, BY
La'" Bookscllc:J:'s Publishers,
4'15 BRO.lilW.H, N. Y.
THE large increase of our stock compels us to issue a new
edition of our Catalogue, and we avail ourselves of the occasion
to state generally our facilities for supplying the demands of
the trade and members of the bar. We believe we can state
with entire accuracy that we have on hand the largest and
most complete assOl:tment of Law Books ever offered for sale'
in the United States. In the Statutory Law and Reports of
the various States of the Union, our collection is complete.
We are proprietors of the Reports of the State of New York,
which are required to complete every Law Library, and we
invite attention especially to that department of our Catalogue.
The English Statutes aud Reports are received regularly as
they are published. We are now re-publishing the English
Chancery Reports without abridgment or alteration in a style
superior to the original, and at a very moderate cost.
Our collection of Text Books and Digests, both American
and English, will be found perfect.
The increasing disposition to study the Civil Law has in-
duced us to turn our attention also in that direction, and we
are prepared to execute any order for Foreign or Continental
Law Books with great promptness.
An experience of forty years in the publication and sale of
Law Books, has enabled us to become well acquainted with
the wants of the younger members of the bar, who cannot
afford more than a small collection ofpractical works. And we
will be happy to make such suggestions as may be desired on
the subject.
Law Booksellers and PUblishers,
No. 1 4 4 N ASS A U S T R E E T.
PRINTING.-Reporters and other gentlemen who may wish
to have their works either printed or published, will find it to
their advantage to give us the preference, all we have confined
ourselves almost exclusively to printing Law for the last thirty-
five years. In point of price, neatness, accuracy and dispatch,
satisfaction will be given, as our long practical experience
gives us a decided advantage over others,
The priges named in this Catalogue are O'eneI'all . 1
b . Y nomIna
retail rates, from which discounts will be made to wholesale
and cash purchasers, dependent on the amount and particular
books taken.
Banks, Gould & Co.'s Publications,
Chronological List of Reporters,
List of Reports in the different Courts of Law and
Equity, commencing with the Reign of Geo. III.
to the present time,
Explanation of .Abbreviations used in reference to
Law Books, &c., and an Alphabetical List of Re-
State Reports, Laws and Digests, (American,)
Catalogue of Law Books,
A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Action of
Ejectment, and the Resulting Action for Mesne Profits, by
John Adams, Sergeant at Law. From the Third London
Edition, with Notes of the Decisions made by the Supreme
and Circuit Courts of the United States, and by the Courts
of the several States, whose DecisioDs have been reported;
and Note,s of Decisions upon those subjects made in the
English Courts, except those cited in the text; together
,,-ith the statutory provisioDs in relation to those actions,
contained in the Revised Statutes of New York; and Pre-
cedents of Entries, Pleadings and Process adapted thereto,
by John L. Tillinghast, Counsellor at Law. To which
are added Annotations and References to the most recent
American Decisions, by Thomas W. Clerke, Counsellor
at Law. Carefully collated, and made to correspond with
the latest London edition, corrected by the author: together
with additional Notes and Decisions in the Courts of the
several States, to the present time, by ""Villiam Hogan,
Counsellor at Law. 1846. $5.00.
The Duties and Liabilities of Sheriffs, in their various rela-
tions to the Jlublic and to individuals, as governed by the
principles of common law, and regulated by the Statutes
of New-York. Revised, corrected and enlarged, by Otis
Allen, Counsellor at Law. }845. $3.00.
Introduction. Chapter 1.--The Sheriff. 2.-- Under Sheriff and
Deputy. 3.-Arrest. 4.-Bail of the Sheriff. Facia•.
6 --Capias ad Satisfaciendum. 7.-Escape8. 8.-- Writ of P€8SeS-
sion. 9.-Writ of Haheas Corpus. 10.-Writ of Replevin. 11.-
Writ of Inquiry. 12.-Attachments. 13.-Fecs of Sheriff. 14.-
Coroners. 16.-Forms. AppendiX.
.Reing an Analytical Digested Index the Reported.De-
cisions. in Equity of the United States Courts, and of the
Courts of the several States to the' present time, 'with Notes
and a copious Index; also an Introductory Essay, compri-
sing an historical sketch of the Court of Chancery; an
account of the nature, powers and functions of the Court,
and the organization and equity jurisdiction of the courts
of the United States, and of each of the States of the
Union, by Thomas W. Waterman, of the New-York Bar.
S vols. 1851. $15.00.
. Fro"!'- the United
The mechanical execution of this great work, reflcts credit on _
the hduse by which it is published. It is printed ...ith new type
on fine white paper j aDd the press-work Fpeaks well fQr
Bell & Gould. printers. Indeed, in appearance. the volumes both
within and withl,)ut, are superior to any law pUblication which has
lately appeared. When we inform our readers that this work is all
it purports to be: we have said enough to tlie. fact that it
must be an indispensable adjunct to the libra.ry of every
lawyer in the Union. Of the "accuracy of the Digest. the ability
, and profe.§sional standing of ldr. Waterman are a sUIDcieut guar-
In his prefatory remarks, Mr Wdprm:tn :
"The great accumulation of rpports, creating a nccf,Ssity'!..or
some more brief and methodical of decisions which
.sha.ll be easy of reference, and at the sarnR. tiple convey the neces.
sary information: bas led to tbe compiling of digests, designed. as
they are: to facilitate investigation by a. clear. simple, and at the
same time arrangement of each liuhjt:!ct.
The value of this is enhanced by the fact of its being & :la-
tional wOJ"t-confi,ucd to no One State or sectioD: but comprt>bend-
, ing ellch and eTOry State, lind the entire country llJl a whole. CO!!-

talning all the reported decisions in equity of the United State.
Courts, and of the courts of the several States of the Union, from
the caTtiest period to thp. present time. it embodies almost every
known principle of American law, and hence becomes a complete
encyclopoodia of American legal science. .
It was originally placed in the hands of the late John A. Dunlap,
Efq., well known to the profession for his learning and accuracy as
a. law writer. He had, however, scarcely entered upon the task,
when he was prostratad by thE:! disease which, after a languishing
sickness of eighteen months
terminated fa.tally. Shortly before
his decease, [ was called in to prosecute the work so long unavoid1-
bly neglected. Though his sand, of life were nearly spent, and the
ohjects of sense fast fading from his sight, the vigor of a highly
disciplined mind continued unimpaired to the last; and I have to
acknowledge from him much valuable counsel, and important
hints and suggestions, which cheered, directed and aid.ed my sub·
sequent labors.
Though ostensibly tbe third edition of the American Chancery
Digest, this is SUbstantially a new work,-not only the plan and ar·
being new, but a of the ma.terials also.
In the arrangement, I avoided. &8 much as possible, the mul-
tiplication of divisions, and sub-divisions. which only tend to con-
fuse and embarrass, and haTe aimed q,t an order and classification
nt once simple and natural. J have examined, with few exceptions,
all the reports of -the different States. To enS".lre entire correct-
ness, J have not ventured always to rely upon the reporter's notE's
8.t the hea.d of the case, but, in every instance, carefully read
the decision. and then taken tho:! spirit of it, with proper regard to
brevitY,and clearnel:5s of statement, as well as to accuracy. /With
almost every decision, I have also given the a.uthorities tlfat sup·
port it, so that the references to standard works are numeTOUS and
valuable Explanatory notes are another feature of tho lVork. At
the end of each volume is a very copious index, which it hoped
will prove a. valua.ble a.cquisition. "" It has been prepar.ed wIth care,
and with a view to utility. The intrQduction first;an
historical skf'tcb of the Court of Cll,ancery j secqndly, the
and functions of the Court; ag.d t4irdly! the organlzatlOD
and jurisdiction of the equity courts of ille UnIted and .of
each of the several States of the Union?As these ,suhJeots are dIS-
tinct, it seemed proper to as3Jgn tJy>nl to as many different chap-
ters." . L"'f
\Ve subjoin a list of the Reports from whichthe
ba.s been compiled: From !:JUs catalogue, the Lawyer WIll perCeIve
that the three volumes uuder cons:deratioD, contain more practical
law than any other cOrPpllatiun he could purchase.
Reports, by Minor, 1 vol. j stewart's Re-
ports; 3 'vols . Stewart and Porters' Repo!ts, 5 vols. j Porters'
9 Alabama Reports, (new sf'riesJ 17 vola.
ARKAN"BAS.-Arkansas Reports, :> volB. ; English·s Arkansas Re-
ports, 4 vols.
.-Kirby's Reports, 1 j Root's Reports, 2 vols. i
5 vats. ; Reports, 19 vola.
lJ.Jrt.AwARE.-Harrington's Reports, 4 vols.
"6.EORGfA.-T. U. P. Chariton's Reports, 1 vol. j R. M. Charlton'e
:Report., 1 vol. ; DUdley's Reports, 1 vol i Kelley's Reports, 3 yols. i
Georgia ReportB, 3 yols.
ILLINOI3.-BreeS8's Reports, 1 vol. ; Scammon's Reports, 4 vols. ;
Gilman's Reports, {) vols. .
Reports,8 vola.; Smith's Reports) 1 Yol.
IOWA.-G. Greene's Reports, 1 vol
Kt:NTUCRY.-Hughcs' Reporta, 1 vol; Kentucky DeciaioDs, 1 T01.;
Hardin's Reports) 1 vel. j 4 vols ; A. K..Marshall's
Reports. 3 vols. j Littell's Repolts, 5 vols.; Littell's Select Cascs,
1 voL: MonrlJe's Reports, 7 vels. j J. J. Ml'Iorshall's Reports, 7 Yols. ;
Dana's 9 vols. i Ben. Monroe's Law and Equity Reports,
S vola.' .
Reports, 12 vola. ; Report.s, (new
Ecries;) 8 vols. ; Louisiana. 19 vols. j Robinson's Reports,
12 vols ; Louisiana Annual Reports, 3 vola.
l\!JA.INJi:.--Greenlea.f's Reports, 9 vals.; Fairfield's Rtports, 3vals.;
Maine 16 vola.
Chancery Reports, 3 vols. j Harris & Mc-
Henry's Reports, 4 vols. j Harris & Johosan'A Reports. 7 vols. i Har-
ris &. Gill's· Reports) 2- vols. ; Gill & Johnson'8 Reports) 12 vols. ;
Gill's Reports, 5 volE'.
MASSACHUSETTs.-MasElachusetts Reports, 17 i Pickering'.
Reports) 24 vola. ; MetcaU's Reports, 12 volB. ; Cushing's RepOrLB)
1 vol.
Chanc·ery Reports, 1 vol:; Walker's
Chancery Reports, 1 vol
MJssouRJ.--Missouri Reports, 9 vola.
MISSISSIPPI -Freeman's Chancery l' vol. j Smedcs &
.... Marshall'sChan,-ery Reports, I vol.; Wa.lker's Reports. 1 vol.; How-
Reports, 7 vols ; Smedes and.Marshall's Revorts) 13 vola.
NEW HilIPSHTRF.. -New HampshIre Repo... ts, 13 vols.
JERSF.Y.-GreelJe's Chancery Rf'purts
3 vols.; Sa.xton's
Chancer.;y Reports, 1 vol. ; HAlsted's Chancery Reports,l voL";
Cox's·Reports, 1 vol. j FenningtQn'e Reports, 2 vols. ; Southard's
vow. ; Law Rp-ports, 7 vols j Green's Law Re-
ports, i. Reports, 4 vols. ; Spencer's Reports, 1
vol. ; ZaDiif!olWa's Reports. 1 vol
NEW f'bancery 7 vola, j HOPkin.s'
Cha.ncery Reports>-..l vol.; PlliO'e's Chancery Reports, 11 vols .
Ba.rbour's Chancery "Re.ports. 3 i Chancery Reports',
3 vols ; Hoffman's Rt'ports, 1 vol. i C}.lIke's Chance!'y
Reports. 1 voL; Sa.ndford's Cha.ncery 4 vols. j Coleman's
Cases, 1 vol. j Coleman &,Caines' Cases,l Vl'l. j Caines' Reports 3
vols. ; Caines' Cases in ; Antho'n's N. P. Reports,' 1
vol. ; Yatps) Select Cases. 1 vo),,;_Johnson's Ca!=es, 3 vols,; John-
Bon'S Reports, 20 vols. ; Cowen's 9 vols. ; Wtnddl's Ro-
ports, 26 vols. ; Hill's Reptrts, 7 vola. Reports, 5 vola. ;
'llaTboul"s SQpreme Court ReportR. [) VOIl!.. I Comf':t6ck's Reports 3
TOIS. j Hall's Superior Court Reports, 2 vols. i Sandford:s S. C. Re-
portA, 1 vol. ....
NORTH CAROLINA.-Dever12aux's Equity 2 vols. j Deve-
reaux & Battle's Equity Rpports. 2 vols. ; Iredell Rpporta,
5 vols. ; Martin's Reports. 1 vol ; Haywood's RepOl:ts) 2 vols, .
Ta.ylor's RE'!ports, 1 voL j Ca.meron & Norwood's
ports, 1 vol. ; NOlth CarGlina. Term Ueports, 1 vol.-j Carolina
Repository, 2 voh. i Murphey'f: Reports. 3 vols. j Hawks' Reports,
4 vola. ; Devereaux's Law. Reports: 4 Devereaux & Battle's
Law 1l.eports, 4 vOIB.; Iredell's Law Reports, 10 volB.
New York, Feb. 1st, 1851.
OHIo.--Ohio Reports, 18 vols.
REPORTs.--Browne's Reports, 2 valB. ; :Miles'
ports. 2 volg. : Ashmead',.l Reports. 2 vols. ; Dalla.s' Reportfil, 4 vola.;
Addison's Reports, 1 vol.; Yeates' Reports, 4 vols. ; Binney's Re-
ports,6 vols. ; Sergeant & Ra.wle's Reports, 17 vola. j Re-
ports. 5 vols. j Penrose & Watts' Reports) 3 vols. j Wharton's Re-
ports; 6 vola. ; _Watts' Reports. 10 vols. j Watt8 & Sergeant's Re-
ports,..9 vola. i Barr's Reports, 10 vols._
SOUTH Equitv Reports: 4 vols. Harper's
Equity R"porrs, 1 vol j McCord's Chancery R{>ports, 2 vols. j Ba!-
luy'a Equity Reports. 1 vol. j Hill's Chancery Reports, 2 vols. j RI-
l<:'y'8 Equity Rt-'ports. 1 vol. ; Rice's Equity 1 vol. ; Cheves'
Law and Reports. 1 vol. j McMullen's Equity Reports, 1
vol.; Spear's Equity Rf'ports.l-vol. j Richa.rdson'" Equity Reports,
__ 2 vols.· Strobhart's Eg uitv Repotls..-.lL-vols ; :ija.y's _
Brevard's Ro>ports, 3 vola. j South Carolina Reports
2 vole. ;
McCord's Reports,-2 vals. j GonstltuffonaTRep-o-ns;-4-vols. ;
Ha.rper's Ln.w Reports, 1 vol. i McCord's Law Rpports) 4 vols. j Bai-
Law Reports, 2 vilIs ; Hill's Law Reports, 3 vols_ ; Riley's.Law
R ., d E uity Reports, 1 voL j Rice's
Report.s, 1 vol. j McMullan's aw rts, 2 vola.,; Spear's
Law Reports. 2 vols j Richardson's Law Reports,'
hart's Law Reports, 3 vols.
TgNNIo.:SsEE.-Tennessee Reports, by Overton. 2 vola. i Cooke's
Reports, 1 vol. j Haywood's Reports, 3 vals. j Peck's Reports, 1 vol. j
:l\1artin & Yerger's Report.s, 10 vols. ; Yerger's 10 vola. j
Meig's Reports, 1 vol. ; Humphrey's Reports, 9 vols.
UNITJo:O STATES CouRTs.-Dallas' Reports, 4 vols. j Cr:l,ncb's Re-
ports, 9 vols. j Wheaton's Report.s, 12 vols. ; Peters' Reports, 17
vola. j Howard's Reports. 8 vols.; Reports,2 vols ; :Ma-
Bon's 5 vols j Sumner's Reports. 3 vols. j Story's Reports,
3 vols. j Woodbury & Minot's Reports, 2· vols. ; Paine's Reports, 1
vol j W3shington's C. C. Reports,.4 vols. j Peters' Reports, (Cir-
cuit C,Jurt,) 1 vol. ; Baldwin's Reports, 1 vol. i Gilpin's Reports, 1
vol. j Vlallace'f! Reports, 1 Wallace, Jr., Reports, l vol. i Mc-
Lean's Reports, 3 vola; Btockenbrough, (Chief J. Marshall's De-
cision.) 2 vols. .
V"';R1'lIONT.-N. Chipma.n's Reports, 1 vol. j TyJer'B Reports, 2
vols. j Bra.yton's Reports, 1 'Vol. ; D.· Chipman's Reports, 2 vola. ;
Aiken's Reports. 2 vols.; Vermont Reports, 21 vols.
VJRGINIA.--Jefl'ers·on's Reports, 1 VJl. j Virginia Caliles, 2 vola. j
Wythe's 1 vol. ; Washington's Reports, 2 'Vola. j Call's Re-
ports, 6 VGls ; Henning & Munford's Reports, 4 vols. ; :Munford's
Reports, 6 vols. i Gilmer's Reports. 1 'Vol. j Randolph's Reports, 6
vols. ; Leigh's Reports, 12 vois. j Robinson.'s Reports, 2 vola. ; Grat-
tan's Reports, 6 vulll.
Prom LEWIS H. S.... NDFORD) Judge of the Superior COU1·t of the City of
New Yt/1'k, and late Vice. Chancellor.
Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co. :
Gentlemen,- I am much obliged·to you for calling my attention
to your recent edition of the American Chancery Digest, prepared
by Mr. -
It is an admirable work. and cannot fail to give entire satisfac-
tion to the profession. .
Besides being a complete digest of aU the American decisions in
equity, well arranged, and a. reference to every head very much
facilitated by the ample and copious index at the end of e.ach vo·
lume i it is enriched with references to English Chancf'ry decisions
on the same points. and with a valuable history of the COUl"t of
Chancery and account of the equity cuurts and jurisdictiGD of the
several states a.nd the United Statf's. This history and
tic.n must have cost the energetic au-thor a great deal of .
la.bor i and the whole work is a monument of well·direct.ed.-.and.-_-
persevering industry. ----
Yours, sincerely,
From the HOD R !ODBEN H VV :State of

Saratoga Springs, March 11th, 1851.
1.fessrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co. : .
Gentlemen -I have e7>a.lllioeQ tone tbree vOlumes or the
_ ca.n Ch.a.ncer...Y-.DjgeEOt newly arran,:z;ed and brought down to the
Rent t.Ime. by Thomas W. Watt>rman, Esq., and find it a. work of
great value; very faithfully executed; which the members of the
profession will not think it wise to dispense with the posSession of
when they once become acquainted with its
_ Your8, with respect, R. H. WA.LWORTH.
the Poughkeepsie 'Telegraph.
The title-page of this wor.k is sufficient to show that it would
make a very desirable addition to every lawyer's library. It
pri&ies, in the smallest practical the fruits of long years of
tedious The compH\ r bas reaped a rare and extensive field,
and has gathered up for us wisdom that could heretofore be
cd only after difficult and costly research. A copy of the book hali
been in our possession but a few weeks. but we ha.v€' a.lready
ceived valua.ble aid from it, which could not have been -furni8hed
us from any other source within our reach. It has been aptly
Etyled a compll'te Encyclopredia. of American Legal Science. There
is scarcely a principle of American Jaw that i8 Dot embodied in the
decisions of our equity courts; and the essence of all th"se adju.
c.licationa-tbis work The compiler states that to insure
entire correctness, he has Dot ventured always to rely upon the" re.
porter:s notes at the head of the case, but ba.'l, :n every
carefUlly read the decisioD, and then taken the spirit of it. with
proper regard to brevity and clearness of statement, as well as,to
A.s concerns the accuracy and faithfulness with which this work
is eX"cuted, the professional reputation of Mr. Waterman wiJl
prove.. to most of the professioD, a better guaranty than- aught that
we might say. Having, however. examined it thoroughly in these
res:pects, we will that we have beeJ;l able to no errors
ihat are not too trivial to be noticed here. '.
The arrang.ement of the work is admirable. On the one band,
too. minute and fanciful divisions and sUbdivisions. which tend only
to confusion, and which injure so many of our books of rpference,
have been avoided j while on the other hand, an easy and
classifica.tion has been adopted, which may well be taken as a. mO-
dd by others engaged in preparing similar compilations . . -
TheSE" volumes are three in number. and are published in Banks,
Gould &. CO.'s best style. Indeed (hree more neat and.-...SJlbs.tantial
law volames have heen issued in a. long time.
In a. notice of this:! work the introd'\lctioo is worthy of a remark.
It is a concise, though lucid. eSSHy, on the necessity, the nature,
and tho kl.tory of tho Court of Chancery; tog.ther with tM
_more local rell:ulations by which it is governed in the several states.
Throughout, it is full of inforJ;llation Otod intere&t-while reading
it one cannot fail to mark the triumph of equitable principles over
rules. Truly wa.s it said by one of the brightest orna·
ments of our profession. the docttint's of the Court of Equity
are the most unstained prodactions of the morality and intellect of
man, directed to the regulation of bis civil duties, that the world
ha.s yet known. No code of jurisprUdence, flom the crude instiiu.
tions of barbaric ignorance, to the scientific compilations of modern
knowledge, exhibits & system of such pure morality, so consistent
with the dictates of a sound unbiased rt:ason (-so founded upon the
everlasting principles of truth; so righteous, and so wise."
The of.Nis.i Prius, being Reports of Cases determined
at NlSi Pnus m the Supreme Court of the State of New
York. With Notes and Commentaries on each case. To
which is prefixed an Introductory Essay on the Studies
preparatory to the active duties of the Bar, by John Anthon,
Esq., Counsellor at Law. Judges names :-Mr. Chief Jus-
tice Kent; Mr. Justice Van Ness; Mr. Justice Thompson;
Mr. Justice Spencer j Mr. Justice Yates. 1 vol. $2.00.
A Digest of the Law relative to Pleading and Evidence in
Civil Actions, by John Frederick Archbold, Barrister at
Law. Sec()lld American, from the last London Edition.
1838. $4.00.
Archbold's Summary of the -r;aw relating to Pleading and
Evidence in Criminal Cases: with Statutes, Precedents of
Indictments, &c., and the evidence. necessary to support
them, by-John Jervis, Esq., Q.. C. of the Middle Temple,
---=Barl'ietex at Law, wILlI a "l'aren"tllfJ"re"Ced-en"Ce.----pjfth
American, from the Tenth London Edition; much en-
larged and improved, by W. N. We)sby, Esq., of the Mid-
dle Temple, Barrister at Law, Recorder of Chester. 1846.
. $5.00.
A Treatise on the Practice of the Court of Chancery, with
an Appendix of Precedents, by Oliver L. Barbour, Coun-
sellor at Law. 2 vols. 1843. $12.00: -
Mr. Barbour has in recent Treatise on the "Praetice of the
of Chancery of the state of New-York, given a full, clear,
and concise view of the practice of this court In order to make it
.-- the more worthy and accepta.ble to the American Bar, he has tho-
roughly examined the 'several English works of Cba.ncery Practice,
and gleaned from them such matter' a·s he considered in any way
. relevant, material, and beneficial to the Amel'ican practitioner;
and more particularly-to the late English Chancery Practice.. by
Daniel, which he has used freely, and incorporated such part or por-
tion of it as he deemed essential or necessary, making it· applica-
ble-ta--the Constitution T OWil 0 Q :R lllee af the lfnited states
Courts, and the Courts the tate of New York j in one word,
.lJ.me1"icaniztd it, so that the practitioner in either of these courts
will :find in Barbour's Chancery Practioe an in.,.aluable Treatise,
the most complete of any other book of practice extant. To which
he has added the American and English Cases decided since the
publication of ,: Daniel's Chancery Practice." And also an Appen.
dix, containing precedents of eyery kind required in a suit from
the commencement to its terminatioll, approved of by Chancellor
Walworth and the_ New York Bar, and considered 'by those ac·
quainted with the merits of the work as a substitute for all others.
.Ero-m L.E.w.18-H.. SA..1iDFORD_, ,1udge of lht Superior Co,ur-l-.oJ lk .city of
New York: and late Yice.Chancellol".
New York, February 2, 1846.
Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co. : . ""
Gentlemen,-Mr. Barbour kindly sent to me, some time ago, his
Treatise on the Practice of tbe Court of Chancery, with an Appen.
wx of valuable precedents. .
I h&ve examiaed it with all the interest one naturally feels in a
8ubject-which hal' eoe",pied so man) j eall3 of his time aod atten-
tion, and I take' great pleasure ill saying that' Is the must clea.r;full,
8JlU ChaDcery Fraetice which
wehave in this country.
It embnces all that is excellent in the late Treatise of Mr. Dan.
iel on the English Practice, as well as the valuable parts of the 01ll--
er pu1)1icatiollB of Harrison, Maddock, NewllUld and Grant.

To the American solicitor it IS of course. indispeIfBli'6le, and it EU.
persedes to a g.'eat elj.e.llUbe En)l;Hsh boob.• For to say notbing
of its contaIning all the pertinent Bnglish decisions since Daniel
w&8-published, it contains the American Practioe. as. modified by
our laws. Rnd established by our conrts and adjudications. And
althougP. the Eqglislt. has in its recent Orders) drawn
largely from Chancellor Walworth's Rules of the New York Court
of Chancery, yet its orders-anaits practice a'J'eJn many respects 80
di.fferent from our own, that a considera.ble portiGll---.9JJheir '6OOks
of Pra.ctice is useless to us. Bp.sides, in Mr. Barbour's wQrk there
are many heads of the most ordiuR.ry and frequent jurisdiction (If
the New. York Chancery fully which are either entirely
unknown, or of limited use and di.fferent in mode in the English
Practice. Such Rore Judgment Creditor'" Sale of Mortgage
Premises, Sale, &0. Infant Lands. Proceedings respecting Lunatics,
&c. Divorce, Partition
and the like.
. In this Sl;ate, therefore, Bud in most of the states south and west
of us, waere the law and practice ot Equity are in a grea t degree
identical with ours. I have no doubt that Mr. Barbour's Practice
will be the text-book of and the manual of business in#
the Equity Courts, and I reeommend it most heartily to the pro-
fession. Respectfully yonrs, &c.
F'ro11l. Judge STORY.
Cambridge, Nov. 25. .
.. .. .. .. The work of MI". Barbour on Chancery Practicp.,
appears to me entitled to high. approbatioD_ for its complete-
ness. accuracy and clear method. I am persuaded that it must
(as it ought tor have a. very extensive circulation among the pro.
_ lession throughout the States of the Union. He seems to me to
have nearly exhausted the materials, which are appropriate to
American Practice, without having overlooked the importance of
those furnished by the English Authorities anq Treatises.
From the Law Rep01·ter, Juno 1844.
We are free to confess, that; on first seeing this book, our
prepossessions were against it. We shrunk, with something like
want of beart, from. its ponderous size. It seemed a Bort of mare
magm'm, into which we were loth io enter. But a. careful exami-
nation of its massive contents, has led us to the conclusion that it
is _3 collection. of the rules, principles, and ·cases, which
illustrate the practice in chancery. embracing the results of the
English writers and decisions on the snbject, in conjunction with
the adjudications in the United States, particularly in New York,
to wbich State tbe author belongs.
We c')nsider that the author deserves the thank.a of all engaged
in the practice of cl!ancery, for an-hnp-Qrta'8t companion R.nd gutde
In tbeir labors. The >:ngliSli treatise. on the SUbject are noto-
riously unsatisfactory to the practitioners in our country. The
treatise of Mr. Hoffman too ofl;en fails to enlighten the path which
h!B Engli.l!h brethren have left in obscurity. The present work is
larger and more comprehensive than any of its predecessors, and,
in the courts of our c.o_ex,prac-
tical val ne. ____
The work is divided into six books, for the purpose of mat:king
t.he several stages of a Buit
or indicating the nature of the pro-
ceedings treated of. These books are divided into chw.era-...w-hich
are subdivided into sec;Wn"..;' .
FIRST :R.o.wr11escribes the method of instituting and de-
fending--a-l!u1tin_the- ..court of chancery, and the mode of C()D-
duc.ting- it,frofii its commencement to: and inclUding the decree.
H The SECOND BOOK details the proceedings SUbsequent to the de-
cree. The various chapters of this book describe the practice up-
on appeals, the method of executing decrees, and the proceedings
under deerees and orders
embracing issues at law, feigned issues,
aetions at law, and proceedings in the Master's omce.
f' The THfRD BoeK is a sort of omnium gatherum, embracing va-
rious matters which could not well be introduced into either of the
preceding books, without interrupting the r{'gular of pro-
ceedings. The several chu-pters ot thiR book describe the points of
practice arising upon the vartous interlocutory applications: and
other incidental proceedings which, from time to time, occur in the
progress of- 8. cause; such as motions, petitions, affidavits, injuno--
tions, ne exeats, receivers, abatement and revivor
"The FOURTH BOOK relates to the different kinds of bills; the
object of which is, without encroaching too much upon the sub-
ject of pleading) to describe the peculiar practice incident to sueh
species of Lili. -
"The FIIo"TH BOOK embraces proceedings in special cases, such as
suits by judgment creditors, snits relating to mortgages, proceed-
ings by and against infants, proceedings respecting idiots, lunatics
and ha.bitual drunkards. bills for divorce, contempts, partition suits,
proceedinllS to prove wills in the court of chancery, &c.
,. 'I'he SIXTH BoeR relates to costs, the most important branch of
the whole SUbject, as it wiU: perhaps} be considp-red.
" The first three books, are contaiaed in the ftrflt VOlume, and the
l'emainder in the second. The text, or trea.tise, is followed by a
collection of forms. These have been collected from various
sources, and have been prepared with great care, and with a
to conciseness. They are arranged in the same manner as the tres..
tise, by books and chapters corresponding with thos. in the body
of the work."
-Reports of Cases Argued and DetelJllined in the Court of
Chancery of the State of New York, from 1845 to 1847, by
Oliver L. Barbour, Counsellor at Law, successor of Paige,
and in continuation of Johnson, Hopkins and Paige. 3
vols. $18.00.
F"om the Pennsylvania Law Journal.
This first volume of Mr. Barbour is & continuation of tbe
eery Cases so long known. as Paige's Reports. It contains the de.
erees and opiniQUB of Chancellor Walworth, probably the ablest,
certainly the most experienced, in
this country. Many of the decisions are of general lnt.erest, and
fuil justice appears to be done by the. reporter to each Important
case. by of the fa.c.t.B,accompanied by the 3
-----meuts-ofconDsel. a.t In the case of Chrietie
----- --- v. to what extent, and in what
.----:: t.he--aU1fi]SSiODS in the R.DSWer of one be used
against his co· defendant, is fully considered, &Dd the
of the general inference drawn from fi'irl.-d v. HolJand .6
24. and Osborne v. The U. S_ Bank,.9 Wheat .. 884, demed, In an
opinion, which, whether conclusive or not, is: -at all events. an ad-
mirable essay on the subject. Bradley v. Bosley, p. ]25, decides)
tha.t" a. bill in equity for the purpose of obtaining a compensation
in damages for a fraudulent Qannot be sustain-
ed where thu defendant objects at the proper time, by demurrer or
that the eomplltinant hss a full and remedy .by_.V!'l
actiaD at law against the defenqant ," a. questIOn about which
much diffa-renee exists in the--decisions. ]n the 5Etme case several, relating to fraud-ul-eut'"conveyances, als.o
considered. In Brown, v. BrowD, et al.
p. 189. One of the best ar-
gued eases in the volufTle, the rights of legatees. and the duties
and liabilities of forejgn together with the jurisdiction
of Chance-ry Courts in Naw York, over such matters, are discussed
at great length. Hoes v. Van Roesen, p. 379, decides some impor-
tant points in nlatin to vested and contingent legacies. And in
Bryan v. Knickerbocker. p. 409, a questioB raised, but left nnset-
tled, in Vaux v. Parke, 7 W. & S. 19, is decided to the effect, that
" where a cestui que trust bas a. heneficial interest in a. fund for
his Fupport and maintenance, under a valid trust, such interest
will pass to his assignee in bankruptcy, or under the insolvent
acts. or by his own voluntary assignment to a. third person. The
precision and neatness whicb chara.cterize.these Reports worthy
the author of one of the best works on Chancery Practice which
has been written in this country.
The Magistrate's Criminal Law: a Practical Treatise on
Ihe Jurisdiction, Duty, and Authority of the Justices of
the Peace in Ihe State of New York in Criminal Courts.
Containing also a Summary of the Law relative to Crimes
and Punishments, wilh an Appendix of Forms of Pro-
ceedings, by Oliver L. Barbour, Counsellor at Law. Se-
cond Edition. In Press. 1851. $6.00.
From Judge WILLARD.
I have examined Mr. Barhour's TreR.tise, and bave a high opinion
both of its plan and_execution. It embraces a subject of extensive
importance, and will be found emiot-utIy needful to those who are
entrusted with the administration of cr;miual law. As a compen-
dium of tha.t branch l f OUf jurisprudence, it will be interesting
&Jso to the general reader. A work of this kind has long been
needed in t'?-;s 0 lawyer or magistrate will deem his library
complete without It: ·Mr. :Barbour has exhibited indust.ry and dis-
crh:n;ination in the arrangement- of the sUbject, and the selection
of hIS to support the text. It thus becomes valuable as a di-
gest aDd book of reference. Thtf,o-for-ms which are arranged in tho
hppendix, are sUfficiently comprehensive, aud {\.'l·O carefully pre-
pared. They add much to the value of the book. eSp"eciaUy for
justices and others, for whose use they were mainly intended -
·Saratoga Springs, January 15, 1E4L
Albany, January 21,
W. & A GOULD & CO. :
Gentlcmen.-I perus6d with attention, and I must a.dd with
gratification, Mr. Ba.l"hour's work.-_on criminalla'W. ]t"is, I-'be-
lieve, the only original-worJt on that lfas.
been attempted in this state. So far as my humble opinions can
add anything to tho deservedly high reputation of tbe aut.hor for
industry and learning, it affords me much pleasure to recommend
this book to the as a work every wa.y worthy of the im·
portant branch of the law of which it treats. The perspicuous ex-
position of the principles of criminal law j the definition vf
the various kinds and grades {'If offences; together with a great va-
riety of precedents for the necessary process and procet'ding-s in
the variou.s of criminal prosecutions, must render the work
invaluable-indeed, almost indispensable to the magistrate who has
'not bad the advaniage of a professional educatifm.
Respectfully and truly yours,
F,'om N. HILL) JR'iEsq.
Amsterdam, January 22, 1842.
Messrs. W>l. & A. GOULD & Co. :
Accept my thanks for the opportunity afforded of perusing
Mr. Ba.rbour's forth-coming work on I bave devoted
considel"ll.hle attention to it, and am gratified to witness the suc-
cess with which be has exp1.ored this hitherto somewhat DE"gleeted
but eminently ir:.teresting and important department of lfgal
No othe Amf'rican treatiFe, upon a similar plan. h2.s, to
llly knowledgE', beep given to the pUblic j although the absence of
one has long been the subject of regret: and the occasion of serious
embarrassment. Mr. Barbour can hardly be too highly commend.
ed for having completely obviated. as I thiDk he has, the deficiency
mentioned The ·volume in question cannot fiil to prove a most
valuable acquis.ition to law libraries; indispensable, indeed, to
every profesEional man, and magistrate, whose duties caU them to
participate in the administration of criminal justice.
Yours) &0. N. HILL) Ja.
A Treatise on the Law of Set-off, with an Appendix of Prece-
dents, by Oliver L. Barbour, Counsellor at Law. 1841.
Reports of Cases in Law and in Equity in the Supreme
Court of the State of New York, under the New Consti-
tution, 1846, by Oliver L. Barbour, Counsellor at Law. 7
vols. $35.00.
The members-of tbe legal profession are bere presented wit.h.a.
]ume of decisions, at law and in equity. of the Supreme Court o!New
York, organized under the provisions of the new· cOI:stitution of
1847. For_the information of persoDs residing out of the state, tbe
following brief analysis of our prf"sent judicial system given.
By section 8, of the 14th H.rticle of the new constitution, 'the
fices of chancellor: judges of the then county courts, and masters
a:nd examiners in chancery: except 8,S therein otberwife provided,
were aboli.bed from and after tbe first Mond.y of July. J8.7. Sec-
tion 6, of the same article) gave to the ehancellor and the f:upreme
reFpecti'vely, power to hear and determine such suits and
pt;:oceedings pending in the court of chancery and supreme court 88
.hould be ready, on tbe first· Monday of July, 1847, for hearing or
decbjo.D j ft.nd provided for the chancellor andjudgea
until tbe first day of July, H48, or until all such suits and pro-
ceedings should be sooner heard and determined. The old courts
beil'g thus swept out of existf!nce, section 3 of th.e 6th article of the
r.oustitntioD in their stead, a supreme court having
general jurisdiction in law and equity." Section 4 provided for the
division of the Fotate into eight judicial districts, Clf which the city
of New York is one; the others are to be bounded by county lines,
and to be a;nd equal in population, &s nearly a.s possible.
There are to be four justices of the supreme court in each dist.rict,
with a proviFion for-sur.h an additional number in the district
composed of the city of New York us may from time to time be au-
thorized by Such judges are to be classified 80 that one of the
justices or each diF-triet shall go eut of office at the end of every
two years; and after the expiration of thtdr tl!rms undpr such
the tt'crm of their office is to be eight years. Section
6, of the 6th article, declares that the shall have the
Shme to regulate the jurisdiction and proceedings in law
and equity. as they ba;ve hert:tefllre possessed. Sectio!! 6 directs
that provision Fhall be made by law for from time to
time. one or more of such justices to preside at the general terms
of the court to be held in the several districts. ]t also authorizes
any three or more of such justices, of whom the presiding justice
shall always be one, tA hold such general terms; and anyone or
more of them to hold special terms and circuit courts, end anyone
of them to prcs;de in court. of oyer and terminer. The 12th spc-
tion of the Bame article directs that the justices of lbe supreme
court shall be elected by the electors of the }everal judicial districts,
at such timt's as may be prescribed by law. The 4th section of the
14th article directed tbat the first judicial election sbould take
place at such time between the first Tuesday of April and the
second Tuesda.y of June 1847, at:: might be prescribed by law; stud
that thecoul'ts should resrectively enter upon their duties on the
first Monday of July tbereafter, but tbat tbe term of olllee of the
judges and justices should be aeemed to commence on the first day
of January, 1848. ,
To carry out these provlf:ioDs of the new constitution, the legis-
Inture. OD the 12th day of May, 1847. passed an "act in relation to
thcjudiciary." (Laws of 1847.p. 319.) By the 14tb section of tbe
tbird article of tbat act, it was provided tbat tbe justices of the
supreme court elected at the first election should be cla.Esified by
lot. in the manner and ;l-t the time therein directed j that the
cln:sses spould be one, two, and fou!-", to
the 'time of service of each j the class baving the shortest time to
sene being number one, and ,the term of office of drawn
in that class being 1wo years, and the terms of those drawn in
the other classes being. four, six and eight y(>ars. The 15th section
provided that the justice in each judicial distrit;t haviog the short-
est tim.) to serve, and who was not ajndge of the Court of Appeals,
DOT appointed or to fill a vacancy in the firRt class, should
be l\ prl'siding justice.-[By tbe act of April 4, 1848, the 15th scc-
tion of the judiciary act is amended so as to provide tbat in case
, of the death, abs(·nce, or inability of the presiding justice appoint-
ed to hold any general term, a.ny three justices convened to bold
Euch term may designate one of their number to preside at such
g.neral'erm.-Laws of 1848 p. 282."] Fy tbe 16th section it was
declared that the SUprf>IDp. court should possess the same
and exercise the jurisdiction, as was then and ex-
by the existing supreme court and court of chancery; and
that the justices thereof should possess the powers, and exercise
the j IJrisdictioD, then possessed aud exercised by the justices of the
supreme court, chancellor, vice chancellors, and circuit judge8, po
fa.r 8S the powers and jurisdiction of Eaid courts and officers
be consistent with the' CODstitution
and the provisions of that act.
The 6th section of the second at,ticle of this ac', provided thatf..:·ur
of the supreme court, to be judges of the Com-t of Appeals,
should every year be i::elect€d from the class of Eaid justices baving
the shortest time to serve j and alternately, first, from the first,
third. fifth, and seventh judicial districts, and tben from the sec-
ond. fourth, sixth and eighth j a.nd that they should serve
. as jUdgcs of the Court of Appeals until the last day of December,
] 848. Four justices of the supreme court hadng bp.en selected for
judges of the Court of Appeals. in pursuance of this viz.
one from the first, one from the'third, one from the fifth, and one
from the seventh districts, the supreme court was composed of :l8
jUdges during the time of these reports.
The j udietary act made provision for the bolding of a. general
term of the supreme court in every county banDI! a. popUlation ex-
ceeding forty thousand, at least once in eTery calenller year. and
as much oftener as the business of the connty should require, and
in every oth.r county, except Hamilton, as often as once in two
. years; and directed that mch terms, in the last mentioned coun·
ties, should be 80 arranged, that at least one term should be held
in each county, or in a county adjoining, in every calf>nda.r year.
It also provided for the of at least. two special terms in each
county, exc!!:pt Hamilton. to an4 determiue non-enumerated
business in suits and a.t law, and to take testimony,
and hear and determine suits and proceedings in equity; ana. for a
re hearing of such Buits and proceedinge:, at a general term. The
act also directed that each of the justices F:hould, during the term
of his office. be employed in holding the general and 8peeial terms
of the supreme court, the circuit courts, and courts of oyer and ter-
miner, in each of the several judicial districts, in proportion as
nearly equal as might be, to the business of such courts in the dis-
tricts respectively j and that their duties should be so assigned
that each justice should hold an equal proport.ion, as near as might
be, of the general and terms of the several courts.
The above summary will give an idea of tha organization, juris-
and powers of the new court. And the decisions contain.
ed in this volume Will, it is confidently believed, convey a very- fa-
vorable impression of the learning and ability of the jUdges, and
demoIlBtrate the soundness of the principle which gave to the peo·
pIe the power of electing their judges. :, .......
A Brief View of the Writ of Ne Exeat Regno, with Practical
Remarks up-on it as an Equitable Process, by John Beames,
of Lincoln s Inn, Barrister at Law. First American Edi-
tion, with Notes of the recent English and American De-
ci.sions, by H. W. Warner, Solicitor and Counsellor in
Chancery. 1821. $0.75.
adapted to Graham's Practice of the New York
Supreme COllit; and comprising an analysis of that work,
by Pierre Ogilvie Beebee, Student at Law. 1834. $2.00.
The American Admitalty, ·its Jurisdiction and Practice,
with Practical Forms and Dir8ctions, by Erastus C. Bene-
dict. 1850. $5.50.
, From Judge GRIB'R.
Court, Washington, May 22, 1850:
. Sir,-l have received your kind letter tendering me a copy of
·your work on AdmiTa1ty pr:lctice. Jt has since been received from
Mr. Taylor. I had often inquired for Dunlap'sAdmiralty
Boston, Jur.e 21st, 1850.
I am: very respectfully,
Your obedient sen-ant,
New York: IG, 18;;0.
Portland, May 29, 1850.
n.nd was told it was Your work mon than suppliesih
place, and was much wanted. Accf:pt my warmest acknowledg-
meuts 01 JTour kindness and best wishes for your prosperity.
YOUI' ob't serv't,
From Judge SPRAGtTE.
have del ayed acknowledging the re<,,;cipt of your work on
Admiralty Jurisdiction and Practice in the hope of being able to
give it :1 thorough exa.minatioD. This the pressure of my
ments has not yet permitted me to do but I have read enough to
satisfy me of the ability and fidelity with which you have perform-
ed your task, and that you have made a valuable contribution to
t.he jurisprudence of our country. Please to accept my thanks for
the l"Cllume you have sent me, and allow me to expnss the hope
that its success may equal its merit: and be such as to induce you
to continue your valuable labors ill this beneficent branch of juris-
From Judge BETTS.
l\Jy Dea.r Sir;--J have with careful attention your Trc:l-
tise on thc Jurisdiction and Practice of the American Admiralty,
which you have done me the distinguished honor of inscribing
to me.
The work will undoubtedly at once take rank as the most valua-
ble contribution yet fu"nished to the science and practical applica-
tion of Admiralty and maritime law. ]n my judgment you have
been eminently succeseful ill placing those subjects in their propnr
before the American Public) and r am persuaded the research
and reasonings employed in their support. will conduce efficiently
to lead t1::e profession throughout the United States to a more tho.
rough study. and moreju!'It appreciation of the naturl) of Admiralty
jurisdiction and its practical yalue in our systam of jurisprudence.
With sentiments of high consideration and great rega.rds,
1 am, most respectfully, yours,
From Judge 'YARE.
Sir,--I received a. ft!w days ago, through the express, a copy of
your work on the Jurisdiction ana Practice of the Admiralty for
which I desire you to accept my very sincere thanks. I have not
had time to peruse the whole with that care which it deserves) but
I have read most of the.chapters: It cannot fail to be a work of utility to for the aid it will", in prac-
- tice: but what I wl.h particularly to express my thatik. for 1. tho
fuIl and fearle•• dafence, wbich you have made of what I con.lder
, the rightful jurisdiction of the Allmiralty. At the tim. of the
great .trnggl.••n the common law courta and the Admiralty
for jur;sdiction in England, both courts were paid Jbtilieve principaJ..
Iy by f••• : and I have alway••uppos.d the was a. much
for the .molnment as it was for right, ju.tlc., or the pUblic good.
Th. commou law jUdg•• pr.vail.d not by .tr.ngth of argum.nt or
I.arning but by writ. of probibition. It was a not of rea·
son but 01 pow.r. I have n.ver .upposed that the standard bf
which tbe jurl.diction in this country ought to' be tri.d WI" the
J!:ngli.h practlc. und.r writ. of prohibition, and I have ven·
tur.d to .xpr.... that opinion withmor. freedom, p.rhap•. than
some will think courteous. towards those who have derived all their
opinion from the English cOIDl(!on law JudllJ'R.- I h,av. no doubt,
and never have had any since I hav9 $Xa'iiiTned the subject that a
larger was intt:ndea t.o-be conferred by the
tion. After rea,!Jing the niqth-'i<llil. tenth of your work
•••m. to m. that therlJ-is-1lardly room I.ft for doubt. The juri••
diction was certainl ""fn this country more extensive thaD in Eng-
lund, and it is aa oat every principle of la.w and coromoll seuse to
presume, tba hen the constitution uses general terms without
limitatio qualification. they are to be con.tru.d by the
ing thgl' t.rm. have in England rath.r than by that whicb they
this country and in every other in the world except Eng-
land. Your vindication of the Admiralty jurisdiction is to my
ni1nd the most satisfactory that I have .e.n., and your work is par-
valuable for giving .us at large the original docum.nt.
which w.r. produc.d by the con\roy.rsy In England, as w.ll as the
Admiralty commis.ion of tbe colonial Judg••.
With sentiments of great respect,
I remain·
From Judge WAY"'B.
Supreme Court, Washington, May 30th,
Dear Supreme Court h,aving only finally adjourned yes-
terday, I had not tim. until this morning to look ov.r your- book of
American Jurisdietion and Practice in.Admiralty. Now having
done 80, I can very say, it is a good book, and wIll Jdo much
to help the profession upon points, with which, none of us haTe
been as familiar, &" we must now become if we shaJ1 hope to get
.tanding in our Court. of Admiralty
I thank you for th. kind way yon have r.membered m.ln your
lett.r. and do, if at any tim. an opportunity shall olr.r, give me the
pleasure of your personal acquaintance.
I am, Dear Sir,
Very r.spectlnlly,
Your obedl.nt serva.t,
p.,.tnn, the ..11Mrican Law Journal.
Of the manner In "hieh the enterprising publishers baTe per-
formed tbeir duty in presenting this work to the profession It i. not
necessary to ,peak: The long establisbed r.putstlon of Banks,
Gould &. Co., is a sumcient assurance that tbe printing and pub-
liIbing ,departments bave been under earefulsupenrision.
Thti first 338 pages treat of the American Admiralty, its Juris-
dIction and Practice. Then follows an IIppmdix containing the Ad-
miralty rules'e4ablisbed by the Supreme Court under the act of
1842 ; Rules of the of that Court; Rules of the Northern
and SOllthern Circuit and District Courts of New York; Practicul
forms; Acts of Congress relative to taking teAtimony, and a com-
plete list ol'"the Judgcs and Clerks, with various other matten; of
interest. Th&t the work will be of nlu&ble' &id in the Admiralty
practice we have no doubt.
A Commentary on the Bankrupt Law of 1841, showing its
. Operation and Effect, by George A. Bicknell, Jr., Mem-
ber of the Bar of New York. To which is annexed an
Authentic Copy of the Bankrupt Act, with an Appendix
of Forms and a Table of Fees. Second Edition, Revised
and Corrected. $0.37. .
Section I.-Of B&ukrnptcy in general. 2.-Who may he B&nk-
rupts, voluntary and involuntllry. 3.-0f the proceedings prior to
the decree of Ba.nkruptcy. 4.-0f the conspquenCE'!8 of the decl"ee
of Baillr.rnptcy. a.-Of the proceedings subsequent to the decree..
.6.-0f the Bankrnpt's discbarge. 7.-0f partnership B&nkroptcy.
. 8.-Miscell&Df>ous provisions and general remarks.
A Treatise on the Law of Usury: to which are added the
, Statutes of the several States relating to interest now in
- force, together with a Digest of all the Decisions, and an
Index to the Reported Adjudications from the Statutes of
Henry VIII. to the present time, by J. W. Blydenburgh,
Counsellor at Law. 1844. $3.00.
Vol. IV.
A Digest of the Reported Cases on Points.()f Practice and
Pleading in the Courts of Equity in England and Ireland,
.and of the Rules and Orders of the Courts; from the
"earliest period'to the preseDt time: ·intended as a Compa-
. xxv
nion to Bridgman's Equity Digest; by R. O. Bridgman, of
Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. 1829.
A Treatise on the Law of Husband and Wife, as respects
, Property: Partly founded on Roper's Trl(atise, and com-
prising Jacob's Notes and Additions thereto, by John Ed-
ward Bright, Esq., of the Inner Temple, 'Barrister at Law.
'With copiou.s Notes and References fo the American De-
cisions, and also an Appendix, containing the Statutes of
every State in the Union, in relation to the rights and
property of females before and after marriage, by Ralplr
Lockwood, couDsell,or at Law. 2 vols. 1850.
From'the American LaID JOUTtuJi. //
The last edition of Roper's Husband and Wife,""" t of 1826.
The English Law ?riagazine and Reporterif/if4Y,/ 49, observes
that the" wa.nt of a new edition had for y rs been felt by
the profession." The progress of tJ1e U.Jli e;;' tates in ,!"ealth, of
Elocitty in and of judicial legislative polIcy to. se-
cure ll.roperty to wives hav-a increased the want. of. a new
tiOD .., embracing the thIS rela.
thm. \\T
have not had leisure to examIne 10tO th.e merits of the
Dotes by the Ameriean editor, pat of...the work of Mr. Bright we
.('.an cheerfully add our testimony to... C!f English Reviewer
tha.t :. for completeness and foundne&8 .It ltkely to become the
text book upon the law of hm;band and wife." . -'
,/, /
Frum the rfnited States LaID Magazine.
Tbelast edition of Roper's Treatise was published in 1826, and
the Mr. Bright supplierl 1\ want that had, for many years,
been by the prJfessioD in England, owing to the various easel
which had arisen. and tb.e changes whicb h,ad been made during the
;oterval of twenty years upon this branch of the law The effect
of those changes had been w render obsolete a considerable portion
of Mr. Roper's work-so much that Mr. Bright. after spending some
_time in. preparing a new edition, was compelled to abandon the un-
derta!ting lts impracticable i and he thereupon constructed his neW'
and valuable"Trea.tise, ta.king .Mr. Roper's book as :t basis.
The Law of Husband and Wife in the United Statps h"" lately
been the the subject of ma.ny statutory enactments The progress
of our society- in wea.lth and refinement ha.s demanded laws to S8-
cure property to wives, &c. 'J.!hese numerous additions and oha.ngea
have long impressed upon us the neeeRsity of an American edition
of the Law of Husband and Wife, such as is now before us. Ralph
has long been known to the profession of New York, as a
gentlema.n of high legal talent, and this production is certainly ad-
evidence of his ability, &8 well as untirillg and persevering
industry. lye .1ind that the referenees to American cases ar nu-
merous and correct. ln the Appendix. the Editor has collected the
Statutes of every State in the Uuion relative to the rights and
pertyof marrifd women, while in his Notps we find discussed, with
reference both to Englb·h and American authorities, many of thp.
most important quc.l:iLioDS that ariflen, or mflY arise under
those Statutes, and the kindred branches of
rily involved in them. The Appendix aioue, is worth more than the
price of the book. The late hour at which the work was receiv( d
precludes the possibility of our doing it justice in the prescnt Dum-
ber, and we shall tbenfore recur to, and discuss its merits more at
large in our next. In the meantime we have given the work nn
t'xamination sufficient to enable us to say that we can safely
Dumd it to our readers throughout Union. Like the Law Mag-
8zine, it is intt>Dd.. d for the United States at large j and mere lO(;(ll
lU1Qs: arising fTom the ditIt;:rentfonns of administering baTe
been properly omitted.
Cases argued and determined in the Court for the Trial of
Impeachments and Correction of Errors in the State of
New YOlk. By George Caines, Counsellor at Law. $4.
- New York Term Cases argued and determined in
the Supreme Court of Second Edition with
corrections and additions, b eorge Caines Counse'uor at
Law. 3 vols. $9.00. "
George Caines, Esq., was the first Repu:t:.ter the Decisions of
the Supreme Court of the State of New...Yor regularly appointed
as such. The names of the Han. Judges who' P ided in this Court
during the period above stated, were-Morgan Lis, :h.mes Kent
(aft•.rwards Chancellor of the Stat.), Jacob Radell!!,.
Livingston. Smith Thompson (the two last named were
appointed Judges of the Supreme Coun of thb...l2 nit'lt,d
Stahs). Ambrose Spencer and Daniel D Tompkins--a
and independent Judiciary never at anyone periou) in
Court of the United StateB.
Reports of Cases determined at Nisi Prius, in the Court of
King's Bench and Common Pleas, and on the Home Cir-
cuit, from the sittings after Michaelmas Term, 48 Geo. III.
1807, to the sittings after Hilary Term, 56 Geo. III. 18J6,
both inclusive, by John Campbell, of Lincoln's Inn, Bar-
rister at Law. To which are added Notes referring to the
American authorities, by Samuel Howe, Counsellor at
Law. 4 vols. New York, 1810 to 1821. $16.00.
A Practical Treatise on the Criminal Law, comprising the
Practice, Pleadings, and Evidence, which occur in the
course of Criminal Prosecutions, whether by Indictment
or Information: with a copious collection of Precedents·
of Indictments, Informations, Presentments, and every de-
scription of Practical Forms, with Comprehensive Notes
upon each offence, the Process, Indictment, Plea, Defence,
Evidence, Trial, Verdict, Judgment. and Punishment, by
Joseph Chitty, of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law.
Fourth American, from the Second and last London Edi-
tion, corrected and enlarged by the Author. 'Vith Notes
and Corrections, by Richard Peters and Thomas Hunting-
ton. To which are now added, Notes and References to
the Cases decided in the Courts of the United States and of
the several States, to the present time, as well as to the late
English decisions, by J. C. Perkins, Counsellor at Law.
3 vols. 1847. $12.00.
The New York City Hall Recorder. containing Reports of
the most interesting Trials and Decisions which have
arisen in the various Courts of Judicature, for the Trial
of Jury Causes in the Hall, partieularly in the Court of
Sessions. With Notes and Remarks, critical and expla-
natory, by Daniel Rogers, .at Law. Com-
mencing January, 18lG, and contInued III regular order,
monthly. to January, 1822-six years. Gvolumes, bound
in 3. $12,00.
__ contained in this wOl'k are of vast impor-
tance. nnd were adjudicated upon by the Hon. Brockholst Livings.
ton and W. P. Van Nel'ls. of the Supreme Court of the Uni.ted States,
and also by the HOll. Judges A. Spencer. Smith Thompson. W.
VaT} NesR and J. Kent. ludgf's of the Supreme Court of the State
of New York: but most of them during the Mnyoralty of the Hon.
Jacob Ra.dcliff, who was for six years previous one of the JUdges of
the Supreme Court of the of New York.
The rca-dpr will find: in addition to the cases .reported hy l'/rr.
Rogf'rs. in his City Hall Recorder. in the back part of the sixth
volume, Q, collection of Casps 'Which he calls the L Spirit of (;riminal
Cases," faken from the Reports of the Supreme Courts of the
Sta.tes of New York, New Jersey, Ma.FSRchusptts} and Penngylva.
Uta, with the Points in bis work. from the cnmmencement to its
termination. The whole being alphabetically arrangpd under their
oppropriate a general index of criminal law in.
'. this country.
A Treatise on the Rights, ·Duties, and Liabilities of
band and Wife, at ·Law and in Equity, by James Clancy,
Barrister at Law. Second American, from the last Lon-
don Edition. 1837. $4.00. ..
Reports of Chancery Cases, Decided in the Eighth Circuit
of the State of New York, by the Han. Frederick Whit-
tlesey, Vice Chancellor. By Charles L. Clarke, Counsel-
lor at Law. 1841. $5.00.
The Law of Contracts and Promises upon various subjects
and with particular persons, as settled in the Action of
· Assumpsit. In Three Parts. By Samuel Comyn, of the
Middle Temple, at Law. The Fourth Ameri-
· can from the last London Edition. Revised and Enlarged
by the addition of American and later English Cases.
and Determined in the Court of
· Appeals of the State York, by George F. Com-
. stock, State---Ile.IJ,Orter. Judges names: Freeborn G.
Jewett, Greene C. Bronson,.Addison-Gardiner, Charles H.
Ruggles, Samuel Jones;-wiHia.tiJ. B. Wright, Thomas A.
Johnson, Charles Gray, Ehsha P. Hurlbut, IraBarris. Dan-
iel Pratt, Henry "V. Taylor, Selah B. Strong, Daniel 'Cady
William H. Shankland, James G. Hoyt. 3 vol.. $7.50'
F'r0'1n the United States Law ]f1agazine.
We had occasion elsewhere to commend the dispatch with which tbi::t
volume (volume second) had been furnished. Great credit iR due not
only to Mr. Comstock., but to the well-known Fublishers for their ex-
peditio_n. This volume brings the 0 the Court oLAppea}s
down to December, 1849, and includes a number of cases deCIded In
JanUiHy,I850. It follows not sixty in .the rear C?f tP.c
decisions it contains. We have carefully exammed It, and thmk It
to include more cases ·of importanc-e to-.t-he-baramtthe
al'Iy-vel-ume which has-hrtci-yappeared.. Mr. Comstock has
carefully excluded such cases as were of no value 'Y'hatever, while he
has faithfully 'Tecer-ded--all_ de.cisioDa- worthy bemg reported. The
edition pUbhshed by GOUld, Banks & CO" contams ,. Notes and Refer
enees, by _a Member of the New York Bar," which greatly enhaJ'lces its
· value. We cannot-understand how this book of 625 pages can ...
forded for 82.50, the price at which it is sold .
Cambridgo, May 25, 1842.
A. Treatise on the 'Organization and Jurisdiction of the Su-
preme, Circuit 'and District Courts of the United States:
the Practice of these severnl Courts in Civil and Crimi-
nal Cases; of the Supreme and Circuit Courts on Writ of
Error and Certificate of DivisiQJlof Opinion j and of th-e
District Courts in Cases of Municipal Seizure: including
a Summary Expositio,! of the Law relating to the Pri-
oritY'of the. United States, Imprisoned Debtors, the Remis-
sion of Penalties and Forfeitures, and Naturalization. To
which is added an Appendix, containing the Rules of
the Supreme Court of the' United States; the Rules pre-
scribed by the Supreme Court to regulate the Practice of
the Circuit Courts in suits in Equity, and the Rules of
the Circuit and District Courts for the Northern District
of New York; and Practical Forms. Second Edition, re-=:
vised, corrected and much enlarged, by Alfred Conkling.
1842. $5.00. . .
From the late Judge STORY.
1olessrs. GOULD, DAN1<S & CO.:
... Judge Conkling's Treatise on the Organiza-
tion &Jld JurisdicticD of the Courts of the United 8t::.ote8, is an ex-
ceedingly valuable work for the variety of information which it
contains, and the general ability and accuracy with which it has
been dra.wn up. It 8upplip.s a want hithpr:.o extensively felt in the
profession, and f canDot doubt that it will possess a large circula-
tion, as its merits deslrve. ... .. ... 1f-
I am, with the highest respeet,
- 'Your obedient servant,
From the late Judge THOMPSON.
August 30th, 1842.
IIIessrs. GOULD, DANKS & CO. :
Gentlemen,-Be pleast>d to accept my for the
Treatise of Judf!,'e Conkling. on the Organization. Juri,:diction. and
Pra.ctice, of tbt' Suprem.e, Circuit, and District Courts of the Uni...
ted States, whick you did me the favor to send me. It was rec..iv-
ed during the sitting of the CiTcuit Court, when I had not to
give it that examination which I wished before expressing my
opinion of it. I have since examine.d it with cODsidera.ble atten.
tioD, and think it a work of great merit, upon _which much labor
must have been bestowed by th . author. I am aware of no book,
.. containing 80 accurate and extensive de! ails of the va.rious Bub-
embraced with;n jt It is a Treatise jn my
useful to the public, and almost indispensable to professional gen-
tlemen who practice in the Courts of the United Sbtes.
I am Tery respectfully, yours, &0.,
Reports of Cases Argued and Detl'rmined in the Supreme
Court of Errors of the State of Connecticut, from 1814 to
1828, inclusive; prepared and published in p'ursuance of
a Statute Law of the State. Second Edition, corrected,
with Notes and References to all New York and Con-
necticut Reports, by the Hon. Thomas Day. 6 vols. $30
Rules and Orders of the Court of Chancery of the State of
New York, as Revised and Establised by Chancellor
Walworth, in 1844, with Precedents of Writs, Orders, and
Bills of Costs, approved by the Chancellor; and Notes
of Decisions, showing the Practical Construction of the
. Rules and Orders of the Supreme Court of the State of
New York, Revised and Established by the Court, in May
Term, 1845.
Rules of the Court of Appeals of the State of New
York. Adopted at a Term of the Court held at the Capi-
tol in the City of Albany, on the 6th day of July, 1847.
Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court of the State of
New York, at Law and in Equity: as established by the
Court at July Term, 1847. 'Vith Precedents of Writs,
Orders and Bills of Costs, and Notes of Decisions.
Rules of Pr.actice of the Superior Court of the City of
New York.
Rules and Orders of the Court of Common Pleas, for
the City and County of New York.
In the back part of the Rules, page a3, will be found the Rules
providing for Proceedings under the :t\.iechanics' Lien Law. A18),
an Appendix. containing thp act relative to the Court of Con:: moa
Pleas for the City aud County of New York, possed April 16, IR30.
Also, an act relating to '\be Court rf Common Ph>&s for the city of
New York, passed April 11t1" 1834. With other acts relating to
this Court and the Superior, passed at different times, to which the
rl ader is referred. Also, an act concerning Costs and Fees in
CnUl"tj;l of l.,nv. f ' . : I : > . ~ 1 f'n ... ... th",.,. rn"'IU·'Iao ... , !,oQC'aorl 1Rdll !lnrl 1SU..1
(From Hon. Lewis H. Sandf01'd, Judge of the Superim Court.)
Ne:w York, Nov. 11th, 1851.
Messrs. BANKS, GouLD & Co.:
Gent.: I have examined, with attention, "Darfs Vendors
and Purchasers of Real Estate," edited by Mr. Waterman. It
is a most excellent practical work. Its lucid and methodical
arrangement, and the fact that the more modern decisions both
in England and the United States is incorporated in the text
and notes, give to the book a value beyond that of any work
on the subject wbich has come under my notice.
Mr. Waterman's General Comparative View of Real Prape/rty-
in England and this country, and his elaborate notes, especiaUy
on questions growing out of our registration acts, enhance very
much the value of the work to the American lawyer.
Yours, truly, .
(FromHon. JOB. Henry Lumpkin, Chief Justice, State of Georgia.)
, Athens, December 10th, 185l.
Gentlemen: Various indispensable engagements have pre-
vented me, until now, from perusing "Dart's Compendium of
the Law and Practice of Vendors and Purchasers of Real Estate,"
which you were kind enough to send me. I thank you sin-
cerely for the information which I have received from this
The extent of our territory, and the cheapness of our soil in
the South and West, have hitherto prevented this head of the
law from assuming that prominence which it has in England
and the older states, North and East. But our rapid growth
in population and wealth, the extension of our railroad system,
'and other improvements, giving rise as they do, not only to the
permanent and substsntial improvement of our farms, but also
to the tasteful decoration and embellishment of our houses,
both in town and country, are all tending to enhance greatly
the value of our lands, to increase our local attachments, and
thus impart an interest and importance to the law of real es-
tate, which, with us, it has never before possessed.
Dart's Treatise, combining as it does, all that is valuable in
the works of Sugden and others which,have,p'recededjt on
the same subject, makes its appearance, therefore, very op-
portunely for the increasing wants of our growing conntry.
And being well satisfied, from careful perusal of it, botll of its
accuracy and the soundness of its doctrines. I can entertain no
doubt of tile high estimation with which this very usefnl and
most thoroughly written book "ill be regarded by the profes-
I need scarcely remark that the English law of Real Estate
had its foundation in principles of Jeudal policy. Its funda-
mental feature is, to cherish and perpetuate aristocratic insti-
tutions. Many of its provisions are directly hostile to repub-
lican government. To modify the law of real proDerty, and
to adapt it to the actnal state of the country and the wants of
our people, has constituted a very leading branch of both the
Colonial and State legislation of the respective states of the
Union. These changes are traced with great clearness and
accuracy in the copious notes and references appended to the
work, as well as in the admirable epitome of the Law of Real
Property in England and the United States, prefixed to it by
the American editor, 111'. Waterman.
Wishing you all the emolument which this publication so
richly deserves,
I am, gentlemen, with much respect,
Your obedient sen'ant,
Jos. HEXRY LU.llPKL....
Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co., New lork.
A Treatise on the Civil Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace
of the State of New York, by Esek Cowen, Counsellor at
Law. Second Edition, revised by Sidney J. Cowen, Coun-
sellor at Law. Third Edition, brought down to the pre-
sent time, by Oliver L. Barbour, Counsellor at Law.
With Appendix, adapting the same to the New Code, by
Chester Hayden. 2 vols. $8.00.
Reports of Cases arg-ued and determined in the Supreme
Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the Correction
of Errors of the State of New York, from lR23 to ]828_ by
Esek Cowen, Counsellor at Law, and successor of John-
son. 9 vols. $54.00.
The Crown Circuit Companion: First American Edition;
into which has been incorporated the work formerly pub-
lished under the name of the Crown Circuit Assistant.
Both works have also been carefully revised, and such ad-
ditions made thereto as Modern Statutes and Decisions
have rendered necessary.
A Compendium of the Law and Practice of Venders and
Purchasers of Real Estate. by J. Henry Dart, of Lincoln's
Inn, Barrister at Law. With Notes and References to
American Decisions. by Thomas W. Waterman, Coun-
sellor at Law. In Press.
The Office of Surrogate, Surrogates, and Surrogates' Courts,
and Executors, Administrators and Guardians, in the State
of New York. A Compilation of the Statutes, and a Sum-
mary of the Judicial Decisions of the State of New York,
relating to the Office of Surrogate, the proving of Wills,
the granting of Probate, Admintstration and Guardianship,
and the Duties and Liabilities of Executors, Ad-
ministrators :and Guardians, arranged in the form of a
Treatis:l, by Isaac Dayton, Counsellor at Law. With an
Appendix, containing several Decisons upon the above
named subjects, not elsewhere reported, and forms and
precedents for practice in the Surrogates' Courts, and for
the use of Executors, Administrators and Guardians.
1846. $3.00.
A Manual of Law, for the use of BusiI\GsS Men; containing,
alphabetically arranged, the Legal Principles of most fre-
quent application to ordinary Business Transactions, to-
gether with Refetences to the Authorities sustaining them,
by Amos Dean. 1838. $1.25.
Principles of Medical Jurisprudence, designed fqr the Pro-
fessions Of Law and Medicine, by Amos Dean, Counsel-
lor at Law, and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in'
the Albany Medical College. 1850. $4.50
F7'Om the American Law Journal
An eXycrience of eleven years in teaching in the department of
:!\fedieal together with a Irnowledge of the wants of
the legal and medical professions, in regard to it,-have led the au-
th"r to the c·lmpilation of the work before us. The objects chiefly
had in view have been a·methodical, arrangement of the
topi.cs. snrl a condensation of the knowledge now possessed, Rod an
exhibition of it in a clear, natural and logical order, together with
fiuch illustrations 3R were det:med necessary to an application
of the principles to practice. The design appears to been
well exp-cuted, and the publishers have done all that is necessary to
the work in an RcceptablQ dress.
. We fully eoncur in the remark of the Learned author that" DO
medica.l institution, in this country or Europe, could now deem its
organization complete) without & department devoted exclusively
to an exposition of the facts and principles embraced in Mt!dical
Jurisprudence." There is a chapter in the work devoted to Medi-
cal Evidence which is well worthy -"he perusaL of medical genue-
men. In givin.! evidence the author recommends that the la.n::-
guage made use of should be plaiD) simple, and if possible, devoid
of all technical terms." :"i othj ng can be better established than
that when the principles of a. science Me well understolJd. they be-
come 80 fa.miliar, and so simplified in the mind, that they can be
communicated by means of the plainest language. He that under-
l"tands the principles best finds the least occasion tor technical
terms in communjcating bis jde:'L8 to others Dot of the D[Qfe..sjon

E"tractfrom tlte United States Law Maga%inefor August.' .
Whatever may be deficient in the work of Dr. neck, will be found
amply supplied in tile one of which the title is placed at the head of
this article. The a.uthor, Mr. Dean, is a highly respectable Counsellor
at Law, and Professor of Merlical Jurisprudence in the.Albany Medical
Colle!!:e, who has had an experience of eleven years in teachmg in this
department. He tells us, in his preface, that his impressions as ta the
wants of the legal and medical led to the compilation of his
work. "It uoes not," he says, U propose to add new heads or general
topics for discussion j to deal in original disquisitions upon doubtful-or
unsettled principles [questions], or to offer mere novelties to those in
pursuit of knOWledge on its various subjects. The objects chiefly had
In view have been a :qtethodical, of the
ics legitimately embraced in the department; and. In the treatment of
each, a condens:ation of the knowledge now possessed. and an
tion of it in a clear, natural and logical order, together with such illus-
trations as were deemed'necessary to make an application of the princi-
ples to practice." In all this we thiQk our worthy author has substan-
tially succeeded.· Although, as he observes, the science he treats of,
"unlike many others, admits of no logical arrangement," yet he hail
brought together tOOse subjects, that are at all related to each. other, £n
a manner which appears to us more convenient and less exceptional
than any other tFuit has faUen under our notice. The subjects· .of
which he treats are arranged under five· general heads or classes.
Thejirst includes questIons arisin.f out of the relations of sex, and
comprises. I. impotence and Sleriltty j 2. Hermaphrodites, Doubtful
Sex, and Monsters; 3. Rape; 4. Pregnancy; 5. Legitimacy; and
6. Delivery .
1'he second class comprehends questions arising out of injuries m·
flicted on the organization, embracmg 1. InfamiClde j 2. Wounds j 3.·
Poisons; 4. Personsfound Dead. ' .
The third includes arising out of diseases or affections in
the nature of disease, that disqualify both from rights and
performing duties-being principally Insanity, embracing all the dif.
ferentforms of mental alienation -
The fourth includes questions arising out of deceptive practices or
preten4ed disqualifications, principally Feigned Diseases. And
The fifth class miscellaneous questions, such as,
Identity, Presumption of Sur't'iTJoTs.hip, Life Assurance, and Medical
several heads are agai.fl subrtivided where or re-
- for understanding anet fuller elucit.latIon of the various
of more complete analysiR of the subject·
.. e wlwle; conzprehend""ever.y thing of worth or interest in
thei.r important that have ocC'Urred
This addition.t? stock of knowledrre
fords anolher answer to the-supercilious quest)on - b hR
viewer, H Who reads an-AmerlCan book 1" The learned urg e·
person-now lately live·d lung enouge
to It had. been fully merely in the pro.
uuctIons of Chanmng, lrvlOg, Cooper, Stephens, I\lackeu:z: Brxant
Longfelluw, and but in the graver ""Wor.ks 0 . ,
. rlsts-our Kents, our Storys, and our Duers; and we venture to pre iet
that the work before us WIll, ere long, serve, like Dr. Beck!s,-AS..A
foreign commentators and lecturers, and like the deeisi<.lllit-of:
a Marshart, a -Parsons, a Tighlman, or a Spencer, be quoted as authori·
ty in Westminster Hall.
We cannot conclude this paper, protracted as it has been, without
noticmg a circumstance, less remarkable, perhaps, than natural,
namely, that the work of Dr. fleck, a physician, has more of the eha·
racter of a law book than of a medical dlsqui!'1'ition j while that of Mr.
Dean, a lawyer, assumes the aspect more or a medical than of a juridi-
cal treatise-so prone are we to value ourselves rather upon the learn-
ing which is extraneous, than upon that which properly belongs to our
Prom the Lata Reporter.
We do not pretend to any familiarity with the science of mediciliC,
and it may be for that reason that we are inclined to form a highly fa-
vorable opinion oft-he above work. 'Vhat, in our view, constitutes ils
great recommendation. is its simplicity, its freedom from mere techm·
catity. It may be consulted by anyone not versed in the medical art.
with great ease and profit. To this recommendation should also be ad-
ded an acknowledgmC'nt of the clear and luminous method which eha·
raeterizes the treatise, and which increases its value.
Front the IVestern Law Journal.
We have received this book from the publishers, through Mer:::srs. II.
''Y. Derby & Co. It is a volume of 654 pages j and from the examina-
tion we have been able to give it, we think it the best text-book there is
upon the subject. It has the fare and very great merit of condensation
occupying not much more than hall' the space of Deck, or Chitty, ilnd
yet treating of each subject as fully as either of those authors. \\Te
would commend the chapter on Insanity, as cOn1aining the
best summary we have seen. "Ve cannot, however, agree with the au·
thor in regard to 1\1oral Insanitv. Although he only follows the lead at
other eminent writers, we think the whole docrrine most perniciolls in
irs effect upon criminal jurisprudence. It Yirtually makes wickedness
an excuse for crlme.
Reports of Cases argued and determin.!,,"l in
Court and in tbe Court for ;hc correctIOn I
State of New YDrb., !Tom 1845 to 1848 inclusive, by Hi-
ram nClliO, Esq., successor of Hill, and tbe contmuatlOn
of Johnson, Cowen, anit 'Veodell. 5 vols. $25.00.
A Digest of the Cases Revorted in tbe Constitutional Courts
of South Carolina, by aMember of the Ohmk'lUll Bar.
.A Treatise on the Law of Principal and Agent, chiefly with
rcierence to Mercantile Transactions, by "Villiam Paley,
of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister at Law. The third edi-
tion, with considerable additions, by J. H. Lloyd, of the
Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister at Law. Third American
edition, with extensive additions, referring to, alld em-
bracing all the cases, both English and American, to the
present time, by John A. Dunlap, Counsellor at Law.
1847. $4.00.
This edition by Paley and Lloyd by Dunlap, will be fOllltd in
comparison wit.h ot.her treatises on this sUbject, to be a complete
fubsti for a.ll of them, containing several thousand cases not
f!'rred to by a.ny other American author, it is in fact. an embodl-
numt of all the decisions on the Law of Principal and Agent.
F'1'OlJl, the Pennsylvania Law Journal.
Paley on Agency has been so If'lug and favorably known to the
professir.ll that little more would seem to be required. than to state
t.h:\t an euition. with American notes to the prescnt day) h:ts been
))ubli8hp.d. rl'his treatise on the laws governing the relation borne
\1y almost every man to some other in the intercourse of business,
has kept pa.ce and grown with the extension of commerce. From
the thin octavo first into the lega.l world b Mr. Paley in
1811, it has after running thrrmgh three English and two Ameri-
can editions. just left the hands of Mr. Dunlap. a trea-
tise of some seven hundred pages, enriched, as it seems, with refer-
ences to every importa.nt case that has been decided either uere or
in Engla.nd on the subject of age-ney. Nor has the American ed-
itor confined himselftlJ a mere citation of authorities. Where the
('ceasioD calls for such illustration copious extracts from the opin-
ions of the judges, by whom the cases cited have been decided,
given\ and the voluminous notes are enl'iched by the views at
iengtb of the ablest English a' d Amerie-an jurists, forming in them-
selves, iB lDany cases. Treatises on the subject of the text.
The carp. and labor bestowed upon Dunlap's Paley's Agency,
ca.l..lnot fail to render it a standard work of great utility.
From. the Han. LEWIS H. S.AXDFORD, Judge of the $upreme Court of
the City 'if New York, and late V,ce-C/uiru;eUor.
New York, December 30th, 1847.
'Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co.:
was unable till within a few da.ys, to eJramine the
va.luablp. of Paley on Principal and Agent. enrich... d with the
notes of Juhn A. Dunlap, q.. recl;:ntly published hy Yl.U.
The'profession is gre:lt!y indebted to you fer this pnblieation.
Athe,;s, May 29th, 1848
ject; and, with Mr. Lloyd's notes, Is the belt· yot published in Eng-
land. UpO,D this exct."llent groundwork; Mr. Dunlap bas built up a
. most complete and thorough treatise on Agency embracing all the im-
porta.nt Ameriean.decisions, well in England subse-
quent to Mr Lloyd's edition Of Paley. Jt is the most complete and va-
luable pUblication on elpaI- and Agent, which hal' yet appeared.
The Dotes of Mr. Dunla.p, (forming indeed, the great body of the
work..) are exceedingly accurate and appropriate. he
has a fn:l table of cases, the value of which lawyer
in full practice can well appreciate. I hazard not"hing in SB.yh,g
that the_American bar, and the mercantile community, will find
Dunlap's Pliley to be the most -p,st:fu book extant) on a subject of
pr cticnl importance.
Re,pectfuJly yours, &c..
Fro", Judge LUMPKIN.
:Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co. :
Gentlemeo,-I have given a hasty pcrusa.l to Mr. Dunlap's Pa-
h'Y's Agency. wbic.h you kindly sent me. llaQk leisure at present
for & thorongh reading. So far as I am able to fOl'm an opinion, [
do n()t hesitate to endorse -it with my cordial 8,pprobation. One
envies tbejunior members of the pre.fession the advantages
tht'y in the latpst edition,. of standard law books
to.form 3-nd fill up their libraries. 'Vhat, for indtance, is Black ...
stone'l Commentaries. published in 1783, comp:l.rt·d wIth the twen·
ty-first London edition 0 that gnat law manual which has recent-
ly issued from 1he press, with notes by Mr. the late
State Rrporter of Nt w York? And so \ f Comyn'» Digest, Story's
Conflict of Laws, K nt's Commentarie"', and t:vt'ry otht:r leading
Englisl:\ and American law book The text not only In elementary
'Works, but even in the Reports, would frequently serve only to
mislead. without the explanatory notes stating the alterations in
the la.w since the author::; publisued
How insignificant is the title of Principal aed .I1J{ent in the old
books! To what magnitude has it swelled under the vast exteu·
sion of modern commerce!
It would be folly at this late day to refer to the merits of the
ori,inal Treatise, or even to dwell minutrly on the i ·.valuable n?tl"s
wbIch,have been added by Mr. Dunlap. 1 cannot forego the temp-
tation, however, of specifying several 't&y way of iHustration. As,
for example, Notes (l) p. 11, respf'cting transactions 'between aftor.
neys and their c;jeBts; (a) p. 155, &s to the mode by which corpo.
rations may bind themselves j ('g) p.177. bow fa.r an authority...dele.
gated to two or "more may be execut"ed by a part only of the-SKent.·;
(s) p. 181, the form of executing the power; (5) p 186, the off.ct of
death on the revocation of the agPDcy; (9) p 198, the difference
between gent'ral and special agents; (f) p. 263, the nature and ef-
tect of notices; (Al p. 296, the liability of the masters for tbe acts
of hi." servant j (l) p.. 377, the liabilities of government agents' who
contract in their pUblic capacity. From anyone of these specimens
,!'he original work is coweseedly -tho standard treatise on the sub·
. :l)xxvti
the rtladers m.y readily judge of the rem.inder. I onn wi h
sincerity invite the practitioner to place this book upon his shelves.
I am,_getttlemen,
With much
Eztractfrom a letter o/WILLIAM KENT. Esq., late Pr'!fessor '!f LaiD
111- Harvard University.
tf. ...... '" .. if. Mr. nuniap has addpd numerous and useful notes to
Paley's Ageucy. This Treatise, with Lloyd's notes, seems to me to
be the brst Wt' have, on this important branch of the law,-thf; best
for the practitioner; as well 8S the student...... If. .. .'
A Treatise on the. Law of by the Hon. Robert
Henley Eden, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. Third
American, from the last London Edition: to which .is"ad-
ded copious Notes, and References to all the Decisions of
the Courts of the United States, and of the different States,
on this subject, by Jacob D. Wheeler, Counsellor at Law.
A new edition, by' James Haig, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn,
Barrister at Law. In Press. -
A Practical Treatise on, Parties to Bills and other Ple<,\dings
in Chancery: with Precedents, by Charles Edwards, Coun-
sellor at Law and in Equity. 1832. $2.50.
This work, Edwards on Parties in Cba.neery, will. on a close ex.
aminstion of it, be found one of the most useful and practical
works 8S·t.O the variety and matter of which. it treats, than ..any
other work of the kind extant. It has heen llrepnnd with.great
care and accuracy, and can be relied upon by 'the profession. The
numerous references are in all respeets applicable to the subjects
reft:rred to j they are authentic, being selected from the ancient
and modern reports and books of practice of established character
and principles. '
The precedents at the end of the volume are of the most ap-
proved kind, and sanctioned by the court and bar of this State;
many of them. are not found eliiewhere.
. The author has divided the contents of his work into eight heads
or chapt.ers, as follows: .
"Chapter I.-General Rules and Principles. lJnneccd.eary Par.
ties. Interested.Persons who may not have been PartieB..
menta PArSODS made Parties without kno\, ledge. Objection
for want of Part.ies j when and how made; and the effect of it.
Abatement anti Revivor.
"Chapter II.--Foreign Country and State.. County.
TOwn. ChUlch"arden. Corporation. Corporate Body· Campa
))y. Associated Joint Partner. Joint Tenant.
Tenant in Common. Coparcner.
"Chapter rl/.-Chancellor and Vice Chancellor. Attorney Gen.
eral. counsel. Solicitor. Attorney. Sheriff. Receiver.
trator. Auctioneer. Pawner. Bailee. Broker. Witness. Hold-
er of .. Copyright.
I: JV.-Assignor aud Assignee. Vendor and Vendee.
and Mortgagee. and Obligee. Surety. Ac-
ceptor, Endorsee and Drawer. Landlord and Tenant .
.. Chapter V.-Administrator and Executor. Heir. Deviftee.
LE'gatee. of Kin. Residuary Lc;;atee. Annuitant. Dower
Chapter VI.--Baron and Feme. Cestui que Trust, Trustee and
Appointee. CrcC:itor and Debtor. Principal) Factor and Agent.
,. Chapter Vl1.--0eaf and Dumb. Infant. Next Fritmd. GuS\.l'
dian. 'Va.rd. Idiot.. Lunatic. Committee. Alien. Insolvent.
Outlaw. Pauper.
I. Chapter VfI L--Miscellaneolls Casfos and Principles relative to
Pa.rties not contained in the former Chapters of this Book.
. Appendix, containing Precedents."
Reports of Chancery Cases decided in the First Circuit of
the State of New York by the Hon. William T. McCoun,
Vice-Chancellor, by Charles Edwards, Counsellor at Law.
4 vols. 1831 to 18!15. $24.00.
On Receivers in Chancery, with Precedents, by Charles Ed·
wards, Counsellor at Law, Author of "Edwards on Par·
ties," and Reporter of the Vice-Chancellor's Court of the
First Circuit of the State of New York. 184-6. $5.00.
The Debates in the several State Conventions, on the adop-
tion of the Federal Constitution, as recommended by the
General Convention at Philadelphia, in 1788. Together
with the Federal Convention, Luther :Martin's Letter,
Yates' Minutes, Congressional Opinions, Virginia and
Kentucky Resolmions of '98-'99, and other illustrations
of the Constitution. Second Edition, with considerable
additions. Collected and Revised from contemporary
publications, by Jonathan Elliott. Published under the
sanction of Congress. 5 vols. $15.00.
The American Diplomatic Code, embracing a collection of
Treaties and Conventions between the United States and
Foreign Powers, from 1778 to 1834; with an abstract of
important Judiciai Decisions on Points connected with
our Foregin Relations. Also, a Concise Diplomatic Man-
ual, containing a summary of the Law of Nations, from
the works of Wicquefort, Vattel, Maltens, Ward, Kent,
Story, &c., &c.: and other Diplomatic Writings on Ques-
tions of International Law, useful for Public Ministers
and Consuls, and for all others having official or commer-
cial intercourse with Foreign Nations, by Jonathan El-
liott. $15.00. .
Pro", ANDRBW JACKSON, late President 'if the United Slate<.
'WashiDglon, May 17, 1834.
Sir:--.My pUbl,c duties have been too urgent to allow me an av-
portuuity to examine, very carefully, the copy oftbe American Di-
plomatic Cod.., which you were pleased to present to me. Allow me
to say, however. after a hasty glance at its contents, that Jconsider
it a very desirable accession to the library sf the statesman. Not-·
doubting that the great mass of important information which il>
contains, will entitle it to general circulation, I can only add the
express;ion of my hopes, that the labor and talent you haTe
ed upon it, will meet with a. suitable reward.
f am: very TospectfuUy,
our obedient servar:t. /'
Prom lIon. LuuYS taie 8ecrctanj of /'
.! • une 30p(l'S3.1.
JOl<ATHANELLIOTT,Esq,:·. /'. /
gives me pleasure to state; 'that, from thO/BXll.ID1D&t!On I
was able to give to your work, I was satisfied of jts valu those
engaged in the Diplomatic service of the . d, there-
fore. caused it to be distributed among all
&9 well as to the principal Consuls j and ha-l"e, liketr sOJ a.<!op1;ed It
for the use of the D.p"rtment of State. /--
1 aw, very respectfallJ:,
Your obedient s ant.
Prom Judp-STURY.
/ Washington, February 15, 1834.
Dear r.UDLer, tho.ugh you may well suppose rather
hastily: your Amen9D DIplomatic Code. It appears to me to be ..
,,/ C
very nlu,,:ble work, for "l1peroous who desire to h"ve" knowledge of
our Diplomatic History of our Treaties, and of the general priDci.
pies of Pnblic L"w "llplicable to our Foreign Relations.. It to
Ule, also, almost indispensable for the library of a statesman: and I be
researches of a jurist. It supplies 8. void which has long 'been felt
and lamented; and I canDot doubt tha.t it will obtain general sue·
cess by the fulnes8, a8 well &8 the 'Variety of its important
J am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
April 4, 1834.
Dear Sir,-I h"ye no dou!:!t the American Diplomatic Code will
prove a work of conventent reference to all those who are disposed.
or required, to give their "ttentlon to. the Diplomatic Relations of
the United States, Or to the principles of National Law..
I am, very respectfully, your obedient servaut,
From the Bon. BOR. BlNNRY, late a Representative in Congressfrom
48 Volumes Published.
These very valuable and important decisions are re-publish-
ed verbatim from the London copy, with notes and refer-
ences .to- English and American authorities, by John A.
Dunlap, and continued by ·the· Hon. E. F. Smith, being
the Reports of Cases argued and determined in the" High
COurt of Chancery, the Rolls Court,' and the Vice-Chan-
cery Courts of England and Ireland. The first 18 vols;
bound each contain two vQls. of the English Reports, and
are sold for $5.00 the vol. or $90.00 for the 18 vols. The
subsequent vols. are' published, and will continue to be
published, with notes, &c., and bound in separate vols.
. being an exact copy of the English vol.-price $3.00
. vol. The voh. already published embrace the followlDg'
R;eports, to wit :-
Reports, Volumcs I and 2
. "1
" 1 and 2
H "2and3
" "4
" "1
- " "5
h h 1
" 5
Volume 1 Simons & Stuart's
u 1" h Russt;\l's .
u 2 "
"3 U RUflSell's
Russen & Mylne's
!I1ylne & Keene's_ ':'--
Volume 8 contains Mylne & Keene'. Reports, Volume. 3
" "1
Uoyd & Goold's
" "
1l Turner & Russell
. )
" "
1 and 2
Mylne & Craig's
" "
Russell & Mylne's
14 J\fylne & Craig·s
" "
15 Keene's
" "
" "
9 and 10
" "
Mylne & {":rai$'s
" "
& PhillIps's
" "
19 Phillips'
H ' 20
Young & Collyer's
H "
" " "
" "

" "
" " "
" "
" "
The publishers intend that the American edilion skall be published
nnd ready for deli very within a very short period after ita publication
in England. The profession are fully satisfied, from long experience,
that no condensation, abridgement, or omission of these very important
reportR, or in fact of any reports, ean give satiSfaction, or be rehed up-
on with Ill"..t be had to the report. themselves.
F'1"OJn the Pennsyl'Oania Law Journal.
The 29th Volume comprises the eases deoided by Lord Langdale,
Master of the Rolls, during the years 1843 and 1844. .
The 30th Volume comprlse. those cases decided by Viee-Chancellor
Wigram, during the years 1844, 1845 and 1846.
We believe the profession for some time, been convinced of the
excellence of the plan of re.public.alion adopted by 1\1r. Dunlap. If it
is not, it is quite time that the merits and advantages oftheaystem pur-
sued by so pains.takin!! an annotator .hould be fully appreciated. The
method pursued in varIous reprints of English Legal Reports, of leav-
ing out all such cases as do not seem adapted to this country, hR!II
been carefully avoided in these; 7th Beavan, and 4th Hare, are as com-
plete as when issued from the English Press, with all the admirable
reasoning of LorA Langdale, who, as Mr. Bickersteth, divided for y.eaT5
the leadership of the Rolls Court with Mr. Pepy. the 'Pre.ent Lord
Cottenham, and of Vice-Chancellor Sir James Wigram, a most pro-
found equity lawyer, carefullly preserved.
Mr. Dunlap has endeavoreil (how far successfully we leave to the
pmtit;o"r who !indo the labor of preparing his case half performed,)
to increase the value of reports by a re(erence in every case 'of
importance to the leading English and American authorities on the
pomts deciJeu: renderin!4 the reports 'Virtually commentaries, without
the necessarily'attending wOIks of thaL character. There
has within the last few y.ears been a gradually increa:dng demand for
Chancery Heports; the progress-of bur country in <;.ommerciaJ
perity, and the necessary increase of complicated litigation thereon at·
rending, producing an unwilling conviClioli on the minds of profession.
at men, that the modes of proceeding in courts of justice, adapted to
.the wants of a sparse p0tJulation, cannot be used with equal advantagc
in great commercial communities.
This edition of the Chancery Heports, addition to the advantages
J we have pointed out possess The additional attraction of being hand..
Bomely bouno, and printed good type on excellent paper.
From the United Stales Law ..lfagazine.
The fact that this book has been re-published by oldest and most
extensive law book firm H on this side of the water," perhaps, alone
sufficient evidence that it is a work required by the great bOlJy of our
brethren. From their long experience, Messrs. Dan k., Gould &; Co. have
a perfect knowledge of the wants of the profession j and as there is con.
nected with their house editorial talent of the first ability, they are sure
never to publish or re.publish any but books of sterling value! It is
our in,tention, iI\some future issue, to give our readers a history of the
H rise and progress" of this house; for an account of a firm which has
added 8uch a vast amount of valuable matter to the archives of Ameri.
can law, cannot fail to interest the profe$sion•
. This volume was received at so fate an hour, that we have not found
. time to examine in detail the cases it contains; nor do we think it ne.
cesB.1.ry to do so. Nothing need be said of the value of the late Lord
Cottenham's decisions, for it is well known they ate among the ablest
diat have ever been promulged. _
As to the notes of Judge Smith, although:we have not had an oppor·
tunity to examine them with care, yet from the well-known reputation
of that gentleman for comprehensi \l:e research, searching analysis, and·
studious fideli,ty in c911er.tmg and comparing his cases and authorities,
:we know that whatever he undertakes, will be well done. The profes.
sion are. indebted to him for many valuable contributions to the law,
among which, it is sufficient to mention hIS U Commentaries on Consti-
tutional and Statute Law," as also his reported decisions whiJe on the
bench. We shall recur to this volume in whenwe hope in Borne
Bort to discharge that obligation to his eminent abilities and worth,
which, as editors amI conservators of the law, we feel that we ought to
From the Law Reporter.
This is a reprint of a most valuable vol11me of English Chancery
ports. The reputation. of the distinguished Vice·Chancellor, whore
uecisions it contains, is a sufficient recommendation in itself. The ac.
curacy with which the English reporters have performed their I.a8k, and
the valuable references collected by the AmerIcan editor, have greatly
enhancea. its usefulness. In severaJ cases in this volume
the remedies
peculiar to the -Chancery jurisdiction are discussed WIth great care
and learni!ll:, _ . .
'A Treatise on the Law of Actions on Penal Statutes in gen-
eral, by Isaac 'Espinasse, of Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law.
First American from the last London Edition.
A Treatise on the Office and Duty of a Justice of the Peace,
Sheriff, Coroner, Constable, and of Executors, Administra-
tors, and Guardians, in which are particularly laid down
the rules for conducting an action in the. Court for the
Trial of small cause!!. With approved Forms, by James
Esq., late one of the Judges of tile Court of Com-
mon Pleas in the County of Hunterdon. Third Edition,
revised and corrected. by.a Member of the Bar. With the
New Constitution added. 1848. $3.00.
ClHlBtit1ttion or New Jersey, A:cknowIed&,cments, Action,: Admillis·
tratofS, Adultery, Appeal, Apprentices, ArbItration, Arrest, Arsoo, As-
.ault, Assessors, Attachment. Attorney, Bail, Bastard,
Blind, Bribery, Bridges, Burglazy!. Certiorari, Challenge, Chftt, Cho-
sen Freeholders, Collector, Commitment, Committee.
viction, Coroners, Deaf and Dumb, pistresEI, Duelling, Elections, Es-
cape. Examination. EXeC\ttols, ExtortioR, Fences, Forcible Entry and
Detainer, Forgery,' Fugitives, Game, Gaming, Guardians, Homicide,
Idiots and Lunatics, Immorality, Infants, Information, Insolvent Lawp,
Jails, Juries, Ju.stir.-e of the Peace, Landlord and Tenant, Laws, Larce·
ny, Lien Law, Limitation, Lottery, Mandamus, MaQSlaug-htcr,
Marriage, Militia, Notaries Public, Oaths, Orphans' Court, Partition,
Perjury, Poor, Quarter Sessions, Rape, Recognizance, Refer·
enee, RIOts, Rents, Roads, Robbery, Search Warrants, Servants, She-
riff, Slaves, Sureties, Taxes, Weights and Wins, 'Witnesses.
An Essay on Trials, by David Graham, Esq. Second
Edition, and improved, by David Graham, Jun.
In Press.
A Treatise on the Practiee of the Supreme Court of the State
of New York, by David Graham, Counsellor at Law.
Third Edition. Revised, enlarged and improved, in 2
vo1s. l'he. first vol. is already publisheJ. 1847. $10.00.
Contents as f()llows:
Ohapter i.-History and <if the Court, mId
Distribut,," <if it. Functi01l8.
Section 1. History and organization of the court. II. Circuit
courts and for the trial of of fact. m. Revisory powers
of the circuit judges. IV. _Business of the court, at the general and spe·
cial terms. V. Non-enumerated terms of the ·cireuit judg.e of the first
in the city of New York.
Ohapter II.-JudlJes and Officer. <if tlte Court.
Section I. The judge•. II. Supreme court commissioners. III. Com·
missioners authorized to take affidavits. IV. The clerks. V. The
erien. VI. The reporter. Vll. Sheriffs and coroners: I, election or ap·
pointment of sheritffl,-their quaiitications,-durat.ion of their office -
and how removed; 2, Under and depUly 8heritfs; 3, QULin of sheriff8;
4, powers and dutics of under and deput.y liability of
sheriff for their aCl$j 5, disabiliues of sheriffs and their deputies; 6,
actions against sherins j 7, proceedings on the -official bonds of sheriffs;
8, coroners,-their ofike,-and powers amI. dutics in relation to pro.c.ess.
VIII. Attorneys: 1, origin and nature of the office of attorney,-and
admission thereto; 2, privileges of attorneys; 3, disabilities of attor-
neys j 4, who may appear by attorney; 5, how appointed to sue and
. defend; 6, duties of attorneys; 1
authority of an .attorney, and its du-
Tationj St change of atlorney; 'J, consequences of an attorney acting
for a party without authority; 10, 8ummary P'>wer of the court over
auollleYPha!J it respects miscondur.t, or otherwiRe; 11, remcQY ofattor·
neys for t eir costs. IX, Counsellors. .
Ohapter IlL-Jurisdiction <if tlte Supreme Court.
Section L In reapect to actions at law. n. In proceedings other than
actiODll at law: l{mandamus; 2, quo warranto; 3, powers respecting
elections in incorporated 4, scire facias, to repeal letters
and acts of incorporation; 5, summary proceedings, for the dt':termina·
tion of claims to real property; 6., arbitration; 7, attachments again!t
concealed.and non-resident debtors;. Sf proceedings against
ahips and vessels; 9, reference of deceased
10, proceedings for the admeasurement of dower; 11 habeas corpus
and certiorari, to inquire into the cause of uetention. \n. Jurisdiction
of ,he supreme court, as it respects parties: 1, plaiJlIiff.; 2, defend·
ant8. IV. Relative Jurisdiction of the supreme court: 1, appdlate
jurildiction; 2, its Jurisdiction, as inferior to that of the court for the
correction of errors; 3, its jurisdiction, concurrentJy with that of this
""'te., 01 of the United States. •
• Chaj9ltr 1.-0ri{Jin, History, and Generol Nat1lre <if Diva Actions._
Chapter II.-Reol Action•.
Section I. The Beyeral real actions: 1, ejectment; 2, partition; 3,
"nui.sance j' 4,. waite; 5, trespass on lanw. IL Limitation of-real ac-
tions. J
Chapter III.-Persrmal.Actions.
Section I. The several personal actions: I. actiOf1,$ .ex cDnlracltM:
1, account; 2, assumpsit; 3, covenant j 4, debt; 5, annuit.y; 6, stire
facias: II actions ex dehcto: 1 trespass; 2, trespass on 'the case; 3,
replevin. II. Parties to personal ..actIOns: 1. in actions ex contractu;
2. in actions ex delicto; 3, non.joinder of parties; 4, mis.joil1der of at·
lions. III. Joinder of a.ctions. IV. Election of actions. V. Limitation
'of pen:onal actions: 1, the periods of limitation. prescribed for the com-
mencement of actions; 2, of payment, arising from lapse
of time; 3. when the stal\lIe does not run, or IS suspended; 4. how tbe
remedy ia restored, nOlwithstanding the .
- TlONS, FilmI THEIR TO TflEllt TER-
Chapter I-Proceedings 011 a Bailable Capias, from the Commence.
men! of .the Action, to tlle Defendant's Appeara·/tce, inclu,sive.
Section 1. The capias: I, its (orm, ami consequences of defects in
2, iB.'miug" of the capias, and what is deemed the commencement of ihe
ae.lion; 3, and defects in capias, how waived. 11. rhe
arr.est: wnat aClions the, defendant may be held to bail; 2, who
are prIVIleged from arrest j 3, arrc!:!(, by whom, when, where, and -bow
made; 4, detaifler. In. after the arrest; 1, the bail-bond'
2, security to the plaintiff; 3 discharge of the defendant, without
bono; 4, escape; 5, rescue; 6, lodging the defendant in prison. IV.
Return of the capias: 1, by whom 2, when to be returned;
3, how returned. V. ShOWIng eause ?f aclIon: 1, order 10 show cauee
of action; 'l, affidavit of cause of action j 3, showing·cause of action.
VI. Proceedings agains.t t,he to put i!1 special bail j 2,
tlle attachment; 3, asule, or sta)"lng on the attach-
ment. VII. '.Prucceding-s .on the bail-bond: 1, assignm.ent of the bail-
hond; 2, acllon on the ball·bond by the p'lamtltrj 3, aclIon on the bail-
bond by 8beritfj 4, bail to the shentf, ·how.discharged; 5, seuiRft'
Mide, or. staying proceedings on the bail-bonll. Vln. Appearance:
special l,)ail; 2, common bail; 3, entering appearance.
ClwptJ .II.-Proceedinfr. from the Declaration, to the Entering of
the Causefor Trial, inc/usi"e. .
Section I. The declaration: I, when to declare' 2, form of the decla-
ration. n. The plea: 1, notice to plead i 2, further time to plead; 3,
the plea; 4, notice under the general issue; 5, as for want-of
a plea j 6, pleading issuably. III. The replicatIon and subsequent·
pleadings: ,re,plication; 2, rejoinder, and subsequent pleadings. IV.
Notice of trial. V. Enforcing the attendance of witnesses. VI. Copy
of the pleadings for the court. VII. Eutry of the cause for .trial. VIII.
The jury .process.
Chapter III.-Proceeding. from. the Ajlida"it of Merit., to the V.....
dict, inclus""'e.
Section I. Affidavit of merits. II. bar. m. Trial or Inquest
at the circuit: I, inquests j 2, trial of a defended cause. IV. The jury ;
1, who are competent to serve as jurors; 2, calling and Bwearing the
jury; 3, chalJe!!ges. V..Verdict: ,general
, diet; 3, damages; 4, polling the verdIct, and recording the verdict.
VOLUME ll. will be published as soon as the Commi..ioners ap-
pointed by the Legislature to revise, reform, simplify and abridge the
RulelJ and Practice, Pleadings, Forms and Proceedings 01 our Courl;8,
shall report to -the Legislature upon the same, and receive their sane·
tion i to which will be added notes and referencea to the decisions of
our lA>.urts and books of practice.
, It will be observed, that Ihe first volume, already publ iehed, treats of
tae hist.ory and organization of the supreme court ami ita functions;
the judges, officers and jurisdiction of the same j the origin and history
of Civil, real and personal actions, toRether with other useful informa·
. tion. The second volume will be connned to the merely, with
such referenCf>-8 and l?recedents as may be wanted to complttt6 the work;
it will, no doubt, be mdispensable to the practitioner pleader, and
it i. inlended to supersede all other works on the subjecL

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme
Court and in the Court for the Correction of Errors of the
State of New York, by Nicholas Hill, Jun., Counsellor at
Law, and" continuation of Johpson, Cowen, and Wendell.
7 vols. $35.00.
The Office and Duties of Master in Chancery, and Practice
in the Master's Office. With an Appendix of Precedents,
by Murray Hoffman, one of the Masters of the Court of
Chancery for the State of New York. $3.00..
E:rtract of a Le(terfrom Ohancellor KENT.
The manuscript volumes on the practice before the master-were not
put into my hands until Friday. I have looked them
nicated to 1\1r. B. my high opinion of the accuracy, utility, credit and
value of the work, I think it would be purchased by all the practi-
tioners and masters in chancery who do any real business, and mean to
do it skillfully. '
"utterfrom T. A, EMMETT, Esg,
I return the manuscript>vork -you put into my handa, which I h;lve
examined with much It seems to me well ar.
ranged, .aucLcarefully and JudiCIously execuled_l.think.iLwilLbe a
. very ueeful work both to masters and solicitors, and I may also say to
counsel, for I have cenainly gained much information from it. I h0P.6
you may deri •• as much profit from it, as I think the community w,ll
benefil. _ _ "
. Account, adjournment, admission. adultery, alimony, answers, np·
. plication to the court, assets-bill for admmistering, bill, bond, books,
certificates, charge, commission, commissions to executors, trustees,
compound interest-, creditors coming in under a decree, discharge,
divorce, examination of parties, executor, ex parte proceedings. guard-
ian of infants, impertinence, infants, inspection of books. insufficiency
of answers. interest, interro&,atories, lunatics, maintenance, marking
papers, motions, notice, opemng biddings, partition, partnership books,
passing accounts of guardians-comm1ttees and receivers, production
of books, &c., receiver" redemption of premises, reference,.
sales by a master, scandal, separate report, servIce of summons, atate of
f....ct8, summons, trustee-allowance to, underwriting asummOnB, vouch·
era, wife, witness.
-A Course of Legal Study, addressed to Students and the Pro-
fession generally, by David Hoffman, Jur. Utr. Doct. Got-
tingen. Second edition, re-written and much enlarged.
vols. 1836.
Reports of Cases argued and dl'te,rmined in' the Court of
Chancery of the State of New York, by Samuel Hopkins,
Counsellor at Law, and successor of Joh!lS9n. 1 vol.
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme
Court at Special Term j with the Points of Practice de-
cided, from October Term, 1844, to July, 1850, by Nathan
Howard, Jun., Counsellor at Law, and Deputy Clerk of
the' Supreme Court. 4 vols. $14.00.
A Collection of PracticafForms il} suits at Law: also Pre-
cedents of Contracts, Conveyances, Wills, &c.; and Pro-
ceedings under. the Pension, Patent and Naturalization
Laws of the United States; with Annotations and Refer-
ence:>; by Charles' HuIl).phroYh COunsellOl: a,t Law.. 2
vols. 184:5. $10.00,
---Chapter 1, of actions-2, of ejectment-3, proceedings to compel·the
determination of claims to real estate in certain cases-4, proceedings

Cambridge, Noy. 25, 1844e
An Apalytical and Practical.8y'nopsis of all the Cases Ar-
gued and Reversed in Law and Equity, in the Court for
the Correction of Errors of the State of New York, from
1799 to 1847; with the names of the Cases and a Table of
the Titles, &c.; by Ralph Lockwood" Counsellor at Law.
1848. $4.00. .
An Analysis of the Principles of Equity Pleading: contain-
ing a Compendium of the Practice of the High Court of
Chancery, and the Foundation of its Rules, together with
an Illustration of tbc Anal0/D' betwelin Pleadings at Com-
mon Law and Equity, by v. G. Lube, of Lincoln's Inn,
Barrister at Law. Second American from the last Lon-
don Edition. With Notes and References to American
Cases, by.J. D. Wheeler, Cmmsellor at Law. 1846._,- $3.
Extract 'if a Letterfrom Judge' STORY.
B_4.NKS) GOULD & Co. :
Gentlemen,- ' , , " lIfr. Lube's Analysis of EqUity Pleadings is a
very good of the outlines of the science. and canDot fail '0
be of great uulity to students and young prac!itionen as an introdue-
lion, brief and )'ct accurate. to the-leading principles. • •••
I am, with great respect. .
Truly your obliged servant,
The Pactice of Courts Martial, by Alexander Macomb, +'1a-
jar General of the Army of the United States. $'2.00. .
Introduction. authority of courts general courts martial, thp.
arrest in order to trial chal ges or accusation: the trial. general rules of
evidence, finding and sentence. recommendation to mercy, revision,
confirmation or approval or disapproval of the sentence, execution of
the sentence, judge iJ,dvocate, regImental and garrison .courts martial,
appeal flom regimental to a general court martial, courts of inquiry•.,..,
Appendix. -Form No.. I; of a general 3;ppointing a general
court· martial-No.2, of a general order appomllng a general court,
martial-No.3. mode of recording proceedmgs of a general or other
court manial-No. 4. of e;arrisoIl; Qr reg·imcntal 5,
of charges and specIfications-No.6, of general 'orders approvmg or
disapprol'ing proceedings; articles of war j extracts from acta of Con·
gress hl'ving reference-w the arneles of war. . . _
The discipline aud reputation of the army are deeply in"olved in th.
manner in which military courts are conducted, and justice. adminis·
wred. The duties, therefore, that devolve on officers who may be ap-
poInted to sit as members of courls martial are of the most grave aoet
Important character: that the8e duties may be discharged WIth justice
and propriety, it is incumbent on all officers to apply themselve,s dili-
geptly to the acquirement of a competent knowledge of military law;
to make themselves perfectly acquamted with the acts of Congress re-
lating to the army and militia, wllh the regulations and general orders,
and with the practice of military courts.
Military jurisprudence has. of late years. undergone r.onsiderable
changes. and been much improved j consequently the practice of -eourts
martIal has experienced modifications to corrree:pond with such im-
pro'Vement. A book, embracing the improved method of proceeding in
courts martial, whether general or regimental, including courts of in-
quiry, has been much ".Ought after_ especially one that could be regard-
ed as a manual adaptc4f to the use of the army and militia of the United
States.. This work is intended to be such a manual. It not offered
as an originalprodu.ction in all its parts· it is necessarily made up of
the established opinions and practices 01 courts as confirmed
by general orders, and by the books of acknowledged accuracy in such
To assist the members of courts martial in regard to the evidence
proper,to be received. in it when bJ:O!1ght. to, their con-
a synopsis of the. rules on-that subject IS mtroduf:ed.
lOto the body of the work. wnhout which the work itself would be m·
complete. . • .
There ar.e also appended. [onns of orders for appointing the various
descriptions of military courts. and of recording their proceedings.
The author ackno_wledges himself under great obligations to the hon-
orable Benjamin Franklin Butler, late Attorney-General of the United
States, to wh.ose inspection this wort, in its original form, was sub-
mitted. After carefully perusing every paragraph. the Attorney-Ge'"
.eral made such amendments and additIOns as appeared to him proper,
all which have been adopted. It may, therefore. be said. that the work
has received the general approbation of that high functionary.
It will be a source of real pleasure to the author. if this work should
prove to be such as to answer all the purposes for which it was inte.nd-
ed, viz,: the introduction of a regular system of procedure in courts
martial, and the maintenance of order and discipline in the service. It
is a well established fact, that the infrequency of courts martial is in
proportion to the intelligence and well regulated zeal of the officers of
the army. It is as much a duty to prevent, as to punish crime. An
officer may do much to this elfect, by tiliiely interference. A judicious
intercourse with his meo, gives him that knowledge of charac-
ters, which enables him to admonish with equal benefit to them and
advantage to the service. They should feel an assurance, that, while
their rignts are guarded, their will not go unpunished.
A Treatise on the Doctrine of Presumption and Presump-
. tive Evidence, as affecting the Title to Real and Personal
Property, by John H. Mathews, of Lincoln's Inn, Ban:is-
ter at Law. With Notes and References to American
Cases, by Benjamin Rand. 1850. $4.00.
The object of the following work is to investigate aud explain tho
doctrine of Presumption and Presu;mptiv8 Evidence in their appli.
cation to Titles, and to show how far defects in· titles arising from
the want of direct evidence may be snpplied by e.tabUshed pre.
sumptions, or \iy those which are afforded from the particular> cir-
cumstances of the (';&S8.
It was at an early perjod of his professional studies that the au-
thor was impressed with a sense of the utility of a work of this de-
scription. On ljItlmost every other subject connected with the pra;c-
tice of cllDveyaocing, treatises or digests of the cases already ex-
isted; these afforded a ready means of acquiring all the informs..
tion extant) and removed many of the diftlculties which the various
subjects they embraced presented to the conveyancer. But when
questions arose which were to be determined by the principles of
presumption (and to such questions every Abstract of Title gives
more or 1es8 occasioD,) recourse could be had only to detached
cases and judicial dicta in the books of reports, and to casual pas· _
sages ill the text· hooks> >The labor and difficulty in such a state or...-
things were considerable: and the present work owes its
a conviction, that this labor and difficulty would be materl1l1lY di.
minished by &oy attempt, however imperfect, to collect and to ra.
into system the authorities on tHe 8ubject, which were then
up and down in some hundreds of volumes.
This being the first work that has appeared on the subject, and
the plau"and arrangement of it having therefore been left in a pe-
cuU:u manner to the author's own disoretion, he trusts it will meet.
'vith the indUlgence of the prAfcssion. Apprehensive that errol'S
as well as omissions will be discovered, it is with unfeigned difD-
dellce that he presents the result of his to the pUblic.
In conclUding, the author desires to express his thanks to his
friend Edward John Lloyd, Esq., of LincC?ln'rl Inn, for several valu-
able suggeslioufl in the course of the work, ot" which he 'has availed
LhlColn's Inn, December,.1826.
In regard to the Treatise of Mr. Mathews upon. the Doctrine of
Presumptions and Presumptive Evidence, it can hardly be necessa..
ry to say more, than that the &utbo:' has collected and reduced in-
to a system the numerous decisions upon this important branch of
the law, and that it is the en!y>book in the English language which
treats exclusively upon this "subject. .
The American Editor has aimed to Dote all the cases which have
occurred in the American Courts, wherein &ny of the doctrines or
principles contained iR the original text have been discussed, and
sueh English cases as have been published since the work of Mr.
Mathews came from the press, In doing this he has thougM i*
would best comport with the plan of the original work to refer to
tho cases merely, rather than the marginal notes with ex..
t.racts. which would in most instances be but a rellctition of the
doctrines contained in the text.
August, 1830.
Int{Oductory Chllpter.
Presumption. 'If Law.
Cbaptf>r n.-Mlscellaneous Instances.
Cbapter JII.-Oftbe Presumption with respect to the Exoneration
of Real Estate from CbarKcs or Encumbrances,-first, where they
paid off by Tenant for ,Lifo,-secondly, wbere by Tenant in
Cbapter IV.-Of tbe Presumption witb resped to tbe beneficial
Owncrship,-ftrst, where a Purchase made by onc Person is com·
pleted in the name of another,-&nd scco:r.dly, where an estate paid
for by two or more is conyeycd'to them as Joint Tenantlll.
Cbapter V.-Of the Performance and Presumed Satisfaction of
" Covenants for Family Provisions,- first. in Cs!"ca relating' to Pt.r..
" fODal Property,-secondlyI in Casp.s rela.ting to Real.
!' Chapter VI.-Of tbe Preaumed Satisfaction of Debts by Legacies
or Portions
Chapter VII.-Oftbe Presumed Satisfaction of Portions by
dcs or Second Portions.
Chapter VI (I.-Of tbe Presumed Ademption of Legacies to Chil-
dren by 6upeequent Portions.
Chapter IX.-Of the Prc.umption in Cases of Double Legaci ••.
Chapter X.-Of the exclusion of Executv"s from tbe Residuary
Presumptions 'If Fact.
Cha.pter XT.--On the Presumption of Instruments of AS.Eurancp.
Cbapter XII-Of Presumed Conveyance. of ontstanding Legal
Chapter XIII.-Of Presumed surrender of Terms. J
Chapter XIV.-Of the Presumption of Acts and solemnitics in
support 01 Assurances and nights.
Cbapter XV. -Of Presumptive Evidence in matters of Pedigree,
Cbapter XVI.-Of Presumed Grants of portions of Titbes, of Ad-
Faculti, s, Rents, CommoDs, Markets, Tells, Lights, Ways,
a.nd Watel·courses.
Chapter XV11.- -Of PreBumed Dedications of Rights of Road to
the Public.
Chapter XVIlI.--Of the Presumptive Bar to EquitieB ofRedemp-
Cbapter XIX.-Of the Preawned Satisfaction of Mortgage DebtB,
Judgments, to confess Judgment, Decrees, Statutes, Re-
cognizances, a.nd Bonds. .
Chapter XX --Of the PreBumed Satisfaction of AnnuitieB, Por.
tiODS, Legacies, Liens for Purchase Money, and other Demands
witbin the Statute of Limitations. -

Chapter XXI.-Of the Presumed DereUetion of tho Right to have
Fraudulent Purchases, Purchases by Trustees] and of
set aside in Equity: - -
Chapter XXI!.- -Of the Presumed Waiver ef Rights of Appropri-
ation i of Resumption on Forfeiture, Pre-emption and Election j of
Rights under Executory Trusts, DeTises in Equity, Agreements to
Purchase and Covenants for Renewal j of the Responsibility of
Executors, Administrators and Trustees j of the Liability of Pur-
chasers to see to the application of the Purchase Momey, and other
m:BceUaneous Rights.and Equities.
Vol. VI.
ReportsoCCases argued and determined in the Cou!:f.--of
King's Bench, with Tables of the Names of Cases..and-lhe
Principal Matters, by George Maule and William Sel-
wyn, of Lincoln's Inn, Barristers at Law. Volume VI.
Containing the Cases _of Hilary, Easter and Trinity
Terms, in the 57th year of Georg.e III. 1§Y7:'
'- "
/' - -
A Treatise on the Practice of the Courts of the State of New
York, adapted to the Co::le of Procedure, as Amended by
I he Act of April-n, 1849, ·and the Rules of the Supreme
Court, to which is added the Practice in the Courts of Jus-
tices of the Peace. With an Appendix of Practical Forms,
by Claudius L. Monell, Counsellor at La,\'. 1849. $3:
A Digest of the Reports of Cases determined in t upreme
Court of Judicature, and the Court for the' of
Errors of the State of New York.•To'ptl'ier with the Re-
ported Cases of the Superior Court f9p'w
e City and County
of New York, from the organizj!-l10n of said Courts; in-
c.luding Coleman's Cases, C'!Jnes' Reports, 3 vols., Caines'
Cases in Error, 2 vo]s., Jo!J,J1son's Cases, 3 vols., Johnson's
. Reports, 20 vols., Cowe ., Reports, 9 vols., Wendell's Re-
ports, 26 vols., Hill's eports, 7 vols., Denio's Reports, 5
vols., Barbour's Reports, 4 vols; Comstock's Reports,
1 voL, Hall's Reports, 2 vols., Sandford's Reports, 1 vol.,
and Anthon's Nisi Prius, by Thomas W. Clerke, Coun-
sellor at Law. Revised and continued to the present time,
by Wm. Hogan, Counsellor at Law. 2 vols. 1850. $!9.
From Judge LUMPKIN.
LexiDgton, Geo., July 20th, 1841.
'lessrs. GOULn. BANKS & Co. :
Gentlemen,- -I avail myself of the first lei8ure moment since the
receipt of the last box of books which you forwarded, including
., Clerke's Digest," of New York Reports to communicate to you,
my opinion of the merit of this work. Ana this I may do in a
word, by remarking that it is surpassed by DO similar pUblicatioD,
and, so far as I am able to jUdge. equalled only by Peters' Digest of
Cases in the Courts of the United States. They are both got up
pretty much upon the same plan.
By way of testing its accuracy. I have referred to many of the
Reports frem which the Digest was composed--baving the pleasure
of owning all except Coleman's Cases of Caines' and
Hall's Reports, and Anthon's Nisi Priuf.::-and in every instance,
have found that the principle has been stated with the utmost fi-
Yours Truly,
From the Hon. REUBEN H. WALWORTH, late Chancellor of tht State (If
New YOTk.
Yours, with respect,
Saratoga Springs, October 15. 1850.
htlessrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co. :
I have examined Mr. Hogan'i edition of the New York Digef\t,
originally prepared by Thomas W. Clerke, Esq. This new edition
of the work. rt"vised and continued to the present time, by one ot
our most industrious and intelligent lawyers, appears to haTe been
most faithfully prepared, and will undoubtedly be of great value to
the profession.
F,.om H. S....DFORD. Judge of the Superior Court of the Oity of
New Y01'k, and late Vice· Chancellor,
New York, December 20th. 1850.
:Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & CO. :
Gentlemen,-I have, at intervals, examined your recent edition
of the" Dhr;est of New York Reports
" originally prepared by Mr,
Clerke, and revised and brought down to this year by Judge
The work appears to be executed in the most thorough and faith-
ful manner j a merit which no one accustomed to consult digests
will fail to appreciate. The arrangemt:.nt adopted, is in general,
that of Johnson'S original digest, and is at once pract:'cal, conve-
nient, and readily understood.
Tbe Table f.lj Cases, is a most valuable a.ppendage to the work,
and will often serye to put those who consult it, in the right chan-
nel of inquiry, when at a loss under what head to look for the sub-
ject in hand.
Poughkeepsie, Nov. 12, 1850.
The reports of our state have become sO numerous, that a digest
devoted to them exclusively, is absolutely necessary for every law.
yer at our
A knowledge of our own decisions, is usually the first and great
point; and few counsellors can flpeod the time to look for them in
the im!Ilense mass of matter cOIlStituting a general digest of the
reports of our entire country.
I congratulate the profession on having put into their hands,
such an excellent Digest of our State Reports.
Yours Truly,
F,·om SEWARD BARCULO, Judge of the Supreme Court of t.h.e State of
New York.
MeSBrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co. :
I am in the daily use of the H Digest of New York Reports," by
1\1r. Clerke, revised and continued to the present time by Mr. Ho-
ga.n. and find it a work of great merit. The additional matter is
correctly stated, and carefully and jtldieiously arranged under the
appropriate 8ubjeets and titles.
1 consider this digest an indispensable assistant to judgf's and
lawyers who have frequent oceasion to consult the decisions of the
courts in this State.
From Judge GOULD.
Augusta, Geo., Feb. 22, 1851.
Messrs. BANKS, GOULD & Co.:
Gentlemen,-For three or four months past, J have used. as a
bflOk of reference, yeur last edition of Clerke's and Hoganls Digest
of the Reports of your State.
The work is in a most convenient form; the n.rrangement appears
to be complete j and the points decided are clearly stated. I know
nothing further, desirable in such a Digest, except accuracy of refer.
ance. As I have found no error in that particular. I presume that
object bas been attained; bllt no reader of the work could speak
with certainty, on that point, without an amount of labor almost
equa.l to the compila.tion.
The style in which Lbe book is given to the public speaks for it-
self j and does credi t even to a house known as 10Dg as yours has
been) in the character of publishers.
Very Respectfully,
Also. highly ll...ttering recommendations have been received
from Chancellor Kent, JUdge lIronson, and other distinguished
jurists and lawyers.
From Ihe Amer"tcan LatD- Journal.
Thi.lorge and valuahle work, although Bta"ted in the title page to
be rontainpd in two volumes. in reqlity to four large royal
octavo volumes. '1 htdirst two TOlumes contain 1331 pages. and.the
Ifl.Et two nearly 1500
makjng in the whole 'Wolk. over 2800 pagl's.
The Digest contains the foints as reported in Coleman's
ClfSes, 3 vols 1 Caires' Cases in E.rror, 2 vola.,
CasE-s: vols., Johnson'R Reports, 20 vola., Cowen's Re-
portl"; 9 vols" Wendell's Reporls, 26 vols., Hil.'s Reports, 7 vols,
Denio's Reports. 5 vols., Barbour's Law Reports, 4 vols., Comstock's
Reports, 1 vol.. Hall's ReporJ,s, 2 vols., Sa.ndford's Reports, 1 vol,
and Anthon's Niei P:tius. It p.mbracps R. revisal of the former edi-
tion of Mr. Clerke, with such modifications aa seemed Df'edf.ul ;
and alF:o a. Digest of the many volumes which been published
since that was issuea from the press, including part of Hill's Re-
porta and all of 'Ba.rbour and Denio and Sandford and Comfltock.
The limits of State jurislliction do not circumscribe the influence
and usefulness of a {)igest of this description. It is practically a.
Digest of the commou law, and of the c<)ns-truction of a large body
of the Statute either of direct application or of apposite illus-
tration. in every State in the Union.
Since the pUblication of a recent edition of Phillipps en Evidence,
by the same enterprising pUblishen. we have not examined & work
of equal va.lue to the Digest now •• We are far from limit-
ing our researches to Digests. however carefully prepared; but all
an index to point the to the sources of knowledge, the present
euition of the York Digest will save to The IE'gal practitioner a
gnat amount of intpllectual-toil Jlnd pbysica.l exertion. We cor-
dially recommend it to the
Fhnn the United States LaID llEagazine.
Wben we consider the variety of incident and principle tha.t
must come before the courts of a state. which is fast becoming the
central point of commerce for the whole wOrld,-and incess.nt
business activity of its citizens] hardly a man of whom but thinks,
acts: plans, S\.nd strives, to utmost to &Tail himself o( the rich
field h presents for industry and eXel't:oD, we are easily cODvinced
of the usefulness: and eveD Decessity, of a work, which,Jike the one
be ore_us, facilitates rtlference to t.he principles of law, by their
. clE'a.r, simple, and at the same arrangement
Codi:fi('.ation may 'Qe resorted to for simplifying the broad prici-
plea of Law and Equity" which guide a.nd regulate tbiB turmoil of
labor and enterprise ;. but codes themselves have their foundation
in these very principles, and while attempting to set aside the ex-
perienre of the past, receive their best and only exemplification
from tha.t very experience. No code can dispense with the labors
of the past. The wants and desires of men vary little in any age i
.. -and the intercourse of mankind must 1te always -regulated by
channels a.nd la.ndmarks j-you may check the st.ream
for .. time" hut its gathered force will soon break down every artifl·
cial restraint.
But this bec'lme in time 80 !(re:tt a.nd Hs mate-
rials bave become so enormously accumulate-d, that no single mind
01' pSl.tienee can master H,s weari:=;ome detailsl-and stilt
the diflllJulty grows with every year. Report@: are heaped on re-
ports, cases on cases, until the drudgery to whir'h the lega.l practi-
. tioDer is Buhj.·cted becomes most severf\ a.nd discoyragin"g. The
only CUT.e for the evil. is to select compile. digeflt; to rpjpct what
is obsolete and immaterial, and reduce aud simplify whatever ill its
principle. is eternal.
Such works as the one before us are the chief means of corrpctiull;
this redundancy. It presents a full Digest of the New York Lstw
Reports from the organization of the Cour' 8 of State, up to
the present moment. an4. commended to the public by all the
wdght of influence and chA.racter to be ga.ine.d. from the succpssion
of able JUdges who presided over our Courts during R. poriod
of seventy years. The prt!lspnt edition embraces & revisal of the
former edition of Mr. Clerke, Hnd!l8 a Digest of the ma-
ny volumes that have bpen published flince. iDcluding part of Hill's
Reports, and those of Barbour. Comst()Ck. and Santi ford
In tbis work. many of the errors that appeart'd in the former
tion are avoidpd, omiF'sions up, and ina.ecuraeies corrected.
In its preEtent shape. it is a necessa.ry adjunct to ('Tcry law library, '
and frow its compila.tion of oritrinal matter, merits the attention of
the profession throughout the United Stat.s.
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of
Chancery of the State of New York. by Alonzo C. Paige,
Counsellor at Law, and successor of Hopkins. Chancel.
lor and Vice-Chancel-lors of the State of New York du-
ring the time of these Reports: Reuben H. Walworth,
Chancellor. Vice-Chancellors-First Circuit: William
T. M'Coun, Murray Hoffman. Lewis H.' Sandford; Se-
cond Circuit-':Charles H. Third Circuit-John
P. Cushman, Amasa J. Parker; Fourth Circuit-John
·Willard ;. Fifth Circl,lit-Philo Gridley; Sixth Circuit-
Robert Monell; Seventh Circuit=-Daniel Moseley, Bowen
Whiting; Eighth Whittlesey. HI
vols. $60.00
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Circuit
Court of the United States, for the Second Circuit, com-
prising the Districts of New York. Connecticut and Ver-
mont, by Elijah Paine, Jun. Vol. 1. This volume of re-
p<lrts contains a choice selection of cases taken from th5
manuscript decisions of the Han. Livingston,
Wm. P. Van Ness, Elijah Paine and Smith Thompson,
from the year 1810 to 1826, made in the Second Circuit of
the United States Court, and not to be found elsewhere.
Vol. 20., in continuation, is ready for the press, and will
be published.without delay. $12.00.
A Practical and Elementary Abridgement of the Cases ar·
gued and determined in the Court of King's Bench, Com-
mon Pleas, Exchequer, and Nisi Prius: and of the Rules
of Court, from the Restoration in 1660, to Michaelmas
Term, 4 George IV. With important Manuscript Cases,
alphabetically, chronologically, and systematically ar-
ranged and translated. With copious Notes and Refer-
ences to the Year Books, Analogous Adjudications, Text
Writers and Statutes, specifying what· Decisions have
been Affirmed, Recognized, Qualified, or Overruled, _com-
prising under the several Titles. a Practical Treatise on
the Different Branches of the Common Law, by Charles
Petersdortf, of the Inner Temple. 15 vols. 1832. $63.00
Supplement to Petersdorlf's Abridgment of English Common
Law Cases, argued and determined in the Courts of King's
Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, and at Nisi Prius:
being a Practical Abridgement of the Cases Reported
from Michaelmas Term, 4 George IV. to Hilary Term, 3
WilliamIV. Alphabetically and Systematically arranged
under appropriate Titles, by Elisha Hammond, Counsellor
at Law. 2 vols. 1835. $8.00
A Treatise on the Law of Evidence. Sixth American from
the Ninth London Edition, with considerable Alterations
and Additions, by S. March Phillipps, Esq., Barrister at
La.w. In Five Volumes, with Notes to the First and Se-
cond Volumes, by Esek Cowen, late one of the Judges of
the Supreme Court of the ,State of New York; assisted by
Nicholas Hill. Jun" Counsellor at Law, and late State
Reporter. With additional Notes and References to.!he
English and American Cases to the present time, by·].
Marsden Van COlt, Counsellor at Law. Third Edition.
5 vols. 1850. $24.00.
FrO11/. Judg< ST9RY.
Cambridge, July 24, 1840.
Messrs. DANKS, GOULD & CO. :
Gentlemen.-It was not until a rew days ago, that I bad tbe plea'
sure of knowing. by your letter of the 6th of July, from....wbat source
I bad received a copy of the new Americap. edition. published by·
you. of Mr. Phillipps' 'Work on Evidence, in 4 vola., which some time
ago came to my ha.nds. I beg you now to aceept of my sineerp.
thankll for this most acceptable present. I bave long considered
Phillipps' work on Evidence) as the most thorough, accurate,
a.nd able, that I have ever seen j a.nd [ bave used it more
Iy than any other. Tbe seventh edition. wbich you bave re-pub-
Hslled, has been materially improved by the learned Author, with
the assistance of his distinguished friend, Mr. Amos. Your Edi·
tiOD with the very extensive and learned notes of Mr. Cow·
en a.nd Mr. Hill to the first volume, and those of the anonymous
editor of the second volume, appears to me entitled to a decided
preference over all others, for an American lawyer. It seems to me
the most a.mple, as well &S most satisfactory collection of principles
and authorities upon this most important subject. that I ever
sellin. I cannot doubt that it will receive an extenSive patrona-ge
from thE" profession, proportionate to its great merits.
I am, with the .highest respect,
Truly your most obllged
Friend and servant,
THOi-U.S '\V. CLERKE, Eeq.
N. Y. Law Scbool, May 22, 1843.
Gentlemen.-Tn answer to your question as to the result ·o'f my
experience of Justice Cowen'J:l edition of Phillipps's Treatise on
Evidence: as a tp-xt book, I now state that it has exceeded my
pertations. You are aware, that the interesting subject of Evi·
denee engaged nearly our exclusive attention for several months of
the session, thus haTing an ample opportunity of testing its merits.
The original work is so well known, that it is scarcely necessary
for me to S8.y, that whether as a. tf>xt book for students: or a. work_of
referenclll and study for practitioners, it is unequalled ia precision
of la.nguage, felicity of arrangement, and the general fidelity with
which the cases, iUustrating -its positions, are tr:anscribed. With
respect to the voluminous notes of Justice Cowen ;--in every re-
spect, they equal the text in all tbe qualities which I bave mention-
ed, and Furpass it in learning a.nd research j showing certainly not
lees leg&! acumen, and greater industry,-industry untiring and
almost incredible, wben we consider the other avocations of tbe ed-
itor. Altogether, I am sure, that all who bave bestowed adequate
- attention OU this able work, will ullite with life in'"prououncing it
an invaluable acquisition to the legal profession in this country.
Yours sincerelYl
Also. highly flattE'ring testimoni8ls bave been rp.cpiTPd from the
-Hon. Simon Greenleaf, the Hon. Samuel J. Hitchcock, and other
distinguished lawyers.
From the United Stales Law Magazine.
Mr_ Phillipps' work has so long held a high rank in public r.pula-
tiOD as a standard treatise on the law 01 evidence, that it is uone·
_ eessary for 'Us 1:0 speaJ\: bere of jts merita. As regardE! the edition
DOW before '08. it is to any wbich has e..,er before ap..
pealed from the Ameriean pres'!I. The text and Dotes, which com-
prise five large octavo volumes, coutailling o..,er one thousand
pilkes, art' executed in the best style of modern typographical art.
The text of the work is a reprint of Mr. Phillip'Ps' late edition
which was re·written by him, after the pnblication of" Phillipps
on Evidence, with Cowen and Hill's Notes." It is wen known that
Mr. Phillipps, in that profiting by the labors of his Ameri-
can editor,!t, mainially altered alMl improved the arrangement
of his work, and added several new heads. The required change in
the arrangelp.ent of the notes to correspond with these alterations,
although a of immense labor, has been carefully made The
American editor, Mr. Van Cott, has labored diligently to indicate
the altel'ations made in the law of evidence, since 1he last edition
was published j and, from aD examination of his we
believe that no case material to tbis purpose has been oterlooked or
omitted. To select from the-vast number of English and America.n
decisions, made within the last ten years, upon points in the law of
evidence, those only which have involved anything really new, was
a work "requiring more than ordinary application and ability.
The editor bas i1hown himself p'ossessed of both in an eminent de.
gree. Where the law haa been alte--red, be has indicated the alter•
. stiOD; where a point was in doubt. he has brought forward all re·
cent adjud·ications that would tend to clear it up j and where a
judgment was remarkable for its }t.>arnmg} or eRPounded a rule witb.
Uncommon force} the case has, been noted, although the point ad.
- judged was not new. This edition. pl'8senting as it does, a complete
. and accurate view of thA present state of the law of evidence} will
be fouud an indispensable adjunot to the library of every praotical
.A Treatise on the Law of Fire and Marine Insurance, by
Williard Phillips, Counsellor at Law. Third Edition,
: with great Additions. 2 vols. 1851. $10.00.
( -
Digested Chancery Cases. contained in the Reports of the
Court of Appeals in Maryland. Harris & McHenry, <1
vols. Harris & Johnson, 7 vols. Harris & Gill, 2 vols.
Gill & Johnson. 7 vols. By James Raymond, of the Ma-
ryland Bar. $3.00.
The Law of Baron and Feme, of Parent and Child, Gu_ar-
dian and Ward,- Master and Servant, and of the Powers
of the Court· of Chancery; with an Essay on the terms
Heir, Heirs, and Heirs of the Body, by Tapping Reeve.
Second Edition, with Notes and References to English amI
American Cases, by Lucius E. Chittenden. 1846. $3.50.
Fourth Edition.
Banks, Gould & Co.; of the City of New York, and Gould.
Banl>:s & Co.,.()f Albany, Law Booksellers, are preparing
an Edition of this work for the press. It will contain all
the additions and alterations that may be adopted and 41-
troduced in the new Constitution, and the enactments of
the Legislature of 1848, upon the same. The publishers,
in order to have this important work unexceptionable to
the public, have contracted with Messrs. Samuel Stevens
and John A,. Collier, Counsellors at Law, of tbe City of
- Albany, to prepare for them this great wor1l:. These gen-
- tlemen are'well known to the judiciary, and to the mem-
_bers of the bar of !his state; it is useless, therefore, to say
any thing that can add to their qualifications for the task;
they are considered to be at the head of our bar. Their
character and reputation as lawyers are at stake. They
will make it the best work of the kind extant. All the de-
cisions of our Courts, and other useful matter that have
any analogy or bearing uron the construction, intent,
meaning or explanation 0 our Constitution and Laws
will be abridged, and introduced in the text or body of the
work where it properly belongs; in fact it will, (as is in-
tended,) supersede all other editions of the Revised Statutes.
The publishers will commence printing this work at the
close of the session of 1847, and they promise to hasten
its completion l!s f!lSt as practicable-nothing on their
part will be omitted to make it useful and cheap. The
paper, printing and binding will be of a superior quality,-
and the price as low as it can be afforded, a trifle over the
_cost-looking to futme editions for their profit.
On the Plan of Blackstone. Prepared for the use of Stu-
dents at Law, and adapted to and Colleges, by
Thomas W. Clerke, Counsellor at Law. 1842. $3.00.
Analytical Outline.
Chapter I.-Definition of law j rts various bunches j objects of
municipal law j division of rights j natural rights. Section 1, deft.-
nitlon-of law j its various branches; 2, municipal law; its defini-
tion analyzed j 3, objects of municipal law ; 4, natural rights.
Chapter H.-AdventitiouB rights j those growing out of the va-
rious of-.$ociety. ·See. 1, public relations; 2, the public
relations, continued; 3, pUblic relations, continued j subordinate
magistrates; 4. pUblic ..relations, continued-classification of the
people; 5, of the private relations-husband and wife; 6, parent
and child; 7, guardian and ward; 8, of infants; 9, master and ser-
vant; 10, principal and. agent.
Chapter Ill.-Adventitions rights relative to artificial persons.
Chapter [V.-Adventitious rights, which relate to the acquisition,
enjoyment and disposition of real property. Seo. 1, property in
general j 2, distinctions of property; 3, Incorporeal real property;
4, of the tenure by which real property is held, and of duration or
quantity of the interest thereon j 6, of estates for life; 6. of estates
for years, a.t win, from year to year, and by sufferance; 7, of es-
tates upon con'dition; 8, of the time at which the esjoyment be-
gins j 9, of estates in severalty, joint tenancy and tenancy in com-
mon j 10, of the distinction betwee:l legal and equitable estates;
11, of trusts; 12
of powers; 13, uses and trusts under the Revised
Statutes of New York; 14, of title to things real, in general; 15,
the modes by which the title to real property may be acquired or
'lost-descent'; ]6, occupancy; 17, prescription; 18, escheat and
forfelture; 19, of title by alienation; 20, of deeds, their general
Dature; 21, the severa.l speciel'1 of deeds; 22, of deeds which de-
rive their effeot from the statute of uses; 23, of alienation by de-
vise; 24, relative to the oonstruotion of deeds and wills.
Chap£.r V.-Adventitions rigbts which relate to the acquisition,
enjoyment and disposition of personal property. Sec, 1, nature of
. personal property; 2
different kinds of personal property; 3, ex-
tent of interest in personal property; 4, 88 to the time of enjoy-
ment, and the number of owners; of title to personal property,
by oriii:inal acquisition; 6, of title to personal property by transfer
--by act of law j 7, by jUdgment, by insolvency, by attachment j
. 8, by intestacy; 9, of tlUe to pers_onal property, by act of the party
--by ldft or grant-by contracts; 10. bailment; 11, hiring and
borrowing; 12, debt; 13, by testament. •
Chapter I.-Of redre.s obtained by the acts of the partie•. and
by operation of law. Sec. 1, of the redress of injuries obtained by
the act of the injured party; 2, of redre.s by the act of both par-
ties; 3, of redress by the mere operation of law.
Chapter IT. --Of redress and injuries by suit in court. See. 1, the
nature and fl;everal speclp8 of courts; 2, of the several courts of
the United States; 3, of'the several courts of the Sfate of New
. York; 4, of the court for the trial of impeachments and the cor-
rection of errors; 6, jurisdiction of the supreme court over civil
matters; 6, of the jurisdiction of the chancellor.
ft,nd conrt of chancery; 7, the principal peculiarities in the juris.
diction of the court of eqnity; 8. of the courts of limited jurisdic-
tion j 9, of couts of specia.l and peculiar jurisdietion.
Chapter 11 I.-Of the injuries cognizable in the different courts,
aDd how redressed. Sec. 1, of injuries that affect the na.tural
rights, and their remedies j 2, injuries affecting the private rt'la-
tions, and their remedies; 3, of injuries to personal property, And
.eir remedies j 4, of injuries to real property corporeal j 5, inju.ries
to real property incorporeal; 6, of injuries proceeding from, or af-
fecting the government of the United States and their
Chaptbr IV.-Of the manner in which the several remedies flre
pursued and applied by action in courts of law and equity. Sec. 1,
different branches of the jurisdiction of the supreme court j 2. by
what authority the practice cf the courts i. regulated; 3, of t.he
terms and vacations, time for holdi:qg circuits, &c., and time in
general, &8 it affects proceedings, in actions at law; 4. of tke com-
mencement of actioDs ; 5, of the writ of capias j 6, of the arrest,
and incidents, and proceedingS therein; putting in and perfecting
special bail j 8, proceedings on a bail·boJ;ld, and against the
9. introductory observations on the bp.tween appearance
or special bail, and the conclusion of an action j 10, of the declara-
tion; 11, &8 to the mode and form of decla.ring j 12. of proceedings
to compel the defenda.nt to plead, and of time to plead; 13, occa-
sional by a defendant, lJetwet'D declaration and plea. ;
14. of the practice as to pleas and notice; 15, the different kinds of
diiatory pleas; 16, pie.... in bar; 17, of dIscontinuing-of the repli-
c&tion and 8ubspquent pleadings between plea, and notice of trial;
18 of demurrers j 19, of the issue and notice of trial j 20, of the
21 of the trial and j 22, of the judgment its in-
. 23, of proceedings to reverse judgments; 24,
course of proceedings on a writ of error in civil cases j 25, of exe·
cution' 26 of irregularities, llullities, and non.obFervance of mere
directo;y and modes of objecting to the same j
27. of proceedings in equity.
Chapter V. -Public injuries and their remediea-oftbe nature of
(',rimes a,nd their punishments. Sec. 1, distinction between private
and public injuries i 2, pnnishmfl'nts.
Cbapter Vl.-Of the persons capable of committing crime. -
Cha.pter VH.-Of principals and accessories.
Chapter VIlT.-Tbe several species of crimes.' of offences
against public morals and 2, of offences aga1Dst \!ow
Cambridge, May 25,1842.
Cambridge, May 14. 1842.
Co! nations j 3. of high treason j 4. of offences agaiullit public .ius.
tlce f), of against the pUblic pea-cA.; 6, of against
public trade j t, of offences against the public health. and the
lie police or economy j 8, of homicide; 9, of other offences against
the pt'rsons of individu:\ts; 10, of oft'tmces the habitations
of; 11, of offences 3{Catust private property.
Cha.pter [X -OJ the mea.ns of preventing offdDces.
Chapter justice. Sec. I, of summary conviction j
2. of i 3. of commitment and rail; 4, of and
indictments; 5, ofproces8 upon &n..iodictment; 6, of arraigu'1lent,
&0. ; 7\ of plea and issue; 8, of trial and conviction i 9. of jude;.
ment and its consequences j 10, of reprieve and pardon i II, of ex..
ecution. .
From the late Judge STORY.
Messrs. BA.N'KS, GOULD & Go. :
Gentlemen,-- '" '" .... Mr. Clerke's Rudiments of American Law
and Practice. app"ars to me to be drawn up with great ('are. an.:! to
condense in a brief fOlm a great deal of learning, highly
students at law, and well adapted to the highest. classes in our col-
leges; and especially for students in the State of-New York.
I am, 'With the highest respect,
Your obedient serrvant,
From. the Hon. S. GREElfLEAF.
BA.NKS, GOULD & Co. : accept my sincere thanks for the copy of Mr. Clerke's Rll-
diments which you were so kind RoS to send me. ] it
over with some attention, and think he has successfully
all that he proposed in his preface, and that it will prove a very A c-
ceptable hand· book to thoEe for whose u'le it was intended, pa:rticu-
larty within the State of New York, to whose laws it has especiOLl
reference. The plan of the work is excellent, and the author's
jn1gment is evineed in the selection of the sources from which he
has drawn-; excepting that I think he shoul.d, at this dsy. have de-
rived th"e law of Bailments and Equit.y from the works of Mr.
Justice Story, rather til"n frum those of Sir Wm. Jones and Mr.
Jeremy. .
Very respectfully yours,
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of
Chancery of the State of New York. Before the Hon.
Le-wis H. Sandford, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of the
First Circuit. 4 vols. $24.00.
F"om the LaID Journal, Janu."y, 1848.
Tbese report. are creditable in nery .... y to both .nd
publisher. In paper. type aDd general neatness of execution, they
are f"qual to any works of & similar character which we have seeD.
The volumes bave been published under the auspices of the HOD.
Lewis H. Sandford himself j and therl'fore possesses the advantage
-an adv:entage which every lawyer who bas suffered under the in...
lIf ignorant or careless reporters will appreeiate-of clear
statements of facts, intelligent arguments of couDscl, and we have
every reasOn to believe: accurate syllabuses oftbe points adj,JJdged.
The reports are made up entirely of cases in chancery, heard in
tbe city of New York; before Vice-Chancellor Sandford; milny of
th,·m are in themselves of a highly interesting cbaracter, to which
additional interest is given from the fact af their having been gen-
erally argued by the ablest members of the New York bar, a body
spcond in intelligence and accomplishment to none in this or any
country. In Temple v. Hawley, Vol. I. p. ]64, the power of an in-
fant f('male under 21. upon the eve of marriage, to make a settle-
ml>nt which will be afterwards binding, is elaborately investigated.
In Barry v. The Merchants' E.xchange Company, P 280, several in.
terestiIig questions OD the powers and liabilities of corporations are
In Pothier v. Martin, p. 669, the practice of attorneys
::nd solicitors purchasing from their clients is severely reprobat.ed,
31'd the prohibition extended to the clerk in a solicit( r'S
office. The case of Lynch v. Clarke. p. fi83. involves one of the most
inti'resting questions of constitutional law'ever raiseJ in this coun
try i the arguIDt.'nts..ofcouDsel and the opinJon of the court occupy
nearly one hundred pages. The question arose under a claim made
to rC&.1 estate by a youog..female. In order to establish a title citizen-
ship was r:ecesfl.ary j it was proved that she had been born in this
country of parcnh, who bad neverb€come naturalized: and who
rdurned with to OWn country while she was an infant.
It had nev,'r been decided that birth alone in this country is neces-
sllry to cODstitute citizenship, and the examina.tion here made of
1be alien and na.turalization law8 is interesting in the extreme.
We have remarked.-also, several cases of interest in the second vo·
III me: which I" want of space preclUdes our noticing more at length.
ARsistant Vir e-Chancellor Sandford, of these reports, bas become
Judgp- Sa.udford, under .the new const!tution of New this
one of the first good thlDgs we recognIze under the Df>W j It
is to be hoped that all other changes will prove equally beneficial.
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Superior
Court of the City Of New York, by the Hon. Lewis H.
Sandford, one of the }ustices of the Court. Justices of
. the New York Superior Court, during the time of the Re-
ports :-Thomas J. Oakley, ChJef Justice; Aaron Van-
derpoel Lewis H. Sandford, John L. Mason, John Duel',
w. W.' Campbell, Elijah Paine, Jr. (succeeded Judge Van-
derpoel,) Justices. 2 vols. 1849. $10.00.
The pubashersln presenting to the pnbllc "volume of the d'ci·
siolls of the Snperior Court of the City of Ne.. York, beg leave to
reCer brielly to the po.iUou "nd ch&ract.r of that tribunal -
It has jurisdiction of all actions, in which, either the subjPct mat.
tE'f is within the city, or the parties are there served with prOCei:i8.
Under the Judiciary Act of ]847, and the Code of Procedure, this
jurisdiction extend. to equitable, as ..elias legal actions. By both
of these statutes, its decisions are subject to review in the Court of
Appeals, and are removed directly thither for that purpo.e.
Thus, in the City of New York, and in respect of parties there
served with process, although residing elsewhere; the Superior
Court is in point of civil jurisdiction, on the same level with the
present SuprAme Court of the State.
Formerly, when its jUdgments were reviewed in the late
Cout't, and ",heR it had no equitable jurisdiction, it became, and
for nearly twenty years was, the principal commercial court in the
city. Probably no single legal tribunal in the United States, h""
within that period, passed upon &8 many important questions of
commerciallif.w, or upon suits involving 80 much property, &s has.
the New York Superior Court. From its elevated character, It.
situation in the American metropolis of trade and commerce, and
its enlarged juriRdiction; it is believed that faithful reports of its
decisions, will be an advantage tq the ~ a r , not only of this city 8,nd
state, but of the ..hole country. The bKr of New York, ha. long
expressed a desire for such- a publication j and JUdge Sandford
having, for a time, in addition to his arduous duties on the bench,
und'"!rtaken the laber of preparing thp.m, the publishers are confi.
dent that the series of reports now offered, 'tIVill command the ap.
probation of the profession, both from their entire accuracl .."d
their intrinsic merit.
New York, Jannary, 1849.
The Reports of the Most Learned Sir Edmund S.aunders,
Knight, late Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, of
. several Pleadings and Cases, in the Court of King's
Bench, in the time' of the Reign of His Most Excellent
Majesty King Charles the Second.- Edited, with Notes
and References to the ;Pleadings and Cases, by John Wil-
liams, one of his late Majesty's Serjeants at Law. Fifth
Eilition, by John Patteson, of the Middle Temple, now
one of the Judges of the Court of Q.ueen's Bench, and Ed-
ward Vaughan Williams, Barristers at Law. Sixth Edi-
,tion, by Edward Vaughan Williams. 3 vols. 1846.
The Session Laws of the State of New York, from 1821 to
1850, inclusive. 30 vols. These Session Laws are well
executed, and bound separately, and sold very low.
An Analytical Digest of the Law of Marine Insurance, con-
taining a Digest of all the Case. adjudged. in this State,
from the earliest Reports down to the present time. With
References to·an Appendix of Cases decided in .the Su-
preme, Circuit, and District Courts of the United States,
from the earliest Reports down to the present time. With
References to an Appendix of Cases decided in the Su-
preme, Circuit and District Courts of the United States,
from the earliest period down to the year 1830, by Henry
Sherman, Counsellor at Law, New York. 1844. $2.50.
Prom the Han. Judge SHERMAN, 'If Conn.
Fairfield, Conn., Deo. 28, 1841.
Dear Sir,-l had the ple8Jlure and the honor to receive yOUl' friend..
ly note, and the volume which it accompanied. There is no other
State in the Union where the law of Marine Insurance bas received
80 frequen.t and able discussion 8S in New York. or whose courts
were more competent to 'Bettle and apply. by decisions commanding
the highest re'pect, the principles which compose that important
branch of jurisprudet; ceo Your Digest of these decisions, with re-
ferences to those of the National Courts contained in your appen-
. dix, will be useful in the libraries of gentlemen of the bar, not in
your own State only, but in every other. Your is con...
venient for ready rtference
and the compilation, 80 far &s my
portunity for perusal will enable me to judge, is and judi.
Accept"my grateful acknowledgmenhforthe testimony of friend.
ship and respect which you have here presented. The gives
proof of industry and talents wbich 6u&tanties the future
negs and respectlt bUity of its author: a consideration frDm which,
be assured, dear Sir. I derive the highest satisfaction.
Very sincerely yOUfS,
From the Han. CHARLES CHAUNOEY, PM/adelphia.
Philadelphia, J&llUary 3, 1842.
Dear Sir,-1 have reoeived the oopy of your .Digest, wbich you
were so kind &8 to send me, with your very acceptable note of the
2'2d J haTe examiued the Digest with some, care, ahd ain
pleased that your labor has been employed upon. 80 important a
subject, and that you been eminently successful in your
errurt. I think the profession is largely indebted to yon, for the
manner in which the work has been done. I beg Jon to accept my
thanks for kind attention in sending me the work.
I am, dear Sir,
Your obedient servant, .
•. eM.
From the Han. THOMAS DAY, Hariford, Conn.
Yours truly,
Hartford, January 22, J842.
Dear Sir.--J thank yon for the copy you sent m'o of your Digest
of the Law of Marine Insurance. From the examination I have
ght.:n it) I think it bas extrinsic merits, and J shall value it be6idt.'s
for the giver's sake. I send you herewith a copy of the first part of
]4 Conn. Rep. which is just out. It contain8 several able opinions
of Judge Sherman, which I bave no doubt you will read witlLmuch
. 1nteretlt. The appendiX) if it fll.ils to interest) may at least amuse
FrOl1"l Judge HITCHCOCK, Professor in the LatD School, Net/) Ha'Cen."
New Haven, May 2, 1842.
Dear Sir,-I bave examined your Digest of the Law of Marine fn-
containing all the New York with an appf'ndjx of
caSeS decided elsewhere j and I take pleasure -in saying that the
work is II useful manual for the practising law)"er, aDd valuable 88
u: book of reference for the student and scientific teacher, inasmuch
as it furnishes in a detached and cundensed form a multitude of
cafms scattered through numerous volumes too costly to be gen-
erally and rpquiring more time for a thorough inveEti-
gation of all the cases they contain than the student; practitioner,
or teacher, can conveniently devote to the subject. Allow me to
{xpress my tha.nks for a copy reeeived; and to add a hope that you
WM.y remunera.tea for your labors. _ ,
With much reR-pect,
1 onr fl'iend and fermer instructor
P,·om the Hon. JOHN DUER.
. 13th April, 1843.
Dea.r Siri-T thank you sincerely for the honor you have done-_me
in presentlng me a copy of your valuable Djgest of American
, de.cisionb on Marine T!15urancc, and doubt not that 1 shall find it of
much use in the researches in which I am engaged. ... ...... +
With your uncle, to whom your worK is illicribed,l am well ac·
<juainted and entertain for him the high respect to which his talents
and character so greatly entitle him.
Very truly yours,
Frollt the lion. Judge VAN"DERPOEL.
New York, 98th Feb. 1844.
)1, dear 8ir,-1 have too long delayed acknowledging the receipt
of your Digest of the Law of Marine Insurance. J looked
through it with considerable care and attention. As my
sioDal pUf8Uits, before my appointment to the Rench, were not of a
character to render me very familiar with the Law of .l.\'Iarine Insu-
rance, my atLention has recently been devated to that branch of
jurisprudence. I have found your book a great auxiliary in my at.
tempt to gain some knowledge of the subject of which it treats. and
hate DO hesitation in recommending it to the Bar as a highly'use-
ful and meritori<Jus work.
You... very truly,
Commentaries ou Statute aud Constitutional Law, and Stat-
utory and Constitutional Construction, containing an Ex-
amination of Adjudged Cases on Constitutional Law UIl-
del' thc Constitution of the United States, and the Consti-
lmion of the respective States concerning Legislative
Power. and also the Consideration of the Rules of Law in
Ihe Construction of Statutes and Constitutiuual Pro\'i-
by E. Fitch Smith, Counsellor at Law. 1848.
P/'fJ'm lite Han. H. S.-\NDFOR.D, Ju,dge qf the 8upe1'iol' Oourt 0/
the City of J.Vew York. lLnd latc ViCe-Chancellor.
New York, nth Dec., 1848.
B.\.""'K:-. GOt:LD &. Co. :
Gentlclneu,--l have examined with much interest. Judge Smith's
Ii Commentaries OIl Statute a.nd Constitutional Law."
The work treats of subjects upon which an elementary treatise
has lonlJ' been needed, and in a manner that cannot fail to com.
mend it to the a.pprobation of legif.lators, as well as lawyers and
The n'l'f'at subject of legislative power, as restricted by written
and especially as it exists independent of those re-
straints. is discu;::scd with boldness and commanding ability' and
the portion of tbe work devoted to the exposition of st"tutes.'their
o-lassifichtioD: and their distinctive traits and operati&!l j is at
eminently practical and thoroughly digested.
J r.a.n with plea:-ure, recommend the work to the bar and
Respectfully yours,
From the New York Legal Observer.
"7e have for some time past intendfld to direct the attt'ntfon of
the profession to the Hon. E. Fitch Smith"s "Commentarie3
On Statute and Constitutional Law and Constitutional Construe·
tion." Instead of a review of these Commentaries, we haTe can·
eluded to pres6-ut to our readel's some of the ma.ny testimonials
at Ollr request, the pUblishers have furnished In the
"Belknap Gazette," publisbed in New Hampshire, we find these
Cemmentaries thus alluded to :
,. MR. EUITOp.:--Permit me: through the columns of your naeful
paper, to congratulate the profession upon the appf'arance of thy
lion..K Fitch Smith's' Commentaries on Statute and Constitution-
al Law,'
,; The first five chapters in this learned work, contain the origin
and history of Iegblation among the ancient governments- -of
lation iu in the colony of Virginia-of legis-
lation in the colonies of New Plymouth and Ma8sachusetts Eay.
and in tho Connecticut colony-and then proceeds, 6thly: to tn'at
of the legi,lative power of th.. States. and the bills of rights of tbo
respectiva States. Chapter 7th. of legislati-rc authority irrespect-
ive of any constitutional upon legislative power, &c.
Eighth: of constitutional restrictions upon legislative power, under
the constituLion of the United States-firdt, as npplicable to the
li'etlera.l government, and second) as 'l.pplicable to thl' Stato govern.
menta, and the construction put upon such res-trietive
Ninth, of constitutional restrictions lIpon legislative power: under
the of the respective Sta.tes, and the construction of
such restrictive clauses. Tenth. of legislative and judicial inter-
pretation. of the division.: qualities and iucidenb of
statutes. Twelfth, of interpretation anu construction of particu-
lar words. Thirteenth. of cotl'mpol'aneous exposition. Fourteenth,
of statutes in PIll"i Matel'i'a Fifteenth. of affirmative and negative
sta.tutes. Sixteenth. of equita.ble construction of Penal statutes.
Eighteenth. of the construction of Penal statutes. Nineteenth, (If
Lbe rf'peal of Twentieth, of public and private statutes i
and twenty.firftt, of the proofs of the existence of statutes.
" It will l!.t once be fleen how indispensable a thorough knowledge
of the subjects treated of in this work. is to every hwyer and legis-
lator. 'l'he wnrl'i:s of Kent and Story upon the several sub-
jeots f,Jund ia judge Smith's Commentaries: haTe been read with
much pleasure and instruct.ion. But those works combined! do not
pre·ent but P:11"ts of tbe great whole treatt'd of in the Commenta-
ries under consideration. The latter ma.y well be called an
cen wOl'k, written in the true spirit of our free institutions, bM:ed
upon American a.uthorit.ies, Fupported by lucid arguments. drawn
from the vital principles of our government, and such consb'uc
U<ms .., Ii"Ye long i'ecelved the unqualified approh..tion of our own
judiciary. After some examination, I hope not to render myself
obnoxiotts to -contradiction, by saying, that after the careful peru-
sal of these Com.mentaries, e'f'ery jurist will cheerfully acknowledgB
the superiority of this work any others now t'xtant, treating
upon the Bl\me genel"8.l flubjeets.
" I baTe now no time, if 1 bad the- ability, to make an analytfcaJ.
review of Judge Smith's very useful My only de-
"igo in taking up t.he pen upon this subject, was to call the atten-
tion of the pUblic, and jurists in pa.rticular, to this Dew and valua.-
ble treatise. with a. view of con(t!rriog & favor and rendering
Ilcrvice, by the infotmation, to those who are Bupposed to be more
directly in such &. work. T hope the distinguished
thor will receive a commensurate with the great amount ot
labor and fiplendol" of-achievement." _
We understH.nd the article above quoted ema.nated from the pen
of the late attoruey-general, a and learned constitu-
The fo'lowing ext....ct. "'re taken from the August number of
lIunt's Merchant's Magazine: _
"Awork, fUlly and ably tre"ting the subject of statutory ..ud con-
stitutionallaw, has been much needpd, and the leRorned labors ot
)'1r. Smith bfLve resulted in an exceedingly season",ble publication.
Of ODe fact the book furnishes conclusive prima. facie proof, and a
rcfnti\tion of a. prevailing notion. We are told that the days
of profound f!cholarship, of' learned (as the phrase are
gone. Eat that. in one branch at least of human learning. therc still to be found deep thought and patient study, such books a.
these Comment.aries conclusivel.v prove j and if we are told that wo
have no longer the huge folios of former days, we answer th&t the
fashion, rather th&D the sizo of the volume, has eba·nged, amI we
point, for proBf to I\1r. Smith's octavo of a thousand pages.
'" The direction of modern legnl schol9,rFhip has changed, h"It it
bas lost nothing in profundit1-. No longp.r puzzling over the subtle-
ties of the schools, it finds enough 10 do in grappling with the mo-
mentous questions and pressing interests of the present; ll.n<l no
longer finding time for the refinements of a logic which atrordf'd
gratiGcation to a. lear.ned compla.cency, rather than yielding practi-
cal g'oad, it has need of an its time and powers ket'p up with tho
developments of an active . age, and in endeavoring to reduce to
Tule an I "ystem the notions and. the modifica.·
tions of old rules, called forth by new events and the cha.nging as-
pect of society_
,. \\t e' speak not only with reference to our own country when we
call this work At a time when all Europe is convulsed
with movements. the whole end and aim of which are
81 change. the shifting of the supreme power of States off one basis
to another, with fundamental changes i in sbort, the inquiry into
thA sourees. n&ture. extent and limits (if limits there be) of this
supreme power of becomes, momentous and vita.l When
we that it bas been for years a mooted point whetber there
be in fHct limits to the power of the or law-making au·
and how the doctrine of}he ot
(as E' gUsh writers call it,) has been attack. d and
fendpd. we see how fundamental, and at the same time
vuome of the questions connected with thjB subject. One of the
most interesting and elaborate chapters 'of this work is deToted to
thiB question. Mr. Smith h... brought together the opinions of the
great test writers on the subject-tbose of Burlamaqw, Woode••
80D, Domat, Blackstone and others on one side. and those of Vattel,
Locke and Hall on the other, and then proceeds to examine, in de.
tail, the leawng .Amcrican authorities, of both State and Federal
" We commend this work, and the subject which it treats. to the
stUdy, not only ortha American lawyer, but of the America'n legis-
lator, the American merchant, and, we may add. to eyery eitizen
who, 8a a vater, makes & unit in that aggregate of popular will which
expresses itself by acts of legislation. lJ
A wstinguished jurist says :-" This subject so ably treated is
one of the highest interest and importance not only to the lawyer
and jurist, but to the legislator and statesman, and must commend
this work to,thediligent study of c,ll those who aspire to an accu·
rate knowleuge of the l:=cience and true principles of legislation."
A gentleman of high eminence At the Boston ·bar pronounces
these Commentaries .• an able, learned and highly satiBfaetory tre....
tise." .
The attorney. general of Alabama fays :._" I haTe been highly de·
lighted in their perusal j J entertain the opinion and bave no doubt
that ere long they will be in high esteem among the legal profes.
A juriwcal writer 8ays :-" Such a work ... thIs has been much
needed. I n it are discWIsed; and tha.t in a able manner, the
)&'V and rules of construction of eQual itutional and statutory en·
actment. It opens. and enters in a bold manner upon a subject
which our free and institutions presents a wide
and interesting field for the exploration of the legal student and
juridical scholar in t.he exercise of judicial and professional learn·
mg. and is worthy the cart:'rul and att'entive perusal of all those who an accurate and just apprehension of the policy and
real philosophy of our happy and peculiar institutioos, or the true
basis of buman rights upon which they &re founded."
Our space will not admit of further extracts at present. We-
would add, in our opinion, the work of Judge Smith evince§ an in.
timate and accorate acquftintance wilh cODstitutionallaw and oth.
er Fubjects of which he treats. We find in it the impress ofa clear
.t.nd discriminating mind, legal ability as a jUridic&} _W'"J"ter. UDSur·
passed by few writers of the prefPnt day. From and
talent exhibited in the numerous judicial opinioils of this author,
which we have heretofore pUblished. had reason to expect that
a work emanating from his pen would be ODO of real intrinsic me-
rit. Our expectations in this respect have been fully realized.
These Commentarie51 also contain an unusual amount of original
matter. We were much gratified in the perusal of the logical and
impressive argument thtl opening?f in
which the author discusses the lmportant constlLutlOnal questlO:p-
4\ What is a bill (within the meaning of our CODEtitution) appropri
ating the publio monies or property for local or private purposes 1"
The concluding part of chapter seven, from section 149 to 173,
both inclusive, contains one of the most bold and mastfirly argu-
ments whicb. ha.s ever fallen under our observation, up.on the dim.
_cult and intricate 'luestion,- _a As to the power of tile legislature
irre!"pective of any constitutional' to pass retrospectln
law:, which shH.ll have 8. retroactive etfdct_"
Tbat portion of the work which nlates to the of
the construction of statutes. is of great prltctical interest and uti i-
ty. to the profession. and in it will be f.mod evidence of great re-
search Iud of legal erudition of no ordinary cast. The author has
certainly rendered to the profession great and valuable service in
tbil.'l branch of j nridical science, and what has done
has been
well and scientifically done.
Reports of Cases determined at Nisi Prius, in tile Court ot'
King's Bench and Common Pleas, and on the Circuit.,
from the Sittings after Michaelmas Term, 55 Georl!e Ill.
1814, to the Sittings after Michaelmas Term, 57 George
. III. 1816, inclusive, by Thomas Starkie, of Lincoln's Inn,
Barrister at Law.
Treatises on Average, and Adjustments of in Marine
Insurance, by Stevens and Benecke. With Notes by
Willard Phillips. 1833. $3.00.
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the High Court
of Chancery, during the time of Lord Chancellor Eldon.
From the commencement of the Sittings before Hilar)'
Term, IAI8, to the end of the Sittings after Michaelmas
Term. 1819, by Clement Tudway Swanston, of Lincoln's
Inn, Barrister at Law. First American, from the Ja,t Lon--
don Edition. With Notes and References to American
Cases, by Henry W. Warner, Solicitor in Chancer)'_ 3
vols. 1822. 1828. $10.00.
The Law Glossary: being a selection of the Greek, Latin,
Saxon, French, Norman, and Italian sentences, phrases,
and maxims, found in the leading English and American
Reports, and elementary works. With Historical and
Explanatory Notes; alphabetically arranged and trans-
lated into English, for the use of lhe Members of the Le-
gal Profossioll, Law Students, Sheriffs, Justices of the
Peace, &c., &c. Third Edition, revised and corrected.
Dedicated (by permission) to the Honorable John Savage.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Slate of New
York, by Thomas Tayler, Author of "Precedents of
,vms, drawn conformably to the Revised Statules of the
Stale of New York." 18-J.5. $3.50.
A Treatise on the Statute of Limitations, [21 Jac. 1. c. 16.}
by William Ballentine, of the Inner Temple. To which
are added, Notes of the Decisions made by the Supreme
and Circuit Courts of the United States, and by lhe Com'ls
of the several States, whose Decisions have been reported,
npon the Limitations of. Actions at Law and Snits in
Equity: and Notes and Decisions made in the Englhh
COllfts to the present time, except those cited in the Text.
Together wilh the Statute of Limitations of the State of
New York: a summary of the Statute of Limitations of
the several Slates of the Uuiled States, and of the Law of
Prescription of Louisiana; and a ChronologicJI Digest (.f
the English Statutes of Limitations, by John L. 'l'iJlin;;-
hast, Counsellor at Law. $3.50.
A General Collection of Forms and Precedents, for Process,
Entries and Pleadings in Civil actions at Law; adapted
to the Revised Statutes ot the State of New York, by
John L. Tillinghast, Connsellor at Law. 1850. $5.00.
.A. on the Principles and Practice, Process. Plead-
ings and Entries, in Cases of Writs of Error, ,"Vrits in
the Nature of ,"Vrits of Error. Appeals and Proceedings in
Lhe Nature of i\ppeals, by John L. Tillinghast, and Job.n
Y. N. Yates, Counsellors at Law. 2 \'ols. $10.00.
J.. W. E.n:\,f9XD8.
A Special Justice for Preserving the Peace in the City of
New York. Containing the several Opinions delivered
by the Judges, the Speech of the District Attorney, and au
Opinion Delivered by the late Judge Irving, in the ease of
Abraham M. Valentine. $0.50.
Reports of Two determined in the Prize Court for the
New York District, by the Hon. 'William P. Van Ness.
]I. Popular and Practical Introduction to Law Studies, by
Samuet Warren, of the Inner Temple, Esq., F. R.-S.
Fr@l11 the last London Edition. 1837. $2.00.
A Treatise on the Ch-il Jurisdiction of Justices of the
Peace; to which are added, Outlines of the Powers and
Duties of County and Town Officers in the State of New-
York; adapted to the Statutes and the Code of Procedlue.
Containing Directions and Practical Forms for every Civil
Case which can arise before a Justice nader the Statutes
and the Code, by Thomas 'V. Waterman, Counsellor-a.t
Law and Member of the New Yt>rk Bar. 1849. $3.50.
From. the lion. VV. EDMONDS, Judge of tht SUIJl"ente Court.
City Hall, New York, August 2d, 1849.
TnO:-.lAS W. Esq :
Dear Sir,-l have: as you reqnested. examined the eheets oi yonr
Treatise on the Civil Jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace, and
h..we no hesitation in expressing the opinion that it will be found
to be a va.luable work.
(t has evidently heeB prepared with care, and evinces a research
and whicll must commend it to the favor of the profes-
fiiotl, and that large class of local officers whosA duties are treat>:ci
ve, aDd whose labors must be very much facilitated by your book.
I am} very respectfully,
Yours, &c.
lxxyiil BANKS, AND CO.'S
New York, August 20th, 1849.
From tlte lIon. DAl"1D GRAHAJlf, GMnmisst"oner of the Gude of p,'o·
'Saratoga Springs, August 18, 1849.
W. WA.TF.ftMAN, EFq.:
My Sir,-I have exa.mined the sheets of your 'rreatiile on
the Civil Jurisdict;ion of JUliltiecs of the Peace. Bud take great plea-
, ·'8U're in expressing to you my approbation of the p'.an and execution.
of the work. .' ,
The simplicit.y of its arrangement, ann the fulloc,.s and clearness
as wcUas copiousne-s or the deta.ils of the practice in cascs before
Justices, adaptf>d as they arc, tq. the rCCfmt cha.nges introduced by
the Code of Procedure, render the work in my opinion. an india·
p"nsable addition tn the library of every and -specially of
those who practice in the courts to which your is devoted.
Tru.ting that the liberality of the profes_ion will abundantly re-
munerate you for t.hp. l"'bor you have 80 well performed,
I remain,
Your very obedient servant,,_
D.lTID GRA.HA..\.(.
F"om JOSEPH S. BOSWORTH, Esq., Counsellor at Law.
W. W ATERM.'N', Esq. :
. Dear Sir,-I have examined the printed'sheets of your Treatise
on the Civil Jurisdiction of of the Peace.
The arrangement of its subjects and the preciFlioD
and accuracy, with which thpy arA- treated, IDDke it such a wark as
is needed by the Justices of the Peace of this State.
I n addition to its containing forms adapted to every imaginable
proceeding berore Justices, it full summary at the law,
in relation to all matters within their jurisdiction or that caD arise
in procedings before them. It also embodies much la.w. necessary
to be known by every citizen, who desires sufficient information to
transact ordinary blliliness in prescribed forms, without consulting
The index of the work i$ remarkably copious and well arrangt'd,
80 8S to enable laymen, as well as lawyers} to readily find the de-
sired information.
In my judgment, the work,is exceedingly well adapted te answer
the purposes for which it was designed, and will be found indispens-
able to Justices and persons doing business btfol'e tbem.-aa well
professional men, as laymen, -
Very res ectrully ,
Prom the lIon. FREDERICK A, :.rALLlltUDGE, Recorder of the City of
,New yopk, August. 1849,
I have perused. with some attention. and witb a,great deal of sat.
isfaction, a Treatise on the Civil Jurisdiction of Justices of the
F. A. T3.LI.)IADCoE.
Pf>3CP. 'inn tbp POWflTS and dut:es of r.ounty and town officors ill the
State of Kew York. by Thomas \V, Esq.
The topic!" on which he has bestowed his attention. arp. of Ul?PP
interest to. a.nd of 'ilmost. da.ily reference hy. the pmetitione.r.
magistra.te. a.od that large ahd important of citizens who re-
gulate and administer our town and cDunty llffair....
Much t'mbarra1'sment and litigation arise-from the impE'rf(!ct un-
derstanding by OUI' local authorities of the laws which control 0111'
municipal Rffa.irs. and I feel confident that the clpar and perspiclt-
ous rna.nnar in which Mr.'rman hns conuensed and pr{"sc'lltt>d
those laws, (to which he has addfld the forms) will be re-
garded 8S a most important acquisition. by the professi u and tht:
magistracy. '
26 Vols.
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Suprt'me
Court of Judicature, and in the Court for the Trial of Im-
peachments and the Correction of Errors of the State of
New York, by John L. ''Vendell, Counsellor at Law.
Continuation of Johnson's and Cowen's Reports.
A complete Index to 'Ventworth's .System of Pleadin;::.
Compiled with a view to lessen the labors of the Profe'-
sion in referring to those valuable Precedents. 1822.
Examina1ion of the Rules of Law respecting the admissio
of Extrinsic Evidence in aid of the Interpretation of
'Vilis. Third Edition, "'ith American Notes and Refer-
ences. In p,.ess.
History of the Law of Nations in Europe and America,
from Ihe Earliest Times to the Treaty of Washington.
1842, by Henry 'Wheaton, L.L.D., Minister of the United
States at the Court of Berlin, Corresponding Member of
the Academy of Moral and Political Science in the Insti-
tute of France. 1845. See American Law Magazine.
Law Reponer, Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, and Ameri-
can Review. 1845. $6.00.
l!rTRODUCTIO,..-Sk.tch 'If tM Hist<ny 'If th. LaIlJ 'If Ndlions in E,,·
rope,frl>m tM earliest times to tMPeacs 'If Westphalia.
International law of tbe ancient states·of Greece and Italy, laws o(
waT observed during the Persian and Peloponesian war, international
n\oralily of the Greeks, conduct of lhe Spartans on the surrender of
Platea, conduct of tbe Athenians on the surrender of 1\Ielos. Outlines of
Grecian public laws, Amphyctionic council. Theory of the balance of
power among the ancient nations, Cicer:o's theory of international
morality, Ruman fecial law and jus gentium, influence of the Roman
law in forming the modem law of nations. intluepce of the canon law
and the writings of the casuists, Victoria and Sola Saurez;Francis de
Victoria, Relectiones Theological
Balthazar Ayala, Conrad Brunuo,
Albericus Gentilis, Gratins, canso ato del Mare. •
History 'If tM LaIlJ '!l Ndliom in EUTOf'l',frDm tlle Peace 'If West-
phal,a, 1648, to the-Peace 'If Eutrecht, 1713. .
of Westphalia; Constitution of the Germanir. Empire. Sec.
1, First period from the peace of Westphalia to that of Utrecht; 2,
. Principles of intervention to maintain the balance of power; Opinion
of Fenelon; Spanish Succession War, 1701-1713; 3, Peace of Utrecht,
1713; 4, Publicjurisls of the latter half of the seventeenth century; 5,
PutfendorCbHobbes; 6
Leibnitz ..7, Spinosa; 8, Zouch; .9, Sir Leoline
Jenkins; 1 ,Seldeo· 1 -. Samuel Kachel; 1'2. Maritime law of nations ;
Marine ordinance XIV., 1681; 13, Theory of prize ordinances;
14, Conventional maritime law of oations ; 'Relaxation of the primitive""
Inw by the capitulation of the Sublime POlte with Henry IV. of France,
in 16()4.; Treaty of the Pyreness, 16.S9; Treaties between Great Britain
and other powers, conceding the principle of free ships, free goods;
between Holland and other Powers; Treaties between France
and other \Powcr:s; of the Baltic Powers between themselves
and others; Treaties of commerce arUtrecht, 1713; 15, Contraband of
war; Change in the law of convention and usage by which naval stores
became contraband at the beginning of the eighteenth century; Laws
of contraband accordingto Grolius i OpinioB of Bynkershoek; Opin·
IOn of HemeCClUS"; OpInIOn of ZOUCb' OplUlon of Su William Scott;
. Right of pre· emption ; Confiscation o(vehicle of contraband and ofin·
nocent with lawful articles' 16, Blockade; Opinion of Grotious: Opin-
ion of Bynkershoek; Interdiction of all neutral commerce with France
by Greal Britain and HoHand, 1689; 17, and search;
Dominion of the seas j Grotius, Mare liberum; AlberJcus Gentillis,
Aavocatio Selden, Clausum j Opinion of Puffendorf;
Disputes between Great Britain and Holland respecting the sovereignty
of the nritish seas; Claim of Great Britain resisted by France; llyn.
kershoek, de l>ominio :Maris L19, Sovereignty claimed by Denmark
over the Sound and Belts; 20, rrisoners of war.
Hi,tory 'If the LaIlJ 'If Natio"" in Europe, fro'" the Peace 'If Utrecllt,
1713, to lhal qf-Pari, and Hubert,burg, 1763.
See. 1, Question-of-the Austrian Succession, 1740; Anti·Michiaval o(
Frederick II.; 2, Seven Years War> Peace of Paris and Hu!Jertobu.<g,
j PubHcjurists ofthi! period; 4. System o(\Volfj 5, Vallel;
tern of Vattel; 6, Montesquiell j 7, Bynkershoek; Rutherforlh; 8, Mi·
nor public jurists j 9, Maritime law ornatians j the ques-
tion of neutral navigation i.....1O, Case of the Silesia loan j II, Rule of the
War of 1756 j 12, Hubner, va la saisie des batimens neutrcs j 13, Q':lCg·
lions of precedency j 14, IJlrlvil£'gcs of ambassadors; 15, ,"Vicquefort,
PAmbassadeur ct ses fouctions ; 16, Bynkershoek, De Foro Lcgatvrum;
17, Projet de Paix perpetuclie de J'Abbe de Pierre.
]li,t'!ory of the Law of Nations in and America f1
qm ,,..
Peace of Paris and Huberlsburg, 1763, to the French Re-l
Sec. 1, First Partition of Poland. 1772 j 2, Second Partition, li93' 3,
"hinl PartitIOn, 1798 i 4. Question of the Bu\"arian Succession, 1778;
5, Question of the free navIgation of the Schelrir, 1781 j 6,loten"ention
of llrussiu in the affairs of Holland, 1788 j 7. Triple a.lliance bt.ltwecn
Great llritain, Prussia. and Holland; 8
Interference of the Triple
unee in the affairs of Belgium j 9, :Medlation of the Triple Alhance in
the war between Russia, Sweden and Denmark; 10, In the war be-
Tween Austria and the ]lorte j 11, Between Russia and the Porte i 12
\Var of North American Independence, 1776 j 13, French ordinance of
Ins, establishing the rule of free Ehips, free goods; 14, Origin of the
armed neutrality of nso i 15, Principles of the armed neutrality; An·
swcr of Great Britain to the Russian declaration' Ans'.... er of Spain;
Ans"f\-er of France; Answer of Great Britain to the Danish notification;
Answer of Britain to the notification of Sweden j Treaty of Peace,
17Sl j 16
Treaty or 1785 between the Uniled States and Prussia 1 17,
Franklin on Privateering; 18, Galliani and Lampredi on the prinCIples
oi the armed neutralit)" j 19, ; 20, Martens; 21, Bentham, Project
of rt>rpetual Peace. .
ITisto-:-yof the Laro of .lvations in Eu'ro-pe and America.from tM
French J76'9, to the Treatyof fVashington, 1842.
Sec. 1, Application'of the principle ofintervention in the war of the
French Origin of the war in li9"2; 3, Object of the war on
th.c /)art of Great Briti't:inj 4,1 law of .nations the war
of t lC French Hevolutlon j 0, llntlsh Orders In Council 01 .June and
November, 1793 j 6, Discussions between the American and French
governments upon the rule of free ships, free goods j 7, Question be·
tween Great Britain and tbe Northern Powers as to the rIght llf search
of vessels under convoy j 8, Armed neutrality of 1800 i 9, Maritime
ConventIon ofl80I, between Great Britain and Russia· 10. Treaties of
ris,l 14-15; 11, Congress of Vienr!J!; 12, of Poland and
Saxony; ManIfesto of the Emperor Nicholas of 1&l2 annexin" the
kingdom of Poland Lo the Russian Ernpire j Treaty of Vienna.
Cracow j 13, of the Gt'rmanic 1 15; Addl-
Uonal Federal act of "lenoa, 1&2) i DecTPe of the diet
]832; Act of the Diet, 183-1; 14, Affairs oflUlly; Union of Genoa to Sar-
dinia; 15, Union of Norway and Sweden; 16. Uninn of Bel!!iull1 ,,,ith
Holland; 17, Swiss confederation; 18, Definition of the }"ank of
public ministeri 19, Abolition oLthe African slave trade; 20, Freedom
of navigation at the great rivers; Discussion between the American
and British governments respecting the navigation of the 81. Lawrence;
21, Alliance of die Five Great European Powers; 22, Intervention at"
Au"tria, Russia and in the affairs of Naples, 1820; ZI, Inter-
vention of France in the Revolution, 1822; 24, Intervention of
Great Britain in the affaira of Portugal, 18'26 j 25, Ql1adru.ple alliance
bet\... een France, Great Brilain, Spain and PortuO'aI, 1834; 26, Interven-
tion of the five Great Powers in the Belgic" 1830; Tl'eaty of
1831, for the separation of Delgil\ffi from Holland; 27, Relations of tha
Ottoman EmpIre with other European States i 28, Intervention of
Franre, Great Britain and 'in the Greek llevolution, 18;..77; 29,
Treaty or Anclrianople between Rlissia and the Ottoma.n Porte, 1829 ;
30, Treat.y of Unkiar Skellessi. 1B;l3; 31, Treaty of the 15,h July, 1840;
32, Treaty of the 13th July, lS-jU, relating to the entrance of the Dar-
"danclles and BOfIphurus by foreign 3hips of war i 33, Disc\lssions
tween thejBritish and American governments relating to the right. of
search for the suppression of the siaye trade; 34, Treaty of \Va."hin!!·
"ton between the United States and G"eat Britain, 1842; 35. Public ju.
risls of thi3 periud; 36, Kant) Project of perpetual peace; 37, HegeL.
EstTactsfrom the Law Repo,·teT, May, 1845.
Dy his various labor in jurisprudence and literature, Mr. \Vheaton
halS won a place of no mean consideration in the world's regard
The present work was originally written and published m (he French
langua:;e as a in answer to the followmg prize question pro·
posed by the mstltute of France, ". Quels som lea progrea Ie
.. ' droit des gens en Europe depuu fa Pals de Westphalie l' It was n
bold and lionorable enterprise in Mr. Wheaton to venture in a fo-reign
Athens, and the French of Gibbon was in harmony with hilS own swel-
ling English style; but 1\"lr. Wheaton. whether in French or English,
seems to rel.y upon (he matter rather than the manner.
In producing the work in our own language
he has enlarged ii, es·
pecially the introductory part relating to tne hIStory of the European
law of nations previous to the peace of Be has also sub·
joined a summary account of the international relations of the Ottoman
empire wit.h the other European states, of the recent transactions re-
lating to the interference of the great powers in the affairs of Greece
and Egypt, and of the discussions between the United States and Great
Britain, relating to the right of search as applicable to the slaVB trade,
terminated by the treaty of Washington.
In the part relating to the riaht of search he has embodied a large
portion of the little book by which, during the pendency of that
tion, he threw the weight of his name on the side oftha singular dlplo.
macy of General Casso
In the present work Mr. Wheaton has occupied m.ost important
ground, w11ieh h'as thus far remained open. The interesting history of
Mr. Ward covers the period only antecedent to the trme of Gtotius,
which was somewhat ea,Jior tWin the peace of Westphalia, leaving,
therefore, the immense historic space of subsequent years untouched
by his agreeable pen.
With-less persuasiveness of style, but more practical intimacy With
the subject, and a sharper sense, Mr. Wheaton has now supplied what
1\lr. Ward at one time promised to complete. His work WIll be I,ead,
not only by every lawyer, but by every person who aims to take any
part in public affairs.
In following the .progress of events, in his pages, it is grateful to, ob-
serve the sure march of civilization. The horrors' of war are gradu·
ally mitigated; the blessings of peaC".c bl}come more firmly secured;
and, as we close the volume, the dreams of the good Bernardin So..
Pierre are passing into realities.
Reports of Criminal Law Cases, with copious Notes and Re-
terences; containing also a view of the Criminal Laws
of the United States, by Jacob D. Wheeler, Coullsellor at
Law. 3 vols. 1823. $12.00. "
The work win contain all the criminal cases tried in the courts of
the United States,-and of the several states since the period of the
1ution. It will al80 contain slate papers in this department of law-
the opinion of eminent men, and the forms used in criminal proceed-
ings. In short, iL is intended to embrace the whole range of criminal
Circulars have been addressed to the members of the bar, judges, kc.,
in the different states, for the purpose of obtaining these trials, &c., and
1he kindness of these gentlemen, and the attentiQn of numerous other
correspondents, auLhorize the editor to insure his friends the collection
will be complete.
The importance of the work, and the m.agnitude of the undertaking,
it is expected will ensure it some attentioD, not only from the protes-
sion, but also from those who feel themselves interested in the Jitera-
tlire of our country. - It is the first and oilly that has been made
to rescue from oblivion, important and interesting crimina-l trials that
have taken place in the United States, and which, indepepdent of their
immediate usefulness to the lawyer, are highly important to the states·
man and pbjlosopher. ,- They exhibit human nature in all its variety
of forms and color." . .
,The first and second have been published. The
first volume is principally filled with cases collected in the courts of
this-city j the Sfcond volume a treatise on th.e criminal Jaws of
the Umted States, more extensIve than can be found 10 any other book;
and as far as the editors and publishers have been able to learnt the
work has met with the decilled approbation of the gentlemen oj the
New York, September 6, 1824.
JACOB D. '\VHF.ELER, EBq. : '... -.
Dear Sir,-I thank you for the information I receiyed from
tbe perusal of ;your two volumes of "Reports of Criminal "Law
Ne'" York, September 11,1824.
consider publications of such .. nature c.xtremely 1m·
portaot to the and sa.fety of the community. The code or
criminal law cannot be too tboroughly studied: Dor too pl'ecisely
understood by every person concerned in the administration of
justice. To render Buch collections Bafe and valuable, the details
_ of the facts and proceedings in such case ought to be full-aud scru-
pulously accurate. I am happy to learn t}:1at you propose to en-
large plan: (as Y(·'9 have already begun iiJ your second volume:)
eo as to ·embrace t,he reports of state trials throughout the UniOll.
You wilt be to confine yourself to cases of the most. Bolemn
import, and of the greatest interest, and I wh=h you every possib'e
-. and the mQSt extensive support. I am decidedly
of opinion, that judicial proceediogs, especially in criminal CasCH,
ought to be laiJ open in the the mo!"t authentic manner, to the in·
&.eHiient and impartial observation of the public.
I am, with great l;espect. and regard,
Your ebedicnt
Dear Sir,-I hale perused with much satisfaction your two vol·
umes of ,. Reports of Criminal Law Cascs," which you bad the
Koodnes8 to leave with me. A collection of cases of this naturo
- lias beeD long desired by our profesI'ion and fail to be
tremely useful. OUf criminal c-Qde differs materially from that of
EnJ,?:laud, arid renders reports of our own crimillalaud state trials
highly important to every practisiug lawyer. 1 cannot withold my
approbation of the manner you I, ave adopted in preparing these re·
ports. and the labor and talents YQu bave displayed. 1 hope you
will 'he amp:y remunerated, and thus encouraged to f.lufsue the
laudable uUdertaking. I cordially recommend them to pUblic pa-
I !Lm, dear sir,
. Respectfully,
Your friend,_
. J. O. HOPPllIA.:f.
New York, September, 15, 1824.
JAC.OB D. WflF.ELER, Esq. :
Dear Sir,-Various circumstances have as yet prevented my pc·
rusing the reports of Criminal Trials which you have already pub.
liBhed. with that accuracy which would justify my passing an opin•
. ion upon them j particularly as my business rarely calls me into
the criminal courts. I can however EtIy with great pleasure that T
highly approve of the publication you now propose: to comprehend
the important trials and decisions of criminal cases in our f)wn
and those of the other states of I be Union. I very sincere.
ly wish you reputation and emolument from its execution.
lam. sir,
Withill ucb respect,
Yonr obedient servant,
':VILLI.!l'tI :'1. rrdcE.
New York, Septomber 6, 1824.
New York, September 3, 1'24.
J.\Ct.B U. ""I-(£F.Llm! EFq. : • .
D.'ar Sir:-Although aware how little importnllce is u5ually at-
tached to recomDlendations of this kind, I have the pleasure t,o
think, in common with many of your brethren of the bar. your
possesses claims to public patronage. Criminal tri;tl5
interspersed with annotatioDs, and 3 brief analysis of thf:l law Rp'
plicaHe to each of cases as they arise in practice. stamp yoor
work with originality of pIau, while it has the more rare of
comhining general imstruction with judid:ll precedent. and address-
ing itself with just pretensiolls of utility equally to the pnblic aod
to the bar. Allow me to add, he must your cases with indif·
ferbDce, who does not perceive them to b
selcctt'd with care, intcf4
mingled with matter evincing much and attentive rending j (li·
gested disCl"imination, and expressed in a style concjse nnel per-
llpicllons. 1
Yonrs respectfully,
D. GRJ.fI.\:'!L
J .... (:OB D. ,"VUF:f:u:n. Esq. :
Dpar Sir,-The manner in which you have heretofore edited yout'
I: Criminal Law Reports," entitles you to the unqualified approba.•
tion of our profession.
Your proposed plan of reporting every case throughout the Un-
ion. will enable the of our own state to avuil itself of ths
learning and researches of that of the sister states. It will t('nu to
produce an uniformity in the trial, and the punishment of
in the several states. and preserve n. portion of our histo.
ry highly interesting to all classes of our people.
I bpg It'Rye to express my entire confidonce in your fitness for
this impol'tant work, and my earnest wiEhes for your success.
Yours truly,
New York, S"l'tcmber 3, 1824.
JA.COB D. \"rHEELER: Eeq. :
Dcar Sir.-Your object in making a collf'ction of _1\ merican StRte
Trials is highly meritorious, and its faithful exeoution will deserve
the thanks of the profession.
Many trials: involving questi6ns to the American lawyers and P04
liticians, have Dot yet been published.
Your report of Criminal Law with notes and references:
furnish ample testimony of the patience, industry and talcnt,
which will be exerted in giving a character to your proposed work
With great confidence in the succcss of the undertaking, and
with the wishes for your prosperity,
I am, very respectfully,
Yeur obedient servant,
, .
New York, September 4, 1824.
JAcon.D. WHF.ELEB,Esq.:. .'
DelLr Sir,-I am gratilled to find, thlLt you intend pUblishing all
the interesting Criminal Trials which have taken place throughout
the United States. The crisis is favorable to such an enterprise.
Our law must every day become. more rational, and it is highly de-
sira.ble that it should be uniform. iuch a compilation of American
Cases) :will furnish the contemplative reader with subjects of eompa.·
risoo, the surest way of knowledge j and the Dotes and references
to English authorities, made by one so competent as I kuow you to
be, will open a vast field of speCUlation, a.nd 8, !ture road to
the general advancement and improvement of our criminal juris-
Yours respectfully,
W,LLfUl SAMl'S(I:"'.
Notwithstanding I have detailed the plan of this work In the
numbers as they have been issued from the press, and in the public
journals, J cannot omit saying a word or two bere, at the close of
the second volume, in relation tn It. My. object. is, to collect
"nd publish ...ery criminal trial that has occurred in the UDited
States, making & complete collection of American State Trials.
They will contain trials in Cull, decisioB Of the judges, state papers,
reports,. &c., and everJthing that can tend to throw
light upon. or elucidate the criminal jurisdiction of our country.
Tbey will, in most instances, be publi8hed entire; and if all the
cas-es, &.e., can be (and I have not the least_doubt, from
the mass of matter already in my posseooion, they can,) It Is dim.
cult to conceive, a publication of greatt'r importance, in a natipnal
point of view, than such collection would be j nor of one more use-
ful to tbos·e gentltmen engaged in the practice of the criminal law.
To make the work still more valuable, the cases hereafter will be
l'<et up in type similar to that of the preface in this volume; by that
mE'ans a. much greater qua.ntity of matter will be printed on a page,
without any additional expense to subscribers. It is also contem·
plated to add to each volume, in tae form of an·appeq,dix, the forms
used in criminal proceedings in the United states. will be
printed with the greatest care and accuracy.
I hope the preface to this volume will be found useful as a refer-
ence: &c. 'rhe acts of Congress have been copied verbatim. and
the construction given to them by courts of justice follow, each in
their order: so that the reader will before him the statutes of
tbe United States, and the adjudication of the courts upon them.
If it can aid the learned, who have not time to look into a gJ'eat
number of books for principles collected within the. small compass
of this preface j or if it can assist those who are beginning their
stlldies, and are at a loss for a and systematic view of the
principles of criminal jurisprudence, I shall congratulate myself on
being of some little service to those to whom I am always Willing to
be indebted; and for the timo, e:opense and trOUble, (for roally it
has cost me not aliltle of either) shall consider myself amply remu·
New York, July 15th, 1824.
.A. Practical Treatise of the Law of Slavery: being a Compi-
lation of all the Decisions made on t-hat subject in the
several Courts of the United States, and State Courts.
With copious Notes and References to the Statutes and
other Authorities, systematically arranged. By Jacob D.
Wheeler, Connsellor at Law. 1837. $5.00.
A Compendium on the Law and Practice of Injunctions, and
ofInterlocutory Orders in the Nature of Injunctions. By
the Hon. Robert Henley Eden, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-
Law. With copious Notes and References to the American
and English decisions. Also, au Introduction, and an Ap·
pendix of Practical Forms, with a full and complete Index
to both the Text and the Notes. The latter contains
three times more matter than the Text. By Thomas W.
Watorman, Esq., Counsellor·at-Law. Third Edition. In
Two "Volumes, 8 "Vo. 1414 pages. 1852. $10.
A collection of Pleading and Practical Precedems, with otes
thereon, and approved forms of Bill of Costs; containing,
also, References, &c., to Graham's Practice. Second
Edition, by John V. N. Yates, Counsellor at Law.
lR37. $7.00.
No work has appeared since the Revised Statutes were passed, con-
taining precedents of proceedings in couns of ree;ord in this state, ex-
cept the book" of forms and precedents." complIed seven years ago.
by Mr. Tillinghast, the greater part of which was printed before all
the Revised Statutes were published; consequently his forms, in sev-
eral respects, have been materially affected or rendered inappropriate
by those and other statutes subsequently passed, and by the judicial
decisions gh'ing construction to them.
To remedy this evil, the present compilation is offered to the profes-
SIOn and the public. It cannot, however, be reasonably supposed, nOt
is it pretended, that within the compass of one 'Volume every precedent
necessary in a suit at law can 'be contained. All that is pretended or
hoped ,s, that it does embrace many useful forms to aid the student
and the bar in the pr0l!:ress of litigation. -From standard law writers,
such as Lilly, Richardson, Chitty, Tidd, Story, and others.
the compiler has freely drawn for precedents. He has also resorted
to our own reporters for the same purpose. In every instance he has
Bought to make those precedents conform to the existing .statutes. On
some occasions, too, he has adopted drawn, by able counsel,
in causes then actually pending in our courts. He ought likewise to
add, that some of the formal particularly in ejectment, partition. and
replevin, he ha.CJ taken from Mr. Tillinghast's volume ; but he must say
at the same time, that he has taken the liberty of altering and modify-
ing them in several particulars, (except such of them as the Supreme
Court had revised and adopted,) and also of addmg others under the
The compiler has given in this work precedents in mandamus. pro·
hibition and audita querela, and in actions of account, waste amt
sance. He thought {.hey were wanted by the bar and has accordingly
furnished them. He has also given coIisecu!ively the forms usually
adopted in conducting a suit to judgment by default anri on verdict.
. He cannot flatter himself that the work is wholly free from censure!
Exclusive of the errata which have been Doted (and most of which
arose on account of his absence from the city of Albany during the re-
vision of the work,) there may be others justly liable to crilicism. He
bas endeavored to remove at least one object.ion:' an objection often
and truly made against books of this kind. tha.t of having a confused or
imperfect Index He has endeavored in this worl< to give a full and
complete Indo;, together with an Analytical Table, and he hopes
will both prove faithful guides. The order in which he intended
the form,:, to appear has sometimes been deranged j he trusts however,
that this is but a venial error, and if the precedent be foundj Ihe
quirer for it will probably feel indifferent as to the particular part
of the book in which it may have been inserted. In conclusion, he
states that there are notes and 60me practical fonna ill' this work which
may prove useful, thQugh not falling strictly wtthin the or pur·
pose of ita publication; he has also furnished an abstract of precedents,
&c., contained in oui' own reports, and a table of abbreviations.
Alphabetically arranged in each Reign.
HENRY III.-(Oct. 19) 1216. (Nov. 16) 1272.
Jenkins, Ex., 4, 19, 21.
EDWARD I.-(Nov. 16) 1272. (July 7) 1307.
Jenkins, Ex. 18, 34
Keilwey, K. B. and C. P., 6
IYear Book, K. B. C P. and
I ExC'heqner, part 1
EDWARD II.-(July 7) 1307. (Jan. 25) J327.
Jenkins, Ex., 5, 15, 18 IYear Book, K. B. C. P. and
Ex., part 1
EDWARD III.-(Jan. 25) 13n (June 21) 1377.
Ben]oe, K. B. and C. P., 32 I part 3-17, 18, 21 to 28,
Jenkins, Ex. 1 to 47 38, 39
Keilwey, K.B. and C.P., lt047 Year Book, K. B. and O. P.,
Year Book, K. B. and O. P., I part 4-40 to 50
part 2-1 to 10 Year Book, pan _5-Liber As-
Year Book, K. B. and O. P., slsarum, 1 to 01
RICHARD II.-(June 21) 1377. (Sept. 29) 1399.
Bellewe,K B.andO.P.,lt022I Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 22
HENRY rv.-(Sept. 29) 1399. (Mar. 20) 1413.
Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 14 IYear Book, K. B. and O. P.,
part 6-1 to 14
HENRY Y.-(Mar. 20) 1413. (Aug. 31) 1422.
Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 10 'I Year Book, K. B. and C. P.,
part 6-1, 2, 5, 7 to 10
HENRY YI.-(Aug. 31) 1422. (Mar. 4) 1464.
Benloe, K. B. and C. P., 18 I parts 7 and 8-1 to 4, 7 to
Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 39 12, 14, 18 to 22, 27, 28, 30
Year Book, K. B. and C. P., to 39
EDWARD IY.-(Mar. 4) 1461. (April 9) 1483.
J e n ~ i n s , Ex., 1 to 22 IYear Book, K. B. C. P. and
Year Book, K. B. and C. P., Ex., part 10-5
part 9-1 to 22
EDWARD Y.-(Apri! 9) 1483. (June 22) 1483.
Jenkins, Ex. IYear Book, K. B. and C. P.,
part 11
RWHARD III.-(June 22) 1483. (Aug. 22) 1485.
Jenkins, Ex., 1, 2 IYear Book, K. B. and C. P.,
part 11-1, 2.
HENRY YII.-(Aug. 22) 1485. (April 22) 1509.
Benloe, K. B. and C. P., 1 Moore, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 21 Chan., 1 to U
Keilwey, K. B. and C. P., 12, Year Book, K. B. and C. P.,
13, 17 to 24 part It-I to 16, 20 to 24
HENRY YIII.-(April22) 1509. (Jan. 28) 1547.
Anderson, C. P., 25. &e. IDyer, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Benloe, C. P., 1 to 38 Chan., 4. &e.
Benloe (="ew,) K. B. C. P. and Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 38
Ex., 22, &e. Keilwey, K. B. and C. P., 1 to
Benloe, Keilwey and Ashe, K. 11, and 21
B. C. P. and Ex. Moore, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Brooke's New Cases, K. B. C. Chan., 3
P. and Ex. Year Book, K. B. and C. P.,
Dalison, C. P., 38 part 11-13, 14, 18, 19, 26,
27, 29 to 38
EDWARD VI.-(Jan. 28) 1 5 4 ~ . (July 6) 1553.
Anderson, C. P., 1 to 6 IDyer. K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Benloe and Dalison, C. P., 2 Chan., I to 6
Brooke's New Cases, K. B. C. Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 6
P. and Ex:. :Moore, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Benloe (New,) K. B. C. P. and Chan., 1 to 6
Ex., 1 to 6 Plowden, K. B. C. P. and Ex.,
4 to 6
MARY.-(JuVlj 6) 1553. (Nov. 1 ~ ) 1558.
Anderson, C. P., 1 to 6 Dyer, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
BenloeandDalison,C.P.,lto5 Chan., 1 to 5 ,
Benloe in Keilwey and Ashe, Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 5
K. B. C. P. and Ex., 1 to 5 Leonard, K. B. C. P. and Ex.,
Benloe (New,) K. B. C. P. and 1 to 5
Ex., 1 to 5. Moore, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Brooke's New Cases, K. B. C. Chan., Lto 5
P. and Ex., 1 to 5 Owen, K. B. and O. P., 4, 5
Cary, Chan., 5 Plowden, K. B. C. P. and Ex.,
Dalison in Keilwey and Ashe, lIto 5
C. P., 1,4,5
ELIZABETH.-(Nov. 1 ~ ) 1558. (Mar. 24) 1603.
Anderson, C. P., 1 to 45 IGoldesborough, K. Il., &c., 28
Benloe in Keilwey and Ashe. to 31, 39 to 43
K. B. C. P. and Ex., 2 to 20 Hobart, K. B., &c., a few cases
, Benloe, K. B. C. P. and Ex., Hutton, C. P., 26 to 38
1 to 1~ Jenkins, Ex. 1 to 45
Benloe, C. P., 1 to 21 Leonard, K. B. C. P. and Ex.,
BrownlowandGoldesborough, 1 to 45
C. P., 11 to 45 Moore, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Cary, Chan., 1 to 45 Chan., 1 to 45
Coke, K. B. C. P. Ex. and Noy, K. B. and C. P., 1 to 45
Chan., 14 to 45 Owen, K. B. and C. P., 1 to 45
Croke, K. B. and C. P., 24 to Plowden, K. B. C. r. and Ex.,
45 1 to 21
Dalison, C P., 1 to 16 Popham, K. B. C. P. and
Dalison in Keilwey and Ashe, Chan., 34, 39
C. P., 2 to 7 Saville, C. P. and Ex., 22 to
Dickens, Chan., a few cases 36
Dyer, K. B. and C. P., 1 to 231 Tothill, Chan., 1 to 45
Godbolt, K. B., &c., 17 to 415 Yelverton, K. :13, 44, 45
JAMES I.-(Mar. 24) 1603. (Mar. 27) 1625..
Anderson, C. P, 1 Jones (W.,) K. B. and C. P.,
Benloe, K. B. C. P. and Ex., 18 to 23
191023 Lane, Ex., 3 to 9
C. P., 12 to 19 Leonard, K. B. C. P. and Ex.,
BrownlowandGoldesborough, 1 to 12
C. P., 1 to 23 Ley, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Bulstrode, K. B., 7 to 15 Court of Wards, 6 to 23
Cary,' Cl,an., 1 Moore, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Coke, K. B. C. P. Ex. and Chan., 1 to 18
Chan., 1 to 13 Noy, K. B. and C. P., 1 to 23
Croke, K. B. and C. P., 1, 23 Owen, K B. aod C. P., 1 to 12
Davis, K. B. C. P. and Ex., 2 Palmer, K. B., 17 to 23
to 9 Popham, K. B. C. P. and
Glanville, Elect. Ca. before Chan., 15 to 23
Committee of H. C, 21, 22 Reports in Chancery, 13
Godbolt, K. B., &c., 1 to 23 Rolle, K. B., 12 to 22
Hobart, K. B., &c., 1 to 23 Tothill, Chan., 1 to 23
Hutton, C. P. 10 to 23 Winch, C. P., 19 to 23
Jenkins, Ex., 1 to 21 Yelverton, K. B., 1 to 10
CHARLES L-(Mar. 27) 1625. (Jan. 30) 1649.
Aleyo, K. B., 22 to 24 ILey, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Benloe, K. B. C. P. and Ex., Court of Wards, 1 to 4
1 to 3 Littleton, C. P. and Ex., 2
Bulstrode, K. B., 1 to 14 I to 7
Clayton, Pleas of As. York: 7 March, K. B. and C. P., 15 to 18
to 24 Nelson, Ohan., 1 to 24
Croke, K B. and C. P., 1 to 16 Noy, K. B. and C P., 1 to 24
Godbolt, K B., &'c., 1 to 13 Palmer, K. B. and C. P., 1 to 4
Hetley, C. P., 3 to 7 Popham, K. B. C. P. and
Hutton, O. P, 1 to 14 Chan., I, 2
Jones (W.,) K. B. and C. P., Reports in Chancery, 1 to 24
1 to 16 Style, K. B., 21 to 24
Latch, K. B., 1 to 3 Tothill, Chan., 1 to 21
CHARLES II.-(Jan. 30) 1649. (May 29) 1660.
(Feb. 6) 1685.
Bridgman (Orlando,) C. P. 1 IOases in'Chancery, part 2-26
to 8 to 37
Carter, C. P.. 16 to 27 Clayton, Pleas of As. York,
Cases in Chancery, part 1-121 1, 2
to 30
Dickens, Chan., a few cases Nelson, Chan., 1 to 3 ~
Finch, Chan., 25 to 32 Parker, Ex., 30
Freeman, K. R C. P. Ex. and Pollexfen, K. R C. P. and
Chan., 22 to 37 Chan., 22 to 37
Hardres, Ex., ~ to 21 Raymond (T.,) K. B. C. P.
Jones (Tho.,) K. Rand C. P., and Ex., 12 to 35
19 to 3 ~ Reports in Chancery, 1 to 3 ~
Keble, K. B., 13 to 30 Saunders, K. B., 18 to 24
Kelyng (Sir J.,) Crown Cases, Select Cases in Chancery, 33
and in K. R, 14 to 20 IShower, K. R, 30 to 37
Levinz, K. Rand C. P. 12 to Siderfin, K. B. C. P. and Ex.,
37 9 to 22
Lutwyche, C. P. 34 to 3 ~ ISkinner, K. B., 33 to 3 ~
Modern, K. R C. P. Ex. and Style, K. B., 1 to ~
Chan., vols. I, 2-1 to 29 Vaughan, C. P., 17 to 25
Modern, K. R C. P. Ex. and Ventris, K. R C. P. Ex. and
Chan., vol. 2-26 to 30 Chan., 20 to 3 ~
Modern, K. B. C. P. Ex. and Vernon, Chan., 32 to 3 ~
Chan., vol. 3-34 to 3 ~
JAMES II.-(Feb. 6) 1685. (Feb. 13) 1689.
Carthew, K. R, 2 to 4 Illodern, K. R C. P. Ex. and
Cases in Chancery, part 2-1 Chan., vol. 3-1 to 4
to 3 Parker, Ex., 3, 4
Cases of Settlement, K. R, 2 Reports in Chancery, 1 to 3
to 4 Shower, K. B., 1 to 4
Comberbach, K. R, 1 to 4 Skinner, K. B ,Ito 4
Freeman, K. B. C. P. Ex. and Ventris, K. R C. P. Ex. and
. Chan., 1 to 4 Chan., 1 to 4
Levinz, K. Rand C. P., 1, 2 Vernon, Chan., 1 to 4
Lutwyche, C. P., 1 to 4
WILLIAM III. and MARY.-(Feb. 13) 1689. (Mar. 8) 1~ 0 2 .
Carthew, K. R, 1 to 12 Fortescue, K. R C. P. Ex.
Cases Concerning Settlements, and Chan., 7 to 14
K. R, 1 to 14 Freeman, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Colles, Parliamentary Cases,9 Chan., 1 to 14
to 14 Kelyng (Sir J.,) Crown Cases,
Comberbach, K. R, 1 to 10 and in K. B., 8 to 13
Comyns, K. R C. P. Ex. Chan. \ Levinz, K. B. and C. P., 1
and before the Delegates, ~ to 8
to 14 Lutwyche, C. P., 1 to 14
Peere Williams, Chan. and K.
B., 1 to 13
Practical Register, C. P., 1 to
Precedents in Chancery, 1 to 8
Raymond (Lord,) K. B. and
C. P., 1 and 10 to 13
Robertson's Appeal Cases, 1
to 13
Select Cases in Chan., 10 to 12
Sessions Cases, K. B., 1 to 13
Strange, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Chan., 2 to 13
Vernon, Chan., 1 to 5
Cases of Practice, C. P., 1 to 13
Comyns, K. B. C. P. Ex. Chan.
and before the Delegates, 1
to 13
Dickens, Chan., 1 to 13
Fortescue, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Chan., 1 to 13
Gilbert, K. B. Chan. and Ex.,'
1 to 12
Modern, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Chan., vols. 8 and 9-8to12
Modern, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Chan., vol. 10-1 to 11
Moseley, Chan., 12, 13
Parker, Ex., 4 to 13
GEORGE II.-(June 11) n2'1. (Oct. 25) n60.
Ambler, Chan. and Ex., 11 to i Eden, Chan., 30 to 34
34 Fitzgibbon, K. B. C. P. Ex.
Andrews, K. B., 11, 12 and Chan., 1 to 5
Atkyns, Chan., 9 to 27 Fortescue, 1 to 10
Barnardiston, K. B., 1 to '1 Foster, Crown Cases, 16 to 34
Barnardiston, Chan., 13, 14 Kelynge (W.,) K. B. C. P.
Barnes, C. P., 5 to 34 ; and Chan., 4 to 8
Belt's Supplement to Vesey, IKenyon, K. B., &c., 26 to 30
Chan., 20 to 28 • Leach, Crown Cases, 4 to 34
Blackstone (Wm.,) K. B. and Lee (Sir Geo.,) Ecclesiastical,
C. P., 20 to 24, and 30 to 34 25 to 32
Brown's ParI. Cases, 1 to 34 Moseley, Chan., 1 to 3
Bunbury, Ex., 1 to 14 Parker, Ex., 16 to 34
Burrow's K. B., 30 to 34 Peere Williams, Chan. and K.
Burrow's Settlement Cases, K. B., 1 to 8
B., 5 to 32 PracticaIRegister,C.P.,ltoI5
Cases of Settlement, K. B., 1 Raymond (Lord,) K. B. and
to 5 C. P., 1 to 6
Cases of Practice, C. P., 1 to 20 Reports temp. Hardwicke, K.
Cases temp. Talbot, Chan., K. B., '1, 10
B. C. P., '1, 10 Robertson's Appeal Cases, a
Cornyns, Ex. Chan. and before few
the Delegates, 1 to 13 Sayer, K. B., 25 to 29
Cunningham, K. B., '1, 8 Select C a , ~ e s in Chancery, 6
Dickens, Chan., 1 to 34 Session Cases, K. B., 1 to 20
Willes, C. P. Exch. Chan. and
House of Lords, 11 to 32
Wilson, K. B. C. P., 16 to 34
Strange, K. B. C. P. Ex. and
Chan., 1 to 21
Vesey (sen.,) Chan., 20 to 28
West, temp.Hardwicke,Chan-
cery, 9 to 12
GEORGE III.-( Oct. 25) 1760. (Jan. 29) 1820.
Acton, Appeal Cases, 49, 50 Daniell, Ex., 57 to 60
Ambler, Chan. and Ex., 1 to 24 Dickens, Chan., 1 to 38
Anstruther, Ex., 32 to 37 Dodson, Admiralty, 51 to 5'1
Ball and Beatty, Irish Chan., Douglas, K. B., 19 to 25
47 to 54 Dow. H. of Lords, 53 to 58
Barnewall and Alderson, K. Durnford and East, K. B., 26
B., 58 to 60 to 40
Blackstone (Sir W.,) K. B. East, K. B., 41 to 52
and C.. 1 to 20 Edwards, Admiralty, 48, 49
Blackstone (H.,) C. P. and Ex. Eden, Chan., 1 to 7
Chamb., 28 to 36 Espinasse, Nisi Prius K. B. C.
Bligh, Appeal Cases, 59, 60 P. and Home Circ., 33 to
Bosanquet and Puller, C. P. 47
and Ex. Chamb., 37 to 47 Forrest, Ex. 41,
Bott, Settlement Cases, 1to 60 Fraser, Elec. H. Com., 32
Broderip and Bingham, C. P., Gow, Nisi Prius, C. P., 59, 60
59, 60 Haggard, Consistory Court, 29
Brown, Chancery, 18 to 34 to 60
Brown. ParI. Cases, 1 to 40 Holt1 Nisi Prins. C. P. and
Buck, Bankruptcy, 57 to 60 North Cir., 55 to 58
Burrow, K. B., 1 to 12 Jacob and Walker, Chan., 60
Burrow, Settlement Cases, K. Kenyon, K. B., &c.
B., 1 to 16 Leach's Crowu Cases, 1 to 55
Caldecot, Settlement Cases, Lafft, K. B. C. P. and Chan.,
K. B., 17 to 26 12 to 14
Campbell, Nisi Prius, K. B. C. Luder's Elec. Cases, 25 to 30
P. and Home Circuit, 48 to Marriott. Admiralty, 16 to 19
56 Marshall, C. P., 54 to 5'1
Cases of Practice, K. B., 1 to 14 Maddock, Vice-Chan., 55 to 60
Chitty, K. B., 47 to GO Maule and Selwyn, K. B., 53
Cooper, Chan., 55 to 57
Corbet and Daniel, Election ~ e r i v a l e , Chan., 56 to 58
Cases Moore, C. P., 57 to 60
()owper, K. B., 14 to 18 Nolan, K. B., 32 to 34
Cox, Chan., 23 to 36 Parker, Ex., 1 to 7
Peake, Nisi Prius, K. B. 30 to
Peckwell, Election Cases, 45,
PhiJIimore, Ecclesiastical, 49
to 60
Price, Ex., 54 to 60
Robinson, A.dmiralty, 39 to 48
Rose, Bankruptcy, 50 to 56
Russell &Ryan, Crown Cases,
39, &c.
Schoales and Lefroy, Irish
Ohan., 42 to 44
Smith, K. B. and Chan., 44 to
Starkie, Nisi Prius, 55 to 60
Swanston, Ohan., 58 to 60
Taunton, O. P., 48 to 58
Vesey, (jun.,) Chan., 29 to 52
Vesey aud Beames, Chan., 52
to 54
Wightwick, Ex., 50, 51
Wilson, K. B. and O. P., 1 to
Wilson, Ohan., 58 to 60
'Wilson, Ex., 57
GEORGE IV.-(Jan. 29) 1820. (June 26) 1830.
.Addams, Eccles., 2 to 6 Hudson and Brooke, K. B.
Barnewall and .Alderson, K. (Ireland,) 7 to 11
B., 1 to 3 . Jacob and Walker, Ohan., 1, 2
Barnewall and Cresswell, K. Jacob, Ohan., 2, 3
B., 3 to 10 Lloyd and Welsby, Mercantile
---A.dolphus, K.B., 10, &c. Oases, 10, &c.
Batty, K. B. (Ireland,) 5 and 6 Maddock, Vice-Ohan., 1 to 3
Beatty, Ohan. (do.,) 7 and 8 Manning and Ryland, K. B.,
Bingham, O. P., 3, &c. 7 to 9
Bligh, H. of Lords, 1, &c. :Molloy, Ohan. (Ireland,) 7 to
Bott, Settlement Oases, 1 to 7 11
Broderip and Bingham, O. P., and Malkin, N. P., 7,
Ito3 &c.
Carrington and Payne, N. P., Moore, C. P., 1 to 7
4, &c. Moore and Payne, O. P., 7, &c.
Ohitty, K. B., 1 to 3 Phillimore, Eccles., l, 2
Creswell, Insolvent, 7 to 9 Price, Exchequer, 1, &c.
Dania.ll, Exchequer Russell and Ryan, Oro. Cases,
Danson and Lloyd, Mercantile lito 3
Oases, 8, 9 Russell, Chan., 6, &c.
Dowling and Ryland, 2 to 7 Russell and 9, &C.
Fox. and Smith, K. B. (Ire-I Ryan and N. P., 4 to 7
land,) 3 to 5 Ryan and Moody, Oro. Oases,
Glyn and Bank- 4 to 10
ruptcy ISimons and Stuart, Vice-Ch.,
Haggard, Eccles., 7 to 10 2 to 7
Hogan, Rolls (Ireland,) 6 and 7 Simons, Vice-Chan., 7, &0.
Smith and Batty, K. B. (Ire-, Turner, Chan., 3, &c.
land,) 4 and 5 Younge and Jervis, Ex., ~ , &c.
Starkie, N. P., 1, &c. Younge, Eq. Ex., 11, &c.
WILLIAM IV.-(June 26) 1830. (June 20) 1 8 3 ~ .
Adolphus and Ellis, K. B., \ Manning and Ryland, K. B.,
4to Ito
Barnewall and Adolphus, K. Meeson and Welsby, 6
B., 1 to 3 \ Montague and Bligb, Bank-
Bingbam, C. P., 1 to ruptcy, 2 and 3
Bligh, H of Lords, 1 to Montagu and Ayrton, Bank-
Carrington and Payne, N. P., I ruptcy, 3 to .
1 to :Moodyand Malkin, N. P., 1 to
Clarke and Finnelly, 2 to Moore and Payne, C. P., 1 to
Cockburn and Rowe, 3 IMoore and Scott, C. P., 1 to
Crompton and Jervis, Exch., Mylne and Craig
1 and 2 Mylne and Keen, Cban., 3 to
Crompton and Meeson, Excb., INevile and Manning, K. B.,
3 and 4 3 to
Crompton, Meeson and Ros- Perry and Knapp, Election
coe, Exch., 4 to 6 Cases, 3 to 5
Curteis, 5 to Russell and Mylne, Chan., 1
Deacon and Chitty, Bank- to 3
ruptcy, 2 to 5 Scott, C. P., 5 to
Deacon, Bankruptcy, 6 to Simons, Vice-Chan., 1 to
Dow and Clarke, H. of Lords, Tamlyn, Rolls, 1 to
1 to Tyrwbitt, Excb., 1 to
Dowling, Practice Cases, 1 to Tyrwhitt and Grainger
Haggard, Ecclesiastical, 1 to Wilson and Shaw, H.ofLords,
Haggard, Admiralty, 1 to 1 to
Hayes, Exch. (h'eland,) 1 to 3 \\ilson and Courtenay, H. of
Knapp, Appeal Cases, 1 to Lords, 2 to
Knapp and Ombler, Election Younge, Equity Exch., 1 to 4
Cases, 5 to Younge and Collyer, Equity
Lloyd and Goold, Irish Chan., Exch., 4 to
5 to
VICTORIA.-(June 20) 1837.
Adolphus and Ellis, Q. B. Barron and Arnold, Registra-
Ditto, New Series, Q. B. tion Appeals
Barron and Austin, Election Beavan, Rolls
Cases Bingbam, C. P.
Bingham, New Cases, C. P.
" Bligh, H. of Lords
Carringtop. andPayne, N. P.
Carrington and Marshman, N.
Carrington and Kirwan, N. P.
Carrow, Hamerton and .Allen,
Sessions Cases
Clark and Finnelly, H. of
Collyer, V. C. Knight Bruce
Cooper, Lord Chancellor
Craig and Phillips, Lord Ch.
Davison and Merivale, Q. B.
Deacon, Bankruptcy
Deacon and Chitty, Bank-
De Gex, Bankruptcy
De Gex and Smale, Vice-
Chan. Knight Bruce
Denison, Crown Cases re-
served _
Dowling, Practice-Cases _
---, New Series, Practice
Cases .
DQwling ana Lowndes, Prac-
tice Cases
Drury and Walsh, Irish Chan.
Drury"andWarran, Irish Chan.
Falconer and Fitzherbert,
Election Cases
Gale and Davison, Q. B.
Haggard, Ecclesiastical
Hall-and Twells, Lord Chan.
Hare, Vice-Chan. Wigram
Jurist; all the Courts
Keen, Rolls .
Law Journal, all the Courts
Lutwyche, .Ap-
Macnaughten and Gordon,
Lord Chancellor
Manning and Grainger, C. P.
Manning, Grainger and Scott;
C.P. . .
Meeson and Welsby, Exch.
Montagu and .Ayrton, Bank-
Montagu and Chitty, Bank-
Montagu, Deacon andDeGex,
Moody, Crown Cases
Moody and Robinson, N. P.
Moore, Councj).
Moore, Indian .Appeals
Mylne and Craig, Chancery
Neville and Perry, Q. B.
Nicholl, Hare and Carrow,
_ Railway Cases
Notes of Cases in the Ecclesi-
"astical and Maritime Courts
Perry and Davison, Q. ;E.
Phillips, Chancery
Pigott and Rodwell, Registra-
tion .Appeals
.Robertson, Ecclesiastical
Robinson, New.Admiralty
Sausse and Scully, Irish RollB
Scott, C. P.
Scott, New Reports, C. P.
Simons, Vice-Chan. of Eng.
Younge and Collyer, Eq. Ex.
Younge and Collyer,
Knight Bruce ' .
7 G.4to--
2 V.
House of Lorlls.
Brown, ,T., 8 Vols. . 1 to 40 G. 3.
Dow, 6 Vols. . 53 to 58 G. 3.
Bligh, 3 Vols., and Vol. IV. Part 1 . 59 G. 3 to 1 & 2 G. 4-
Bligh's New Series, 10 Vols., and Vol.
XI. Parts 1, 2 and 3
Robinson, 1 Vol.
West, 1839, 1840, and 1841.
Dow and Clark, 2 loIs. 8 G. 4 to 2 W. 4.
Clark and Finnelly, 12 Vols. 2 W. 4 to 9 V.
Clark and Finnelly, New Series, 9 liet. to the present
Vol. 1., and Vol. II. Part 1. time.
These Reports will be wntinued.
Ambler, 2 Vols. .. 1 tc 24 G. 3.
Brown, W., by Eden, 4 loIs. 18 to 34 G. 3.
----by Belt, 4 lois.. . 18 to 34 G. 3.
Vesey, jun., 19 Vols., with Index and
Ravenden's Supplement, 22 Vols. 29 to 52 G. 3.
Vesey and Beames, 3 Vols. 52 to 54 G. 3.
55 G. 3.
56 & 57 G. 3.
58 & 59 G. 3.
58 & 59 G. 3.
60 G. 3 to 1 & 2 G. 4.
2 & 3 G. 4.
3 to 5 G. 4.
Cooper, 1 Vol.
Merivale, 3 Vols.
Swanston, 3 Vols.
Wilson, 4 Parts, . .
Jacob and Walker, 2 Vols.
*Jacob, 1 Vol. . .
*Turner and Russell, 1 Vol. . .
*Russell, 4 Vols., and Vol. V. Parts 1
and 2, • . 6 to 9 G. 4.
*Russell and ~ { y l n e , 2 Vols. 10 G. 4 to 1 & 2 W. 4.
*Mylne and Keen, 3 Vols. 3 to 6 W. 4.
* ~ { y l n e and Craig, 5 Vols. . 6 W. 4 to 4 & 5 V.
*Craig and Phillips, 1 Vol. 4 & 5 V.
*Phillips, 2 Vols. . 5 to 11 Viet.
*Hall and Twells, 2 Vols. 12 V. to present time.
*Macnaughten & Gordon, 3 Vols. 12 V. to present time.
These Reports will be continued.
Cooper, temp. Brougham, 1833-4.
Cooper, Points of Practice, 1837-8,
Cooper, temp. Cottenj;Jam, 1846-7,
Vol. 1., and Vol. II. Parts 1 alld 2.
Rolls' Court.
*Tamlyn, 1 Vol. 9 G. 4 to 1 W. 4.
*Keen, 2 Vols. 6 W. 4 to 1 V.
*Beavan, 13 Vola, 1 V. to present time.
These Reports will be continued.
Vice-Chancellor of England's Court.
Maddock, 6 Vols. . 55 G. 2 to 1 & 2 G. 4.
*Simons and Stuart, 2 Vols. 2 to 7 G. 4.
*Simons, 16 Vols. 7 G. 4 to present time.
These Rep01'ts will be continued.
* See English Chancery Reports, New York Edition, with
A.merican Notes and References; published by Banks, Gould
&Co. See ante, p. xl
Vice-Chancellor Sir Knight Bruce's Court.
*Younge and Collyer, 2 Vols. 5 to 6 & 7 V.
*Collyer, 2 Vols... 7 V to 9 & 10 V.
*DeGexandSmale, 3 Vols. 10 V. to present time.
These Reports will be continued.
Vice-Chancellor Sir James Wigram's Court.
*Hare, 9 Vols. 5 to 11 & 12 V.
These Repo1'ts will, be continued.
Queen's Bench.
16 to 26 G. 2.
1 to 10 G. 3.
1 to 12 G. 3.
12 to 14 G. 3.
14 to 18 G. 3.
19 to 25 G. 3.
26 to 40 G. 3.
41 to 53 G. 3.
. ~ 3 to 58 G. 3.
58 G. 3 to 1 & 2 G. 4.
3 to 10 G. 4.
11 G. 4 to 4 W. 4.
Wilson, 3 Vols.
Blackstone, W., 2 Vols.
Burrow. 5 Vols.
Lofft, 1 'vol.
Cowper, 2 Vols.
Douglas, 4 Vols.
Durnford and East, 8 Vols.
East, 16 Vols.
Maule and Selwyn, 6 Vols.
Barnewall and Alderson, 5 \'ols.
Barnewall and Cresswell, 10 Vols.
Barnewall and Adolphus, 5 Vols. .
Adolphus and Ellis, New Series, 10
Vols., and Vol. XI., Part 1, and
Vol. XII., Part 1, 4 V. to present time.
These Reports will be conlinutd.
Dowling and Ryland, 9 \'ols. 2 to 8 G. 4.
Manning and Ryland, 5 Vols. 8 G. 4 to 1 W. 4.
Nevile and Manning, 6 Vols. 3 to 6 W. 4.
Nevile and Perry, 3 Vols. 7 W. 4 to 1 V.
Perry and Davison, 4 Vols. 1 to 5 V.
Gale and Davison, 3 Vols. 5 & 6 \'.
Davison and Meri-.ale, 1 1"01. 6 to 8 V.
*See English Chancery Reports, New York Edition, with
American Notes and References j published by Banks, Gould
&Co. See ante, p. xl.
Bail (Jourt, &c.,
Chitty's Points of Practice and Plead-
ing, 2 Vols.. . . . . 59 & 60 G. 3.
Dowling's Points of Practice, 9 Vols. 1 W. 4.
D. P. C., New Series, 2 Vols.. . 4 to 5 &6 V.
Dowling and Lowndes, 5 Vols., and
Vol. VI., Part 1, . 6 V. to present time.
- These Reports will be continued.
R ~ i h v a T and (Janal (Jases.
Nicholl, Hare &Carrow, 5 Vols.
These Report.<; are continued by L. Oliver, E. Beavan _Pond
J'homas Lefroy, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law.
(JoInInon Pleas.
· ~ 6 G. 2 to 14 G. 3.
1 to 20 G.3.
• 26 to 28 G: 3.-
36 to 47 G. :l.
· 48 to 59 G.3.
59 G. 3 te 1 &2 G. 4.
3 G. 4 to 4 W. 4.
4 W. 4to 3 V.
3 to 7V.
Wilson, 3 Vols.
Blackstone, W., 2 Vols.
Blackstone, H., 2 Vols.
BOBanquet and Puller, 5 Vols.
Taunten, 8 Vols. -,
Brod'erip and Bingham, 3 Vols.
Bingham, 10 Vols... -.
Bingham's New Cases, 6 Vols.
Manning and Granger, 7 'Vols. . .
Manning, Granger & Scott, 5 Vols.,
and Vol. VI., Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, 8 V. to present time.
These RepO'lts. wilt"ge con_tinued.
Marshall, 2 Vols.
'Moore, 12 Vols.
Moore and Payne, 5 Vols.
Moore and Scott, 4 Vols. .
Scott, 8 VoIs. '..
ScoWs New Reports, 8 Vols..Ct
54 to 57 G.3.
57 G. 3 te 8 G. 4.
9 G. 4 te 1 & 2 W. 4-
2 te4 W. 4.
4 W. 4to 3 V.
3 to 8 V.
Exchequer--PLEAS SIDE.
Parker, 1 VoL . . 1 to 6 G. 3., 3 Vols. ." 32 to 37 G. 3.
Forrest, 1 Part, . . 41 G. 3. .
1 Vol. _ 50 & 51 G.3.
Price, 13 Vols. . 54 G. 3 to 5 G. 4. .
;M'Cleland, 1 Vol.. .. ," .' 4 &5 G. 4:
M'Cleland and Younge, 1 Vol. . '5 & 6 G. 4.
Younge and Jer-vis, 3 Vols. . '1 to"ll G. 4.
Crompton and Jervis, 2"Vols. . 11 G. 4 to 1 &2 W. 4.
Crompton and Meeson, 2 Vols. . 2 to 4 W. 4.
Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe, 2 Vpls. 4 to,6 W. 4.
Meesonand Welsby, 16 Vols.. . 6 W. 4to 10V.
The Exchequer Reports. -.WelSby,
Hurlstone and Gordon, Vols. I. aIld
II., and Vol. III., Parts 1 and 2, 10 V. to present time.
These ReplJ'T'ts will be continued.
Tyrwhitt, 5 Vols. .. . 11 G. 4 to 5 W. 4,
Tyrwhitt and Granger, 1 Vol 5 &6 W. 4.
Exchequer-EQUITY SIDE.
Wilson, Part 1, .' , 5'1 G. 3.
Daniell, :;. "VoL '. .' 5'1 to 59 G. 3.
Younge, 1 Vol. .. , 11 G.'4 to 1 W.4.
Younge and Collyer, 4 l'olB. • 4 W. 4 to 4 V,
The:ie Reports will shortly be rompleted.
Nisi Prius.
Holt's C. P., 1 Vol. , 55 to 58 G. 3.
Gow's C. P., 1Vol. 58 to 59 G. 3.
Peake,2 Vols... . 30 to 52 G. 3.
Espinasse, 6 Vols. in3, .' 33 to 4'1 G. 3.
Campbell, 4 Vols. . . 48 to 56 G. 3.
Starkie, 2Vols. and 1 Part; 57 G. 3 to 3 G.4.
Ryan and Moody, 1 Vol: . 4 to '1 G. 4.
Moody and Malkin, 1 Vol.' 8 G. 4 to 1 W. 4.
Moody and Robinson, 2 Vols. 1 W. 4 to '1 & 8 V.
The:ie Reports will be continued 1Y¥ Messrs. Robinson and Pollock.
Nisi Prius-eontinUed.
Carrington aIld Payne, 9 Vols. . 4 G. 4 to 4 V.-
Carrington and Marshman, 1. Vol. 5 &6 V.
Carrington and Kirwan,' Vol: I. and
Vol. fl., Parts 1, 2 'and 3, 6 V. to present time.
These Reports will be continued.

Marriott, 1 Vol: . 16 to 19 G. 3.
Rohinson, 6Vols. 39 to 48 G. 3.
Edwards, 1 VoL . 48 to 50 G. 3.
Dodson, 2 Vols. 51 to 55 G. 3.
Haggard, 3Vols.. . 2 G. 4 to 2V. _
Robinson, William, 2 Vols. . 2 V. to present time:
ThMe Repoi-ts '!Via
Priry Council.
Acton, 1 VoLand 1 Part, . .. . 49 &50 G. 3.
Knapp, 3Vols. . . . . .. 11 G. Ho 6·& '1. W.4.
Moore, 4 Vols., and Vol. Y., Pts 1 & 2, 6 W. 4 to present time.
Moore, East India Appeals, 3 Vols.
and Vol. IV., Parts 1 and 2, . 6 W. 4 to present time.
These Reports will be continued.
Ecclesiastical and Court of Delegates.
Phillimore, 3Vols.· . 49 G. ;3 to 1 & 2 G. 4.
Addams, 2 Yols. and 1 Part, . 2 to '1 G. 4.
Haggard, 3 Vols. and 2 Parts, 8 G. 4 to 3 &4 W. 4.
Curteis, 3 Vols. 5 W. 4 to '1 &8 V.
Robertson, Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, '1 & 8V. to present time.
These Reports-wiTJ, be continued.
. 50 to 56 G. 3.
5'1 to 60 G. 3.
'. Ito 8G. 4.
Rose, 2 Vols.
Buck, 1 Vol.
Glyn and Jameson, 2 Vols.
Montagu and M'Arthnr, 1 Vol. 9 G.4.
Montagu, 1 Vol. . 1 & 2 W.4.
Montagu and Bligb, 1 Vol. 2 & 3 W. 4.
Montagu and Ayrton, 3Vols. 3 W. 4 to 2 V.
Montaguand Cbitty, 1 Vol. 3 V. to4 V.
Deacon and Chitty, 4 Vols. . 2 to 5 W. 4.
Deawn, 4 Vols. 5 W. 4 to 3 V.
Montagu, Deacon and De Gex, 3 Vols. 4 to 8 V.
De Gex, Vol. I., Parts I, 2 and 3,. 8&9V. to present time.
These Rlports will be continued.
Election Cases.
Douglas, 4 Vols. 15 &16 G. 3.
Fraser, 2 Vols. 16 to - G. 3.
Luder, 3 Vola 25to 31 G. 3.
Peckwell, 2 Vola. 43 to - G. 3.
Corbett and Daniell, I_Vol. 59 G. 3.
Cockburn and Rowe, 1 Vol. . 2 &3 W. 4.
Perry and Knapp, 1 Vol. 2 &3 W. 4.
Knapp and Ombler, 1 Vol. 4 &5 W. 4.
Falconer and Fitzberbert; 1 Vol. 7 W. 4 to-.
Barron and Austin, 1 Vol. 5 and 5 & 6 V.
Barron and Arnold,l Vol. 6 V. to'.presenttime.
These Rlports will be continued.
Pigott and Rodwell, 1 Vol. . 7 to 9 V.
Lutwyche, Vol. I. and V01. II., Parts
1 and 2, 7&8V. to present time.
These Repr;rts w.ill be continued.
Dowling and Ryland, 4 Vols.. 2 to 8 G. 4-
Manning and Ryland, 2 Vols. 8 G.4 to 1 W.4.
Nevile and Manning, 3Vols.. 3 W.4to 6 W.4.
Nevile and Perry, Parts 1 and 2,. 7 W. 4 to 1 V.
Carrow, Hamerton and Allen, 2Vols.
and Vol. Ill., Part 1 to 7, • 7 V. to present time.
. J'Iles_e Will continued.
IN LA.W AND EQillTY. cvii
CroWn Cases Reserved.
Leach, 2 Vols. 1 to 55 G. 3.
Russell and Ryan, 1 Vol. 39 G. 3 to 4 G. 4.
Moody, 2 Vols. 5 G. 4to 7 &8 V.
Denison, Vol. 1. 7&8V. to present time.
These Reports will be continued.
The Jurist. The several Courts of
Lawand Equity, 12 Vols.. . from Hilary, 1837 to pre-
sent time.
Continued weekly.
Law Journal. The several Courts
of Law and Equity, . . from 1823 to present time.
Continued monthly.
The Legal Observer. The several
Courts of Law and Equity. 38
Vols. •.from 1830 to present time.
Continued weekliy.
The LawTimes. The several Comts
of Lawand Equity. 13 Vols. . from 1843 to present time.
Contimwd weekly.
Notes of Cases in the Ecclesiastical
and Maritime Courts. 6 Vols. . from 1841 to present time.
Continued monthly.
.. .. -
. 1844 to 1846.
11 .
1839 to- present time. -
These RepO'l"ts wUl be continued.
Wallis, 1 Vol.. '.' '. H66 to 1'185.
Schoales and Lefroy, 2 Vola: . 1802 to 1806.
Ball and Beatty, 2 Vols. '. . 180'1 to 1814-
Beatty, temp. Hl¥i, 2 Parts..
Molloy, temp. Hart, 2 Vols. and 1 Part.
Drury and Walsh, 2 Vola. . 183'1 to 1842.
Lloyd and Goold, temp. Plunket,. .1834 and 1836.
Lloyd and Goold, temp. Sugden,' 1VoL 1835.
Connor and Lawson, 2 Vola. 1841 to 1843.
Drury and Warren, 4 Vols.. . 1841 to 1844.
Drury, VoL 1., Parts 1 and 2.
Jones and Latouche, 3 Vola.
Irish Law and Equity Reports,
Rolls Court.
Hogan, temp. M'Mahon, 2Vols.
Sausse.and Sculley, temp. O.'Loghlen.•
Flanagan and Kelly, 1 Vol.
Irish Law and Equity Reports, 11
Vols. . 1839 to present time.
These .-Reports will be continued.
queen's Bench.
Vernon and Scriven, 1 VoL. .. . 26. G. 3, &c..
Ridgwa.y, Lapp and Schoales, 34 &35 G. 3..
Fox and Smith, 1 VoL' . ,. . 1822 to 1824.
Smith and Batty, 1 Vol. 1824 and 1825.
Batty, 1 Vol.. . . . . 1825 and 1826.
.Hudson and Brooke, 1 VoL, 3 Parts, 1827 to 1830.
.Alcock and Napier, 1 VoL 1831 to 1833.
Cook and Alcock, 1 Part, . 1833 and 1834-
Jehh and Symes, 2 Vola. 1838 to 1840.
Jebb and Bourke, 1 VoL . 1842.
Irish Law and Equity Reports, 11
Vola. . . 1839 to present time.
These Reports WIll be continued.
Common Pleas.
Smythe, . .. . 1839, 1840.
Irish Law and Equity Reports, 11 Yols. 1839 to present time..
These RffJiorfs will be conI:inued.
Nisi Prius.
Armstrong and Macartney, . . 1842.
Hayes, 1 Yol. . 10 G. 4 to 2 W. 4.
HayesandJones, 1 Yol. 1831,1832.
.Jones, 1 Yol. and 2 Parts, 1835 to 1831.
.Jones and Cary, 2 Parts, . 1838, 1839.
Longfield and Townsend, 1 Yol. . 1843.
Irish Law and Equity Reports, 11 Yols. 1839 to present time.
These Reports win be continued.
Appeals and 'Vrits of Error.-IRISH P
Ridgway, 3 YDIs. . 1184 to 1198.
Registry Cases•
.Alcock, 3 Parts,
Welsh, Cases at Sligo, 1 Part,
Welsh, Case ofJames Feighny,
Crown Cases•
.Jebb,l Yol.
1832 to 1839.
1822 to 1840.
Milward, 3 Parts,
Syme, 1 Vol.
Broun, 2'Vola.
. CircUit Cases, 1 Vol. . . . '. 1841
Crawford and Dix, Abridged Cases in all
theCourts,1 Vol. . . . 1838.
Crawford and Dix, Circuit Cases, 2 Vols.
and 1 Part, ....1839 to 1843.
Law Recorder in all the Courts, 6 Vola. 1833 to 1838.
Ditto, Third Series, 2 Vols. . . 1838 to 1840.
Irish Lawand Equity Reports, 11 Vola.. 1839 to present time.
'These Qeports will 'be continued.
A.ppeal t,..e of. Lords.
Shaw, 2 Vols. . 1821 to 1824.
Wilson and Shaw, Vols. 1825 to 1834.
Shaw and M'Lean, 3 Vols. '. . 1835 to 1838.
M'Lean and 1 Vol. 1838 to 1839.
Robihson, 2Vola. - . 1.840 to 184L
Bell, 6 Vola. 1843 to 1849.
'To be continued.
IDgh Court of Justiciary.
18.26 to i830,
1835 to 184l.
1841 to 1845.
Consistory Court.
Ferguson, 1 VoL
Ses'sions Court.
Shaw, Dunlop andBell, 13Vola. 1821 to 1835.
Dunlop, Bell and Murray, 5 Vola.. . 1835 to 1838.
Dunlop, Bell, Murray and Donaldson, 1
Vol. .. .' 1839 to 184L
Bell, Murray, Young and Tennent, 10
Vols. • 1841 to 1849.
Arkley, 1 Vol. . 1846 to 1848.
Shaw, 1849.
BOOKS, &0.,
Abr. Ca. Eq.
A. or Addis.
A. &E.
A. &E. N. S.
Ala. byM.
AI. & Nap.
A. J.
Am. L. Ca.
R(}jJGrtel's 01' R(}jJol'ts. of StatesorC'ls.
V o ~ .
Abridgment of Oases}
in Equity. 2 Oh.
Action. 1 P. C.
Adams. 1 N. H.
Addams. 2 EccI.
Addison. 1 Pa..
Adolphus & Ellis. 12 Q. B.
Adolphus &Ellis, N. S. 13 Q. B.
Aiken. 2 Vt.
.Alabama Reps. by Minor. 1 Ala.
Alabama Reports, N. S. 17 .Ala.
.Alcock. 1 R. O.
.Alcock & Napier. 1 K. B.
Aleyn. 1 U. B.
Ambler. 2 Ch.
American Jurist. 28
American Leading Oases, 2
Anderson. 1 O. P.
Andrews. 1 K. B.
Angell. 1 R. I.
of State.sorO'ts.
3 Ex.
IN. Y.
1 :It ll.
Reporters or Reports. Abbre:viations.
Ben. & Dal.
Bee's Admr.
Anst. Anstruther.
Anth. N. P. C. - Anthon) !'f. P. C.
Ann. Annaly.
Appleton. (Same as 19 I
AppL and 20 Maine Reps.) f 2 Me.
Ann. &Mac. Armstrong &McCartney. 1 N. P.
Am. &Hodg. Arnold &Hodges. 1 Q. ll. B.C.
Arn. Arnold. 2 C. P.
Ash. Tab. Ashe's T.ables. 1 K. ll. C. P.
Ash. Ashmead. - 2 Pa.
Atch. Atcheson. " 2 K. ll.
Atk. AtKYtJ.s. 3 Ch.
Bail. Bailey. 2 S. C.
Bail. Bailey, (Ch.) 1 S. C.
Baldw. Baldwin. 1 U. S. 3 C.
B. &ll. Ball &Beatty. 2 Ch.
Barb. Ch. • Barbour's Ch. 3 N. Y.
Barb, S. C. _' ~ Barbour's S. C. 9 N. Y.
Barn. C. Barnadiston. 1 Ch.
Barn. K. ll. ll. ' Barnadiston. 2 K. ll.
Barn. Pro Barnes' Cases of Practice. 2
ll. &A. BarnwaU &. Alderso.n. 5 K. ll.
ll. &C. 'Barnwail &: Creswell. 10 K. ll.
B. &Ad: ' Barnwall &Adolphus. 5 K. B.
Bar. and Aust. Barron &Austin. 1 E. C.
Bar. &Arn. Barron & Arnold. 1 E. C.
Barr. 12 Pa.
Batty. 1 K. B.
Bay.- . 2 S. C.
, Beatty, temp. Hart. 1 Ch."
Beavan. 14 R. C.
Bee's Admiralty Reports. 1 District S. 'C.
Bellewe. 1 K. ll. C. P.
Bell's Cases. (Scotch.) 2 C. S.
Benloe. 1 C. P.
, Benloe'& Dallison. 1 C. P.
Berton's Reports. (New} 1
Brunswick.} , .
Bibb.' •. 4 Ky.
Bingham. 10 C. P.

, Reporters or R ~ .
ofStates or (J't8.
Vol8. -
Bing. N.,e. :, ,
Bingham'soNew Cases. 6 C. P.
Bin. Binney. 6 Pa.
Black. Blackford. 8 Ind.
Bla. H. Blackstone, H. 2 C. P.
Bla.W. BlackstonE.', Sir Wm. 2K.B.C.P.&Ch.
Bla. ,Bland, (Ch.) 3 Md.
Bli. Bligh. 3RL.
BILN.S. Bligh, N. S. 11 H. L.
Bos.&P. Bosanquet &Puller. 5 C.P.
Bosw. Boswell. (8ootch.) 1 C. S.
Bott.S. Q. Bott's Settlement Cases. 3 K. B:
·Bradford. 1 Iowa.
IN. r.
Bray. Brayton. 1 Vt.
Bree. Breese.
Brev. Brevard. 3 S. C.
BrLJ. Bridgman, Sir John. 1 C.P.
BrLO. Bridgman, Sir 9rlando. 1 C.P.
""""'"bro'gb', Il&I
2 U. S. 4 C; Brock. . ports of Marshall's
Va. Ca.
Brockenbrough and'
1 Va. Cases.'
Holmes's Cases. '
Va. Ca. Brockenbrough's Cases. 2 Va. Cases.
B.&B. _ Brod.erip &Bingbam. 3 d. P.
B . N . C . ~ .
Brooke's New Cases. 1
Bro. P. C.' Brown: 8H.L.
Bro. C. Bfown.
Br. Browne. 2P:A.
Brow. &G.
Brownlow &Goldsbo- }
1 C.P.·
Brn. Bruce. (Scowh.) 2 C. S.
Buch..- ~ .
Buchanan. (Scotch.) 1 C.S..
Buck. IB.
Bulst. Bulstrode.
1 K, B ~
Bunb. Bunbury. 1 Ex.
1 WisconsiD.
Burr. S. C. Burrow's Settlem't Cases. 1 K. B.
~ . :M;.
Burrow,!(tem. Man(lfield.)
5 K. 'R
1 K. B.
1 Ga.
1 Ga.
1 S. C.
1 Vt.
2 vi.
2 B. & C.
No. .
'of StatesorO'ts.
3 N.Y,
2N. Y.
6 Va.
1 K. B.
IN. C.
4N.P.' -
1 R. C.
2 N. C.
1 C. P.
1 K. B.
1 Ch.
3 Ch.
1 Ch.
.' Reports or Reporters.
Caines' Cases in Error.
Caldecot's Settlement L
Cases. f
Cameron &Norwood's L
Conference Repo1'ts. f
Carrington &Payne.
Carrington &Marshman.
Carrington &Kirwan.
Carrow & Oliver.
Carrow &Oliver's Rail· L
way Cases. f
.Carolina Law Repository.
Cases in Chancery. L
Temp. Car. II. f
Cases temp. Talbot.
Cases and Opinions Of} -
. eminent Counsel in 2
Law and Equity.
Cases of Practice.
Charlton, T. U. P.
Charlton, R. M.
Chipman, N.
Chipman, D. .
Chitty's Points ofPrac· I
tice Cases. f
Choice Cases in Chancery. 1 Ch.
Clark &Finnelly. 10 H. L.
Clarke Ch. 1 N. Y.
Clayton. 1 Ass.
Cockburn &Rowe. 1 E. C.
Coke. 6 K. B. C. P. Ex.
Cook &Alcock. 1 K. B.
C. O.L. &E.
. Abbreviations.
CharI. T. U. P.
CharI. R. M.
Chit. P. C.
C. C. C.
Clark &Fin.
Cock. &R.
Co. or Reports.
C. &A.
Oal. S. C.
Cam. & ~ o r w .
Car. &P.
Car. &M.
Car.·& K.
Car. & 01.
Car. &01.
Car. L. Rep.
Cart. .
C. C.
Ca. T. T.
C. C. E.
C. G.
Col. Ca.
CoL C. C.
CoL P. C.
Condo Ch.
Condo EccI.
Condo Exch.
Conn. .
Con. &L.
Const. R.
Const. R.
Const. N. S.
. CooIJ·
Cox, Rich.
Cox, S.
Crai. &Phil.
Craw. &D.
Craw. &D. C. C.
C. & J.
C. & M.
RqJorters or RqiO'T'ts. of StatesorO'ts.
Vols. .
Cooke. 1 C. P.
Cooke. 1 Tenn.
Cooke, Geo. 2 C. P.
Coleman's Cases. 1 N. Y.
Coleman & Caines' Cases. 1 N. Y.
Colles. 1 H. L.
Collyer. 2 V. C.
Comberbach. 1 K. B.
Common Law R. (PhiJad.) 65
Comstock. 4 N. Y.
Comyns. 2K. B. C. P. &c.
'Condensed Chancery. 33
Condensed Ecclesiastical. '1 '
Condensed Exchequer. 6
Connecticut R., by Day. 20 Ct.
Connor & Lawson. 2 Ch.
Conroy's Custodian R. 1
Constitutional Court 1
. R. (1817.) . ..
Constitutional R. 1812
to 1816. 2S. C.
Constitutional R:N. S., S C
by' Mills. 2 • •
Cooper, temp. Brougham. 1 Ch.
Cooper's foints of t
:Practice. .f 1 Ch.
Corbett &Daniell. . 1 E. C.
Cowen. 9 N. Y.
Cowper. 2 Q. B.
Cox, Richard. 1 N. J.
Cox, SamueL 2 Ch.
Craig &Phillips. 1 C h ~ .'
Cranch. 9 U. S. S. C.
Crawford &Dix. 1 .All the courts.
Crawford & Dix. Cir'lI
. cuit Cases.
Creswell R. of Insol' I
vent Debtors.
Crompton &Jervis. 2 Ex.
Crompton & Meeson. 2 Ex.
5 Sessions.
4 U. S. S. C.
1 C. S.
9 Ky.
1 Ex.
1 K. B. &. Ex.
1 Q. B.
5 Ct.
of States or O'ts.
2 Ex.
5N. Y.
4S. C.
4N. C.
2N. C.,
3 N. C.
2 Ch.
3 K. B. C. P.
1 Adm.
1 K. B.
11 La.
3 EccL
3 Mass.
Reporters or Reports.
Crompton, Meeson &.}
Croke, Geo. (Cro. Eliz. }
Oro. Jac..Cro. Car.)
Croke, Alexander.
Dalrymple. (Scotch.)'
Dana. .
Danson &. Lloyd's Mer- }
cantUe Cases. .
Davis. .
Davison and Merivale.
Davies's Patent Cases.
Davies's Admiralty.
Deacon &. Chitty.
Deas &. Anderson.}
Decisions of Court of}
Sessions. (Scotch.)
DeCiSions. of .Court Of!
Sessions. (Fac.. Col.) 26
Coll. ScotchJ
Decisions, of English
JudgeS, tem. Usur-
pation. (Scotch.)
Dessaussure, (Ch.)
Devereux, (Ch.)
Devereux &. Battle.
DE!"vereux &.'Battle, (Ch.)
Dickens. \
Dev. Eq.. -
Dev. &. Bat.
Dev. &. Bat. Ch.
C. M. &.R.
Dec. &. Ses.
ero. Geo.
Cro. Alex.
Curry, La. R.
Curt. . .
Dan. &. Ll.
Dav. &. Mer.
Dav. Pat. Ca.
Dav. Adm.
Deac. &. Ch.
Deas &. And.
Dec. C. Ses.
C. S.
8 Q. B.
of Statesoi(J'ts.
2 Ad.
4 Q. B.
4 E: C:
9 k; B.
9'B. C.
3 B. C.
2 B. C.
1 C.,P.
2 Ch.. "
1 Ga.
2 Sessions.
Douglas. _
Douglas's Election Cases.
Dow &Clark.
Dowling &Ryland.
Dowling's Points of. !
Practice Cases.
Dowling's Points of
Practice, N: S.
Dowling &Ryland.
Dowling & Lowndes.
Drury &Walsh.
Drury- &Warren.
Dunlay, Bell &Murray. t
(Scotcb.) I
Dur. Duries., (Scotcb.)
Durn. &E. or T. R.Durnford &East..
Di. or Dy. . Dyer's J.
Dowl. N. S.
Dow1. &Ry.
Drink.' .
Drury &Wal.
Drury &. War.
Dunl. B. & M.
Dow &C.
D.&R. .
Dowl. P:C.
Doug. E. C.
Eag. & Yo:
Eden t. No
Edw. Cb.
Edw. Tho.
Elec. Ca.
Eng. Ch. Rep.
Eq. Ca. Abr.
. Eagle &Younge's Tithe t
Cases. f
Eagle Tithe Cases.
.Eari'of Coventry's Cases.
East. . 16 K. B.
Eden tern. Northington. 2 Cb.
Edgar. (Scotcb.) 1 C. S.
Edwards, Cb. 4 N. Y.
Edwards.' 1
Election Cases.· (Scotch.) 1 C. S.
Elchies's Decisions of t 2
Court of Sessions. f
Emlyn, S. State Trials. 10 K. B.
Englisb. 6 Ark.
English Chancery Re-} 33 N. Y.
port, entire, with
Equity Cases Abridged. 3
Abbreviations. Reporters or Reports. . of Statesor (J'ts.
Esp. Espinasse. 6N.P.
Fac. Col. Faculty Collection
Fairf. Fairfield. 3 Me.
Falc. &Fitz. Falconer &Fitzherbert. 1 E. C.
Falc. Falconer. (Scotch.) 3 C, S,
Far. Farresly. (7 Mod. R.)
Ferg. Ferguson. 1 Con.sistory.
Fin. Finch's Reports. Ch.
Fitzgib. Fitzgibbons.
1 K. B. C. P.}
Flanagan '&; Kelly.
Flan. &K. 1 R. C.
FoL P.L. Foley's Poor Law CIlIies. 1
For. Forrest. 1 Part. Ex.
Forb. Forbes. (Scotch.) 1 C. S.
Fort. Fortescue.
1 K. B, C. P. }
Ex. &Ch.
F. & S.
Fr. E. C.
Free. C. C.
Ga. Dec.
Gill &J.
Gilb. Ca.
Fountain Hall. (Scotch.)
Fox & Smith.
Fraser's Election Cases.'
Freeman, (Ch.)
Freeman's Chan. Cases.
. Gallison.
Gale & Davison.
Gale.' .
Georgia Decisions.
Gibson. (Scotch.)
Gill &Johnson.
Gilbert's Cases in Law }
and Equity.
1 K. B.
C. S.
1 K. B.
2 E. C.
2K.·B. C. P. &c.
1 Miss.
2 U. S. I. C..
3 Q:B.
2 Ex.
8 Ga.
1 C. S.
5 Md.
12 Md.
1 Eq. Ex.
1 Va.
Abbrevin,tions. IlepOrters or Reports. ofBtates OI·O'ts.
Gilpin. 1 E. Dist. ofPa.
Gilp. Opia Gilpin's Opinions Of}
Att'ys General, U. S.
Glanv. Glanville. l.E. C.
Glasc. Glascott's Reports.
G. &J. Glyn & Jameson. 2 B. [ofBencb.
Godbolt. 1 All the courts
Gold. Goldsborough. 1 All the courts.
Gosf. Gosford. C. S.
Gow,N. P. C. Gow's Nisi Prius Cases. 1 N. P.
GowL Pro Gowland's Points
Practice Cases.
Gratt. Grattan. '1 Va.
Gr. Greene. 2 Iowa.
Gr. (Ch.) Green, (Oh.) 3 N. J.
Green!. Greenleaf. 9 Me.
Green. 3 N. J.
Griff. L. R. Griffith's Law Register. 2
Griswold. 8 Ohio.
Gwil. Gwi!lim's Tithe Cases.
4 EccL
C. S.
2N. Y.
'1 N.J.
2 N. J.
9 Ohio.
2 K.. B.
C. S.
Hagg. EccL
Hall, L. J.
HaIst. (Ch.)
Hare. Dec.
Harg. St. Tr.
Rar. & MeR.
Hailes. (Scotch.)
Hall's Law Journal
Halsted, (Ch.)
Hanmer's RofL.Kenyon.
Rarcarse's Decisions. t
(Scotch.) f
Hardin. 1 Ky.
Hardres. 1 U. B.
Hal:e. 3 V. C.
Hargrave, F. State Trials. 11 K.. B.
Harrington. 4, Del.
Harrington. 1 Mich.
Harris. 4 Pa.
Harris & McHenry. 4, Md.
. of States orC'ts.
7 Md.
2 Mad.
2 Q. B. & B. C.
1 S. C.
1 S. C.
4N. C.
1 Ex.
I Ex.
2 N. C.
4 Va.
1 C. P.
3 Tenn.
7 N. Y.
3 S. C.
2 S. C.
·1 K. B.
3 C. P.
IN. Y.
I C. S.
2 R C.
I Pa.
1 N, P:. o'
8 C. S.
IN. Y.
1 Ex.
2 K. B.
1 Ky.
11 Tenn.
I Ex.
I C. P.
Reporters or Reports. Abbreviat1'01UI.
Hal'. & J.
Hal'. &G.
Hal'. & W.
Harp. L.
Harp. (Ch.)
Hog. St. Tr.
Hurl. &W.
Harris & Johnson.
Harris & Gill.
Harrison & Wollaston.
Harper's Law Reports:
Harper, (Ch.)
Hawkes. (See Ruffin.)
Hayes & Jones..
Henning & Munford.
Hill, (Ch.)
Hoffman, (Ch.)
Hog. (Scotch.)
Hogan temp. M'Mabon.
Hogan's State.Trials.·
Home. (Scotch.)
Hopkins, (Ch. R)
Horn & Hurlstone.
Hovenden's Supple- t
ment to Vesey, Jr. f
How. U. S. S. C. R Howard. 12 U: SS. C.
How. Howard: 7 Miss.
How. PI'. Howard's Practice. 6 N. Y.
Howell, St. Tr. Howell" T. B. & . ~ . J.,} 34 K. B.
State Trials, from the
earliest period to 1825,
with Jardine's Index.
Hud. &.Br. Hudson & Brooke.
Hurlstone & Wolmsley.
Hay. & J.
Hen. &M.
Hov. Supp.
Ir. T. R.
Repwters ar Rep01"ts.
Iredell, (Cli.) .
· Irish Term RePorts.}
. Same as Ridgeway,
Lapp &Schoales.
No. '. .
.- ojStatesarO'ts.
12 N. C.
2 Q. B.
1 Q. B.
1 C. C.
"I Va.
Jebb &S.
Jebb & B.
Jebb C.·C.
Jeff. ,- --
Jenk. Cent,
John. C.
John. R.
John. C. R.
Jon. Sir W..
"Jon. Sir T. -
"Jon. & C,
Jur. Scot.
Jur: Eng...
Jardine, D. fudex to}
Howell's State Trials.
Jebh &Symes.
Jebb & Bourke..
Jebh's Crown Cases.
\ Jefferson.
Jenkins, David, 8 cen-!
turies of Reports. 1 Ex. C,h.;
Cases. (New
EdltlOn.)· 3 N. Y.
Johnson's Reports. 20 N.·Y.
Johnson's Chancery Rep. 'I N. Y.
Jones,. Sir William. 1 K. B. C. P.•
Jones, Sir Thomas. 1 K. B. C: B: .
· Jones. 2 Ex. .
J & Carey. 1 Ex.
Jurist. (London.) 9
Jurist. (Scotch.) 2
Jurist. (English.) 2
Jurist. (American.) Ante.
Kam. R. D.
Kam. S. D.
Ke!. J.
Kel. W. 2d.
Ken. Dec:
· Kames's Remarkable I
Decisions. (Scotch.)
Kames's Select Deci-
. sions. (Scotch.)
Kelly's Reports.
Kelyng, Sir John.
Kelynge; William.
Kentucky Decisions.
Kenyon, by Hanmer.
C. S.
C. S.
2 Ch.
3·K. B.
3 Ga.
1 K. B.
1 Ch.
1 Ky.
2 K. B.
Reporters or Reports. of States or O'ts.
C. S.
1 Conn.
3 P. C.
1 E. C.
K. C. R.
Ru. &O.
Kerr's Reports. (New!
Brunswick.) 1
Kilkerran's Decisions.
King. (Repdrts temp.)
o Kirby.
K n a p ~ &Ombler.
L. R.
L. R. N. S.
L. 0., .A,nJ'.
1 Q. B.
19 La.
3 E. C.
1 K. B.
2 C. S.
2 K.0B.
10 N. Y.
12 Va.
3 K. B. C. P.
2 [&c.
1 Assize. 0
1 C. P. Ex.
5 Ky.
1 Ky.
1 Ch.
1 Ch.
Long &Tow.
La. L.J.
La. Rep. 0
Lud. E. C.
Lauder. (Scotch.)
Law Journal. 1823-44.
Law Recorder. .
Law Recorder. N. Series.
Legal Observer, Am.
Lega.l Observer.
Leon, Leonard.
Lev. Levinz.
Lew. C, C. Lewinz CrOWJ;l Cases.
Le. Ley.
Li!. Lilly.
Lit. Littleton.
Litt. Littell.
Litt. Sel. Ca. Littell's Select Cases.
Ll. &Goo. t. Plun. Lloyd & Goold, temP.!
Ll. &Goo. t. Sug. Lloyd & Goold, temp.
Ll. &Wels. Lloyd &Welsley's Mer·
cantile Cases.
Long Quinto. (Year}
Book, part 10.)
Longfield &Townsend.
Louisiana Law Journal.
Louisiana Reports.
Lucas. (10 Modern.)
Luder's Election Cases.
Abbreviati<m8.- Reporters or &ports. of States or C'ts.
Lutw. Lutwyche. 2 C. P.
4 U. S. nhC.
2 S. C.
1 S. C.
1 Teno.
17 Ch.
13 Mass.
2 Pa.
5 La.
1 Ex.
1 Ex.
4 S. C.
2 S. C.
6 V. C.
5 K. B.
~ C. P.
2 M, C.
2 C. P.
3 Ky.
~ Ky.
1 N. C.
8 La.
1 Tenn.
5 U. S. 1st C.
6 K. B.
MacLean &Robinson.
Manning &Ryland.
Manning &Granger.
Manning &Ryland.
March's New Cases.
Marshall, A. K.
Marshall, J. J. '
Martin, N. S.
Martin & Yerger.
Massachusetts Reports.
Mason. '
Ma]lle & Selwyu.
r'Maynard, (1 Year Book, t
Edw.IL) , f
McOleland & Younge.
McCord. (Cil.)
McFarland. (Scotch I
-Jury C o ~ t , ) f
McMullin. (Ch.)
,Meeson & Welsby.
Metcalf's Reports.
Mills. See Constitu· t
tiona! Reports. N. S. f
Minor.· See Alabama Rep.
Missouri Reports.'
McOI. &Y.
McC. Ch.
Mee. &W.,
McMul. Ch.
Mo. R. .
Mac. &Rob.
Madd. R.
Man. &R.
Mar. N. C.
Marsh.1.. K.
Marsh. J. J.
Mart. N. C.
Mart. L. R.
Mart. N: S.
Mart. &Yerg.
M. &S.
1 Ch.
6 Q. B.
3 Q. B.
3 M. C.
Reporters or Reports. - of States orO'ts.
Modern Reports. 12 K. B. C.P. t ~
Ex:. &Ch. )
2 Ch.
. 9
3 B.
1 B.'
2 B.
Neville & Manning.
Neville &Perry.
Nevillll & Manning.
Molloy temp. Hart.
Monthly Law Magazine.
Montague & McArthur.
Montague &Bligh.
Montague &Ayrton.·
.Montague &-Chitty.
Montague, Deacon &t
De.Gex. )
Monroe. " 1 Ky.
Monroe, B: 10 Ky.
Morison's Dictionary Of}
Court of Session De-
cisions. (Scotch.) 41
Mosely. 1-Cb.
Moody &Malkin. 2 N. P.
Moody &Robinson. 2 N. P.
. Moody's Crown Cases t
Reserved. ) 2 C. C.
Moore. - - 1 K. B. C. P. Ex.
Moore, A. 1 C. P.
Moore. , 12 C. ·P.
Moore &Payne. 5 C. P.
Moore &Scott. 4 C. P ~
Moore, E. T. 3 P. C.
Moore, E. T., East In- I
dia Appeals. )2 P. C.
Munford. 6 Va.
Murphey. 3 N. C.
Murphy &Hurlstone. 1 Ex.
Murray. (Scotch.) 4 Jury Court.
Mylne &Craig. (Am. Ed.) 5 cli.
Mylne &Keen. (Am. Ed.) 3 Ch.
Mo. & M.
Mo. &R.
Mo. & C. C. R.
Mor. Die.
Mon. L. M.
Mont. &Mc.
Mont. & Bl.
Mont. &Ch.
Mont. D. &D.
Mur. &H.
Mylne &C.
Mylne &K.
Nev. &M.
Nev. &P.-
N. &M.
Mo. A.
Mo. -
of States or 0'18.
1 M. C.
Repo'rters or Reports.
Neville &Perry.
New Benloe.
New Hampshire Re,}
ports, including Ad-
ams: Richardson &
'Voodbury. 14
New Reports. (See Bo- t
sanquet &Puller.) f
New York Term Rep. t
(See Caines.) f
Nicholl, Hare &; Carrow. 5 R. C.
Nolan. 1 M. C.
N o r ~ h Carolina Law I
Repository. f 2
NortLl CarolinaTermR. t
(See Taylor.)
Northington's Reports.
(See Eden.) f
Nott &McCord. 2 S. C.
Noy. 1 K B. C. P.
N. &P.
New Benl.
N. Y.T.
is. & Me.
Nic. Har. & Car.
N. C. L. Rep.
:IS. C. T.
Over. Overton.
2 Tenn.
1 K B. C. P.
3 Pa.
3 Pa.
2 N.J.
2 E. C.
1 Tenn.
11 N. Y.
1 U. S. 2d C.
1 K B. C. P.
1 Ex.
2 N. P.
Paige. (Oh. Rep.)
Peake's Nisi Prius Cases.
Peake's Additional Cases.
Penrose &; Watts. (See I
Pa. ReportS.) f
Pennsylvania Reports, }
by Rawle, Penrose
Pennsylvania Reports, t
by Barr, Harris, &c. f 16
Peake, N. P. C.
Peake's Add. Ca.
fen. & W.
Pa. R.
Pa. R.
2 District Pa.
1 U. S. 4th C.
3 Ch.
3 Eccl.
1 C. P.
5 Atk.
2 K. B. C.P.Ex.
1 K. B. C. P. }
Ex. & Ch.
1 K.B.C.P.&Ch_
9 Ala.
1 C. P.
1 Ch.
13 Ex.
1 K. B.
Reporters Or Reports.
Practical Register.
Precedents in Chancery.
Pyke1s R. (L. Canada.)
Pennsylvania Law}
Journal 11 Pa.
Perry &Davison. 4 Q. B.
Perry &Knapp. 1 E. C.
Peters' Reports. 1'1 U. S. S. C.
Peters' Condensed Rep. 6 U. S. S. C.
Pet!lrs' Admiralty Decl- }
Peters. -
Peere Williams.
Phillimore. '
Pickering's Reports.
Piggott &Rodwell.
Pro Reg.
Prec. Ch.
P. Wms.
Pigg. &R.
Pa. L. J.
Perry &; D.
Pet. S. C. U. S.-
Pet. Con. R.
P. A. D.
Raw. P. &W.
Ray. Sir T.
Ray. Ld.
Rep. t. H.
Rep. t. H.
Rep. Ch.
Rep. t. F.
Quinto. Year Book, 5 }
Henry V.
Randolph. 6 Va.
Rawle.. 5 Pa.
Rawle, Penrose &;
Watts. (See Pa. Re-
ports.) 3 Pa.
Raymond, Sir T. 1 K. B. C. P. Ex.
. -Raymond, Lord. 3 K. B. C. P.
Reports temp. Holt. 1 K. B. C. P. t .
. Ch. &c. )
Reports temp. Hardwicke. 1 K. B.
Reports in Chancery. 3
Reports temp. Finch. 1 Cb.
cxxvii •
1 S. C.
~ S. (J.
3 S. C.
2 S. C.
Reporters (YT' RIJ]JO'rts. of States (YT' O'ts.
Russ. & M.
Russ. t. Eld.
R. &M.
Rose, B. C.
Ridg. L. &S.
Ridg. Ap.'C.
Rob. Ap. Ca.
Rob. Va.
ROb. La.
Rob. Ap. Ca.
Rog. Rec.
Rob. Adm.
Rep. Q. A.
Rich. Ch.
Rich. &W.
Ridg. t. H.
Reports temp. Q. Anne. }
(11 Mod.)
Rice, (Ch.)
Richardson, (Ch.)
Richardson &Woodbury.
Ridgeway temp. Hard- !
wicke. 1 K. B. Ch.
Ridgway, Lapp &
Schoales. (Irish
Term Reports.) 1 K. B.
Ridgway's APpeal Cases. 3 P. C.
Riley. 1 S. C.
, Riley; (Ch.) 1 S. C.
Robinson. 6 Ad.
Robinson, W. 2 Ad.
Robinson's Appeal Cases. 3 H. L.
Robinson. 2 Va.
Robinson. 12 La.
Robertson's Appeal Cases. 1 H. L.
Rogers's City Hall}.
Criminal Recorder. 6 N. Y.
Rolle. 1 K. B.
Rose's Bankruptcy Cases. 2 Bank.
Root. 2 Ct.
Ruffin. (Bound with}
1st vol. of Hawkes. 1 N. C.
_·Russ. &R. C. C. RUSSell&Ryan'SCrown}
Cases. 1 C. C.
Russell & Mylne, Am. Ed. 2 Ch.
Russell temp. Eldon. 5 Ch.
Ryan &Moody. 1 N. P.
Salm. St. Tr.
Salm. Abr. St. T.
Salmon, State Trials.
Salmon, Abridgment}
of State Trials.
Sandfotd, (Ch.)
3 K. B. C. P.}
Ch. & Ex.
5 K. B.
• J!xivill ,GENERA!; 4,LPH:AllETICAll INllEX.
o of StatesorC'ts.
2N..Y. -
3 K. B.
1 R. C. .
1 C. P. Ex.
1 K. B.
4 Ill.
2 Ch.
~ C. P.
1~ fa.
2 K. B.
1 K. B.'
2H. L.
. Reporters or Re:I!rir.ts. . Abbreviations.
{ .
Smith &B.
S. &D.
S. Cr. Cs..
S. & S.
Show. P. C.
Sandford's S. C.
Sausse & Scully temp. }
Sav. Saville.
Say. Sayer.
Saxt. Saxton, (Ch.)
Scam. Scammon.
& Lef.. - Sclioales & Lefroy.
Scott, N. R. Scott's New Reports.
S. C. C. Select Cases in Chancery.
Sel. Seldon's Rep·orts.
S. & R. Sergeant & Rawle.
Sess. Cao. Sessions Cases.
Sett. Ca. Settle]Ilent Cases.
Shaw Ap. Ca. . Shaw's Appeal Cases.
Shaw &.Mac. A. C. Shi/ow & McLean's Ap- }
peal Cases. 3 H. L.
S. D. & B. Shaw, Dunlap, Bell '& t
Murray. (Scotch.) f 16 Sessions.
Shaw &Dunlap. (Scotch.) C. S.
Shaw's Criminal Cases. }
Shaw. 2 Vt.
Shepley_ l'i Me.
Shower. 2 K. B.
Shower's parliamentary} .
Cases. 1 H. L.
Siderfin. 1 K. B. C.l'. Ex.
Simons &Stuart. 2 V. C.
Simons. 16 Y. C.
Sk.inner. 1 :R. B.
Slade. 1 Vt.
Sme. & Mar. Smedes & Marshall. 14 Miss.
SIl?e. & Mar. Ch. Smedes & Marsl;1all, (Ch.) 1 Miss.
Smith. 1 Ind.
Smith, J. P. . 3 Q. B. .
Smith· &Batty. . 1 K. B.
S m i t h ' ~ Manuscript Rep. 16 N. H.
Smith's Leading Qases. 2
Sandf. S. C.
SallS. & Scul.
S. C. R.
Spea. Ch. '
Star Ch. Ca.
Stark. N. P.
St. Tr.
Stew. & P.
Strob. Ch.
Reporters or Rf!.PO'T:ts.
, South Carolina Reports.
Spears, (Cb.) -
Spottiswoode. (Scotch.)
, Star Chamber Cases.
Starkie's Nisi Prius Rep.
State Trials. See HOW'I
ell, Salmon, Emlyn,
, Hargrave & Jardine.
Stewart. Nova Scotia
and Halifax.
Stewart &Porter.
Strange. (Madras.)
Strobhart, (Ch.) ,
Stuart. (Lower Canada.)
Surimer. ,
Swinton. (Scotch.)
Syme. (Scotch.)
of States 0'1'0'18.
Vols. •
1 C. P.
1 S. C.
2 S. C.
IN. J.
C. S.
3 Ohio.
2 N. P.
1 .Ad.
3 .Ala.
5 .Ala.
3 U. S. 1st C.
'2 K. B. C. P. ~ .
Ch. & Ex. j
3 S. C.
2 S. C.
1 K. B. &c.
1 U.B.
3 U. S. 1st C.
3 Ch.
2 Justiciary.
1 Justiciary.
1 Mass.
1 Ch.
1 R. C.
8 C. P.
1 N. C.
IN. C.
T. R.
Tha. Cr. R.
Towns. :Tudg.
Taylor. From 1'799 to 1802.
Taylor. From1816 to 1818.
Term Reports. (same}
as Durnford & East,)
Tbacher's' Criminal Rep.
TO}Vllsend's 2d Book of t
Judgments. , ,j 1
Ab1J.reviatUms. ' Reporters or Reports.
5N. Y.
Turn. & P.
Turn. & R.
Tyr.& Gra.
U. S. L. Mag.
Turner &Phillips.
Turner &Russell temp. t
Eldon. 'f
Tyrwhitt &Granger.
United States
.- of States or O'ts.
I Ch.
I Ch.
2 vt.
5 Ex.
I Ex.
Ves. sen.
Ves. &B.
Va. Ca.
Va. R.
Van Ness. I Distr.ofN. Y.
Vaughan. I C. P.
Ventris. I K. B. C. P. Ch.
Vermont Reports. 22
Vernon. 2 Ch.
VernoIl- a.nd Scriven. I K. B.
Vesey, sen. 3 Ch;
Vesey, jr. . 20 Ch.
Vesey &Beames. 3 Ch.
Virginia Cases. (See I
Brockenbrough. f 2 Va.
Virginia R. (See Gilman.)
I Miss.
I Mich.
I U. S. 3d C.
I U. S. 3d C.
I Ch.
I Distr. of Me.
4 vt.
4 U. S. 3d C.
2 Va. •
10 Pa.
9 Pa.
on} .
. I
I R:C.
26 N.Y.
I Ch.
IH. L.
Walker, (Ch.)
Wallace, J. B.
Wallace, J. W..
Wallis, by Lyne.
Washington. -
Watts & Sergeant.
Webster's Report
West temp. Hardwicke.
Walk. Miss.
Walk, Mich.
WaJ. J. B.
Wal.J. W.
Wal. by L. '
W. C. C. R.
Web. Pat. Ca.
W.t. H.
<.lENERAL ALPHAllETlO..u. INDEX. ·cxxxi
of States or O'ts.
3 Vt.
6 Pa.
12 U. S. S. C.
3N. Y.
IN. Y.
Wile. C. R.
Wils. Ex.
Wils. C. C.
Wood. &Mi.
Wol.P. C.
Wyatt Pro Reg.
Reporters or Reports.
Wheeler. (Criminal 1
Cases.) f
Whittlesey, (Ch.)
Wight'sElectionCases. }
Wilcox. Condensed 1
Ohio R. f
Wilson & Shaw. '
Wilson's Chancery Cases.
Willmore, Wollastcn l
& Davison. f
Willmore, WOllaston}
Woodbury &] { i n o ~
Wallaston's Practice I
Cases. f
Wright. .
Wyatt's Practical Reg- }
Wythe, (Ch.)

3 K. B. & C. P.
1 Ch.
1 Ex.
'1 H. L.
1 Ch.
1 C.P.Ex.Ch.&c.
1 ]{ass.
1 Q. B. B. C.
2 Q. B. & B. C.
1 C. P.
3 U. S. C. C:
1 Ohio. t
I Va:
Year Books.
Y.B. S.C.
Y. S. Ca.
10 K. B. C. P. 1
Ex. Ass. f
Year Books. Selected 1
Law Cases from. f 1
Yeates's Select Cases. 1 N. Y.
Yeates. 4 Pa.
Yelverton. 1 K. B.
Yerger. 10 Tenn.
You. & Col.
You. & Jer.
You. & Col.
Reporters or Report'!.
Younge & Collyer.
Younge & Jervis.
Younge & Collyer.
of States or O'ts.
2 V. C.
3 Ex.
4 Ex.
2 N.J.
Laws of the United States: the Official Edition.

10 vol.q.
10 vols.
• - 0"] _ • 40.00
Peters' United States Djgest of U. S...Supreme, Circuit
and District Court Repqrts. '2 vols. ,
Gordon's Digest <:if the "Revenue Laws of .the United
States. Phila. 1844.
Gordon's Digest of Laws of the United States. 1852.
Story's Laws' of the United States. 5 vols.
Peters' Laws of the United States, with Index.
Dallas' Reports. ¥Eom 1'190 to 1800,.4 vols. 16.0Q
Cranch's Reports.' 1800 to 1815, 9 vols.
Wheaton's Reports. 1816 to 1827, 12 vols. 48.00
Peters' Reports.. - . : 1827 to 1843, 16 vols. 64.09
Peters' Condensed Reports of c.ases in the Supreme
Court of the United States. Dallas,
. Cranch Whe;1ton. 650!§. _ _ 24.0Q
Howard's Reports. _ From to 1849. 11 vols. 58.00
, ..,
First Oircuit.
Gallison's Reports, From 1812 t.o 1815, 2 vols. 11.06
Mason's Reports. 1816 to 1830, 5 vola. 27.50
•Sumner's Reports. 1830 to 1839, 3 vola. 16.50
Story'a Reports. 1839 to 1845, vols. 16.50
Woodbury and Minot's.
Reports. 1845 to 1848, 3 vola. 16.50
Second Oircuit.
Paine's Reports.' From 1810 to 1826, 1 voL
Blackford's Reports. 1· vol.
Third Oircuit.
Dallas' Reports. The 211, 3d and 4th volumes contain
ca&es decided in this '
Court. Fro.m I to 1806, 4 vols.
Washington's C. C. Reps. 1803 to 4 vols.
Peters' O. C. Reports. 1803 to 1818, 1 vol.
Baldwin's Reports. 1829 to 1833, 1 vol.
Wallace's Reports. To May, 1801, I vol.
Wallace, Jr. ' 1 voL
Fourth Oircuit.
Marshall's Decisions. From 1802 to 1833, 2 vols.
McLean's Reports. From 1829 to 1845, 4 vols.
, 20.00
District oj Maine.
Ware's Reports. From 1822 to 1839, 1 vol. 4.00
Davies' Reports. 1839 to 1849, } vol.
Di8fJr:U;t oj New York.
Van Ness' Reports. Prize Cases. 1814, 1 vol. 1.00
Disflrict. oj Pennsylvania.
Peters' Ad.Decisions. From 1792 to 2 vols. 6.00
Eastern Disf!rit;t oj Pennsylvania.
Gilpin's Reports. From 1828 to 1836, 1 vol. 6.00
District oj South Oarolina.
Bee's Adiniralty Rep. From 1 to 1805, 1 voL 6.00
(new ed.) From 1820 to 1832,
avols. 11.25
6 vols. 22.50
2 vols. '1.50
10 vols. 40.00
1 vol. 3.00
1 vol. 6,00
Greenleaf's Reporttl,
9 vols.
Fairfield's Reports. From 1833 to 1835,
Shepley's Reports. 1836 to 1840,
Appleton's Report&. 1841 to 1843,
Shepley's Reports. (Vols. 1841 to 1849,
Revised Statutes of Maine. 1841,
Eastman's Digest of Reports. 1847,
NewHampshire Reports. From 1816 to 1844, 14 vols. 5(3000
Gilchrist's Digest. 1846, 1 vol. 3.50
Revised 1842, 1 vol. 2.50
N. Chipman's Reports.
Tyler's Reports.
Brayton's Reports.
D. Chipman's Reports.
Aiken's Reports.
Vermont Reports.
Washburn's Digest.
Revised Statutes.
From 1'189 to 1'791, 1 vol.
1801 to 1803, 2 vols.
1815 to 1819, 1 vol.
1789 to 1825, 2 vols.
For 1826-182'1, 2 vols.
From 1826 to 1846, 22 vols.
1845, 1 vol.
. 3.50
Pickering's Reports.
Metcalf's Reports.
Cushing's Reports.
Minot's Digest.
Supplement to do.
Revised Statutes.
Supplement to do.
From 1804 to 1722, 17 vols,
1822 to 1840, 24 vols,
1840 to 1849, 13 vols.
1848 to 1850, 4 vols.
51.00 •
1 vol. $3.50
2 vols. 6.00
5 vols. 15.00
1814 to 1851, 20 vola. 100.00
1840, 5.00
1833, 3.00
1851, 2 vols. 10.00
1849, 5.00
From H85 to H88,
1789 to 1798,
1802 to 1813,
Kirby's Reports.
Root's Reports.
Day's Reports.
Connecticut Reports,
by Thomas Day.
Day's Digest of Reports.
Dutton's Digest.
Swift's Digest of the Laws.
Revised Statutes.
Angell's Reports.
Revised Statutes.
1848, 1 vol.
Coleman's Cases. From 1794 to 1800,
Coleman and Caines' Cases. 1794 to 1805,
Caines' Reports. 1803 to 1805,
Caines' Cases. For 1804-1805,
Yates' Select Cases. Published in 1811,
Anthon's Nisi Prius Cas. From 1808 to 1818,
Rogers' New York City
Hall Recorder. 1816 to 1821,
Wheeler's Criminal Cases.
Hall's Reports for the years 1828-1829,
Hoffman's Vice·Chancery R. 1839 to 1840,
Edwards'Vice·Ohancery Reps. 1831 to 1843,
Clarke's Vice·Chancery Reps. ·1839 to 1841,
Johnson's Cases. (sec. ed.) 1799 to 1803,
• Johnson's Reports. 1806 to 1823,
Cowen's Reports. 1823 to 1828,
Wendell's Reports. 1828 to 1841,
Hill's Reports. 1841 to 1845,
Johnson's Chancery Reports. 1814 to 1823,
Howard's Practice Reports. 1844-1850,
Denio's Reports. 1845 to 1848,
Hopkins' Chancery Reports. 1823 to 1826,
Paige's Chancery Reports. 1828 to 1845,
Sandford'sVice·OhanceryReps.1843 to 1847,
1 vol. 4.00
1 vol. 4.00
3 vols. 10.00
2 vols. 5.00
1 voL
1 vol. 2.00
6 vols. 12.00
3 vols. 12.00
2 vola. 10.00
1 vol. 6.00
4 vols. 20.00
1 vol. 5.50
3 vols. 16.00
20 vola.• 75.00
9 vola. 50.00
26 vola. 143.00
7 vola. 35.00
7 vols. 40.00
6 vola. 21.00
5 vols. 25.00
1 vol. 6.00
11 vols. 66.00
4 vola. 20.00
Barbour's Chancery Reps. 1845 to 1849,
Barbour's Supreme Court Reps. 1847-1851,
Sandford's Superior Court Reps. 1847-1848,
Lockwood's Reversed Cases. 1799 to 1847,
Comstock's Supreme Court R. 1847 to 1849,
Revised Statutes. 1846,
Clerke's Digest of Reports. 1850,
3 vols. $15.00
9 vols. 45.00
2 vols. 10.00
4 vols. 11.00
3 vols. 13.00
4 vols. 17.00
From 1790 to 1795, 1 vol. 5.00
1806 to 1813, 2 vols. in 1. 5.00
1816 to 1820, 2 vols. 6.00
1821 to 18.31, 7 vols. 21.00
1831 to 1836, 3 vols. 12,00
1838 to 1846, 3 vols. 12.00
1830 to 1832, 1 vol. 4.00
1837 to 1842, 4 vols. 14.00
1842 to 1845, 1 vol. 4.00
1845 to 1850, 2 vols. 8.00
1845 to 1849, 2 vols. 8.00
1847, 1 vol. 5.00
1843, 2 vols. 5.00
Coxe's Reports.
Pennington's Reports.
Southard's Reports.
Halsted's Reports.
Green's Reports.
Green's Chancery Reports.
Saxton's Chancery Reports.
Harrison's Reports.
Spencer's Reports.
Zabriskie's Reports.
Halsted's Chancery Reports.
Statutes of New Jersey.
Halsted's Digest of Reports.
Browne's Reports. From 1806 to 1814, 2 vols.
Miles' Reports. 1835 to 1840, 2 ,ols.
Ashmead's Reports. 1808 to 1841, 2 vols.
Dallas' Reports. 1754 to 1806, 4 vols.
Addison's Reports. 1791 to 1799, 1 vol.
Yeates' RE'ports. 1791 to 1808, 4 vols.
Binney's Reports. 1799 to 1814, 6 vols.
Sergeant and Rawle's Reports. 1818 to 1829, 17 vols.
Rawle's Reports. 1828 to 1835, 5 vols.
Wharton's Reports. 1835 to 1841, 6 vols.
Pennsylvania Reports. 1829 to 1832, 3 vols.
Watts'Reports. 1832 to 184Q, 10 vols.
Watts and Sergeant's Reports. 1841 to 1844, 9 vols.
Pa,. State R., by Barr, &C. 1844 to 1.849, 16 vols.
Laws of Pennsylvania. '1700 to 844, .9 vols.
Dunlop's Laws of Pa. 1849,
Purdon's Digest of Laws. 1846,
Wharton's Digest of Reports. 1850, 2 vola.
Harrington's Reports. From 1832 to 1847,
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From 1816 to 1818, 1 vol. 1vol.$6.50
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Ruffin, bonnd with above.
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3d and 4th vols. bound in 1. 1834 to 1840, 4vols. 28.00
Devereux and Battle's Equity
Rt'ports. 1834 to 1840,
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Iredell's Equity Rpports. 1840 to 1852,
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1813, 4 vols
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South Carolina Reports.
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1>fill's Cobstitutional Reps.,
N. S. For 1817-1818, 2 vols. in l. 3.00
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Speer's Eqnity.
Speer's Law.
Richardson's Law Reports,
Richardson's Equity Reports,
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Strobhart's Equity Reports.
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Rice's Digest of Law3.
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1844 to 1847,
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1846 to 1849,
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Same, condensed. 20 vols. in 4.
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Civil Code.
Bullard and Curry's Digest of Statutes. 1841, 1 voL

Texas Reports.
Dallam's Digest of Laws.
1846 to 1848,
2 vols. 12.00
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Reports. 1840 to 1843, 1 vol. 5.00
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of Statutes. 1840, 5.00
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From 1 to 1815, 2 vols. 10.00
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Holman's Digest of Reports, to 1835, 5.00
Meigs' Digest of Reports, to 1850, 2 vols. 14.00
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of Laws, to 1836, 6.00
Caruthers and Nicholson's Supplement
to Compilation of Laws, to 1846, 1.50
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. 4 vols.
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B. Monroe's Reports. 1840 to 1850, 10 vols. 55.00
Morehead's Practice.
Morehead and Brown's Digest of Laws. 1834, 2 vols. 9.00
Lougbborough's Digest ot'
Laws. From 1834 to 1842, 1 vol. 5.00
Pirtle's Digest of Reports. 2 vols. 5.00
lflorida Reports. 1846-1850, 4 vols. 24.00
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Stanton's Reports. 1841 to 1843, 2 vols. 10.00
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Revised Statutes of Ohio, by Chase. 1835, 3 vols.
Land Laws of Ohio. 1825, 1 vol. 3.25
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Wilcox's Digest of Reports. 1844, 1 vol. 5.00
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Smith's Reports.
1848 to 1850, 1 vol. 5.00
Conover's Digest of Reports. 1834, 1 vol. 4.00
GUmlUl's Digest of Re.\l.orts, 18«, 1 v o ~ , 5.00

1 vol,
4 vols,
5 vola.
From 1819 to 1830,
1832 to 1843,
1844 to 1848,
Breese's Reports.
Scammon's Reports.
Gilman's Reports.
Conover's Digest of Reports.
Gilman's Digest of Reports.
Revised Statutes.
:Missouri Reports.
Missouri Statutes, to
From 1821 to 1846, 9 vols. \11 8, 28.aO
1846, 4.00
5 vols. 25.00
6 vols. 30.0(\
1 vol. 5.0Q
1 vol.
1 vol. 5.00
2 vols. 10.00
1 vol. 5.00
From 1837 to 1842,
1845 to 1851,
Pike's Reports.
English's Reports.
Revised Edition of Laws.
Harrington's Reports.
Walker's Chancery Cases. From 1842 to 1845,
Douglass. 1843 tp 1847,
Revised Statutes. 1846,
Burritt's Reports.
Revised Statutes.
1849, 5.00
Morris' Reports.
Green's Reports.
The Code of Iowa.
From 1839 to 1846,
1847 to'1850,
avols. 10.00
ABBOTT (Charles, Ld. Tenterden.) Treatise of thl'l Law rela-
tive to Merchant Ships and Seamen. The seventh English
edition, by William Shee. The sixth American edition,
with the Notes of Mr. Justice Story, and additional Anno-
tations, by J. C. Perkins, Esq, 1 vol. Sl'o. 7.50.
Boston. iS50
ABSTRACT of those parts of the Custom of the Visconnty and
Provostship of Paris, which were received and practised in
the Province of Queber., in the time of the French Govern-
ment. Folio. Calf. 2.50. . London. 1772
ACHERLY (Roger.) Britannic Constitution. Folio. 4.50.
cf London. 172S
ACTON (T. H.) Reports of Cases before the Lords Commis-
sioners of Appeals in Prize Causes. Vol. 1.; Vol. 11., part l.
All published. Svo. 7.00. London. IS11
ACTS AND LAWS of His Majesty's Province of the Massachu-
setts Bay in New England. Folio. 3.00. Boston. 1726
ADAMS (John,) a Treatise on the Principles and Practice of
the Action of Ejectment, and the Resulting Action for MesM
Profits, by John Adams, Sergeant-at-Law. From the Third
London Edition, with Notes of Decisions made by the Su-
preme and Circuit Courts of the United States, and by the
Courts of the several States, whose decisioils have been reo
ported; and Notes of Decisions upon those subjects made in
the English Courts, except those cited in the text; together
with the statutory provisions in relation to those actions,
contained in the Revised Statutes of New York j and Pre-
cedents of Entries, Pleadings and Process adapted thereto,
by John L. Tillinghast, Counsellor at Law. To which
"re added Annotations and References to the most recent
American Decisions, by Thomas W. Clerke, Counsellor at
Law. Carefully collated, and made to correspond with the
latest London Edition, corrected by the author: together
with additional Notes and Decisions in the Courts of the
several States, to the present time, by William Hogan,
Cou/1-sellor at Law. 8vo. 5.00. New York. 1846
,A.nAMS (John, President.) Defence of the American Constitu-
tions, 3 vols. 8vo. 10.00. London. 1794
,A.DDA),IS (J.) Reports of Cases determined in -the Ecclesiasti-
cal Courts, from 1822 to 1825. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. cf
10.00, London. 1823-25
,A.DDISON (C. G.) Treatise on the Law of Contracts and Rights
and'Liabilities, ex contractu. 8vo. 4.00.
I Philadelphia. 1847
ADDISON (Alexander.) Reports of Cases in the County Courts
of the Fifth Circuit, and in the High Court of Errors and
, Appeals in Pennsylvania. 2.50. Washington. 1800
ADOLPHUS (J. L.,) and ELLIS' (T.' F.,) Reports of Cases argued
and determined in the Court of King's Bench, Easter Term,
4 William IV., 1834, to :M:ich. Term, 1840, inclusive. 12
vols. Royal 8vo, Phila E. L. R.
ADOLPHUS and ELli'S. New Series, in continuation of the
above, Hi!. Term, 1841, to Trin. Term, 1847: 8 vols. Royal
, 8vo. Phila. E. L. R.
ADYE (S. Payne.) A Treatise on Courts :M:artia!. 12mo.
London. 1805
AGUESSEAU (Le Chancellier d'.) (Euvres contenant Les Dis-
cours dour l'Ouverture des Audiences, &c. 13 vols. 4to.
Fr. cf 27.50. Paris, , :I. 7 ~ 7

ALEXANDER (Thomas S.) Practice of the Court of Chancery
and County Courts, as Courts of Equity, in :Maryland. 8vo.
3.50. Baltimore.
ALEYN (John.) Select Cases, Time of Charles 1. Folio. 1.25.
London. 1681
ALLEN (Otis.) The Duties and Liabilities of Sheriffs; in their
various relations to the public and to individuals, as gOY"
erned by the principles of common iaw; and regulated by
the Statutes of New York. Revised, corrected and en·
. larged, by Otis Allen, Counsellor at taw. :3.00. (See ante,
p. viii.) Albany. 1845
A!IDLER (C.) Reports in Chancery, with some few in other
Courts. 2d Edition, with Corrections from the Registrar's
Books, &c., References to subsequent Cases; a new Index,
and a List of the Cases cited or referred to in the Text.
By J. E. Blunt, Esq. 2 vols, Royal8vb. 7.00,
London. 1828
AMERICAN CHANCERY DIGEST. Being an Analytical Index of
all the Reported Decisions in Equity of the United States
Courts, and of the Courts of the several States to the present
time, with Notes and a copioUs Index I also an Introduc·
tory Essay, comprising an Historical Sketch ofthe Court of
Chancery; an account of the nature, powers and functions
of the Court, and the organization and equity jurisdiction
of the Courts of the trnited States; and by each of the States
of the Union, by Thomas W. Waterman, of the New York
Bar. 3 vols. 15.00. (See ante, p. viii.) New York. 1851
PRACTICE. The American Admiralty,
its Jurisdiction and Practice, with Practical Forms and Di-
rections, by Erastus C, Benedict. 5.50. (See ante, p. xxi.)
New York. 1850
JURIST and Law Magazine. New Series. ] 0 vols.
8vo. 12.50. Boston. 1838-42
'rhe same, complete. 28 vols. half cfi 70.00. 1828
AMERICa.c'{ LAW MAGAZINE, continuation of American Jurist,
from April, 1843, to 1846, with Digest of English and
American CaBes. 6 vole. 8vo. Phila. 10.00
.AMERICAN LAW' JOURNAL and Miscellaneous Repertory, by_
JohnE. Hlill. 6 vola. 8vo. 18.00. Phila.1808-17
AMERICAN MILITARY LAWS. A. Treatise on .the Practice of
Courts Martial; with suggestions for their improvement, by
J. O'Brien, Lieutenant U. S. A. 3.50. Phila. 1846
.AMERICAN LEADING CASES. Select Decisions of American
Courts of Law, &c., by J. L. Clark Hare and H. B. Wallace,
Esq.'s. 2 vols. 10.00. Phila. 1846
AMERICAN STATE PAPERS. Documents, Legislative and Exe-
cutive, of the Congress of the United States, from the first
session of the first, Congress to the second session of the
twenty-second Congress, (March 4, 1789, to March 2, 1833.) .
By Walter Lourie, Secretary of the Senate, and Matthew St.
Clair Clark and Walter S. Franklin, Clerks of the House of
Representatives. 21 vola. Folio. 150.00.
Washington. 1834
AMERICAN'S OWN BOOK. The Constitutions of the several
States in the Union•. 8vo. New York. 1848
AMOS (A.) and FERARD (J.) A on the Lawof Fixtures,
and other Property partaking hoth ofa Real and Personal Na.
ture; comprising the Law relating to Ap.nexations to the
Freehold in general; as.also Emblements, Charters, Heir-
Looms, etc., with an Appendix, containing Practical Rules
and Directions respecting the Removal, Purchase, Valua-
tion, etc., of Fixtures between Landlord' and Tenant, and
between Outgoing and Incoming Tenants, by A.. Amos,
Esq., aJW. J. Ferard, Esq., Barrister at Law. The Second
Edition, with copious Notes and References to all the En-
glish Ca.<les to the time of publishing (1847,) by Joseph Fe.
rard, Esqr., llarrister a,t Law. The .. Second.American Edi-
tion, from the last English, will contain all the Cases decided
in the Courts of Law in the United States, and the Courts
of the several-States on: the subject, to the present time.
With a Digest of the Statqte 'Laws. of the several States reo
lating. to the SUbject, William Hogan, Counsellor at Law.
New York. 1852'
ANALYTICAL DIGEST of all reported Cases in the English
Superior Courts, from 1830 to 1840, br the Editors of the
Legal Observer. 3 vola. Royal 8vo: bds. 10.00. London.
M.'DERSON(Sir Edm.) Reports in the C. P., chiefly in the reign
of Queen Elizaheth. 2 Parts, Fr. foL hj. cj. 2.00.
London. 1654-5
ANDREWS (George.) Reports of Cases in the Court of King's
Beneh, in the eleventh and twelfth years of George II. 8vo.
cj. 2.50. Dublin. 1791
ANGELL (J. K.) Treatise on the Limitatians of Actions at
Law and Suits in Equity and Admiralty; with an Appendix
containing the American and English Statutes of Limita-
tions, and embracing the latest Acts on the subject. Second
Edition enlarged. 8vo. 5.00. Boston. 1846
ANGELL (Joseph K.) Treatise on the right of Property in
Tide Waters, and in the Soil and Shores thereof. Second
Edition, revised, corrected and much enlarged. 8vo. 4.50.
. Boston. 1847
ANGELL (Joseph K.) and AMES (Samuel.) Treatise on the
Law of Private Corporations Aggregate. 8vo. 4th ed. 5.50.
Boston. 1846
ANGELL (J. K.) A Practical Summary of the Law of Assign.
ments. 12mo. Boston. 1835
ANGELL (J. K.) A Treatise on the Law, concerning the Lia-
bilities and Rights of Common Carriers. 8vo. 5.50.
ANGELL (J. K.) On Adverse Engagement. 8vo.
Boston. 1837
ANGELL (J. -K.) Law Intelligencer and Review. 3 vols. 8vo.
Philadelphia. 1828-31
ANNALES DU PARLEMEKT FRANgAIS, par une Societe 4e Pub-
licistes, sous les auspices des deux Chambres. 1839 to
1845. 8 vols. Royal 8vo. 24.00. Paris. 1839-46
ANNESLEY (Alexander.) Compendium of tho Law of Insur-
ances, Bottomry, Insurance on Lives, and Insurance against
Fire. 8vo. Middletown. 1808
ANNuAL REGISTER (Dodsley's,) from its commencement in
1785 to 1836, inclusive. 76 vols. 8vo. Uniformly bound
in neat half calf, fine set. 125.00. London
ANSTRUTHER (Alexander.) Reports of Cases in the Exchequer
from Mich. Term 32 Geo. III. to Trin. Term 37 Geo. III. 3
vols. 8vo. 12.00. London. 1796
A:NTHON (John.) American Precedents of Declarations, 4th
ed., with considerable Additions. 8vo> 4.00.
West Brookfield. 1848
ANTHON (John.) The Law Student; or Guide to the Study
of the Law in its Principles. 8vo. 3.00. New York
Prius, being Reports of Cases determined at Nisi Prius in
the I'lupreme Court of the State of New York. With Notes
and Commentaries on each case. To which is prefixed an
Introductory Essay on the Studies preparatory to the active
duties of the Bar, by John Anthon, Esq., Counsellor at Law.
Judges' names i-Mr. Chief Justice Kent; Mr. Justice Van
Ness; Mr. Justice Thompson; Mr. Justice Spencer; Mr.
Justice Yatesl 1 vol. 2.00.' New York
ANTHON (John.) . Notes on the Practice of the Supreme Court
of New York. 8vo. 0.75.
ANTHON (John;) Abridgment of the Commentaries of Sir W.
Blackstone. 2d ed. 1.50. Phlla. 1832
The same, with Questions adapted thereto by P. O. Beebe.
3.00. New York
ARCHBOLD (J. F.) The new system of Criminal Procedure,
Pleading and Evidence, in Indictable cases, all founded on
Lord Campbell's Act, 14 and 15 Viet. c. 100, and other reo
cent statutes; with new forms of Indictments and Evidence.
With copious Notes and References to English and Ameri-
can Decisions, by Thomas W. Waterman, Esq., Counsellor
at Law. New York 1852.
ARCHBOLD'S (J. F.) CIVIL PLEADING. A Digest of the Law
relative to Pleading and Evidence in Civil Actions, by John
Frederick Archbold, Barrister at Law. Second American,
from the last London Edition. 8vo. 4.00.
New York. 1838
ARCHBOLD (J:F.) The Practice of the King's Bench in Per-
sonal Actions and Ejectment. 2d American from the 2d
London ed. 2 vols. 5.00. New York. 1838
ARCHBOLD (J. F.) The 'Law of Nisi Prius, comprising the
Declarations and other Pleadings in Personal Actions, and
the Evidence necessary to support th,em. 8vo. 2 voll!.
6.00. Phila. 1845
ARCHBOLD (J. F.) Law of Landlord and Tenant, with all the
requisite Forms. 1 voL 8vo. 1st American. 2.25.
Phila. 1846
ARCHIVES de Droit at de Legislation. 3 vols. 8vo. 9.00.
Brussels. 1837
ARGENTRE (Ber. de.) Commentarii in Patrias'Britonum Leges,
&c. Folio. 5.00. Paris. 1561
ARKWRIGHT (Richard.) Trial 'of a Cause instituted by R. P.
Arden, Esq., His Majesty's Attorney General, by Writ of
Scire Facias, to repeal'a Patent granted on the 16th of Dec.
1775. Folio. cf. 2.00. London. 1785
ARNOULD (Joseph.) A Treatise on the Law of Marine Insur-
ance and Average: with References to .American Cases, and
the later Continental Authorities. Edited, with additional
references, notes, &c., by Han. J. C..Perkins. 2 vols. royal
8vo. law sheep.' 11.00. - Boston
ASHB (Thomas.) J General Table of Coke's Reports. 2 vols.
12mo. 3.75. London, 1618
ATHERLY (E. G.) A Practical Treatise on the. ,Law of Mar-
riage, and other Family Settlements. 8vo. 2 ~ 5 0 .
Phila. 1840
ATKYNS (John Tracy.) Reports of Cases argued and deter-
minejl in the High Court 0,£ Chancery, Temp. ltardwicke.
3 vols. 8vo. 15.00.. New York. 1826
ATKY-NS (John Traq.) Same. 3 vols. 8vo. 12.00.
London and Dublin.
Essay on Marketable Titles- to Real Estate.
Phlla. 1838
Practical Points in Conveyancing. 8vo. 1829
Practice of the Court of Chancery. 1842
ATTORNEY and, Solicitor's Pocket Book. By Jones. 7th ed.
by Crisp. 2 vols. 5.50. 'London. 184f
AVERANlI (Josephi.) Interpretationum Juris. 3 vols. 12mo.
vellum. 3.75. . Ludg. B&t.
AYEEN AKERBYj or the Institutes of the Emperor Akber,
translated from the Persian by F. Gladwin. 2 vols.. 8vo.
3.75. London. 1800
AYLIFFE (John.) .A New Pandect o(Roman ciVil iLaw, as
anciently'established in that Empire, and n.ow received and
practised in most European Nations. Folio. '1.50.
. ·London. 1734.
A z ~ (D. A.) Maritime Law of Europe. Translated from
the French by William Johnson. 2 vols. 8vo. 3.00.
New York. 1806
BABINGTON (R.) Treatise on the Law of Auctions. 1.75.
Phila. 1838
BAOON (F.) The Reading upon the Statutes of Uses.
London. 1806
BAOON (Francis.) Law Tracts. 8vo. 0.75. London. 1741
BAOON (Matthew.) The Complete Arbitrator, or the Law of
Awards. 3ded. 8vo. 0.75. London. 1770
BACON (Matthew.) Abridgment of the Law. 7th edition.
Vols. 2d, 3d and 4th (except the Addenda) by Henry Gwil·
lim; vols. 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, and the Addenda to
the other vols. by 0harles Edward Dodd. 8 vols. 8vo.·
36:00, London. 1832
BACON (Matthew.) The same. With the Notes and Refer-
ences made to tqe edition published in"1809, by Bird Wilson,
Esq., to which a·re added Notes and References to Ameri·
can Law Decisions, by John !louvier. 10 vols. 8vo. '60.00.
Philadelphia. 1842-6
BACON (Matthew.) Abridgment of the Law. Fifth' edition,
Notes and References. 5 vols. 8vo. 12.50. Dublin. 1770
BACON (Matthew.) Abridgment of the Law. Fifth edition.
7 vols. Svo. Philadelphia. 1811
BAGLEY (W.) Practice at Chambers of the'Judges of Common:
Pleas. 8vo. 1.00. Philadelphiu.
BAINBRIDGE (William.) A Practical ' ~ r e a t i s e on the Law of
Mines and Minerals. 8vo. 5.00. London. 1841
BALL (Thomas) and BEATTY (Francis.) Reports of Cases ar-
gued and determined in the High Court of Chancery in Ire-
land, during the time of Lord Chancellor Manners j from the
Sittings after Michaelmas Term, 48 George IlL 1807, to
the Sittings after Trinity Term, 51 George III. 1811. 2 vols.
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tions, (21 Jac. I. c. 16,) by William Ballentine, of the Inner
Temple. To which are added, Notes oftbe Decisions made
by the Supreme and Circuit Courts of the United States,
and by the Courts of the several States, whose Decisions
have been reported, upon the Limitations of Actions at Law
and Suits in Equity: and Notes and Decisions made in the
English Courts to the present time, except those cited in
the Text. Together with the Statute of Limitations of the
State of New York: a summary of the Statute of Limita-
tions of the several States of the United States, and of the
Law of Prescription of Louisiana j and a Chronological Di-
gest ef the English Statutes of Limitations, by John L. Til-
linghast, Counsellor at Law. 3.50. New York. 1829
BARBEYRAC (M.) Historie des Anciens Traitesj ou Recueil
Historique et Chronologique des Traites repandus dans les
Auteurs Grees et Latins et autres monumens de I'Antiquite,
depuis, les teQ1ps les plus recules jusqu' a I'Empereur Charle-
magne. Folio. Neatly lw,lfbound. 9.00.
Amsterdam. 1739
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Colon. 1737
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earliest period, and of the Decisions in Equity in England
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Appendix of Precedents, by Oliver L. Barbour, Counsellor
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,Treatise on the Jurisdiction. Duty and AutiJority of the Jus-
. tiel's of the Peace in the State of New York in Criminal
Cases. Containing also a summary of the Law relative to
Crimes and Punishments, with an Appendix of Forms of
Proceeding-s, by Oliver L. Barbour', Counsellor at Law. Se-
cond Edition. (too. (See ante, p. xviL) Albany. lS52
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Chaneery; wit.h an Appendix of Precedents, by Oliver L•
. Barbour, Counsellor at Law. 2 vols. lS43. 12.00. (See
ant.e, p. xiv.) New York. 'lS43
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Trinity Term, 11 Geo. IV. lS30, to Hilary Term, 4 Will.
IV. 1834. 5 vols. 110yal Svo. Philadelphia
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gued and determined iu the Court of King's Bench, from
:1I1ich. 3 Geo. IV. 1S22, to Easter; 11 Geo, IV. 1830. '10
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quence judiciaire en France. Recuellie par :MM. Clair et
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ancing, being selections from the Manuscripts of Mr. Butler,
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Variations adapting thE'm to different circumstances of Title.
3d ed. with great additions. 7· vols. Royal 8vo. 14.00.
London. 1821--4
. BARTON (Charles.) Elements in Conveyancing, to which is
prefixed an Essay on the Rise, Progress and Prl'sent State
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to its final termina,tion, with forms of, bills, &c., by.J. P. Hol-
combe. 8vo. 2.25. . Cincinnati. . 1847
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Supplement to, by James Barry Bird. 8vo. 2.00.
London. 18n
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sur la Coutume de Normandie et son Traite des Hypothe·
ques. 2 vols. Folio. cf 7.50. Rouen. 1778
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to the Specific Performance of Contracts, with Notes and
References to American Cases, by Hon. Judge Perkins, of
Salem. 1 vol: 8vo.· .
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change, Cash Bills, and Promissory Notes; the 5th ed., with
Notes, by W. Phillipps and S. E. Sewell 2d American ed.
5.00. Boston. 1836
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Courts of Common Law of England and the United States.
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ments in Bankruptcy. 8vo. 1.75. London. 1827
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with Practical Remarks upon it as an Equitable Process j
with American Notes by H. N. Warner. 1.00.
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Notes and References. . New York. 1824
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Bvo. London. 1833
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. Jarged and improved by J. Chitty. 2 vols. 4to. cf 5.00.
London. lS13
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. London. 17S5
BECCARIA. on Cr-imes and Punishments. Svo. 1.25.
London.. 17S5
'BEEBE (p. 0.) adapted to Graham's Practice. Svo.
2.00: New York. lS34
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, Rolls Court during the time Of Lord Langdale, 1S3S to lS4'7.
12 vols, Royal Svo. American Notes ;md References by
John A. Dunlap, New York. (See English Ch. Rep., ante,
p. xl.)
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Francis Vesey, Sen., temp. Lord Hardwicke. 8vo. 4.50.
Philadelphia. lS35
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Practice, with practical Forms and Directions, by Erastus
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Divers Cases en Ie Court del Common-Bank, en Ie several
Reignes de Hen, VII., Hen, Vill" Edward Vr., Mar" et
Elk Folio. 3.00. London.
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:Quties of a Receiver under the High Court of Chancery.
. 8vo, 2.25. London. lS49
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man State, and of the Rise, Progress, and Extent of the Ro-
man Laws. 4to. 3.75. London. 1781
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can ed., with Notes and References by E. H. Bennett. 8vo.
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other Courts, from 4 Will. IV. 1834, to 4 Vict. 1840. 6
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1834. 10 vols. Royal 8vo. Philadelphia
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Precedents. 8vo. 2.00. London
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Heads and Divisions of the Law as are of most general Use
and Importance. 2 vols. 8vo. 5.00. 1833
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relating to Joint Stock Companies. 8vo. 2.75.
Harrisburg. 1837
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7.00. London. 1827
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7.00. New York
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tlie Author, and Notes by John Taylor Coleridge, Esq. 16th
ed. 4 vols. 12.00. London. 1825
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Virginia, by St. George Tucker. 5 vols.
. Philadelphia. 1802
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1779; with numerous additional Notes, References and an
entire New and copious Index; By C. H. Elsley, Esq. 2
vols.. Royal 8vo. 7.00. London. 1828
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with Notes, &c., by E. Christian, Esq. 4 vols. 8 vo. 7.50.
" Boston. 1818
BLACKSTONE CW.) Co=entaries on the Laws of England,
,abridged. See Curry (W)
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Court of Chancery of Maryland. 3 vols. 8vo. 15.00.
Baltimore. 183kl
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8vo. 0.75. London. 1817
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Writs of Error. 1819-21. a vols. Also, Reports in the
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13 vola.. 8vo. cf. 65.00. London. 1823-38
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ures of Land and Jocular Customs of Manors, enlarged and
corrected by Beckwith. 4to. 9.00. London. 1815
BLOlTh'T'S Law Dictionary. 1717
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. which are added the Statutes of the several States relating
to interest now in force, together with a' Digest of. all the
DecisioJ;ls, and an Index to the Reponed AdjudieatioIUl from
the Statutes of Henry VIII. to the present time, by J. W.
Blydenburgh; Counsellor at Law. 3.00., 1844
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Actions. 8vo. 2.00. London.. 1733
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1.50. London. 1811
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&0. 8vo. 1.25. London. 1823
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London. 1750
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Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber, and in the House
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Term,' 47 G. III..1807. The 3d ed., with Notes and Refer·
ences, by Thomas Day. 5 vols. royal 8vo. 15.00.
Hartford. 1809
The same. 5 vols. London. 1826.
BOSCAWEN Treatise on Convictions on Penal'Stat.
utes. 12mo. 1.00 . Dublin. 1792
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vols. Folio. 6.00. Dijon. 1742
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8vo. 6.00. Paris. 1834
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Matiere Civile et Commerciale. 2 vols. 8vo. 4.50.
Paris. 1840
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tion and Laws of the U. S. .A.. and the several States, with
. reference to the Civil and other Systems of Foreign: Law.
3d ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 10.00. Philadelphia. 1848
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'ties. 8vo. London. 183'1
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2.00. Washington.' 1842
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Introduction to the Study of Law, &c. 3.00. Phila. 1814
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Am. 'ed. from the London ed. of 1808. 8vo. 2.00.
New York. 1808
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making'oftheir own Wills, with Forms of Wills, simple and
elaborate, Tables of the Stamp Duties on Probates and Let·
tersof Administration. 4th ed. 8vo. 1.25. London. 1838
BRICE (John) L a ~ s of the United States now in force rela-
tive to Commercial Subjects. 8vo. Baltimore. 1831
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of Deeds and Instruments concerning the most considerable
Estat!Js in England. Folio. old calf 1.25. London. 1682
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from Mich. 1660 to Trin. 1667, edited from the Hllfgrave
Manuscripts, by S. Bannister, Esq. 8vo. 4.00.
. London. 1823
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Law of Nisi Prius. 8vo.- 1.50. New York. 1811
BRIDGMAN (R. W.) Short View of Legal Bibliography. 8vo.
1.00 London. 180'1-
BRIDGMAN (R. W.) Thesaurus Juridicus; containing the de-
cisions of the several Courts of Equity, &c. 2 vols. 8vo.
London. 1'199
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, and of the High Court of Parliament, from the earliest period
.' to the present time. 16.00. . New York. 1828.
BRIGHT (J. E.) .A. Treatise on the Law of Husband,and Wife,
as respects property: partly founded on Roper's Treatise,
and comprising Jacob's Notes and Additions thereto. With
copious Notes and References to the American Decisions,
and also an Appendix, containing the Statutes of every
State in the Union, in relation to the rights and property
of females before and after marriage, by Ralph Loekwood,
Counsellor at Law. 2 vols. 10.00 (See ante, p. xxv.)
J New York. 1850
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in Pennsylvania, with Decisions. 3.50. Phila.1847.
BROUGHAM (ffimry, Lord.) Speeches.
BRISSONIUS (Barre.) De Formulis et Solennibus Populi Ro-
mani verbis. Folio. 3.50. Lips. 1754
consideration, and decided by the twelve Judges of England,
from 1799 to 1824, by William Oldnall Russell and Edward
Ryan. From 1824-37, by William .Moody. And by the
twelve Judges of Ireland, 1822-40, by Robert Jebb. Edited
by J. W. Wallace. 3 vols. 8vo. 9.00.
Philadelphia. 1839-42
BRITISH LniERTIEB, or the Free·born Subject's inheritance--
containing the Laws that form the basis of those Liberties,
&c. 8vo. 1.50. London. 1766
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Court of Common Pleas, from Easter Term, 59 Geo. m.
1'819, to Easter ~ e r m , :3 Geo. IV. 1822. 3 vola. Royal
8vo. ( Phila.
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two parts. Fr. folio. c! 5.50. 1573
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and i!lustrated. Second edition. 8vo. 4.00 1852
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digested and arranged with cases. Phila. 1847
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icy of the European Powers. 2 vols. 8vo. 12.00.
London. 1803
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•. Admiralty. 2d ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 8.00. New York. 1840.
~ 8
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ror in the High Court of Parliament, from 1701 to 1779. 8
vols. 8vo. Duhlin. 1784
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Court of Chancery, during the time of Lord Chancellor Thur-
low, and of the several Oommissioners of the Great Seal and
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low's Declarations, now published in Latin, the original
language. Folio. 3.00. London. 1693.
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ports in C. P. in the reign.8 of Queen Elizabeth and King
James I. 4to. 3.50. London. 1654
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tionales depuis 1789'jusqlien 1815. 40 vols. 8vo. ha(f
calf. 60.00. Paris. 1834
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in thc reigns of King James L and Charles I. Folio. hi cf.
5.00. London. 1657
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Laws of the State of Louisiana, from the change of Govern-
ment to the year 1841, inclusive. Vol. 1. 8vo. 5.00.
New Orleans. 1842
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Trials at Nisi Prius. 8vo. New York. 1806
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quer from the beginning, of the Reign of George I. to the
14th George II. Folio. 1.50. Savoy. 1755
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and the Rights and Obligations of the Parties thereto, and
herein of Obligations in Solido, under the Laws of England,
Scotland, and other States of Europe, the British Colonies,
and United States of America, and on the Conflict of those
Laws. First American from the London edition. 8vo.
3.75. . Boston. 1847
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generally. and in their conflict with each other and with the
Laws of England. 4 vols. 8'1'0. 40.00 London. 1838
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cracy in the relations of private life. 8'1'0. 4.50.
London. 1849
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_translated into English by Mr. Nugent, 2 vols. 8'1'0.
sheep. 2.50. Phila.
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12mo. .75. New York. 1801
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with Corrections and Additions. The Criminal and Poor
Law, editt'd by Mr. Sergeant D'Ojly, aud the remaining Ti-
tit's, by V. E. Williams. 5 vols. 8'1'0. 20.00.
London. 1836
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8.00. London. 1797.
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8'1'0. 10.00. London.' 1824
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Treason and Misdemeanors. 2 vols. 8'1'0. 5.00.
Phila. 1808
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Dublin. 1794
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5.00. New York. 1833
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ment Cases, from March, 1732, to June, 1768. 3 vols. 4to
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Notes, Bank Notes, Bankers' Cash Notes. 3.25.
. Pbila. 1848
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Notes. By P. S. Du Ponceau. 8vo. 1.25.
Philadelpbia. 1810
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Court of the State of New York. 8vo. 1.00.
New York. 1808
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and Office of Justice oftbe Peace, from 1776 to 1785. 4to.
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calf. _5,00. Colonial. . Allobrogum. 1734
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Hil. Geo. III. 1816.. With Notes, by Samuel Howe.
4 vols. 16.00. New York. 1810-21
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explained for the use of Inventors and Patentees. 4th ed.
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mon Pleas, in the, 17th, 18th, and 19th Years of
• Charles II. Folio. cf 2.50 London. 1688
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King's Order and Decree in Chancery for a Rule to be ob-
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CASES adjudged in' the Court of King's Bench, concerning Set- ,
tlements and Removals, from the first year of Geo. I. to the
present time. 12mo. London. 1742
CASES argued and decided in the High Court of Chancery.
From the 2d London edition. 8vo. 3.50. .
New York. 1828
CASES argued and ruled at Nisi Prius, in the Courts of King's
Bench and Common Pleas, from Easter Term 33 Geo. III.
to Hilary Term 34 Geo. III. 8vo. London. 1795
OASES in Chancery, Temp. Car. II. and Jac. II. Folio. caJ.f
2.00 London. 1'107
CASES in Equity ,argued and adjudp:ed in the High Court of
Chancery, &c. 4th ed. 2 vols. Folio.' 4.00 Savoy.' ,1756
CASES in the High Court of Chancery, from the 12th' year of
Charles II;. to the 31st. Folio. ,2.00. London. 1691
CASES, with Opinions of eminent Counsel, in matters of Law,
Equity and Conveyancing. 2 vols. 8vo. 3.00.
London. 1791
CASES in Parliament resolved and adjudged upon Petitions and
Writs of Error. Folio. 1.00. ' London. 1798
CASEs-Temp. Hardwicke, in K. B. 1, S, ,9, and 10 Geo. II. j to
which are added some determinations of the Lord Chief
Justice, &c. 2d ed. ByT. Lee, Esq. Royal Svo. 3.75.
London. ' lS15
(This is cited as AnnaJy's Reports.)
CASWALL (A.) Treatise on Copyholds. London. lS40
CAWLEY (WJlliam.) Laws concerning 'Jesuits, Seminary
Priests, Recusarits
&c" explained. Folio. calf. 2..00.
. . London. 1680
CELEBRAT1"D Trials of ail Countries, and remarfable Cases of
, CriUlinal ,Jurisprudence. 2.00.' Philadelphia. lS37
CHAMBERS '(Charles Harcourt.) Treatise on the Law of
Landlord and Tenant" with, an Appendix of .Precedents.
svo. 5.00 . "London. lS23
C H A M B ~ R s (J. D,) 'Complete Dictionary of Laws and Prac·
tice of Elections. Svo. London. iS37
CHAMBERS (Sir R.) Treatise on Estates and Tenures. Svo.
London. lS24
CHAMBERS (Sir R.) Treatise on the Law of Railways.
CHANCE' (H.) Treatise on Powers, with Supplement. 2 vols.
0' Svo. London. lS41
CHANDLER(P. W.) - Ameri'Can Criminal Trials. 2 vols. 12mo.
3.00. Boston.
CHARLTbN (R. M.) Reports of Decisions made in the Superior
Courts of the Eastern District of Georgia. Svo.
, 0 Savannah. lS3S
CHARTER granted by William and Mary to the I;habitants of
Massachusetts Bay-also, the Laws of -Massachusetts Bay
, from 1692 to 1762. Folio. 1.50. Boston. 1759
CHARTER of Dartmouth College, with general Ouilllle of the
,Argument ill the Case of Dartmouth College v. Woodward.
8vo. 1.00. Hanover. 1816
CHASE (Samuel.) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of
the United States. Trial of, before the House of Represen-
tativ:es. 2 vols. 8vo. 4.00. Washington. 1805
CHIPMAN (Daniel) Principles of 'll. Treatise on
Free Institutions. 8vo. 2.50. Burlington.- 1833
CmTTY (Edward.) Index to all the Reported Cases, Statutes
and General Orders ill or relating to the Principles, Pleading
and Practice of Equity and Bankruptcy in the several Courts
in England, from the earliest period to 1837. 4 vols. 8vo.
. Phila. 1852
CmTTY (Joseph.) A Treatise on the Laws of Commerce and
Manufactures, and the- Contracts relating thereto; with an
Appendix of Treaties, Statutes and Precedents. 4 vols.
8vo. 32.00. London. 1824
CmTTY (Joseph.) A Practical Treatise on the Criminal Law,
comprising the Practice, Pleadings and Evidence, which oc-
cur in the course of Criminal Prosecutions, whether by Inc
dictJ:nent or Information: with a copious collection of Pre-
cedents of Indictments, Information, Presentments, and every
description of Practical Forms, with Comprehensive Notes
upon -each offence, the Process, Indictment, Plea, Defence,
Evidence, "Verdict, Judgment and Punishment, by
Joseph Chitty, of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. 4th
American, from the Second·and last London edition, correct-
ed and enlarged by the author. With Notes and Correc-
tions, by Richard Peters"and Thomas Huntington. To
which are now added, Notes and References to the Cases
decided in the Courts of the United States and of the seve-
ral States, to the present time, as well as to the late English
decisions, by J. C. Perkins, Counsellor at Law. 3 vols.
12.00. New York. 184'1
CmTTY (Joseph.) Practical treatise on Bills of Exchange and
Promissory Notes; a new edition, with Notes, &c. 8vo.
5.00. - . Springfield. 1849
CmTTY (Joseph.) Practice of the Law in all its Departments.
4 vola. 8vo. 16.00. 'Philadelphia. 1836-4()-
CillTTY (Joseph.) Treatise on Pleading, and Parties to Ac-
. L
tions, with 'secOnd and third volumes, containing Precedents'
. l?fPleading, a.nd an .Appendix of Forms adapted to the recent
Pleading, and other rules, with Practical Notes. lOth
ed, with Notes, by J. C. Perkins, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo. 10.00.
Springfieid. 1801
QHITTY (Joseph.) Reports of Cases, principally in .Practice
and Pleading, determined in the' Court of King's Bench,
1819, with Notes, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 9.00. London. 1820
CroTTY (Joseph, Jr.) Practical Treatise on the Law of Con-
tracts not under Seal, and upon the Usual Defences to .Ac-
tions thereon. Notes by J. C. Perkins. 7th .Am. ed. 8vo.
5.00. Springfield. 1851
CroTTY (Joseph, Jr.) Precedents in Pleading, with copious
Notes on Practice, Pleading and ,Evidence. Edited by
Henry Pearson and Thompson Chitty. 2 vola. 8vo. 5.00.
. Springfield. 1839
CHITTY'S Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England.
2 vols. 8vo. 5.00, New York. 1852·
ORITTY'S Vattel's Law of Nations. 0' Phila.
CITY HALt RliCORDER. The New York Cit.y Hall' Recorder,
containing Reports of the most interesting Trials and Deci-
sions ,,;hlch ha"e arisen in the various Courts of Judicature,
for the Trial of Jury Callses in the Hall, particularly in tlJe
-C0I1,t of Sessions. With Notes alld Remarks, critical and
expltmatory, by Daniel Rogers, Counsellor at Law. Com-
mentling January, 1816, and continued in regular order,
monthly, to Jariuary, 1822-six years. 6 volumes bound
in 3. 12.00. (See ante, p. LUll.) New York.
CIVIL CODE of the ~ t a t e of Louisiana, with '.;\.nnotations, by
. W. s, Upton and N. R. Jennings. In French and English.
8vo. New Orleans. 1838
CLANCY (James.) Treatise 011 the Rights, Duties and Liabili·
ties of Husband and Wife at Law and in Equity. 2d.Am.
ed. 8vo. 4.00. New York. - 1837
CLARK (C.) a,nd W. Fnrn'ELLY. House of Lords Cases of .Ap.
peal and Writs of Error, Claims of Peerage, and Devizes
during the s e ~ s i o n s 1847 and 1848. Vol. L 9.00.
J,.ondon. 1849
CLARKE'S (John) Bibliotheca. Legum; or ComIJlete Catalogue
of th(l Common and Statute Law Books, with an Account of
their Dates and Prices. 18mo. baa. 1.25.
London. 1819
CLARKE (Charles L.) Reports of Chancery Cases decided in
the Eighth Circui(of. the'State of New York, by the Hon.
Frederick Whittlesey, Vice Chancellor. 5.00.
New York. 1841
CLERKE ('l'homas W.) Rudiments of American. Law and
Practice, on the plan of Bla.ckstone. Prepared for the use
of Students at Law, and adapted to Schools and .colleges.
3.00. (See ante, p.. lxiv.) New York. 1842
CLERKE (Thomas W.) A Digest of the Reports of Cases de-
termined, in the Supreme Court of Judicature, and the Court
for t4e Correction of Errors of the State of New York. To·
gether with the of th,e Superior Court for the
City and County of New York, from the organization-of said 'J
Courts, including Coleman's CaSes, Caines' ·Reports, 3 vols;,
Caines' Cases in Error, 2 vols., Johnson's Cases, 3 vols.,
Johnson's Reports, 20 vols., Cowen's Reports, 9 vols., Wen·
dell's Reports, 26 vols., Hill's Reports, 7 vom., Denio's Re·
ports, 5 ·vols., Barbour's Law Reports, 4 vols., Comstock's
Reports, 1 vol., Hall's Reports, 2 vols., Sandford's Reports,
1 vol., and Anthon's Nisi Prius, by Thomas W. Clerke, #'
Counsellor at Law. Revised and continued to the present
time, by"William Hogan, Counsellor at Law. 4 vols. 19.00
New York. 1850
CLIFT (Henry.) . New Book of Entries, Digested and Published
by Sir Charles Ingleby. '. Folio. 3.00. half cf.
, . London. 1H9
COBBETT'S Parliamentary History of England, from the Nor-
man Conquest, in 1066, to the yea·r 1803. 36 vols. 8vo.
Neat Hal,j Russia. 60.00. London. 1806
COBBETT'S Parliamentary History. 36 vols. 8vo.. Together
with the Parliamentary DebatEls. 154 vols. From the
Norman Conquest in 1066 to August, 1847. In all 190
vols. 8vo. New Half Russia. A complete and perfect set.
380.00. London.
COCKBURN (W;) Clerk's Assistant in the Practice of the Ec-
clesiastical Courts. avo. London. 1800
GoeHL" (Y.) <Euvres d'contenant Ie tecueil de ses Yemoires
et Consultations. 6 vols. 4to. 12.50. Paris. 17H
COCHRANE (Thomas Lord.) The Case of, containing the His-
tory of the Hoax, the Trial, &c. ~ 2 m o . std. 0 . 3 ~ ~
. New York. 1814
CODE Napoleon, or the French Civil Code, translated from the
original and official edition published at Paris, 1804. By a
Barrister of the Inner Temple. 8vo. 4.50. -
New York. 1841
CODE CIVIL. MotifS et Discours prononces lors de 10. Publica·
tion du.Code Civil, par les divers Orateurs du Conseild'Etat
et du Tribunal. Royal8vo. 2 vols., 5.50. Paris. 1841
CODE CtvrLde I'Empire de RusSie. 8vo. 2.25. Paris. 1841
CODE des. Prises, ou Recueil. des Edits Declarations, etc. etc.
depuis 1400 jusqu' a present. 4to. 2 vols. 5.00.
Paris. H84
CODE de Commerce, translated from the French, for the Use
of Mercantile ,Agents and: Ship Masters, aEt well as Gentle-
men of the Law. 12mo.London. 182'6
CoDE of Procedure. First, Second, Third and Fourth Reports
of the CoIIlIllissioners on Practice -and Pleading.
Albany. 1848-52
COKE (Sir Edward.) The First Part of the Institutes of the
Laws of England; or a Commentary upon Littleton. 3 vols.
8vo. 12.50. London. H94
, .
COKE (Sir Edward.) The First Part of the Institutes of the
Laws of England, or a Commentary upon Littleton; not the
nallle of the Author only, but of the law itself. 15th ed.
By Hargrave and Butler. Including the Notes of Hale and
Lord Chancellor Nottingham, and the second, third and
fourth parts of the Institutes. 8vo. ~ vols. c! 20.00.
COKE (Sir Edward.) Systematic Arrangement of his First
Illstitute on the Plan of Lord Hale's Analysis, with the An-
notations of Mr. Hargrave, Lords Hale and Nottingham,
and new Notes and References, by J. H. Thomas. 3 vols.·
8vo. 15.00. Phila. 1836
COKE (Sir Edward.) Reports in Verse. 18mo. 0.25.
London. Iff25
COKE (Sir Edward.) Reports from 14th Eliz. to the 13th Jas.
11 Parts in ~ vols. cf. London. 1761
COKE (Sir Edward.) -Reports. New Edition. By Thomas
(J. H.) and Frazer (J. F.) 6 vola. 8vo. 25.00.
Lo:ldon. 1826
COKE'S Reports. An Abridgment o ~ by Sir Thos. Ireland.
8vo. 1.50. New York. 1813
COLBY (fl. G. 0.) The Practice in Civil Actions ilnd Proceed.
ings at Law in Massachusetts, with copious References to
Decisions in New Hampshire, Maine, &c, with the Rules of
the State and United States Courts, and an Appendix of
Forms. 8vo. 4.00. Boston; 1848
COLE (W. R.) Law and Practice rillating to Criminal Infor- .
mation. l2mo. London
COLLECCAO da Legislacas Antiga e Moderna do Reino de Por-
tugal. 2 vola. 8vo. 4.50. H86
COLLECTANEA J uridica, consisting of Tracts relative to the Law
and Constitution of England. 2 vols. 8vo. 2.50. London
COLLECTION of ail such Statutes as relate to the Admiralty,
Navy, and Ships of War down to the 14th year of K. George,
inc. 4to. 1.25. London. 1755
COLLES (Richard.) ReportS of caSes in' the High' Court of
Parliament, 169'i-1719. 8vo. 2,00, - Dublfu. 1789
COLLIER (J. D,) Essay on the Law of Patents, 8vo. 1803
COLLIER (R. P,) Treatise on the Law relating to Mines.
l2mo. - 1849
COLLINSON (G, D.) Treatise on the Law of Lunatics, Idiots,
&C, with an Appendix. 2 vols, 8vo, London, 1812
COLLYER, (John.) Practical- Treatise on the Law of Partner-
ship; with an Appendix of Forms. Third American from
the second English edition, with large Additions to the Text
and Notes, byJ. C, Perkins. Thick 8vo. 5.50.
. Boston. 1848
COLONIAL and State Government Laws, relating to Indians
and Indian Affairs. l ~ m o . 1.00. WashiI)gton. 1832
COIDlERBACH (Roger.) Reports of several Cases in the -Court
of King's Bench, at Westminster, from the first year of King
James II. to the tenth year of K. Wm.. III. Folio. calf.
3.00. - In the Savoy. 1'i24
COM:MENT.A.IRES sur la Coutume qe Normandie, }Jar Berault et
-OOMYNS (Sir John.)' Heports. ·8vo. 2.50. Dublirl.. .
Corns (Sir John.) Digest of the of England, 3d edi-
tion. 6 vols. 8vo.' calf. . ' •.
COMYNS (Sir John.)'Reports of Cases in King'S-Bench, Com-
· mon Pleas and ,Exchequer. 2-d ed. With Notes, by Ros,e.
2 vols. 5.50. • H92
COMYNS(Sir Joh'u:) 'Digest of.the LawS'of England, witli Ame-
· riean Notes by Thomas Day. 8 vols. New Yorl>.
COMYNS (Sir John.) Law of Lapdlord Tenau't,.with
Appendix of Precedents. $5.00. . ,London., ).830
. CONDENSED -Reports of Louisiana, by Martin. '20 ·vols. in 4.
4.00., ' New Orleans.' .183j}
.GONJ;lENSED Reports of Cases in .the Supreme Court of the
United States, containing the whole Series of the,:Decisionjl ,
,of the, COlj.rt from its organizat(on to the COII}lnelJ.Qemllnt of
Peter's Reports, Edited by Richarc] Peters., 6 vols.
8vo. Philadelphia. 1841
CoNDUCTOR Generalis, heing the Law relative to Justices of
the Peace. 8vo. 2.00. ' .Albany. .1819
of 'the second session of thll. Ll\.th,
and the two sessions of 'the 19th Congress. 4-volS....royal
8vo. 10.00. Washington." ,l}325.,.29
CO,NKLING (Alfre9.) The Admiralty Jurisdiction, and
· Practice ,of the Courts in the United States. 10.00.
, ,- .Albany. 1848
CONKLING, J. A Treatise on the Org'ailization' and
Jurisdiction of the Supreme, Circuit and District Courts of
the United States; the Practice of these several Courts in
Civil and Criminal Cases; of the Supreme and Circuit Courts
on Writ of Error and Certificate of Division of Opinion:
of thll Courts in Cases of Municipal Seizure:
including a Summary Exposition of the Law relating to the
Priority of the United States, JIDprisoned Debtors, the Re-
mission, of Penalties and Forfeitures, and NaturalizatioiJ..
To which is added an Appendix, containing the Rules of
the Supreme Court of the United States; the Rules pre-
scribed by the Supreme Court to regulate the Practice of
the Circuit Courts in suits in Equity, and the Rules of the
, Circuit l\Ild District Courts for the Northern District of NeW'
York; and Practical Forms. Second Edition, revised, cor·
rected and much enlarged. 5.00. (See wnte, p. =ix.)
New York. 1842
CONNECTICUT Reports. See page c=vi.
CONOVER (J. F.) Digested Index of all the Reported Deci·
sions in Law and Equity of the Supreme Courts of the States
of Ohio, Indiana, and illinois. 8vo. 4.00.
Philadelphia. 1834
CONSOLATa del Mare, colla spiegazione di Giuseppe M. Casa·
regi. 4to. 3.00. Yen. 1806
CONSTALE'S GUIDE. 1.00. New York. 1851
CONSTABLE'S GUIDE for the State of Pennsylvania.. 1.00.
CONSTABLE'S Manual of the Laws of Pennsylvania, by R. E
Wright. 1.00. Phila. 1840
CONVEYANCER'S Light, or Precedents for all manner of Instru-
ments. Composed by the advice of many eminent Lawyers.
4to. 5.00. London. 1671
COOKE (William.) Bankrupt Laws. 7th ed. 2 vols. 8vo.
6.00. London. 1817
COOKE (G. W.) Treatise on the Law of Defamation, with
forms of Pleadings. 8vo. 1.75. London. 1844
COOKSON (J.) On Polygamy. 8vo. 2.00. London. 1782
COOPER (George.) Cases in Chancery, in Hil., East., and Trin.,
55 Geo. III., 1815. 8vo. 3.50. London. 1824
COOPER (George.) Treatise of Pleading on the Equity Side of
the High Court of Chancery. 8vo. 2.00.
New York. 1813
COOPER (T.) Institutes of Justinian, with Notes, 2d ed. 4.50.
New York. 1841
COOPER (Judge.) Opinion of, on the Effect of a Sentence of a
Foreign Court of Admiralty. 8vo. 1.00.
Philadelphia. 1810
COQUIT,LE (Guy.) CEuvres, contenant plusieurs Traites tou-
chant les Libertes de l'Eglise Galiicane, I'Histoire de France
et la Droit Francois. 2 vols. Folio. Bordeaux. 1703
CORPUS Juris Civilis. The Same. With Notes, &c., by Her-
mann and A. and M. Kriegel. 3 vols. royal 8vo. half
aalf. 9.00. Leipsic. 1833--44
CORPUS Juris Civilis, recensuit Geo. Chr. Gebauer et Geo. Aug.
Spangenberg. 2 vols. 4to. et Novell::e J ustiniani ed.
Spangenberg. 1 vol. 4to. together. 3 vols. half bound.
9.00. Gottingue. 1'776
COTTON (Sir Robert.) An exact Abridgment of the Records
in the Tower of London, from Ed. II. to Richard III. Folio.
e! 5.75. London. 1687
COVENTRY (Thomas) and HUGHES (Samuel.) Digested Index
to the Common Law reports, from Hen. III. 1272, to Geo.
III. 1760. 2 vols. 8vo. 9.00. Philadelphia. 1827
COVENTRY (Thomas.) On Conveyancer's Evidence. 8vo.
2.00. London. 1832
COVENTRY (Thoma!!.) A Readable edition of Coke upon Lit-
tleton. 8vo. 2.25. (Published at 16s. bds.)
London. 1830
COVERT (Nicholas.) Scrivener's Guide. 2 vols. 8vo. 1.50.
Savoy. 1'724
COWELL (John.) Law Dictionary. Folio. calf. 3.50.
Savoy. 1727
COWEN (Esek.) A Treatise on the Civil Jurisdiction of Jus-
tices of the Peace of the State of New York. Second Edi-
tion, revised by Sidney J. Cowen, Counsellor at Law. Third
Edition, brought down to the present time, by Oliver L.
Barbour, Counsellor at Law. With Appendix, adapting
the same to the New Code, by Chester Hayden. 2 vols.
8vo. 8.00. Albany and New York. 1844
COWEN (E.) ~ e w York Reports. 9 vols.-See ante, p. =xi.
COWEN'S (E.) Phillipps on Evidence-See ante, p. Ix.
COWEN (E.) A general Digested Index of Cowen's Reports.
New York and Albany. 1831
COWPER (Henry.) Reports of Cases in King's Bench, from
Hi!. 14 Geo. III. 1'774, to Trin. 18 Geo. III. 1'778. 2d ed.
2 vols. 8vo. 7.00. London. 1800
COWPER (Henry.) The Same. 2 vols. in 1. 3.50.
New York. 1833
COWPER (Henry.) The Same. In 1 vol. 3.00. Second-
hand. Dublin. 1'794
Cox (S. C.) Eep¢rts of Cases in Equity, 1 with
American Notes and References, by Murray Hoffman, Esq.
a Master in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York.
New York. 1824
CRABBE (G.) History of the English Law. 3.50.
Burlington. 1836
CRABBE (George.) Digest and Index, with a Chronological
Table of aU the Statutes from :Magna Oharta to 1841. 8vo.
9.00. London. 1841
CRABBE (George.) Law of Real Property in its present state i
practiCally arranged and digested in all its branches, inclu-
ding the very latest decisions of the Courts, with notes and
references to American Decisions. 2 vols. 8vo. 8.00.
Philadelphia. 1846
CRAGII (D. Thomre.) Jus Feudale, edito tertia, edidit J. Bail·
lie. Folio. old calf 4.50. Edinburgh. 1 32
CRANCR (William.) Reports of Oases in the Supreme Court
of the United States, ironi AugustTerm, 1801, to February
Term, 1815. 9 vols. 8vo. 25.00. New York, 1812.
Washington. 1817
CRAIG, (R. D. and T. J. Phillips.) Reports of Cases argued
and determined in the High Oourt of Chancery during the
Time of Lord Ohancellor Oottenham. 3 "Viet. 1840-41.
Royal 8vo. (See English Ohancery EeportR, New York.
Edition, ante, p. xl.)
CRlliIKAL CODE. Coining. Folio. half bd. 2.00.
London. 1825
CRIllIKAL LAw-Bee Ohitty, Archbold and Bar,bowl'.
CRDIINAL LAW. Remarks on, with a Plan for an Improved
System, and Observations on the Prevention of Crime. 8vo.
0.50. London. 1834
CROKE (Sir George.) Eeports of Cases in King's Bench and
Oommon Pleas, in the Reigns of Elizabeth, James 1. and
Charles I. Eevised by Sir Harbottle Grimstan. 5th ed.,
with Notes, &c., by Thomas Leach, Esq. 8vo. 4 vols.
15.00. London. 1
CROKE (Sir George.) Eeports of Cases in King's Bench and
Common Pleas. 3 vols. Folio. 9.00. LondoD. 1683
CROKE (Sir George.) Reports. 3d edition with many refer-
ences. 3 vols. Folio. LondoD. 1669
CROKE Reports. 3 vols. 8'1"0. London. 1661
CROSS (T.) Treatise on the Law of Liens and Stoppage in
Transitu. 8'1"0. London.' 1840
CROWN Cases reserved for Consideration and decided by the
Twelve Judges of England, from 1799 to 1824. By Wil-
liam Oldnall Russell and Edward Ryan, from 1824 to 1837.
By William Moody and by the Twelve Judges of Ireland,
from May, 1832, to Nov. 1840, 'by Robert Jebb. 3 vols.
8'1"0. 9.00. Philadelphia. 1842
CROWN Circuit Companion. 1st Am. ed. Into which has
been incorporated the Crown Circuit Assistant. 8,0. 3.00.
New York. .1816
CRUISE (William.) On Fines and Recoveries. 8'1"0. 1.00.
Dublin. 1'i 88
CRUISE (William.) Treatise on the Origin and Nature of Dig-
nities or Titles of Honor. 8vo. calf. 1.25.
London. 1810
CRUISE (William.) Digest of the Laws of England, respecting
Real Property. 4th ed., revised and Enlarged, by H. H.
White, Esq. '1 vols. 8'1"0. 15.00. London. 1835
CRUISE (William.) The Same. Fifth American from the fourth
London edition, revised and enlarged, with Notes and Illus-
trations £i'om the Roman, Civil and Foreign Law, and spe-
cially adapted to the American Practice, by Simon Green-
leaf, L.L.D'.,· Royal Professor ol'-Law in Harvard Univer-
sity. 3 vols. 8'1"0. 16.50. Boston. 1850
CUJACII (Jacobi.) Opera Omnia. Editio nova Emendatior et
Auctior: opera et cura C. A. Fabroti, I. C. Folio. 10
vbls. 36.00. Paris. 1658
CUNNL'\'GHAM(T.) The Lawof Bills of Exchange. 8vo. 1.00.
London. 1'161
CURRY (William.) Abridgment of Blackstone's Commenta-
ries. 8vo. 1.50. London. 1809
CURSON (H.) Mysteries of Clerkship explained. 12mo. 1.00.
London. 1'l05
CURTEIS (W. C.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in
the EcclesiastieaJ. Courts at Doctors Commons, from Michael-
mas Term 1834, to Trinity Term 1844. 3 vo1s. Royal 8'1"0.
London. 1840
CURTIS (George T.) Rights and Duties of' Merchant Seamen,
according to the General Maritime Law and the Statutes of
the United States. 8vo. 3.50. Boston. 1841
CURTIS (George T.) A Digest of Cases adjudicated in the
Courts of Admiralty of the United States, and in the High
C'Alurt of Admiralty in England, together with some Topics
from the works of Sir Leoline Jenkins, Judge of the Admi-
ralty in the Reign of Charles II. With a copious Index.
8vo. 6.00. Boston. , 1839
CURTIS (George T.) The American Conveyancer, containing
a large variety of Legal Forms and Instruments adapted to
Popplar Wants and Professional Use. Newedition. 12mo.
1.00. Boston.
CURTIS (George T.) A-Treatise on the Law of Copyright in
Books, Dramatic and Musical Compositions, Letters and
other Manuscripts, Engravings and Sculpture, as adminis,
tered in England and America; with some Notices of the
History of Literary Property. 8vo.
CURTIS (Geo. T.) Equity Precedents; designed as a Supple-
ment to illustrate and accompany Mr. Justice Story's Trea-
tise on Equity Pleadings. 1 vol. 8vo. 5.00.
Boston. 1850
CURTIS (George T.) Law of Patents. 5.00. 1849
CUSHIN.G (L. S.) Practical Treatise on the Trustee Process or
Foreign' Attachment. 8vo. 2.00. 1833
CUTLER (Joseph.) The Insolvent Laws of Massachusetts, with
Notes. 8vo. 1.00. Boston. 1846
DALISON (William.) Reports temp. Hen. 'VIII. and the Reigns
Mar. ilt Eliz. Folio; 5. London. 1689
DALRYMPLE (John.) Essay towards a General History of
Feudal Property in Great Britain. 4th ed. 12mo. 1.25.
DALTON (Michael.) Office and Authority of Sheriffs. Folio
cf. 1.50. London. 1
DALTON (Michael.) The Country Justice, containing the
Practice, Duty and Power of the Justices of the Peace, as
'well in as out of the Sessions. Folio. 2.50. cJ.
DANE (Nathan.) Abridgment and Digest of .A.merican Law,
with occasional Notes and-comments. 9 vols. Svo. 36.00.
Boston. lS23:-29
DANIELL (E. K.) Pleading and Practice of the High Court
of Chancery. Second English Edition. With considerable
.A.lterations and Additions, adapting the 'Text to the last
General Orders, and the most recent Decisions ofthe Court.
By Thomas Emerson Headlam, M. A., Barrister-at-Law.
First American edition. By J. C. Perkins, Esq. 3 vols.
Svo. 12.00 (See Barbour's Ohancery Practice, ante, p.
xiv.) Boston. lS46·
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Exchequer, during the years lS17-20. Royal Svo. 4.50.
London. lS24
DANTY (M.) Traite de la Preuve par Temoins en Matiere Ci-
, vile. 4to. French cf. 2.50. Paris. 1769
DART (J. B;.) A Compendium of the Law and of
Vendors and Purchasers of Real Estate. With C-opious
Notes and References to the .A.merican and English Deci-
sions. .A.lso, a Preparatory View of the Existing Law of
Real Property in England and the United States. By Tho-
mas W.-Waterman, Counsellor at Law. (See ante, p. xxxi.)
New York. lS51
DAVIES (D.) Civil and Criminal Justice. Svo. 2.50.
Boston. lS2S
DAVIES (D.) Precedents of Indictments. Svo. 2.50.
". Boston. 1831
DAVIES (Sir John.) Reports of Cases Svo. 2.50.
Dublin.- 1762
DAVIS (John C. B.) The Massachusetts Justice: a _,Treatise
upon the powers and duties of Justices of the Peaceiwith
copious forms. Svo. 3.50. Worcester. lS47
DAWSON (George.) Treatise on the origin of Laws,-&c. FoL
cf. 1.50. London. 1694
DAX (Thomas.) Practice in the Offices of the on the
Plea Side of the Superior Common Law Courts at West-
minster. 12mo. bds. 1.50. London. lS44
DAY (Thomas.) Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of
Errors in Connecticut, from lS02 to lS10, and in J!le Circuit-
GOULD .urn CO.'S
" .
Court of the United States for the District of Connecticut,
from 1807 to 1812. I> vols. 8vo. 15.00.
Hartford and New York. 1806-13
DAY (T.) Digest of the Reported Cases in the Supreme Court'
of the State of Connecticut,. from 1789 to 1829. 8vo. 5.00.
Hartford. " 1840
DAYTON (Isaac.) Office of Surrogate. 8vo. 3.00.
New York. iS52
DEACON (Edward E.) Law and Practice of Bankruptcy as
altered by the New AGt, with a Collection of Forms and
Precedents in Bankruptcy and Practical Notes. 8vo. 2
vols. cf.·" 7.00. London.
DEACON'S (E. E.) Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy argued and
determined in the Court of Review, and an appeal before
the Lord Chancellor, with a Digest of the Cases relating to
Bankruptcy in all the contemporaneous Rllports. 14.00.
London. 1837=41
DEACON (E. E.) and CHITTY'S (E.) Reports of Cases in Bank-
ruptcy. 4 vols. 8vo. 14.00.' London. 1833
D'AGUESSEAU (M. Ie Chancellier.) <Euvres completes. 14
vols. 4to. 28.00. Best ed. Paris. 1787
DEAN (Amos.) A Manual of Law, for the use of Business
Men; containing, ,alphabetically arranged, the Legal Prin-
ciples of most frequent application to ordinary Busine8s
Transactions, together with references to the Authorities
sustaining them. 1.25. New York. 1838
DEAN (Amos.) "Principles of Medical Jurisprudence, designed
for the Professions of Law and Medicine. (See ante, p.
xxxii.) 4.50. New York. 1850
DEBATES-of the Convention of New York, 1821 j ditto ofl846,
Atlas and Argus ed. _
DEBATES of the Convention of North Carolina, called to amend
the Constitution of that State, which assell1bled at Raleigh,
June 4, 1835. 8vo. 2.50. Raleigh. 1836
DEBATES and Proceedings of the Convention of the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania, to propose "amElI;1dments to the
Constitution, convened and held at Harrisburg in May, 1837.
14 vols. 10.50. Harrisburg; 1837
DEGGE (Sir 8imlln.). The Parson's Counsellor, with the Law
of Tithes or Tithing. Bvo. 4.00. London. 1820
DELAFONS (John.) Treatise on Naval
DELAMARE ~ M . ) Traite de la Police.
DE HART (W. C.) Observations on Military Law and the Con-
stitution and Practice of Courts Martial, adapted to the Laws
and relations, &c. of the Army and Navy of the United
States. 3.00. 1846
Courts MartiaL 8vo.
London. 1805
2 vols. Folio. '7.50.
Amsterdam. ] '729
DELiWARE Reports. See page cxxxviii.
.DE LoLME (J. L.) Constitutioh of England compared with
the Republican Form of Government and the other Monar-
chies of Europe. Edited by T. G. Western. 8vo. 2.50.
, London. 1841
DE l!OLIDJ (J. L.) The Rise and Progress of the English Con-
stitution: The Treatise ofJ. L. De Lolme, LL.D., with an
Historical and Legal Introduction and Notes, by A. J.' Ste-
phens, Barrister at Law. 2 vols. London. 1838
DELVINCOURT (M.) Cours de Oode Civil 3 vols. 4to. half
. cJ. 11.00. Paris. 1834
DE MOIVRE (A.) Annuities on Lives. 8vo. 1.00.
. London. 1'752
DENIO (Hiram.) New York Reports. 5 vola. See ante, p. xXxiv.
DICKENSON (W.) Exposition of the Law relative to the Office
of Justice of the Peace, chiefly out of Session. 3 vols.. 8vo.
9.00. London. 1822
DICKINSON (Rodolphus.) Town Officer. 8vo. 1.00.
Boston. 1811
DICTIOl!<"NAIRE Analytique, Historique, Etymologique, etc: de
la Coutuine de Normandie, par M. Houard. 4 vols. 4to.
12.00. Paris. 1'780
DICTIONNAIRE Raisonne, des Domainea et droits Domaniaux.
3 vols. 4to. 6.00. Rouen. 1'762
DOBIE (Alexander.) Collection of English Styles or Forms,
for the Use of the Profession of the Lawin Scotland. 8vo.
1.25. . London. 1824
DOCTRINA PLACITANDI, ou PArt et Science de bon Pleading•
.4to. 2.0.0.
DODSON (J.) Reports of Cases 'in the High Court of Admiral·
ty, from lS12'to lS22. 2 vols. Svo. London
DODSLEY'S Annual Register. See AnnnaZ Reqister.
DOGHERTY (Thomas.) Crown Circuit Assistant. Svo. 3.00.
Dublin. nS8
DOMAT (M.) The Civil Law in its natural order, translated
from the French, by William Strahan, LL. D., Advocate in
Doctor's Commons, and edited from the last London edition
by Hon. L. S. Cushing, Lecturer on the Civil Law School
of Harvard University. 2 vola. Royal 8vo. 11.00.
Boston. 1850
DOMAT (M.) Les'Loix Civiles dans leur Order Naturel, Ie
Droit Public, et Legum Delectus.' Revue, corrigee et aug·
mentee par M. de Hericourt. Folio. calf. 6.00.
Paris. nn
DOOMSDAY BOOK. 2 vola. Folio.
DORSEY (J. L.) Principal and Practice of Actions of Eject-
ment in Maryland, by R. W. Gill. 2.25. BaIt. 1841
DORSEY (J. L.) Treatise on American Law of Insolvency.
3.00. Baltimore. 1838
DOUGLAS (Sylvester.) Reports of Cases decided in the Court
of King's Bench in the 19, 20, and 21 Geo. m. 8vo. 3.00.
, Dublin. n89
DOUGLAS (Sy:lvester.), The Same. 4th ed. With notes and
Additions, by W. Frere, Esq. 2 vola. 8vo. 7.00..
London. 1790
Dow (p.) Reports of Cases upon Appeals and Writs of Error
in the House of Lords, 1813-18. 6 vola.. 8vo. 35.00.
London. 1814--19
Dow (P.) and CLARK (C.) The Same, continued from 1827 to
1832. 2 vols. 8vo. 10.00. . London. 1832
Du CARLA (M.) Du Deplacements des Mers. 8vo. 0.50.
Geneve. 17'19
DUER (John, LL.D.) The Law and Practice of Marine Insu-
rance deduced from a critical Examination of the Adjudged
Cases, the Nature and Analogies of the Subject, and the
General Usage of Commercial Nations. Vols. I. and U
8vo. ~ O . O O . New York. 1845-46
DUER (J.) Lecture on the Law of Representations in Marine
Insurance. 8vo. 2.50. New York. 1844
DUMONT et Rousset, Corps Universal Diplomatique, du droit
des gens. 15 vols. Folio. old calf. '75.00.
Amsterdam. 1726-39
DUNLAP (John A.) A Treatise on the Law of Principal and
chiefly with reference to Mercantile Transactions,
by William Paley, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister at Law,
The' third edition, with c.onsiderable additions, by J. H.
Lloyd, of the Inner Esq., Barrister. at Law. Third
American edition, with extensive additions, referring to,
and embracing all the cases, both English aIld American, to
the present time. 4.00. (See ante, p. =v.)
_ -' New York. 1847
DUNLAP (J. A.) Practice of the Supreme Court of New York
in qvil Actions, with ProceediIjgs in Error. 2 vols. 8vo.
5.00. .Albany. 1841
DUNLAP (A.) Practice of Courts of Admiralty in Civil Causes
of Maritime-Jurisdiction. 8vo.
New York and Philadelphia. 1850
DUNLOP (J.) General Laws of Pennsylvania, from 1700 to
1846, Chronologically arranged, with Notes and References
to all the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,
giving Constructi9n to said Laws; and a copious Index.
8vo. 7.00. ' Philadelphia. 1849
DUP4'< (M.) -Requisitories Plaidoyers et Discours de Rentrre.
6 vols. 8vo. half caJ.f. 13.00. Paris. 1836
DUPLESSIS (M.) Traits sur la Coutume de Paris, 5th ed. avec
des Notes, de M. M. Berroyer et de Lauriere.' 2 vols. Folio.
5.50.' Paris. 1'754
DURNFORD (Charles) and EAST (Edward Hyde.) Reports of
Cases in King's Bench, from Mich. Term, 26 Geo. III. to
Trih. Term, 40 Geo. III. 4th ed. 8 vols. in 4. 8vo. 16.00.
New York. 1834
DURNFORD (Charles) and EAST (Edward Hyde.) Reports of
Cases in King's Bench. 8vols. Folio. 12.QO. The Same,
8 vols. 8vo. London. 1'787
DUTTON (Henry.) The Digest, containing all the
Decisions in the 16 first vols. Connecticut Reports. 8vo.
3.00. New Haven. 1833
. BANKS, GOULD AND -co. 's
DWARRIS (Sir F.) A General Treatise on Statutes: their
Rules of Construction. 2d ed. London. 1848
DYER (Sir James.) Les Reports des Divers Select Matters et
Resolutions des Reverend Judges del ley temp. Hen. VIII.,
Ed. VI., Mar. and Eliz. Folio. 3.50. 'London.. 1672
DYER (Sir James.) 'The Same, transla,ted, with Life and Refe-
rences, &c. By John ValIant. 3. vols. 8vo. 7.50.
London. 1794
EAGLE (William.) The 'Magistrate's Pocket Book,
the Duties of a Justice, &c. 12mo. 2.50. London. 1839
EAST (Edward,Hyde.) Reports of Cases in King's Bench.
16 vols. 8vo. 'Day's ed. 1817
EAST (Edward Hyde.) The Same, with Notes, by G. M.
Wharton. 16 vols. in 8. 20.00. Philadelphia. 1845
EAST (Edward Hyde) Reports. The following odd volumes,
1, 2, 3,4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, for sale separately.
EAST (Edward Hyde.) A Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown.
2"vols. 2 vols. 6.00. LondoJ;l. 1803
EDEN (Frederic.) Sketch of the International Policy of Mo-
dern Europe. 8vo. 0.75. London. 1832
EDEN (Robert.) Jurisprudentia Philologica, 4to. cj. 2.00.
- '. axon. 1744
EDEN (Robert Henley.) Reports of Cases argued and deter-
mined in the High Court of Chancery, from 1757 ·to 1766.
From the Manuscripts of Lord Northington. 2 vols. 8vo.
. 5.00. Philadelphia. 1839
EDEN (Hon. Robert Heuley.) A Compendiumof the Law and
Pra<ltice 'of InjunQtions, and of Interlocutory Orders in the
nature of Injun,ctions, with copious Notes and References
to the American and English decisions; also an Introduction
and an Appendix of Practical Forms. By Thomas W.
Waterman. 3d ed. 2 vols. 10.00. New York. 1852
EDWARDS (Charles.). On Parties in Chancery, with Prece-
. dents. 8vo. 2.50. New York. 1839
EDWARDS (E.) Treatise on the Jurisqiction of the High Court
, of Admiralty of England. 8vo. 2.75. London. 1847
EDWARDS (Frederic) The Law of Gaming, Horsc·racing, and
Wagers, with a Collection of the Statutes in force in refer-
ence to those subjects. ,18mo. cloth. 1.25.
London. 1839
EDWARDS (G. C.) Powers and Duties of Justices of the Peace,
and Town Officers in the State of New York. 8vo. 2.00.
Ithaca. , 1840
EDWARDS (Thomas.) Reports of Cases in the Court of Admi-
ralty, from-1808 to 1812. 8vo. 2.75. 1851
EDWARDS (Charles.) _Reports of Chancery Cases decided in
the First Circuit of the State of New York, by the Hon.
William T. McCoun. 4 vols. 24.00. 1831 to 1845
EDWARDS (Charles.) On Receivers ip. Chancery, with Prece-
dents, by Charles Edwards, Author of "Edwards on Par-
ties," and Reporter of the Yice·Chancellor's Court of the
First Circuit of the State of New York. 5.00. '1846
EDWARDS (Charles.) Juryman's Guide. 8vo. 2.00.
New York. 1851
ELLIOTT The American Diplomatic Code, em·
bracing a collection of Treaties and Conventions between
the United States and Foreign Powers; from 17'18 to 1834;
with an abstract of our important· Judicial Decisions on
Points connected with our Foreign Relations. Also, a
Concise Diplomatic Manual, containing a summary of the
Law of Nations, from the works of Wickquefort, Vattel,
Martens, Ward, Kent, Story, &c. &c.; and other Diplomatic
on Questions of International Law, useful for
Public Ministers and Consuls, and for all others having
official or commercial intercourse with Foreign Nations.
15.00 (See Ante, p. xxxix.) New York
ELLIOTT'S (Jonathan.) Debates in the several State Conven-
tions on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution. .second
edition. With considerable Additions. 5 vols. 8vo. 16.00.
Washington, (D. C.) 1836
ELLIOTT'S (Jonathan.) Debates on the Adoption of the Fede-
ral Constitution, as reported by James Madison. 1 vol.
(Yol. Y. Supplementary to's Debates.) 3.00.
Washington, (D. C.) 1843
ELDON (Lord.) Life of; By Horace Twiss. 2d ed. 3 vols.
8vo. . 1844
ELLIS (C.) Law of Fire and Life Insurance and Annuities,
&c. London. 1822
ELLIS (C.) Law ofDebtor and Creditor. 4.00. London. 1822
EMBARGO Laws, with the Message from the President, upon
which they Were founded. 12mo. 0.37. Boston. 1809
EMERIGON (Balthazatd.Marie.) Essay on Maritime Loans,
translated byJohnE. Hall, with an Appendix. 8fO. 1.75
Baltimore. 1811
EME'nIGON (B. M.) On InSl1rahCeS; a new Edition. By Samuel
11ereditb. !lvo. 6.50. Boston. 1850
ENGLISH Am1tlULTY CASES. 8vo. ,'2.00. London. 1800
ENGLISH CHANCERY REPORTS, bei\lg Reports of Cases decided
in the High Court of Chanc!lry, the Roll's Court, and the
Vice Chancery Courts of El1gland and Ireland, from 1822
to 1852. Re,published verbatim with Notes and References
to English and American Decision, by.John A. Dunlap and
E. Fitch Smith, Oounsellots at Law. The first 18 vojll. are
sold for $5.00 eacb, and contains 2 vola. of the English
Reports. The subsequent vols. are exact .copies of tbe
English vol.,· and are sold for, $3.00 per vol. 33 vols.
sheep. (See ante, p. xl.) New York
ENGLISH COMMON LAW REPORTS, being Reports of Cases in
the l!lllglish Courts of Common Law, from 1813 to 1847,
edited by ThomaiSergeant andJobn C. Lowber, Vols. 1 to 43
iuclusiye. (3.50 per vol. in setts,) 4.40 for single vols.
After vol. 43, 2.50 per vol. .65 vols. .8vo.
ENGLISII COMMON LAW. Index' to, by G. Sbarswood and G.
W. Biddle. 8vo. 5.00. Philadelphia
ENGLISH ECCLESU'STICAL REPORTS, from 1809 to 1835. Edited
by E. D. Ingraham. 7 vols.. 3.50 per vol.
Philadelphia. 1831-45
ENGLISH EXCHEQUER REPORTS. containing the Reports of
Cases decided in tbe Court of Exchequer, at Law' and
Equity, and in the Exchequer Chamber, in Equity and in
l!lrror. Edited by Francis J. Troubat. 6 vols. 8vo. 12.00
Philadelphia. 1835
ENGLISH' EXCHEQUER REPORTS, in continuation of Price, now
reprinting in full, at 2.50 a vol. 17 vols. have already
appeared. Philadelphia. 1850
ENGLISH LmERTIES, containing M ~ g n a 'Charta, Charta de For-
esta, Habeas Corpus, &c. &c. 8vo.' 2.00
Providence, (I!.. I.) 1774
ENGLISH PLEADER. 8vo. 1.00. London. 1734
EQUITY ·CASES. See General Abridgement.
EQUITY DIGEST. See Amlffican Chancery Digest.
ESPINASSE (Isaac.) Digest of the Law and Actions and Trials
, at Nisi Prius. With Notes by several gentlemen of the
N. Y. Bar. 2 vols. 8vo. 5.50. NllW York, 1822
ESPINASSE (Isaac.) Practical Treatise on the Settling of Evi.
dence for TriaIs at Nisi Prius. 8vo. 2.50.
. Philadelphia. 1822
ESPINASSE (Isaac.) Reports of Cases at Nisi Prius, in the
Courts ofKiug's BeI\ch and Common Pleas, from East. Term
33 Geo. ILL to l'rin. Term, 47 Geo. III, 1807. 6 vols.
8vo. 12.00. Day's E d ~ Hartford. 1808
ESPINASSE (Isaac.) Reports bf Cases at Nisi frius, in the
Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas. 2 vols. 8vo.
5.50. New York,
ESPINASSE (Isaac.) Treatise on the Law of Actions on penal
Statutes: 8vo. 1.25. New York. :\.822
EUER (Sampson.) System' of Pleading, 8vo. 2.50
Dublin. 1791
EVANS (Hugh D.) An Essay on Ple!lding. 8vo. 2.00
Baltimore. 1827
EVANS (W. D.) Collection of Statutes c0I!nected with the
General Administration of the Law; arranged according to
the Order of Subjects, with Notes. 10 vols. 8vo. bds.
. London. 1827
EVANS' Maryland Law Practice.
EWING (James.) A Treatise on the Office and Duty of a
Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Coroner, Constable, and of
Executors, Administrators, and Guardians, in which are
particularly laid d,9W tl{e rWes for QQIlqqcting all !lQtion m
the -Court for the Trial of small causes. With approved
Forms. Third Edition, revised and corrected by a Member
of the Bar. With the' New Constitution added. 3.00.
(See wnte, p. xliii.) New York. 1848
FARRENS (G.) The Common Forms and Rules for drawing and
answering an Original Bill iIi Chancery, &c.'&c. 8vo. 0.75.
(See Barbour's Chancery Practice.) Boston. 1845
FARRESLEY'S Reports. See Modern Reports, pt. 7.
FEARNE (Charles.) Essay. on the Learning of Contingent
Remainders and Executory Devises; 10th ed. By Josiah
W. Smith. 8vo. 7.50. Philadelphia. 1844
FEDE<tALIST, on the New ConstitutJ.on,written in 1788, by
.Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John- Jay. 8vo.
2.00. Hallowell, (Me.) 183'1
FERGUSON, (William Dwyer.) Forms and Prece'dents of Prac-
tical Proceedings and Pleadings in the Courts of Queen's
Bench, Common Pleas, in Ireland, with reference to the
Practice. 8vo. 5.50.· " Dublin. 1845
FERGUSON (J.) Reports of some recent Decisions by the Con-
sistorial Court of Scotland, in Actions of Divorce. 8vo.
calf. 4.00. Edinburgh. 181'1
FERRARD (Joseph.) A Treatise on the Law of Fixtures,.and
other Property partaking both of Real and Personal Nattire;
comprising the Law relating to Annexations to the Free-
hold in general; as also Emblements, Charters, Heir·Looms,
etc., with an Appendix, containing Practical-Rules and
Directions respecting the Removal, Purchase, Valuation,
etc., of Fixtures between Landlord and Tenant, and between
Outgoing and Incoming Tenants, by A. Amos, Esq., and J.
Ferrard, Esq., BarriSters at Law. The. Second Edition,
with copious Notes and References to all the English Cases
to the time of publishing, (1847,) by Joseph Ferard, Barris·
tel' at Law. The Second American Edition, from the last
English, will contain all the Cases decided in the Courts of
Law in the United States, and the Courts of the several
States on the subject, to the present time. With a Digest
of the Statute Laws of the several States relating to the
subject.. By William Hogan, Counsellor at Law..New York.
FERRIERE (Claude Joseph.) Historie du Droit Roman. 18mo.
0.'15. Paris. 1718
FESSENDEN'S Law of Patents. Svo. Boston. ]822
FINOH (Henry.) Law, or a discourse thereof. 2 vols. lSmo.
2.00. London. 1661
FINCH (Heneage.) Reports of Cases decided in the High
Court of Chancery, during the time of. Folio. cal,f 2.50
Savoy. 1725
FINCH (Thoma,s.) Precedents in heing a collection
of Cases argued and adjudgedin the High Court of Chancery'
from 1689 to 1722: Svo. 3.00. Dublin. 1792
FISHER (R: B.) Treatise on Copyhold Tenure, with the Methods
of holding Courts-Leet, Court-Baron, and other Courts,
&c. &c. 8vo. 2.00.' London. lS03
FITz-GIBBoNs (John.) Reports of Calles in the Courts of
King's Bench in the first five years of King George II.
Folio. calf. 2.50. Savoy. 1732
FITZ-HERBERT'S GrandAbridgment. Imp. 4to. 15.00. Printed
by Wynkin De Worde. ]5]6
FITZ-HERBERT'S Grand Abridgment. Thick folio. calf. S.OO
FITZ-HERBERT (Sir Anthony.) Natura Brevium. 'With a
Commeritary, supposed to be written by Lord Hale. 9th
ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 5.00. London. 1 r'
FITZ-HERBERT (Sir A.) Natura Brevium. Svo. 1.00.
. Savoy. 17]S
FLAUST (Jean-Baptise.) Explication de ]a Coutume et de la
Jurisprudence de Normandie. 2 vols. Folio. ceilf 7.5'0
Rouen. 17S1
FLORIDA REPORTS. See page cxlii. .
FONBLA.."IQUE (John.) Treatise of Equity. Witli American
Notes and References. By A.. Laussat. 2 vols. in 1. Svo.
5.00. Brookfield. lS35
FORREST'S (R.) Reports of Cases in the Court of Exchequer,
41 Geo. m. Svo. cf 3.50. London. lS02
FORRIERE «(]Jaude Joseph.) History of the Roman or Civil
Law translated. Svo. 1.25. London. 1702
FORTESCUE (Sir J.) De Laudibus Legum Anglire. IS mo.
1.50. London. ]516
FORTESCUE (Sir John.) De Laudibus -Legum .Anglire, with
Notes by Selden. 12mo. 2.00., London. 1672
FORTESCUE (Sir J.) De Laudibus Legum .Anglire, translated
English, with notes, &c. Royal 8vo. cf 2.25.
London. 1775
FORTESCUE (Sir John.) De La]ldibus Legum .Anglire. Trans-
lated into English, with Notes by Mr. Selden. Folio. cf.
3.50. Savoy. 1737
FOSTER (Sir Michael.) Report of some Proceedings on the
Commission for the Trial of the Rebels in 1746, and of other
Crown Cases; to which are added Discourses upon a few
Branches of the Crown Law. 8vo. 2.00. Dublin. 1763
FOSTER (Sir M.) The same, 2d edition. 3.00. London. 1776
FRAGMENT on Government, being 'an 'examination of what is
said on that subject in ,Blackstone's Commentaries. 8vo.
l.00. .Dublin. 1776
FREDERICIAN (The) Code; or a body of Lawfor the
of the, King of Prussia, translated from the French.' 2 vols.
8vo. Half. cf 3.75. Edinburgh. 1761
FREEMAN (Richard.) Reports of Cases in the Courts of King's
Bench and Co=on Pleas, from 1670 to 1704. 8vo. 4.00.
. . London. 1826
FREEMAN (R.) Reports of Cases in Chancery, 1660-1706,
by Rovenden. 2d ed.· 8vo. 4.00. London: 1825
FREEMAN (Samuel.) Town Officer. 12mo. 0.75.
Boston. 1808
FREND (S. R.) and WARE (S. H.) Precedents of Conveyances
and other Instruments relating to the Transfer of Land to
Railway Companies, with introductory matter and explana-
tory notes. 8,vo. 3.50. ,London. 1846
GALE (C. J.) and WHATLEY (T.. D.) Treatise on the Law of
Easements. 8vo. 3.00. New York. 1840
GALLlSET (C. M.) Corps du droit Francais, on Recuell Com-
plet des Lois, Decrets, Mrets, Ordonnances, Senatus Con-
sultus, Reglemens, .Avis du Consell D'Etats Instructions
publies depuis 1789 jusqu'a nos jours. 6 vols.
8vo. 27.00. 'Paris. 18,33
GALLISON (John.) Reports of Cases in the Circuit Court of
th'e United States for the First Circuit. 2d ed. ' With
additional Notes and References. 2 vols. 8vo. 11.00.
Boston. 1845
GARDE (R.) Treatise on'the General Prjnciples and Elemen-
tary Rules of the Law of Evidence. ·12mo. :1.00.
Boston. 1850
GETZ (G.) General Collection of Precedents on Conveyancing.
. 3d ed. 8vo. 1.75. Philadelphia. 1845
GENERAL of Cases in Equity, argued and ad-
judged in the High Court of Chancery, &c. 2 vols. Folio.
Vol. I. fifth edition, 1'193. VoL II. second edition, 1'169.
cf. 5.50. London.
For an account. of the re,puted author of this very
work, vide Vin. Abr. (Vol. XXI. p. 489.} , '
GENTOO LAWS, a Code of, or Ordinations of the Pundits, from
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. New York
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and Proceedings 'for High Treason and other Crimes and
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Leyden. 1
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years K. Chas., as they were argued by most of the King's
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and Ranks of the People under the .Anglo-Saxon Govern-
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Notes, &c., by F.·J. Troubat. Svo. 3.50.
.. Philadelphia. l.S46
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io the Supreme Court' the Court for the Correction
of Errors of the State of New York, and continuation of
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cery, and Practice in the Master's Office; with an Appendix
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Court of the United States, from its organization to the
present time. 8vo. 6.00. New York. 1848
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cial Law. 8v'0. 4,00. New York. 1847
Eq]lity Jurisprudence. . 3.00..
HOLCOMBE (J. P.) The Law'of Debtor in' the United States
and 'Canada, adapted to the wants of Merchants and Law-
yers.. '3.50. New York. 1848
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,of Great Britain, and of the Laws relative to Merchant
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Prius, in the Court of Common Pleas, and on the Northern
Circuit, from 1815 to 1817, to which are added copious
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London. 1768
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, . Philadelphia. 1850
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Folio: 2.50. London
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Remarques sur les Ooutumes Anglaises. 2 vols. 400. 1>.50.
Rouen. 1776
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ont .ete publiees en Angleterre depuis lIe jusqu' au 148
Siecle. 4 vols. 4to. 12.00. Paris. 1776
lIOUARD (M.) See Dictionnarie Analytique, &c.
HOVENDEN (J. E.) General Treatise on .the Principles and
Practice by which Oourts of E;quity are guided as to the
Prevention or Remedial Correction of Fraud j with nume·
rous Incidental Notices of Oollateral Points, both at Law
and.Equity. 2 vols. Royal8vo. 7.50. New York. 1832
HOVENDEN (J. E.) Supplement to Vesey, jf; Reports of
Cases in Ohancery, containing Notes, occasionally illustrated
by O;lses decided by Lo.rds Hardwicke, King, &c., from the
MSS. of Mr. Forrester. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 11,.00.
Philadelphia. 182'1
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judged in the Supreme Oourt of the United States, 1843-50.
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Oourt of Errors and Appeals of the State of Mississipi.
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Oourt. of Appeals of the State of.New York; from October,
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Trials, and Proceedings for High 1'reason and other Crimes
and Misdemeanors, from the earliest period to the year
: -.-, with an Index. 21'vols. Royal 8vo. Neat half cf
50.00. London
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. London. 1810
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.' suits' at law: also Precedents of Contracts, Conveyances,
Wills, &c.; and Proceedings under the Pension, Patent and
, Naturalization Laws of the United States; with Annota-
.tions and References. 2 vola. 10.00. (See ante, p. xlvii.)
New York. 1845
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. the ;English Laws of Real Property. 2d ed. 8vo. 1. 5•.
London. 1827
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, Philadelphia. 1849·
HUTCHINSON'!'! Coq,e qf Mississippi from 1798 to
HUTTON, (W.) Courts of Requests-their Nature, Utility and
. Powers described. ,8vo. 1.25. Birmingham. 1787
Reports. See page cxliii.
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I Authority, J I1risdiction and Modern Practice of the Court of
.: Common Pleas. ed. 8vo. 3.00. London. 1826
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. Sheriff; also the Practice of the Office -of Coroner, 'newly
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.. 3.00..' London. 1835
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3.00. London. 1823
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INDIANA Reports. See page'cxlii. /
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8vo. Washington, D. C. 1826
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pus. 8vo. 0.62. Philadelphia. 1849
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of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, By R. G.
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:INTRATIONUY Liber omnibus Legum Anglire studiosis appuin\
&c. .. 5;50, ' London. 1546
New York. 1851
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8vo.. 1.00. London. 1784
lowAReports. See page cxliii.
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in the Courts of North Carolina, from 1778 to 1837, inclu-
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_ wEe;» Actions, with Precedents of Pleading. 8vo., 3.50"
Boston. .1828
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Malefactor's Universal Register. vols. 8vo. half cf.
15.00.' London
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Chancery Temp. Eldon, from 59 Geo. Ill, 1819, to 1 Geo.
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the High Court of Chancery during the time of Lord Chan-
cellor Eldon. (See English Chancery Reports, ante, p. xl.)
8vo. . . New'York
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Eighth edition greatly enlarged and carefully revised by J.
Hargrave. 12mo. Eoston. 1850
JACOB (Giles.) Law Dictionary, corrected and by;
Tomlin. 2 vols. 4to. cf. London. 1809
JACOB. (G.) Law Dictionary, enlarged by Tomlin. 6. vols.
8vo. .. '- New York. 1811
JACOBSEN (F. I.) Laws of the Sea, with Reference to 'Mari-
time ·Law during Peace and War, by Willhm Frick.' 3.50.
EaltilllOre. 1818
JA.B¥AN (T.) A Treatise on Wills, with a copious Dissertation
on the Construction of Devise's; 'with Notes and References
to American Law, by J. C. Perkins, Esq 2 vols. 8vo.
2d edition greatly enlarged. 10.00. Boston. 1849
JEBB (Richard.) Report of the Case of the Rt. Rev. R. D,
Hampden, Lord Bishop of Hereford, in Hereford Cathedral,
the Ecclesiastical Courts and the Queen's Bench. 8vo. 3.00.
, Philadelphia
JEFFERSON (Thomas) Reports of Cases determined in the
General Court of Virginia. 8vo. 5.00. Charlottesville. 1829-
JEFFREYS (Judge.) Memoirs of the Life of. Ey H. W.
Woolrycb. 8vo. 2,00. London.
JENKINS (David.) ReruII) Judicatarum Centurire Octo. 1st
editio,;'. Folio. cf. 3.00. . London. 1661,
JENKINS.(Judge.) Reports adjudged in the Exchequer Cham·
, ber. :Folio. 4.00. Savoy. 1
JEl!Jsrr '(JoanniS.) StriCturre;rl:iris Romani. ,4to. parchment.,
2.00. . . Rotterdam. 1
JEREMY (George.) ,'Treatise,'on the E1q]lity Jurisdiction of the
Court of Chancery. 2d .A.m. ed.. ' .8:Vo. 3.50.
, " New York. 1840
JEREMY (H.) AnalYtical' of Cases in the Courts
mon Law and Equity, from 181 to 1823. 8vo. -6.00:. '
.. ,LOndon.' 1825
JEREMY (Henry.) Law of Carriers., 8vo. 1.25.
London. 1816',
JICKLING (H.j Practical Treatise on the Analogy between
Legal and Equitable Estates and Modes of Alienation.'
Royal: 8vo. London. 1829
JOHNES (Arthur James.) 'Suggestions on the Functions of'
the Court ofChancery. 8vo. 1.' London. 1839
JOHNSON (J. E.) Analytical Abridgment of Kent's Commen-'.
taries .on American Law. 8vo. 3.00. New York. 1839
JOHNSON (William.) Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court·
and 'Court of Errors of New York, from 1806 to 1823.
20 vols. ·8vo. :New York. 1845
JOHNSON (William.) The same, in the Court of Chancery of'
New York, from 1814 to 1823. vols. 8vo. 40.00.
New York. 1836·
JOHNSON (W.) Reports of Cases adjudged In the SupreIl)e
Court'of Judicature of the State of New York, ·from 1799 to
1803., 2d edition, .JVith Notes and References, by L. B.
Shepard, Esq. 3 vola. 8vo. 16.00. (See ante, p. xlviii.)
, New York. 1846'
J (William.) Digest of the Cases decided and reported"
in the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Court of Chancery
and the Court of the- Correction of.Errors of·the State of,
New York. 2 vola..8vo. 10. Albany. 1132,5
JONES (F. C.) Attorney and Solicitor's ,Pocket Book, by John
Crisp, Esq. 6th ed. 2 vols. 12ma'.•5.50. London. 1841'
JONES (Sir William.) On the Lll.w of Bailments. 4th edition,
with Notes and an Essay. By W. Theobald. 8vo.
'. " Philadelphia.. 1836
JONES (Sir Thoinas.) - Reports ofseveral SpeciafCases adjudgeu.
in the- Courts of King's Bench at Westminster, in the Reign
of Charles II. ;Folio. 3:00. London. 1695
JOURNAL of the Convention for framing a Constitution of
Government for Massachusetts, from the Commencement of
their First Session, Sept. 1, 1779, to the close of Last.
Session, June 16" 17S9, including a List of Members. Pub-
, lished by order of the Legislature. Svo. 1.25.
Boston. lS32
JOUfu"AL of Law. By an Association of Members of'the Bar.
1.50. Philadelphia. 1831
JOURNAL of the Senate of the Commonwealth of Virginia..
Svo. ,0.75.. Richmond. lS32
JOUltNALS of each Provincial Congress of Massachusetts in
1774 and 1775, and of the Committee of Safety, with an
Appendix, &c. Svo. 3:00. . Boston. lS3S
JOUSSE (M.) Traite de la Justi/,le Criminette de France..
4 vols. 4to. Paris. 17S1
JOYNES (William T.) An Essay on the Act of the Assembly
of Virginia amending the Statute of Limitations. Svo. 2.50.
Richmond, V.a. lS44
JOY (H.) Evidence of Accomplices: .Svo..
. Philadelphia. lS44 '
JUDIC'iAL Chronicle, being a List of the Judges of the Courts
of Common Law in Chancery, in England and Ameriea;
and of the Contemporary Reports from the earliest period
of the Reports to the present time. Svo. 0.62. .
Cambridge. lS34
JURIST, Amerieah. See American. See London.
JURYMAN'S GUIDE, by Charles Edwards. Svo. 2.00.
New York. lS31
j USTTh'IANUS (Imperator.) Pandectre J ustinianere, &0., ed. J.
R. Pothier. 3 vols. Folio. 21.00. Paris. ISIS
JUSTINiAN! sacratissimi principis, Institutionum cura et studio..
A Viilnii. lSmo. 1.25. Lug Bat. 1753
(l'Empereur.) J;J;lsntutes de, par M. Blondeau. 2
. vols. Svo: 3.75, Paris. lS39
.rusmlIEN, The Institutes of, with Notes, by.Thomas Cooper;
: Esq 2d 4.00. New York. 1841
KAME (Lord.) Home Principles. of Equity. 3d ed. 2 vols..
· 8vo. . Edinburgh. 177g
KAUFMANN'S _(F.) Mackeldey. Compendium of Modern Civil
· Law Translated bv P. I. Kaufmann. 8vo. vol. 1.
. New York. 1845
lUmLE (Joseph.) Reports from the 12th to the 30th years of
the Reign of Charles II. 3 vols. Folio. 6.00.
London. 1685
:j(EEN (Benj.) Reports of Cases in Chancery arguEd and deter-
mined in the Rolls Court during the time of Lord Langdale.
2 vols. 8vo.' (See English Chancery Reports, ante, p. xl.)
.. New York
KEILWEY (Robert.) .Relationes quorandum Casuum temp.
Henry VII. et Henry VIII. Folio. 3.00. Loudon. 1633
(Robert.) Reports of Select Cases in the Reign's of
King Henry VII. and Henry VIII. not comprehended in
the year books. Fr. folio. 3.00. London. 1688
· These Reports are sometimes quoted under the title of
Croke, having been selected and published by John Croke.
KELHAM (Robert.) Dictionary of the Norman or old French
· Language, collected from Acts of Parliament, old Reports
and Records, '&c. 9vo. 1.50. Philadelphia. 1843
KELHAM (Robert Britton.)' Containing the Ancient PleM of
the Crown, &c., with Notes. 8vo. 2.00.,
. London. H62
KELLY (James M.) Reports of Cases in Law and Equity,
argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State
of Georgia, 1846-8. 3 vols. &vo. 15.00. Savannah. ·1848
KELYNG (Sir John.) Reports of Cases in Pleas of the Crown
temp. Car. II. Folio. 3.00. London. 1708
KELYNG (John.) Reports of Cases in PleM of the Crown
, temp. Chas. II, with additional Notes and References by
. G. J. Browne. 8vo. 1.50. Dublin. H89
(Vans.) Practical Remarks on General Courts
Martial. 12mo. 1.62. London. 1825
KENmrnY (James.) Treatise on the Law and Practice of
Jqries. avo. 1.00. London. 1826
", ..
KENT(James;) CO!)mlentanils on American
ed.. 14.00. .' 'New York:t,t852
• .' . . '.' .
KENT (James,)' Oity Charter. 3.00.
'A ••;•• ' '. • ', ... ', •
KENT'S Commentaries abridged byJ.·E. Johnsi:m. 8vo.. 3.00.
. '., .' " New York. 183"9
KENTUCKY Reports. See page cxliL
. . . .-
KILBURN (R.Y Choice "Precedents upon all A9ts of Parlia-
relating to·the Office and Duty of a Justice of Peace.
, 8vo.· l.Oll. - London. 1
KINNE"(Asa.) The most/important part of .Blackstone's Com-
mentaries reduced to Question .and Answer. 3d ed. 8vo.
2.50. York. 18"42
KINNE (Asa.) Law Compendium. 10 vols. 24.00.
New York. 1844-
K.!NNE (Asa.) 'l.'he most important Part. of Kent's Commen-.
taries, reduced to Questions and: Answers. 2d.. ed. 8vo:
2.50. . New York. 1840
KIRTLAND (Dorance.) A Treatise on the Practice in Surro-
gate's Courts in the State of New York: in two Part,!!,
. revised and correcteft, with one general Index, with Forms.
- adapted to the various uuties thereof, under the late Revised
: 'Statutes oLth.e said State, and the Amendments subse·
quently passed, to the fifty-seventh section, inclusive; form-
ing a complete system of Practice; including the Law in:
relation to the Powers and Jurisdiction of Surrogates'
C"tirts, the Rights and Liabilities of Executors and Admin-
istratol'S: taken from the Revised Statutes, with the Prin-
cipalDecisions the "nd Equity in this State:
Suits against Executol'S and Administrators, Devisees and
Legatees. With an Historical View of the Origi.n of the
Probate of Wills, Granting Letters of Administration, and
the Office of Surrogate in this l:itate, and under the British
Government. 3.00." (See ante, p. !xix.) .-:
New. York. 1835
(John.) Jurisdictions; or the Lawful Authority of
Courts Leet, -'Courts Barrin,. Qourt of Marshalsey,' &c..
ited by R. Antrobus and T. Impey. Bvo. 1:25.
London. H6f!
KYD (S.) On Corporations. 2 vols.
LAMBERT (Eli.) Treatise'on Dower.
KNAPP (J. W.) Reports of CaSes argued and deteJ'IIlined
before the Committees of His Majesty's Most Honorable
Privy Council, appointed to hear Appeals and Petitions.
,3 vols. ,Royal 8vo. 21.00. London. 1831-36
KYD (Stewart.) Trea.tise on the Law of Bills of Exchange
and Notes. 12mo. 1.00. 'Boston. H98
KYD (Stewart.) Treatise on the Law of Awards. 8vo.
Dublin. 1'791
KYD (Stewart.) 'Treatise on Bills of Exchange. 8vo. 1.00.
London. 1'790
London. H94
8vo. 1.00.
New York. 1834
LAMBERT'S Reports. See awry.
LA..'IDLORD AND TENANT. See Archbold, Taylor and Wood-
LAND Owners Manual of New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
. and Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa. 2.50.
Auburn, N. Y. 184{
LANE (Richard.) Reports in ·the Court of from
the third, to the ninth year of King James. Folio. 1.50.
London. 165'7
LATCH (John.) Cases- in the Court of King's Bench in thEl
first three years of the ,Reign of King Charles I. Fo}io.
2.50. London. 1661
LAW of Forfeiture for High Treason. 8vo. LOO.
, London. H '7 5
LAW of Attorneys and Solicitors. 8vo. 0.'75.
London. H64
LAW of Commons and Commoners. 8vo. 2.50.
London. H20
LAW Grammar j or, an Introduction to the Theory and
Practice of English Jurisprudence. 8vo. 0.50.
Dublin. 1'791.
LAw-Latin Dictionary, being an Alphabetical Collection of
such Law-Latin Words as are found in severaI
Manuscri,pts, and Printed Books of Precedents. 12mo. 1.50.
London. HOI
LAW, Magazine; or Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence, from
: the commencement in June, 1828, to May, 1844. 31 vols.
8vo. half. cf. 45.00. London
LAw of Easements, by Gale and Whatley. New York
'LAw of Fixture&. See Amos &Ferrard, and
, . . . New York. 1852
LAW MAGAZINE, United States. See Legal Observer.
LAW Glossary, by T. Tayler. 3d ed: 3.50.'
,New York. 1843
LAW Oli' DIVORCE. A View of the Law Relative to the Sub-
ject of Divorce, in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, by Henry
. Folsom Page. 3.00. ' , New York. 1850
LAW Intelligencer and Review, by J. R. Angell. 3 vola.
'Bvo. 6.00. Philadelphia. 1831
LAW of Lien, by R. Whitaker. 1.00. New York. 1816
tAW of Patents. See Billing, Fessenden, Godson, Hindmarcb,
Phillips, Webster, Gillett, &c.
LAW by B. L. Oliver. 2d ed. 2.00.
Hallowell. 1833'
tAw of Slavery, by J. D.' Wheeler. 5.00.
New York. ,
tAW Reporter (The) edited by P. W. Chandler. 1st series.
, Vols. 1-10, inc!. 8vo. 30.00. halfbd. Boston. 183lh47
LAw Reporter, edited by S. H. Phillips; publishe"d monthly,
• at 3.00 per annum.
LAW Selections. See Bird.
LAWS of United St<ttes. The Public and General Statutes
, from 1796 to 1836, inc. 5 vols. 15.00. Philadelphia., 1837
LAWS Perpetual of Massachusetts. 3 vols. 8vo. 3.00.
Worcester. 178ll-1801
LAWS of the United States, by Richard Peters. 10 vols. 40.00.
LAWS of the United States. Official edition. 10 vols.
LAWES (E.) Elementary Treatise Pleadingm Civil Ac;
,tions: 8vo. 1.50. Boston. 1811
LAWES (Edward.) Practical Treatise on Charter-Parties; 8vo:
4.00. London.
LAWS of the Commonwealth of Pen'nsylvlilnia, ,from noo
, 1844. 9 vols. 8vo. 27.00. Philadelphia. 1810-44
LAWS, Opinions and Instructions respecting the Puhlic Lands.
8vo. 2 vols. Washington. 1838
LAW Library. vo18. 3.00 a voL Philadelphia
LAWYE;R'S Guide and American Pleader. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00.
· r- York. 1811;
LAWY;R'S' (The) Common-Place Book, by the late Judge
· Howe. With large Additions to tJ:1e Index: by Mr. Marvinj
Librarian of the Dane LawLibrary, Cambridge. 4to. 3.50.
, Boston. 1846
LEACH (Sir Thomas.) Cases in Crown Law, from the 4t4
Gao. II. 1739, to 29th Geo. III. 1800. 8vo. 1.50.
" , . 'London. 1789
LEACH (F.) Cases in Crown Law, determined by the Twelve
Judges, &C.,from 4 Geo. II. to 55 Gao. III. 4th ed. l!
· vols. '8vo. London. 1815
LEE (T.) Cases Adjudged in King's Bench) 7 to 10 Geo.
Temp. Hardwicke. 2d ed. 8vo. 5.00. London. 1815
LEE (Richard.) Treatise of Captures in War. 8vo. 1.50. '
London. 1759
LEE (J. Y.) A Treatise on the Evidence of Abstracts of Title
to Real Property. 8vo. 2.70. Boston. 1850
LEE (Thomas.) Dictionary' of the Practice in Civil Actions,
, in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Plea8j with
practical directions and forms, arranged under each title.
, 2 vols. 8vo. 5,00. London. 1825
LEGAL Observer, New York. Published Monthly. Edited
by E. H. Owen, at 3.00 per year.
.LEGAL Observer (The.) , A Journal of Jurisprudence, from its
commencement in 1830 to 1841. 27 VOIR 8vo. half cf.
50.00. (See New York Legal Observer.) London
LEGISLATIVE Guide,or the Citizens Manual. LOO.
. Philadelphia, 1852
LEIGH (J. H.) and DALZELL (R.) Treatise on Equitable
version of 'property. 8vo. London. 1825
LEIGH (P. Brady.) Abridgment of the La:w of Prius.
2 voJ.§. 8vo. .00. PhiladelphIa. ,1838:
LEONARD (William.) Reports 'of Cases' in the Courts at West-
minster Temp. Eliz. Published by WilliamHughes. Folio:
2.50., London. 1686
LEONARD (William.) Reports of Cases of Law,in the Courts
at Westminster, temp. Eliz. and Jas. I. 2 vols. Folio.
5.00 London.
LEONARD (Wm.) Reports. First edition. 4 parts. 2 vola.
Eolio., cf 3.00. London. 1658
LEVINZ (Sir Creswell.) Collection of Select and Modern En-
tries, referring to the Cases inLevinlj's Reports. Folio. 2.00.
London. 1702
LEVINZ (Sir Creswell) Reports translated into English, by
Salkeld. 3d ad:. 2 vols. 12mo. Dublin. 1793
LEVINZ (Sir Creswell) Collection of Entries. Referring to
the Cases in Sir C. Levinz's Reports. Folio. cf' 1.50.
LEWIN (G. A.) Reports of Cases on the Crown side. 2 vola.
Hmo. ' London. 1834
LE"ivrn (T.) Practical Treatise on Trust and Trustees. 8vo.
3.00. Philadelphia. 1839
LEWIS (Ellis.) .An Abridgment ,of the Qriminal Law of the
United S}a:teSj containing the important Penal Acts of
COngress of the United States, and of the Legislatures of
the principal States' of the Union, accompanied with a brief
Statement of 'the Law of England, tlie Decisions of the
Federal Courts, and of Courts of the Several States,
relative to Crimes and Misdemeanors. 5.00.
Philadelphia. 1848
LEwrs (Thomas.) Constitution, Jurisdiction, and Practice of
the Sheriff's Courts of London. 8vo. 2.00.
, London. 1833
LEWIS (T.) Practical Treatise on the Lawof Perpetuity, &c. of
Estates. Philadelphia
'LEy (Sir James.) Reports of Divers Resolutions in ·Law
arisiQg upon Cases in the Cpurt of Wards and other Courts
at Westminster, in the Reigns of James and Charles I.
Folio. 2.00. London. 1659
'LEX MERCATOR.!. Americans, an Inquiry into, in the Law
Merchant of the United ·States. 8vo. 5.00.
New York. 1802
LEx MERCATORIA Rediviva, by W. Beawes. 2 vols. .8vo.
. Dublin. 1795
LmBER (Francis.) Manual of Political Ethics, for the Use-of
Colleges and Students at Law. 2 vols. 8vo. 4.50.
Boston. 1838-40
LmER or Old Book of Entries. See InfJrationwm.
LIEBER (Francis.) and Poljtical Hermeneutics, or Prin·
ciples of Interpretation and Construction in L"aw and Poli-
tics, with Remarks on Precedents andAuthorities. Enlarged
edition. 12mo. 1.00. Boston. 1839
LIGON (D. G.) Digested Index of the Decisions of the Supreme
Court of Alabama in Chancery Cases. 8vo. 5.00.
Louisville. 1848
LILLY (J.) Collection of Modern Entries, or Select Pleadings
in King's .Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer. 2 vols.
8vo. 5.00. Dublin. 1792
LiLLy (J.) Practical Register. 2 vols. 5.00.
London. 178(;
LINDWOODE (William.) Provinciale. Folio. 10.00.
Paris. 1501
LITTLETON (Edward Leigneur.) Reports temp. Charles I.
Folio. 2.25.' London. 1683
-LrrrLETON'S Tenures in English. . A new edition, corrected,
handsomely printed in a small pocket volume. 1.25.
Lonaon. 1845
LITTLETON'S Tenures. A Commentary on; written prior to
Lord Coke's j edited from the MSS. in the Harleian and
'. Hargrave's Collection in the British Museum, by H. Cary.
8vo. 3.50. London. 1829
LIVERMORE (Samuel.) Treatise on the Law of Principal ana
.Agent, and Sales by .Auction. 2 vols. 8vo. 8.00.
Baltimore. 1818
LIVES of the English Judges of the 17th and 18th Century,
by W. N. Welsley, Esq. 2.00. Philadelphia. 1846
LIVES of the Lord Chancellors from the earliest times to the
. Reign of George IV., by John Lord Campbell, L.. L. D. F.
R. S. E. 7 vols. 12.QO. Philadelphia. 1851
LIVES of the Chief Justices of England, by the same .Author.
2 vols. 3.50. Philadelphia. 1851
;LIVINGSTON (E.) Batture Case with the Opinion of P. S.
Du Ponceau, on the right of U. S. to the Alluvium. 8vo.
New Orleans. 1808
LIVINGSTON (Edward.) System of Penal Law for -the State of
Louisiana. 8vo. 5.00. Philadelphia. 1834
LIVINGSTON (Edward.) Introductory Report to the Code. of
Prison Discipline, prepared for the State of Louisiana. 8vo.
bd: 0.50. Philadelphia. 1827
LIVINGSTON'S Law Register for 1852, containing the' Post
Office .Address of every Lawyer in the United States. 3.00.
New York. 1852
LLOYD &GOOLD'S Reports of Cases decided in the High Court
of Chancery in Ireland, during the time of Lord Chancellor
Sudgen. 8vo. (See English Chancery Reports, ante, p. xl.)
. New York. 1836
LoCKWOOD (Ralph.) .An .Analytical and Practical Synopsis of
all the Cases argued and reversed in Law and Equity, in
tne Court for the Correction of Errors of the State of New
York, from 1799 to 1847. 8vo. 4.00. New York. 1848
;LooRE (Baron.) Code Civil. 16 volP. 8vo. 32.00.
Paris. 1842
'LoMAX (J. T.) Treatise on the Lawof Executors and
istrators. 2 vols. 8vo. • Philadelphia. 1841
LOMAX (J. T.) Digest of the Law of Real Property of U.
States. 3 vols. 8vo. 10.00. Philadelphia.
LONG (G. S.) Treatise on the Law Relative to the Sales of
Personal Property, with additions by Benj. Rand, Esq.
. 3d.A.m. from last London ed. 8vo. 3.50.
Boston. 1839
LONDON Jurist, containing Reports of Cases determined in
Law and Equity from 1837 to 1845. 13 vols. Royal 8vo.
78.00 London
LONSDALE (J. J.) Statute Criminal Lawof England, &c. 8vo.
1.50. London. 1839
LORD'S Protests. A complete collection of, from the first upon
record in the Reign of Henry the Third, to the present time,
with a copious index. 2 vols. 12mo. 3.00.
London. n67
LoUISIANA Civil Code.
LOUISIANA Report£. See page erl.
LOVELASS (Peter.) The Law's Disposal of an Estate of a
:Man who dies without Will. 8vo. 2.25.
Philadelphia. 1839
LOVELASS (Peter.) The same. 11th ed., enlarged by N. Gow.
1.50. London. 1823
LUBE (D. G.) An Analysis of the Principles of Equity Plead-
ing: containing a Compendium of the Practice of the High
Court of Chancery, and the Foundation of its Rules, together
with an Illustration of the Analogy between Pleadings at
Common Law and Equity. Second American from the last
London edition. With Notes and References to American
Cases, by J. D. Wheeler, Counsellor at Law. 8vo. 3.00.
(See ante, p. Ii.) New York. 1846
LUTWYCHE (Edward.) Un Livre des Entries, contenaut auxi
un Rep. des Resolutions del Court enter Ie 34 Car. II. et Ie
2 Ann. Fr. and Lat. 2 vols. Folio. 6.00.
London. 1704
LUTWYCHE (Edward.) The Same. Truly stated in English.
By W. Nelson. 2 vols. 12mo. 5.00. London. 1718
M.WKELDEY (Ferdinand.) Compendium of Modern Civil Law,
translated by ~ I. Kaufmann. 8vo. vol. 1. 5.00.
New York
MACKINTOSH (Sir James.) A Discourse on the Study of the
Law of Nature and Nations. 0,62. Londou. 1828
MAONALLY (L.) Rules of Evidenoe on Pleas of Crown. Bvo.
. 2 vols. Philadelphia. 1811
. MACOMB (Alexander.) The Practice of Courts Martial. 8vo;
2.00. (See ante, p.IL) New York. 1840
MACNAUGHTEN (S,) and (A.) Reports of Cases deter-
mined in the High Court of Chancery. 3 vols. 8vo. (See
English Chancery ante, p. ·xl.) New York. 1852
MACPHERSON (William.) Tr.eatise on the Law, relating to In-
fants. 1 vol. 8vo. 8.00. London. 1841-42
MADDOCK (Himry.) Reports of Cases in the Court of the
Vice-Chancellor, temp. Plumer and Leach, from 1815 to
1821. 6 vols. in 3. 15.,00. Philadelphia. 1829
MADDOCK (H:) Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the
Court of Chancery under the following heads :-1. Common
Law Jurisdiction of the Chancellor; 2. Equity Jurisdiction
of the Chancellor; 3. Statutory Jurisdiction of the Chancel-
lor; and 4. Specially delegated Jurisdiction of the Chancel-
lor. 3,d ed., with considerable additions. 2 vols. Royal
8vo. 5.00. (See Philadelphia
MAINE Reports. See p:tgecxx:x:v.
MALBYS (J.) Treatise on Courts Martial and Military Law.
8vo. Boston. 1813
MALYNES (Gerard.) The A,ncient Law Merchant, in three
parts, according to the Essentials of Triffick. Necessary for
Statesmen, Judges, Temporal and Civil Lawyers, &c. Folio.
cf. 1.50. London. 1686
MANNING (J.,) GRANGER (S. C.,) ,and SCOT:!' (J.) Common
Bench Reports, Cases argued and determined in the Court
of Common. Pleas and other Courts. HiL Term 1845 to
Easter Term, 1848. 5 vols. Royal 8vo. - Philadelphia
, '
MANNING (James.) Digest of the Nisi Prius Reports, including
Peake, Espinasse, Campbell, Holt aud Starkie, arid 'some
original Cases, collected on the Weste& Circuit. 2d ed.
8vo. 3.75. London. 1820
MANNING (J.) and GRANGER (T. C.) Cases argued and deter-
mined in the Court of Common Pleas, Easter Term, 1840,
to MIch. Term, 1844, incl. 7 vols. Royal 8vo.
MANSFIELD (E. D.) Legal Rights of Women. 1.25.
Cincinatti. 1845
(George B.) Treatise on the Law and Practice of
Demurrer to Pleading and Evidence. 8vo. 2.50.
Philadelphia. 1839
MARCH (John.) Reports of Cases in King's Bench and Com-
mon Pleas, from 15 to 18 Car. I. 4to. 1.50.
London. 1548
MARRIOTT "(Sir James.) "Decisions in the High Court of Ad·
miralty. 8vo. cj. 3.00. . London. 1810
MARRIOTT (Sir James.) Formulary of Authentic Instruments,
Writs, and Standing Orders used in the Admiralty,-of Prize
and Instance. 8vo. 1.25. London. 1802
MARSHALL (Charles.) Reports of Cases argued and determined
in the Court of Common Pleas, containing Cases in 54th and
55th year of Geo. ilL 2 vols. 8vo. cf. 6.00.
. London. 1815
MARSHALL (S.) On Insurance. 2 .vols. 5.00.
London. 1802
MARSHALL (S.) The Same. 2d 'Am. ed., by J. W. Condy.
2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1810
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d'echange, etc., et plusieurs autres actes servant a Ill. con·
naissance des relations etrangeres des Puissances et etats de
,1'Europe tant dans leur rapport mutuel que dans celui envers
les puissances .et etats dans d'autres parties du globe depuis
1 jusqu'a present. 22 vols. 8vo. krilf crilf., 44.00.
Gottingue. 181
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• . 1.00. cf. lS0S
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and determined in the Oourts of Exchequer, and Exchequer
Chamber from Hilary Term, 6 W. IV., to the present time.
17 'vols. Royal 8vo. 2.50 per voL See English Exchequer
Reports. Philadelphia
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. et Repertoire Universel et Raisonne de Jurisprudence. 26
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London. lS22
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London. 1825
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MISSOURI Reports. See page cxliii.
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ences. 8vo. 5.00. 'New York. 1849
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MODERN Cases in Law and Equity, argned and adjudged in
the Court of King's BI.'Dch, in the Reign of George I. Folio.
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tbe State of New York, adapted to tbe last Code of Proce-
dure, and the New Rules of tbe Supreme Court adopt.ed in
- August, 1852. To wbich are added the Practice in Courts
Justices of the Peace, with an Appendix of Practical forms.
, 2d edition much Enlarged and Improved. 2 vols.
New York. 1852
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. 1.50. London. 1821
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ing the Laws, Customs, and Regulations of the United
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. Philadelphia. 1811
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1 voL 8vo. 3.50. New York. 1830
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Common Pleas, and in the Western and Oxford Circuits,
from the sittings after Mich. Term, 7 Geo. IV. 1826, to the
sittings after Trin. Term, 1 Will. IV., 1830, inclusive.
Royal 8vo. 3.50. Philadelphia
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ruled at Nisi Prius, in the' Courts of King's Bench, Common
Pleas and Exchequer, and in the Northern and Western
Circuits, from Mich. Term, 1830, to Easter Term, 1844. 2
Yols. Royal 8vo. Philadelphia
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Royal 8vo. _36.00. Londqn. 18,18-31
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determined in the Courts 'of Common Pleas and Exchequer
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Trin. 1,834. 4 vols. Royal 8vo.. 20.00. Philadelphia
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the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber from
Mich., 1827, to Easter, 1830. 5 vols. 'Royal 8vo. 20.00.
. , London
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2.00. London. 1663
MOORE (Sir Francis.) Cases Collected and Reported. 2d ed.
Folio. French. cf. 2.50. London. 1675
, ,
MORGAN (John.) Attorney's Vade-Mecum and Client's In-
structor, treating of Actions, of Prosecuting and Defending
, them, of the Pleadings and Law, &c., with Precedents. 3
vola., 8vo. 3.00. London. ,1787-8
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2 vols. 8vo. ,2.00. Savoy. 1743
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cery, from 1726 to i 730. 8vo. 2.00. Dublin. 1793
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London.. 1803
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. the United States relating to Commerce; including a Tariff
of Rates of Duties, and Tables of Calculations applicable to
all Manufactories of Wool or Cotton imported into the D:nited
States. 8vo. 2.00., New York. 1830
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BrWl;ellis., 1839
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vellum. 15.00. Leipsi9' . 1782
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determined in-the-High Court of Chancery, during the time
of Lord Chancellor Brougham and Sir John Leach. 3 vols.
. Royal 8vo. (See English Chancery ante, p. xl.)
. ... .. New York
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and determined in the High Court of Chancery, 1835, to
. 1841. 5· vols. Royal 8vo. (See English Chancery Re-
ports, ante, p. xl.) New York
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Manors and Lords of Manors. Folio. 2.00.
.London. 1726
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gued and determined in the Court of King's Bench, from
Mich., 1832, to Trio., 1836. 6 vols. Royal 8vo.
NEW England Sheriff, being a Digest of the Laws of Mas-
sachusettsrelating to Sheriffs, &c. 12mo. 1.50. . -
Worcester. 1844
Hampshire Reports. See page cxxxv.·
NEW Hampshire Laws. 8vo. 2.00. Hopkinton. 1850
NEW: .rersey Reports. See page cxxxvii.
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with l\otes, &c. 8vo. 2ded.' 0.63.' Albany. 1818
NEWLL'iID (J.) On Contracts. 8vo. 3.25.
Philadelphia. 1808
NEW York Digest. A Digest of the Reports of Cases deter-
. mined in the Supreme Court of Judicature, and the Couli<
for the Correction of Errors of the State of New York.
Together wit.h the Reported Cases oC the Superior Court for
the City and County of New York, from the organization
of said COjlrts; including Coleman's Cases, Caines' Cases,
Caines' Reports, 3 vols., Caines' Cases in Error, 2 vols.,
J Qhnson's Cases, 3 vols., J ohllSon's Reports, 20 vols.,
Cowen's Reports, 9 vols., Wendell's Reports, 26 vols.,
Hill's Reports, 'l vols., Denio's Reports, 5 vols., Barbour's
Law Reports, 4 vols., Comstock's Reports, 1 vol., 'Hall's
Reports, 2 vols., Sandford's Reports, 1 vol., and Anthon's
Nisi Prius, by Thomas W. Clerke, Counsellor at Law. Re-
vised and continued to tbe present time, by Wm. Hogan,
Counsellor at Law. 4 vols. 19.00. New York. " 1850
NEW York Laws. The Session Laws of the State of New
York, from 1821 to 1852, inclusive. These Session Laws
are well executed, and bound separately, and Bold very
low. 32 vols. New York. 1852
NEW York Reports. See page c=xvi;
NISBrr (John.) Doubts and Questions in the Law, especially
of Scotland; also, some Decisions of the Lords of Council
and Session. Folio. 2.25. Edinburgh. 1798
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emendatia multis in locis, 2 vols. Folio. vellum. 10.00
, Lug. Bat. 1724
NORRIS (Joseph P.) See Peake.
NORTH Carolina Reports. See page cx=viii.
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Folio. 3..00. London. 1656
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2d American edition from 9th London edition. Edited
by W. Henning. (See Henning.) 0.75.
Philadelphia. 1845
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the Practice of Courts Martial. 8vo. 3.50.
Philadelphia. 1846
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6.50. Paris. 1848
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of all Actions and Suits within the Jurlsdiction of the Civil
Bill Court, and the Principles, Pleading and Evidence re-
lating thereto. 8vo. 6.50. Dublin. 1844
'Omo Reports. See page cxlii.
OKEY (Charles Henry.) Digest of the Law, Usage and Cus-
tom relating to the Commyrcial and Civillntercourse of the
Subjects of England and France. 6th ed. 8vo. 2.50.
. Paris. 1842
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Parliaments, from the Time of the Britons to the Pres('nt
Day. 12mo. 1.75. London. 1797
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Boston. 1822
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and at Common Law, adapted to'the Practice of the Federal
and State Courts. 8vo. 3.00. Boston. 1842
OLIVER (Benjamin Lynde.) Forms of Practice, or American
Precedents in Actions, Personal and Real, with A.nnota-
tions. 8vo. 4.00. Hallowell. 1840
OLIVER (Benjamin Lynde.) Law Summary. 2.00.
Hallowell. 1833
OLIVER (Benjamin Lynde.) Pr.actical Conveyancing, a Selec-
tion of Forms of General Utility, with Notes. 4th ed. 8vo.
3.75. Hallowell, (Me.) 1845
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the Commencement of the Government down to the 1st of
. March, 1841. 2 vols. 8vo. 8.00. . Wasbington. Hl41
ORD (Mark.) Essay on the Law of Usury. 8vo. (See Bly-
denburgh.) Hartford. 1809
ORDENANZAS Generales de la Armada Naval. 2 vols. Folio.
Madrid. 1793
OULTON (A.. N.) Index to the Statutes at Present in Force in
or affecting Ireland, from the year 1310 to 1844. 2d ed.
2 vola. 8vo. 14.00: Dublin. 1839-45
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OWEN Treatise on the Law and Practice of Bank-
ruptcy. 8vo. 3.50. New York. 1842
PAGE (H. F.) A View of the Law Relative to the Subject of
Divorce, in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. 3 00.
'. - New York. 1850
PAIGE'S Chancery Reports. Reports of Cases argued and
determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of New
York, by Alonzo C. Paige, Counsellor at Law, and succes-
sor of Hopkins. Chancellor and Vice-Chancellors of the
State of New York during the time of these Reports:
J,teuben H. Walworth, Chancellor. Vice-Chancellors-
First Circuit: William T. M'Coun, Murray Hoffman, Lewis
H. Sandford; Second Qircuit-Charles H. Ruggles; Third
Circuit-John P. Cushman, AmaSa J. Parker; Fourth
Circuit-John Willard; Fifth Circuit-Philo Gridley;
Sixth Circuit - Robert Monell; Seventh Circuit-Daniel
Moseley, Bowen Whiting; Eighth Circuit - Frederick
Whittlesey. 10 vols. 60.00. New York
PAINE and DUEll'S Practice in Civil Actions and Proceedings
at Law in the State of New York. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00.
, New York. 1830
P ~ (E.,Jr.) Circuit Court Reports. Reports of Cases
argued and determined in the Circuit Court of the
United States for the Second Circuit, comprising the Dis-
tricts of New York, Connecticut and Vermont, by Elijah
·Paine, Jun. Vol. 1. This, volume of reporta contains a
choice selection of caaes taken from the manuscript decisions
of the lion. Brockholst Livingston, Wm. P. Van Ness,
Elijah Paine and Smith Thompson, fromthe year 1810to 1826,
made-in· the Second Circuit of the United States Court, and
not to tbe found elsewhere. Vol. 2d, in continuation, is
ready for the press, and ,will be published without delay.
12..00. -, New York
PALEY (William.) A Treatise on the Law of Principal and
Agent, chiefly with reference to Mercantile Transactions.
Third edition, with considerable additions, by J. H. Lloyd,
of the Inner Temple, Esq., Barrister at Law. Third Amer-
ican edition, with extensive additions, referring to, and
embracing all the caaes, both English and American, to the
present time, by J. A. Dunlap. 4.00. (See ante, p. xxxv.)
. New York. 1847
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3d ed., by E. C. Deacon. 5.00. London.. 1838
PALMER (Sir Gefrey.) Reports temp. Ohas. II. Folio. 2.00.
London. 1688
PANDECTES Francaises, Les, au Rucueil complet de toutes lef!
lois en, vigueur, contenant les Codes Civil, de
Commerce, Militaire, de Marine, Judiciar!l, et Disposi.
tions des autres Lois, &c. &C. 20 vols. 8vo. full bO'1JH!d.
18.00. Paris. 1803
PARANT (M.) Lois de la Presse en 183S, au Legislation
Actuelle sur l'Imprimerie et la,Librairie.. 8vo. 2.25.
. Paris. 1836
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Royal 8vo. 5.50. Bruxelles. 1842,
PARDESSUS (J. M.) Traite des Servitudes au Services-Fon- '
ciers. 8vo. 1.75. Bruxelles. 1840
PARIS (Dr. J. A.) and'FoNBLANQUE (J. S. M.) Medical Juris-
. prudence. 3 vols. 8vo. , 'London. 1823
PARK (James Allen.) System of the Law ,of Marine
ances, with three Chapters on Bottomry, on Insurances on
Lives, on Insurances against Fire.' 8vo. 3.50.
London. 1817
PARK '.A.llen.) The Same. By Hilliard. 2 vols. 12.00,'
London,.. .:vn7
PARK (John James.) A Contre·Projet to the Humphreysian
Code and to the Projets of Reduction of Messrs. Hammond;
Uniacke and Twiss. 8vo. 1.25. London: 1828
?ARK (John James.) Treatise on the Law of Dower j
larly'with a View to the Practice of Conveyancing. 8vo.
2.00.' Philadelphia.•1836
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Revenue, argued in the Exchequer, from East Term,
1743,' to Hil. Term, 1767. .Folio. 3.00.
PARKES (J.) History of the Court of Chancery. 8vo. 2.50.
London. 1828
PARLIAMENTARY History of England. See Cobbett and Han:
PARLIAMENTARY Journals of the HouRe of Lords from 1509 to
1726. 2·2 vols. Folio. half cf 26.50. London
PARLIAMENTARY Eeports. Reports of Various Committeea
on Miscellaneous Subjecta from the year 1715 to 1800.
16 vols. Folio.. Hol,j bound in Morocco. 32.00.
PARSON (T.) Commentaries on American Law. 8vo. 1.00.
" New York. 1836
PAUL'(Jobn.) Parish Officer's Complete Guide. 8vo. 1.25.
London. 1774
PAUL (Father.) The Rights of Sovereigns and Subjects. 8vo.
1.25. London. 1725
, PAYNE (Joseph.) See Calrrington, Moore, Eng. Com. Law Reps.
PEAKE (rhomas.) Compendium of the Lawof Evidence, with
a large Collection of American Decisions, by J. P. Norris.
8vo; 5.50. Philadelphia. 1824
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Sittings' after East. Term, 30 Geo. III. to the Sittings after
Mich. Term, 35 Gao. ill. 8vo. 2.00. London. 1820
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1.00. Walpole. 1804
PEAKE (Thomas.) 'Compendium of the ,Lawof Evidence. 8vo.
3.50. Philadelphia. 1824
PEAKF1 (ThomaS.) The .same. 8vo. 2.75.
Philadelphia. 1812
PEAKE (Thomas.) .A.dditional Cases at Nisi Prius, being a
continuation of Cases at Nisi Prius before Lord Kenyon,
and other eminent Judges, taken at different times between
the years 1795 and 1812; with Notes, by Thomas Peake,
Jr. Royal8vo. VoL II. 3.00. London. 1829
PECK (James H.) Trial at: See
PEERE·WILLIAMS (W.) Reports of Cases argued and deter-
mined in the High Court of Chancery, and of some Special
Cases adjudged in the King's Bench, from 1695 to 1734,
with Notes and References by his son, W. Peere·Williams.
Sixth edition, with References to the Proceedings in the
Court, and to later Cases, by S. C. Cox j with Notes and
References to the Modern Cases, by J. B. Monro, W. L.
Lowndes, and J. Randall. 3 vols. Royal 8vo. 15.00.
Philadelphia. 1826
PELTIER (John.) The Trial of, for a Libel against Napoleon
Bonaparte. 8vo. 3.75. London. 1803
PEl>'NSYLVANIA Practice. (F. J. Troubat and W. W. Haley.)
By Thomas F. Wharton. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1852
PENNSYLVANIA Reports. See page cx=vii.
PEREzms (Ant.) Codicis JustinianL Folio. 3.75.
Amsterdam. 1653
PERKINS (John) Treatise of the Laws of England on Con-
veyancing. 15th ed. 12mo. 1.50. London. 1827
"A little Treatise of certain Titles of the Common Law,
wittily and learnedly composed and published in the Reign
of King Edward VII."
PETERS (Richard.) Reports of Cases decided in the Supreme
Court of the United States from January Term, 1828, to
January Term, 1843, inc. 68.00. Philadelphia
PETERS (Richard.) Condensed Reports of Cases in the Su-
preme Court of the United States, from its Organization to
1827. 6 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1835
PETERSDORFF (C.) Practical and Elementary Abridgment of
the Common Law, as altered and established by the Recent
Statutes, Rules of Court, and Modern Decisions j designed
either as a Supplement to the Author's Abridgment, or as
a separate work. 5 vols. Royal 8vo. 20.00.
London. 1841-4
PETERSDORFF (C.) Practical and Elementary Abridgment of
the Cases argued and determined in the Courts of King's
Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, and at Nisi Prius, and
of the Rules of Court from the Restoration in 1660, &c.
15 vols. Royal8vo. 60.00. New York. 1829-35
PETERSDORFF (C.) Supplement to Petersdorff's Abridgment
of English Common Law Cases, argued and determined in
the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer,
and at Nisi' Frius i being a Practical Abridgment of the
Cases Reported from Michael!nas Term, 4 Geo. IV. to
Hilary Term, 3 William IV. Alphabetically arid Syste-
matically arranged under appropriate Titles, by Elisha
Hammond, Counsellor at Law. 2 vols.. 8.00.
New York. 1835
PETITUS (Sam.) Legis Attic::e. Collegit digessit, et Libro
Oommentario iIlustravit. Folio. 5.50. Paris. 1635
PETITUS (Sam.) Legis Attic::e. Another copy, in new calf.
Folio. 6.50. Paris. 1635
PEYRE (J. F, A.) ,Lois des Francs, contenant la loi Salique
et la loi Ripnaire. 8vo. 1.'15. Paris. 1838
PHILLIMORE (J.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in
the Ecclesiastical Oourts at Doctors Commons, and in the
High Court of Delegates. 3 vols. 8vo. (See English
. ,Ecclesiastical Reports.) . New·York. 1818-2'1
PHILLIPPS (S. M.) Treatise on the Law of Evidence, fromthe
8th London edition; with Notes. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00.
New York. 1839
PHILLIPPS (S. M.) A Treatise on the Law of Evidence. Sixth
. American from the Ninth London Editiop, with considera-
ble Alterations. In Five Volumes, with Notes to the First
and Second Volumes, by Esek Cowen, late one of the
Judges of the Supreme Court or the State of New York;
assisted by Nicholas Hill, Jun., Counsellor at 'taw, and late
State Report!lr. With additional Notes and References to
the English and American Oases to the present time, by J.
,Marsden Van Oott, Counsellor at Law. Third, edition. 5
vols. 24.00. (See ante, p. cr.) New York
'PHILLIPS (T., I.) Reports of Oases argued and dAtermined in
the High Oourt of Ohancery during the time of Lord Chan-
cellor Lyndhurst, with a few during the time of Lord Chan-
cellor Cottenham. (See English Chancery Reports, ante, p.
xl.) 2 vols. New York
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tG tl;te llighth volume inclusive. 8vo, 1.50. .
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- dicial Court of Massachusetts, from 1822 to 1842. _24 vols-.
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- . Philadelphia. 1840
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. London. 1810
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Chemistry, .Agriculture, &c. l2mo. 5.50.
London. 1847
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Cases determined by the High Court of.AdmiraltyofEngland,
the Lord Commissioners of .Appeal in Prize Causes and (on
Questions of Maritime and International Law) by the Judi·
cial Committee of the Privy Council; also of the analogous
cases in the Common Law, Equity and Ecclesiastical Courts,
aud of the Statutes applicable to the cases reported, with
Notes from the Text Writers, and other" Authorities of
Maritime Law, and the Scotch, Irish and American Re-
ports, and an Appendix containing the principal Statutes,
&c. 8vo. 5.00. Harrisburg. 1848
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additional explanatory records to, the fourth part of the
Institutes of the Laws of England, concerning the Juris-
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Sir Edward Coke. Folio. cf. 3.50. London. 1669
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H 5. Lug. Bat. 1769
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abridged from the Original, by J. Spavan. 2 vols. 12mo.
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Frankfort. 1744
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done from Latin into English, by Basil· Kennet. 18t eo.
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fixed Barbeyrac's Prefiltory Discour"se, &c. 4th ed. Folio.
10.00. Landon. 1729
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London. 1842
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Northern and Middle States, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.50.
Boston.• 1851
R.AILWA.Yand Canals. See Cases relating to.
Debts and Incum-
London. 1738
An Analysis of the Law of Patents.
Practical Treatise of Assets,
2d ed. enlarged. 8vo.
On Legal Judgments. 8vo.' 1.50.
Philadelphia. 1835
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London. 16'70
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. Treatise on the Law of Covenants for Title. 4.50.
RAWLE CW.) A View of the Constitution of the United
States of America. 4.00. Philadelphia. 1829
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RL'iKIN (Ii. R:)
RAM (J.)
RAM (J.)
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&McHenry, 4 vols. Harris & Johnson, 7 vols. Harris &
Gill, 2 vols. Gill &Johnson, 7 vols. 3.00. New York
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America, with numerous references to the English and
American Cases and copious Extracts from the leading
Cases. 8vo. 5.00. Boston. 1846
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RECEDlL des principales Loix relatives au Commerce des
12mo. cf.
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enlarged. 8vo. cloth. 3.50.
REDESDALE (Lord.) See lJitford.
REED'S Pennsylvania Blackstone.
REOEUIL General des Anciennes Lois Francaises, deputs l'an
420 jusqu'a la Revolution de H89, &c., avec notes de Con-
cordance, Table chronologique et Table generale, analytique
et alphabetique de matieres. 29 vola. 8vo. 36.00.
Science of Law. 2d ed.,
London. 184'1
3 vola. 8vo.
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gation. 8vo. 2.50. London. 1'192
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the Saxons, to the end of tI:,e Reign of Philip and Mary.
Second edition. 5 vols. 8vo. 17.00. London. H8'1
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the Independence, are by the Law of England, not .Aliens.
8vo. 0.50. 1816
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several United States of America. 8vo. 3.00.
New York. IS25
REEVE (T.) Domestic Rela,tions. The Law of Baron and
Feme, of Parent and Child, Guardian and Ward, Master
and Servant, and of the Powers of the Court of Chancery;
with an Essay on the terms Heir, Heirs, and Heirs of the
Body. Second Edition, with Notes and References to
English and American Cases, by Lucius E. Chittenden.
3:50. New York. 1846
REFLEXIONS sur 1'I<:tat Actnel du Jury, de la Liberte Indivi-
dueile et des Prisons. 8vo. 1.50. Paris; 1818.
REPERTORIUM Judicium. General Index to all the Cases in
the Year Books, Entries, Reports and Abridgments in Law
and Equity, beginning with Edward 1., and continued
down to this time; containing nearly 40,000 Cases, &c. &c.
Folio. 3.00. London. 1742
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Charles II., and James II. 3 vola. l2mo. cf 6.00.
London. H16
REPORTS of several Special Cases in the Court of Common
Pleas: in the 16, 17, 18, and 19th years of K. Chas. II.
Folio. cf. 2.50. London. 1688
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Boston. 1838
REVISED Statutes of the State of Indiana. 8vo. 5.00.
Indianapolis. 1838
REVISED .Statutes of Maine, PaElSed October 22d, 1840, to
which are prefixed the Constitutions of the United States
and the State of Maine. Second edition. Also the Public
Laws of Maine passed in the years 1842 to 1851, inc. 8vo.
6.00. Hallowell. 1852
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1835, by Theron Metcalf and Horace Mann. 8vo. 3.00.
B o ~ t o n . 1836
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by Theron Metcalf and L. S. Cushing. 1 vol. 8vo. 4.00.
Boston. 1850
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1842. 8vo. 2.50. Concord. 1843
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Containing the General Acts passed from 1829 to 1851,
inclusive, arranged with· references to Judicial Decisions,
containing the alterations and additions under the new
Constitution of 1846. New York. 1852
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19th, 1850. Published by the Legislature. 8vo. 3.50.
Burlington. 1850
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Southport. 1849
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Springfield. 1845
REVISED Statutes of Michigan. 5.00. 1846
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1.50. Providence.. 1798
RHODE Island Reports. See page cxxxvi.
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tamentaries. Avec la Coutume d'Amiens commentee, Ie
traite de la Revocation des Donations, et les Nouvelles
additions, par Michel du Chemier. 2 vols. Folio. 7.00.
Paris. 1754
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Common Pleas. 5th ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00. London
RICHARDSON (Robert.) On Wills. 8vo. 2.00.
London. 1769
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Writs of Error in the High Court of Parliament, in Ireland,
since the Restoration of the Appellate Jurisdiction. 3 vols.
8vo. 8.00. Dublin. 1795
RIDGEWaY (William.) See Irish Term Reports.
RITSON (J.) Maxims in Conveyancing. 8vo. 0.75.
London. 1804
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second edition, with additional Notes, &c., by R. E. Wright.
8vo. 4.00. Philadelphia. 1847
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Statutes 13 Eliz. c. 5, and 27 Eliz. c. 4, relating to volun·
tary and Fraudulent Conveyances. 8vo. 2.50.
Burlington, (Vt.) 1845
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a Dissertation upon the Admission of Parol Evidence to
explain Written Instruments. 8vo. 3.00.
Philadelphia. 1833
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cils. Second edition, enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.50.
London. 1815
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decided in the House of Peers, from 1707 to Geo. II,
Royal 8vo. 7.00.' London. 1807
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Court of Admiralty from 1843 to 1850. 2 vols. and Parts
LII. voL 3.
(D.) Qu Pel'llona! Succession. 8vo. 2.00.
philadelphia. 1836
GOULD A...'ffi CO.'S
REPORTS of several Special Cases in the Court of Common
Pleas: in the 16, 17, 18, and 19th years of K. Chas. II.
Folio. cf 2.50. London. 1688
REVISED Statutes of the State of Arkansas. 8vo. 2.50.
Boston. 1838
REVISED Statutes of the State of Indiana. 8vo. 5.00.
Indianapolis. 1838
REVISED Statutes of Maine, pa.."Sed October 22d, 1840, to
which are prefixed the Constitutions of the United States
and the State of Maine. Second edition. Also the Public
Laws of Maine passed in the years 1842 to 1851, inc. 8vo.
6.00. Hallowell. 1852
REVISED Statutes of Massachusetts, passed November 4th,
1835, by Theron Metcalf and Horace Mann. 8vo. 3.00.
BOEton. 1836
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by Theron Metcalf and L. S. Cushing. 1 vol. 8vo. 4.00.
Boston. 1850
REVISED Statutes of New Hampshire, passed December 23d,
1842. 8vo. 2.50. Concord. 1843
REVISED Statutes of the State of New York, 4th edition.
Containing the General Acts passed from 1829 to 1851,
inclusive, arranged with- references to Judicial Decisions,
containing the alterations and additions under the new
Constitution of 1846. New York. 1852
REVISED Statutes of the State of Vermont, passed November
19th, 1850. Published by the Legislature. 8vo.· 3.50.
Burlington. 1850
REVISED Statutes of the State of Wisconsin. 5.00.
Southport. 1849
REVISED Statutes of the State of Illinois. 5.00.
Springfield. 1845
REVISED Statutes of Michigan. 5.00. 1846
RHODE Island. Public Laws; with the Charter, &c. 8vo.
1.50. Providence.. 1798
RHODE Island Reports. See page cx=vi
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tamentaries. Avec la Coutume d'Amiens commentee, Ie
traite de la Revocation des Donations, et les Nouvelles
additions, par Michel du Chernier. 2 vols. Folio. 7.00.
Paris. 1754
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Co=on Pleas. 5th ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00. London
RIOHARDSON (Robert.) On Wills. 8vo. 2.00.
London. 1769
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Writs of Error in the High Court of Parliament, in Ireland,
since the Restoration of the Appellate Jurisdiction. 3 vols.
8vo. 8.00. Dublin. 1795
RIDGEWAY (William.) See 11'ish Term Reports.
RITSON (J.) Maxims in Conveyancing. 8vo. 0.75.
London. 1804
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second edition, with additional Notes, &c., by R. E. Wright.
8vo. 4.00. Philadelphia. 1847
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Statutes 13 Eliz. c. 5, and 27 Eliz. c. 4, relating to volun-
tary and Fraudulent Conveyances. 8vo. 2.50.
Burlington, (Vt.) 1845
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a Dissertation upon the Admission of Parol Evidence to
explain Written Instruments. 8vo. 3.00.
Philadelphia. 1833
ROBERTS (William.) Treatise on the Law of Wills and Codi-
cils. Second edition, enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.50.
London. 1815
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decided in the House of Peers, from 1707 to Geo. II,
Royal 8vo. 7.00.' London. 1807
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Court of Admiralty from 1843 to 1850. 2 vols. and Parts
l" II. vol. 3.
R O a E ~ T S O N (D.) Ou Pemona! Succession. 8vo. 2.00.
Philadelphia, 1836
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from Mich. Term, 1798, to 1808. 6 vols. 8vo.
New York. 1800-10
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5.00. New. Orleans
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of Gavelkind. 12mo. 1.25. . London.' 1788
ROBINSON (W.) Digested Index :to the Criminal Statutes.
12mo. bds. 1.00. London. 1829
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Peace to the Court of Quarter Sessions.' 2 vols. 8vo. 5.00.
London. 1836
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Assistant, being. a Collection of Precedents for a Justice of
the Peace. 2 vols. 8vo. 4.50. London. 1827
Roccus (Franciscus.) A Manual of Maritime Law, &c.,
translated with Notes, by Joseph Reed Ingersol.· 8vo.
1.00. Philadelphia. 1809
• EO.GERS (Abner, Jr.) Report of ~ h e Trial of Abner Rogers,
Jr., indicted for the Murder of Charles Lincoln, Jr., late
Warden of the Massachusetts State Prison; before. the Su-
preme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, holden at Boston,
January 30th, 1844, by George Tyler Bigelow and George
Bemis, Esqrs., Counsel for the Defendant. 8vo. 1.50.
Boston. 1844
ROGER'S Criminal Reports. See OUy HaU Recorder.
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par des Examples, et par la Jurisprudence, suivis de Formu-
laires. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 9.50. Paris. 1843
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5.00. . Bruxelles. 1843
ROGRON (J. A.) The Same. full cf., neat. 6.50.
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Law, Fr.; with a learned Preface, Eng. 2 vols. Folio.
calf 6.00. London. 1668
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2.2d Jas. 1. 2 vols. French. Folio. calf. 5.50.
London. 1675
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Second .American from tHe fourth London edition, with Re-
ferences to .American Cases. 2 vols. 8vo. 10.00.
Philadelphia. 1848
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Husband and Wife. (See Bright, wnte, page xxv.) 2 vols.
8vo. 5.00. New York.. 1824
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Cases, with Notes and References to .American Decisions,
and to the English Common Law and Ecclesiastical Reports,
by George Sharswood. 8vo. 5.50. Philadelphia. 1846
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of .Actions at Nisi Prius. 1st .American from 2d London
edition, with Notes by James Bayard. 8vo. 4..00.
, Philadelphia. 1836
ROSCOE (Henry.) Treatise on the Law of .Actions relating to
Real Property. 8vo. 5.50: London. 1825
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ports of Cases d e c i ~ e d by Lord Eldon. 6.50.
London. 1821'
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Law of Scotland. 211 ed., with an Index, &c. _2 vols. 4to.
Edinburgh. 1822
Ross (Walter.) Lectures on the Law of Scotland. 2 vols.
4to. boards. 4.50. Edinburgh. 1822
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a Libel. 8vo. bds. 0.62. Dublin. 1794
RUDIMENTS of .American Law and Practice. On the Plan of
Blackstone. Prepared for the use of Students at Law, and
adapted to Schools and Colleges, by Thomas'W. Clerke,
Counsellor at Law. 3.00. (See ante, p. lxiv.)
New York. 1842
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and the Laws respecting them. 4to. boards. 3.00.
London. 1797
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and Brokers. 8vo. 2.25. Philadelphia. 1845
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in the High Court of Chancery: during the time of Lord
Chancellor Eldon. (See English Chancery Reports, ante, p.
xl.) 5 vols. 8vo. New York
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and determined in the l:Iigh Court of Chancery during the
time of Lord Chancellor Lyndhurst. (See English Chancery
Rep.orts, ante, p. xl.) 2 vols. 8vo. New York
RUSSELL (William Oldnall.) Treatise on Crimes and Misde-
meanors, by Charles Sprengel Greaves. Sixth American
from the third London edition. Very greatly enlarged.
With the Notas and References of Daniel Davis and Theron
Metcalf, Esqrs. j and Additional Notes and References by
George Sharswood. 2 vols. 8vo. 12.00.
Philadelphia. 1850
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reserved for consideration, and decided by the twelve
Judges of England, from the year 1799 to 1824. 8vo.
4.00. Philadelphia. 1825
RUSSELL (W.) Treatise on the Reform Act, 2 Will. IV., c. 45,
with Practical Directions to Overseers and Town Clerks,
and a Copy of the Order in Council of the 11 th J aly, 1832;
also, an Appendix containing a Copy of the Act, and also
the Boundary Act, 2 and 3 Will. IV., c. 64. 12mo. 0.75.
London. 1823
RUTHERFORTH (T.) Institutes of Natural Law. 2d American
ed. 8vo. Baltimore. 1832
RYAN (E.) and MOODY'S (W.) Reports at Nisi Prius, in the
Courts of King's Bench and the Common Pleas, and in the
Oxford aJOld Western Circuits. 8vo. 3.00. Philadelphia
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is incorporated the Crown Circuit Assistant. 10th ed. 8vo.
2.00. London. 1836
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London. 1661
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Ancestors touching the Duty, Power, Election, &c., of our
Kings and Parliaments. Small 4to. 2.50.
London. 1682
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Clifford, Esq., to which is ·added a Memoir by Sir Walter
Scott. 2 vols. 4to. '. 6.00. Edinburgh. 1809
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from 1 William and Mary to 10 Queen Anne. Sixth
edition, .with Notes, &c., by W. D. Evans. 3 vols. 8vo.
15.00. . Philadelphia
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on·the Nature and Operatioll of Conveyances at Common
, Law, and those deriving their effect from the Statute of
Uses. 1st Am. from the 4th London ed. 8vo. 3.50.
Philadelphia. 1830
. SA.J:-'DERS (F. W.) 'Essay on the Nature and Laws of Uses
and Trusts. 2 vols. 8vo. 5th ed. London. 1843
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in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York. 4 vols.
(See ante, p. lxvi.) New York
SANDFORD (Lewis' H.) Reports ofCases argued and determined
in the Superior Court of the City of New York. 2 vols.
(See ante, p. lxvii.) New York. 1849
SAUNDERS (Sir Edmund) The Reports of the Most Learned
Sir Edm.und Saunders, Knight, late Lord Chief Justice 'of
the King's Bench, .of several Pleadings and Cases, in the
Court of King's Bench, in the time of the Reign of His
Most Excellant Majesty King Charles the Second. Edited,
with Notes and References to the Pleadings and Cilses, by
John Williams, one of his late Majesty's Serjeants at Law.
Fifth edition,- by John Patteson, of the Middle Temple, now
one of the Judges of the Court of Queen's Bench, and Ed·
ward Vaugh\ln Williams, Barristers at Law. Sixth edition,
by Edward Vaughan Williams. 3 vols. 13.00.
New York. 1846
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Civil Actions, arranged alphabetically; with Practical
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SAVILE (Sir John.) Les Reports de .special Cases cy
• . bien en Ie Court de Common Bank; come I'Exchequer, en
Ie temps de Reyne Elizabeth. Folio.. 2.00.
London:- 16'75
SAYER (Joseph.) Law of Damages.
Merchants' and Shipmasters' Guide. 12mo.
. - Boston. 1849
Law of Costs, &c. 8vo. 1.00.
London. - 1'768
12mo. 1.25.
Dublin. 1'792
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Bench, temp. 25 to 30 Geo. II. Folio. cf 3.00.
London. 1'7 '7 5
SAYER (Joseph.)
SAYER (J.) Law of Costs, &c. 12mo. 1.'70.
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general use, made in ;Parliament from 1640 to 1656. Folio.
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SEA Laws. A General Treatise on the Dominion of the Sea;
and a Complete Body of the Sea Laws. 4to. 2..50.
London. 1'703
SEATON (Henry Wilmot.) of Decrees in Equity. 8vo.
2.25. New York. 1831,
SECRET Debates and Proceedings pf the. Convention assembled
at Philadelphia in 1'787, for the purpose of forming the
Constitution of the United StateS. 8vo. 1.25.
Washington. 1836

SECRET Journals. of the. AjJts: Proceedings of Congress,
from the 'first meeting thereof to the dissolution of the Cori-
federation. 8vo.. ',1.50. . ..' '. 'Boston. 1820
: .:. - f....
SEDGWIOK(ThefJilQre.) A Treatise on the, Measure of Damages,.
,or an Inqltiry)i;ltb the the amount
of compensatHm recovere:d:m SUlts·,at Second ed.,
Revised and greatly 8.1'0." 5.50. .
. . . ,,',New York. 1852
. (John,) 'Mare ClausUlp, or the Right arid Dominion
. ',.'Of tile Sea. . Folio. old cj. Best translation, 3:00. .
" :' . . . . Londou. 1663
'SELDEN (John,) Opera Omnia,' .tariJ'lidita . . col-
legit, ae recensuit 'Vitam Auctoris, etc." .. David Wilkins, S.
T, P. 6vols. Folio.. cf'%.QO.
SELDEN (John.) :pe Jure
. : '.' : ..... ,'London;' ,1640
SELDEN (Jobn,) ,
4tO. parchment. 1.00.' ;"., . " -: 1636
SELDEN (john.) Fleta Jfd; Anglicani sic
nuncupatus sub Edwardo Rege primo:. 4tl? ef. .. 3.00.
, . . London. ,16S5
SELDEN' (John.) Mare' 0iausum.
Folio. 2.50;
Trallslated intO English.
. London.. fe52
SELDEN (John.) Tracts. 1. Jani .Anglorum F;t<iies aHera.
2. England epinomis 3. Of the Original of Elc,clesjastica,l
Jurisdiction of Testaments: 4. 'Of the Dispbsition or Ad--
ministration of Intestate .Goods. 'Folio" ·calf. 2.50.
. , ',' ,. IJop.dpn. "1682
SELECT Cases adjudgedk contmn-'
ing the Case.-of J. V. and the Case of the Jour:,
neymen Cord.wainers of New York. 8vo. 2.00.
. , .' New York 1811.
SELEOT Trials at the Sessions House in Old Bailey from
1'120 to 1'142: 4' vols. 12mo. cj. lO.OO:, . ,
. Dublin. 1HZ
SELECTIONS from the Laws 6r :E)ngiand..' Z vols. 8vo.· 3.00.
. " London. 1809
'SELLON (JoimBaker.)· Practice of the Cour'ts oeKing's Bench
and Common' Pleas compiled by Crompton. 2
. vols. 8vo. 5,00. .: . . , New York. 1813
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and Common Pleas. 8vo.· 0.50.
. Dublin. U92
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'. Notes by Heriry Wbeaton. 4th .A.J;Il. from London
ed. ·2 vols.. 8vo.. 10.00: Phila.delphia. 1839
(Wm.) .A.bridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius. 2 volS.•
ifyo., 5.50. Philadelphia. 1807
(Johfl') cf 2,5g.
1 ,. Philadelphia. 1832
,,- .SEIWE,4.N:r (Thomas.) .. up'on the Law of Pennsylvania -to the Pro.ceedings by Foreign .A.ttachment, with
r the or'Assembly now in force on the Subject..8vo.
: • 3,00,. . . Philadelphia. 1840
(Thomas.) . Constitutional Law, being a View of
. th.e Practice and 'Jurisdictlon of the·Courts of the United
States, .and of Constitutional Points decided. 2d .ed., with
, lldditions. 8vo.. ·3.00. Philadelphi.a. :i830'
SE!WEANT ('l'homas.) Select'Speeches of. 8vo.· 1.50.
. Philadelphia. i832
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1with Forms.' 1,25. Phiiadelphia.: J83il
(T\. 'Ott the Land. Laws of Pennsylvania. 1 vol.
:'.:8yo. sheep,"· 3.50. ' , '.': Philadelphia. 1839
SESSION Laws. See Laws of :Niw fork.
; SHELFO'RD (Leonard:) .Practical on the Lmv of Wills.
. 1.25; . ' . London. 1 38
·SHELFORD· (Leoilard·.) Law of: Rtlilways" with Statutes, 'Pro.
ceedl-ngs in· Parliament, and Forms. Seco1!d edition, en·
12mo. 3.75: .' London.• 1846
SHEPPARD'S Touchstone of Common Assurances, or a plain
and familiar Treatise, opening the Learning of the Common
., Assurances or Conveyances of the Kingdom. The Hh edi-
tion, by Edwa,rd Hilliard, and a copious Index by Richard
Preston. Notes by Edward G. Atherly. 2 vols. 8vo.
Philadelphia. 1851
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3.00. Dublin. 1792
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Insurance. 8.vo. 2.50. (See ante, p. !xix.)
New York. 1841
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upon Petitions and Writs of Error. Folio. 2.00.
. London. 1698
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Ie Court del Bank Le Roy, &c., les premiers 10, ans. de
• Charles II. Folio. 2 vols. 5.00. London. 1683
SIDNEY (Algernon.) Discourses concerning Government, with
Memoirs of his Life, &0. Folio. 3.75. London. 1751
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Chancery, before the Right Hon. Sir James Wigram, Knt.,
17 vols. (See English Cbancery Reports, ante, p. xL)
New York
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the High Court of Chancery, by the Right Hon. Sir John
Leach. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. (See English Chancery Re-
ports, ante, p. xl.) New York
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Offences. 12mo. 1.62. Dublin. 184.4
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of King's Bench from 33 Cbarles II. to 9 William III.
Folio. 3.50. London" 1728
SELECT Equity Cases. Reports of Select Cases in Equity and
Law in Court of Common Pleas of Pennsylvania. 2 vols.
8vo. 10.00. Philadelphia
SMITH (E. F.) Commentaries on Statute and Constitutio!lal
Law, and Statutory a.nd Constitutional Cqnstruction,
mining an Examination of Adjudged Cases on Constitutional
Law under the Constitution of the United States, and the
Constitution of the respective States concerning Legislative
Power, and also .the Consideration of the of Law in
the Construction of Statutes and Constitutional Provisions.
8vo. 6.00. (See ante, p. lxxi.)
New York and Albany. 1848
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cery, with an Appendix, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00.
Philadelphia. 1842
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various branches of the Law, with Notes. 4th e·d. 2 vols.
Royar'8vo. 10.00. Philadelphia.. 1852
SMITH (J. W.) Law of Contracts, with Notes and an Appen-
dix, by J. C. Symons. 2d Am. ed. 8vo. 1.75.
Philadelphia. 1850
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Chancery, 1803-6. 2d ed.. 3 vols. 9.00. .
London. 1806
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Circuit Court, &c., by J. H. Morrison. 1.50.
Boston. 1845
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Ireland. 8vo. 7.50. Dublin. 1842
SMYTHE (Hamilton.) Office of Justice of the Peace in
Ireland. 8vo. 5.50. Dublin. 1841
SOMMERS (Lord.) On the Rights, Power and Prerogative of
Kings j and tire Privileges of the People. 12th ed. 8vo.
1.00. Newport, (R. 1.) 1774
SoUTH Carolina See page cxxxix.
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Folio. cf. 5.00: London. 1727
, SPENCE (George.) Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court -of
Chancery. 2 vola. 9.00. Philadelphia. 1846-49
SPENCE (Goo.) Inquiry into the Origin of the Laws and Polio
tical Institutions of Modern Europe, particularly, of those
of England. 8vo. 2,25. 'London. 1826
SPOTISWOODE (John.) Practice of the Laws of Scotland, &c.
Folio. 2.00. Edinburgh. 1706
SQUIRE (Samuel.) Inquiry into' Foundation of the English
Gonstitution. 8vo. 1.50. . London. 1745
(Arthur J.) Report of the Trial of Judge Jamcs
H. Peck, on an Impeachment by the House of Representa·
tives of the United States. 8vo. 5.00. Boston. 1833
SURKlE (Thomas.) Practical Treatise on the Law of Evi·
. dence, and Digest of Proofs in Civ,i1'and Criminal Proceed·
ings. 7th Am. from the 3d London edition. With the
Notes and References to American Decisions, by Theron
M:etcalf and Benjamin Gerhard. 3 vols. 8vo. 14.00.
Philadelphia. 1842
STARKIE (Thomas.) A Treatise on the Law of SlaDder and
Libel, and incidentally of Malicious Prosecutions. 2d ed.
2 vols. 8vo. 5.00. London. 1830
STARKIE (Thomas.) The Same, with Notes, by John L. Wen·
-dell. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00. Albany. 1843
STARKIE (Thomas.) Reports of Cases at Nisi Prius in King's
Bench and Common Pleas, from Sittings after Mich. Term,
55 Geo. IlL, 1814, to the Sittings after Micb. Term, 60 Geo.
III., 1816. 2 vols. 8vo. 7,00. London. 1817
STARKIE (Thomas.) Reports. The Same. 2 vola. 5.00.,
, - - Exeter. 1823
SURKIE on Criminal Pleading, with
Precedenis of Indictments, Special Pleas, &c. 2d ed., with
Additions and Notices of tbe late Acts for the Amendment
of the Criminal;Law. 2 vols. 8vo. 4,50. London. 1828
STATE Papers. American Documents, Legislative and Ex·
ecutive, of the Congress of the United States, from the first
Session of tbe first, to the third Session of the thirteel)th
Congress, inclusive; selected and edited under the authority
of C!lDgress, by W. Lowrie and M. St. Clair Clarke. 21
vols. Folio. 150.00. Washington
STATE Tracts. A collection of, published on occasion of the
late Revolution in 1688, and during the Reign William III.
2 vols. Folio. 6.00. London. 1705
STATE Trial!', from 1660 to 1681. Folio. 4.50.
London. 1678
STATE Trials. See Hargrave, Howell and Hogan.
STATHAM (Nicholas.) Abridgment ofthe Law. Folio. ?"a1·e.
10.00. Printed by Pynson.
STATUTE Laws of the State of Connecticut, compiled in obe-
dience to a Resolve of the General Assembly, passed 1£ay,
1835. 8vo. 5.00. Hartford. 1849
STATUTES at Large, from 1£agna Charta to the end of tbe
Eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, Anno, 1761, carefully
collated and revised, with References, &c., and an Index,
by Danby Pickering. 31 vols. 8vo. cf 31.00.
Cambridge. 1762
STATUTES at Large, from lIfagna Charta to the tbirtieth year
of King George 11., inclusive, by John Cay. 9 vols. Folio.
18.00. London. 1758
STATUTES at Large, from 1£agna ()harta to the 21 st year of
King Geo. IlL, with Index, by O. Ruffhead. 11 vols. 4to.
cf 22.00. London. 1786
STATUTES at Large, from 1£agna Charta to the 23d year of
Henry VIII., inclusive. 9 vols. Folio. cf 18.00. 1758
STATUTES at Large of England and Great Britain from Magna
Charta. to the Union of the Kingdom of Great Britain and
. Ireland. 20 vols. 8vo. cf 40.00. London. 1811
STATUTES at Large, passed in the Parliament held in Ireland,
from the third year of Edward II., 1830, to the year of
George III., 1761, with Marginal Notes and a complete
Index to the whole. 8 vols. calf, exflra gilt. A suberb
set. 24.00. Dublin. 1765
STAUNFORD (Sir William.) Pleas of the Crown. French and
Latin, to which is added, an Exposition of the King's Pre-
rogative. Eng. Small. 4to. 2.25. 156'1
STAUNFORD (Wm.) Les Pleas del Corone, divisees in plusors
titles et common Heux. Small 4to. 2.25.
London. 160'1
STEA.RNS (Ashahel.) Summary of the Law and Practice of
Real Actions, with an Appendix of Practical Forms. 8vo.
4.00. 2d ed. Hallowell
STEPHEN (Henry J.) New Commentaries on the Laws of
England, partly founded on Blackstone. 4 vols. 12.00.
• New York. 1843-6
STEPHEN (Henry J.) SUmmary of the Criminal Law. 8vo.
2.25. London. 1834
STEPHEN (John Henry.) Treatise on the Principles of Plead-
ing in Civil Actions; comprising a Summary View of the
whole Proceedings in a Suit at Law. 8vo. 3.00.
Philadelphia. 1845
STEPHENS (Archibald J.) The Law of Nisi Evidence
in Civil Actions, and Arbitration and Awards. With Notes
and References to the latest American Decisions, by George
Sharswood. 3 vols. 8vo. 15.00.
, Philadelphia and New York. -1844
STEVENS (Robert) and BENECKE (William.) Treatise on
Average and Adjustments of Losses in Marine Insurance j
with Notes by Willard Phillips. 8vo. 3.00.
Boston. 1833
STEVENS (Rohert.f Essay on Average, &c. 8vo. 2.00.
Philadelphia. 181'1
STEWART (J.) Reports in the Vice-Admiralty Court at Hali-
fax, in the time of Sir Alex. Croke; with an Addenda.
Royal. 8vo. 5.00. London.
STILLINGFLEI!JT (Ed.) Antiquities of the British Churches.
. Folio. cj., 2',50. London. 1685
STORY (Joseph,) Selections of Pleadings in Civil Actions,
.with Annotations. 2d ed., with by Benjamin 1.
Oliver. 8vo. 4.00. Boston. 1829
:SrORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on the Law of Bailmenta,
'" wi,tli Illustrations from the Civil and the Foreign Law. 4th
ed. 8vo.' 5.00. Boston. 1846'
STORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on the Constitution of the
United StateS: With a Preliminary Review of the Consti-
tutional History of the Colonies and States, before the
Adoption of the Constitution. Abridged by the Author.
Svo. 3.00. Boston. lS33
STORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws,
Foreign and Domestic, in regard to Contracts, Rights and
Remeuies, and especially in regard to Macriages, Divorces,
Wills, Successions and Judgments. Third edition, revised,
corrected, and greatly enlarged. Thick Svo. 6.50.
Boston. IS46
STORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence, as
administered in England and America. 2 vols. Svo. 5th
eo.. 11.00. Bostoll. IS46
STORY (Joseph.) Equity Pleadings and the
Incidents thereto, according to the Practice of the Courts
of Equity of England and America. 4th eo.. Svo. 6.00.
Boston IS4S
STORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on the Law of Agency, as a
Branch of Commercial and Maritime Jurisprudence, with
occasional Illustrations from the Civil and Foreign Law.
3d eo.. S:Vo. 5.00. Boston. IS46
STORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on the Li1w of Bills of Ex-
change, ForeigI! and Inland, as administered in England
and America. 20. eo.. Svo. 5.50. Boston. IS47
STORY (Joseph) Commentaries on the Law of Promissory
Notes and Guarantees of Notes and Checks on Banks and
Banking, with occasional Illustration's from the Commerchil
Law of the Nations of Continental Europe. 20. eo.. Svo.
5.50. Boston. IS47
STORY (Joseph.) Commentaries on the Law of Partners!Jip as
a Branch of Commercial and Maritime Jurisprudence, with
occasional Illustrations from the Civil and Foreign Law.
8vo. 20. eo.. 5.50. ., Boston.1S413
STORY (William W.) A Treatise on theLaw of,Contracts not'
under Seal. Second edition, revised and greatly enlarged.
8vo. 5.50. . , Boston.. J,S47
STORY (William W.) A Treatise on the Law of oriPer.-
sonal Property, with Illustrations from the Foreign Law.
Svo. 4.50. . Boston. IS47
.. y '" .....""' ••• "-... .....,.
STORY (William W.) Reports of Cases argued and determined
in the Circuit Court of the United States for the First Cir-
cuit. 3 voIs. 8vo. 16,,50. Boston. '1842
STRANGlll (Sir, John.) Reports of Cases in Chance.ry, King's
Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer, from Trin. Term, 2d
·Geo. I. to Trin. Term, 21st Geo. II. 2 voIs. 8vo. 6.00.
London. 1783
STRANGE (Sir John.)
8vo. 5.50.
The Same.
Third edition. 2' vols.
Dublin. 1792
STUART (George Okill.) Report!? of Cases in the Courts of
King's Bench, and Courts of Appeals in the Provincial
Courts o{ Lower Canada, from 1810 to 1835. 8vo. 5.00.
Quebec. 1834
STUART (Gilbert.) Historical Dissertation concerning the An-
tiquity of the English Constitution. 8vo. 1.25.
London. 1770
STUBBS (W.)' and TALMASH (G.) Crown Circuit Companion.
8vo. 2.50. Dublin. 1791
STUDY and Practice of the Law, considered in their various
Relations to Society. In a Series of Letters. By a Mem-
ber of Lincoln's Inn. 8vo. 1.25. Portland. 1806
S'rYLE (William.) Modern Reports, begun in the now Upper
Bench Court, at Westminster, from HiL Temp., 21 Car. 1, to
:Mich. TeflD, 1665, Ld. Ch. Jus. Rolle. Folio. 2.00.
London. 1658
SUGDEN (Sir E. B.) Acts, to which are added the New Acts
relating to-Executors. 8vo. 2:00'. London. 1830
SUGDEN (Edward Burtenshaw.) Letters to a Man of Property,
on the Sale, Purcha8e, Lease, Settlement, and Devise of
Estates. 8vo. 1.00. Philadelphia. 1811
SUGDEN (Edward Burtenshaw:.) Practical Treatise of the
Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Estates. From the 11th
London ed. With Notes and References, hy J. C. Perkins.
2 vols, 8vo. ,10.00.. (See Dart on Vendors.)
Springfield, (Mass.) 1851
-SUGDEN (Sir E.) Treatise on the Law of Property, as.·Admin-
istered by the House of Lords, with Notes. 3.50.
Philadelphia. 1849
SULLIVAN (Francis Stoughton.) Lectures on the Constitution
and Laws of England, with Authorities, &c. By Gilbert
Stuart, LL. D. 2 vols. 8vo. 2.50. Portland. 1825
SULLIVAN (F. S.) Treatise on the Feudal La,w, and the Con-
stitution and Laws of England. 8vo. cj. 1.50.
Dublin. 1~ ~ 2
SULLIVAN (F. S.) Lectures on the Constitution and Laws of
England. Second edition, by Gilbert Stuart. 400. calj.
3.00. London: H ~ 6
SUMNER (Cbarles.) Reports of Cases argued and determined
in the Circuit Court of the United· States for the First Cir-
. cuit. 3 vols. 8vo. 16.50. Boston. 1836-40
SURTEES (R. S.) The Horseman's Manual, being a Treatise
on Soundness, the Lawof Warranty, &c. 18mo. bds. 0.37.
New York. 1832
SWAN (Joseph R) A Manual for Executors_and Administra.-
tors, in the Settlement of the Estates of Deceased Persons,
with Practical' Forms, &c. 12mo. 1.25.
Columbus. 1843
SWAIN'S Justice of the Peace and other-Public Officers. 2d ed.
Raleigh. 1846
SWANSTON (Clement Tudway.) Reports of Cases argued and
determined in the High Court of Chancery, during the time
of Lord Chancellor Eldon. From the commencement of the
sittings before Hilary Term, 1818, to the end of the Sittings
after ·Michaelmas Term, 1819. First American, from the
last London Edition. With Notes and References to Amer.
ican Cases, by Henry W. Warner, Solicitor in Chancery.
3 vols. 8vo. 10.00. New York. 1822.-28
SWIFT'S Digest of the Laws of Connecticut, by Henry Dutton
and N. A. Cowdrey. Revised edition. 2 vols. 10.00.
New Haven. 1851
SWIFT (Zephaniah.) Law of Evidence. 8vo. 2.00.
Hartford. 1810
SWIFT (Zephaniah.) Systems' of the Laws of the State of
Connecticut. 2 vols. 2vo. 2.00. 1
SWINBURNE (Henry.) A Treatise of Testaments and Last
Wills. 2 vols. Dublin. H93
TABLES, of all the _Cases printed in the Books of Reports j.
Digested under proper Heads, by way of Common Place.
Folio. 2.00. London. H26
TALBOT (Charles, Lord .hancellor.) Cases in Equity, temp.
Talbot. 8vo. 2.50. Dublin. 1
(Sir, John.) Reports of Cases decided in the High
Court of Chancery. 1829-30. 3.50. London. 1831
TATE (B.) 'American Farmers' Book. 8vo. 1.50.
Richmond. 1845
TATE (R.) Digest of Virginia Reports, from Washington to
Second Grattan. 2 vols. 8vo. 10.00. Richmond. 1847
TAUNTON (William Pyle.) Reports of Cases in the Common
Pleas and other Courts, from Mich. Term, 48 Geo. III.,
to Hll. Term, 95 Geo. III., 1819. 8 vols. 8vo.
20.00. New York. 1810-23
TAYLOR (A. S.) Medical Jurisprudence. Second American
froni the third London edition, with Notes and Additions,
by R. E. Griff\th. 8vo. 3.25. (See Dean.)
Philadelphia. 1850
(John.) Summary of the Roman Law, taken from
the Elements of the Civil Law, by Dr. Ellis, &c. 8vo. 2.50.
London. 1 72
Ti-p.QR (John.) EleIllents of the Civil Law. 4to. 3.00.
Cambridge. H55
TAYLOR (J,olul.) Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant,
with Selection of Precedents. 8vo. 4.00. .
New York. -1844
TAYLOR (John 'Louis:) Cases in the Superior Courts of Law
and Eqwty of NOrt!:l from 1816 to 1818. 8vo.
2.50. . Ealeigb. 1818
TAYLER (Thomas.) The Law Glossary: being a selection of
the Greek, Latin, Saxon, French, Norman, and Italian
phrases, and maxims, found in the leading Eng-
lish and Ameriean Reports, and elementary works. With
- Historical and Explanatory Notes; alphabetically arranged
and translated into English, for the use of the Members of
the Legal Profession, Law Students, Sheriffs, Justices of
the Peace, &C. &c. Third Edition, revised and corrected.
Dedicated (by permission) t<1 the Honorable John Savage,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New
York, by Thomas Tayler, Author of II Precedents of Wills,
drawn conformably to 'the Revised Statutes of the State of
New York." 3d ed. 8vo. 3.50. (See ante, p. !xxv.)
New York. 1845
TEBBS (H. V.) Essay on the Scripture Doctrines of. Adultery
and Divorce, and on the Criminal Character and Punish-
ment of Adultery, by the Ancient Laws of Fngland, and
other Countries. 8vo. 1.50. London. 1822
TENNESSEE Reports. See page cxli.
TERM Reports. See Durnford &: East and Caines.
TERMS de In Ley, or Difficult and Obscure Words of the Laws
Explained. 8vo. 2.00. Portland. 1812
TERRIEN (Guillaume.) Commentaries du Droit Civil observe
au Pays et Duche de Normandie. Folio. aj. 6.00.
Paris. 15a
THACHER (Peter 0.) Reports of Criminal Cases tried before
the Court of the City of B9ston, before Peter
Oxenbridge Thacher, Judge of that Court, from 1823 to
1843. Edited by Horatio Woodman, of the Boston Bar.
8vo. 4.00. Boston. 1845
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cipal and Agent, chiefly with reference to Mercantile Trans-
lWtions. 8vo.- 3.50. . New York. 1836
THESAURUS Brevium, or Approved Forms of Writs and
Pleadings to those Writs. 2d ed. Folio. 2.50.
. London.'
THOMAS (J. H.) Systematic Arrangement of Coke Littleton.
See Coke.
THOMAS (John Penford.) A Treatise of Universal Jurispru-
dence. 2d ed., revised and enlarged, by the Author. 8vo.
2.25. London. 1829
(Leslie A.), Digest of the Statute Law of the State
of Florida, of a General and Public Character, in force at
the end of the second Session of the General Assembly of
the State, 6th January, 1847. 8vo. 5.00.
Boston. 1847
(,Tames B.) A Digest of the Conveyancing, Testa-
mentary and Registry Laws of all the States of the Union.
8vo. 4.50. Philadelphia. 1847
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in the Court of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer
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London. 1799
TIDD (W.) Practice of the Courts of King's Bench and Com-
!'!lon Pleas, in Personal Actions 'and Ejectment. To which
are added, the Law and Practice of Extents j and the Rules
of Court, and Modern Decision, in the Exchequer of Pleas.
Ninth edition, with American Notes, by Francis J. Troubat.
2 vols. 8vo. 9.00. Philadelphia. 1840
TIDD (W.) Pritctice of the Superior Courts of Law, in Per-
sonal Actions and Ejectment, &c. 8vo. 4.00.
London. 1833
TILLINGHAST'S Adams. See Adams.
TILLINGHAST'S Ballantine. See Ballantine.
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Precedents, for Process, Entries and Pleadings in Civil
Actions at Law; adapted to the Revised Statutes of the
State of New York. 5.00. New York. 1850
TILLINGHAST (John L.) and YATES (V. N.) A Treatise on the
Principles and Practice, Process, Pleadings and Entries, in
Cases of Writs of Error, Writs in the Nature of Writs of
Error, Appeals and Proceedings in the Nature of Appeals.
2 vols. 10.00. New York
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taining all the Points relating to Criminal Matters. 2d ed.
8vo. 1.50. London. 1820
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Reports in King's Bench, from 1785 to 1805, and in Com-
Pleas from 1788 to 1805. 8vo. 2.50. Dublin. 1806
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Terms 'of Art, .explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present
State of the British Law, and comprising Information on-
Trade and Government. 3d ed. 2 vols. 4to. cj. 10.00.
London. 1820
TOMLINS (Sir Thomas Edlyne.) The Same. 3 vols. 15.00.
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of the Powers and DutiesofaJustice of the Peace, compiled
from the Best Authorities. 4th ed. 8vo. 5.00.
London. 1828
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cery, both by Precedent and Practice, &C. 12mo. 1.00.
. London. 1820
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London. 1675
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TOWNSHEND (J.) New practice i!1 Ciyil Actions in the Courts
of Judicature in the State of New York. >8vo. 1.75.
New York. 1848
TRAOTS on Law, Government and other Political Subjects.
8vo. 1.50. London. 1836
TRACY'S Commentaries ~ n d Review of Montesquieu's Spirit of
Laws. 8vo. 1.00. Philadelphia. 1811
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and Civil, containing -a large collection of Modern Prece-
dents. Revised by John Rice, and- translated into English
by Thomas- Vickers. 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00.
Dublin. 1793
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London. n23
TRIAL ofHenryW. Merritt. A Special Justice"for Preserving
the Peace in the City of New York. Containing the several
'Opinions delivered by the Judges, the Speech of the Dis-
trict Attorney, and an Opinion delivered by the late Judge
Irving, in the Case of Abraham M. Valentine. 0.50.,
New York
TRIAL of the Bishops. Proceedings and Trial in the Case of
William, Ld. Arch. Bp. of Canterbury and" the Bishops of
St. Asaph, Ely, Chichester, Bath and W. ells, Peterborough
and in the Court of King's Bench, 4th K. Jas. IL,
with nine other Pamphlets j Coleman's Letter, Tryal of R.
Langhorn, Coleman's &c. &c. Folio. calf 7.50.
London. 167S
TUCKER (B.) Principles of Pleadiug. 12mo. 1.50.
Boston. IS46
TUCKER (Josiah.)
Svo. 1.50.
Treatise concerning Civil Government.
London. nSI
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and References to the Constitution and Laws of the Federal
Government of the United States and of the Commonwealth
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TYNG (Dudley Atkins.) See Massachusetts Reports.
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of the English Government. Folio. 3.50.
London. -niS
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in Error, in Mich. Term, IS30, to Trin. Term, IS36. 6 vola.
Royal Svo. 30.00. London. IS31-37
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argued and determined in the Exchequer of Pleas, in Mich.
Term, IS35, to Trin. Term, IS36. Royal Svo. 5.00.
. London: IS3'7
UNITED States DIgest. D i ~ s t of the Decisions of the Courts
of Common Law and Admiralty 4J. the United States., 10
vols. Royal 8vo. 63.50. Boston
UNITED States Equity Digest. See .American Ohancery Digest,
by Waterman.
UNITED States Law Magazine and Examiner, mpnthly, at
$5.00 per year. John ,Livingston, Editor. 5 vols. Each
Kumber 104 pages. ' New York
VAN HEYTHUSEN (F. M.) Rudiments of the Laws of England.
VAN HEYTHUSEN'S Essay on Marine Evidence in Courts of
Law and Equi,ty. London. 1819
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8vo. 4.00. Philadelphia. 1852
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Court of Common Pleas, temp. Car. II., puhlished by his
son, Edward Vaughan. Folio. cf. 2.50.
London. 16n
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30 Car. II., and in Common Pleas, from 21 ·Car. n. to Will.
.II!., in two parts. 2d ed. Folio. 3.50.
London. !~ 0 1
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Savoy. 1716
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VERMONT State Papers, being a Collection of Public Docu-
ments and Records, &c. &c., compiled by William Slade, Jr.,
2.00. Middlebury. 1823
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by John Raithby. 2 vols. Folio. 5.00. _
London. 1726
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of Chancery, originally published by order. of the Court,
from the Manuscripts of T. Vernon. With References to
the Proceedings-in the Court, and to later Cases, together
with-'['ables of the Names of the Principal Cases, and of the
Cases cited in the Notes. By J. Raithby, 3d· ed., with
References. 2 vola. Royal 8vo. 10.00.
Brookfield. 1829
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mined in .the King's Courts, _Dublin, with Select Cases in
the House of Lords 'of Ireland.' 8vo. 4.50.
Dublin. 1790
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8vo. 1.25.' New York. 1825
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in the High Court of Chancery, from the year 1789 to 1817,
with a Digested Index. By Francis Vesey, Jr., Esq., of
Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Law. In 20 vols. -. From the
last London_ edition, with the Notes of Francis Vesey, Jr.,
Esq., and the extensive Annotations of John E. Hovenden,
Esq., of- Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law. The whole edited
with Notes and References to American Law, an!! subse-
quent English Decisions, by Charles Summer and J. C.
Perkins, Esqrs. 70.00. Boston. 1845
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to,1814. 2 vola. 8vo. 10.00. Philadelphia. 1822
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Hardwicke, from 1746 to 1755, together with a supplement
by Robert Belt, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo. 12.00.
Philadelphia. 1831
(Andrew.) A book of. Entries of' Choice, Select and
. Special Pleadirigs in the Court .of King's Bench, with thE
Method of Proceeding in all manner of Actions in the samE
Court. Folio. 2.00. London. 1684
VINER'S Abridgn:!ent, with Supplement, by several Gentlemen
30 vols. 8vo.
VINER'S Abridgment. 24 vola. Folio. London. 175,
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alium Commentarius. 3d ed. 4to. 2.25.
Amsterdam. 1659
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3 vols. Folio. cj. 15.00. Brussels. 1
YOET (Jobannes.) Commentarius ad Pandectas. vols. 12
mo. cj. 15.00. HaIre.
YOET (Jobannes.) Commentarius ad Pandectas. 3 vols.
Folio. calf. Best edition. Hagre. 1716
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from the Italian. 18mo. 1.25. Edinburgh. 1807
WAllDILOVE (Alfred.) Digest of Cases decided in tbe Court of
Arches, the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, the Consistory
Court of London, and on .Appeal therefrom to the Judicial
Committee of the Privy Council, with References. &c. 8vo.
6.50. London. 1849
WALFORD (F.) Summary of the Law of Railways, with an
. Appendix, including tbe three General Consolidation Acts,
with Analysis and Notes, Reports of Proceedings before
Committees on Rail way Bills, Parliamentary Practice,
&c. 12mo. 2d ed. Boston. 1850
WALKER (A.) Book of Forms. 8vo. 4.00.
Philadelpbia. 1841
WALKER (Timothy.) Introduction to American Law. 2d ed.
8vo. 5.00.
WARD (Robert.) Inquiry into the Foundation and History of
the Law of Nations in Europe, from the time of the Greeks
and Romans to tbe time of Grotius. 2 vols. 8vo. 4.50.
London. 1
WARE (Ashur.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in
the District Court of the United States for tbe District of
Maine. 8vo. 5.00. . Portland. 1839
BAllKS, GOULD AND co. 's
WARREN (Samuel) A Popular and Practical Introduction to
Law Studies, and Guide ,to the Legal Profession in all its
Branches, Civil, Criminal and Ecclesiastical. Designed for
the use of Students, Junior Practitioners, (whether as Coun-
sel or Solicitors,) and the Parents and Friends of those de-
signed for the Legal Profeaaion. 8vo. 2d ed. 3.50.
New York. 1845
WARREN (Samuel.) Select Extracts from Blackstone's Com-
mentaries. 8vo. 2.25. London.
WARREN'S (Samuel) Law Studies. A Popular and Practical
Introduction to Law Studies. From" the last LOndon ed.
2.00. New York.
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Appeals of Virginia, from 1 to 1 2 vols. 8vo. 6.00.
Philadelphia. 1823
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liam and Mary, and William III. 8vo.
, London. 1704
WATERMAN (Thomas W.) A TJ.:eatiae on the Civil Jurisdiction
of Justices of the Peace; to which are added, Outlines of
the Powers and .Duties of County and Town Officers in the
State of New York; adapted to the and the Code
of Procedure. Containing Directions and Practical Forms
for every Civil Case which can arise before a Justice under
the Statutes and the Code. 3.-50. (See ante, p. lxxvii.)
New York. 1849
WATERMAN'S (T. W.) Eden on Injunctions. See Eden, ante,
WATEIUWI" (Thoa. W.) See A'I'I'le'l'ican OhanceryJJigest.
WATERMAN'S Treatise of the Justices for Michigan. 8vo.
, .' Detroit
WATKINS (Charles.) Essay on the Law of Descents, with an
Appendix on the Distribution of the Personal Effects of
Intestates. 8vo. 2.00. London. 1819
WATKINS (C.) Principles of Conveyancing, designed for the
use of Students. ed., with large additions containing
the Law relative to the Creation and Transfer of Estates
and Interest in Real and Personal Property, by Richard
Preston. Royal 8vo. London. 1833
Treatise on the Law of Partnership.
Philadelphia. 1807
8vo. 2.00.
Philadelphia. 1836
WEBSTER (Dr.) Trial Report of the Case of Professor, for
Murder of Dr. Parkman, by G. Bemis. 1 vol: 8vo. 2.50.
WEBSTER (T.) Reports and Notes of Cases in Letter Patents
for Inventions. 8vo. 14.00. London. 1844
WEBSTER (T.) Law and Practice of Patents for Inventions.
8vo. London. 1844
WELFORD (Richard Griffiths.) A Practical Treatise on Equity
Pleadings, with Observations on the New Orders of 1841,
and an Appendix containing those Orders. 8vo. 2.50.
London. 1846
WELSBY, HURLSTONE &GoRDON'S Exchequer Reports. 5 vola.
12.50. Philadelphia
WENDELL (John L.) Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court,
and in the Court of Errors of New York, from 1828 to 1842,
with a separate General Index. 26 vols. 8vo. Per vol.
5.00. Albany. 1829-42
WENDELL (J. L.) Blackstone's Commentaries. 4 vois: '1.00.
New York
WENTWORTH (J.) Complete System of Pleading, comprehend-
ing the most approved Precedents and Forms of Practice.
Royal 8vo. 11 vola. 25.00. London. 1797-99
WENTWORTH (Thomas.) Office and Duty of Executors. 8vo.
2.00. Philadelphia. 1832
WENTWORTH'S Index. A complete Index to Wentworth's
System. oli. Pleading. Compiled with a view to lesson the
labors of the Profession in referring to those valuable Pre-
c e d e n t ~ . 1822. 2.00. New York. 1822
WATSON (William.)
8vo. 1.25.
WATSON (W. H.) On Arbitration;
WESKETT (John.) Digest of the Theory, Laws, and Practice
of Insurance, arranged in Alphabetical Order. 8vo. 3.50.
Dublin. 1'194
WESKETT (John.) Digest of the Theory, Laws, and Practice
of Insurance. Folio. cf. 2.00. London. 1781
WESTERN Law Journal, monthly, at $3.00 per year, at Cin-
. Cincinnati. Each No. 48 pages. 9 vols.
WESTERN Legal Observer. :hfonthly Law Publication, at
$2.00. per year. Quincy, Illinois
:WEST (M. J.) Reports of Cases decided in the High Court of
Chancery, from 1736 to 1739, from the original MSS. of
Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, with Notes and References.
8vo. 6.00. London. 1827
WHARTON (F.) Treatise on the Criminal Law of the United
States. 2d eJi. 8vo. 7.00. Philadelphia. 1852
WHARTON (F.) - Precedents of Indictments and Pleas, adapted
to the use both of the Courts of the United States and
·those of all the several States. 8vo. 5.50.
Philadelphia. 1849
WHARTON (F.) State Trials of United States. 5.00.
Philadelphia. 1849
WHARTON (J. J. S.) The Law Lexicon, or Dictionary of
J urisprudimce, explaining all the technical words and
phrases employed in the several Departments of English
Law, &c. 8vo. 5.00. Harrisburgh. 1848
WHARTON (T. J.) Digest of the Reported Cases in all the
Courts of Pennsylvania, together with some Manuscript
Cases. 5th ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 12.00.
Pennsylvania. 1850
WHEATON (Henry, LL. D.) History of the Law of Nations
in Europe and America, from the earliest times to the
Treaty of Washington. 8vo. 6.00. New York. 1845
WHEATON (Renry.) Elements Law. 3d ed.,
revised and corrected. 8vo. 5.50. Philadelphia. 1846
WHEATON (Henry.) Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme
Court of the U. S. from its' establishment in 1798 to 1820.
cf. 2vols. 3.50. New York 1821
WHEATON (H.) Reports of Cases argued determined in
. the Supreme Court of the United States from 1816 to 1827.
. 12 vols. 48.00. .New York. 1827
WHEATON A Digest of the Law of M;tritime Captures
_and 1 vol. 3.50... New York. 1815
WESTERN Law Journal, monthly, at $3.00 per year, at Cin-
. Cincinnati. Each No. 48 pages. 9 vols.
WESTERN Legal Observer. Monthly Law Publication, at
$2.00.. per year. Quincy, Illinois
WEST (M. J.) Reports of Cases decided in the High Court of
Chancery, from 1736 Lo 1739, from the original MSS. of
Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, with Notes and References.
8vo. 6.00. London. 1827
WHARTON (F.) Treatise on the Criminal Law of the United
States. 2d ed. 8vo. 7.00. Philadelphia. 1852
WHARTON (F.) Precedents of Indictments and Pleas, adapted
to the use both of the Courts of the United States and
·those of all the several States. 8vo. 5.50.
Philadelphia. 1849
WHARTON (F.) State Trials of United States. 5.00.
Philadelphia. 1849
WHARTON (J. J. S.) The Law Lexicon, or Dictionary of
Jurisprudence, explaining all the technical words and
phrases employed in tQe several Departments of English
Law, &c. 8vo. 5.00. Harrisbnrgh. 1848
WHARTON (T. J.) Digest of the Reported Cases in all the
Courts of Pennsylvania, together with some Manuscript
Cases. 5th ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 12.00.
Pennsylvania. 1850
WHEATON (Henry, LL. D.) History of the Law of Nations
in Europe and America, from the earliest times to the
Treaty of Washington. 8vo. 6.00. New York. 1845
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revised and corrected. 8vo. 5.50. Philadelphia. 1846
WHEATON (Henry.) Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme
Court of the U. S. from its' establishment in 1798 to 1820.
8vo. cf 2 vols. 3.50. New York. 1821
WHEATON (H.) Reports of Cases argued and determined in
the Supreme Court of the United States from 1816 to 1827.
12 vols. 48.00. .New York. 1827
WHEATON (H.) A Digest of the Law of M!\ritime Captures
"and I'fizBe. 1 vol. 3.50. New York. 1815
WHITAKER (R.)Law of Lien. 1.00.
WHITE (Daniel Ap.) Jurisdiction and
Dourta of Probate of Massacbusetts.
WHEELER (J. D.) Abridgment of American Common Law
Cases argued and determined in the Courts of the several
States, and tbe United States Courts, from tbe earliest
period to the present time, witb Notes and References to
the Statutes of each State, &c. S vols. Svo. 32.00.
New York. lS33
WHEELER(J. D.) Reports of Criminal LawCases, with copious
, Notes and References j containing also a view of the Crimi-
nal Laws of the UIiited States. 3 vols. 12.00. (See ante,
page !xxxiii.) New York. l'S23
WHEELER (J. D.) On the Law of Slavery. Svo.
New York. l S 3 ~
WHEELER'S Chancery Digest. See American Ohancery Digest.
WHITAKER (Richard.)' Law of Lien. Svo. 1.00.
London. lS16
New York. 183!
Proceedings of' tbe
Svo. 0 . 3 ~ .
Salem. lS22
WHITE (F. S.) and TUI!OR'S (P. D.) Selection of Leading Cases
in Equity, with References to American Cases, by Rare
and Wallace. 3 vols. Svo. 13.50. .
Pbiladelphia. lS49-51
WHITE (Joseph M.) New Collection of Laws, Cbarte!:S, and
Local Ordinances of the Governments .of Great 'Britain,
France, and Spain, relating to the Concessions of Land in
their respective Colonies, together with the Laws of Mexico
and Texas on tbe same subject. 2 vols. Svo. 10.00.
Philadelphia. lS39
WWKSTEAD (J.) Attorney and Agent's Table of Costs. Svo.
1.25. London. lS29
WWKSTEA.D '(J.) Solicitor's Table of Costs, in the Court of
Chancery. Svo. 1.25. London. lS30
WIGHTWlCK (John.) Reports of Cases in the Exchequer,
from Sittings after Hil. 'i'erm, 50 Geo.IlL, lSl0, to Sittings
after East. Term, 51 Geo. ilL, lSl1. Svo. 3.50. .
London. lS19
WIGRAM (James.) Points in the Law of Discovery. First
. American from the second London edition. With Notes
. and References to American Cases, by a Member of the
Boston Bar. 1 vol. 3.00 Boston. 1842
WIGRAM (J.) An Examination of the Rules of Law respect-
ing the Administration of Evidence in aid of the Interpre-
tation of Wills. 2.50. Harrisburg
WILLCOCK (J. W.) Law of Municipal Corpor!J,tions, and
Treatise on Mandamus and Quo Warranto. 8vo.
London. 1836
WILLES (Lord Chief Justice.) Reports of Cases in the Com-
mon Pleas, oy Charles Durnford. 8vo. 3.50.
" Dublin. 1800
WILLIAMS (Edward Vaughan.) Treatise on the Law of
,Executors and Administrators, with Notes and References
to American Cases; by Francis J. Troubat. 2 vols. 8vo
10,00. Philadelphia. 1849
WILLIAMS (Ephriam.) Massachusetts Reports. See Tyng.
WILLIAMS (Thomas Walter.) Abridgment of Cases in the
Courts of Law, during the Reign of Geo. III. 5 vols. 8vo.
15.00. London. 1798
WILLI,AMS (T. W.) On Parochial Law. 2 vols. 5.00.
r' .. London. 1817
'i -: ._ ,<0 ...
, WILLI!'HJ. W.) , Practical Treatise on the Duties and Respon-
sibilitie!l of-Trustees. evo. 1.25. London. 1827
Circumstantial Evidence. 2d ed. 1.50.
'. ,:' " ." - , Philadelphia.. 1852
) -.:. "- - '.' .
, Opinions and Judgments de-
,:. 'dIffeJ'lllltCeurts. 4to. Neat half calf. 4.50.
.. . .- London. 1802
'c W ILl10N of Cases in the King's Beneh and
fr9m"Hil. Term, 16 Geo. II., to East
. TeJ!il; 14; Ghto; I!;J;' 3d e,<t corrected. 3 vols. 8vo. 10.50.
: "•• . "",.. London 1799
. (J.) 0.50.
<>.:;:.-.. ". '.', '..:--' . Dublin. 1793
WILSON (J.) Reports of Cases in Chancery, co=encing in
the Sittings after Hilary Term, 1818. "Vol. 1. Parts 1, 2,
and 3, and "Vol. II. Part 1 in 1 vol. Royal8vo. 5.00. _
London. 1821
WILSON (J.) Treatise on Springing Uses and other Limit{l-
tions by Deed, corresponding with Executory Devises,
according to the Arrangement in Mr. Fearne's Essay. 8vo.
1.00. London. 1824
WILSON (Hon. James.) Works o£ 3 vols. 8vo.
Philadelphia. 1804
WILSON (Serjeant.) On Common Recovery. 8vo. 1.50.
Dublin. 1
WILSON (Serjeant.) Treatise on Fines and Recoveries. 12IiJ.o.
London. 1780
WINGATE (Eben.) Britton. Second edition, faithfullY' cor-
rected according to divers ancient Manuscripts of the same
Book. 18mo. 4.50. London. 1640
WINCH (Sir Humphrey.) Book of Entries, containing Declar-
ations, Informations, and other Select and Approved Plead,
ings. Folio. cj. 2.50. London. 1680
WINTHROP (Lt. Col. G. T.) Trial by a Court Martial. . ll.vp;
1.00. Boston. 1832
WISCONSIN Reports. See cxliii." ,
WINSLOW (F.) Pleas of Insanity in' CrliniIial
0..50. ' Boston. 1843
WOOD (Thomas.) of the Laws 9f
Laws of England ill their Natural Order.•1.Oth'ed."--Po'iiCi.
5.00. • ' - ',HLomlen·.,' 1'7'12
WOOD (Thomas.) Institutes ofthe "3d,
Folio. cj. 2.50. ' .. -:.; :':,' Sav.oj. ,"1,7.24
- _ ..... - . .' ... ..:.
WOOD (T.) New Institute .of the,lrr!perfal-or-Civil Law...
vo}. Folio. ' .. .• , .. ;::'London: !tS'V
WOODBURY (Charles J<;l-e9
) -qf::
argued l!nd
Umted States for the First CircUit. 3 vols...,16.5iL,.. '
. ' '. "
WOODDESON (Richard.) Elements of Jurisprudence. 8vo;
1.25. Dublin. 1792
WOODPESON (Richard.) . Systematical View of the Laws of
England,. as treated of in a course of Vinerian Lectures,
read at Oxford, during a series of years, commencing in
Mich. Term, 1777. 3 vols. 8vo. 9.QO.
London. 1792
WOODFA):.L'S Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant;
with a fuII collection of Precedents and Forms of Procedure
entirely remodelled' and greatly enlarged by S. B. Harrison,
Esq.· The 5th ed. by F. L. Wollastan, Esq. Royal 8vo.
10.00. London. 1843
WOOLRYCH (H. W.) Life of the Right Hon. Edward Coke.
8vo. -1.50. London. 1826
WOOLRYCH (H. W.) On the Law of Ways, Bridges and Fer-
ries, &c. From the London edition. 8vo. 2.00.
. Philadelphia. 1834
WOOLRYCH (H. W.) Practical Treatise on the Commercial
and Mercantile Law of England. 8vo. 2.50.
London. 1829
WOOLRYQH (H. W.) The Law of Party Walls and Fences.
8vo. 4.00. London. 1845
WOqLRYCH (H. W.) Treatise of the Law of Sewers, including
the Drainage Acts. 8vo. 3.00. London. 1849
WORDWORTH (C. F. Y.) On the Law of Railways, .Banking,
and other Joint Stock Companies. 5th ed. 8vo.
London. 1845
WRIGHT (Andrew.) Court Hand Restored, or the Student's
Assistant in. Reading Oold Deeds, Charters, Records, &c.,
with.23 copper plates. 4to. 4.00. London 1834
WRIGHT (John C.) Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery,
decided by the Supreme Court of Ohio during the years
1831-34. 8vo. 5.00. Columbus. 1835
WirGHT (Sir Martin:) Introduction to the Law of Tenures.
London. 1792
WYClIE (William.) Treatise on the Practice of the Supreme
CQUrt of Jndicature. of the State of New York in Civil
0..75.. . .. ' '0 • New York. 1794
WYNNE (Edward.) Eunomus, or Dialogues concerning the
Law and Constitution of England, with an Essay on Dia-
logue. 4 vols. 1 2 I J ] 0 ~ . 4.00. . London. 1785
WYNNE (E.) Eunomus. Fifth edition, with Notes, &c., by
W. W. Bytherwood. 18mo. .3.50. London. 1822
YATES (John V. N.) A Collection of Pleadings and Practical
Precedents, with Notes thereon, and Approved Forms of
Bill of Costs; containing, also, Refer:ences, &c., to "Graham's
Practice. 2d ed. 7.00. New York. 1831
YEAR Books; or Reports from 1 Edward r., to 28 Henry
VUf., with Notes to Brook's and Fitzherbert's Abridg-
ments. 11 parts in 6. French. Folio. cj 60.00.
London. 1618
YEATES (Hon. Jasper.) R&ports of Cases adjudged in the
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. 4 vols. 8vo. 20.00.
Philadelphia. 1811-19
YELVERTON (Sir Henry.) Reports in King's Bench, temp.
Eliz. aud Jac. 1., 2d ed., by William Wylde. Folio. 200.
London. 1674
YELVERTON (Sir Henry.) Rl'ports of Cases in the King's
Bench, temp. Eliz. and Jac. 1.; 1st Am. from the 4th Eng.
ed., with Notes, by Theron Metcalf. 8vo. 3.50.
Andover. 1820
YOUNGE (Edward,) and COLLYER (John.) Reports of Cases
decided in the High Court of Chancery, by the Right Hon.
Sir J. L. Knight Bruce, Vice-Chancellor. 2 vols. 8vo.·
(See }<}nglish Chancery Reports, ante, page xl) New York
ABSTRACT OF TITLE.-Gardner, Harper, Lee, Moore,
Preston and Stewart.
AMERICAN LAW, &c.-Burrill, Dallas, Greenleaf, Hoffman,
Phillipps, Kent, Reeves, Story, Sedgewick, U. S. Law Ma-
ABRIDGMENTS -Bacon, Brooke, Blackstone, Cotton, Curry,
Comyns, Dane, Fitz·Herbert, General Abridgment, Hawkins,
Johnson. Leigh, Lewis, Petersdorff, Rolle, Selwyn, Statham,
Viner, Washington, Wheeler, Williams, Warren.
Browne, Espinasse, Hammond, Jackson, Mansel, Roscoe
ADMIRALTY.-Benedict, Browne, Conkling's Collection,
Clerke, Cooper, Curtis, Dodson, Dunlap, Edwards, Greene;
Hinchliffe, Horne, Haggard, Marten, Lee, Marriott, Oliver,
Pritchard, Robinson, Stewart, W. Robinson.
AGENCY.-Dunlap, Livermore, Paley, Story, Thebold.
ANNUAL REGISTER.-Dodsley, Williams.
ANNUITIES.-B1ayney, De Moivre, Farren, Hudson, Hunt,
Kennedy. Lumbey, Mahon.
ARBITRATION AND AWARDS.-Bacon, BilIin, Caldwell,
Stephens, Watson, Wilson.
Pulling, Richardson, Thompson, Warren, Wickstead.
AVERAGE.-Stevens and Benecke.
AWARDS.-Bacon, Kyd, Watson.
BAILMENTS.-Highmore, Jones, Montague, Peterdorff, Story.
Cutler, Deacon, Ingraham, Owen.
BARON AND FEMEc-Bingham, Bright, Clancy, Croke,
Lewis, Poynter, Roper.
BIBLIOGR.A.PHY.-Bridgman, Clarke, Eden, Marvin.
BILLS OF EXCHANGE.-Bayley, Byles, Chitty, Chitty, Jr.
Cunningham, l£vans, Lawes, Kyd, Roscoe, Story.
BRIDGES, FERRIES, &c.-Woolrych.
CARRIERS.-Angell, Jeremy, Whitaker. ,
CHANCERY.-8ee Equity.
CHARITIES -Boyle, Duke, Shelford.
CHARTERS,-Brigham, Charter of Massachusett's Bay, Char·
ter of Darmouth College.
CIVIL LAW.-See Roman Oivil Law.
CODES AND CODIFICATION;-Civil Code of Louisiana;
Code Napoleon, Code Civil Code des Prises, Criminal Code"
Code of Procedure, Delvincourt, Frederician Code, Gentoo
Laws, Livingston, Park, Rogron, Wintgens.
CQINING.-Criminal Code.
COLONIAL LAW.-Brigham, Colonial, Howard, Woodcock.
LAW.-Beames, Bentham, Bird, Blackstone, Bracton, Burge,
Bynkershoek, Chitty, Coke, Curry, Clerke, Finch, Fitz-ller·
bert, Glanville, Grabam, Hale, Hilliard, Jacob, JO,hnson,
Kent, Kinne, L. Grammar, Montesquieu, Noy, Oliver, Priest·
ley, Plowden, Prynne, Sedgwick, Story, Study and Practice
ofth<J Law, Stephens, Thomas, Walker, Warren, Wooddeson.
Boulay-Paty, Bousquet, Brice, Capmany, Chitty, Commercial
Regulations, Commercial Report, Cross, Curtis, Danson &
Lloyd, Dean, Dunlap, Ellis, Emerigon, Forsyth, Gilleland,
Hare and Wallace, Malynes, Molloy, Montefiore, Moses,Okey,
Paley, Pardessus, Pitman, Ricard, Roccus, Rogron, Russell,
Sea Laws, Story, Smitb, Wintgens, Woolrych.
COMMENTARIES, &c.-Hoff!llan, Kent, Nisbit, Rebuffina,
Terrien, Vinnius, Voet, Wood.
COMMERCIAL LAW.-Holcombe, Holt, Molloy, Reeves"
Sawyer, Selden, Smith, Theob&ld.
COMMON CARRIERS.-Angell, Jeremy.
COMMON PLACE BOOK.-Lawyers', Todd, Gould..'
CONSTITUTION, ENGLISH.-Anstey, Bentham, Bigelow,
Collectanea Jurldicll" De Lolme, Higden, Sadler, Squire, Ste-
phens, Stuart, Sullivan, Taylor, 'l'yrrell, Van Heythusen,
Western, Wynne, Wood, Woodeson. .
Collection des Constitutions, Elliutt, Federalist, Hall, Mar-
shall, Oliver, Rawle, Secret Debates, Sergeant, Story, Smith.
CONTRACIS.-Addison, Batten, Boulay.Paty, Bousquet,
Chitty, Comyn, Emerigon, Parsons, Pothier, Powell, Smith,
Story, Verplanck.
CONVEYANOING.-Barton, Bird, Bridgman, Conveyancers,
Light, Coventry,Curtis, Frend &Ware,Gradon, Horsman,LiIly,
Oliver, Perkins, Powell, Ritson, Roberts, Thornton, Watkyns.
COPYRIGHT.-Burke, Curtis, Godson, Wheaton v. Pete'rs.
CORONERS.-See Sheriff.
CORPORATIONS.-Angell and .Ames, Kyd, Willcock.
COSTS.-Hallock, Sayer, Wickstead.
COURTS MARTIAL.-See Military Law.
CRIMINAL LAW.-Archbold, Beccaria, Boscawen, Barbour,
British Crown Cases, Burton, Carrington, Chitty, Criminal
Code, Crown Circuit Companion, Davies, Dog-herty, East,
Espinasse, Foster, Gude, Hale, Hands, Hawkins, Jackson,
Jebb, Leach, Lewin, Lewis, Livingston, LonlJdale, Miller,
Rogron, Rogers, Ryland, Roscoe, Russell, Starkie, Stephens,
Stllbbs" Thacher, Tremaine, Voltaire, Wharton, Wheeler,
DAMAGES.-Sayer, Sedgwick.
DESCENTS.-llileve, Watkins.
DEVISES.-Gilbert, Jarman, Powell.
DICTIONAR1ES.-Bousquet, Bouvier, Burrell, Cowell, Dic-
tionnaire Analytique, Dictionnaire Raisonne, Holthouse, Ja-
cob, Kelha'rn, Law Latin, Lee, Maxwell, Taylor, Terms de
Ia Ley, Tomlins, Wharton, Whishaw.
DIGESTS OF AMERICAN LAW.:-American' Chancery Di-
gest, Barbour and Harrington, Bullard & Curry, Benjamin &
Slidell, Clerke, Comstock, Conover, Curtis, Cobbs, Dane, Day,
Dutton, Dallam, Eastman, Gilchrist. Gordon, Gilman, Hol-
combe, Halsted, Iredell, Johnson, Ligon. Maryland Digest,
Minot, Meigs, NewYork, Peters, Phillips, P.rince, Pirtle, Rice,
Revis,. Sherman, Smedes, Swift, 'I'hompson, Tates, Thornton,
Vernon, Wharton, Waterman, Wheaton, Wilcox, Wheeler.
DIGESTS, OF ENGLISH LAW.-Analytical Digest, Bridg,
man, Chitty, Comyns, Coventry and Hughes, Crabbe, Cruise,
Index to English Common Law, Espinasse, Greene, Ham-
mond, Harrison. Jeremy, Manning, Montagu, Oulton, Pritch-
ard, Repertorium Juridicum, Robinson, Tables, Tomlin,
Waddilove, Weskett.
DIPLOMACY.-Dumint et Rousset, Elliott.
DISCOVERY.-Hare, Wigram.
DISTRESS.-Bradby, Gilbert.
DOWER.-Lambert, Park.
EASEMENTS.-Gale and Whatley.
ECCLESIASTICAL LAW.;-Addams, Burn, Gibson.
EQUITY.-American Chancery Digest, Alexander, Barbour,
Barton, Bennet, Cary, Cases, Cooper, Curtis, Daniell, Ed-
wards, Finch, Fonblanque, General Abridgment, Gilbert,
Graham, Grant, Gray, Gresley, Hardwicke, Harrison, Hoff·
man, Hovenden, Hughes, Jeremy, Jolmes, Lockwood, Mad-
dock, Lube, Mitford, Newland, Oliver, Parkes, Pleader's
Assistant, J::ieaton, Smith, Spence, Story, Tothill, Tudor"
Yernon, Waterman, Welford, Wheeler, White.
ESTATES.-Bisset, Chambers, Chart, Dawes, Fletcher, Hart-
land, Hayes, Inwood, Jickling, Noy, Preston, Sugden, Sweet,
Wilkinson, Watkins.
Beaumont, Bentham, Christian, Co-
ventry, Espinasse, Garde, Garratt, Gilbert, Glassford, Green-
leaf, Gresley, Harrispn, Holroyd, Hubback, Hare, Mackinnon,
Mathews, Morgan, MacNally, Peake, Phillipps, Questions,
Roscoe, Starkie, Stephens, Swift, Theory, Tamlyn,
Tomlins, Van Heythuysen, Whitcomhe, Wigram, Wills.
EXCHEQUER.-Crompton, Howard, Meeson and Weliby,
Meeson and Roscoe, Price. -
ton, Jarman, Kirtland, Lomax, Swan, Wentworth, Williams,
Wilson, Wright.
FEUDAL LAW.-Cragius, Dalrymple, Gilbert, Sullivan.
FINES.-Cruise, Hands, Wilson.
FIXTURES.-Amos and Ferard.
FORMS.-American Form Book, Clerk's Assistant, Getz
Form Book, Humphrey, Thesaurus Brevium, Tillinghast,
Tate, Walker, Yates.
FORMS AND ENTRIES.-Brownlow, Clift, Ferguson, Gray-
don, Greening, Levinz, Liber Instrationum, Lilly, Lutwyche,
Mallory, Oliver, Seaton, Tidd, Vidian, Winch.
FRAUDS.-Hovendon, Roberts.
FREE TRADE.-McDonnell.
FRENCH LAW.-AugiIesseau, Barbeyrac, Barreau, Basnage,
Bentham, Boileux, Boncenne, Bouhier, Boulay·Paty, Bous-
quet, Choi?C de Rapports, Cochin, Commentaires, &c., de
Normandie, Coquille, D'Aguesseau, Danty, Doc.-
trina Placitandi, Domat, Dupin, Duplesis, Emerigon, Fer-
riere, Flaust, Galliset, Guenois, Henry's, Houard, Klimrath,
Locre, Martens, Merlin, Montesquieu, Odier, Ortolan, Parant,
Pandectes Francaises, Peyre, Pothier, Receuil General, Re-
flexions, Ricard, Rogron, Terrien, Teulet et Loiseau, Toullier,
Traite des Prises, Troplong.
GAMING.-Disney, Edwards, Oliphant.
Burgh, Chipman, Eden, Elliott, Federalist, Fragment on Go-
vernment, -(ournal, Lieber, Miller, Paul, Siderfin, Sidney,
Sommers, Spence, Smith, State papers, Tracts on Law, &c.
Tucker. .
GRAMMAR.-Jacob's Law.
HUSBAND AND WIFE.-(See also Marriage.)-Bright, Bell,
Clancy, Reeve, Roper. '
INDEXES.-See Digests.
INFANCY.-Bingham, Macpherson.
INJUNCTIONS.-Eden, Waterman.
INSURANCE.-Annesley, Arnauld, Beaumont, Burn, Duel',
. Giles, Hammond, Hildyard, Hughes, Park, Phillips, Sher-
man, Stevens and Benecke, Weskett.
INTERNATIONAL LAW.-See Law of Nature and Nations.
JUDGMENTS.-Brigham, Bridgman.
JURIES.-Carey, Kennedy, Reflexions.
JURISPRUDENCE.-Elements of, Wooddeson.
JUSTICES.-Barbour, Burn, Caldecott, Complete Justice,
Condudor Generalis, Cowen, Dalton, Davis, Dickinson, Ea-
gle, Fitzberbert, Home, KilburD; Robinson, Smytb, Toone,
LANDLORD AND TENANT.-Chambers, Comyn, Law of
Ireland, Smytb, Taylor, Woodfall.
LAND LAWS.-Hall, Laws, U. S. Land Laws, White.
LAND TITLES.-Sullivan.
ershoek, Eden, Grotius, Lee, Mackintosh, Martens, Puffen-
dorf, Rutherforth, Selden, Vattel, Ward, Wheaton.
LAW TRACTS.-Bacon, Collectanea, Hall, Hargrave, Tracts
on Law, &c.
LEADING CASES,-.A.merican, Smith, White and Tudor.

LEGACIES.-PrestoD, Roper.
LEGAL PERIODiCALS.-American Law Journal,
Jurist, Hall's American Law Journal, Journal of Law, Law
Library, Law Magazine, Law Reporter, Legal Observer, N.
Y. Legal Observer, U. S. Law Magazine.
LEGAL STUDY.-Anthon, Hoffman, Law Student.
LEGISLATION.-See Government.
LIBEL AND SLANDER.-Holt, Rowan, Starkie.
LIEN.-Montagu, Whitaker. I
LIMITATION.-Angell, Ballantine, Joynes.
LUNACY.-Collinson, Highmore. .,
MARITIME LAW.-See Commercial Law.
MARRIAGE.-(See also Husband and Wife.)-Atherly, Odier.
MAXIMS.-Broom, Francis, Herman, Noyes, Ritson, Taylor:
MEDICAL JURrSPRUDENCE.-Beck, Chitty, Dean, Griffith,
Guy, Paris & ;Fonblanque, RaJ', Taylor.
MERCANTILE LAW.-See Commercial.-Smith.
MILITARY LAW.-Adye, Delafons, De Hart, Hough, Kenne-
dy, Macomb, McArthur, M'Naghten, Maltby, O'Brien. Tytler.
MINES.-Bainbridge, Rockwell.
MORTGAGES.-Allen, Powell.
NATLJRAL LAW.-See Law of Nature and Na1ions.
NISI PRIUS.-Archbold, Bridgman, Buller, Espinasse, Ham-
mond', Leigh, Peake, Roscoe, Selwyn, Starkie, Stephens.
OVERRULED CASES.-Greenleaf, Lockwood.
PARLIAMENT.-Annales du ParlemeIit Francais, Advice,
Bramwell, Buchez et Rocix, Christian, Collectanea, Cooper,
Cases, Cobbett, Dwarris, Ellis, Elsynge. Espinasse, Ferrall,
Frere, Griffith, Halcomb, Hale, Hammond, Hannay, Hatsell,
Holt's Judgment, Hansard, Lumley, Macqueen, May, Mirror
of Parliament, Oldfield, Parliamentary Journals, Parliamen-
. tary Reports, Palmer, Palgrave, Parliamentary History, De-
bates, andPapers, P\lmberton, Peyronnet. Pickering, Pollock,
Practica,1 Instructions, Practice of, Rankin, Riddell, .Rowe,
Ryley, Scott, Sewell, Sherwood, Standing Orders, Sydney,
Sadler, Scobell, Shower, Wight.
PARTNERSHIP.-Bisset, Carey, Collyer, Gow, Story, Wat-
PATENTS.-Gillett, Godson, Burke, Hindmarch, Phillips,
Pritchard, Rankin, Fessenden, Webster.
PLEADING.-Archbold, Bahnn, Chitty, Cooper, Daniell, Doc-
trina Placitandi, English Pleader, Evans, Ewer, Ferguson,
Greening, Heath, Impey, Jackson, Lawes, Lube, Mitford,
Morgan, Pleader's Assistant, Saunders, .Starkie, Stephens,
Story, Tucker, Vidian, Welford, Wentworth, Yates.
PLEAS OF THE OROWN.-East, Gude, Hale, Hawkins,
KellJam, MacNally, Stamford, Tremaine.
POWERS.:-'Ohance, Powell, Sugden.
PRAOTICE, AMERICAN.-Anthon, Beebe, Barbour, Burrill,
Oaines, Oolby, Oonkling, Dardell, Deacon, Dunlap, Graham,
Graydon, Hoffman, Howe, Jackson, Monell, Newland,
Richardson, Swan, Townsend, Wyche.
-PRAOTICE.-Archbold, Attorney's, Barnes, Compendium,
Dux, Dea,con, Ferguson, Gilbert, Graham, Gude, Hands,
Harrison, Rovenden, Impey, Instructor Olericalis, Maddock,
Sellon, Sheridan, Smith, Spotiswoode, Tidd.
.PREOEDENTS.-Anthon, Barton, Bird, Oonveyancer's Light,
Chitty, Ferguson, Finch, Freud and Ware, Horsman, Hum-
phreys, Kilburn Oliver,. Placita Genera.Jia, Powell, Prece-
dents of Declarations, Robinson, Tremaine, Tillinghast,
Wharton, WiIliam8, Yates.
PRINOIPAL AND AGENT.-Livermore, Paley, Theobald.
PRINOIPAL AND SURETY.-Ourtis, Pitman, Theobald.
PROMISSORY NOTES.-Ohitty, Kyd, Story.
PUBLIC LANDS.-Laws, U. S. Land Laws.
RAILWAYS AND CANALS.-Shelford, Welford.
RANK AND DIGNITY.-Oruise, Heywood.
REAl! .A:CTIONS.-Booth, Jackson, Stearns.
REAL PROPERTY.-Crabbe, Cruise, Greenleaf, Heath,
Hilliard, Humphreys, Lee, Roscoe.
RECEIVERS.-Edwards, Bennett.
RECOVERIES.-Pigott, Wilson.
REPORTS, AMERICAN.-See page c=xiii.
REPORTS, ENGLISH.-See their respective Titles.
Argentre, Averanii, Ayliffe, Barbosre, Bever, Boileux,
Brissonius, Browne, Castello, Caroli, Cooper, Corpus Juris
Civilis, Cujacius, Domat, Ferriere; Heineccius, Hoppius,
Irving, Jensii, Justinian, Mackeldey, Miller, Noodt, Per-
ezius, Pothier, Rogron, Saunders, Schultingius, Taylor,
Vinnius, Voet, Warnessius, Wood.
SALES.-Hilliard, Pothier, Story.
SETT-OFF.-Barbour, Montagu.
. SEWERS.-Woolrych.
SHERIFF.-Allen, Bachus, Dalton, Gynne, Hartshorne, Im-
pey, Lewis, New England Sheriff, Sewell, Watson.
SHIPPING.-Abbott, Reeves.
SLANDER.-See Libel.
STATE ·PAPERS.-American, Sadler, Vermont.
STA'rE TRIALS.-Hargrave, Hogan, Howell, Wharton.
See· Trials.
STATUTE LAW, AMERICAN.-Laws of the United States,
Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, &c.
STATUTE LAW, ENGLISH.-Barrington, Evans, Jacob,
TEN,URES:-Blount, Fisher, Gilbert, Littieton, Wright.
'l'OWN OFFIOER.-Dickinson, Freeman, Thomas, Waterman.
TREATIES.-Barbeyrac, Martens.
TRIALS.-Burke, Oelebrated Trials, Ohase, Oochrane, Gib.
bons v. Ogden, Goodwin, Gordon, Hampden, Militia Re.
porter, Peck, Peltier, Prescott, Rogers, Rowan, Select
Trials, Stansbury, Trials of the Bishops, Webster, Winthrop.
See State Trials.
TRUSTEES.-Brackenridge, Hill, Lewin, Willis.
UNDERTAKER.-See Sherif[.
USURY.-B1ydenburg, Oonnyer, Ord, Plowden.
WAR AND PEAOE.-See Law of Nature and Nations.
WILLS.-Allen, Bird, Brady, Gilbert, Oowlard, CJrabb, Oros-
ley, Davidson, Fisher, Foster, Fraser, Haklewood, Hawks-
head, Hayes, Hudson, Hughes, Jarman, Keatiuge, Lovelass,
Lush, Plain Advice, Powell, Ran'l, Read, Roberts, Roper,
Shelford, Sugden, Sweet, Swinburne, Taylor, Tomlins,
Weatherby, Wigram, Wilkinson, Worthington.
WRITS.-Brevium, Thesaurus, Tillinghast.

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