to the main event.
But I want to try again! Barry shouted like a spoiled child. Lemme
kill him!
Not now Barry. Nightmare commanded, its attention still on
something else. Let's get the show on the road.
The shadowy entity vanished, and Vincent wound up in the room with
the bed. It wasn't even a transition like usual, just one second he was
in the room with the chair, then he was in the room that the
Nightmares sieged. "Something up Nightmare? Your dramatic flair is
Vincent waited for a few minutes for a response, then sighed. It

seemed Nightmare wasn't going to be responding. It really was quite

distracted with attempting to locate and lock out Spring, even though
it seemed to have exactly zero progress.
There was a creak from the left door, and Vincent quickly dashed
over and flashed his flashlight.
Gah! Why you little- A feminine voice cried out in pain. A pair of
sapphire blue eyes reeled back from the door.
The human quickly slammed the door closed. Just in time too, as a
pair of claws scrabbled at the door. "Now, I've been noticing a theme.
All of you guys, and girls, and Tali, are people from my past. My only
question is which one are you?"
What? Don't remember me from my voice alone? The voice asked
in disbelief. Vincent, I thought we had such good times together!
"Let's see. Female, likely from Tony's gang. I never had any 'good
times', yet there was always one person who insisted that we did."
Vincent listed. "So then, Azure. How's death been treating you?"
Got in one, I see. Why don't you let me in? We can have some
fun~. Azure said seductively.
"In case you've forgotten, I'm literally five right now." Vincent
reminded her in a disgusted tone.
Oh. Ew. Forget that then. Azure's voice seemed freaked out. Still,
why don'cha let me in so I can get a good look at you.
"Not likely, considering that you just tried to attack me. And don't give
me the 'lights in your eyes' crap. Aaron's more of a killer than you,
and he didn't swipe at me when I accidentally shined the light in his
eyes." Vincent retorted. "In any case, you already know what I look
like. Nightmare summoned all thirteen of you dead people and lined
you up. If anything, I should want to know what you look like, but I
don't. Mostly because you tried to kill me."
You're no fun Vincent. Azure pouted, rapping on the door. I could
break down this door right now. The only reason I haven't is

because Nightmare is a stickler for the rules and I'm not allowed
to open the door after you shine a light on me.
"Boo hoo. So sad." Vincent replied unsympathetically. "Oh, I've been
meaning to ask you or Vi. Is Blaze your actual last name, or is it just a
It's just a cover. Neither of us can remember our real last name.
It's our actual first names though. Azure informed him
conversationally. Oh! I just remembered! I left something in there,
can I come in and get it?
"Stop trying." Vincent said with a sigh. "I'm not letting you in."
Azure sighed then walked off. Vincent leaned back against the door
and sank to the ground. As much as Vincent liked to taunt her, Azure
scared him. Not in the same manner as Nightmare, but as a matter of
The reason for this was because Azure had been particularly
attractive in life. Her deep blue eyes. Her, to quote Connor, 'smokin'
figure'. Her flawless features. Her lovely blonde hair. Her graceful
movement. Azure had been incredibly attractive, and she had known
it. While Vi had been sweet and kind, for the most part, Azure was
cunning and manipulative. Azure was blessed with incredible looks,
and she was fairly agile in her own right, but she wasn't anywhere
near as strong as her sister.
The smaller of the two sisters had made up for this by manipulation of
many types. Lies, bribery, blackmail, and most often seduction. Azure
had used all of these multiple times in order to try and sway Vincent.
The first three had flopped, as Vincent was mistrustful, didn't accept
bribes, and had nothing to hide. The last one had almost succeeded,
and not just once. She had tried multiple times to get him into bed,
and the only real reason she had failed was because of Vincent's
apathy. Really, Nightmare was the primary reason that Azure's
seductive tactics had failed. Rather funny, really, considering that he
would have killed a lot more people if she had succeeded.
That hadn't stopped the blonde woman from claiming that Vincent
was her boyfriend. At least, for a while. Her claims were very quickly

disproved when she started 'dating' another one of the mercenaries.

In any case, Azure had done very little actual work, but had been
payed almost as much as her sister. Vincent had never liked Azure
much, even though she was certainly attractive. She was far too
manipulative for Vincent to consider her anything close to a friend.
But then, he had trained Franklin
Hey sleepyhead. Get over to the other door before you get killed.
A voice called out from the closet.
"Tali?!" Vincent sputtered, standing up. "Why are you helping me?"
Because believe it or not, I have half a heart. Shocker, I know.
Tali retorted. In any case, you're the only one who can help.
"Help with what?" Vincent asked, confused.
I can't tell you, but I can tell you that you'll probably approve.
You're a family man, after all. Tali sniggered.
"Erm. What?" Vincent was even more confused. What was Tali talking
You'll figure it out. Now go! Before you get yourself killed! Tali
retreated back behind the sliding doors of the closet.
Vincent rushed across the room to the right door and hesitated. What
was it that Azure had said? Something about not being allowed to
break the door down
With a split second's thought, Vincent flashed his flashlight down the
hall, then pulled the door shut without looking.
Oh goddammit.
Thoughts began to rush through Vincent's mind. Who could it be?
Who was at this door? Apparently they had something to do with
Azure, but almost every male criminal in the city had had some sort of
relations with Azure Blaze.

"So, who're you then?" Vincent asked curiously. The voice didn't
sound too familiar, but it rang a couple bells.
Not really a surprise, I guess. We never talked much. The voice
replied. It was male.
"Can you give me any hints?" Vincent queried, still trying to place the
voice to a name.
Well, the first time we met, you freaked out. The voice sniggered.
"I freaked out, huh?" Vincent pondered, then snapped his fingers.
"Oh, right. That was because Tony sent you in to test your skills. You
looked unassuming and scrawny, but the instant combat started you
nearly took me out in one hit. How's it going Matt?"
Well, I'm dead. Things could be better. Matthew Carter answered
conversationally. Not to mention Nightmare has us as its slaves.
"So how're things going with your girlfriend?" Vincent teased. The last
he knew, Matt had been the one that Azure had been 'dating'.
She's not my girlfriend. Matt replied angrily.
"Sorry. Sore spot there, I guess. Why not?" Vincent was curious. This
might have something to do with what Tali had said.
Matt sighed. It was right before she, Paul, and Vi died. She
tricked me into taking a job for her. A job that was supposed to
be for two people. When I went in, I didn't know this. So I get
into the building, and I'm shot almost immediately.
"Wow, so your girlfriend sent you into a deathtrap." Vincent
She's not my girlfriend! Matt shouted in rage.
"Uh-huh. Last time I saw you, you said you loved her." Vincent
That was until she KILLED ME! Matt basically screamed.

"You're such a bad liar." Vincent taunted, a grin on his face.

I know.
That made Vincent perk up. "Wait, so you?"
I still love her.
On an impulse, Vincent pulled the door open. The sight in front of him
was very different from the other Nightmares, yet it still held a strange
creepiness factor.
Matt's body was a rabbit, most likely meant to be a twisted parody of
Ben, with its light blue fur and white underbelly. The torso looked a bit
long, and the arms were slender, but that was easily explained by the
fact that it had four arms. These arms each ended in normal looking
hands, but since Vincent was looking for it, he could see that there
were retractable claws that would shoot out of the fingertips. The
eyes were metal sclera like with the other Nightmares, but the iris
was a luminous emerald green. There didn't seem to be the razor
teeth of the other Nightmares, but then Matt's face was in better
condition, and his teeth were hidden when his mouth was closed. All
in all, Matt gave off creepy vibes, while not being particularly
That was fitting. Matt had been a very unassuming man in life, with
scrawny arms and a goofy grin he generally wore. That didn't keep
him from packing a punch that could kill a man instantly, or
incapacitate almost anyone.
This wasn't because Matt was particularly strong or fast, but the guy
knew exactly where to hit you to disable your nervous system.
When Vincent opened the door, Matt lifted an eyebrow. Why? Why
open the door? I'm supposed to kill you.
"Because you're a human being, regardless of what Nightmare
wants." Vincent replied. "And frankly, you need to tell someone how
you feel. It doesn't get better until you do."
Th-thanks. I guess. The four armed rabbit scratched the back of his

"Paul's been kicked from the room, and I get the feeling he isn't
coming back, so come on, let's go sit on the bed." Vincent invited,
walking over to the edge of the bed and sitting down.
After a moment's hesitation, Matt followed him, setting his several
hundred pound bulk down next to the small human. I could just
reach over and impale you right now
"Yes, but you won't. I'm just about the only one who can heal your
relationship." Vincent retorted. He grinned. "So, tell me about what's
been troubling you."
God, I never imagined the apathetic mass murderer to be my
therapist. Matt muttered, shaking his head.
"That's DOCTOR apathetic mass murderer to you!" Vincent joked
with a grin.
You're horrible at this. Matt groaned, falling forward and burying his
face in his hands. I might as well confess my feelings to a rock.
"Seriously though. What exactly is going on?" Vincent sobered and
Well as I told you, she's kind of the reason that I died. She
thinks I hate her. Matt started. In some ways, I wish I did hate her.
It would hurt less
"Well, why don't you tell her how you feel?" Vincent asked.
I if I did, she might think I'm trying to trick her Matt said sadly.
She doesn't trust many people
"Ok. OK." Vincent nodded his head in understanding. "I get it."
Before Matt could do anything, Vincent jumped off the bed and ran
over to the left door. Vincent, what're you?!
Vincent slammed the door open, causing Matt to cry out in warning.

It also caused Azure, who was carefully leaning up against the door,
to fall into the room. "Thought as much."
Azure's current body was a nightmarish version of the old toy Chica
model. The torso was feminine in form, but the arms and legs were
disproportionately long. Similarly to the other Nightmares, her skin
was a strange, almost biological material that grew fur, or feathers in
this case. Her extremely long arms ended in cruelly curved claws.
Her face was what was truly terrifying, as it had the same sinister grin
that the toy Chica model had worn. The eyes were a sapphire blue,
and right now, they were tearing up as well.
Y-you don't hate me? Azure asked, looking up from the floor at Matt.
You might be manipulative and sometimes cruel, but you have
so, so many redeeming qualities Matt walked over to her and
knelt down, extending his arm to help her up. You can be kind, and
witty, and you make me laugh. You're not just beautiful on the
outside, but you can be beautiful on the inside when you try. I've
seen you at your worst, and I've seen you at your best; and
frankly, I love both equally.
Azure took his hand and he pulled her up. The female spirit then
threw her arms around the blue rabbit, tears in her eyes. Thank you.
And so the seductress and the socially awkward freak lived
happily ever after. How touching.
Nightmare! Matt snarled, holding Azure close.
Hmm, yes. You know my name. Impressive feat, for one who has
been dormant up until now. Nightmare seemed bored. Say, weren't
you two supposed to KILL Vincent?
Your punishments aren't enough to make us kill someone.
Especially when that someone has helped us so much. The
rabbit retorted.
The closet doors slammed open and Tali stepped out, their eyes a
furious red.

Ah. Tali. Talk some sense into these two. Nightmare commanded.
Keep it up you two. Tali said with a thumbs up. Oh, and thanks
Vincent. When those two were fighting, nobody was happy.
You all attempt to insubordinate me? Nightmare asked
incredulously. Your punishment will be painful.
"Shut up Nightmare. Nobody cares about your punishments. There
are things more important than self-preservation." Vincent growled.
Why you little- Nightmare began, then stopped. The sound of an
alarm clock was audible in the background. It doesn't matter.
Tomorrow is another day.

So, first things first, a couple notes.

Azure and Matt are both entirely OCs. The other Nightmares are
only technically OCs, but these two are entirely original. At least,
I hope so.
I said no ships earlier in the story, and I wasn't kidding. Shipping
is when you pair someone else's characters together. Since Matt
and Azure are both mine, then it (technically) is not a ship. (Also
I didn't realize I wanted to do this until, like, halfway through
writing it.)
In any case, Hope you guys and gals enjoyed!
Chapter 84: Hiding

The door slowly creaked open and a tall figure slipped into the room.
Its gaze swept over the two small figures sleeping on the bed, and a
kind smile appeared on its face.
The slender creature leaned over and stroked the fur on the face of
the golden rabbit on the bed. Its spiderlike fingers slowly running
through the yellow fur. In response, the golden rabbit unconsciously
moved into the stroking sensation, a croon in the back of his throat.
With its smile growing wider, the towering creature turned its attention

to the other figure on the bed. The white-haired child was sleeping
soundly, a triumphant smile on his face.
"Have you defeated your enemies Vincent?" The Puppet whispered
almost silently, running the spidery fingers of its other hand through
the human's hair.
Vincent mumbled something in response, not even awake to hear the
Puppet's question. The Puppet smiled even wider at that, then stood
upright again, turning around. "Goodbye you two. See you later.
Sleep well"
With that, the Puppet stepped out of the room, the door clicking
quietly shut behind it.

Vincent woke up with a yawn, stretching his arms and sitting up.
The human quickly drew his right arm back in. "Sorry Spring."
"'s okay." The rabbit replied blearily, also sitting up. The golden
animatronic rubbed his eyes. "Just hit me in the ear is all."
"Sorry about that." Vincent apologized again, flinching. The weirdest
part was that he had felt that. Not just on his arm, but where he had
hit Spring on the ear. It felt like someone had flicked him, right below
the earlobe.
Vincent slid his legs off of the bed and stood up. He looked down at
himself and sighed. He was still wearing his day clothes from the
previous day. With sluggish movements, he walked over to his
dresser and opened some drawers. After pulling out a shirt and some
pants that the Puppet had kindly downsized for him, he pulled off his
current shirt and pants, and put on the new ones.
"Can I open my eyes now?"
Vincent sighed and turned around. "Spring, you didn't need to close
them. We're both parts of the same person." The human shook his

head. "In any case, I just changed my shirt and pants. I wasn't
"Oh." Spring blinked, his ears drooping in embarrassment. "Sorry."
"It's OK. You were just respecting my privacy." Vincent reassured.
"Even if it wasn't necessary."
"Okay then." Spring replied, perking up again. "So what happened
last night?"
"Why? Weren't you piggybacking on my mind?" The human asked in
response, confused.
"Not this time. Nightmare was searching too hard for me to try it."
Spring answered, scratching behind his ear. "Last thing I want is for it
to catch me."
"Fair enough." Vincent conceded. "Umm lemme see. Barry took
your place as the minigame before the night. Well, took his place
back. He's super whiney. And irritating. And loud."
Spring giggled. "Yeah."
"Anyways, he complained about me 'cheating'. Nightmare basically
told him off for that. It was really distracted, trying to find you." Vincent
chuckled, then continued. "After that, I met Azure and Matt again.
Turns out they still love each other, despite events."
The rabbit closed his eyes and thought for a moment, looking through
Vincent's memory. It was almost like Vincent himself was running
through his memories, even though he knew that Spring was the one
doing it. "Ok. Gotcha. Your memories are more accurate than your
recounting. You know that, right?"
"Doesn't surprise me." Vincent replied with a smile.
"My only question is why Matt has four arms" Spring muttered.
"I don't know. It's creepy though, so I guess it works." Vincent
answered, shrugging. "Let's go get breakfast."

The duo made their way upstairs, Spring leaning on Vincent part of
the way. The golden rabbit still wasn't good at walking, and Vincent
was happy to help him out.
As the two entered the staff longue, they were greeted with the sight
of Mike talking on the phone. Vincent immediately hushed Spring's
question before the rabbit could do more than ask "Wh-?"
"Yeah, I know. The Fright didn't work out too well." Mike said,
probably in response to something. "But we've been going for almost
two months now, and things have only gotten better."
There was the sound of someone talking on the other end of the
phone. After a moment, Spring sent what he heard to Vincent.
"What'd you do with the old stuff anyway?"
"We've revamped everything. All of the animatronics look almost
nothing like what they did way back then." Mike replied.
"Woah, so you've, like, turned them into androids or something?" The
person on the other side of the phone asked.
"Well you'll have to see them for yourself." Mike answered
hesitantly. "Come by tomorrow, I'll be able to show you."
"Okay then man. Can't wait to see what you've done with it." The
other person chuckled, then the phone line went silent.
Spring, that was simultaneously the most sneaky and most awesome
thing you've ever done. Vincent sent mentally, in awe that the rabbit
had heard that much.
Fritz gave me really good ears. Spring replied sheepishly.
"Charley" Mike muttered with a sigh, putting his phone in his
pocket. He only then seemed to notice the two diminutive figures that
had entered the room. "Oh, hello you two! How are you doing this

"We're just going to get breakfast." Vincent answered.

"I heard that Chica's making bacon and eggs today." Mike said
"On days like these, I envy you guys"
Vincent looked around, then up. Right above him, with a look of
sadness, was Jeremy. The redhead looked down at the two small
figures and smiled. Mike nodded at the ghost, then turned his
attention to the children. "Jeremy's going to be your caretaker today.
Just to make sure that Spring is safe when the general public is
exposed to him."
"We get our own bodyguard?" Vincent asked with a laugh.
"Hey, Spring gets his own bodyguard. You're just along for the ride."
Jeremy teased, floating down to 'land' on the floor. "I'll just be
watching for the most part. But if a problem arises, then I'll help out."
"So, hypothetically speaking, what if I need you to open something?"
Vincent queried, a mischievous grin on his face.
"Well tough luck buddy." Jeremy retorted. "I'm Spring's bodyguard,
not yours."
The conversation came to an abrupt halt when Chica walked into the
staff lounge, two plates in her hands. "Oh, there you two are! I was
wondering what had happened when you didn't show up at the
kitchen. Here are your breakfasts."
Chica set the two plates down on a table. "Unfortunately, I won't be
able to be with you today. Mondays are very busy."
"Ok Chica." Spring replied, walking over to the table and hopping up
onto one of the seats. He grabbed his fork and dug in. "Mmm
thanks for breakfast."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Chica said with a smile. She paused for a
second, likely checking her internal clock, and then turned to go.
"We're opening soon, see you later!"

Mike checked his watch. "I'm off too. Got a lot of paperwork to do."
Chica and Mike both left the staff lounge, leaving Spring, Vincent, and
Jeremy. Vincent walked over to the table and took a seat. Picking up
his fork, the grey eyed human dug into his breakfast. The eggs were
nice and fluffy, with just the right amount of salt and pepper, while the
bacon was crispy without being overcooked. Just another example of
Chica's excellent cooking.
"Something happening today? You ate really quickly." Jeremy
commented once Vincent finished.
"Oh! Angela's going to be back today." Vincent replied, getting up and
running to the main show area.
He was just in time to see Fritz unlocking the doors. The man turned
around and raised an eyebrow. "You seem to be in a hurry. Normally
you wait until after opening time to enter the public areas."
"Angela's going to be here today, so I wanted to be down here to
greet her." Vincent explained.
"Angela's the kid who turned out to be your niece, right?" Fritz asked.
"Yup. She also really likes Spring. He's her favorite." Vincent
confirmed, going over to his little drawing corner. He had a small table
to himself, as nobody else ever came over to use it. Angela had been
the first person to go anywhere near him while he was drawing. Apart,
of course, from the animatronics, Mike, and Fritz.
Vincent grabbed a piece of paper and some drawing tools and
immediately set himself to drawing. He had decided on a picture of
both Azure and Matt. With a little altering of proportions and a bit of
fixing up, he managed to draw Azure as she would be without
Nightmare's dark tweaks. Matt was a little more difficult, mostly
because his current form had four arms. In order to make it more
normal, Vincent had decided to omit the extra arms.
Are you going to draw Barry? Spring asked, hopping into Vincent's
mind. The rabbit had a much easier time jumping from his body to
Vincent's than Vincent did jumping to Spring's body. Not surprising

when one took into account the amount of practice Spring had.
Nah. He's not worth my effort. Vincent replied, continuing to draw.
That's probably- Spring suddenly cut off his communication.
"Spring? Vincent cast out to try and locate the rabbit.
Oh. You're drawing again.
That made sense now. The last thing Spring wanted was for
Nightmare to catch him. That could lead to problems upon problems.
"Yes, I'm drawing again." Vincent retorted, slightly irritated at
Nightmare's interference.
Hmm where is it? Nightmare demanded, sounding genuinely
"Where is what?"
The intruder it keeps evading me. Do you know where it is?
Nightmare must've been really desperate if it was asking Vincent.
"Not a clue." The human lied, going back to his drawing.
Damn. The dark creature sighed. I'll go.
Just like that, Nightmare was gone again. Spring's presence returned
to Vincent's mind. It's desperate. If it doesn't get me soon, it's going
to take it out on you.
It's not catching you. Vincent adamantly stated. I won't let it.
Thanks Vincent
Vincent resumed his drawing. Matt's eyes were emerald green, while
Azure's were sapphire blue. Azure was the shorter of the two, but her
form was more aesthetically pleasing. Matt was taller, but his scrawny
limbs made him unthreatening.
"Hey Vincent!"

He looked up to see a familiar face. Angela was walking over with an

excited expression. Vincent quickly put the drawing away and got up
from the table. "Hi Angela!"
"You won't believe what I saw the other day! Spring was back, but he
was little!" The girl hurriedly explained. "Can you help me find him
again today?"
You ready bud? Vincent mentally asked Spring.
Yeah. I'm in the Prize Corner. Not much activity in here today. The
rabbit replied, obviously excited.
"OK, let's go!" Vincent answered, the mental conversation having
taken only a fraction of a second.
"Where should we look first?" Angela mused, looking around the main
show area. Her excitable attitude had lessened somewhat, but she
was still enthused.
"Maybe he's in the Prize Corner?" Vincent suggested.
"Let's check there first." Angela announced, running off.
Vincent ran after the girl, his shorter legs meaning he had to try twice
as hard to keep up. Fortunately, Angela wasn't running particularly
fast, and it wasn't very far to get to the Prize Corner.
The two children reached the Prize Corner and looked around. It
didn't take long for Vincent to spot the golden yellow pair of ears
poking up from behind the Puppet box. With a snigger, Vincent
nudged Angela and pointed towards the rabbit. The girl gasped and
her eyes widened in anticipation.
Angela walked around the Puppet's box and practically squealed in
delight. "I knew it!"
The girl grabbed Spring and hugged him tightly. "I knew it I knew it I
knew it!"
Help me. Spring pleaded mentally. She's crushing me.

"I think you're crushing him." Vincent commented.

"Oh, right. Sorry." Angela loosened her hug, but didn't let go. "Where
have you been Spring? And why are you little now?"
In response Spring chirped and tilted his head. He still wasn't going to
talk in public. Not verbally, at least.
"Oh it doesn't matter! You're so cute and fluffy!" Angela squeezed
Spring tighter again, then let him go.
Spring crooned happily and nuzzled against Angela's shoulder.
You having fun? Vincent asked mentally, laughing inside.
Yes. Came the shameless answer eventually.
Vincent giggled and walked over to Spring and Angela. With a
mischievous grin, he reached over and scratched behind Spring's left
ear. The rabbit unconsciously began leaning into Vincent's touch, his
right leg thumping on the ground in reflex.
Angela stared in surprise for a few moments, then started laughing.
Spring began crooning happily at the scratching sensation behind his
ears, then seemed to notice what he was doing. He quickly broke
away from the contact, shooting Vincent a quick glare. Don't DO that!
What, it doesn't feel good? Vincent teased back.
It's embarrassing! Spring protested. although I do like it
Vincent giggled again, petting the top of Spring's head. "He's very
Angela opened her mouth to talk, but was interrupted by Jeremy
running into the Prize Corner. "Alright, come on, back here, now."
The redhead grabbed Vincent and Spring by the shoulders and
shoved them behind the Puppet box. He reached over and pulled
Angela after them, and waved his hands through the air, creating a
magical disturbance.

"What's going on?!" Angela protested, looking at the ginger stranger

who just pulled her into the corner.
"Little problem with some people who aren't very nice." Jeremy
answered, then realized who he was talking to. "Umm. Sorry for
pulling you in here. I'm Vincent's"
"Cousin." Vincent cut in, giving Jeremy a look that said no arguing.
"Cousin." Jeremy immediately agreed. "I'm looking after him for
today. There are some mean people who are after us because
reasons, and they just came into the building."
As if on cue, two suited figures entered the Prize Corner. Vincent
gasped in recognition. Immediately, Jeremy put his hand over
Vincent's mouth, and put the index finger of his other hand to his lips
to silence the other two.
One of the men, in a pinstriped suit, looked around the Prize Corner.
"Frankie better have given us good info."
"You know he hates to be called that." The other man, the one with
the fedora, commented. "Although he hasn't been around for a few
days. Think he ran?"
"Franklin doesn't run from much. He's probably floating through the
sewers or lying in several alleyways right now." Pinstripe replied,
waving the other off. "Now start looking. Tollini had a penchant for
stealth, according to Franklin."
"I still think he was lying." Fedora muttered, walking over to the
Puppet box and looking down at it. The lid was closed, but he popped
it open and looked down at the contents of it. "Oh, here's that creepy
marionette thing. You remember back in '87 when this thing would
pop out and give people presents?"
"I'm just glad that the old place was shut down. Those things were
creepy." Pinstripe answered, scanning the room. "Stop goofing
around and actually look. He could be anywhere."
Fedora shrugged and closed the Puppet box, going around it to look

behind. The four hiding behind the box held their breaths. The suited
man gave the little alcove a once-over, then turned back to his
companion. "Nothing here. The place is completely free of Tollinis."
"Damn. Maybe come back in a couple days. Come on. Let's get out
before those robots show up." Pinstripe scanned the room one last
time then left, Fedora in tow.
Vincent, Angela, and Jeremy let out a collective breath. Then Angela
opened her mouth and asked a question that made Jeremy cringe.
"Why were they talking about my last name? And how did that man
not see us?"
"I have no idea." Jeremy lied. "I need to talk to Vincent real quick.
"Okay." Angela answered, biting her lip. It seemed like she was going
to ask another question, but she knew that it was better to keep her
mouth shut for now.
Jeremy grabbed Vincent's shoulder and pulled him to another corner
of the room. "Vincent, I need your help. I would KILL for a pizza right
"Then go ask Chica for something to eat." Vincent stated simply,
slightly confused.
"Okay, you don't seem to understand. What am I?" Jeremy tried
"A ghost?" Vincent raised an eyebrow.
Then it clicked. Vincent's eyes widened. "Holy crap. You're alive
"I don't think so. But, well." Jeremy gestured to himself. "I'm
corporeal, I'm starving, and I seriously want to take a shower after
twenty three years of collecting dust. The only odd thing out is the
fact that I can't feel my heart beating, and I've been holding my breath
throughout this whole conversation and I'm not blue and dying."

"But you did magic back over there." Vincent noted, gesturing at the
Puppet's box. "You made us invisible."
"I know. That's what's bugging me." Jeremy sighed. "I'm currently
trying to turn incorporeal again, but it's not working. I guess it's
something to do with technique, but I can't get it to work out."
"Maybe you should ask the Puppet about it." Vincent suggested,
shrugging. "I don't understand magic. Until then, be glad that you're
effectively alive again."
"Yeah." Jeremy murmured in response. "I just can't help but wonder
"What will the others think?"

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I last posted. I've had a
combination of writer's block and the fact that Enter the
Gungeon has consumed my soul keeping me from writing.
You won't be getting any answers on Jeremy's sudden
corporeality for a while. Just be glad it's here and that it gives us
back our redheaded adrenaline junkie.
Chapter 85: Night Five

You better not hurt him!

Calm down Violet. I won't kill Vincent.
That's good. Cause if you did, we'd probably be tearing you
I get it Connor. You don't like me.
We all have reasons to hate you. Some of us just don't know
how to let it go.
Hey! Why are you staring at me?!

Okay, fine. I may be a bit vengeful.

A bit?
A lot.
Much better.
You're not much better Aaron. When I got here, you were
####### ANGRY.
At least I don't cuss like a twelve year old on the internet.
What do you know about the internet?
I may have been dead for thirty years, but I haven't been
Speaking of, who's been here longer, you or Barry?
Barry was here when I got here.
So Barry's the longest lasting resident of this hellhole? Good to
know. Anyone know how long he's been here?
Almost fifty years now.
Shut up old man. Nobody wants your input.
Connor, you really need to control your temper. And your
Aaron the spoilsport swoops in again!
Just stating the truth here.
You should be more like Tali and deal less with the truth.
Excuse me?
You're dead.

Did you just call me a liar, Connor Parr?

Yes. No maybe.
Aaron's right. You do need to learn when to shut the hell up.
That's not possible. Aaron's never right.
I need to leave.
Yeah, get outta here old man.
Alright, on the spike you go.
Gotta catch me first!
Oh goddammit.
Shut up. Vincent's here.
Just let me stick him on the spike. Nightmare left it here for us
for this exact reason.
Do it quietly.
I said quietly!
Okay, I deserved that.
Now shut up!
Vincent clambered out of the bed, grabbing the flashlight off of the

bedside table. Scanning the room, he sent a mental message to

Spring. Spring, you there?
Yeah. Came the response. Once Nightmare tunes in, I need to go
Understood. Vincent scanned the room, looking for the shadowy
entity that usually greeted him as he entered the dream realm. "Now
where is it?"
No response. Strange. Usually Nightmare would have showed up
with a clever comment by now. Maybe it was still looking for Spring?
Or maybe something else. Who knew the ways of the immortal?
The human walked over to the left door and pushed it open. "Hello?
Anyone there?"
Again, no response. Vincent walked down the hallway to the corner
and turned right. There was absolutely nothing here. Weird.
Making his way to the doorway on the left, Vincent peeked into the
room there. It was the corridor with the chair at the end, and, true to
form, Barry was sitting on the chair. The plastic monster was sitting
slumped over and inactive, but his eyes were still glowing white.
Hi Vincent! Did Nightmare give you permission to come visit?
"No, but it hasn't shown up at all tonight." Vincent replied. "I figured I
might as well come over here to play the game anyways."
Really? Barry seemed excited. It won't be 'official', though.
Nightmare has to watch over for you to get the two hours bonus.
Vincent shrugged. "I don't care. Anything is better than just sitting
there and waiting for Nightmare to show up."
I agree! I have to sit there and do nothing most of the time, and
"Boredom sucks. Especially when you have ADHD." The human
sighed. "Fun."

ADHD sucks sometimes.

That made Vincent raise an eyebrow. "You have ADHD too?"
Yeah. That's why I sometimes Barry actually seemed upset for
once. Do things
The human raised his eyebrows in surprise. "That's interesting."
Ah. You two are already in place. Nightmare cut in, its dark form
appearing in the room. That's good. Get to it then.
Vincent looked up at Nightmare, scowling. "We were having a
And now you're playing a game. Nightmare growled.
Let's start then! Barry exclaimed, seeming to forget the earlier
The room suddenly went dark, forcing Vincent to smack his flashlight
a couple times to get it to work. When the flashlight flickered on
again, Barry's form vanished into one of the doorways at the sides.
The demonic child giggled, a deep, ominous noise.
With slowly measured breaths, Vincent turned off his flashlight and
waited. True to form, Barry clomped over to the X directly in front of
him and stopped, likely rearing back to lunge. Flicking the flashlight
on, Vincent caught the plastic creature in the act.
Aww, again?!
"Better luck next time." Vincent said primly, shrugging.
Will you come by to play tomorrow night? Barry asked excitedly.
And the night after?
"Sure, if I can." Vincent answered warily. "Would there be something
stopping me?"
Well, the night after tomorrow-

That's enough. The game is won. Nightmare butted in, glaring

down at Vincent and Barry. Back to the room with you, Vincent.
"Barry was talking." Vincent scolded. "You don't interrupt someone
who's talking."
I do as I please, mortal. The dark entity snarled. Now return to the
The shadows from Nightmare's body began to move across the
room, moving like a dark ooze. The darkness blanketed all light and
color from sight, then began to recede. As the shadows vanished, the
room changed. He was back in the bedroom.
Almost immediately, there was a cruel sounding laugh. It wasn't
unlike Nightmare's although it seemed more human. It was less
ephemeral, more solid. Like it came from actual vocal cords instead
of from magic.
"Well that's not ominous." Vincent muttered, looking around the room.
The closet seemed empty, and none of the triplets were on the bed.
Nightmare's gone. Spring informed, his presence appearing in
Vincent's mind. It's trying to figure some things out.
Like what you are? Vincent asked, curious.
Probably. Spring confirmed. Although it's not just focusing on me.
Weird. Vincent commented, cutting off the conversation.
With quiet steps, Vincent walked over to the left door and put his ear
up to it. There was no sound of breathing, so he quickly shined his
A horrifying visage with monstrous red eyes stared back at him.
WaitIn a panic, Vincent slammed the door shut, breathing heavily. He
hadn't gotten a good look at it, but it had been terrifying. Innumerable

teeth, crimson eyes, and a cruel scowl. It had also had a decaying,
brown-yellow color scheme, which reminded him of Springtrap.
Irrationally so, but a reminder nonetheless.
"What. The. Hell. Was. THAT?!" Vincent practically screamed.
Sounds like Vincent saw him.
You heard that over Connor's whining?
This HURTS. It hurts like hell!
You've been impaled before. You're fine.
Doesn't make it painless.
You'll get used to it. It's not the same slow suffering of
Oh I forgot about that.
No you didn't, you ####.
Okay maybe I didn't.
Vincent shook his head. The Nightmares' conversations were still
audible, funnily enough. Even when they weren't allowed anywhere
near him, they still had an impact on how the night went.
There was the sound of heavy footsteps, followed by another
demonic laugh. And, surprisingly, muffled swearing.
"Does he not want to laugh or something?" Vincent muttered in
thought, going over to the other doorway and checking with his
Something like that.
With a cry of terror, Vincent whirled around and stumbled back
through the doorway, falling on the ground.

I'm sorry Vincent. I didn't mean to scare you. The massive

creature from the hallway was there, its crimson gaze resting on him.
Now that he got a better look at it, it was, while still intimidating,
somewhat familiar. It reminded him of the old Fredbear suit, being fat
in the gut, with a bulky head and tombstone teeth. Except the teeth
were entirely different, being more than he could count, and razor
sharp. The head had rips and tears in it, with wires poking out of the
eye sockets. Not to say that those sockets were vacant, as they held
the metal orbs that all the other Nightmares save Barry had. The
lights on said orbs were crimson, reminiscent of Nightmare's, but
where Nightmare had black pupils with white rings around them, this
creature had solid red eyes. Lastly, the monster had massive claws,
larger than any of the others thus far.
But the voice was what scared Vincent most.
In fact, it was a voice that had given him ordinary nightmares back in
his first life.
I note how you recognized me well before any of the others. The
monstrous creature commented dryly. Although I probably
shouldn't be surprised.
"B-but..? How?" Vincent sputtered, slowly rising back to his feet.
Nightmare had me in its sights for a long time. Tony said with a
sigh, stretching the 'long' out. Around ten years ago, it came to
me directly. It was angry that I had begun to deconstruct the
Gentlemen, after all, their purpose had been served. It had
offered me a similar deal to what it told you. Kill myself, or it
would kill me. Naturally, I refused. Before I could even wake, I
died from a fear-induced heart attack.
"So Nightmare killed you?" The human asked.
More or less. After that, my son took over the 'family business'.
He spat this last as if it were poison. He's a damn fool. He wants to
be the leader of the most feared criminal syndicate in the history

of the city. In order to do that, he wants the most skilled fighter

the streets have ever known.
He wants you.
"But I've been dead for the past sixteen years!" Vincent protested.
"The only people who I ever taught are Franklin and Marcus, and
neither of them was ever as good as me."
That's correct. He hired in Franklin to teach his thugs, but
Franklin is not a fighter. He also tried multiple methods to try
and draw you in, and he was nearing the point where he
believed you were dead. Once Franklin came in with the news
that you weren't The large machine sighed again. That idiot will
be trying to drag you in again.
"He won't be able to."
He has many ways to persuade. And he Tony's expressive eyes
closed in concentration. He I can't remember. But anyways.
There are other things that we must talk about. I know you have
"Um yeah. Like why you sent Aaron after me. And the real reason
that you wanted me to murder ten children to shut down a pair of
cruddy pizzerias." Vincent grew angry at the memory of this.
You must understand. In life, I was apathetic. All I cared about
was my 'career' and my small family. Tony began apologetically.
You were a threat to my business. When you completed that
trade, I sent Aaron to make certain you wouldn't tell anyone. He
was to coerce and threaten you, but not kill you. Imagine my
surprise when I learn that you not only managed to avoid his
detection, but to kill him. In retrospect, having him threaten your
brother was a mistake.
"So you hired me?"
So I hired you. I admire spirit and courage, even in those who
should be my enemy. As for the children... Tony shrugged. I
thought that it would be the only way to shut them down, and to

my distorted mind, the cost was worth it. I had heard that the
animatronics were incredibly advanced. In fact, I heard that they
had incredibly advanced facial recognition software. I couldn't
have that getting out to the public
The hulking creature spread his hands wide. I've done so many
horrible, horrible things in my life. I've made many others into
similarly horrible monsters. All I can do is ask you for
"Seeing as my own victims are forgiving me" Vincent smiled. "I
would be a hypocrite to say that I won't try."
Tony smiled, as best as he could without much ability to move his
face. Thank you Vincent.
"So, uh, what now? We have another couple hours before Nightmare
kicks me out." Vincent scratched the back of his head, still not quite
comfortable with this monstrous creature. Tony as a human had been
intimidating, now he was terrifying.
Why not come visit the others? Tony invited. It's impossible to
get there without using some form of control over the dream
realm, but control over the dream realm is something that those
of us stuck here have.
The massive robot reached out its hand, and after a moment's
hesitation, Vincent took it. The room warped for a moment, even