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Std. 4. I Sem G.K. Revision. 2016-17.

Ex. 1. Answer in one word.

1. The worlds slowest growing tree is located in the great lakes of Canada. It has grown less than 4
inches in height in 155 years. WHITE CEDAR.
2. The worlds fastest growing plant can grow up to two meters in a day. BAMBOO.
3. The tallest tree in the world stands 369 feet tall and is over 2000 years old. It is in Redwood
National Park, California, USA. COAST REDWOOD.
4. This is the worlds biggest flower. This five petalled flower is one metre in diameter and weighs
up to 11kg. TITAN ARUM.
5. They are born grey but turn pink as they grow. FLAMINGO.
6. It is the tallest animal and its blood pressure is the highest among all animals. GIRAFFE.
7. A natural disaster consisting of a fire which destroys a forested area. FORESTFIRE.
8. The gravitational movement of a mass of rock and earth. LAND SLIDE.
9. He was first prime minister of Independent India. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU.
10. The people who watch or listen to a cinema, television or radio programme. AUDIENCE.
Ex. 2. Who am I.
1. I am the most poisonous plant. NERIUM OLEANDER.
2. I am the biggest cactus in the world. CARDON CACTUS.
3. I can live without water longer than a camel can. RAT.
4. I am the fastest swimming fish in the sea. SAIL FISH.
5. I can walk on land but lives mostly in the ocean. OTTER.
6. I am the national flower of Japan. CHERRY BLOSSOM.
7. I started a hunger strike against corruption in India. ANNA HAZARE
8. I am the 15th and current Prime Minister of India. SHRI NARENDRA MODI.
9. I wrote national anthem of India. RABINDRANATH TAGORE.
10. I am very important part of your body. I pump blood to all parts of body. HEART.
11. I am the longest dam in India. I am 26km long. HIRAKUND.
12. I am the highest mountain peak in India. KANCHANJUNGA.
13. I am the first Indian to win back to back medals at the Olympic Games. SUSHILKUMAR
14. I have three hearts and blood is light blue. OCTOPUS.
15. I dont have a brain. JELLY FISH.
EX. 3. Match the following.
1. Jagannath temple = Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
2. Mahabodhi = Gaya, Bihar.
3. Dargah Sharif = Ajmer, Rajasthan.
4. The longest river bridge in India = Mahatama Gandhi Setu.
5. The largest fresh water lake = Wular lake.
6. It has its teeth in the stomach = Crab.
7. Mysore is famous for = Sandal wood.
8. Makrana is famous for = Marble.
9. The founder of the Microsoft Corporation = Bill Gates.
10. The worlds largest market for diamond polishing and cutting = Surat.
Ex. 4. MCQs.
1. Amount of milk is measured in ____
a. Kg., b. litre, c. metre.

2. They help us in breathing. They are two in numbers. The air we breathe in goes into these two =
a. Kidney, b. Lungs, c. Heart.
3. New born babies do not have _____
a. Heart, b. teeth, c. liver.
4. A person who watches a show, games or other event = _____
a. Spectators, b. community, c. Mobs.
5. The second highest waterfall in India. It is in Karnataka. ________
a. Ganga, b. Jog Waterfall, c. Siachan
6. She is a fire time world boxing champion and winner of a bronze medal in boxing at the 2012
olympics. __________
a. Mary Kom, b. Sainal Nehwal, c. S. Tendulkar.
7. ______ can walk on land but lives mostly in ocean.
a. Emu, b. Otter, c. Giraffe.
8. ______ is the second tallest flightless bird.
a. Emu, b. elephant, giraffe.
9. Although the sun is many times larger than the earth, it appears to be small because
a. It is far away, b. it is very bright, c. it is yellow in colour.
10. A group of wolves is called _______
a. Pack, b. herd, c. sloth.
Ex. 5. Fill up the gaps.

The rotation of earth creates day and night.

Revolution of earth causes seasons.
Sailfish is the fastest swimming fish in the sea.
Chameleon can move its eyes in two separate directions at the same time and can change its
5. Earthquake is a violet movement of the rocks in the earths crust.
6. Aligarh is famous for locks.
7. J. K. Rowling is the author of seven fantasy books of the Harry Potter Series.
8. Subhash Chandra Bose led the Indian National Army and struggled for the independence of India
against British rule.
9. Sia chen is the largest glacier in India.
10. Vijaykumar won a silver medal in the 25m rapid fire pistol event at the 2012 Olympics.
11. Fruits are weighed in Kilogram.
12. Purity of gold is measured in Carat.
13. Frequency of sound is measured in Hertz.
14. Heat is measured in Joules.
15. Speak politely and respectfully to the teachers and other staff members in the school.

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