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P.O. 603163 Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

German Lopatin street b 8
phone number : (831) 460-32-59
fax : (831) 460-41-85




1. About us
2. Fully integrated solutions of environmental
problems in the oil and gas industry:
Oil waste neutralization
Oil-contaminated soil cleaning
- Microbiological method of soil remediation
- Soil cleaning all the way down of the
contamination without excavation
Stoppage of oil seepage into artificial,
natural water bodied and ground water
Localization, stoppage of migration and
extraction of petroleum product plume
Comprehensive solution of environmental
3. Complete storage tank service:

Dear friends, partners and clients !

Designing and engineering

T urnaround maintenance
4. Biotechnologies
5. Construction
6. Designing and engineering
7. Permission documentation
8. Our partners

Im proud to present to You the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technology - a solid
team of professionals , that ready to solve most daring and ambitious goals.
We focus on our main competitive advantage: innovative technologies and guaranteed
of quality of works.
In the basis of dynamic company development is constantly studying, development and
rapid introduction of innovative technologies, that corresponding to all modern
requirements of Russian and foreign markets.
We always take responsibility for our actions and want to proud by our work results and
make the world and the environment cleaner and better.
General director
Vladimir Noarov




"Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied Technologies LLC" (NNIAT) is the dynamically developing company
with an extensive network of branches and offices across Russia and overseas.
An extensive network of branches and offices (Moscow, Ryazan, Kislovodsk, Volgograd, Omsk, Perm,
Nizhnekamsk, Saratov, Astana (Kazakhstan) enables NNIAT to perform a full range of designing,
construction, erection and other types of works of any complexity in
Russia and overseas. As a result, we have gained a wide
experience of servicing of leading companies in the oil and gas
A unique innovative technology applied in work progress,
enables to solve problems that were set by the
customer, qualitatively and in time.
Tasks and objectives

The purpose of our work is not only to

obtain our own profit, but also
optimization of customers costs, and
maintaining their business reputation in
connection with their possible negative impact to
the environment. To achieve these objectives we
apply environmentally friendly technologies,
equipment and materials; regularly increasing the
environmental awareness of our staff and experts,
who directly perform works at the facilities; we
monitoring all the latest technologies in the field of
construction and environmental protection.
Technology and qualified specialists of the NNIAT
allow to carry out various complexity professional
works, and to quickly find innovative solutions
when it is necessary. NNIAT has its own park of
construction and special machinery, as well as
the original patented equipment designed by our
All the materials and equipment used in the
process of execution of works are explosion-proof.
All applied methods and techniques are
environmentally safe and aimed at
environmental restoration. Material and
technical potential of the company allows to
work simultaneously at various locations and to
fulfill the obligations under the contracts in
shortest terms in compliance with all criteria of

Oil-contaminated wastes neutralization

Microbiological remediation method

An important activity of the NNIAT is the recycling

and utilization of oil-contaminated wastes and
recultivation of contaminated lands.

NNIAT successfully performs full range

recultivation services of contaminated lands.

Technological and manufacturing capabilities

allow NNIAT neutralize oil sludge, contaminated
soils, and liquid oily wastes. Waste treatment can
be performed by one or several cycles,
depending on the amount oily wastes, thickness
of the layer, area of spills and availability of sites
for recultivation.
Sludge biological treatment takes from 2 weeks
to 2.5 months as it depends on its composition
and volume.

gies of
in demand
worldwide and
implemented in
Europe and in the
Middle East.

If the amount of hydrocarbons in the oily wastes is

greater than 25%, we return hydrocarbons into
production. To return the useful part and to
reduce the amount of wastes to be microbial
decontamination, oily waste are recycled in
centrifuges. Formed sludge cake is recycled with
microbiological method at the remediation
area, or by energy-intensive process in closed
Oil-contaminated soils recultivation

Applied technologies:
contribute to the
improvement of ecological
help to reduce waste volumes of the company
reduce the costs for environmental
help customers to extract additional profit

For several years, we have successfully applied

the method of soil decontamination both on the
surface, and on the entire depth of
contamination without excavation (soil

The process consists of two stages:

removal of oil and oil products from the
structure of soil,
soil remediation (technical and biological
Depending on demands and possibilities of the
customer top layer of soil can be removed and
transferred to the site of bioremediation for later
Upon completion of work, recultivated area is
safe for human health and the environment.
Soil flushing to the entire depth of contamination
without excavation
Main advantages of the technology:
the process of contaminated soil and
groundwater cleaning takes place without the
excavation of soil
stoppage of the migration of the
contaminated groundwater
elimination of the risk of contact of materials
and reagents beyond the area of contamination
during the works
elimination of hydrocarbons on the
groundwater level
complete cleaning of contaminated soil
stoppage of oil seepage of oil into artificial
and natural ponds and groundwater



Stoppage of oil seepage of oil into artificial and

natural ponds and groundwater

Localization, stop of migration and extraction of

petroleum product plume

Contamination of soil and groundwater occurs

when lost oil products (for example, as a result of
accidental spillage) infiltrate into the deeper
layers of the ground. Contaminated
groundwater can be hazardous in case of
hydrocarbons seepage in the surface water

When oil seeps into the deeper layers of ground

hydrocarbons can exist in underground
conditions and in the free form in the form of socalled lens, migrating together with groundwater
without mixing with it.

To solve this problem, we have developed a

technology, assuming an impenetrable wall
device, isolating the source of contamination into
groundwater and water bodies, installing of
impervious cards and water purification

We have experience in the construction of

separation walls, preventing the spread of
contaminated groundwater and purification of
polluted areas. The applied methods of
remediation are capable in a short time to restore
the ecology of the territory near the source of
A result of application of this technology:
Stopped seepage of hydrocarbons into the
Moscow River along the front of 150 m in length by
ground claying with arrangement of underground
biologically active filters for groundwater offloading. The source of contamination into the
Moscow River water protection zone eliminated;
groundwater purification of hydrocarbons
contamination performed.

To solve such problems, our specialists have

developed a set of measures to stop migration
and extract groundwater lenses.
At the area of enterprise during the year were
recovered and transferred to the customer 24 000
tons of oil containing liquids from underground

l e n s e s
under the
industrial site
the company.
Average daily
e x t r a c t i o n o f
hydrocarbons from the
surface of the ground water
was about 100 tons, which
further were involved in the production. The
whole area of the plant was equipped with a
network of casing wells (more than 700 pcs.) for
pumping hydrocarbons accumulated over the
life of the enterprise.
It is worth mentioning that before works started,
engineering survey have been held by our
company to determine the distribution
boundaries of oil containing liquid and the depth
of its occurrence under the industrial site.
The result of the application of developed
technology was not only qualitative
performance of works, but also the subsequent
implementation of the project for drilling and
completion of exploratory wells and monitoring
for availability of objective control of oil
containing liquid, groundwater level
measurement and hydrogeological monitoring
the situation in the main streams of

Oily waste disposal

Microbiological soil remediation
Cleaning of oil-contaminated soil for the whole depth without excavation
Cease of oil products spill into artificial and natural water bodies;
cease of oil products seep into ground waters
Localization, cease of migration and extraction of
underground pools (lenses) with oil products
At the enterprises of oil and gas industry


Nizhny Novgorod Institute Applied Technologies

provides a full spectrum of works on servicing of all
types and sizes of tanks, design, installation,
repairing, cleaning, and demounting.
During the use of storage tank as well as for crude
oil or various kinds of products, accumulation
inside the oil sludge occurs which makes it difficult

Comprehensive solution of environmental

One of the priorities of the Nizhny Novgorod
Institute of Applied Technologies is the design
and development of an integrated approach to
solving environmental problems, which is a
guarantee of intensifying and accelerating the
process of improving of ecological situation.
Nizhny Novgorod Institute Applied Technologies
offers you a method of closed cycle recycling of
oil-contaminated wastes withe the possibility of
extracting a useful hydrocarbons part and
minimize the amount of wastes to be
microbiological decontamination. Such
approach assumes there is no need to recycle
wastes at the landfill, and therefore no additional
costs to the customer, associated with the
removal, utilization and the negative impact to
the environment. Due to developed and applied
technology, we can return separated oil to the
Customer and the remaining wastes can be
neutralized by microbiological method at the
bioremediation site, or energy-intensive process
in closed containers. After recycling soil mixture
can be used for road filling, elimination of gullies,
backfill pits to create a lawn or align the terrain at
the enterprise, according to 711-001-93754080-2014.
As a result of the integrated approach:
since August 2013 we recycled more than 150 000
m3 oily wastes, useful part of the oil was returned
into the production cycle of enterprises.

manufacturing processes and wear of pipelines

and there is a small amount of oil in the residual
sediment, which facilitates their utilization and
has a positive ecological effect. Multiple reviews
and letters of appreciation we received on the
results of our work, it is the proof of reliability of the
developed technology.
Technology and qualified specialists of the Nizhny
Novgorod Institute of Applied technologies allow
performing works at complicated, emergency

neutralized more than

60 000 m3 oily wastes
using microbiological
65,000 m3 of oil-contaminated
soil were remediated without
excavation in Moscow river water
protection zone and more than 785 000 m3 at
the territory of enterprise.
Integrated system of solving environmental
problems that are associated with the
formation of oil-contaminated wastes,
developed by Nizhny Novgorod Institute
Applied Technologies is the most profitable
for the customer enterprises.
All applied methods, technologies and
materials are environmentally friendly and
aimed at environmental restoration.
It should be noted that works this kind and
scale have not conducted in Russia before.

to use and makes

it necessary to
clean the tank, to
transport and recycle
wastes. Since 2006, Nizhny
Novgorod Institute of Applied
Technologies successfully applied "know-how"
technology to accelerate the removal of solid
sludge from the tanks of all types and sizes. The
applied technology can significantly reduce the
cleaning costs and further storage or waste
Please note that this technology
allows bringing sludge into the
liquid condition and
returning to the
production cycle up
to 97% of the
organic oil that is
certainly a net
profit for Enterprise, this profit often significantly
exceeds the expenses for tanks cleaning. (at
large sediments profit of the company can be
several millions of dollars), and the costs of
enterprise for disposal of sludge are reduced
almost to a minimum.
Important advantages of this technology is that
the pumped oil is substantially free of mechanical
impurities, as a result there is no violation of

tanks, which were refused to maintain by other

service companies.
For example, successfully completed work on
cleaning tank PBC-10000 with emergency
floating roof at the Moscow Refinery (July August 2006), PBC-20000 "LUKOIL-Perm Refinery"
with the emergency pontoon, fallen to the
bottom of a tank (may 2006 ), PBC-20000 JSC
"Sibneft-Omsk Refinery" with a fallen pontoon to
the bottom and with a broken bottom (August
2007), PBC-5000 with the emergency and
partially collapsed to the bottom pontoon at
Afipsky Refinery" (April 2009), -50000
Private Joint Stock Company LINIK with
penetration corrosion of the bottom (October
2010), PBC-50000 OJSC "Saratov Oil Refinery"
(December 2012), PBC-20000 "LUKOILVolgograd" (October 2013), PBC-50000 of
"TANECO" (March 2015), and others.


With of our technology were cleaned more than

1,000 tanks at refineries, pump stations, tank
farms, power plants and boiler plants, with a
capacity from 1000 to 120 000 m3, with the
amount of sediment of up to 16 000 m3,
withpontoons (including flooded and fallen to
the bottom) and without a floating roof, even if
support is not installed.
Main advantages of our technology:
damage free. Shell, roof, coating of tank
remain intact
there is no violation of the technological
processes and deterioration of pipelines (due to
the total absence of mud and mechanical
impurities in the pumped oil product);
saving time for erosion and removal the bulk of
TNSO in 10 times;
economy of steam for tank walls steaming,
which occurs simultaneously with the erosion;;
possibility of full return of liquid condition oil
product in the technological process of the
customer enterprise using pumps;
minimizing the recyclable part of the
avoid the need the presence of workers within
the tank in the removal process 90-99% of sludge;
explosion safety of erosion and technology in
minimal harmful environmental impact, as in
the process of erosion and sediment removal are
not used any chemicals, except water and
recycled only part of the mineral sediment
cleansed of petroleum products;

Overhaul repair
Of the tanks of all types
and sizes

the ability to clean the tanks during the winter

complete neutralization of pyrophoric
The technology of tank cleaning transferred and
successfully applied by the Dutch oil services
company with original equipment and with the
participation of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of
Applied Technologies experts. Cooperative
projects for tank cleaning were realized at Europe's largest refineries: at Zeeland Refinery B.V.
(Joint venture of Total s.a. and JSC Lukoil) tank
with a capacity 80000 3 and at
BP Raffinaderij Rotterdam B.V. - 120000 3.
As a result positive reviews and an invitation to
further cooperation were received.



Decomposition of oil and petroleum products in

the soil in the natural environment - is a long
biogeochemical process. Functional activity of
the microorganisms affects the rate of
decomposition, ensuring complete
mineralization of oil and oil products particles to

the elements of water and

carbon dioxide.
We have developed a technique for
eliminating the effects of oil pollution that
took place:
when installing pipelines during construction,
maintenance, land reclamation and other
when dismantling of military bases, railway
facilities, fuel storages and gas stations
in the mining and extraction of peat
Efficiency applied technologies allows to
neutralize up to 99% of a mineral oil.

There are microbiological scientists among the

staff of institute, involved in the development and
experimental production of biological products.
One of the developments of our scientists is
ecologically aimed biological product - oil
destructor "ARKOIL"
Biological product of our own manufacture
"ARKOIL" intended to:
liquidation of emergency floods oil and
petroleum products in soils, by bioremediation
metod to agro-biochemical, microbiological
and fito-characteristic standards

liquidation of emergency floods of crude oil,

petroleum products and almost all kinds of fuel in
ponds and marine water areas;
microbiological neutralization of oil sludge,
drilling sludge, hydrocarbon contamination at oil
cleaning the territory and drains at railroad
facilities, as well as airports, airfields, military
bases, washing stations, tank farms and gas

Also, experts of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of

Applied Technologies developed: the biological
product for mineral fertilizer for agricultural lands,
the biological product to stimulate plant growth,
microbiological product for pipe cleaning of the
scum and so on.



Over the years, our company has successfully provided a full range of services for the construction and
dismantling production and non-production facilities at the territories of existing refineries.

General construction works, including:

construction of process units of the oil refining
installation, manifold of process units and
installation industrial pipelines
prefabricated, solid and pile foundations,
metal constructions, including tanks (overhaul
installation, dismantling, sandblasting, anticorrosion coating)
prefabricated concrete structures
reinforced concrete of any complexity
earthworks and concrete works
demolition, dismantling of buildings and
technological equipment
external sewage (forcemain, non-preasure)
external water supply
Special services, including:
service and maintenance outdoor sewerage,
water supply:
- pipelines flushing with diameter up to 1200 mm
- photovisual inspection of pipelines
- repair of existing pipelines, collectors

local water level reduction

cementation, soil mudding by extrusion
elimination of buckling on the tank bottom by
use of grout under the bottom without fire works.
strengthening the base of sewer collectors
without soil excavation
waterproofing of concrete tanks, including
underground and sunken, as well as restoration of
the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete
a full range of protection of concrete by
urethane composites
Qualified specialists with the use of certified
technologies and equipment carry out all works.
All the Customers internal rules are respected
during the work progress, as well as the rules and
regulations concerning the particularly
dangerous sites.

To perform
all above-mentioned
have all
necessary permission


Certificate -05-0060-5261047845-2014
from 19.06.2014 of admission to the certain kind of
works, that affect the Capital Projects safety
(survey works, including especially dangerous
and technically complex objects);
Certificate 0025.13-2010-5261047845--107
from 13.02.2014 . of admission to the certain kind
of works, that affect the Capital Projects safety
(design works, including especially dangerous
and technically complex objects);
Certificate 0054.11-2014-5261047845--194
from 22.07.2014 . of admission to the certain kind
of works that affect the Capital Projects safety
(construction works, including especially
dangerous and technically complex objects).
The company has developed and implemented
health, safety and environment policy, quality

management system (Russian

National Standart) 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008),
certificate of compliance 12.0.230-2007
(OHSAS 18001:2007), certificate of compliance
with the environmental management system
14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004).
Our activity has passed sanitary-epidemiological
e x p e r t i s e
( c o n c l u s i o n
We have obtained license -40-002630 (52)
"Activities for the collection, utilization,
decontamination, transportation and disposal of
wastes of I - IV class of danger."



Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Applied

Technologies performs a comprehensive design
for chemical, petrochemical, oil and oil-refining
storage terminals for liquefied gases, crude oil
and petroleum products
oil and gas depositspump and compressor
tank farms
pipelines and gas pipelines
In addition, experts of NNIAT can design such
elements of offplot purpose as:
wastewater treatment plants, storm water
and industrial sewage, facilities of internal and
external water supply and drainage
electricity supply facilities and the application
of automation and instrumentation devices
heat and gas supply facilities, as well as


JSC Gazpromneft - Moscow Refinery

JSC Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery
JSC Ryazan Oil Refining Company
JSC Novokuibyshevsk Refinery
JSC Saratov Oil Refinery
OJSC Syzran Refinery
OJSC Orenburgneft
JSC Achinsk Refinery-VNK
LLC Afipsky Refinery
LLC Rosneft-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt
LLC Rosneft-Tuapse Refinery

LLC LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez
LLC LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez
LLC LUKOIL Volgograd - Refinery
LLC LUKOIL Ukhta - Refinery
LLC Stavrolen
LLC LUKOIL-Kubanenergo Krasnodar CHP
LLC Strezhevskoy Refinery
LLC First Murmansk terminal
PJSC MRSK North Caucasus