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Dear Phd Admission Office,

I hope you are doing very well.

The nature of job requires a person with leadership qualities, ability to recognize problems and
provide best solution. A firms success depends on the ability of self-motivated and task driven staff
to grasp a problem, evaluate the best way to solve it, and then work until the solution is in hand. I
believe that I have all the diverse skills as required.I possess the knowledge and systematic
understanding of a field of research and cam add original contributions to the field. Also I have the
skills and competence in research and analysis , ability to critically assess intellectual claims, theories
and arguments and large capacity to produce a thesis that contributes to the knowledge and
understanding of the field of learning within which the subject of the thesis falls . My attitude and
commitment to applying the knowledge acquired in the chosen field and conducting further research
in an ethical and socially responsible manner is constant.
I have attained both first class degrees of bachelor (honors) & masters in business administration from
Institute of Business Administration Pakistan, the oldest business school outside North America. I am
specialized in finance/marketing and now keen to apply for a PhD studentship at your University .
My Past 10 years of experience include Territory Manager at Shell Oil Pakistan, Regional Manager and
Supply Planner at Petromin Corporation in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recently I am developing business
for SI as GM for GCC , Pakistan ,China, Central and Far East Asia Markets. I have handled complex
projects like removing armed security guards from shell retail fuel forecourts & managed diverse team
of area managers to achieve sales targets. My professional experience includes retail franchise sales
and operations, business development, planning as well as brand and communication. Served as a
catalyst for successful business initiatives like haulers professionalization program, I was always
complemented by a high caliber general management. With the proven track record in delivering
value to team and organization, my work experience has foster meritorious correspondence skills in
English and ability to network expertly with diverse stakeholders such as colleagues, customers,
retailers, suppliers, consultants and senior executives from industry. To complete the research and
accomplish support provision activities, I have notable precise report writing and distinctive
presentation skills.
For the quest of innovative processes, repeatable improvements & best practices, I have traveled to
UK, USA, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Pakistan, Lebanon and UAE. My last research
project success is helping keep low cost for two organizations, Petromin Corporation of KSA and
mighty distributing systems of USA, and to get them into a strategic alignment. I did planning and
managing activities involved in sourcing and procurement of all kinds of automotive filters for a retail
network of 200+ company owned lube oil change stores of petromin express and more than 5000
puncture shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By integrating supply and demand management
within two companies I added value to the end customer along with high entry barriers, supply
assurance, secured outlets & just in time inventory.
What drives me toward PhD is the crevice between the emerging research and current industry
practices. With a particular focus on management issues, I am always eager to bridge the gap between
theory and practice. I am committed to apply myself through extensive study of broad stream of
literature to help with drafting the thesis. This will enable me to resolve emerging challenges and
furnish educational opportunities.

Application and all the required documents are attached below.

Contact me if you require any further information.
Thank you in advance for considering me.
Farrukh Mushtaq Mirza
Cell UAE: +9715288136658
Cell Pak: +92 3321509303