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Business Name

Dear Potential Sponsor,
I am writing on behalf of Amity Global Business School Bangalore, to ask for
sponsorship for our Inaugral Management Fest - _____________________ which is
scheduled on 26th and 27th of October, 2016.
I would like to extend an invite to your company to participate in this networking
and advertising opportunity. We are looking for a contribution of ______ and for
this we would ensure that you have ample opportunity to promote your business
to approximately 50 colleges across Karnataka and outside.
We would ask that you provide to us with your company flag or banner so that
we can display it at the venue, some brochures or information kits that we can
supply to the colleges as well as company logos and information to promote your
We will have presentation at the beginning of the evening, on the second day
plus we will have our own slideshow presentation that will include your logos and
perhaps some other information that I will discuss with you at a later date, this
presentation will be continuously playing throughout the event.
We will take the opportunity to make a special mention of your support and after
the event. Give us opportunity to meet the concerned person for discussing it
further. We would be happy to give you some more guidelines of what we require
to benefit our clients as well as to promote your business.

Kindest Regards
Dr. Preeti Bajaj#
Amity Bangalore.

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