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Study at the Giuseppe Verdi conservatory of music in Milan
Would you like to play in an important orchestra or to conduct it? Milan
offers you the opportunity to study in Italy's largest music academy:
Conservatorio ...
Study in denmark:

Orchestra Conducting
As an orchestral conductor, your principal study will be in conducting. As a student in
the three or four-year orchestral conductor programme, you will specialise in the
many possibilities of the symphony orchestra. To support your conducting, you will
receive tuition in the analysis of form and structure, instrumentation, aural studies and
coaching with rptiteur.
Name: Orchestra Conducting
Type: Advanced Postgraduate Diploma
Length: 3-4 years
European transfer credits: 180-240 ECTS
Language: English
The Royal Danish Academy of Music
Rosenrns All 22
1970 Frederiksberg C
Practical ensemble experience will form an important part of your education. Here
you will be able to work intensively to perfect your conducting technique, and you
will be coached in artistic interpretation and implementation. Students of orchestral
conducting will make the acquaintance of professionally-relevant ensembles. The
Academy has good co-operation agreements with Copenhagen ensembles and the
Danish regional orchestras.
The orchestral conductor programme is one of the most resource-intensive
programmes at the Academy, providing practical training with both the Academy's
orchestra and the Danish regional orchestras. Accordingly, great demands are placed
on your initial qualifications and your commitment to the programme, the tuition of
which is very flexibly organised
Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin offers a consecutive master program in orchestra


The aim of the consecutive master of music in choir conducting and orchestra

conducting is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to assume the role of
a conductor with highly qualified ensembles in oper a and concerts upon graduation.
This is achieved through an individual specific as well as general education in music
and musicology and training in other related competences.

General Information
course of


Wind, Percussion, Conducting, Correpetition

Master course of music - Orchestra Conducting
Master of Music
4 semesters
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Winter and summer semester
The applicant is required to have completed a bachelor at a
German Musikhochschule/music university or a music university
of a Bologna signature state with 240 ECTS points or an
equivalent graduation in the major applied for, or completed a
bachelor at an international university of comparable rank with
240 ECTS points or an equivalent graduation in the major applied

in May/June for the winter semester

in January/February for the summer semester

Entrance exams take place upon invitation from the school!

Yale school of music:


Orchestral Conducting
The orchestral conducting program offers intensive training to a highly gifted group
of young conductors. During the two-year curriculum students train with the
Philharmonias music director and have the opportunity to conduct the Philharmonia
and other ensembles in rehearsal and performance.
While there is an emphasis on orchestral repertoire, students develop their technique

and general musicianship. Score reading skills and analysis classes are required. In
addition, students in the program are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the
diverse course offerings of the School of Music, the Department of Music, and the
other divisions of the University.
* Please note that we will not have openings in the orchestral conducting
program for fall 2015.

Choral Conducting
The program prepares students for careers as professional conductors in a variety of
contexts including educational, civic, and church. A primary emphasis of the masters
degree is laying the foundation for continued work in a doctoral program. Students are
expected to expand their musicianship skills and develop the broad knowledge of
repertoire required of conductors.
The program for choral conductors includes individual lessons with the choral
conducting faculty, and lessons during regular supervised sessions with the repertory
and recital choruses. Attendance at a weekly seminar and membership in the Yale
Camerata are required each term. First-year students conduct Repertory Chorus in two
shared performances. Second-and third-year students present a degree recital with the
Recital Chorus.
Choral conducting students are required to study voice as a secondary instrument for
two terms and are encouraged to pursue other secondary instrumental studies.
Students who are enrolled in the School of Music through the Institute of Sacred
Music will have additional requirements as specified by the Institute. All students are
expected to avail themselves of the offerings of the University, particularly courses in
the Department of Music. Choral conductors are advised to observe rehearsals of each
of the various vocal and instrumental ensembles. Further conducting experience is
gained by serving as assistant conductor for one of the faculty-led choirs. Visiting
guest conductors have included Harold Decker, George Guest, Sir David Willcocks,
and Robert Shaw.

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