La Serena takes great architecture and pristine natural settings to create

one of the most stunning projects in the Sharm el Sheikh area. With over 300 residential units, luscious landscaping, a very large main pool and unspoiled views for the residents, La Serena has something for everybody. Enjoy the proximity to the Mangrove National Park only a minute walk away to its unblemished beaches and reefs and to the Nabq Golf Course to have a nice day out with friends or improve your game. Project
La Serena

Sharm El Sheikh Nabq Bay

Completion Date
August 2008

Plot and Project Location:

Project specifications and description:
La Serena will contain 305 residential units and a limited amount of commercial space directly tailored to the residential area. There will be a very large pool in the centre and 2 more pools on the front line of the development. Residents in the upper floors of the last line will enjoy an excellent sea view and have great panoramas of Nabq Bay , the golf course and the Desert Mountains . The entire development will contain excellent landscaping, maintenance and on-site security. With more amenities to come in the future such as DSL Internet, central TV and phone lines.

The residential buildings will have limited structural column supports to allow extensive client based modifications to the interior of the flats. The current flat sizes are: 40-45-50 sq.m Studios 60-65-70-75 sqm 1 Bed* 80-85-110 sq.m 2 Bed*
*With the ability to purchase multiple units and create large spacious accommodations pertaining to individual client needs. The development is projected to be built in 6 phases with construction spanning 18 months.

Nabq Bay is an area north of Sharm el Sheikh Airport . Being recently commissioned (3 years ago) Nabq Bay has seen an explosion of development and low cost properties. La Serena is located at the most northern portion of Nabq Bay next door to the Mangrove National Park. 10 minutes from Sharm el Sheikh International Airport and 15 minutes to Naama Bay .

The renowned Nabq Golf Course is next door. Plot area 22000 sq.m located in between both Ring Rd.and Peace Rd. With Peace Rd. bordering on the sea side and right side of the project (north). This allows for excellent access to 2 main arteries running through Nabq Bay and Sharm el Sheikh and forgoes any need for further roads to be built to gain access to the development.

The project lies adjacent to Mangrove National Park (North) and the Sinai Golf City (Nabq Golf Course) (West). With hotels laying directly in front (East) and South and South East.

The uniqueness of the location of the project lies in the proximity to the sea (being a true second line development) and having the National Park to the north.

Investment Package:
Buying in Egypt is a fantastic property investment opportunity, with the potential growth investment predicted in the next five years of at least 20% year on year. Property prices in Egypt are still low compared to Europe and the Middle East . However, since 2000 the areas of the Red Sea and Mediterranean have seen a boom in development and capital returns. Prices start at 14,999£ with great opportunities to enjoy great turnaround as an off-plan buyer
• • •

No income tax No capital gain tax No real estate tax

• • •

Capital gain opportunity starting at 100% and up to 175% on initial investment for off-plan buyers! Flexible payment options 9% rental guarantee for 3 years

A few good reasons to buy in Egypt are as follows;
• • • •

• •

Beautiful warm and dry weather 365 days a year. A unique mix of wealthy culture, beautiful beaches and golden deserts. 3-5 hours direct flights from Europe all year round. Investors getting on the real estate ladder now will gain huge profits in an emerging market with an increasing demand over supply. Cost of living in Egypt is around 20% of UK rates. Charges for title deeds and registration as low as 3%

Now Selling PHASE 1


1 Bedroom Apartments 60 sq.m Starting at 24.000£

2 Bedroom Apartments 80 - 85 sq.m Starting at 28.800£

Building #2 & #3 Building #4 Building #5 & #7 Building #6 & #8 1 Bedroom Apartments 1 Bedroom Apartments 2 Bedroom Apartments 1 bedroom Apartment 75 sq.m 75 sq.m 80 sq.m 60 sq.m

2 Bedroom Apartments 2 Bedroom Apartment 110 sq.m 85 sq.m

General information Red Sea & Nabq Bay
The Red Sea - 1930 km. long and 270,000 km. squared - is bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Djibouti .

Mount Sinai , 2285 km., is the highest peak. Its climate is equatorial with temperatures ranging between 35 C and 41 C. Water temperatures range between 18C and 21C in winter, a 21C and 26.5C in the summer. Nabq Protected area embraces the Gulf of Aqaba coast and its hinterland between Sharm el sheikh and Dahab. This unique 600 square kilometre area of wadi systems, sand dunes, alluvial plains and salt marches supports a relatively diverse animal and plant life. Gazelles, Hyrax, Nubian ibex and foxes, as well as a variety of reptile and invertebrate species, have been recorded here. Birdwatchers particularly enjoy sightings of herons, spoonbills, gulls, terns and storks. Of the 134 flowering plant species found at Nabq, six are endemic. Most impressive are the four saltwater filtering mangrove forests. Nabq Bay has seen an explosion of activity in the last 2 years with over a dozen 5 star hotels, a Golf Course, 2 major shopping centres La Strada and El Khan having been constructed. The uniqueness of Nabq Bay lies in its proximity to the sea and having being a planned city unlike Naama Bay . With resorts having the entire front line and developments interspersed with commercial areas, Nabq Bay offers a wide range of activities and potential.

• • • • • • • •

>>> Professional estate management team will be appointed on-site to provide the following services:

24 hour estate security system Building exterior maintenance Pest control Management and cleaning of common and swimming pools Landscaping Building accountancy Engineering services, management of common facilities, etc. Garbage collection and general cleanliness

The cost will be 50LE per sq.m, per year (average 350£ a year) Price
• • •

4200 Le (373£) per sqm ground floor 4000 Le (356£) per sqm middle floors 4750 Le (423£) per sqm top floor with an optional 15% surcharge to own the roof

5500 Le (490£) per sqm for sea view apartments with an optional 15% surcharge to own the roof

The payments will be the following:
• • • •

10% Reservation 20% Deposit in 30 Days of reservation 70% over 2 years in a client/developer agreed payment plan with 0% Interest. Variable discount for purchase of 9 or more units

Completion: August 2008 for initial phases, 18 months for the devlopment

Project position in the Red Sea market
With a total cost for a flat far less then any other development on the market and a great location near the sea the development is expected to outperform all other developments on the following principles:
• • • • • • • •

The average 1 bedroom flat in Sharm is 29,000£ in La Serena its 23,000£. The average 2 bedroom cost is 55,000£ in La Serena its 28,500£. The last line of apartments will have an unspoiled sea view Quiet but easily accessed location Location adjacent to the Red Sea , National Park, golf and other activities Attractive payment scheme Closed and secure community Full Property Management for the buy to let buyer

Building Guarantee From the date of delivery & completion of the said unit & development as a whole the first party agrees to guarantee all building works structurally, both internal & external for a period of 10 years. Internal works which include plumbing, electricity & all other finishing's carried out by the first party are guaranteed for a period of two years. Any defects will need to be remedied within 45 days of notification to the first party. Rental Guarantee of 9 % for 3 years with allowance of 4 weeks (2 high season and 2 mid season) for owner occupation. Re-Sale Guarantee From a period of 3 months from full ownership we guarantee to buy your flat back from you for an increase of 10% on your investment. Discover living the way you always wanted, Visit your website We’ll make you feel at home.

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