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• As far as……..(sg) is concerned //………..(pl) are concerned = in ceea ce priveste…..
Ex: As far as the main character in the novel is concerned,I can surely say he is an outsider not being
actually involved in the girl’s abduction.
As far as new high technologies are concerned,man will undoubtedly strive to find new sources of
energy for the old ones are already on the brink of being depleted.
• As for me//as far as I am concerned… = in ce ma priveste….
• As it were = ca sa spunem asa//cum se spune
Ex: She was a woman of strong belief and would put everything out of existence,as it were…
• To think highly of somebody = a aprecia mult pe cineva
• To look up to somebody = a aprecia pe cineva
• With the view of + ing = in vederea,pentru a…
• With a view to + ing =in vederea,pentru a…
Ex: We all went to the campus with the view of getting in touch with our teacher.
We all went to the campus with a view to getting in touch with our teacher.
• The text I am trying to comment upon deals with…+ ing = textul pe care il voi comenta trateaza
• The text tackles the problem of + ing…= textul abordeaza problema…
• All the problems dealt with here are of great importance to the narrator.=Problemele tratate aici au o
importanta deosebita pentru autor.(deal,dealt,dealt = a trata)
• I’d like to start my commenting upon this fragment by saying that….
• If I were to speak about my spending a holidays at the seaside,I would start by telling you that….
• It’s useless//pointless to mention that…= nu e nevoie sa mai spun ca…
• I wish I could + past =as dori sa….
+ past perfect= as fi dorit sa…
• I wish I would + infinitive = ce n-as da sa….
• No matter what we (may)think//do,….= orice am crede//face…
Whatever we (may) think…..= orice am crede….
• To cope with + ing = a face fata: Man will not cope with polluting the environment and he eventually
die if he does not fight back.
• Connectors: But,while,whereas,as long as,when,where,as to,but for,…
Ex: But for my father to save me,I would have got drowned in the river.
While there,She was desperately trying to cut//render herself conspicuous.
I’ll remember this for as long as I live.
As for me,I got trapped in her toils.(mreaja)
The today’s European governments fold their arms for a new general agreement,whereas their people
give a hard dissent to this highly debatable item.
When seeing that endangered species are on the brink of extinction,man has
mustered up his strength in order to save them and set up new sanctuaries for the.
As far as I can remember…=dupa cate imi aduc eu aminte….
• If my memory serves me right = daca imi aduc eu bine aminte…
• What are we to grasp//understand out of it?= ce trebuie sa intelegem din asta?
• To begin with,I’ll try to mention tha fact that….= pentru inceput,as incerca sa mentionez…..
• To sum up with,to conclude with ,my opinion is that…= in concluzie…
• New resolute actions are being taken for man to know his place in the universe,for him to cope with
unemployment,violence,crime,drugs,disasters,and so on and so forth.

State of the art (cutting-edge) technologies are being introduced to face new requirements and to
fight poverty worldwide.
• The central idea is focussed upon the conflict of interests between the younger and the old
generation. (ideea centrala este axata pe….)
• The central idea of this fragment is how we should +verb//+ ing….
Ex” The central idea in this text is how people should react when they are attacked in the street.
The main idea in this fragment is giving hopes for the new youg generation even if they are now at a
loss or they don’t know extactly what to do at the moment. (to be at a loss = a fi in impas)